Patriot Preferred Metals Program


Patriot Preferred Metals Program
Patriot Preferred Metals Program
Patriot Preferred Metals Program
is truly a one of a kind program that allows you to
protect your money and help prepare you for
retirement while having your hard asset portfolio
constructed by one of the premier hard asset
companies in the world. This simple program will
allow you peace of mind knowing that you are
acquiring the hard assets that you need for whatever tomorrow may bring.
This program is like no other in the
industry. Most companies only want to deal
with high net worth people because it is easier
and less work. The Patriot Preferred Metals
Program (PPMP) is a program that works for all
clients no matter what the size of their bank account!
It gives every portfolio client the amount of
attention that they deserve and ensures a well
balanced portfolio that allows for the maximum
purchasing power for all clients.
How it Works
It’s simple. You decide. Your monthly investment can be as little as $100, $1,000, $10,000 or
more. Simply place a credit card on file with us
and you set the amount and the date you want us
to bill your card. YOU pick the date that fits your
monthly financial budget. Cancel at any time.
All PPMP money is pooled together to allow for
the best possible pricing and makes all clients in
the PPMP program a high net worth buyer.
At the end of every quarter you will receive a
package with your hard assets. YOU get to hold
your own wealth so YOU can use it when you
Every shipment will contain a detailed invoice
with the contents of the package and the value of
all the items inside. Once your account is set up
all you have to do is sign for your shipment!
2010 West. Parkside Lane.
Suite 154 - Phoenix, AZ 85027
Why This Program
works for you:
• Unlike stocks/bonds/401k/mutual funds/
IRA’s, you get to hold your investment to do with
as you see fit.
• Convenience. Just sign up and wait for your
hard assets. We do all the work for you.
• Expertise. We build your portfolio for you. No
more guessing at what products to hold, or wondering if you are diversified enough.
• All PPMP members will be buying at the best
pricing structure available – even better than high
net worth customers.
• Trust - Patriot Trading Group is in its third
decade of complaint free business!
• Set up Fees – None
• Cancelation Fees – None
• Portfolio Review Fees – None
• Management Fees – None
What if I have questions about my portfolio or I
simply need to talk to someone about my account? Still
no fee! You can start and stop at any time.
• We take all four major credit cards
Visa/MasterCard/Discover/AMEX. And all debit
cards as long as they have the Visa or MasterCard
• You pick the day of the month that your card is
to be billed from the 1st – 28th.
• Shipping cost will vary depending on the dollar
amount and weight of the shipment. We cap
shipping cost at $35 so you will spend no more
than that on shipping. The rest of your money
goes directly to the purchase of the metals.
• If you need to hold off on a certain month just
call us. There is no fee.
• We ship at the end of every quarter. The quarter ends the last day of March, June, September,
and December. Your product ships within 7
business days of the end of each quarter.
What if I need to sell my metals?
Just call us we buy back everything and you can sell as
little or as much as you need.
call 1-800-951-0592 today

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