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Info PacketFebruary07.indd
Fun to Give
Fun to Receive
Fun to Eat
No Royalties
International Presence
Low Start-Up Costs
Home Based
Extensive Training
Unique Product
Great Markup
Exclusive Territory
Advertising Materials®
A Thousand Dollars
and a
This advertisement is not an offering. An offering can
only be made by a Franchise Offering Circular filed first
with appropriate state agencies. Such filing(s) does not
constitute approval by the state agencies.
Greetings from one of the strongest franchise companies in the world! We would like to
thank you for your interest. The word franchise means freedom from servitude. For many,
owning your own business is a desire to gain this freedom. Candy Bouquet International,
Inc. is committed to supporting you in realizing this dream. Because of this, CBI does not
overburden you with high fees that could end your dream before it is even started. This is the
reason CBI is so successful. Our franchise fees are listed as one of the lowest among all franchises
by Entrepreneur Magazine, and best of all there are no royalty fees!
Your business is your business. You have continuing support from our corporate office, fellow
franchisees, and a VIP franchisee-only website with forums. You also have access to many
downloads and resources, along with a full distribution center that supplies you with product.
Correspondingly, you also have the freedom to operate your business independently. As a partner
with CBI you will be in business for yourself, but not by yourself.
Our founder and CEO started the company in her garage with very limited funds and a
mission to build the best franchise company that makes working fun! Our top priority is to
give our franchisees the lowest costs with the best provisions available.
We look forward to receiving your application. Please return it with a check in the amount
of $15 (U.S.) payable to Candy Bouquet International, Inc. You may also e-mail or fax your
application with a credit card authorization for the $15 application fee. This fee will allow
you to obtain a hard copy of CBI’s Offering Circular by mail. This fee is refundable if you buy
a franchise from Candy Bouquet International, Inc. or return the document to us undamaged.
There is no fee when requesting the offering circular by e-mail.
If you have any questions, please contact our staff through our toll free numbers, e-mail, or
fax. You will be assigned a Franchise Representative to answer all of your questions. We hope
to hear from you soon!
The Sweet Staff at Candy Bouquet International, Inc.
Our Mission Statement:
“Let your light so shine before all that they may see your good works.”
423 East Third Street • Little Rock, AR 72201
Toll Free 1-877-CANDY01 (1-877-226-3901)
(501) 375-9990 • Fax (501) 375-9998
Email [email protected]
For Margaret McEntire she pulled her kids
out of private school to home school them
and started her very own business in her
garage to pay for the college tuition. She
only had $1,000 and a dream.
Today she’s the Founder of Candy
Bouquet International, Inc., a franchise
company of candy gifts – the very same
little business she started in her garage
back in 1989. “I’ve always been a creative
spirit and I wanted to do something fun,”
she explains with a laugh as if all of it was
no big deal. The business she chose was
creating bouquets of candy as an alternative to pricey flower arrangements. The
idea was so unique and visually appealing that it took off right away.
She spent a lot of time giving away
her product, which paid off for her when
she sent a bouquet to the mother of her
daughter’s college roommate. “She wanted to know how she could make them
and right there I knew I had something.
She was my first franchisee,” remembers
Margaret. Today there are over 700
Candy Bouquet franchises in 49 states
and 46 countries!
Much of her success comes from an
unorthodox franchise agreement, which
delivers a proven system with no royalty
fees. That’s right, no payments based on
sales. You buy the franchise and territory
and the earnings are yours. Franchisees
often order supplies from Candy Bouquet
and there are some nominal maintenance
fees, but no royalties. “I’ve found that the
success rate is better for the franchises.
And it creates an open line of communication where everybody shares their ideas.
We become friends with the franchisees…I’m not breathing down their necks
with royalties,” shares Margaret.
The Candy Bouquet franchise starts as
low as $3,600 and increases depending
on size of territory.
It’s a business that can be custom-fit
to your lifestyle. Many of the franchisees
start out at home and eventually work
their way into a retail location. Margaret
says she worked out of her garage until
she landed some corporate accounts
and was able to grow from there. She’s
got one of the fastest growing franchise
opportunities and it’s getting worldwide
Candy Bouquet has a huge presence
on the Internet with new product features,
gift ideas, links to franchisee web pages,
and support information for franchisees.
Support is key and they do their best to
make sure each franchisee is comfortable
with their business. There’s a 650 page
manual to go along with the one week of
training at the corporate headquarters in
Arkansas and a year follow-up program to
help franchisees get started. There also is
an advanced certification program to take
you to a higher level ... for free.
“We’ve had all different types of people
from stay at home moms to florists looking to add to their business. We’ve also
had a Malaysian princess and an Arabian
sheik,” says Margaret.
For more information about home-based
or storefront franchise opportunities with
Candy Bouquet and to see some of their
products, visit You
may also call them at 877-CANDY-01 or
501-375-9990 to see if a franchise is available in your area.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Candy Bouquet?
A Candy Bouquet franchise can be store front or
home based, depending upon your location and
needs. A typical retail operation of one of our
stores is a very unique concept of a candy store, a
gift store including Candy Bouquet arrangements,
plus much more. Many retail locations carry fresh
fudge, chocolate cases filled with fresh chocolates,
unique sugar—free candies, balloons, custom gift
baskets, and a wide variety of candy gift ideas.
Candy Bouquets are floral-like designer gifts that
are crafted from unique candies from around the
world, as well as the finest chocolates. Candy
Bouquets are exquisite gifts for corporations,
birthdays, weddings, holidays, get well, or any
occasion. One of the unique values of our product
is the personalization to fit a whim, mood, or
occasion. No two arrangements are alike. Candy
Bouquets can be delivered or they can easily be
packed and shipped to your customer anywhere
in the world, arriving in perfect condition. The
average cost is similar to floral arrangements. The
average mark up is 350%. There is very little waste
in materials and they can last for months. Candy
Bouquets can be made ahead of time to delight and
draw customers into your store!
What is a franchise fee and why is it
paid? What do I get for my money?
A franchise fee is paid for the right to use the
intellectual property and trademarks that have been
established by the franchisor. As a result of time, skill,
effort, and money, we have developed a distinctive
system relating to the establishment, operation,
marketing, and promotion of the Candy Bouquet
Franchise. You will receive confidential operations &
advertising manuals, protected territory, trademarked
name and logo, business training, marketing training,
Candy Bouquet design training, store layout and
design recommendations, discounts from our preferred
vendors, rights to private labeled items unattainable
elsewhere, and much more. Remember, most of the
Initial Franchise Monthly Association
250,001 Plus
$145 per 000
$1.25 per 000
public will buy from a franchise instead of a single
standing store. Candy Bouquet has been ranked #1 in
its category 10 years in a row by the Entrepreneur 500!
What do I get for my association fee?
Is there a royalty or advertising fee?
We do not charge a royalty or an advertising fee. Our
company was developed on the concept that royalties
are unfair. Royalty is a percentage of your sales. The
association fee is a small, set amount similar to dues
that are paid monthly. The association fee makes it
possible to continually provide mail outs, new design
updates, newsletters and continued support. We also
provide handbook updates and an online catalog for
instant ordering. We have an advanced training course,
which we pay you to complete. We also provide a VIP
website exclusively for our franchisees that is updated
daily with a variety of information including marketing
and design suggestions and downloadable material.
Can I incorporate this franchise
with other products or an
existing store?
Yes! Upon approval and guidance from us, you are
able to incorporate many things. We suggest carrying
candy, balloons, small gift items and gourmet
chocolates. Many others have co-branded their retail
stores with a bakery, florist, gift store, or card shop.
Can I operate from my home?
Many of our best franchises are home based. The
franchise fees are still based on the population of your
territory. Your territory must include your home because
that is your business location. You choose the size of your
territory by the population of your home zip code. Please
check with your Candy Bouquet Franchise Representative
for the zip code breakdowns in your area. You may want
to begin from your home and eventually move into a
retail store. Many franchisees stay home at first, learn
how to perfect their bouquets, obtain corporate accounts,
build clientele, and then begin looking for just the right
retail location.
Please check with your health department and
neighborhood associations for any applicable
restrictions that apply.
How long has Candy Bouquet been
in business?
Candy Bouquet was founded by Margaret McEntire
in 1989, in Little Rock, Arkansas. Candy Bouquet
has been franchising stores since 1993.
What is the term of the franchise
The Franchise Agreement is for a term of five years
and is renewable at ¼ of your initial franchise fee for
each additional five–year period.
Where do I train and how long is the
Training for Candy Bouquet is at our corporate
headquarters in Little Rock, Arkansas. There is a
mandatory training session included in the franchise
fee, which includes two people. Additional trainees
may attend for $500 per person. Training begins on
Monday morning and ends Friday afternoon. You
have an intensive handbook that is over 650 pages,
as well as additional information, covered by our
professionals on staff.
Do I have to buy my supplies from
Candy Bouquet International?
You do not have to purchase all of your supplies from
CBI. You are required to buy your “starting inventory
package” from Candy Bouquet International when
you attend our training session.
Our franchisees order from the CBI Distribution
Center, but are not required to purchase everything
from us. We have competitive prices, quality control,
logo items, and one—stop shopping with great
discounts. You have the option to buy elsewhere if you
wish. For quality control, there are certain proprietary
items that you must buy from CBI.
As a franchisee, you will have access to our VIP site
and online catalog. Ordering is fast and easy over
the internet. The VIP site is updated daily with
information from the corporate headquarters, as well
as fellow franchisees. The VIP site is a great source for
marketing tools, design ideas, and much more.
Can I learn how to make a Candy
Bouquet? What if I am not artistic?
Yes, everyone can learn, with the exception of extreme
physical limitations. You do not have to be artistic.
We have franchisees that are color blind, legally blind,
and many other physical limitations. We have several
franchises that work as non-profit adult education
centers where the disabled adults can work with the
teachers and aides and earn money for their school
If you are not an “artistic” person, you may want to
pay close attention to our patterned Candy Bouquets
and gift baskets. If you consider yourself a creative
person, there is no limit to your creation of designs.
Can I make money doing this?
Yes, you can make money in this business. It is
similar to all businesses in that your success will
depend on your commitment to your business.
The amount of profit you can expect from a Candy
Bouquet franchise depends on many variables, which
include, but are not limited to, location, customer
base, proper management, and advertising strategies.
Everyone loves candy and flowers. Our product is a
unique combination of the floral concept and candy.
The average mark up per arrangement is 350%. We
have franchises in towns with under 500 people that
have been in business for years!
Candy Bouquet International, Inc. cannot make
earning projections for your store. We do not charge
a royalty, therefore we do not have access to the
financial records of our franchises. Any earnings
claims made directly to you are volunteered by our
franchisees. These earnings are unaudited by Candy
Bouquet International, Inc.
manage or that you can afford. We also have a
process for determining international territories.
Please feel free to call us at Candy Bouquet for
additional information. Our Candy Bouquet
Franchise Representatives can assist you with the
statistics. We will work with you and try to solve any
territorial questions…just contact us!
Can I transfer my franchise?
Yes. However, all transfers are handled by Candy
Bouquet International, Inc. The remainder of your
contract is assumable upon approval. The prospective
buyer will go through the same steps that you went
through, completing the application and approval
process. Your contract will be transferred by Candy
Bouquet International upon the training of the new
franchisee. The Uniform Franchise Offering Circular
signing, training and transfer of funds will also take
place at this time. You will refer to your UFOC for
the amount of the training and transfer fees.
How big should my retail store be?
Where should my store be located?
Our first store in Little Rock, Arkansas was only 90
square feet!
A retail location usually is 250 – 3,500 square feet
in a “strip mall”. Through our experience we have
learned that locations are excellent when they face
the north, are in high foot traffic areas, and where
there is plenty of parking. Locations vary, but we
recommend that the store is located near other gift
stores or florists.
Does Candy Bouquet offer financing?
CBI is a member of the SBA registry, which may
speed up your loan process through the Small Business
How is my geographic territory
Exclusive territories are determined by you! They are
usually defined by zip codes. We strongly suggest that
you not buy a territory larger than you can efficiently
Can I have a partner with this
Yes, we allow partnerships. Your partner will need
to go through the same application process. We will
require a partnership agreement on the day that you
sign your contract. This partnership agreement will
go in your file with your Franchise Agreement here at
Candy Bouquet International, Inc.
Are there available discounts?
Candy Bouquet International, Inc. is a member of
the Veterans Transition Franchise Initiative (VetFran)
program which allows qualified veterans of the US
Armed Forces to acquire franchise businesses by
providing financial incentives not otherwise available
to other franchise investors. CBI also helps seniors
fulfill a lifelong dream of owning their own business
by offering a Senior Discount to all persons age
65 and older. We also offer special incentives for
florists. Only one discount applies per buyer. Please
contact a representative for more details.
What are the Advanced and Elite
Certification Programs?
The Advanced Certification Program and Elite
Certification Program are step-by-step programs
that are designed to improve the marketing efforts
of the Candy Bouquet franchises all over the
world. Candy Bouquet franchisees who complete
the programs, have reached the advanced levels of
professionalism within the CBI organization and are
considered star performers. Upon completion and
verification, franchisees receive an official certificate
noting your completion of the program and a special
Candy Bouquet pin that notes your achievement.
Franchisees are also awarded a gift certificate for
the CBI Distribution Center, honored on our CBI
Extranet, and recognized at our annual convention.
may also fax or fill out the application on-line at The application form also
includes a place to sign and authorize us to charge
the $15 (refundable) fee to your credit card, if you
wish to receive the UFOC by mail. Please include
the name of the card, account number and expiration
date. The UFOC is free when requesting a copy by
Second, you will be notified if you are approved
for a franchise. A Uniform Franchise Offering
Circular will be sent to you. Your Franchise
Agreement is included in the UFOC. A
representative will call you to inform you that the
document is on its way. Upon receiving the UFOC,
please date and sign the receipt, and mail or fax it
back to us.
Third, There is a 10-14 day waiting period before
you can purchase your franchise. The waiting period
begins the day after you sign and date your receipt.
You should read your UFOC carefully. We suggest
that you have an attorney, CPA, or other business
advisor examine the UFOC.
You will want to call your Candy Bouquet Franchise
Representative to have your questions answered.
Fourth, Upon your decision to buy the franchise,
What are the steps that I take
from here if I want to buy a Candy
Bouquet Franchise?
Our Candy Bouquet Franchise Representatives will
assist you in establishing your territory size and price.
First, fill out the “Request for Consideration
Application” (attached to this packet) and send
it in with your $15 application fee to receive the
Uniform Franchise Offering Circular by mail. You
you must determine the territory you will be
purchasing. After your territory has been determined,
you will be sent an execution copy of the agreement
(all material blanks completed). You will need to
review this copy for 5 business days before being
able to execute the agreement. Once your territory
has been set and your 5 business day waiting period
has been met, you will need to send CBI a ¼, nonrefundable deposit of your franchise fee to reserve
your territory (example: If your territory is $10,000,
you will send a $2,500 deposit). This must be in
the form of a cashiers check, wire transfer, or money
order. Your Candy Bouquet Franchise Representative
will assist you with signing the Franchise Agreement.
You also need a local zip code map attached, for your
protection and for reference, which will be provided
to you.
Fifth, Upon receipt of your non-refundable deposit
and signed Franchise Agreement, we will contact you
and mutually set up your training week. At this time
we will send you a training package containing more
training information. With early notification, fully
furnished lofts above our corporate training center
are available for rent. The information will also
include what you should wear, times you need to be
at corporate headquarters, etc.
Technologists, and receive business training, quality
control training, and much more. You will receive
additional marketing training and an Advertising and
Marketing manual. The week is fun, interesting and
full of information, so please be rested and ready! We
have a training manual with over 650 pages to assist
you in starting your own business.
For a fast response, fill out our Request for
Consideration online at or fill
out the application in this booklet, and fax or mail it
to us! Please feel free to contact our office at any time
with questions you may have. Our staff is trained to
answer your questions and will be happy to do so.
Call toll free 1-877-CANDY01.
Sixth, Before arriving for your training, make sure that
you set up an appointment with your Candy Bouquet
Franchise Representative to conclude the signing of
your contract. Your Representative will assist you with a
convenient time. This is when you remit the remainder
of your franchise fee (3/4 of your franchise fee) in
the form of a cashiers check made payable to Candy
Bouquet International, Inc. You must also purchase
your starting inventory package estimated at $3,500. If
your starter pack is shipped, you will be billed separately
for your shipping cost. Training begins promptly on
Monday morning and the fun begins! We strongly
encourage each new franchisee to meet with a local
representative from the SCORE, SBDC, or SBA prior
to coming to Candy Bouquet training.
Seventh, You will spend 5 days in Little Rock,
Arkansas, at our corporate headquarters. You will
be introduced to all of our staff, learn about our
trade secrets and tour our International Distribution
Center. You will attend computer training for
our web and VIP site by one of our Computer
he woman who received IFA’s award for mentoring
laughs when she recalls the support, or lack thereof,
that she got when she started her own business.
“When I started, not only did I not have a mentor, but most
people thought I had lost my mind,” says Candy Bouquet
founder Margaret McEntire. “In fact, I had very little
support until I had 175 stores and won the Business Woman
of the Year Award in Arkansas,” she says good naturedly.
Without benefit of a mentor or even prior experience
(her previous two attempts at business ownership failed due
to her partner bailing out on her), McEntire built her Candy
Bouquet franchise to its current 510 stores in 37 countries
and 49 states. It was an experience that made a lasting
impression, and that formed the basis of her franchisee
training program.
“When I started, not only did I not have a mentor,
but most people thought I had lost my mind,”
At the core of her business philosophy is taking care
of the company’s franchisees. Although her franchisees, 95plus percent of whom are women and minorities, are spread
around the world, McEntire maintains personal contact
with each one, taking phone calls and answering e-mails
personally when they have questions or want to talk about
the business.
One franchisee wrote to her, “Just a small thank you
for sharing your ideas and helping women all over the
world.” Another wrote, “I know how busy you are and
yet you always make time for us and all our questions or
“My most precious commodity is my time, and if
that’s what I’m giving, then I’m giving something very
valuable in order to make a difference in someone’s life,”
McEntire says of her hands-on leadership approach.
McEntire has some advice for professional women in
franchising. First, she says women ought to “listen to learn,
but then form your own opinions.” Second, McEntire says
women sometimes need to seek out their mentor, rather
than wait for one to come to them. This is a preaching
that she practices in her own career. Fresh out of college,
McEntire wanted to put her new degree to use teaching
children with disabilities. But, because there was no school
for such children in Fayetteville, AR. where she lived, she
wrote a grant and started one of her own.
“I didn’t know what I was doing, but I knew I wanted
to do it, so I sought out people who could help me,”
McEntire says. She found her mentors in a local priest, a
preacher and a school board president, who she says knew
the people, the connections and had the know-how to make
her goal a reality.
McEntire’s mentoring benefits not only the women in
her company, but the community around her. She developed
a concept called Rebuild America From Within, the goal of
which is to infuse capital into inner cities across the U.S.
by establishing franchised businesses there. McEntire also
developed a college tuition reimbursement program for
her employees, as well as a welfare-to-work program. One
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Working for a 7-Eleven® franchise for 15 years helped me realize that I wanted to own my own business. Deterred by the
start-up costs and the time commitment involved in operating a 24 hour-a-day business, I started looking for a business that
would allow me to be creative and spend time with my teenage daughter without investing tons of money. I found what I
was looking for in Candy Bouquet. I liked being creative, and they let you be as creative as you want to be. I also liked the
idea that I could start out from home. While I currently run my business with the help of six part-time staffers, I envision a
time when I’ll move out of my home and into a store with a full-time staff. I’m anticipating Christmas this year to be really
exciting and busy because last year I was caught off-guard with how busy I was. Now that I’ve built up a big customer base
and a lot of repeat business, the future is unlimited.
A few posts from our Franchisees Only website:
I am having such a blast lately. Sales are way up and
I just feel positive and creative. I love this franchisee
website. It is so fun to chat with people in this
environment. I get great ideas from this site and
sometimes great laughs as well. I can’t imagine that a
Burger King, McDonald’s or other franchises like that
having near as much fun as we do. We get to create fun.
We get to make people happy!!! I could not have chosen
a better business to invest in than this!!!
On another note, I got a request on Friday for a stork
bouquet from a bank that was sending something to a
very big client of theirs that had a baby. They saw the
bouquet in my brochure. In conversation the woman
ordering said she wished she could see the bouquet. I
told her I would be right over with it. Well, it turns
out that a friend of our family works in that office as
well, I didn’t even realize this. Now that they know there is a connection there this will be a huge benefit to me!!! I told them
everything I can do for them and they are very excited about the prospect!!!
Hi everyone!
Wow. These postings on this website have been nothing short of awesome! Thank you to everyone for sharing and lifting my
spirits, renewing my focus. Thanks to another store, I showed the Puppy Bouquet a few weeks ago at a community meeting
and it almost caused a riot! (In fact, the guy next to me who had to give his pitch after me, stood up and shook his head and
said... ‘How in the world do I follow THAT??!!’). Margaret, thank you for sharing a bit of your life here with us. You are an
amazing person. I heard a long time ago the keys to being Happy. They are:
1. Help others
2. Keep busy
3. Love others and be willing to be loved
4. Have Hope
Everyone ... have a wonderful, positive and hopeful week! And thank you again for starting my week off with such a jump-start!
Well, I don’t know where to begin, but I guess I need to start by giving a great big thank you once again to all of you who sent in
donations and prayed for us after Hurricane Katrina. It has almost been a year, and wow what a year it has been. Life has definitely
changed. I have some really good news. After a whole year of thinking that we would not be able to reopen and meeting one obstacle
after another, WE ARE REOPENING!!! We signed a lease in a great location. We have been working day in and day out doing all
the work ourselves to cut costs. Our store is beautiful. It has turned out better than we ever expected. Every day when I get there
I just have to stand back and look at it for a few minutes. I never thought this day would come. The enormous support that we
received from Candy Bouquet was what got me through the hardest time in my life. I wanted to give up at one point, but Margaret
would not let me. Without her inspiration, we would not have made it to this point. All I can say to that is thank you from the
bottom of my heart. I have seen the lowest point in my life and one of the highest points in my life in this past year. It is amazing
that your whole life can change in the blink of an eye, but it can, so always remember to live each day to the fullest. This is a dream
come true for me. My store is in a better location, surrounded by restaurants, a shoe store, a doctor’s office, a dance studio, banks and
lots of other businesses. Every day, people are stopping by and seem so excited. I just want to say thank you again to all of you. We
are so blessed to be in The Candy Bouquet Family.
We opened on June 17th and everything is going great. We did all of the work on the store ourselves. I think it turned out wonderful.
We had our grand opening on the 3rd, 4th and 5th of July. We also participated in the local 4th of July parade. The paper put a
press release out the week of our grand opening and it was a huge success. We gave away a small popcorn box in a drawing each day.
Everyone commented on how nice the store looked and we sold lots of bouquets.
We are also doing quite well with the fudge from Stone Brook Fudge Factory. Ernest, Mary Jane and Eric have been great. We also
sell bulk candies by the pound, balloons, gift cards, fudge, and miscellaneous gift items.
I can’t thank you enough for all the help we have received from everyone at Candy Bouquet. Even though we have a very small
town, I have been so busy I can hardly keep up. My 90 year-old mother comes in everyday and helps me, Amy works at the store
approximately 3 days a week, my son Mark helps out with computer work and deliveries, and my husband, Ira, comes in every day at
6 pm when he gets done with work. It has been wonderful working together as a family. We really have a lot of fun.
I just have to share this. This gentleman ordered a “Garden Delight” bouquet for his wife’s birthday. I delivered it yesterday and he
sent me this follow-up e-mail from her. This is why I love my Candy Bouquet!!!!!
“OH MY GOODNESS!!!! You are the greatest husband ever. The office clerk called me to the office. When I got there, everyone was around
staring at my bouquet! I started crying! The girls were jealous, and my boss says you’re making him look bad :) It just made my day!
I love you, Jess”
A while back I was searching for something to send to my son’s Kindergarten teacher for Valentine’s Day. We needed to find something...different! Your services were exactly what we were looking for. I placed my order with a store in Lower Burrell, PA.
Words cannot describe how absolutely satisfied we are! Any time I need to send [something], I will send a Candy Bouquet. I will also
recommend your business to anyone who needs such services.
Again, from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for all your efforts to make one snowy Valentine’s Day absolutely wonderful for a
much deserving teacher! School was cancelled because of snow, but before I even called, our local Candy Bouquet already had a plan
in place to make sure the bouquet was delivered - now THAT is service!
Mrs. Denise Decheck, complimenting Lucy and Phyllis
Valentine’s Day was a big success! We are a small home-based business and I am pleased to report that we met our monthly goals.
In addition we received many new customers as well. Candy Bouquet’s are quality products that really do sell themselves. I wanted to
thank you for providing me with this opportunity to have a business of my own that I enjoy. With the training, assistance, and your
continued support, we know our dream to have a successful family-owned; family-run, family-oriented business will come true.
I can’t think of a better way to spend my day then by creating and delivering Candy Bouquets.
In March, I decided to venture into becoming a home based CBI franchisee. Who would have known that in less than 8 months I
would purchase another Candy Bouquet franchise in a much larger city (3,000 pop. to 100,000 pop.) and opening a storefront?
I feel so anxious and excited!
We have already secured 3 corporate accounts. The first is a relocation specialist that brings top executives to our area. The bouquets
go to the companies that are using her services. She saw our Halloween bouquet that we left at the Chamber of Commerce.
The next is a company that mails coupons out to households. We have an agreement that he will include my coupon in his mailings
and I will make bouquets in his logo mugs for his new customers. We have 20 bouquets to make that will go to all different types
of businesses. The mailing would have cost around $600. We get a mailing into 10,000 households and bouquets into 20 different
businesses for hardly any expense. The last is the company that is installing our flooring. They do a lot of commercial accounts.
The sales representative is using us to send thank you bouquets to their customers.
In closing, I am so excited about this venture and nervous at the same time. It has been nerve wrecking waiting for construction to
be done, but I know it takes time. Also, every time I see the excitement one of the bouquets brings to the person receiving and giving
it – it makes me happy about my decision to become a Candy Bouquet franchisee. Margaret, thank you for making this business a
We are a store front Candy Bouquet that has been in operation since May 1995. I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else.
We learned so much at our training session and continually benefit from Candy Bouquet’s franchisee website. It keeps us updated
with new marketing tools and bouquet ideas. Part of our success can be attributed to the fact that a lot of customers have become
I would like to report that I had a great Mother’s Day. As you know it falls on the last Sunday of May here on the island of Haiti. I
had a huge order from this bank who wanted to give corsages to their customers the whole week leading to that Sunday. I was able
to get the order out the day I promised, packed it really nice and put samples of the three colors they have asked on top of the box
covered with clear cello. I was proud of my employees and myself because we worked hard to be able to deliver 1500 corsages. Great
success and corporate contact!
Thank you Margaret, for this wonderful idea you had and which reached me all the way in Haiti. Now I carry the name here and I
receive lots of compliments on how beautiful and professional my work is.
For Christmas I tripled my business over last year .. and as it looks now for Valentine’s Day - I should make up to 4 times what I did
last year ......
Complete and return this form to:
423 E. Third St., Little Rock, AR 72201
Toll Free: 1-877-CANDY01 • Phone: (501) 375-9990
Fax: (501) 375-9998
To speed your process, go to and complete online.
It is understood that the purpose of this questionnaire is for general information and is in no way binding upon the company or the
applicant. It is understood, however, that the applicant supplies the information contained herein to the best of his/her knowledge and
ability and that the company relies on this fact when assessing the desirability and qualifications of the applicant. Each applicant is asked
to complete a separate copy of the Request for Consideration. Photocopies of this form are acceptable. This document and all other
correspondence between the applicant and will be kept confidential.
Applicantʼs Name
SS/S.I.N. #
Date of Birth
Spouseʼs SS/S.I.N. #
Spouseʼs Name
Date of Birth
Name(s) of prospective business partner(s)
Marital Status
Number of Children
Do you have any dependents other than children & spouse?
Residence Address
Postal/Zip Code
Telephone Number (
Current residence is (check)
Fax Number (
❑ Owned
❑ Rented
How long
Previous Address
I am a citizen of:
Email Address:
Postal/Zip Code
Applicantʼs Current Employment Status (check)
❑ Full-time
❑ Part-time
❑ Self-employed
❑ Unemployed
Employer/Business Name
(if unemployed, state most recent employer)
Position Held
How long there?
Employer/ Business Address
Annual Salary
Telephone Number (
Fax Number (
May we contact your employer for reference? (check)
Spouseʼs Current Employment Status (check)
❑ Yes
❑ No
❑ Full-time
❑ Part-time
❑ Self-employed
❑ Unemployed
Employer/Business Name
(if unemployed, state most recent employer)
Position Held
How long there?
Employer/ Business Address
Annual Salary
Telephone Number (
May we contact your employer for reference? (check)
Fax Number (
❑ Yes
❑ No
Financial Information
Amount in Applicants Cash Savings & Checking:
sources of income in addition to the above:
Applicants net worth of Current Investments:
Page 2 of Request for Consideration
Your education:
High School Graduate (check)
❑ Yes
❑ No
College: # of Years
College: # of Years
Other special skills:
Your spouseʼs education:
High School Graduate (check)
❑ Yes
❑ No
Other special skills:
In which of the following areas do you have experience? (check all that apply)
❑ Management
❑ Bookkeeping
❑ Floral Design
❑ Retail
❑ Marketing
❑ Other Service Industry (please explain)
Have you ever owned (or currently own) another franchise? ❑ Yes
❑ No
Are you a Veteran of U.S. or Armed Forces?
The franchise company?
Are you 65 or older ❑ Yes
❑ No
Where did you hear about Candy Bouquet International?
Have you ever owned your own business?
❑ Yes
❑ No
If yes, please describe the business.
How many years?
How long have you been looking for a business?
Where do you want to locate your business?
Do you plan on starting home based or storefront?
Can you devote your full time to the business?
❑ Yes
❑ No
If approved, how do you propose to finance the purchase and development of your franchise?
If you are awarded a franchise, when would you be available for training?
Who is your franchise representative at
Have you ever been refused a bond? (check)
❑ Yes
❑ No
If yes, please explain.
Are you a defendant in any legal action? (check)
❑ Yes
❑ No
If yes, please explain.
Have you ever had any judgments against you? (check)
❑ Yes
❑ No
If yes, please explain.
Have you ever been convicted of a felony? ❑ Yes
Have you ever gone through a bankruptcy? (check)
❑ No
❑ Yes
❑ No
If yes, please explain by indicating when and for what amount.
We reserve the right to request a personal resume and financial statement.
Page 3 of Request for Consideration
Please provide us with one personal reference who can vouch for your character (NOT RELATIVES).
Employer / Supervisor
State / Province
Postal / Zip Code
May we contact this reference?
❑ Yes
Length of Employment
Reason for Leaving
❑ No
Upon receipt of your franchise application, and a $15.00 application fee, and upon approval of your application, Candy Bouquet International, Inc. will
mail to you a copy of its Franchise Offering Circular. You can also request a free Offering Circular by e-mail. CBI will return your application fee if you
decide to purchase a franchise or if you return the Franchise Offering Circular to us undamaged.
The undersigned agrees; 1) that the information will be used only for the purpose of evaluating the possible purchase of a Candy Bouquet Franchise;
2) that the information will not be copied or used for any other purpose, and (3) that they will not replicate or reproduce any similar type store or
home-based business of candy arrangements. If I do not choose to buy a Candy Bouquet franchise, (4) the information will not be disclosed to any
third party, except legal, accounting and business advice, (5) that CBI has complied with all legal issues and laws pertaining to this offering.
The undersigned authorizes Candy Bouquet International, Inc. to obtain credit information on me and my spouse.
By signing below, I signify that I have read and agree to all of the above, and have read and agree with the non-competition agreement. In addition, I
understand that any deposits I make in the future on exclusive territory are non-refundable.
I certify that all my statements and representations made in my Request for Consideration are true and correct, and I have withheld no relevant
information which would, if disclosed, adversely affect my application. I understand that CBI relies upon such statements and representations in
making its business decision concerning me. I authorize CBI to undertake, or cause to be undertaken, an investigation(s) to cover, without limitation,
one or more of the following items:
the obtaining of:
information concerning my educational background from any institution or other source;
information concerning my employment history (including United States military service, if applicable), from any prior employer or other source;
information concerning me, if any which may be obtained from public records;
a credit report concerning me;
a consumer investigative report. In this regard, I acknowledge the following disclosure was made to me by
CBI in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Public Law 91-508;
CBI may request an investigation which provides information concerning your character, general reputation, personal characteristics and mode of
living, and that if one is made, additional information as to the nature and scope of the report will be furnished to you upon your request.
I authorize all persons, institutions, prior employers, organizations, and companies to furnish any and all pertinent information known to them about
me, and all such parties can rely on the photocopy of this application as if it were an original.
I hereby release from liability all persons, institutions, prior employers, organizations, references, and companies, who furnish
pertinent information concerning me. I also release from liability CBI, its employees or agents, in obtaining such information deemed appropriate to
evaluate my application and make a business decision based on that information.
In addition, I understand that any deposits I make in the future on any exclusive territory are non-refundable.
Signature / Legal Name
Spouseʼs Signature
Type of credit card
❒ Visa
Name on Credit Card
❒ Mastercard
❒ American Express
❒ Discover
Credit Card Number
Expiration Date
Signature of Card Holder
b ❒ Or check here to receive a free UFOC by e-mail.
Why People Invest in a Candy Bouquet Franchise
• Much less expensive than any of our competitors
• Internationally Recognized Name
• One of the World’s Fastest Growing Franchises
• No Royalty Fee
• Low Cost Investment
• Protected Territory
• Internet VIP site with daily support
• Online Ordering and Product Catalog
• High Internet Exposure & personalized web sitelets designed just for you
• Unique Products in High Demand
• Home Based or Storefront
• Internet Advertising with No Advertising Fee!
• You May Combine with Another Business or Franchise
• No Waste—Cost Effective—Great Markup!
• Worldwide Distribution Center
• Not Required to Buy All Products From Us
• You Pick Your Own Territory by Zip Code or Exclusive Area
• Ongoing Support and Newsletters
• Drop—Ship Suppliers at Reduced Costs
• One Week Hands—On Training included in your franchise fee
• Ongoing Classes and Conventions
• Marketing and Advertising in CBI Handbook
• “Easy to make” Patterned Bouquets available
Contact us at or call toll free 1-877-CANDY01
for more information or a free franchise information packet.
The Sweet Taste of Success Awards
Not only do we know we have a great product, the experts think so too!
• #1; Food Gifts/Retail Sales category, Best of the Best, Entrepreneur, 1995-2006
• Top 20 Home—based Franchises, Entrepreneur, past 12 years
• Top 25 Hot Franchises, Specialty Retail Report, 2006
• 2004 Executive of the Year, Arkansas Business, 2005
• Bonny Levine Award for Top Woman in Franchising, International Franchise Association, 2001
• Top 100, International Franchise 100, Commercial News USA
• Working Woman Entrepreneurial Excellence Award
• University of Arkansas Alumni Hall of Fame, 2003
• #17; Top 100 Inner City Business’s in America, INC. Magazine, 2000 & 2001
• #71, Franchise 500, Entrepreneur, past 10 years
• Income Opportunities Platinum 100, 1998–2002
• Top 25 Low Cost Franchises, Entrepreneur, past 8 years
• Top Businesses Start Now, Entrepreneur, 2002, 2003
• #36, Top Fastest Growing Franchises, Entrepreneur, past 10 years
• 100 Companies on the Verge, Franchise Times, 2005, 2006
• Top 10 Retail/Specialty Franchises in America, Franchise Times
• #65; America’s Top Global Franchises, Entrepreneur, past 7 years
• CEO Philanthropist, Fortune Small Business, October 2000
• Nominated for top 500 Business Women in the United States, Working Woman, 1999
• Top 100 Business Women in Arkansas, Arkansas Business, 1999
• Congressional Medal of Merit, 1999
• US Chamber of Commerce Blue Chip Award, National Winner, 1998
• Small Business Person of the Year, awarded to Margaret McEntire, President/Owner, US Small Business Association, 1998
• Small Business Woman of the Year, awarded to Margaret McEntire, US Small Business Association, 1998
• Small Business Exporter of the Year, awarded to Margaret McEntire, 1998 President/Owner, US Small Business Association,
• Ronald Reagan Award, awarded to Margaret McEntire, outstanding member of President Bush’s Business Advisory
Council, 2004
One of the Best Franchises to Own
Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500 Top Franchises to Own
Roast beef sandwiches, chicken, wraps, salads
Candy Bouquet
Floral—like designer gifts and gourmet confections
Sport Clips
Men’s sports–themed hair salon
Moe’s Southwest Grill
Quick–service fresh–Mex restaurant
CiCi’s Pizza
All–you–can–eat pizza buffet
Home Instead Senior Care
Nonmedical senior–care services
Fitness Together
Personal fitness training
Comfort Keepers
Nonmedical in–home senior care
Cruise Planners Franchising LLC/American Express
Cruise/tour travel agency
Line-X Corp.
Spray on truck bed liners and industrial coatings
Entreprenuer Magazine’s Best Home—Based Businesses
Novus Auto Glass
Windshield repair and replacement
Coverall Cleaning Concepts
Commercial cleaning
Coffee News
Weekly newspaper distributed at restaurants
Candy Bouquet
Floral—like designer gifts and gourmet confection
Comfort Keepers
Nonmedical in–home senior care
Cruise Planners Franchising LLC/American Express
Cruise/tour travel agency
Notes & Questions
“...Limited only by
“...All it takes is a dream
and the belief that you can
423 East Third Street • Little Rock, AR 72201
Toll Free 1-877-CANDY01 (1-877-226-3901)
(501) 375-9990 • Fax (501) 375-9998
Email [email protected]

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