NL V8 I1 - Ahliah School



NL V8 I1 - Ahliah School
January 2015
Volume 8, Issue 1
Wadi Abou Jamil Street
Beirut -Lebanon
01/ 372579
03/ 310612
[email protected]
Inside this issue:
 Ahliah School
 Human Rights Day
 Guest Lecturers
 Lebanese National
 Fire Safety Awareness
 Ahliah Saves Winter
 Road Safety
 Red Cross
 Red Nose Day
 Protect ED
 Independence Day
 One Kilo Day
 Birthday Celebration
Jely Bely Day of Fun
I Learn at I-Play
Beirut Marathon
French Day
 KG1 Goes Shopping
 KG2 Fruitful Field Trip
 Print House Field Trip
 Star Student Award
 Jazzed About Injaz
 ‫من الطريق القصيرة‬
 New SAT Format
 News! Hear All About
Ahliah School Message from Principal Mrs. Ayache
t is hard to believe how time runs so fast.
As I am entering my eighth year as the
Ahliah School principal, it feels like it has
been only months. It is amazing the flood
of changes that has been taking place. Continuously, Ahliah’s members celebrate accomplishments and keep the momentum
going towards facing challenges and
achieving goals. Through the efforts and
commitment of everyone- Board of Trustees, faculty, staff, parents, students, and
alumni- our combined efforts bring the
positive results to our students.
So many great things have been taking
place since summer 2014. Thanks to all
those who are showing the great
cation and commitment to keep
moving forward towards a great future.
The devotion and diligence of all Ahliah
members is revealed through the hard work
of the Self-Study committees for the
school’s accreditation. Most
committees include, in addition to teachers and
staff, board members,
students, parents,
and sometimes even alumni. Time and effort are both
required from each memP5
ber to fulfill the evaluation of the school
and set the plan for improvement.
The amazing perseverance of the
buildings and grounds team made the renovation
of the second and third floors of the 1950s
building a reality. In spite of the limited
time during the summer vacation, and the
securit regulations within the school proxP7
imity, the school was able to accomplish
the renovation of twelve classrooms, art
room, teachers’ lounge, and their utilities
during a period of ten weeks. The construction team had to work for extra hours on
many days and during weekends to comP8
plete the work before the school is officially in session for 2014-2015. Now, students enjoy spacious bright classrooms with
appropriate air-conditioning that provide an
adequate environment for learning.
Ahliah’s faculty is a remarkable team with
beliefs in continuous professional developP10 ment and collaboration. During July, and
away from the teaching load, Ahliah teachers worked collaboratively to have a clear
scheme for horizontal alignment across
subject matters. This step provides our students with opportunities for more meaningful comprehensive learning. Ahliah’s faculty collaboration is highly reflected in wel-
coming and working with new faculty
members. It doesn’t take more than the orientation session for a new teacher to feel
that s/he belongs to the school community.
Since early September 2014, the school
faculty has been busy in attending a variety
of workshops related to different aspects of
student life. Workshops with Protect Ed
and Red Cross empower teachers and staff
to be the appropriate advisors and guardians of students’ safety- physically, socially
and emotionally. Approximately, weekly
since September and throughout this academic year, teachers attend workshops related to technology integration in teaching
and learning. This is accompanied with the
school’s effort in updating the technology
facilities in the
computer laboratory,
Lower school library and installing interactive boards in all sections of grades 1, 2, 3,
7, and 8.
On behalf of all Ahliah members, I like to
extend my thanks and appreciation to all
those who help Ahliah in realizing the
school’s development plan with the goal to
achieve Ahliah’s mission. This year, Ahliah’s Alumni and friends were very generous in supporting Ahliah’s Renovation and
New Construction Fund and the Financial
Aid Fund which accumulated to a total of
$334,800. In August 2014, Ahliah received
a generous donation from the alumnus who
wants to name the two-floors of the administration wing after Ms. Salma Makdisi, the
principal’s assistant from 1934-1974. Also,
the financial Aid Fund has been generously
supported this year, as the last three years,
by bighearted contributions from the Foundations of Information International, Ghassan Jdeed, Badr El Hajj, and the Lebanese
Ladies Cultural Society in USA. This valued support enabled the school to provide
the opportunity for 106 grateful Ahliah students to benefit from this program.
We are all determined to provide the best
for our students, the best education in a safe
environment. Personally, I am blessed to be
among this big supportive family. I enjoy
every moment at Ahliah. I enjoy witnessing
all the progress and achievements of our
students and teachers. I enjoy facing the
challenges which provide me with the opportunities to learn and enrich my experience. Finally, I say I am looking forward
for another year of education and joy.
Together at Ahliah
Page 2
ach year, on the 10 of December, Human Rights Day
commemorates the date in which
the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal
Declaration of Human Rights,
proclaiming its principles as the
“common standard of achievement for all peoples and all nations”.
Getting themselves ready to
become effective and concerned
members of their society,
Secondary students reflected on
this year’s slogan, Human Rights
365, to encompass the idea that
every day is Human Rights Day.
Students researched the validity
of the fundamental proposition in the
that each one
of us, everywhere, at all
times is entitled to the full
range of hu-
Human Rights Day
man rights, that human rights belong equally to each of us ,and
bind us together as a global community with the same ideals and
values. Nevertheless, taught not to
take declarations as credible as
they might sound unless proven to
be, grades 11 and 12 students
scrutinized all written declarations and terms, discussed them,
and announced themselves as human rights’
advocates as well
constructive critics.
Formally dressed and well
prepared for a school assembly to
highlight global community
challenges, similarly to how their
school reflects international
Lebanese National Commission for UNESCO
hliah has been recognized by the Lebanese
National Commission for UNESCO. Secretary General Prof. Zahida D. Jabbour personally
thanks Ahliah School for infusing World Heritage
education in our curriculum. As a member of
UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network
since 2001, a global network of 9900 educational
institutions in 180 countries, Ahliah works in support of working collaboratively in a diverse environment encouraging its students to take responsibility for local, regional and global issues. Our students’ involvement in the protection of Lebanon’s
cultural and natural heritage, through collaboration
with the UNESCO World Heritage Education Program, has been and continues to be very rewarding. For more Information on
the World Heritage, please visit
their official site at http://
standards in every step, students
gathered to celebrate a day where
we can take stock of the
challenges ahead. Recalling what the
UN Secretary - General Ban KiMoon once said, "I call on states
to honor their obligation to protect human rights every day of the
year. I call on people to hold their
governments to account," grade
12 students, not only celebrated,
but also referred to facts and
records to spot the light on where
the government should have clear
plans to assure its citizens their
rights; thus, paving the way for us
to set effective initiatives towards
the global community.
Fire Safety and Awareness
hliah School collaborated with the Beirut Fire Department for Fire Safety and Awareness. From
various levels of the school community, members participated in a Fire training session on Saturday January 31,
2015. The day began with a lecture from General Inspector Colonel Mohammad Ali Badreddine on fire prevention and how to become prepared in order to stay safe
during an incident. After the lecture the group went outside for a fire simulation using a wet blanket and various
types of fire extinguishers. The simulation continued into
an enclosed space that is also used by the Beirut Fire Department trainees. This valued training helps us all to be
better prepared, whether the fire happens at home or at
school. Thank you Beirut Fire Department for the
expert i s e
a n d
traini n g
Volume , Issue
Page 3
Ahliah Invites Guest Lecturers
they can support access into education. While at the
nvolving members of the academic community
same time, they were perplexed with the role of buin educating Ahliah students is part of our misreaucracy perceived to be halting access to educasion and objectives which give students the opportion.
tunity to meet with prominent figures in their specialized field. During the Month of January two
Guest lecturer Mr. Marwan Maalouf is known for his
guest lecturers were invited to launch selected topwork in activism, human rights, law and more.
ics discussions with the High School students. As
Mr. Maalouf is a civil society activist who founded a
part of the High School Social Studies and English
group called "‫"يٍ اجم انجًهىسيح‬, a group committed to
Curriculum, every week guest speakers will proadvocacy and civic action in order for Lebanese convide students with rich and diverse insight and varistitution to be enacted. He spoke to Ahliah High
ety of perspectives concerning the topic at hand.
school students about his experience and provided
valuable insight into understanding the Lebanese parMrs. Imane Khozam accepted Ahliah's invitation to
liamentarian system and the role election plays in
spend the day with our High school students providLebanon. Through an active discussion with students,
ing them with a look into her contributions as a
he questioned how our apathetic attitude towards an
member of the Lebanese educational community.
extended parliament will further cause the deterioraMrs. Khozam is an external evaluator at Ana Aqra'
tion of the system. Students, in turn, questioned the
Association, a nongovernmental organization
role of manifestations and "la liltamdeed" measures
(NGO) specialized in education crisis response for
and their impact on changing the situation.
Syrian refugees and underprivileged Lebanese children in Lebanon. Mrs. Khozam started the lecture
Ahliah students, through guest speakers and lecturers,
talking about her experiences working with emerwill be challenged to be active participants. Programs
gency education in Lebanon and how statistics and
like these awaken Ahliah students to their potential
the protocols make access to education almost unatand valuable roles they could play within their educatainable to the vulnerable refugee. Students were
tional community.
positively engaged with asking questions on how
Ahliah Saves Winter
s the cold weather begins to take its toll we are reminded of
those people in the community outside our walls who do not
have the privilege of feeling the warmth of a blanket, or the pleasure of a pair of gloves or socks. With this in mind, Ahliah School
launched a project this year called “Saving Winter” in collaboration with the Lebanese Red Cross Youth Division. The aim of this
project was to collect clothing (coats, sweaters, pants, shoes, socks,
gloves, scarves, etc), blankets, and any other item that may give
warmth. All of the items collected were delivered by Grade 12 volunteers and the School Counselor on the morning of Friday, December 12, 2014 to the Red Cross (Spears) who categorizes and
distributes them to families in need.
Ahliah School would like to thank every single member of our
family who participated in both spirit and material in the Saving
Winter Project which took place in December. A special thanks to
those who gave away a piece of their heart too, those who had a
story for each item; like the first blanket their baby used, or the
first suit they wore to a job, their children’s toys and first shoes.
Thank you all, students, parents and staff, for the wonderful spirit
you projected. To parents for sending them bag by bag with your
little ones, or bringing them in the car yourself to school, and even
for buying brand new quilts. May your hearts always be filled with
the warmth you have spread! Thank you for Saving Winter!
Page 4
Together at Ahliah
Road Safety Awareness Program
hliah has always allocated an importance for awareness, with road safety as one of the school’s priorities, since road accidents are the main reason for the death
of young people. Therefore Grade 6 and 7 attended an interactive Road Safety session on Monday 19 of January
during the school day. The aim of this session was to demonstrate to the students that the speed is dangerous and if
limited could save lives. The sessions focused on three
themes: the rules of the road, the rules for moving safely in
the road and the rules for protecting themselves while on
the road. Students were first introduced to road safety
through a presentation followed by an interactive activity
with the Safety Road Track that simulates complex road
situations. At the end of the session, the students received a
Student’s Guideline book that is part of the series Learn
with Douby. Ahliah hopes, by students spreading awareness among their family, friends and community that we all
arrive safely at our destination.
Introducing ProtectED
urthering Ahliah’s commitment to nurturing respect
and compassion in students of all ages, we have incorporated ProtectED into the curriculum for this year.
ProtectED addresses critical issues in child safety today.
It is our combined quest to increase awareness and focus
on education that positively impacts lifelong changes
in Ahliah students. Importance is given to educating everyone involved in the students’ life, including parents,
educators and other kids. As noted on the Protect ED
website; safety education is more than just teaching how
to make safe choices: when children feel safe, they are better able to learn, become open to new ideas, and can
excel both socially, spiritually and financially towards their future success.
Star Student Award
very month, Ahliah teachers choose students from each class to receive the Star Student or
Student of the Month Award. Recipient of the award are those students who exhibit serious
work and dedication or who do something remarkable towards their
friends or school.
1A:Naji Ghazzawi
1A: Hamza Al Haffar
1B: Sarah Daouk
2: Haya Haffar
3: Aya Sinno
4: Lara El Hanoun
5: Elie Ishak
Khadija Mortada
6: Ghina Saleh
7A: Omar Berjawi
7B: Hadi Hajj
8: Haifa Malek
1A: NayaAbou Dan
1B: Nancy Zahreddine
2: HabibaMaktabi
3: Youssef El Azzi
4: Joudi Al Baghdadi
5: Martina Atanasova
6: HailaMaktabi
7A: Dina Ghandoura
7B: Rawan Hasbini
8: Haifa Malek
9LP: Louay Rahal
Rama Mehrez
9HS: Lara Abdallah
Daoud Ramadan
Hassan Hammoud
ShahlaAbou Dan
Nour Hariri
Shayan Hajj
Roua Al Dach
7A: Omar Berjawi
7B: Yasmine Rammal
Mohamad Enayeh
9LP: Mohamad Zahwi
9CFYP: Zuhair Hatahet
10L.P: Hamzah Makahal
10CFYP: Aya Naboulsi
1B:Adam Merachly
2:Thouraya Hanoun
3:Rana Tadmouri
4:Leen Morsel
5:Hussein Hammoud
6:Hamza Saim Al Daher
Jimmy Johnson 7A:Rain Tarraf
Layan Srour
Hinda Fneish
7B:Amani Abyad
11Sc: Sarah Akhras
8: Dana Kteish
11CFYP:Huda ElHout
Ali Arnaout
12E.S: Rayan Kesserwan
9L.P: Mohamad Minawi
12LS: Lyn Ghalayini
Issam Haffar
12G.S: Rawan Ghalayini
Zuhair Hatahet
12CFYP: Ali Mheidly
10 L.P: Miriam Arnaout
“The difference between ordinary and
extraordinary is
that little extra.”
Volume 5, Issue 2
Page 5
Red Nose Day
hliah's nurturing spirit grows in this season of giving with the Ibtissama Clown Doctors. Their message is
consistent with Ahliah's mission to nurture peace and the responsibility to help those in need. Not many
patients would want a doctor visiting them that clowns around, unless you are a sick child. The Clown Doctors can be very instrumental in uplifting a child's mental state for they provide distraction from the daily hospital routine. Ahliah students got to experience how they bring laughter first hand through a short animation
performed by the Clown Doctors. Three students
from Grade 12 made the rounds with the Clown
Doctors; Wael Daajeh, Omar khatib and Fatima
Safsoof. Teachers and Staff welcomed the
chance to participate in this activity with the students from Grade 1 to Grade 12. Your charitable
donation helps Ibtissama to grow and provide
hospitalized children in Lebanon the chance to
have fun and to smile again. The Ahliah community thanks you for your contribution.
Ahliah Celebrates Lebanon’s Independence Day
ike the many facets of Lebanon’s culture, so were the many ways that Ahliah’s students celebrated Independence Day. Some students showed their pride in their citizenship by wearing traditional Lebanese attire. Other students wore a soldier’s uniform
or the red, white and green colors of the Lebanese flag. However, no matter the form of
dress, the students stood together in unity and in celebration of Independence Day.
The celebration started with KG1 – Grade 2 students walking to a marching rhythm
around the playground as the student body cheered their entrance. Adnan Abyad from
KG2 played the Lebanese National Anthem on a keyboard, which he learned and recited on his own. Then, Grade 2 and Grade 4 classes recited a Lebanese poem. Finally,
Grade 12 student, Wael Daajeh, told Lebanon's independence story to the student body.
As the assembly was drawing to a close KG3 students pledged, in Arabic, to be good
citizens by taking care of the country and each other. Upon returning to their respective
classes, Grades KG1 to Grade 6 continued to enjoy craft and class activities revolving
around the day’s theme of citizenship and independence.
Training First with Red Cross
o you know what to do in a cardiac, breathing or first aid emergency? Ahliah wanted to make sure its
staff knew the answer. Red Cross was contacted to provide staff and teachers a 5 hour course in training
for First Aid and CPR. With an emphasis on hands-on
learning, the first aid course gives the attendees skills to assist the school nurse. First Aid training teaches you how to
respond to common first aid emergencies including burns;
cuts; head, neck and back injuries and more. CPR training
teaches you how to respond to cardiac and breathing emergencies in adults and infant or child. At the end of the 5
hour training, each attendee was challenged to demonstrate
skill competency in front of a Red Cross instructor. Thank
you Red Cross for responding to Ahliah’s call.
Page 6
Jazzed About Injaz
rade 6 students have successfully completed "It's
My Business" program in collaboration with Injaz and Bank Audi. This program introduced students and encouraged them to use entrepreneurial
thinking as they explored their career and enhanced
their creativity and self confidence, which go hand in
hand with Ahliah's school mission. The sessions included discussions, creating ads and brochures and
more. At the end of these sessions, our students received participation certificates. Thank you Ms. Gracia Karam, Bank Audi volunteer, for joyfully
delivering the program to our students. Thank you
Injaz for always impressing us with new educational
programs that are helping our students think outside
the box.
e are proud of our fifth collaboration with Injaz and HSBC volunteers who have implemented "More than Money" program with Ahliah's
grade 5 students. The students have enjoyed a series
of sessions in which they have learned about money
management skills with the help of Mr. Fady Khater
and Ms. Jana El Solh. They have practiced skills, that
included: Active listening, Analysis, Applying information, Basic Math, Brainstorming, Chart data, Compare and contrast, Completing forms, Computation,
Critical thinking, Deductive reasoning, Decking turns,
Teamwork and Vocabulary building to learn about
decision-making, Drawing, Evaluating data, Following written and verbal instructions, Group work,
Matching and classifying, Mind-mapping, Problemsolving, Recording deposits and withdrawals, Roleplaying, Self-assessment, Taking turns and Vocabulary building. More than Money taught our students
about earning, spending, sharing and saving money
and the business skills so they can start to earn money.
At the end of these sessions, our students received
participation certificates. Thank you Injaz
and HSBC for delivering
the program to our students and for helping
them develop their minds
to their best abilities.
Together at Ahliah
Birthday Celebration
urprise, it’s your BIRTHDAY! On Friday October
31, from KG 1 to grade 3, students were surprised
with their very own cupcake to celebrate their
birthday. Ahliah’s annual event of providing joyful
learning on the occasion of a birthday party included
many craft activities and fun.
The preschoolers celebrated a SPOOKTACULAR
Birthday Party with their friends and teachers. The
birthday was full of spooky surprises, fun games and
Halloween treats. With their black and orange outfits,
kids were simply “Too Cute to
The lower school students
celebrated their individuality with
a splash of creativity. They cut
and decorated their own photo
frames, book marks and party
This special day was
captured on camera with smiles as
large as the photo frame.
The day was a success with all the
students and teachers involved in
celebrating the perfect birthday.
A Jely Bely Day Full of Fun
he holidays started early for the Lower School
students. Grade 1 to Grade 3 visited an activity
center on December 22, 2014. Jely Bely, located in
Mansorieh, is a place where Ahliah students not only
played but were engaged in hands on educational and
creative activities. They started their fun with finding
their way through a maze. Then they creatively decorated crafts that had a Christmas theme. Later Ahliah
students and teachers enjoyed a lively animation. Everyone had a wonderful time and enjoyed their
day of fun at Jely Bely.
Page 7
Together at Ahliah
Ahliah Participates in Beirut Marathon
hirty five Ahliah students participated in the
Beirut Marathon on Saturday November 9,
2014. The marathon’s mission mirrors our own: to
inspire unity, positively change lifestyles, promote
wellness, and provide an experience of challenge and
achievement. Specifically, this running event
provided Ahliah the platform to contribute to the
Brave Heart Fund (BHF) and help build awareness
about Congenital Heart Disease. Ahliah is proud of
its students, in their contribution to the community
and through their participation and accomplishments.
Preschool French Day
e 11 Février 2015, l’école a célébré “French
Day”. Le cycle préscolaire a participé à une belle
journée en français.
Durant cette journée, les enfants ont présenté: PS3:
Présente un dialogue sous le thème “ L’hiver” plus 2
chansons. PS2: Présente un dialogue “ Flic, Flac,
Floc” plus une chanson. PS1: Présente cinq chansons.
Enfin, PS3: “Danse” on va s’aimer.
A la fin, les parents ont participé avec leurs enfants
en classe à faire des activités en français: PS1: “Le
drapeau français “déchiquetage des papiers rouges,
blancs et bleus. PS2: “Vive La France” déchiquetage
des papiers mousses rouges, bleus et blancs plus
construction d’une phrase complète : “Vive La
France”. PS3: Coloriage du
drapeau français plus coller le
drapeau sur la Tour Eiffel.
Les parents ont s’amusé
beaucoup avec leurs enfants.
Print House Field Trip
ur KG3 students visited the Dar Al Khouloud Print House on Thursday, December 18, during the school
day and accompanied by their teachers. Ahliah believes in a meaningful education where we relate the
academic knowledge to community in which the students’ live. We guide our preschoolers through
purposeful activities to develop their minds, to nurture self-esteem, creativity and joy for learning. The trip to
the print house provided a life learning experience. Our students were given the chance to observe the process
of making a book and how
all the people involved fit
like pieces in a puzzle, from
writers, illustrators, designers, publishers, and to the
factory workers.
I Learn at I-Play
hliah Preschoolers began their holiday celebrations
with a school trip. They joyfully visited the “Iplay” center on Dec 23, 2014. Our students were
thrilled spending play time together full of alternative
fun. They were experiencing learning through structured play as well as testing their abilities at the climbing wall and various handcraft areas. As can be seen by
the images captured, the students immensely enjoyed
their time learning at I-play.
One Kilo Day
hliah students' bags were 1 Kilo heavier on
October 16 and 17, 2014, but it wasn't
because of the class books. In the spirit of cooperation, all of Ahliah's students participated in the 1
Kilo Day event by bringing in their choice of dried
goods. The sealed goods were collected in support
of the NGO Cedars for Care whose goal is to
eradicate poverty. This annual event is further
proof of Ahliah's commitment to nurture the value
of citizenship in our students, 1 Kilo at a time.
January 2015
Volume 8, Issue 1
‫معًا في األهليّة‬
‫شارع وادي ابو جميل‬
‫بيروت – لبنان‬
‫يٍ انطشيك انمصيشج‬
‫ انسيِّذج‬،‫ ذ َّىجد يذيشج انًذسسح‬،‫وفي َهايح انًثاساج‬
‫ نرثمً نهى‬،‫"سضا انعيّاش" انفشيك انفائض تانًيذانيّاخ‬
.‫ركشي تعذ يغادسذهى انًذسسح في َهايح هزا انعاو‬
ٌَّ‫ حيث إ‬،‫ ونعثح جذيذج‬،‫فإنً انهماء يع ذح ٍّذ جذيذ‬
ُّ ‫هكزا َىع يٍ انًثاسياخ يثعث في َفىط‬
‫ ويخهك ج ًّّىا يٍ انًى َّدج تيُهى‬،‫يشاعش األُنفح واالسذياح‬
.‫وتيٍ أساذزذهى‬
News ! Hear All About It !
hank you for taking
the time to read the Ahliah Newsletter where
together we can make a
difference. Stay tuned
for more news to be
posted on the Ahliah
website. The following
are just a sample of
what’s happeneds in
February. Can you
match the day with the
right image?
February Match Game
1. French Day
2. Valentine Day
3. Buy Hearts to Save Hearts
4. Mother Language Day
5. Wildlife Day
،‫تعذ اَرهاء طُالّب انشهادج انثاَىيح يٍ انرّذسية‬
ٍّ ‫ وفي‬،‫ عهً نعثح انكشج انطّائشج‬،‫خالل انفصم األ ّول‬
‫ أليًد عهً يالعة‬،‫ ويفعى تانَُّشاط‬،‫ق‬
ٍ ‫سياضي سا‬
ٍ‫ تي‬،"‫انًذسسح األههيّح يثاساج في نعثح "انكشج انطائشج‬
‫ وطُالّب ان ّشهادج‬،‫ يٍ جهح‬،‫أساذزج انًذسسح ويىظَّفيها‬
‫ حيث اَرهد تفىص فشيك طُالّب‬،‫ يٍ جهح ثاَيح‬،‫انثّاَىيَّح‬
،ٍ‫صف "انثّاَي عشش" عهً فشيك األساذزج وانًىظفي‬
.٥٢-٥٢ ‫وتُريجح‬
New SAT Format
n Thursday January 29 the Princeton
Review, a leading test prep institute
who is now functioning in Lebanon and provide
professional training for students applying for their
SATs, gave a presentation to Grade 10 students
about the new SAT format that will be implemented
starting May 2016. The Presenters explained the
difference between the current and the new format
especially that current Grade 10 students will have
the chance to sit for both tests next year. They listed
and elaborated on the pros and cons of each test and
give students sample questions for both English and
Math sections from the new SAT format and tried to
solve them together.