Women`s Health Guide


Women`s Health Guide
Following your healthcare professional's advice on achieving
optimal hormone balance
may help you
experience these
A key to feeling great
today and promoting
a healthy future
• Healthy metabolism
• Lean muscle mass
• Energy and vitality
• Healthy menstruation
• Interest in sex
Promoting healthy hormonal balance
is important for many aspects of good
health, including:
Healthy metabolism
Energy and vitality
Healthy blood sugar
• Breast health
• Supple skin
If you have concerns about any of these health
issues, now is the time to consult your healthcare
practitioner to find out if you may benefit from a
nutritional support program that will help you
achieve optimal hormone balance.◆
In addition to the formulas highlighted in this
brochure, be sure to ask your healthcare professional
about these complementary Metagenics products:
BioSo-m®— DHEA in a liposomal spray form for
optimal absorption and ease of dosing.
The Importance of Balance
Fem Estro®— Ginseng and nutrient formula designed
to promote adrenal function in the menopausal
A healthy hormone cycle primarily depends on your
body's ability to maintain an intricate balance between
estrogen, progesterone and
testosterone.This balance in turn
involves a complex interaction
between hormone production,
tissue receptivity, and excretion
from the body. Because of this
complexity, it's easy to see how
our hormonal rhythms can be
influenced by stress, poor diet
and toxins—challenges that can
disrupt balance.
So why is it so important to
maintain healthy hormone
EstroBalance™— Clinically tested powdered medical
food featuring a specialized blend of macronutrients
(protein, fat, carbohydrate) with all essential vitamins
and minerals—along with natural phytoestrogens,
antioxidants, and fiber— to support healthy hormone
MET 452 1/01 Rev 1/04
• Positive mood
• Lean muscle mass
• Healthy
• Interest in sex
• Strong bones
• Heart health
• Strong bones
• Cardiovascular health
• Positive mood
• Supple skin
• Breast health
◆ These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
The benefits of achieving
The sex hormones not only
regulate your reproductive system,
but affect all parts of your body,
including your brain, bones, muscles
and liver, as well as your digestive,
nervous and immune systems.
Because of this tremendous range
of effects—from beneficial to
harmful—even small changes
in hormone balance can have
a profound impact on your overall health.
What About Hormone Decline?
As part of the normal aging process, hormone
production gradually winds down. Unfortunately,
this decline is often related to many of the health
challenges associated with aging.This is because our
hormones, when in balance, play so many supportive
and protective roles.
Fortunately, there are steps you can take to
promote your body's ability to achieve optimal
hormone production and metabolism so that you
can feel your best and enjoy the benefits that proper
hormone balance provides. Doing all you can to
maintain healthy hormone balance early in life will
help to minimize premature aging and maximize
long-term health.
A Safe, Natural Approach
A combination of a healthy diet and nutritional
supplements—along with reduced exposure to toxins
and stress—will allow you to support your body's optimal
hormonal rhythms in the most natural way possible.◆
There are many nutritional supplements and herbs
that work with your body to support and maintain
healthy hormone metabolism—from classic nutrients
to exciting new discoveries. Using nutrients to
beneficially influence your hormone cycles is a safe
and natural approach to feeling great today and
resisting age-related hormonal changes—important
to you and your future.◆
Achieving Optimal Hormone Balance
Will Help You Feel Your Best!
Your healthcare professional will guide you in selecting the formulas that are right for you:
Designed to promote
healthy hormone
balance in women of all
ages, EstroFactors may
provide significant
relief for women with
hormone-related health
issues, and may result
in improvement in symptoms of PMS and
menopause. This formula is especially unique
because it features targeted nutrients that
address multiple factors related to estrogen
activity and metabolism:◆
Promote optimal hormone metabolism before, during,
and after menopause with this all-natural, scientificallybased nutritional formula that provides a concentrated,
full-spectrum blend of isoflavones (genistin, daidzin, and
glycitin derived from non-genetically engineered, identitypreserved soybeans) and standardized black cohosh
extract (2.5% triterpene glycosides)—all in one clinically
effective formula. Selestro provides ingredients that have
been shown to relieve symptoms such as hot flashes, night
sweats, occasional sleep disturbances, mild mood swings,
occasional irritability, and short menstrual cycles. This
premium formula may also help support breast and bone
health, as well as promote healthy blood lipid levels and
arterial elasticity.◆
• Promotes healthy estrogen detoxification
and elimination from the body.
• Beneficially influences the function of estrogen
receptors for more balanced estrogen activity.
• Promotes the conversion of estrogen to more
beneficial metabolites that protect estrogensensitive tissues.
The novel ingredients that make EstroFactors a
truly exceptional hormone-balancing formula
include non-soy isoflavones, phytonutrients such
as chrysin and resveratrol, antioxidants, select
vitamins, and a proprietary blend of active folates.◆
UltraMeal®: The Perfect Partner
For even greater support of healthy hormone
balance, EstroFactors may be combined with
UltraMeal. When combined with a dietary program,
this delicious soy–based powdered shake promotes
the loss of unhealthy body fat for an improved body
composition—an important consideration in
enhancing your body's ability to balance hormone
production. Available in 8 delicious flavors,
UltraMeal is the perfect meal option partner for
Black Cohosh Plus®
concentrated soy formula features a patented blend of
isoflavones, including a full spectrum of genistin and
daidzin plus other health-promoting compounds naturally
found in soybeans and soy foods. Careful extraction
techniques from non-genetically engineered, identitypreserved soybeans ensure that the natural profile and
ratios of isoflavones are maintained. Just one tablet
provides 45 mg of isoflavones—an amount associated
with the health benefits of a traditional Asian diet.◆
Meta I 3 C®
Meta I 3 C is designed to promote healthy
estrogen metabolism and hormonal balance with
indole-3-carbinol (I3C), a naturally occurring
compound found in vegetables such as broccoli,
Brussels sprouts, and cabbage. Meta I 3 C actively
promotes the breakdown of estrogen to its beneficial,
protective form, 2-hydroxyestrone.◆
curcumin from turmeric, and D-limonene from
citrus peel.
The protective benefits of these compounds are
attributed to their ability to support healthy regulation
of the cell's life cycle and cell growth, as well as their
promotion of detoxification enzymes and their potent
antioxidant activity.◆
Fem Premenstrual®
Relieve common symptoms associated with the
menstrual cycle with this unique blend of nutrients
and herbs designed to support the metabolic pathways
involved in hormone metabolism and balance, as well
as muscle contraction and relaxation.◆
The formula features nutrients that include
magnesium and vitamins B5 and B6, combined with a
traditional blend of chinese botanical extracts (5:1
concentration ratio) that has over 925 years of
documented use.
Celapro provides targeted support for hormone-sensitive
tissues, such as the breast and cervix, where it promotes
normal cell replication and DNA integrity.◆ Celapro
combines lycopene with catechins from green tea,
The valuable herb black cohosh, traditionally used by
Native American women during menopause, has become
immensely popular throughout the world for relief of
menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes. This powerful
herb has been combined with motherwort and lemon
balm, herbs traditionally used in Europe and Asia to ease
tension and support relaxation, in a formula designed to
support women in the menopausal phase of life.◆
Chasteberry Plus®
Observed by the ancient Greeks to promote
women's reproductive health, chasteberry appears to
support both progesterone and prolactin synthesis. The
addition of Ayurvedic herbs with a long history of use
in supporting women's health completes this essential
formula for women of all ages.◆
This special herbal blend is designed to help women
maintain a healthy hormonal balance throughout their
child-bearing and menopausal years.◆
Fem EstroPlex®
This formula provides excellent nutritional support
for the perimenopausal woman and beyond. It is
prepared with select herbs traditionally used to
support hormone balance and the antioxidant
vitamins C and E to help maintain cardiovascular
health. It also features specially selected herbs and B
vitamins that support adrenal gland function—
important for energy and a healthy stress response.
The formula provides significant phytonutrient
benefits of black cohosh and chasteberry, circulatory
support from the flavonoid rutin, and the peaceful
influence of valerian, motherwort, and vitamin B6.◆
Maintain a healthy balance of hormones and blood lipid
levels, as well as good cardiovascular, bone, breast, and
colon health with SpectraSoy. This all-natural, highly
◆ These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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