Adding Picasa Photos to Google Earth


Adding Picasa Photos to Google Earth
Selects starred photos
Shows only starred photos
Link to Web Albums
The Picasa
Selected photos
Uploads all selected Double click a photo to photos to web album go to its photo page
Star icon
Zoom slider
Back to library
Editing tools
Previous photo
Next photo
Photo Page
Type a caption here
Selected photos
Rotates photo
Adds or deletes
a star
Uploads photo to a Picasa web album
Photo is starred
Use when you can find the location on Google Earth but you don’t have the coordinates
Uploading Multiple Starred Picasa Photos
•go to the library page
•click the select starred photos icon which is located immediately above the photo set
•click the upload arrow below the photo set The Picasa Upload Page
Enter web album title
Change visibility from
unlisted to public
Uploads photo(s) to web album
Using the Picasa Web Album to Select a Photo for a Google Earth Placemark Immediately after uploading, click the view online button
Click the web albums link found in the upper right of the library or photo page whenever you are ready to create a placemark
Then double click the photo for the desired web album
Double click the photo you want to use for the placemark
Adding a Picasa photo from its web page to a Google Earth placemark
Click “link to this photo”
1: Select embed image
2: Select medium size
Next Step: Paste into Google Earth placemark description
3: Click to select embed image html code and then copy it
Adding a Picasa Photo from its web page to a Google Earth Placemark (continued)
Name of placemark
Click to select icon
Type additional information above the Picasa HTML code. Add a <br> tag to skip a line.
Completed placemark!

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