DigiLabs Presentation Adobe PDF, 1.8MB


DigiLabs Presentation Adobe PDF, 1.8MB
Powering an Image Driven World
DigiLabs Leading Photo Publishing Solutions
DigiLabs Leading Photo Publishing Solutions
who is it for?
Are you a
Professional Photo Lab?
If yes, you can benefit from the fast‐growing, profitable market of Personalized Photo Product!
DigiLabs Remote Solutions
DigiLabs Remote Solutions
DigiLabs Retail Solutions
DigiLabs Retail Solutions
Private‐labeled, customized photo creativity software distributed free and unlimited
In‐Store and Home‐to‐Store photo creativity solutions for today’s Retailers
value proposition
DigiLabs As the leading provider of custom photo creativity software and services, DigiLabs helps Retailers, Labs,
Commercial Printers and Quick Printers offer a wide array of photo‐rich products in a fast‐growing,
profitable market. DigiLabs software is private‐labeled, customized, easy‐to‐use and feature‐rich, and it
runs on multiple platforms (PC and MAC).
MAC) Self‐contained
Self contained with more than 25 user interface languages and
supporting any font in any language, the software is functional for global users. DigiLabs software is
available with a number of advanced marketing tools to assist licensees with their business growth and
continued success – these consist of tools for viral marketing, one‐to‐one marketing and self‐publishing.
DigiLabs offers modular solutions and flexible business models allowing licensees to use their own back‐
office or use DigiLabs’ Managed Services, which is a full service cloud‐based back‐office. DigiLabs provide a
cloud‐based customization platform enabling licensees to customize, modify, test and publish software on
their own. This cloud‐based platform handles end‐to‐end automatic updates of the software. DigiLabs back‐
end strategy makes automated production workflow possible delivering cost efficiency, faster turnaround
and minimized production errors.
errors Finally,
Finally based on superior technologies of Server‐Free Architecture and
Multi‐layered PDF output, DigiLabs delivers workflow efficiency and highest print quality. DigiLabs home and
retail solutions do not require a server component thereby optimizing efficiency and scale, and minimizing
cost and risk. DigiLabs software produces an optimized, vector PDF that is managed for color, font and
the 58 Million U.S. Households Own Digital Cameras and Have Internet Connections
The Opportunity!
10% Penetration Rate – Only 10% of the 58 million households have
made online purchases of personalized photo
merchandise (photobooks, cards, calendars)
transformation of photo industry
Film / Chemistry
Digital Print / Technology
Photo Industry is transforming!
A new category of personalized photo products is fueling this p o o p oduc s s fue g s
transformation and its growth at the rate of 22% compounded annually!
New Category of
Personalized Photo Products
be Personalized Photo Products are Very Profitable!
More than 70% profit margin!
15 – 22 cents
Cost of producing a page
Includes paper, amortized cost of equipment consumables and labor
equipment, consumables and labor
Average Retail Price of a Page
Applies to a page of photobook, card or calendar
card or calendar
“Page” is based on 8.5x11 page (A4) size, one‐side and color. Finishing and shipping usually charged separately, and carry their own margins.
potential annual revenue & profits
In 2009, average user spent $133 on Photobooks annually!
$4 000 000
Expected Annual Revenue
$2 000 000
Annual Users
Value Chain
the new photo Consumer or professional photographer captures memories
Creates a personalized photobook, card or calendar using his/her own photos
Places an order (online or in store)
Order is processed, routed to print service provider
Printed and finished
Shipped to
to end end
1st three steps performed by end user
Print & Finish
potential business models
Direct to Consumers Online Y
Your Brand B d
Retail Model
Promotional Model
Retail Brand
(In‐store or Home‐to‐Store)
(existing accounts targeted for promotional calendars
for promotional calendars, cards and books)
Photo Service Provider
Affinity Model
Affinity Groups
(schools, universities, churches, clubs, associations, etc.)
l b
i i
Professional Model
Pro Photo Lab or Pro Photographer
DigiLabs Solutions
Private‐labeled, Customized Software
• Easy-to-use and feature-rich
• Runs on multiple platforms (PC and MAC)
• Self-contained with more than 25 user interface languages and supports any
font in any language
• Available with a number of advanced marketing tools for business growth and
continued success
• Distribute
Di t ib t ffree and
d unlimited!
li it d!
Retail Solution
• Customized photo creativity software for in-store or home creation
• Includes Job management Console for in-store handling of orders, jobs and
• Enables retailers for in-store and home-to-store.
• Drives any printing device (digital press, minilab, large format inkjet, and more)
• Configurable for one or more creativity stations per store
• Provides a fast,
fast easy and rich user experience
Managed Services
DigiLabs offers modular solutions and flexible business models allowing you
to use your own back-office or use DigiLabs’ Managed Services, which is a
f ll service
i cloud-based
l db
k ffi
• Branded shopping cart linked to your merchant account – control cash flow
• Back-office processing
DigiLabs differentiation
DigiLabs Server‐Free
DigiLabs Server
Free Architecture
DigiLabs does not use a server component. DigiLabs client software produces a print‐
ready file directly!
Client Software
Client Software
Central Server
Photo Quality Production
Photo Quality Production
Advantages of Server‐Free Architecture
 More deployment models
 Less IT dependency
 Lower deployment cost
 Self‐contained with Fonts, Languages, etc. –
More local control
 Faster deployment
Faster deployment
 Less Variables – Less Risk
 Off‐line Creation
 Vectorized print‐ready PDFs for highest image and text quality
getting started
1. Market Segmentation
Consumer vs. Pro vs. Commercial Market Opportunities
2. Positioning
High‐end, High Quality Low Price
Low Price
Fast Turnaround
3. Partnerships
4 Product Selection
P d t S l ti
Books / Calendars / cards
Sizes / Types / Options
5. Production Setup
Production Setup
Software and Customization
E‐Commerce and Back‐Office
Hardware: Printing and Finishing
Middleware: Imposition and automated workflows
6. Marketing and Sales
for more information and demos