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Weerlig oor Brits - Platinum KOSH Newspaper
11 December 2015,
50 Marais Street,
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Front-Page Photo Competition Festive Family
Photo Fun-Competitionto the winner (1st prize).
Happy holidays to all our readers.
After a long 2015, it’s time to sit down, relax and take stock
of all we’ve achieved over the past 12 months… and then
to spend the rest of the holiday season, laughing, spending
time with loved ones and spreading all-round happy cheer.
We’d like our readers to spread a little extra cheer this year
by taking a festive family photo…
That’s right, have dad dress up as Santa, string the kids
along as reindeer and take a festive family photograph.
Take two, take a dozen! (‘cause there’s a special prize for the
‘most’ photo’s sent as well)
It can be any photo that encapsulates a South African festive
season. Whether that’s pretending to be the three wise men,
put antlers on the family puppy or watermelons next to the
pool… We want our readers to have fun and share that fun
on our Festive Family Photo contest.
The photo of the winner of this competition… will be
published on our FRONT PAGE of our 18 December
2015 edition of the Platinum Weekly newspaper.
Wait for it…. ! AND what’s more: our generous sponsors
two runners up.
‡ Three Star Cash and Carry will be offering a trolley dash
sponsored the amazing Powershed Felloes P35C Tel: 014 533 2075
shredder, as a close runner-up second prize.
‡ For the guys and girls in third place, dinner vouchers for
Crawdaddy’s Family Restaurant.
‡ With a special shout-out from the Panarottis team at
Waterfall Mall, we’d also like to offer a special prize to
the group or family that sends the most and the zaniest
Tel: 014 597 0918
festive season photo’s.
‡ So get clicking and snapping, but whatever you do… be
sure not to miss the Festive Photo Fun for 2015.
‡ Photo’s must be printable, high-quality. The Photos
must be 2MB or larger.
‡ Please send names, surnames and ages of all persons Tel: 014 596 5064
in the photo (+ a short description of the fun you are
‡ Please send us your contact details, so that we can
contact you, should we require additional info… and so
that we are able to contact you if you win.
‡ Email your photos & info to news@platinumweekly.
Tel: 014 537 2015
Weerlig oor
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Rina Byleveldt van Brits het Saterdag, 5
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