Photo Retouching Project Parameters


Photo Retouching Project Parameters
Photo Retouching Project!
The main purpose of this project is: !
1) to demonstrate familiarity with the most common photo retouching functions in Photoshop, and !
2) to put properly compressed images and description on your website as Project 1.!
Grading Parameters:!
Product is an advertisement using the island girl photo and other photos as necessary.!
Product will include an unretouched but resized (320 x 240) photo of island girl for comparison.!
Fixed photo is titled islandgirlandfriends.jpg!
Fixed Photo is 800 x 600 pixels in size.!
Fixed photo is in .jpg format and is less than 120K in file size.!
Fixed photo shows your name in the lower right corner.!
Fixed photo shows appropriate brightening of foreground.!
Fixed photo shows separation of foreground and background.!
! (background darkened? blurred? desaturated? etc.?)!
Fixed photo exhibits a removed tree.!
Fixed photo shows added elements (birds in my case).!
Fixed photo shows warmer overall tone.!
Fixed photo shows improved saturation of colors.!
Fixed photo has text with appropriate content, font, color, separation, etc.!
Fixed photo shows up on your Project 1 page.!
Project 1 Page includes a well-written description of steps you did.!
Project 1 Page includes an appropriate title.!
Here is an example of my photo retouching ability. I had to heavily retouch the original photo of the
girl to brighten her and darken the background. I blurred the background slightly to make the
foreground stand out. I added the birds and their shadows. I removed one tree and part of the boat
because they interfered with the overall composition of the image. For the text, I used a font called
Textile that seems to work well with the relaxed mood of the image. I’m pleased with the result.!
Dave Sebald