Scoubidou Helicopter


Scoubidou Helicopter
Scoubidou Helicopter
What not only looks nice, but also is not difficult to make? A helicopter! We
need 2 strands of scoubidou to make this.
We start the Scoubidou strands with a loop (see Starting with a Loop). Then make about 5 centimeters of
square stitch (see photo 1). Now turn the knotted work upside down and knot right back over the square
stitches you just made (see photos 2 and 3). Do this for about 2 centimeters (see photo 3).
Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
Now you face all 4 of the strands up (see photo 4). Carefully make a square stitch. Make sure that this knot
is nicely arranged on top of the knotted part. Create 2 more square stitches.
Anonymous Craft Master
Photo 4
Photo 5
The ends can be cut short at about 2 centimeters to create the propeller. Your helicopter is ready.
Anonymous Craft Master