contests 2013


contests 2013
Each day during the fundraising period, students at participating
Universities can submit their best Undie Run Photos on,
Instagram, and Facebook. At the end of the 2013 Undie Run Spring
Campaign, our panel of Undie Run Experts will select the best Undie Run
Photos in the following categories:
Glamour Shot: hilarious, sexy, creative, or just awesome!
Fame: a photo of you, in your Undies, with someone famous!
Photo Bomb: if you don’t know
what a photo bomb is, then we don’t even
want you doing this!
Undie Run Viral Video Challenge is the annual video extravaganza
celebrating Undie Runners’ creativity with a camcorder. Fancy
yourself as a budding Will Ferrell or an aspiring Judd Apatow? Well
then get your ideas down and your script together! This year, all
videos will compete head-to-head. You can make a video about
anything and everything Undie Run, but here are a few ideas to get
you started:
Why I Undie Run – tell the world what Undie Run means to you!
How to Fundraise Tutorial – think Step Brothers. What would
Prestige World Wide do with this opportunity?
Interview About Anything – create a hilarious interview with
students on your campus! Get creative!
Undie Run Shuffle – we are looking for our own Gangnam style,
must be 4 minutes or shorter
• upload to YouTube and submit the
URL to
• must be original, no stealing!
• all entries must be received by April
20th, 2013 at midnight
• Open to Undie Runners registered at
• Visit for full list of rules
• For questions or assistance with these
challenges, please e-mail:
[email protected]
cat-daddy, dougie, shuffle-like signature Undie Run Dance.
Undie Run Training – how do you prepare for the Undie Run?
Best Old School Parody – with a sequel to Old School in the
works, here is your chance to steal the part from Will Ferrell!
Slow Motion Undie Runners – classic, easy, and a fan favorite!
These are only suggestions. Have fun with this - the sky is the limit!
Most Creative
FUNdraising Letter
This challenge aims to find
the Undie Runner who has
comical & witty thoughts
like Vince Vaughn, but can
put them on paper like
Shakespeare. We want to
read some clever
fundraising pitches! The
more that we laugh out
loud, the better!
Best T-Shirt Design
Thinking of a clever Undie
Run MEME? Let’s see it!
Pretty simple. Do you have
a great catchphrase that
needs to be emblazoned on
a walking billboard for the
world to see? Or perhaps
you drew an eagle wearing
underwear and a sweet pair
of Nikes with an Undie Run
flag in its beak? Come up
with your best design and
then send it to us!
For full list of prizes, rules, deadlines, and
submission procedures, visit
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