Da Prato photos


Da Prato photos
Founder and spiritual Master condemned for tax evasion
Occult Italy – included Damanhur
Photo 1: United in faith, in business and in politics
Photo 2: What an imperium of occultism – Strange mixture of business and philosophy
Photo 3: Registered Trademark
Photo 4: Illicit work at Damanhur
Photo 5: Those involved in organisational duties within the community do, in actual fact,
receive a monthly salary
Photo 6: Court of Appeal of Turin sees differently
Photo 7: Small cooperative construction companies have the task of grouping together all
properties donated by community followers and sympathisers.
Photo 8: All the share capital is effectively legally owned by few people
Photo 9: The personal property of the spiritual master is not shared
Photo 10: Magic und rites (1)
Photo 11: Magic und rites (2)
Photo 13: Before conception, parents need to make a formal written request
Photo 15: Rites for children (1)
Photo 16: Rites for children (2)
Photo 17: Rites for children (3)
Photo 18: Rites for children (4)