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Photo Products Online Software
About Colorland
Colorland is a company that has been working in the printing industry for 14 years. The combination of experience, passion
and modern technology results in high quality photo products at affordable prices.
“In the process of production we use the highest quality materials which are a guarantee of the best quality and
full satisfaction. In order to provide the best colors and accuracy of the details we use sophisticated technology
and improvements.”
Piotr Leszczyński,
CEO at Colorland | 2
For many years Colorland used a
desktop version of an editor, but
competitive pressure and trends
to create photo products online
increased the need for a solution that
would be completely online.
Colorland strongly believes that the quality of an
online editor and its user experience is imperative.
Since the company is a leader in personalized photo
products sales in Poland, having efficient photo
products online software is essential for its success.
3 |
At Colorland, customers are the
main focus, and their ultimate goal
is driving customer satisfaction, so
switching to Printbox involved several
challenges and requirements.
Needed to replace the existing desktop system
and implement a 100% web-based solution
Wanted to employ online software to improve
customer satisfaction and to reduce customer
support costs
Deliver greater control over service processes
Integrate with existing corporate systems
Streamline processes and increase efficiency | 4
Key challenges & solutions
The complexity of the implementation comes from difficult and demanding requirements. With lots of complex needs to
accommodate, our focus was on the major issues:
Offline to online
5 |
Variety of customers
High volume traffic
Offline to online
The transition from offline to online editor was a
turning point for Colorland. Previously they had been
encountering difficulties with updating the product
database and associated templates. Users had an outof-date offline editor and were using it with the old set
of templates. Fixing problems, updating offerings and
keeping up with business growth was impossible.
Implementing Printbox let them easily manage templates
on different domains. A convenient back office panel and
easy distribution among all brands and domains made
managing workflow much easier.
The change gave Colorland much better feedback from
users (see testimonials >>). The editor was tested and
fitted to their needs. All reported improvements helped
us improve usability. By implementing new versions we
have solved every customer issue.
Variety of customers
Colorland has over 20 stand-alone domains with
different brands on which they sell photoproducts.
This fact, together with selling coupons and vouchers
on auctions like Groupon and partnering with many
affiliates, has been responsible for their great sales
results and their dominant position in the Polish market.
Integrating with Printbox allowed them to provide
services for all these sources and to achieve reduced
operational costs. This way, business is easy to manage
and can expand into different directions. | 6
High volume traffic
The biggest challenge was to support a high volume
of orders and to confront seasonal fluctuations of
sales volumes with huge sales peaks, e.g. up to 4000%
more sales week-to-week. Working in the cloud allows
us to scale this way. We add servers automatically
and immediately when they are needed. The entire
application is written so that it distributes into many
servers and scales seamlessly.
When printing huge amounts of photoproducts, each
element of the system must be automatic. There’s no
place for chaos in this business. Integration with their
existing systems allowed us to comply with workflow
and barcode technology. This modern inventory control
allows them to easily find any photo project, with every
needed order detail, at any stage of production. Logistics
is much more efficient, faster and error free.
Colorland integration with Printbox has gone far beyond
a simple software implementation and has resulted
in an enhancement of all processes and new online
photoproduct sales opportunities. As a result, employees
benefit from improved workflow and significantly
reduced customer overheads.
“Our businesses needed an online photoproduct solution
that can scale effortlessly and that’s where Printbox
came in. Now we are sure that we are using one of the
best and the most cost effective online photo product
software platforms on the market. With Printbox, we can
always be in front of the competition.”
Piotr Leszczyński
7 |
Today, Colorland is the largest player in Poland’s
personalized photo product market and has a market
share above 70%. It has become a leader by overtaken
CEWE from the market. Partnering with Printbox helped
achieving this position by making the design process
enjoyable and inexpensive to maintain.
150% order increase during peak season
Over 40% reorder increase
70% reduction in customer support overhead
Increased customer conversion in the editor
Implementing Printbox enabled the company to manage
growth without hiring additional staff. Designing
and ordering processes have been streamlined and
the system integration has cut the time needed to
resolve customer issues because of high efficiency and
“Without a doubt, implementing Printbox has been
an excellent business move. The solution is affordable
and easy to manage. We also get professional support
whenever it is needed. “
Piotr Leszczyński | 8
Photo Products Online Software
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