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Student Life
May 2011
Does distance make the heart grow fonder?
Bianca Rodriguez
If you follow the old adage, “distance
makes the heart grow fonder,” then everyone would be looking for a long distance
love. But distance can also be a major
“make it” or “break it” factor in a relationship.
“Distance is like a hurdle for a relationship,” says senior Kevin Kennedy. Yet according to, there are an estimated
3.5 million people involved in long distance relationships and most make it work!
While some couples will be attending different colleges and others will be leaving
their better half here at PPCHS, Charter
pairs are cherishing the time they have together and evaluating the chances of surviving a long separation. No more planned
meetings after every period, sharing stories
at lunch or hanging out after school. Some
couples have developed “survival plans”
which include multiple Skypes per week,
texting, emailing and a whirlwind schedule
of visits. “I’ll miss him a lot and I know
we will stay friends, I hope I’ll get to visit
him and maybe it’ll work out,” says Bridget Wlosek.
It’s a difficult thought to deal with, but
separation is a looming issue many couples
know they will have to face in just a few
short months.
For couples lucky enough to have their significant other attending a local college or
university, chances are the biggest hurdle
may be finding time for each other. Sophomore Alex Restrepo and Senior AJ Rondon
feel luck is on their side. Rondon will be a
freshman at Florida International University (FIU) this fall and the pressure won’t
be as tough on their relationship. “It will
be a change not seeing him 24/7, but if it’s
meant to be it’ll work out; I’m hoping it
does,” says Restrepo.
The Centre for the Study of Long Distance
Relationships compiled data of over 200
couples and found the average distance between a LDR couples is about 125 miles.
“It might not work just because it’s college,
and it’ll be hard because we are going [a]
long distance,” says senior Stephen Tapanes.
But most couples make a commitment to
each other no matter how far apart they are.
According to The Centre for the Study of
Long Distance Relationships, the average
number of visits made by LDR couples is
about 1.5 times per month, and LDR couples said they call each other at least once
every two days for at least 30 minutes.
A recent study published by the Journal
of Communication Research found that
as many as half of college students are
in long-distance relationships, “and up to
Forever pines charter’s flag will wave
Alexandra Mangano
more pepped up then what we cheerleaders were doing. He’s full of energy!” said
sophomore Ashley Rosa, a varsity cheerleader of PPCHS 2010 season.
Within a school, there is always that one
person that everyone can count on to excite
the crowd at any school event.
He or she may take many hours
to create a memory that will last
a lifetime for students; it just so
happens that here at PPCHS,
senior Patrick Gould was fit to
do this. Before discovering the
spirit flag, Gould and his close
companion Chris Taylor, who
is also a graduating senior of
class of 2011, were on a mission to pep up the school spirit
of Charter High. They conjured
up ideas like decorative capes
and bright colored speedos but
nothing else seemed more appealing to the crowd than a flag.
However they didn’t want it to
be just any ordinary flag; it had
to big, loud, and obnoxious so
no one could miss it.
“To become known as ‘that
guy’ running around any school
event with the flag is amazing
and a memory that will follow
me throughout my lifetime.
With only the cost of 20 dollars and some creativity, I left a
memory here at PPCHS. That’s
the best feeling in the world,”
explains Gould.
It was not only the school’s Forever the flag will wave: Patrick Gould left his mark here at
pep rallies that Patrick attended; PPCHS. photo By rebecca Murillo
he was also at most of the varsity games in- Although this is Patrick’s last year attendcluding homecoming game which is when ing PPCHS, he hopefully will pass the flag
he really became noticed and stood out to down to someone that can fulfill his shoes
the audience. “Having Patrick run around and shine in the new tradition he has creour varsity games with the ginormous flag ated for Pines Charter.
was really cool, at times he had the crowd
Anyssa Gonzalez
Entertainment Editor
Eliza Barrocas -Content
Rebecca Murillo -Layout
Managing Editors
Kevin Kennedy
Sports Editor
Lorraine Oyola
Photo Editor
Erin Jones
Technology Editor
Maria Flores
Isabella Jones
Features Editor
Mr. Fagen - Content
Mr. Simon - Layout
Nicolette Sponer
News Editor
Brianna Cha-Kim
Student Life Editor
Kenneth Madera
Jordana Cutajar
Environmental Editor
Holding on tight: Alexandra Castillo is going to miss Adrian
Romero once he leaves PPCHS for college this summer. Photo
By Gail Fletcher
Pranking PPCHS
throughout high school history: the senior
Each year, around the beginning of May,
Last year, the senior prank included
students at PPCHS start to get summer- “decorating” the school with tires. “We’re
hungry. The days are dwindling down un- TIRED of school” was spray-painted on
the tires and over fifty of them
donned our fountain and the U
building steps. Senior Ivanna
Soto recalls, “one year the
seniors put a car in front of U
building without wheels, that
was pretty cool.”
Everyone knows that the last
day for seniors is when they
gather around the fountain and
throw their uniform shirts on
the tree in front of M building.
What everyone may not know
is that this tradition was originally a prank.
“That was the first senior prank
PPCHS saw,” says Mr. Bayer,
“The class of 2003 didn’t enjoy wearing their uniforms, so
on their last day, they soaked
them in the fountain and threw
them on the same tree in front
of M building as a prank. Ever
since then, it has become ritual
for the graduating class to do
the same.”
Although the plans for this
year’s senior prank are under
FBI-worthy security, we can
all count on the class of ’11 to
A messy situation: The senior tradition of throwing their shirts on
Mr. Bayer warns, “Be caretheir least day left a big mess. Photo By Adrian Tabraue
til the seniors leave; a huge event for any ful and considerate, no illegal or offensive
freshman, sophomore or junior. AP ex- pranks!” It would really stink if you had to
ams, finals, signing yearbooks, and Grad miss graduation or prom just because you
Night are just a few things trailing a sen- went all out on the senior prank. Hopeior’s checklist. However, the one task that fully this year the pranks will go down in
is bolded, underlined, and highlighted is PPCHS history.
one that will (hopefully) be remembered
Nicolette Sponer
The C. H. A. T. Staff
Daniel Quevedo
Eddie Baffa
Asst. Julia Baca
Business Managers
75% will be at some point.” “It
will be an experience that will
make us or break us but I hope it
will make our relationship,” says
junior Celeste Chades, whose
boyfriend will be attending Florida State University (FSU) this
coming summer.
For most LDR couples, separation is not a matter of choice but
a result of timing.
“Everyone says they’re going
to go away and try to make it
work, but I know that she and I
will make it until she comes up
to UCF,” says senior James Kerr.
One thing to remember is that
whether you are running the statistics in your head or listening to
the naysayers, the reality is every
LDR couple is different. Each
LDR couple has its own unique
set of challenges and it’s up to
them to make their relationship
a successful and happy one. The
reality is life can throw you a
curve ball.
Junior Alex Castillo sums it
up well, “I’ll be sad to see him
leave but I know he will do great
things next year.”
Mr. Bayer
Content Staff:
Victoria Alvarez, Paul Austria, Julia Baca,
Enrique Batista, Troy Bottom, CassidyRae Brantley, Brianna Cha-Kim, Matthew
Coolidge, Taylor Engelman, Alexandra
Mangano, David Nabors, Carissa PerrySmith, Melissa Sullivan, Anjali Talwar,
Danielle Solomon
Layout Staff:
Daven Castillo, Nicholas D’Agostino,
Sarah Deluca, Scott Gil, Julian Graves,
Diego Vidal
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Gail Fletcher, Fabiana Gonzalez, Taylor
Neita, Lissette Rivera, Adrian Tabraue
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Student Life
May 2011
Expecting the unexpected for underclassmen
underclassmen move up the food chain,
making room for the incoming freshmen.
Many underclassmen say
that this is their favorite
part of the year and why
wouldn’t it be? School is
almost over, classes are
slowing down, and more
student activities are taking place around the campus. Beginning with spring
pep rally, penny wars, and
the release of 2010-2011
school yearbooks, the joy
has just begun.
Junior Kimberley Haynes
says, “I am super excited
for grad bash. I already
Moving up the ranks: Junior Erika Fortunato receives her senior
have some vague ideas for
crown from fello junior Anna Cesarotti. Photo By Adrian Tabraue
prom, from my daydreamThe countdown has ended and seniors ing! In the end I am just waiting for high
have left the building. What does this mean school to be over and start with college.”
for underclassmen? As the juniors happily Unlike Kimberly, Freshmen Lucas Aguirput their senior crowns on and take charge ra is not so excited for being a sophomore.
as the alphas of the school, the rest of the “I am just expecting more stress, another
Anjali Talwar
year roaming through the hallways. I am
excited for homecoming, but not for prom.
What I am most excited for however is the
fact that my eighth grade friends are coming in and it will be fun to be there to scare
them. After graduation I want to go to Europe!”
As many underclassmen are aware, it is
certainly true that as the years pass senioritis creeps up on students when they sometimes would least expect it; many PPCHS
graduating seniors know this feeling.
Junior Lucia Gonzalez-Llanos says “I
worked hard all throughout my junior year
with non-stop studying and dedication to
AP classes, now as the end of the year approaches I am just going to kick back and
relax. During my senior year I know I am
going to have senioritis, but I’m just going
to chill and take it easy.”
As well as an attempt to maintain grades
until the very last day of May, the majority
of juniors still find themselves coming up
with a bit of a lackadaisical style in their
work ethic. As the year slowly comes to a
close, the adrenaline begins to rush through
every student’s veins and students begin to
‘expect the unexpected’ for the next year.
Charter tradition: Underclassmen look up to the
tree that they will throw their uniforms on one day.
Photo By Lissett Rivera
Saving the green even after they leaf
Jordana Cutajar
Reduce, Reuse, Rycycle: Students make a difference in
the environment by taking the effort to recycle on campus. Photo By Taylor Neita
In the four years of high school, many
students have become more aware of the
environmental challenges our Earth is
facing. What they teach in high school
is much more in depth than the short section taught in middle school about greenhouse gases. For some students this becomes a major eye opener and even a life
changing discovery as they make it their
mission to save the environment. Classes
like AP Environmental and PPCHS’s
Club Earth inform students and help motivate them to make changes. But what
will students do when they leave Charter? How will they be able to make a
difference without the support of their
club and class? Believe it or not there are
many students who have clear intentions
to stay eco-friendly even as they branch
out of high school.
Senior Gabi Metallides, who is taking
AP Environmental this year, said, “I’ve
diffidently learned a lot by taking this
class, especially about how our waste ef-
fects the environment through videos like
Garbage Island. It is very important that
we try to reduce our waste. When I go to
college I’m going to continue being ecofriendly, by getting eco-friendly things
for my dorm such as objects made of recycled materials, and keep recycling.”
Another senior Frank Marquez said,
“When I graduate I’m going to continue
recycling, and not take long showers, because if you shorten your shower time by
two minutes every day you can save gallons of water. Also I will go to car washes
instead of trying to wash my car myself
because doing that also conserves a lot
more water.”
For seniors graduating the environment
is something they cannot simply leave
behind with their memories of Charter
years. These environmental issues that
are occurring are not going to disappear
when they graduate. These seniors and
many others are taking the green steps
necessary to reduce our carbon footprint,
and ultimately save our Earth.
Making a difference in college: Senior Gabi Metallides
hopes to help the environment even after she graduates
high school. Photo By Gail Fletcher
Students celebrate summer, preparing for future
college and getting prepared in any way
possible. The underclassmen are relieved
With the smell of sun tan lotion in the air, to have the stressful year done with. The
the summer of 2011 is on its way! It is the time has come to start celebrating the last
final stretch for the seniors heading off to few months of the high school years to the
greatest extent.
“I plan on having as much fun as
possible this summer. It’s the last
summer left until starting to plan for
my life and I want to make the best
of it,” said senior Nicole Rivera. “I’m
planning on attending FIU in the fall
and I’m sad but excited at the same
time for what’s next for me.”
Senior Andre Phanord is beginning
his career of producing media this
summer and it’s all thanks to Mr.
Quigley’s natural planning project.
“I’m going to try and film a zombie
with my friends and people from the
school,” said Phanord. “While doing
Mr. Quigley’s project the survey we
took said that I was a thinker. It mentioned something about media producing and I figured I’d try that out
this summer and then attend FAU or
Barry University in the fall.”
Also in the mix of producing the
next best thing, Junior David Gomez
and his brother Manny are working
on releasing an EP in the near future
for their band Sleeping Sunset.
“We’re hoping to release the EP
soon it’s just a lot more work than just
recording,” said Gomez. ”It has to be
perfect. Each song ends up being recorded about 20 times.”
Junior Ryan Hall is also attempting
Dancing to the future: Senior Samantha Selvin has dreams
be the next best-selling author with
of becoming a dancer. Photo By Taylor Neita
his novel. “When I graduate next year
I want to go to [the University of FlorDanielle Solomon
ida] and go into their journalism program and can’t wait to turn the page from high
to be a writer. I came up with the idea a school graduate to college student. One
while ago and I’m finally starting to write thing that will be passed down on their dethe story line out. It would be really cool parture is a gift to the juniors- the title of
to be a published author while I’m still in seniors.
high school,” said Hall.
After dancing almost all of her
life, Senior Samantha Selvin is
pursuing her dancing career at Disney World.
“In the beginning of July, I’ll
be going to the Nationals Dance
competition which features every
dance studio in the nation,” explained Selvin. “From there I am
joining Disney’s college program
which means I’m going to be attending BC for one semester and
then schedule an interview. From
there hopefully I’ll get hired and
obtain the dancing position they
Pursuing their passion in sports
is Senior Don Sachs who plans on
joining a Rugby 7’s team this summer. Sachs is currently one of the
senior members of the PPCHS lacrosse team and plans on coming
back next year to help out the future team.
“Although I’m leaving lacrosse,
I’ve always loved rugby and can’t
wait to start playing for the Rip
Tide Rugby Club,” said Sachs.
No matter what everyone is doing, everyone is just glad that summer is finally on its way. For some
it’s closer than others and they are
ready to see what the future holds. Working to become an author: Junior Ryan Hall hopes to
Seniors have spent the last four publish his very own book. Phot By Adrian Tabraue
years waiting for this day to come
Student Life
April 2011
Your college timeline
Anyssa Gonzalez
Juniors, the time has come to begin the
treacherous path that every senior class
follows—the college search. If you aren’t
sure where to start or just have absolutely
no idea where you should be and where
you are headed, this senior timeline should
help you from this summer to your graduation in the spring of 2012.
Summer 2011:
- Get a summer job! You’ve got lots of senior events to pay for—homecoming, prom,
Grad Bash—and you don’t want to kill
your cash if there’s none in the first place.
There are plenty of places looking to hire
kids when their previous employees go off
to college, so start looking.
- Rack up those volunteer hours! One of
the most important things on a college application is your service to the community. All those hours eventually
count towards something more important (namely your Silver Cord
for graduation), and you don’t want
to be caught dead walking across
the stage without one.
-Start really looking! You probably already have a good idea of
what colleges you are interested in,
but start making a list of your priority schools so you know where to
start when deadlines roll around.
Fall 2011:
- Take your standardized tests! If you
haven’t already taken the SAT or ACT,
now is the time to sign up for the exam
dates in the fall. Schools will require your
scores for your early decision/early action/regular decision applications, and you
want to show them your best.
- Talk to guidance! Set up a meeting during
the first couple months of school with Mr.
Greenbaum and your assigned class guidance counselor. It is imperative that you’re
on the path to graduation, and Mr. Greenbaum can help you pick the best colleges
for you.
- Write your essays early! The essays you
turn into the colleges you apply for are the
best way for them to learn what you’re really like. Your personality will shine through
your well-crafted papers more than anything else on your application. Send drafts
to previous/current English teachers so
they can edit it for content and grammar.
Spring 2011:
- Go college hunting! The best way to see
what you truly want in a college and what
you like is to actually visit the schools you
are interested in. You don’t want to blindly
attend a school and find out your dream
school is not all it’s cracked up to be.
- File for FASFA! The deadline for your
Free Application for Federal Student Aid
is due Jun. 30, 2012 but make sure you
get them in early. FASFA will make up for
some of Bright Future’s recent budget cuts
that can potentially harm your wallet, so
don’t pass up on this opportunity.
- Make your decision! May 1st is the
deadline to let the college know whether
or not you will be attending, so talk with
your guidance counselor and your parents
to make the best decision. College is more
than just four years of your life; it’s your
Cartoon By Maria Flores
What’s truly significant about Class of 2011?
Carissa Perry-Smith
that in the past 13 years we’ve all grown to
know each other extremely well, we’re like
family,” said senior, Oneshia Ford.
money and have been accepted to numerous colleges. The seniors this year have
earned just under $5 million worth of
Every graduating class has something that
stands out about them and that
makes them unique. What really
separates the class of 2011from
all the other classes? Between
competing with grades and
being truly involved with the
school, this year’s senior class
has so many memorable things
about them.
One of the things that distinguishes this year’s graduating class is the fact that a vast
majority of students are the
original Charter starters. Since
a lot of the seniors are Charter starters they’re a lot closer
than other students would be in
other schools. In other schools
it’s very unlikely that students
will keep the same friends from
kindergarten to senior year. For
Charter that’s not the case at all;
most students here at PPCHS
Friends throughout the years: The “Charter starters” in the class of 2011 make PPCHS unique. Photo By Lorraine Oyola
have been together for 13 years.
Students spend more time at school with
That’s not the only thing that stands out scholarships, including Bright Futures,
our friends then they do at home; which about the senior class. This year PPCHS which will be used over their four years in
makes Charter a very close and tight knit has had the most district championships college. Some of the top schools students
lead by the senior class. They have also have gotten into include Duke University,
“I’m a Charter starter and I can honestly say received a record number of scholarship Northwestern University, and the Air force
“This year’s graduating class has really
set the bar higher in both academics and
athletics this year,” says Principal Bayer. “What’s truly great
about the Class of 2011 is that
they’ve done it without sacrificing their fun but, they get down
to work when they need too.”
After Class of 2011 graduates
this year there are going to be a
lot of changes and the start of
new traditions. For instance,
Grad Night began in 1972 and
it has been something that every
senior looks forward too. Unfortunately, this tradition will
be graduating with this year’s
senior class.
“We’re the last class that got to
go to Grad Night and the last
class that actually looks like
seniors,” says senior, Rebecca
There are various things that
separate the Class of 2011 from
all the other classes. Yet, what’s
in fact truly significant about this class is
that they’ve stood by each other through all
their years at Charter and made friendships
that will last a lifetime.
Last grad nite amazes seniors PPCHS’s knights in shining armor
Melissa Sullivan
On Saturday April 30th, seniors at PPCHS along with other
schools were invited to Disney’s Magic Kingdom for the
last Grad Nite. Students were
invited to join in on a dance
party, watch famous artists perform, and ride roller coasters
with their fellow classmates.
Just a few artists that performed for seniors at this year’s Graduating friends: Seniors (from left to right) Rebecca Murillo,
Grad Nite were Taio Cruz, Daniel Torres, Jaclyn Fine, Brett Kelley, Jasmine Davila, Brandon
3OH!3, and Pete Wentz. This Dechiara, Brianna Needham, and Ryan Tucker take a picture with the
was then followed with a large Disney characters. Photo Donated By Jaclyn Fine
dance party. After a day full of excitement Nite because they have struggled to plan
and amazing memories, the night ended for their spring time events, which fall into
with a spectacular fireworks display cre- one of their busiest seasons of the year.
ated especially for the graduating class of Freshman Joel Maiz had this to say about
the termination of Grad Nite, “It’s really
“I had an awesome time at the park with unfair that we don’t get to have Grad Nite
all of my friends, it was a great way to cel- like all the other classes did but I hope
ebrate graduating,” said senior Matthew we’ll find something even better to look
forward to.”
Disney’s canceling of Grad Nite is exUnfortunately, the event that has amazed
graduates for nearly 40 years shockingly tremely disappointing to several underwill be discontinued after this year. Dis- classmen; the night was something that all
ney World has decided to discontinue Grad seniors who attended will cherish forever.
Anjali Talwar
Staff writer
The Silver Knight awards; a recognition that many strive to achieve,
yet only few receive. PPCHS has
had their most successful year
thus far. Six students, Julia Sarduy,
Adrian Romero, Sydney Alexander,
Kristen Suarez, Stephanie Caceras,
and Johanna Segura were nominated for the Silver Knight last ThursKnights: Six students from PPCHS are nominated for
day May 19. Out of the six stu- Silver
this prestigious award. Donated by Kristen Suarez
dents, three accomplished the task
of receiving the highest merit for the Silver those students that already meet the criteKnight besides the award itself. Senior Ju- ria should begin to work towards creating a
lia Sarduy won Honorable Mention for Art, portfolio for themselves next year.”
It is also interesting to know that many fasenior Kristen Suarez for Journalism and
mous figureheads have been former Silver
senior Adrian Romero for Athletics.
Anybody can be nominated for Silver Knights. Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO
Knight, however the school decides out of of Amazon, was nominated for science in
those nominations who will represent the 1982, Ambassador Frances D. Cook, the
school. Coordinator and Chairman of the first female head of post for the United
Math department Mr. Gonzalez is extreme- States in the Middle East, and Steve Reinely joyful of the fact that 50 percent of our mund, the retired chairman of the Board
of PepsiCo were all awarded the Silver
nominees were able to represent PPCHS.
“I am very proud of our students this Knight.
The school is truly proud to have such a
year. I want to have more representatives
next year that are interested in doing such talented student body and looks forward to
a community effort. My suggestion is that more students nominated next year.
Student Life
May 2011
6 Student Life
Communications and Technology Department: 11th Annual Award Ceremony
Best in Photography: Lorraine Oyola
Best in Layout - Front Page: Kenneth Madera
Best in Layout: Nicholas D’Agostino
Best in Cartoon: Maria Flores
Best in Graphic: Julian Graves
Editor - In - Cheif: Daniel Quevedo
The Department Chair Award - Digital: Nicholas D’Agostino
Managing Editor: Eliza Barrocas
May 2011
The Department Chair Award - Digital: Rebeca Murillo
Top Story: Isabella Jones, Erin Jones, and Anyssa Gonzalez
The Department Chair Award - Content: Nicolette Sponer
Most Articles Written - Paul Austria
Best Writer: Diego La Hoz and Lauren Suarez
Best Section: Erin Jones - Tech
Most Informative: Kevin Kennedy - Sports
Top - Selling Advertising: Angelique Esquerete
Business and Advertising Manager: Stephanie Amortegui and Katherine Conrad
The Department Chair Award:
Cindy Mercado
Best in Photography: Melissa Miranda and Julia Sarduy
Editor - In - Cheif: Kristen Suarez
Most Valuable Layout Artist: Natasha
Student Life
May 2011
Eliza Barrocas and Bianca Rodriguez
Hopping off their party busses and limos,
students filed into the Harbor Beach Marriot
dressed to impress. On May 20, 2011, seniors prepared for prom: the night that unites
over 400 students with a common goal of
creating memories that will last a lifetime.
Students were directed to an outdoor Cocktail Hour that overlooked a gorgeous view of
Fort Lauderdale Beach. Frozen drinks, hors
d’oeuvres and a fire dancer set the night off
right, leaving students excited to see what the
rest of the evening had in store. After mixing and mingling, the cocktail hour ended.
Students entered the beautifully decorated
Grand Ball Room. Vibrant blues and greens
filled the room with feather center pieces
putting the finishing touches on a colorfully
decorated room. Students took an adventure
to the gorgeous country of Brazil where they
celebrated a Brazilian style Carnival. As
students ate their chicken and rice dinners,
they were entertained with Brazilian style
dancers, bands, and martial artists performing various types of flips and stunts. Just
before the clock struck 11, the prom court
Welcome to the Brazilian Carnival!
8 Student
May 2011
lined up as students anxiously waited to hear
who received the most votes. Seniors Catalina Uribe and Jonathan George received this
honor and shared the first slow dance of the
night together. Students joined in their final
slow dance with their significant others, as
they danced softly to the song “Marry Me”
by the artist Train. “It was amazing! It was
a night to remember,” stated senior Ricky
Ramon. “Seeing everyone all dressed up
and having fun is what it was about. Partying with the class of 2011 for the last time is
something I’ll never forget.” Students piled
back into their party buses and limos to leave
behind their beloved class of 2011, but their
memories they shared together that night
will never be forgotten. “I thought everything came out beautiful and student council
did an amazing job with the decorations. I
think the dinner was great and our performers were real crowd pleasers,” stated senior
class president and prom queen Catalina
Uribe. “I honestly thought it went great and
there honesty shouldn’t be any complaints.
The beach view and terrace were beautiful
for pictures and the D.J. was great.”
Amari Bryant and Candace Meghoo.
Bianca Rodriguez and James Kerr.
Nathalie Henriquez and Juan Jaimes.
Ana Maria Fernandez and Christopher Taylor.
Arsenio Rondon, Alexandra Restrepo, Gabriel Aguero,
Natalie Morejon.
Camillo Yanez and Deanna Rivero.
Prom King Jonathan George and Prom Queen Catalina Uribe.
Casey Hall and Alex Quinones.
“Seeing everyone all dressed up and having
fun is what it was about. Partying with the
class of 2011 for the last time is something
I’ll never forget.”
A night to remember: Seniors (Above and right) celebrate their
last time together as a class in handsome suits and beautiful dresses while serenaded with exciting performers and exotic music.
Photos By Adrian Tabraue
Adrian Romero, Alexandra Castillo, Arsenio Rondon, Alexandra Restrepo, Gabriel
Aguero, Natalie Morejon, Bianca Rodriguez, James Kerr, Kevin Kennedy, Celeste
Chades, Zachary Paloor and his date.
Melissa Miranda and Billy Golding
Karina Roman and Colin Loiacono.
Brett Kelley and Jaclyn Fine.
Student Life
May 2011
Eliza Barrocas
Managing Editor
On May 27, 2011, the senior class took the
final step on their high school journey; this
was the day of graduation. After four years
of taking rigorous classes, making unforgettable memories, and creating cherished
friendships, their time at PPCHS officially
came to an end as they walked across the
stage to receive their diplomas.
Students arrived at the Broward Center for
the Performing Arts, where rain clouds did
not stop them from snapping several pictures
with family and friends alike. As guests arrived and the doors opened, students were instructed to wait backstage prior to the beginning of the ceremony. Smiles were plastered
on almost every student’s face; before they
knew it graduation had begun and they were
walking through the Broward Center to take
their seats.
Guests were elated as they watched their relatives experience this milestone in their life.
Several graduates scanned the room looking for all of the individuals that came out
to support them on such a momentous night.
After SGA President Sydney Alexander recited the pledge, PPCHS principal Mr. Bayer
started the ceremony with his inspirational
yet comical speech. Mr. Bayer encouraged
the graduating class of 2011 not to conform
to the labels that society has bestowed upon
them and to do their part to make a difference in society after graduating. Mr. Bayer
took several trips down memory lane, as he
reminisced on several events that truly characterized the legacy that the senior class has
left here at PPCHS. From the Friday clap
that marked the end of a stressful week and
the beginning of an eventful weekend to the
bubbling fountain that caused a spectacle on
Class of 2011 elated to receive diplomas
campus, Mr. Bayer moved many students
and guests with his words.
“Graduation was everything I ever hoped for.
Even at the rehearsal I got teary eyed when
we practiced walking out to the pomp and
circumstance song,” stated senior Alessia De
La Flor. “Mr. Bayer’s speech inspired me
and even made me laugh with all of his inside jokes. Also, Jaguar pride recipient Sydney Alexander left me breathless with the
beautiful words in her speech. Everything
seemed to run smoothly and it was an overall wonderful ceremony, definitely one of the
greatest nights of my life,” she adds.
The speeches continued as Pembroke Pines Mayor Ortis, class president
Cataline Uribe, and Jaguar Pride recipients
Sydney Alexander and Jaclyn Fine each read
their very own heartfelt words.
The moment that students were waiting for
had finally arrived, as administration began
to call out the names of each student in order
for them to receive their diplomas. Names
were read from Z-A, with the Charter Starters being the last to be called; these Charter
Starters were “the first to come and the last to
leave,” as explained by Mr. Bayer.
The festivities came to an end when students
were guided to change their tassels from
the left side of their caps to the right side;
this tradition was led by both Mr. Bayer and
BRACE advisor Mr. Greenbaum.
“I thought it was very nice,” stated PPCHS
principal Mr. Bayer. “It was neat because it
was all of the Charter Starters. You always
have the risk of over recognizing and under
recognizing students, but I thought we had a
good balance,” Mr. Bayer adds.
As the band played the alma mater symphony, the class of 2011 had officially become
graduates of PPCHS.
Graduating class of 2011
10 Student
May 2011
Tatiana Menacho, Danielle Heichen, Sara Rotunno, and Natalie Sacramento
Graduating class of 2011
Rebecca Murillo and Brianna Needham
Natalie Garcia and Dalton Churchwell
Graham Morrison and Nathalie Henriquez
Photos By Adrian Tabraue
Graduating class of 2011
Patrick Gould, Bradley Pla, Eric Schafer, and Juan Romero
Erika Gomez and Tyler Gramling
May 2011
Cassidy-Rae Brantley
STaff writer
September 11th, 2001 was a petrifying
day in U.S. history. From millions of televisions across the nation, people watched
in shock as the Twin Towers of the World
Trade Center were on fire. Then when the
towers collapsed within two hours after
being attacked, lives were changed forever. On that day, 19 al-Qaeda terrorists hijacked four commercial passenger jet airliners. Two of those planes crashed into the
Twin Towers, another into The Pentagon
in Arlington, Virginia. The fourth crashed
into a field near Shanksville in rural Pennsylvania after some of its passengers and
flight crew tried retaking control of the
plane, which the hijackers had redirected
toward Washington, D.C., to target either
the Capitol Building or the White House.
There were no survivors from the plane
and many innocent lives were lost.
Now, almost 10 years later, as of May 1st,
there’s some peace in the hearts of families
who had lost loved ones that day. After a
13-year hunt, Osama bin Laden, the mas-
Death of the 9/11 mastermind
termind behind the 9/11 attack, has been
“Justice has been done,” President Barrack Obama announced. “For over two
decades, bin Laden has been Al Qaeda’s
leader and symbol,” Obama said. “The
death of bin Laden marks the most significant achievement to date in our nation’s effort to defeat Al Qaeda.”
“I was in 3rd grade,” says senior Julia
Sarduy remembering that scary day. “My
teacher told us to hide under our desks.”
Several students like junior Melissa Miranda, remember being picked up from school
“I thought my friends were kidding,” says
junior Garrett Julian. “Even at that [young]
age I was surprised about it.”
Bin Laden was found in Abbottabad Pakistan at a compound that was being monitored for a “targeted operation.” After a
firefight, the mission was carried out by a
small group of Americans. Osama Bin Laden, according to reports, was shot once in
the head and chest; his body was taken into
custody. DNA test confirmed that it was
indeed Bin Laden’s body, according to
ABC News. Obama said in his announcement how he had been meeting with his
national security team as they developed
more information on Bin Laden possibly
hiding in a compound in Pakistan.
“I’m happy they found him because it
gives us, the people, hope we will see our
soldiers again,” says sophomore Caridad
Tatyana Dacostagomez.
Former President George W. Bush says
his death “marks a victory for America,
for people who seek peace around the
world, and for all those who lost loved
ones on September 11th, 2001.” “Hopefully terrorists will think twice before attacking us again,” adds Dacostagomez.
Now, after the significant death, authorities are being advised to step up worldwide security and be cautious. They are
concerned that Bin Laden’s death will now
ignite some sort of attack on the U.S.
Officials say Bin Laden’s body was given
a sea burial. Problems with the mastermind
against the U.S. go back to the early 90s.
Since the September 11th attack, other
Graphic By Julian Graves
terrorist attacks had been attempted but
failed, including a British-born follower of
Bin Laden, trying to unsuccessfully blow
up a Paris-to-Miami flight.
Keeping safe in college
Anyssa Gonzalez
Entertainment Editor
College is a whole new experience: you’re
going to a completely new place with different people and a different atmosphere.
It is imperative that when you move to a
new setting, you learn ways that you can
stay safe and keep yourself out of all kinds
of trouble.
The first thing you’ll want to do is make
sure your most important numbers (your
parents, grandparents, very close
friends, etc.) are programmed
with “ICE” next to their
names. ICE stands for
“in case of emergency” so if you are in
danger, a police officer or bystander
can contact someone to get help.
Massana, one of
the many seniors
that will be graduating very soon,
advises that you
“observe and watch
how things go. Look
at what’s around you
and find where you belong.”
Attending parties is a large
part of the college experience, but you are the only one
responsible for yourself. Always have your drink with
you; leaving it unattended
might mean that someone
could get a hold of it and
slip the “date rape”
drug into it, leaving you absolutely
helpless. The
Graphic By Nick d’Agostino
most common date rape drug is Rohypnol, better known as
“ruffies.” When ruffies are ingested, you might experience
side effects such as dizziness, passing out, and the inability
to control your actions.
Senior Joshua Anderson plans on possibly heading to Indiana for college with plans of staying safe and concentrating
on his schoolwork.
“I’m going to try and keep my head in the books and hang
with the right crowd,” says Anderson.
By spending his time on his favorite sport, basketball, he can avoid hanging with the
wrong kids and getting himself
into trouble that he might
regret in the future.
College is a completely new environment
by attending a
school that isn’t
close to home
Pembroke Pines
Charter, you
are putting
yourself out
there. Taking
like parking
in well-lit areas and walking along well-lit
paths will keep you
from falling into dangerous hands.
Spending your savings on summer gas
Jordana Cutajar
environmental editor
All across Florida drivers have been receiving sticker shock as they approach gas
stations to discover that gas prices have
climbed to four dollars a gallon and are
continuing to rise. With the price of crude
oil costing ten dollars more than previous
weeks, experts predict that by 2012 the average cost of gas per gallon will have risen
to five dollars.
Student drivers are beginning to feel the
negative effects of higher gas prices.
Junior Brandon Martinez said, “I think
that it is ridiculous how high gas prices
they are. I’m already paying over fifty dollars to fill up my car, and if the rumors are
true about prices rising, I probably am not
going to be able to drive anymore.”
Although sophomore Amanda Pazos does
not have her license yet, she too has to cut
back because of the price of gas.“It’s affecting my travel plans! This summer my
family and I were supposed to go to California, but now we can’t. Gas for planes
has also increased making tickets cost even
more and it is just too expensive for a fam-
High gas prices: As gas prices rise, students find
themselves putting more money into their cars. Photo
By Taylor Neita
ily of four to travel,” Pazos says.
and car pool with friends and family.
Sophomore Tommy Villaraza said, “Gas is
In this economy it doesn’t appear the gas
expensive! I have my permit now and my prices will be decreasing any time soon. It
parents don’t let we drive as much now be- is important to be a smart driver so you can
cause they don’t want to waste gas.”
get the best bang for your buck!
To save yourself from pain
at the pump you can check
out these websites to find
the best deals in your area:, and Aside from
visiting these websites you
can also do some simple
things to conserve gas while
driving. According to
by slowing your speed when
driving over 55 mph you can
save 10 miles per gallon!
Other things include eliminating drag, maintaining a
steady pace, and keeping
tires inflated properly can all
contribute to saving you gas.
The easiest thing you can do
would be to combine errands Constantly changing prices: Gas prices continue to skyrocket.
Photo By Taylor Neita
May 2011
Brianna Cha-Kim
Student life editor
Every teenager experiences it: the once
in a while or maybe constant occurrence
of break outs. Before Prom, before a date,
before school pictures – these spots and
marks on your face become a teen’s worst
enemy at the most crucial times.
And with these random break outs and
risings of little blackheads or huge painful zits comes the convenience of acne
creams. Easily accessible and usually all
around an affordable price, teenagers find
themselves wandering up and down the
cosmetic aisles of Walgreens and Target,
in desperate desire for some type of healing for their skin. But what goes over the
majority of adolescents’ heads is that these
creams and fast remedies meant to rid the
skin of these temporary problems cause
permanent damage.
Many people are under the impression
that cleaning your skin an excess amount
of times will cure it of acne. But the truth
is, overdoing it with the cleansing and us-
Irony of acne medication:
alleged cure causes more damage
ing face washes five times a day instead of
two won’t help. Actually it can only make
your skin more irritated. Scrubbing acne
affected skin is also a bad idea; it will only
make acne worse.
“Lots of my friends think that cleaning
your face more and more often will help
their skin, but it just dries mine out more!”
sophomore Ashley Klapper said. “It’s definitely not a lie that over cleansing your
skin does damage it.”
Best cleansers contain benzoyl peroxide,
salicylic acid, licochalone, chamomile,
aloe vera, feverfew, and niacinamide. The
majority of any acne treatments will contain three to five of these products; however, any excess of these chemicals produces
damage to your skin that can’t be repaired.
It burns the cells under the skin’s tissue. It
is also important to avoid cleansers with
high alcohol content; they will dry your
Sun is damaging for any skin, but it is particularly dangerous when you have acne.
First, acne makes your skin more sensitive.
Second, most acne medications
like cleansers and acne creams
make your skin more susceptible to sun damage. It allows the
radiation from the sun rays to hit
your skin more harshly. Using a
sun block cream is not a good
idea, most sun screen creams are
oil based that will cause more
chance for break outs. Staying
out of the sun or simply wearing
a hat to protect your face is the
way to go.
Acne medication is supposedly
to help and cure average teenage
problems; but in reality it may
actually be doing the opposite to
the skin of adolescents and even
adults as well.
Club Wrap Up
Danielle Solomon
staff writer
As the year ends, the clubs are completing their last tasks as a group and starting to think
about next year. From the first annual job fair to the DECA cookies smelling up U Building, this year has been memorable and successful for all of our clubs. Here are some of
those clubs and their accomplishments. For sake of brevity, not all clubs are listed here.
If your club has something exciting in the works for next school year, please email us at
[email protected] and we will do our best to include it in our club notes.
National Honor Society
Cartoon By Maria Flores
Asia-Pacific Culture Club
Sponsor: Mrs. DeTurk
This club hopes to communicate their knowledge of Asia and the Pacific Islands to the
rest of the PPCHS community by doing activities to bring about cultural awareness. Next
year they will be beginning a pen pal connection with a school in the Philippines through
the Peace Corps.
Sponsor: Mrs. Cabeza
Under the wing of T.R.O.O.P. this new club has had many successful events. They ran a
benefit concert, book drive, participated in “A Day Without Shoes,” and helped plan our
very first job fair.
NHS field trip: Jannell Gourzong, Sherryn Huggins, Gretchn Tripp, Natalia Nino, and NHS members on a
field trip to help children with disabilities. Photo By Lorraine Oyola
Sponsor: Mrs. Hughes
This year NHS has been hard at work helping our community. They participated with
other clubs in the “Day Without Shoes” to help raise awareness on poverty in the world.
Thanks to NHS, 241 students were able to get registered to vote and members also volunteered at Snyder Park to build new park trails on Earth Day.
T.R.O.O.P. group: Group photo of the T.R.O.O.P. club. Photo Donated By the Yearbook class
Sponsor: Mrs. Cabeza
From the very first day of school, T.R.O.O.P. has been helping our community every
single month of the school year. They participated in Walk about Autism, sold bracelets
to raise money in memory of late middle school student Marianna Gonzalez, and volunteered at Family Central and Miles for Smiles.
DECA activities: DECA’s prescence
in PPCHS is apparant in their weekly
cookie sales and daily store. Photos By Gail
Fletcher and Adrian Tabraue
Sponsor: Mrs. Coolidge
This past year DECA club has filled the math department side of U Building with the
smell of delicious cookies every Wednesday. The club also runs the School Store and has
helped the Crockett Foundation with donations and volunteered all year.
Drama Club
All you need is love: Drama club in one of their plays, All you need is love. Photos By Adrian tabraue
Sponsor: Mrs. Kidd
With the success of their play “Removing the Glove,” drama club plans on continuing the
district festivals/competitions, Talent shows, Coffee Houses, and the spring show for the
upcoming school year.
May 2011
13 Seniors will miss performing, Latin Dance family
Anjali Talwar
The lights shine upon them, the music begins, and their bodies begin to sway to the
beat in unison. This is the story of Rosinia
Gonzalez Denobile and Daniel Torres. It
begins in freshman year when they both
came together as a couple, they found out
about a Latin Dance Team that was offered here in the school sponsored by genetics teacher Mrs. Sandin. Rosie danced
all throughout her childhood. She began
her passion again, with her love Danny.
“I did not know how to dance
at all,” says Danny. “Joanna, Rosie, and Alex all had to teach me.”
Both hold a Latin background, and being
part of the dance team brought it out even
more. Rosie and Danny say that their favorite
part of Latin Dance Team is the showdown.
“The moment when you get on stage
and begin performing for your audience is
the best part. It is like a relief from everything going on around me,” says Rosie.
“I would study hard to make my grades
and put in the same 100 percent effort to
make my performance an A grade as well.”
They collaborate so well that when it came
time to switch partners both felt incomplete
without each other. Rosie said that “every
time I would have to switch the person I
was with, was either too rough or not rough
Dancing for a Cause: Seniors Rosinia Gonzalez Denobile and Daniel Torres Dance for a cause. Photo By
Adrian Tabraue
enough. Danny and
I worked together
for so long that we
know how each
of us moves with
each over for every
feeling of comfort
was always there.”
The couple would
practice for hours,
both at school and
at home. Mrs. Sandin would have
fun learning as
well and sometime
would practice with
them. The couple
along with the entire team worked Dance Benefit: Rosina Gonazalez Denobile and Daniel Torres dance at the Dance
very hard to come Benefit. Photo By Adrian Tabraue
up with new steps, moves, and dips to
express the true Latino and Latina in “I would like to thank my mentors
them during performances. They would and peers: ‘Jojo’ and ‘Ally’ for eveexecute their sets of performances with rything they have done for the team.”
From both Rosie and Danny “we would
an abundant amount of emotion and intensity. The team would dance at events like to thank Mrs. Sandin for being the
such as Dancing for a Cause, Multicul- caring and responsible person that she
tural Night, pep rally and much more. is. Every moment she was there for sup“I am really going to miss Latin Dance port and we will miss her very much.”
Team. We are one big family. My college of With the days coming to a close and the
choice better have a Latin Dance Team so I finale of graduation right here, the percan continue on with my passion, if it does formers take their final bows and walk
not I am going to create it,” says Rosie. off the stage toward their new goals.
Danny also feels the same way and
Students have high expectations for Vans Warped Tour ‘11
Victoria Alvarez
For the past sixteen years, Vans Warped
Tour has impressed thousands of music fans around the United States. Taking place each summer, the music festival is attended by diverse band lovers
of all ages. With 44 shows this summer
and over 100 bands, many students have
high expectations for Warped Tour ‘11.
Originally, Warped Tour was a showcase for
punk rock; however, its more recent lineups
have shown more diversity. This year’s list
of bands ranges from the genres of screamo to pop. These different genres of music
bring in many PPCHS students each year.
Though not all the bands from last year’s
Warped Tour are returning for this summer’s tour, there are many new and talented bands attending such as Paramore, Asking Alexandria and We Came as Romans.
“I went to Warped Tour last year, and
it was one of the best experiences of
my life. Music is such a big part of who
I am, and I can’t wait to go again this
summer,” said freshman Brittni Garcia.
Each year, the music festival throws in
some sort of surprise activity for the fans.
The past years have involved water slides
and skate boarding ramps. However, other than which bands are attending, what
is to come this year is unknown. The not
knowing of how this summer’s tour will
be is exciting many music-loving students.
“There are going to be so many good
bands this year; there’s no possible way
I’ll be able to see them all. But I know
that it’s going to be awesome and I can’t
wait,” said sophomore Francisco Gornes.
The Vans Warped Tour 2011 will be
coming to West Palm Beach, Florida on
Jul. 30. If interested, students should
buy their tickets in advance to avoid the
long lines and expect to have a memorable experience full of excitement.
Vans Warped Tour 2011: This years Warped Tour will take place on July 30th in West Palm Beach.
Cartoon By Maria Flores
Summer movies that’ll keep you off the beach
Julia Baca
This summer, some of the most highly anticipated movies of the year are coming out. From the long awaited final Harry Potter movie to the sequel of the wildly popular The Hangover, the summer of 2011 is going to be one hard to forget as far as movies go.
Transformers: Dark of the Moon:
In the third movie of the Transformers
saga, the Autobots find out that there is
a Cybertronian spacecraft on the moon.
The hidden spacecraft is also discovered by the Decepticons and the foes
must fight to be the first ones to reach it
and learn its secrets. Release Date: July 1
Green Lantern: A test pilot, played
by Ryan Reynolds, is granted a green
ring that provides him with super powers. He is expected to help the Green
Lanterns, warriors who fight for intergalactic peace, defeat their enemy
called Parallax. Release Date: June 17
The Hangover Part II: After the last misadventure that they had in Vegas, you’d
think that Phil, Stu, and Alan would have
learned from their mistakes. Think again,
because in this sequel when the group of
friends travel to Bangkok for Stu’s wedding they find themselves in a similar postblackout mishap. Release Date: May 26
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger
Tides: The beloved saga of Jack Sparrow
and company continues in the fourth installation of Pirates of the Caribbean. This
time, Jack Sparrow and Captain Barbossa
go on a journey to find the fountain of youth
but they run into some trouble when they
find that Blackbeard and his daughter are
searching for it, too. Release Date: May 20
May 2011
14 Four famous failures in four years
Jordana Cutajar
It seems that every time we turn on shows
like Deco Drive and Access Hollywood
the spokesperson is declaring the “breaking news” of yet another celebrity stunt.
Something is always going on the world of
the famous, but who becomes known as the
worse celebrity of the year?
2008 Amy Winehouse
Just days after winning five Grammies,
Amy Winehouse, was seen partying extremely drunk night after night. But wait
there’s more! She supposedly had an affair
and then was arrested for hitting a man.
She admitted to suffering from eating disorders and depression. She was also hospitalized for overdosing heroin, ecstasy,
cocaine, ketamine and alcohol.
2009 Kanye West
2010 Mel Gibson
2011 Charlie Sheen
None of us can forget when Kanye West
stole Taylor Swift’s magical moment at the
MTV Video Music Awards to praise Beyoncé’s video as “one of the greatest videos of all time.” He left Taylor on stage,
stunned, and thousands of people with
their mouths hanging open in front of the
Sophomore Erin Favus said, “I couldn’t
believe Kanye West ruined her shining moment! I felt so bad for Taylor, Kanye deserved the criticism.”
This earned Kanye a lot of hate mail and
bad publicity as every entertainment talk
show bad mouthed his thoughtless decision. However, it was Beyoncé and Taylor
who came out smelling like roses when
Beyoncé gave up her acceptance speech to
let Taylor relive the moment that was taken
from her.
Mel Gibson has supposedly been an alcoholic since he was thirteen. He blames
drinking for his reckless behavior, but critics claim that he was under the influence
something much stronger when tapes of
him allegedly threatening his girlfriend
Oksana Grigorieva were brought to the
eyes of the public. In the tape, several racists remarks were made and many threats
to beat and kill Oksana were as well. From
then on things only got worse for Gibson as
his girlfriend admitted that he punched her
in the face causing her front teeth to break.
The fall of Mel Gibson seemed eminent as
he spiraled out of control.
Where does one even begin with Charlie
Sheen? His crazy behavior and drug usage
got him fired from Two and a Half Men
and possibly rehired all in one year. His ludicrous videos and interviews in which he
talks of warlocks and a drug named after
him have rendered him insane.
“I liked Charlie Sheen in Two and a Half
Men, but I do not like him personally,”
says freshman Anthony Kelleher. “He’s
done a lot of stupid things.”
His ridiculousness has become a major
source of entertainment for many people,
but with that came many critics. It appears
that Charlie Sheen could care less because
“duh,” he’s winning.
Pop culture standouts the last four years
Danielle Solomon
From the first day of freshman year to the
last day of senior year, throughout high
school you evolve into the person you want
to become. Along with the drama, the tests,
the grades, and the tears students look towards pop culture as a way to relieve stress
and influence our young minds. Here’s
a look at the entertainment that kept you
amused over the past four years!
TOP SONG: “Tik Tok” by KE$ha held TOP SONG: Lady Gaga released her hit
second album, Fearless, sold 592,000 copies in its first week.
the number one spot for 9 weeks.
“Born This Way” which held the number
one spot for 6 weeks.
came back again with its third and final
movie which dominated box offices making $232 million in its opening weekend
the highest grossing film of 2011 making
$371 million worldwide.
MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT: Bieber Fever begins as the newest YouTube
artist rises to fame under the wing of Usher.
by Lil Wayne sold 1.5 million records in
the first week.
BEST SELLING MOVIE: James Cameron’s movie Avatar earned $77 million its
first opening weekend.
Kanye West interrupts Taylor Swift at the
Sept. MTV Video Music Awards in 2009.
TOP SONG: Flo Rida’s song “Low” held
the number one spot for 10 weeks.
Knight reined the box offices making $500
million its first weekend in North America.
last year on American Idol with Paula,
Randy and Simon as the 3 judges.
“To be honest, I like the judges on American Idol now better than before,” said senior Ivanna Soto. “With Randy, Paula, and
Simon, it was getting kind of boring and I
love that J-Lo and Stephen Tyler are there.
They add something new to the show.”
“Personally I think it was really special
how Usher helped Justin Bieber become
famous through YouTube. It shows that
anyone can make it as a singer if you try
hard enough,” said senior Shaina Forbes.
“What Kanye West did towards Taylor
Swift was kind of mean but people took
it too far and tried making jokes when it
wasn’t even funny,” said senior Nick Karagiaouris.
BEST SELLING ALBUM: Adele’s album 21 is already close to 1.3 million records being sold making it the best-selling
album of 2011 so far.
MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT: Rebecca Black’s YouTube Video for her song
“Friday” stirred up quite a debate over
what’s expected from successful artists.
album Recovery sold 3.4 million throughout 2010 which beat Lady Antebellum and
Taylor Swift.
“Rebecca Black is simply a poor excuse
for an artist,” said senior Gabe Perez.
“Rebecca Black is annoying and talentless,
she has no swag, “ said Solangye Ruiz
“She sucks at singing and should become an
actor or something else. “ said Julen Altuna
Daniel Quevedo Position: Editor-in-Chief
16 Features
May 2011
May 2011
Daniel Quevedo
Position: Editor-in-Chief
What is your best high school memory?
Going to water polo states for the 4th time
in a row
What college are you attending?
University of Miami
What do you see yourself doing in the
near future?
Medicine- working in a hospital
What quote do you live by?
“Do not fear mistakes. You will know
failure. Continue to reach out.” –Benjamin
Enrique Batista Position: Staff Writer
Taylor Engelman Position: Staff Writer
Enrique Batista
Position: Staff Writer
What is your best high school
Homecoming weekend of senior
What college are you attending?
Florida International University
What do you see yourself doing
in the near future?
Working with alternative medicine
What quote do you live by?
“The activist is not the man who
says the river is dirty. The activist
is the man who cleans up the river.”
–Ross Perot
Kenneth Madera Position: Digital Image
Editor (D.I.E)
What is your best high school
Seeing my first cover for The CHAT
Magazine in the hands of every
student in the school and not in the
recycling bins for once.
What college are you attending?
The University of Central Florida
What do you see yourself doing in
the near future?
Getting lost…a lot. Aside from that
I’ll probably be honing my photoshop
skills and try to get better.
What is a quote that you live by?
“I do not think there is any thrill that
can go through the human heart like
that felt by the inventor as he sees
some creation of the brain unfolding
to success... such emotions make a
man forget food, sleep, friends, love,
everything:” --Nikola Tesla
Kevin Kennedy Position: Sports Editor
Taylor Engelman
Position: Staff Writer
What is your best high school
Meeting Julia Baca right before
last summer.
What college are you attending?
Florida International University.
What do you see yourself doing in the near future?
I see myself being very successful.
What quote do you live by?
“Time Heals All Wounds.”
Rebecca Murillo Position: Managing EditorLayout
Lorraine Oyola Position: Photo Editor
Rebecca Murillo
Position: Managing EditorLayout
What is your best high school
Senior year in Digital Publishing.
What college are you attending?
Boston University
What do you see yourself doing in the near future?
I hope that I do what I love for
the rest of my life and I’m happy
with the people in it.
What is a quote that you live
“Pura Vida.”
Kevin Kennedy
Position: Sports Editor
What is your best
high school memory?
Wearing the Gumby
suits spirit week ’10
What college are you
Florida State University
What do you see
yourself doing in the
near future?
Being a business man
for my own business or
flight school
What quote do you
live by?
“Everybody wants to
go to heaven, but nobody wants to die.”
Lorraine Oyola
Position: Photo Editor
What is your best
high school memory?
Grad Nite
What College are you
Florida Atlantic University
What do you see
yourself doing in the
near future?
I want to eventually attend Cornell and major
in veterinary medicine.
What is a quote that
you live by?
“Whatever happens,
happens for a reason”
May 2011
PPCHS Sports Roundup
David Nabors
• The boys’ water polo team qualified for states for the fourth time in Pines Charter history. However, they fell to Cypress Bay in the quarterfinal at the Orlando
YMCA Aquatic Center. Pines Charter will continue to seek its first water polo state title next season.
• The boys’ volleyball team closed their season with a record of 6-13. The young squad is losing no seniors and looks to return strong next season.
• The Jags’ baseball season ended with a disappointing 6-3 loss to Archbishop McCarthy in the district semifinals. The Jaguars (10-11) are losing seven seniors
from this year’s team, including senior catcher Aramis Garcia, who is projected to be an early-round pick in June’s MLB draft.
• The Jaguar track season has officially ended, as no runners were able to qualify for states. The highlight of their postseason was when Andres Camacho, Andy Igl
sias, and Timothy Taylor finished 1st, 2nd, and 3rd for the mile in districts, respectively.
Graphic By Julian Graves
• The Lady Jags’ softball team (19-5) had an incredible season and continued their dominant run all the way into the regional playoffs. Coming off a 7-1 win over
Cardinal Gibbons, they fell to Eau Gallie in the regional final.
• The flag football team failed to qualify for districts this season, despite their notable 6-4 record. They will be losing a few key seniors such as quarterback Cour
ney Hodges and receiver Kendra Menard, but they are still a youthful team and look to return strong.
Another strong season for softball
Matthew Coolidge
The PPCHS girls’ softball team (19-5)
has earned its spot as one of the top teams
in Broward County, thanks to big wins
against district rival Cardinal Gibbons and
a district championship win over Mater
Academy. The team is led on offense by
senior outfielders Danielle Heichen and
Catching Up: Jamie Gonzalez (below)
gets warmed up to take her important spot
behind the hitter
Photo Dontated By The Yearbook Class
Julie Brito, who have both earned college
scholarships for their outstanding seasons.
Senior shortstop Natalie Sacramento has
provided the Lady Jags with outstanding
defensive play.
This outstanding offensive play has lead
sophomore OF Cheyenne Willeford to say
“we have really hit well this season, and
have silenced the doubters by winning the
district championship.”
The team’s outstanding 19-5 record can
be attributed to great pitching by junior ace
Cristina Sacramento, who has pitched her
way to an undefeated record this season.
Sacramento has just dominated opposing
hitters this season, striking out 94 batters
and posting a tremendous 1.25 ERA.
The Jags, who entered the season expect-
Pines Charter Softball: The varsity softball team posing for a group photograph along with two of their coaches.
Photo Donated By the Yearbook Class
ing to be in a tight race for the 4-A district
title, have outplayed the competition and
fought their way to a district championship. The Jaguars season ended on a sad
note, with a 6-2 defeat by Eau Galle in the
regional finals.
Big Hitter: Danielle Heichen (above)
Steps up to the plate for PPCHS.
Photo Dontated By The Yearbook Class
PPCHS athletes earn
NFL Lockout Update Fourteen
First Team All-County
David Nabors
After weeks of deliberation and lawsuits,
the future of the 2011
NFL season is just as
uncertain as ever. Last
week, the lockout was
temporarily put on hold
due to a ruling by Judge
Susan Richard Nelson,
who determined that
the work stoppage was
preventing players from
earning a living. However, when some players tried to show up and
come back to work, they
were told to leave and the
lockout was temporarily
reinstated so that three
St. Louis judges could review the matter.
Despite all of the chaos, most players,
league officials, and fans seem to think that
there will be NFL games played this fall.
“I think there will be a season, but it
will just start late,” said senior A.J. Hall.
The disagreement between the two sides
on how to divide revenue will continue,
but there is no doubt that both the owners
and players want to play the NFL season.
No one wants it more
than the fans, who greeted NFL commissioner
Roger Goodell with
“We want football!”
chants at the NFL Draft.
“My Sundays would be
tremendously affected if
there were no football,”
said sophomore Julian
McCray. “It brings my
family together for a
full day for us to all sit
down in the same room
to cheer for our favorite,
Graphic Julian Graves
and also debate over
which team is better.”
This is the first work stoppage in the NFL
in over two decades, and since that time,
the league has evolved into a billion-dollar
industry and a cultural icon in America.
Autumn just wouldn’t feel the same without hearing the excited yelps of announcers
and the clashing of helmets every Sunday.
David Nabors
The Miami Herald’s final all-county first
teams have been released, and they include
fourteen Pines Charter athletes from six
different sports.
The first team for boys’ soccer included
five players from our school: forwards Alloy Buckle and Dwight Lodge, who were
the most deadly scoring tandem in the
county, midfielder Dalton Churchwell, defender Alex Reyes, and goalkeeper Marlon
The softball players who earned first team
honors were Dani Heichen, Victoria Gonzalez, Cristina Sacramento, and Natalie
Sacramento. Other athletes who earned
first team all-county were girls’ soccer
players Gabriella Sosa and Becca Rogers, baseball’s Aramis Garcia, water polo’s
Brandon Iglesias, and football’s Jeremy
Donaldson, who earned the honor for his
season at Hollywood Hills High, before he
transferred to Charter.
“I am honored that I was chosen for this
award,” said junior Marlon Mendez. “It
means a lot to me to represent our school.”
Graphic By Julian Graves
May 2011
Mathew Sost:
Hard-hitting linebacker
whether hair or there
Troy Bottom
A Dedicated Player: Matthew Sost has worked hard to
earn a college scholarship. Photo By Lissette Rivera
For the past four years, a long haired, hard
hitting linebacker has walked among these
halls; he is none other than Mathew Sost.
A force to be reckoned with, Sost will continue his football career with Missouri Valley University and will represent the Jags
at the collegiate level.
“He is just crazy, just crazy,” said strength
and conditioning coach Lyndon Bell, who
worked with Sost during all his years at
Charter. “If you looked up the definition
of crazy, you will see his face right there,
that’s just how he plays.”
At the age of four, Sost began swarming
running backs. Sost, who looks up to Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher, says
he would like to continue playing linebacker or maybe even safety.
“I chose Missouri Valley because they
offered the most money and had the best
football team,” Sost added.
Missouri Valley has been recognized as
one of the most successful small college
schools in the nation with 17 conference
championships and one small college national title. Luckily for them, they will receive another solid athlete, one of PPCHS’s
“I’m really excited to go to Missouri Valley and looking to major in education but
I’m still not sure,” Sost added.
Sost will be wearing blue and orange and
now represent the Missouri Valley Vikings.
He gives thanks to his role model and
friend Joey Brady who currently plays at
William and Mary University, but attended
Everglades High School.
“Yeah Joey has taught me a lot and really
encouraged me to be better,” Sost added.
Well when it comes to his trademark
lengthy hair, he said it’s going to keep it.
“Yeah I’m not getting a haircut any time
soon,” he joked.
With Sost bringing his talents to Missouri
Valley, the Jags have to try and replace the
irreplaceable leader and player Sost was.
Marlins off to hot start
Troy Bottom
Year after year, fans of the Florida Marlins
have sadly watched their team whimper out
of playoff contention. The fish traded away
their leading homerun hitter from the past
4 years, Dan Uggla, to the Atlanta Braves
this past offseason. With many doubters
saying that the already struggling Marlins
just lost another good player, many fans
lost some hope. But when it comes down
to it, it’s all about the amount of wins you
get, not the players that do it.
“I’m shocked to see the Marlins doing so
well and it really has helped get people in
south Florida back into baseball,” freshmen
and lifelong fan Kelsey Menard added.
Many analysts have been sold on the
Marlins hot 18-9 record. In the past week’s
poll, ESPN released its latest power rankings; this is a ranking system that ranks the
best looking teams in order of their recent
play on the field. Surprisingly, the fish are
tied for the 2nd best record out of the entire
“It is great to see the Fish getting the
credit they deserve,” freshmen Samuel
Hopkins added.
Leading the Marlins in their hunt for first
place is ace pitcher Josh Johnson. Arguably the best pitcher in the league, Johnson
currently holds a staggering .88 ERA. With
Johnson and other strong pitchers such as
Ricky Nolasco and closer Leo Nunez, the
Fish hope they keep their opponents bats
As for the Marlins offense, Chris Coghlan
seems to lead the team. With big hitter Logan Morrison slowly working his way back
into the system, Coghlan has picked it up
with 16 RBI’s and 17 runs.
With the Fish silently winning games and
playing consistent baseball, the hopes of
making the playoffs seems to be more evident.
Graphic By Julian Graves
Draft yet again
filled with
many surprises
Photo By Google
Paul Austria
Despite all the turmoil and confusion the
NFL offseason has been filled with, the
2011 NFL Draft remained the main headline and the only positive part. The lockout
was lifted right before the draft, which permitted player contact with teams and team
staff. The lockout was put back into place
once the draft ended, which only enabled
players that were drafted to meet with their
respective team officials only during the
draft. The Carolina Panthers made Auburn
quarterback Cam Newton the first pick in
the draft and the Denver Broncos then proceeded to take Texas A&M linebacker Von
Miller with the second pick. Local Broward product Patrick Peterson (Ely High
School) was drafted 5th overall by the Arizona Cardinals.
And just like every other draft, there are
always a number of players that slip past
their expected draft position. Clemson defensive end Da’Quan Bowers, who was
projected for a long time to be a top 5 overall pick, ended up dropping to the second
round to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett, who was
also projected to be drafted somewhere
in the middle of the first round, fell to the
New England Patriots in the third round,
which gives them a potential replacement
once star quarterback Tom Brady retires.
Four quarterbacks were picked in the first
half of the first round, but two of them
came as major surprises. Washington quarterback Jake Locker was selected eighth
overall by the Titans. Many analysts felt
Locker could’ve been picked this high last
year had he entered the draft, but this year
projected him to go late-first round or possible early second. And FSU quarterback
Christian Ponder, who steadily improved
his stock leading up to the draft, was selected with the 12th overall pick by the
Minnesota Vikings.
“I was so excited when I heard Ponder was
picked, especially this early,” avid FSU fan
and junior Crosby Olinto said. “Seeing a
Seminole picked that early was pretty insane.”
The hometown Miami Dolphins used their
first round pick to select Florida offensive
lineman Mike Pouncey and to the dismay
of many fans, did not select a quarterback
at all. The Dolphins, did however, try to
trade into the third round to put themselves
in a position to take Mallett, but were not
completely sure of how he would fit into
the offense. With the expected departure of running backs Ronnie Brown and
Ricky Williams, the Dolphins traded up to
the second round in order to pick Daniel
Thomas, from Kansas State.’s
Steve Wyche chose Thomas as his pick for
Offensive Rookie of the Year.
“I loved the Pouncey pick, and Thomas is
a perfect fit for our power running game,”
junior Jerry Oommen said. “I’m willing to
give [Chad] Henne another chance.”
But unfortunately, the lockout was put
back into place, so players that were not
drafted cannot sign with teams. Hope still
remains that there will be an NFL season
next year.
May 2011
Emptying our banks for Apple
Nicolette Sponer
Apple Inc. has single-handedly transformed the twenty-first century. From iPods to iPhones, Apple continues to outdo
itself. It seems like every three days I see
a commercial on television about a faster,
skinnier, lighter i-product. While anyone
else would praise this company’s
success and empty their savings for
this new product, I on the other hand
find this rapid release annoying. Just
as I buy one product, a newer, trendier one comes out a couple months
later! In seventh grade, I spent all of
my birthday money on the iTouch,
like many people did. At the time, it
was the latest gadget and I was the
coolest kid on my bus for having it.
Sure, I was broke, but the iTouch
was worth it. Then in eighth grade,
the sleeker and latest iTouch was released, and then in ninth grade again
a more advanced iTouch was released! In less than two years, three
new models were discharged from
Apple. I was no longer the girl with
the cool iTouch that everyone wanted to play with; I was the girl with
the outdated, bulky iPod. So, once
again, I emptied my piggy bank for
the newest iTouch. PPCHS sophomore Samantha Sakdipanichkul was faced with the
same situation. “As soon as I bought my
iTouch, the new 2010 one came out with
the camera, and suddenly I didn’t want my
iPod anymore. I wanted the new one.” A
product that spits out new models faster
than the iPod is the iPhone. The iPhone4
was publicized in June 2010, and in Dec.
2011 the iPhone5 will be released. I find
this absolutely ridiculous. Sure, the rapid
advancement is commendable, but it’s
hard to keep up with; both mentally and
financially. People today are so competitive when it comes to technology: “Oh, I
just bought the iPad7. You’re still using the
With summer pretty much around the
corner, companies are throwing out their
latest products at their targeted consumers:
teenagers. Companies such as Sony, Apple
and Nintendo are releasing their major
products this year at the international E3
Tech Fair. This tech fair is the best way for
the industry to showcase their new devices
to the world. This year the Wii 2 will be
released from Nintendo, competing with
the Xbox Kinect that swept away its profit
from the last year. Sony will be showing
their version of an electronic tablet-- S-1
and S-2--both are the same make except the
S-2 is slimmer and smaller for more convenience. Junior Brandon Romeu is excited
for the new products being released at E3
Anjali Talwar
USB, or Universal Serial Bus, is essentially
a port for connecting portable devices and
flash drives. The flash drive has become
a key part of a student’s life, whether it is
transferring documents, files and pictures
onto various computers, presenting projects or just something to put on the end of
a keychain. However, the importance lies
in the port itself. The USB actually determines the quality of the file and how fast it
will go. The latest innovation to this never
ending fixture is the USB 3.0. According
to Senior Megan Turetsky “It transfers files
with great speed and shows a new face to
cutting-edge technology.” The USB 3.0
offers drastic jumps for the USB 2.0, an
estimated 10X jump over existing USB
2.0 hardware. USB 2.0 has had a bump of
480Mbps, while USB 3.0 can theoretically
handle up to 5Gbps. The applications, like
storage, will still be limited by the type of
drive inside. For example, you can expect
better performance from RAIDed hard
drives or fast solid-state drives (SSDs) than
from a standalone single drive connected
to the computer via USB 3.0. The realworld uses of this application include USB
3.0’s advantage for high-definition video,
music, and digital imaging applications.
Senior Jesse De Luca believes, “the succession of USB 2.0 is a faster transfer of
files and is probably going to be in the new
framework of computers in the next couple
of years. It is great that they are coming
out with faster technology, because if they
did not we would not be anywhere close
and would still be where we were ten years
Graphic by: Maria
iPad5? Pity…” So it’s partially society’s
fault that we feel the need to buy, buy, and
buy all of Apple’s applications. And yet,
no matter how hard I try to resist Apple’s
temptation, I always end up going bankrupt for this company. I just hope that this
time, I have more time to save up money
before another i-product is released.
Gadgets, gizmos, and getting updated this summer
Anjali Talwar
USB 3.0 heading in a faster direction
Tech Fair. He says, “Not only is this exciting but using the help of Mr. Roberts
I am building my own computer. I have
always been interested in computers and
I am into the Android market and I make
unreleased apps for them.” Sophomore
Dylan Tadros, on the other hand, is not as
excited for all the new gaming systems or
the Sony tablets stating, “I am most excited
for the iPhone 5.” Day by day the world
is developing into a new dimension. This
dimension is being molded by our generation. With much anticipation for the many
new gadgets coming out soon, our technology connoisseurs here at PPCHS can begin
to look forward to more innovative electronics from an industry that is constantly
Summer technology: The E3 tech convention is leading the charge as the center of this year’s updates to
technology. Graphic by: Eddie Baffa
Picture by:
Linked together by LinkedIn
able and was very useful in giving inside
information about different companies.”
Have you ever realized how the internet For those of you who are unaware of what
makes the world appear so small? The LinkedIn is, it can be seen as a profeslayers that make it up have just become sional Facebook. Users of the network can
never ending and have spread to the bil- find past and present classmates and colleagues, sorted
lions of comby businesses.
puters across
The next apthe
One layer of
the ability for
this large danetworkers to
tabase is the
find a job quick
website known
and easy. The
as LinkedIn.
best part of
LinkedIn opLinkedIn is the
world’s largest
advice one reprofessional
ceives from the
network on the
experts from a
Internet with
various amount
more than 100
of industries
million memthat
bers in over
200 countries
with the online
and territories.
service. Junior
The company’s
m a n a g e m e n t Keeping connected: LinkedIn is another growing social network, Fabio Torres
wants to mateam is com- expanding into the business world. Photos by:
prised of experienced executives from jor in business and uses LinkedIn to learn
companies like Yahoo!, Google, Microsoft, about the field. “I have learned so much
TiVo, PayPal and Electronic Arts. The CEO over LinkedIn about what types of indusof LinkedIn is Jeff Weiner. Junior Sebas- tries I want to join, and what I am planning
tian Vesga loves LinkedIn and says that, for my future,” states Torres. So if you’re
“once I joined LinkedIn I found out about looking for a new Tumblr or Facebook, try
all these different industrialists that have LinkedIn and join the ‘linked social netso much to tell. The advice was enumer- work’.
Anjali Talwar
Technology 20
May 2011
Technology helping through the years
Bianca Rodriguez
With senior year drawing to a close, students take the time to reflect on their past accomplishments and what seems to be one of the most memorable chapters of their life. Included
in those memories are also the trials and tribulations they faced; the AP and Honors classes, the difficult teachers, the sleepless nights, and the endless projects. These years were
filled with the good, the bad, and the challenging. But how did students get through it all? Along with parental and teacher support, technology played a huge role at least where
those difficult assignments were concerned. We asked PPCHS seniors to tell us, “What technology pulled you through the most challenging moments of high school?”
Alexys Guerra
“Honestly my iPhone because it had apps
that helped me with certain things like
the translator app and dictionary app for
Cal Langdon
“My phone, because I could present [projects] off of it using PowerPoint. I have a
projector that attaches to it.”
“My iPod, because when I needed to
look something up I just went on the
internet.”-Natalie Sacramento
Jaclyn Fine
Fahmil Hasham
“My computer, because it was the easiest and quickest way
to get a hold of information.”
“Without a doubt my graphing calculator the TI+84
Silver Edition which helped me get through calculus and statistics class.”
Dallas Norris
Monica Mahecha
“My iPod touch, because it keeps me in
contact and gets my homework in case
my phone goes down.”
“My iPhone, just because it had everything in one like answers for my
assignments.”-Victor Ramirez
“My iTouch and my phone because they
have access to Google and Wiki which
had answers for my homework.”
“My laptop, because it was portable and
I used it during SSR everyday which was
convenient.”-Megan Turetsky
A college freshman’s tech survival guide
Freshman year in college can be more than a little overwhelming for new students. With more challenging classes, a much bigger campus, and more freedom as well as more responsibilities, there of course, are apps to make sure that everything goes smoothly during one’s first year away.
Erin Jones and Isabella Jones
Who’s Around: You no longer have to
stress over staying in touch with your
friends from high school. This app is a chat
and friend finder that offers a simple method of meeting local people. You may even
come across an old friend you weren’t even
aware lived so close!
Logical Dimension: This app offers maps
for over 200 schools so students can get familiar with the campus and won’t be running
around the entire campus trying to find their
SnapTell: New textbooks can cost thousands
of dollars. With this app, simply point your
electronic at a book jacket and instantly, you
receive price comparison from area stores so
you can get the best deals.
Budget Buster: This free app lets you track your
daily, weekly, and monthly spending and expenses. For most, college is the first time they
are responsible for juggling their own bank accounts and making sure they have enough money
to survive on.
“This was the most helpful resource for me all
throughout college,” says PPCHS class of 06’
alumni Danielle Smith. “It’s a must because almost everyone is on a tight budget in college.
You literally can’t afford to waste any money.”
Cram: Study different topics using flashcards
and multiple choice questions with this app.
Cram grades and records your test performance to track your progress.
“Cram comes in handy when you have just a
bit of down time,” says PPCHS class of ’09
alumni Tiffany Smith. “You don’t have to
carry around huge textbooks so it a good substitute.”
Stress Reducer: Stress and strain may be at an
all-time high while adapting to the true college
life. But stop fretting! This app is your personal stress reliever, allowing you to listen to the
soothing ocean through a virtual shell.
May 2011
Senior Goodbyes
Thankful for Charter experience, now off to Miami
year, but it will be the same people they’ve
been talking to for the last 4 years. At least
I’m going to a small private college where
I’m not going to know ANYONE. It might
not be that bad.
Don’t get me wrong, I loved my time here.
Going to school every day, making fun of
Mr. V for his baldness, coming into newspaper and having the most stressful 3-5
hours of my life, I’ve had a blast. It’s just
that I’ve been way too accustomed to high
school. I’ve actually had one teacher for 4
years in a row.
Enough complaining though, I really am
thankful for a lot of things. All my friends,
my minions, ahem, staff members, my
supportive parents that have helped me get
through all of this, all the teachers in Charter that are always so ready to help you
whenever they can. Newspaper especially,
it’s given me a target, a sort of guiding light
that I’ve striding towards and has been able
to keep me in line. Charter has been great
to me, and I can’t imagine having spent the
last 4 years anywhere else.
Daniel Quevedo
I think I might miss high school. I’m writing this article three days before we have
our last day of school, and I don’t think
the fact that I’m finally leaving this place
has hit me yet. I mean every year I’ve seen
people crying on the last day, throwing
shirts on trees, and yet I haven’t really felt
a true feeling towards me leaving yet. I see
people that I’ve known since 4th grade,
and I think my mind has just gotten into
this horrible, odd cycle of just expecting
to see them next year. Every year before
this, I would finish the year, and just see
everyone over again 2 months afterwards.
Instead, I’m going to be lucky if I see 10
people from high school next year (I only
know of four seniors from charter that are
going to Miami next year). I see people
that are going to UF or UCF, where around
half of our senior class is going, and I
think, they’re lucky, they will for sure have
someone to talk to next year.
And then I think again, and I realize, they
are going to have someone to speak to next
No picture, just words to express
cherished high school memories
Rebecca Murillo
Managing editor - layout
For the last three years I have known what
fourth hour I would have, who my teacher
would be, and what classroom it was in
(Digital Publishing, Mr. Simon, C113).
The comfort of knowing all this is something I have become accustomed to. Now
as a graduate of the class of 2011, I am
leaving all that comfort behind and beginning a new chapter to my life.
I have long waited the day I’d become a
senior and get to wear my cap and gown
across the stage. However, as May 27th approaches I can’t help but feel so bittersweet
about leaving. Imagine leaving everything
you have grown to love for something entirely new.
Although I’m scared to leave, I do feel
well prepared for college. Throughout high
school I have learned, grown, laughed, and
experienced; most which is credited to my
academic career here at PPCHS. Through
Mr. Velasquez’s friendliness, Ms. Lopez’s
determination, Dr. Vincent’s knowledge,
Mrs. Haviland’s encouragement, Mr. G’s
humor, and Mr. Greenbaum’s support, I
have been shaped into who I am today. Not
to mention my two newspaper advisors,
Mr. Fagan and Mr. Simon, who have never
stopped teaching me more than just how to
take a picture.
To all my teacher’s over the last four
years, thank you for all the knowledge
you have given to me and my peers. To
my friends and classmates, I wish you the
best in the future and I hope to run into you
when we are running the world. Lastly, to
the digital publishing staff of next year,
make me proud. I can only wait to see the
great things you guys will continue to create. Your love and laughs have truly made
this class one I will never forget and our
memories I will treasure forever.
In August I will be moving to Boston,
Massachusetts to attend Boston University.
I will no longer be managing editor of the
newspaper, I won’t park next to my best
friends, I won’t have to wear a uniform,
and I won’t have a fourth hour…but I’m no
longer scared. I’m eager to show the world
what and who I’ve become here.
Thanks for the memories,
onto the next thingee
Kevin Kennedy
Sports Editor
Wow dude. It’s finally over. This chapter
of our lives comes to a close. These are
the days we’re all gonna remember and be
like ‘dang, I was pretty raw back then.’
High school is one of the best times of our
lives, and as they say—we are all going
onto bigger and better things. All of us are
going to different colleges, finally branching out into the world. Just a bunch of kids
from Pembroke Pines, Florida. About 400
of us.
Even though people denounce Pines
Charter as a school, it has really brought
me up into the person I became to be.
Without the great teachers and administrators, I don’t think I would have made
it this far. I probably would not be going
to college.
I can’t wait for college. I’m going to The
Florida State University. I don’t know
where you guys are going, but I hope everybody is successful in all the things that
they do.
Anyways, I loved being on the football
team. I love football. Coach Bruns, Coach
Bell, and all the other coaches taught me so
much about life and football. Football has
taught me responsibility, hard work, and
Being the Sports Editor of the school
newspaper was fun. I made some close
friends in that class.
I will always love Ma Boys—James Kerr,
Adrian Romero, AJ Rondon, Gabriel
Aguero, and the late Albert Iglesias.
Alright guys, it’s been fun. Remember
me well, because I don’t know if I’m going
to the reunion. Peace out. Be easy. Go
Columns 22
May 2011
Senior Goodbyes(cont.)
Iwasaki Farewell column? Guess I’ll give it a Gogh
Writing columns as one of the two pioneering columnists for the CHAT has been some
of the best aspects of my senior year. Not
only did I get to complain and rant about
whatever happened to be on my mind, I
also got a legitimate excuse to spend hours
in front of my computer searching for interesting news while watching viral videos
on separate tabs. Unfortunately, like everything else in this world - good movies, the
Lakers’ playoffs, Charlie Sheen’s sobriety
- this ride must come to an end.
I don’t know if anyone will take the torch
and continue writing columns with puns
that “torch”-ure readers (You know you
laughed), but I hope that this section continues. After all, the world is growing and
changing at such a fast rate that there is
never a lack of something to comment on.
Perhaps at some time next year the iPad 19
will revolutionize the way people perform
their own colonoscopies. What I’m really
hoping for is that some scientist out there
will finally make a type of Saran Wrap that
won’t stick to itself and render the whole
square useless. I hate that. Somehow, a
piece of Saran Wrap with a crinkled bottom left corner will turn itself into a compact ball in five seconds’ time. Forget Nerf
water guns with switchable “water magazines” and bandolier; we need to work on
real-life problems.
No matter what direction the world may
head, though, one thing will always remain
true. Even when it seems like the world is
spiraling down to oblivion, there will be
something to make you laugh and reaffirm
your hope for this world. I heard lately
that gas prices will increase in the near
future to about five dollars a gallon, and,
not five minutes later, turned on the television to the new episode of American Idol.
Needless to say, yes, my world started its
spiral down to oblivion. For those of you
that don’t know what oblivion is, it’s very
similar to the feeling you get when you
find the ultimate comfort position on your
couch – that rare, divine moment that happens once, twice a year when you feel total
bliss in a position that makes you look like
a handicapped seal – and you reach for the
TV remote but are two centimeters short of
reaching it. You have to make the decision
whether that remote is worth dislocating an
arm for (it usually is) but, of course, you
never do.
As my world sank into oblivion, I came
upon a story about a man that recreated
Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” with bacon.
Just like that, my night came out from
the depths of darkness and became starry
again. I thought to myself, well, here is a
man that has to go through the same daily
problems as I do, but he has the right attitude, creativity, and touch of insanity to
wake up and say, “You know what, I’m going to Gogh make some bacon art.”
If there’s anything I want to say to all the
readers out there in this farewell column, it
would be to never hesitate to get creative.
If strips of pork can be turned into an artistic masterpiece, anything is possible. If
the opportunity presents itself and you get
a bright idea, Gogh for it.
I never thought that I would be writing
columns for the school magazine, but if I
hadn’t taken the opportunity then I would
have missed out on this awesome job. They
say that the flapping wings of a butterfly
can have an effect on something halfway
across the world, so I go to sleep at night
believing that because I wrote my columns,
I reunited a family in Thailand, helped a
snail down the street find its long lost love,
and possibly made one of you laugh and
brightened your day.
I want to thank Mr. Simon and Mr. Fagen
for supporting my writing and accepting
my eccentric ideas and everyone in the
newspaper class for turning a plain Word
document into an amazing-looking column. And another big thank you to my
friend and editor-in-chief Daniel for coming up with the idea for a column, reminding me of all the due dates, and deciding
that I belong in the publication rather than
a straitjacket.
Of course, a final thanks to all the readers
out there! Your support has been awesome.
This is Ishin Iwasaki saying so long, farewell, and may the Force be with you!
One last story to tell as I graduate, leave Newspaper
Lorraine Oyola
We’re finally done! Thirteen years of
grade school…mission accomplished. So
much has happened in these last four years
in high school. Everything from laughing
and chanting to crying, and even fighting!
In the end, everything worked out. I lost
some friends and at the same time I gained
friends. There is this one girl I know, she
is the best. When I first walked into Charter, back in seventh grade, I was nervous,
scared because I did not know anyone.
Bridget was her name, she was my first
Charter friend. We have had our ups and
downs but we have stuck together and I
know that we will always be together because she is more than just my best friend;
she is my sister. And then Izzy, that crazy
chick but the one I can trust with my life!
Jordan, my brother, I love this kid and
I know I can count on him for anything
and everything! The class that I am most
definitely going to miss the most is Digital Publishing. The first day I walked into
C113, it was for Web Design with Mr. Simon. Gee did he look scary! I was not sure
what to expect. Throughout that year, I was
always quiet in his class, always turned in
my work, just kept to myself, even though
the seniors would always try and get me
to talk. I got close to some of them. Then
at the end of the year, Mr. Simon walked
up to me and offered me a position in the
school’s newspaper. I was excited! I knew I
wanted to be a photographer. I have always
loved taking pictures. Mr. Simon taught me
how to take breath taking pictures. Pictures
that told stories, they had a million words
in them. I have had him for four years
straight and he has seen me grow from a
young freshman to a mature senior. He
says I used to be quiet and that now I talk
more than I should. Haha.
He has been more than just a simple teacher to me; he has been like a second father,
always giving advice, always being sarcastic! I was named Photo Editor and I love
my photographers. I know that I am going
to miss them like crazy, assigning them to
photos. And the layout staff, always yelling
across the room for the pictures and being
lazy not to write captions!! But honestly,
I think that this year’s Digital Publishing
class has been the most united class we
have had in the past three years. I had Rebecca in that class. Ughhh! She stresses
me so much! Haha, kidding. I love her so
much, more than she’ll ever know. I know
that next year, the newspaper will improve
even more than how we are leaving it this
year. Even though the amount we have improved this year will always be legendary!
We have grown up in high school together
and now we are departing. But hey, I know
that wherever we go and whatever we end
up doing, we will be great at it! Being in
this class has taught me more about life,
about the real world out there. I know that
there will always be problems and obstacles in our way, but now I know that I can
overcome anything and anyone. I know we
all can. I am proud to say I am part of THE
CLASS OF 2011!
Lending a helping hand: Rebecca Murillo is always there to give Lorraine Oyola a lift. Photo by Lissette
Cartoon by Maria Flores