Get Social with Megatouch 2012
Megatouch software has always stood out from the crowd, but Megatouch
2012 was designed to draw one. Among the 11 featured titles on this release,
7 are brand new while the remaining 4 feature bigger & better content and
redesigned game experiences that will attract players in groups.
We’re debuting 2 brand new hidden object games and introducing much
bigger images to our classic games like Photo Hunt. Current players can’t
resist fresh and refreshed content, while the social atmosphere and enlarged
visuals will encourage new players to step up and join the fun.
Brain Quest
Attention young seekers of knowledge and
wondrously wise whippersnappers, it’s time to
begin your Brain Quest. Choose your grade,
read each question carefully, and answer
correctly to win the game.
Photo Hunt Expedition
*Not available for widescreen.
Join us on a journey, no an expedition, a
Photo Hunt Expedition! Travel through time
to discover the wonders of the ancient world
in this hidden object game. Find all of the
artifacts on your list to move on to a new
era in history.
Casino Cats Final Texas Hold ’Em
Photo Hunt Expedition II
Dino Whiz
Play4 Crossword
The world’s first Texas Hold ‘Em game to
feature Spin Cards is back! Megatouch’s very
own lucky charm isn’t just for widescreens any
more! This top performer is now available for
non-widescreen machines, ensuring that every
player will get a chance to sit at the table and
play their hand!
Derek the Dinosaur is after you! Luckily, you
don’t have to be faster than him, just smarter.
Answer trivia questions to stay ahead, when
you reach a checkpoint, play a memory game
to widen the gap. Wrong answers help old
Derek close the gap!
Pack up your gear, it’s an experience no
archaeologist should miss, as we set out on
Photo Hunt Expedition II! This hidden object
game begins where Photo Expedition ended
and takes you to another world of history and
mystery! Find all of your artifacts to move on
to the next level.
For those who fancy the infectious fun of
crossword puzzles comes a fantastically
fresh and newfangled format that takes a
feverishly fast and furious finger to figure
out eight fused four-letter words. Phew.
Monster Madness 2
Rock Mahjong
Penthouse Photo Hunt
Wordy Birds
Take three parts Boxxi and two parts classic
monsters and what do you get? This creepy
twist on addictive puzzle games. By grouping
two or more of the same items together,
players try to knock down columns that have
creatures perched at the top. Mummies and
witches and werewolves. Oh my.
Strictly for the adults! Our most popular
game returns with completely updated and
bigger photos of sultry sweethearts. Players
see two HUGE photos of lovely Penthouse
ladies and have to find the differences…
without getting lost in their eyes.
We’ve taken the traditional Mahjong
Solitaire – and cranked it up to 11. Players
will bang their heads while uncovering the
metal matches in this amped up version of
the classic puzzle game. Incidentally, they
may also bang their heads if they can’t find
the matches.
Wordster fans, we’ve hatched a new
game. These ornithological Einsteins eat
bookworms and they have a challenge
for all. Players create as many words as
possible from the eight letters provided, in
three rounds. Bo-nest points for getting the
mystery word.
Photo Hunt
Brand new, BIG photos bring about brand
new, BIG challenges. Players will feast their
eyes on wondrous landscapes and fresh slices
of life. But they better not stare too long, they
have differences to spot! The classic game is
better than ever, featuring an all new, (have
we mentioned BIG) photo library!
All game names are registered trademarks of AMI Entertainment Network ©AMI Entertainment Network except CasinoCats™ and Spin Card™ are trademarks of Leveraged Gaming Corp. Copyright 2011.
All rights reserved. Patent Pending. © 2011 Workman Publishing Company, Inc. Brain Quest is a registered trademark of Workman Publishing Company, Inc., and Groupe Play Bac, S.A. PENTHOUSE is
a trademark of General Media Communications, Inc. Used by permission. Copyright, 2011 by General Media Communications, Inc. All rights reserved. Little Shop Road Trip and Little Shop of Treasures
©2011 GameHouse, Inc. All rights reserved. © 2011 Merriam-Webster, Inc. Published under license with Merriam-Webster, Inc.
Connectivity — free and easy.
MegaNet® Core is a FREE service that delivers automatic updates,
credit card support, and time-saving route management tools.
AMI Access allows you to take live control of any broadband-connected Ion running 2012 on your route — right from your own
PC or Mac!
Connection Wizard simplifies the connection process for wireless,
wired, and dial-up Ion machines. Operators can even register a
game on-location! All that’s needed is a broadband connection.
Sync your Megatouch and AMI jukebox so users can browse and
order music without leaving their barstools. It’s FREE, easy to set up,
and can earn you up to 15% more music revenue!
Credit cards accepted.
In surveys conducted by Visa, 70% of consumers polled preferred to
use credit or debit cards instead of cash for small-ticket purchases.
Additionally, 60% of the 18-30 age group preferred not to carry
cash at all.
Credit card support now comes standard on many Megatouch
models sold in the U.S. & Canada, and with 2012 you can choose
the credit card pricing that works best for your route.
Operators can control the credits a player receives for $5, $10,
and $15 purchases. Your reader can also be configured to allow
convenient access to common Operator Setup functions via a swipe
from your own card.
3-year extended warranty.
Any Megatouch Rx connected within 3 months of the manufactured date receives a
3-year extended warranty! Machines must call in once every 10 days in order to maintain this bumper-to-bumper warranty.
For a full map view of our sales regions, please visit our website at:
Operators are also given access to all the free online benefits of MegaNet, plus
Tournamaxx® player events!