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the_pharos vo85 no1 - Manila Central University
Volume 85 Issue No. 1 • March - August 2013
The Official Publication of the Manila Central University Student Body
3 Editorial
MCU College of Dentistry Joins Alay Parada 2013
NSTP LTS celebrates the Purpose
The PHAROS - Direction Setting
CBA Conducts Entrepreneurial Seminar
MCU College of Optometry: Top Performing School
MCU Recognizes Its Scholars
RCYC Spearheads LDP
Photo Essay
Breaking the limit
Volume 85 Issue No. 1 • March - August 2013
The Official Publication of the Manila Central University Student Body
Journalism, particularly in the newsprint
sector holds the power to bring forth
positive or negative outcomes to society.
The Pharos, the Official Publication of
the Manila Central University Student
Body, marks its 85th year of existence.
Continuously striving to unravel the truth
and meaning and continuously bridging the
MCU Administration and the stakeholders
of this institution; The Pharos aims for the
Empowerment of the student body.
a threat to the friars colonizers. Although
Rizal’s maneuver to put an end to the
suffering of his fellowmen ended in his tragic
execution in Bagumbayan, Rizal’s wisdom
and works continue to live on. The seeds of
nationalism, patriotism, and initiative to bring
forth a change in the corrupted system of
government were planted in the hearts and
minds of Filipinos. These seeds resist dying in
vain. Rizal’s legacy continues to live eternally.
Rizal’s voice, reflected in his works, were
amplified to a much higher decibel that was
capable of reaching broader vicinity. Rizal
had the courage to voice out his sentiment,
compassion and opinion. He used this power
intelligently and responsibly.
In connection with this, The Pharos has
existed for 85 years and counting. With the
publication’s aim in empowering the student
body, we strongly encourage to let Pharos
be the hub of your voices. WE WANT YOU TO
BE HEARD. This is the POWER of your voice.
We are your instruments. But this time, we
give you this power of voicing out your ideas,
inspirations and everything that seeks for the
growth and improvement of the student body,
the Administration and the other stakeholders.
We want to empower you because each
and every voice matters. But be aware, an
abuse of power will be hurling back at us. An
uncontained flicker of fire can ignite a fiery
inferno. You are the VOICE. And as these
voices continue to haunt our ears, we will not
stop until your voices are heard. Your voices
will be the feedback for your concerns in MCU.
This serves as a zephyr wind propelling the
ship to the greater tides.
NOW, in this anniversary that equates
the history of The Pharos. We vest in you a
responsible power. Use this power wisely.
Jose Rizal, the Filipino journalist and national
hero, had this incredible power. He was able
to convey an awakening and change to the
enslaved Filipinos through the use of a pen
as the weapon for freedom. This power posts
This is the beckoning of another
transformation. The Pharos, with the new line
up of editors and staff, shall strive for the
empowerment of the student body. Break free
from your inhibitions. Let your voice be heard
and aim for the improvement and change in the
lives of people. This is the power deep in your
core. SPEAK UP!
the Cover
The Power Of Your Voice:
The Pharos, vest in you a responsible power. Let
your VOICES be heard. As your voices continue to
HAUNT our Ears. We will never STOP. Now is the time
Turning Point
Student Leaders
Soundtrack of a Teenage Life
Brace Yourself for Tomorrow
Puhunan ng Isang Bayani
The Miracle of an Effort
Almost Didn’t Make It
The Only Easy Day was Yesterday
Purpose of Grades
Broken Wings
Missing Pieces, Incomplete Puzzle
Bittersweet Victory
Bangon, Kabataan!
Gift of Trust
My Angel... Until Forever
Moon Sylph
Volume 85 Issue No. 1 • March - August 2013
The Official Publication of the Manila Central University Student Body
The Official Publication of the Manila Central University Student Body
Direction Setting
ALAY PARADA is held annually in celebration of
the National Dental Health Month (NDHM)
this year the theme was: ”Ngipin Pangalagaan,
Sakit Maiiwasan, Bansa’y Matutulungan Tungo
sa Kaunlaran”. It was organized by the Philippine
Dental Association (PDA) with the participation
of practitioners and different dental schools.
Alay Parada 2013 was held last February 3 at the Cuneta
Astrodome in Pasay City. The parade started at 6:00 AM.
The parade took the participants along the stretch of Roxas
Boulevard, beginning at the Astrodome to Buendia Flyover,
then back again to Edsa Extension Flyover, where the final
part of the parade took a U-turn back to the starting point.
All participants converged inside the Cuneta Astrodome for
the Opening Ceremonies of the National Dental Health Month
(NDHM) event.
Volume 85 Issue No. 1 • March - August 2013
Pharos Conducts
MCU College of Dentistry
By Maria Elsielynn M. Dizon, Medical Technology
with the report of Dr. Alicia Camacho,
Faculty, MCU College of Dentistry
According to Dr. Alicia Camacho, MCU Dentistry faculty,
the main objectives of this event are to promote camaraderie
among dental students and represent MCU College of
Dentistry in important events. MCU College of Dentistry
participated through the initiative of the Philippine Dental
Student Association headed by its president, Godwin Razon,
a senior dental student.
The parade was followed by a “Hiphop Dancing
Competition” among eight dental schools including MCU.
MCU bagged 3rd place in the said competition that gave
pride to the college and to the whole university.
The event was also attended by Dr. Eric Alforja, the
Dean of the MCU College of Dentistry, faculty members and
By James Ryan A. Mendoza, Medical Technology
“Manage your work, don’t let the work manage you.” Dr. Shammah
Tomacruz, former editor-in-chief of The Pharos, from the College of
Optometry, said as she talked on “Time Management in the Campus.” She,
along with The Pharos alumni were the keynote speakers in The Pharos’
direction setting at the Learning Resource Center on July 6, 2013.
The assembly aims to reunite the Pharos Alumni and the current editors
and staff as they celebrate its 85th year of service and search for truth and
meaning. This event acknowledged the newest staff members for A.Y. 20132014 namely: Michelle Ann Bernardo from Business Administration, Mary
Greace Gamit from Nursing, and Claudine Claus and Nataniel Laguitan from
Medical Technology. The event officially welcomes Ms. Sherwin Mae G.
Fulgueras from the College of Pharmacy as the Editor-in-Chief.
Dr. Angelito Baloy, the CSG Communication Specialist delivered the
opening remarks. One of the highlights of the event was the sharing of
messages by the invited Pharos alumni-speakers to the current editorial staff.
These messages , they believe, are important and can be applied in campus
life since the messages came from people who played very significant roles
in the growth of the publication. Ms. Rea Felinda Apun, a former News Editor
gave a lecture on the importance of copy-editing in her talk on Journalism as
a Career Option. She emphasized that conducting copy-editing will enable
By Maria Elsielynn M. Dizon, Medical Technology
with the report of Prof. Paulino Fulgencio III,
CAS Faculty- NSTP LTS Coordinator
The MCU College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) organized an
event under the NSTP Literacy Training Service (NSTP LTS) program
with the theme: “A Celebration of Commitment to Public Service”, held
on February 15, 2013 at the Centennial Gymnasium.
Prof. Paulino Fulgencio III, a faculty member of CAS and also
the NSTP LTS Coordinator said that the program aims to train future
educators to teach reading and numeracy skills to school children and
out of school youth. Thus specializing in the education of the people
and also in strengthening the education sector to empower the people
through education.
The event began with a welcome message from Prof. Jennifer
the publication to produce a thoroughly edited and proofread materials that
will be appreciated by readers. Dr. Tomacruz, provided tips and advice on
managing time for academics and extra-curricular activities. She gave light on
the common problems of the organization regarding time schedules and the
balance between priorities and responsibilities. Ms. Kriska Cudal, a former
Associate Editor pointed out upholding campus journalism responsibly.
Stating that journalists should not be driven by their emotions when writing
but at the same time, must prove a point aiming for the good of the university.
Ms. Josephine Cultura, who provided talk a on Campus Journalism said
that when writing articles about complaints, one should offer solutions. Know
the audience, know what to write. Think of all angles and social obligations
of being a campus journalist. Ms. Lois Baltazar, a former Editor-in-Chief and
a product of the Correspondents’ Bureau said that it is important to allow
students from different colleges to contribute articles to the publication.
Mr. Ira Maniquis, The Pharos adviser, encouraged the current editors
to take the publication to the next level and continue to provide the service
as a bridge to the Administration and the student body. Lastly, Dr. Aristotle
T. Malabanan, the MCU President expressed his support to the publication,
proving that it is possible to bridge the gap between the student body and the
Rose Boyero, Head of the CAS Social Sciences Department. A featured
part of the activity includes various Intercollegiate competitions for
concerned students participating in different categories such as
“Spelling and Math Quiz Bee”, “Best LTS Teaching Method”, “NSTP
Got Talent”, “Essay Writing Contest”. The highlight of the event was
the Awarding Ceremony for all participants who won the competitions.
One of the most vital intercollegiate competitions organized
was the Essay Writing Contest where the student participants’
perspectives were tested on what and how to render valuable service
in connection with the contest’s theme, that is, “The Role of the LTS
Students in Nation Building”. The participants experienced a tough
competition where three students ranked best among the rest. Robert
C. Velasco (PH 1-5) as the champion, Jannie Josheil V. Roxas (BS
1-1) as 1st runner-up, and Ralph Ian S. Gacutan (MT 1-3) as 2nd
All participants received certificates of recognition and the
winners were given special awards. The successful event was held in
collaboration with the CAS administrators and faculty, students, NSTP
LTS Coordinator, with Dr. Inocencio M. Barinian Jr. as the event’s
master of ceremony.
The activity ended with the singing of Dalit ng MCU, infusing
everyone with the valuable sense of commitment to public service.
Volume 85 Issue No. 1 • March - August 2013
The Official Publication of the Manila Central University Student Body
Volume 85 Issue No. 1 • March - August 2013
The Official Publication of the Manila Central University Student Body
By Meghan Lee Nina Jamille G. Fernandez, Optometry
MCU takes deep pride for the
College of Optometry for having been
awarded the Top Performing Optometry
School in the Philippines last July
2012 by the Professional Regulation
Marking its high place in boosting
the optometry profession in the
Philippines, the college proves to be
one of MCU’s “finest assets”. It has
been granted a Level 3- Reaccredited
Status by the Philippine Association of
Colleges and Universities- Commission
By Michelle Ann L. Bernardo, Business Administration
As part of reaching out to the community, the College
of Business Administration-Marketing and Operations
Management 4th year students conducted a livelihood
seminar at Barangay 81, Zone 8, District 1 on May 22, 2013.
The activity included a demonstration on making
dishwashing liquid and fabric conditioner. The event was
organized mainly to teach residents of the barangay on how
to start their own business to augment their income even
while they are in the comfort of their homes assisted by the
deans and faculty members from concerned colleges.
The seminar started at 9:00 AM and lasted until
11:00 AM. The activity was attended mostly by mothers
and the participants were introduced to hands-on practice
in making the products. They were guided and instructed
by the students led by Marisse Ann Lagsit, Charina Reyes
and Camille Pauline de Guzman. They were taught the
step-by-step procedure in fabric conditioner making while
Phoebe Jhenn dela Cruz and Mannylyn Dado demonstrated
on dishwashing liquid making. At the end of the seminar,
the participants received giveaways as token of their
participation and support to the program.
on Accreditation (PACU-COA), and
was recognized as the Center of
Development last December 21, 2009
at the Higher Education Development
Center, Diliman Q.C. Philippines.
In carrying out the specific objectives
of the University, the college of optometry
is involved in making students acquire a
sense of social awareness and concern
for the country’s needs and development.
For years, the college has sustained
its rank nationwide, reaping the topmost
spot in the board examination for
optometrists. And now, another milestone
has been reached by the college for
having been recently bestowed the Top
Performing Optometry School in the
country. The college aspires to be the
Center of Excellence in the very near
Everyone’s concern matters. The
signs are there! Kudos to the College of
Optometry for maintaining that sense
of dignity and worth, the best of PRIME
PERIOD for the youth especially to the
future optometrists.
Recognizes Its
By Maria Elsielynn M. DIzon, Medical Technology
Last February 15, 2013, the “Scholars Recognition
Ceremony” transpired at the Tanchoco Auditorium under
the supervision of the Office of Student Affairs. The
activity aimed at recognizing students who are enjoying
scholarship benefits from different colleges.
Ms. Ma. Aini E. Salvadora, the University Registrar
and also the Co-Chair of the Scholarship Committee
delivered a motivational talk through her opening
remarks. In line with the key objectives of the program,
an inspirational message was delivered by Dr. Aristotle
T. Malabanan, MCU President.
Deserving students accompanied by their proud
parent or guardian received certificates of scholarship
from MCU Administrators assisted by the deans and
faculty members from concerned colleges.
Ms. Katrina Cunanan, a second year BS Medical
Technology student who is also the Top Scholar for
Academic Year 2012-2013 delivered an inspirational
message to all her fellow scholars. Ms. Cunanan
humbly shared the essence of self-perseverance,
tightly embracing the inspirations in life and the quality
of having strong faith in God who made everything
Prof. Petrona A. Benitez, the Vice President for
Academic Affairs delivered the closing remarks where
she extended her greetings to all MCU student scholars
for their job well done and reminded them to keep up
the good work they have started especially in relation
to their studies.
Volume 85 Issue No. 1 • March - August 2013
The Official Publication of the Manila Central University Student Body
RCYC Spearheads
Volume 85 Issue No. 1 • March - August 2013
The Official Publication of the Manila Central University Student Body
By James Ryan A. Mendoza, Medical Technology
The Red Cross Youth Council (RCYC)- MCU
Chapter in collaboration with the Philippine Red
Cross (PRC) – Caloocan City Chapter commenced
the Leadership Development Program (LDP)
last June 5-6, 2013 at the Centennial Gymnasium
function room.
The coordinators of the event included Dr.
Cathrina D. Aspra, Health Services department
head, Mr. Christopher Daileg, the school clinic’s
nurse and Mr. Alex V. Rodriguez, DDSS Head. The
two-day program was facilitated by the RCYC
officers led by their President Carlo Renee Ventura
from the College of Nursing along with student
volunteers from the College of Nursing and Medical
Technology. The PRC- Caloocan chapter deployed
their instructors to lead the program. Participants
were the newly elected student leaders from
various organizations in the university.
The LDP aims in developing students’
leadership skills giving emphasis on responsibility,
initiative and sense of volunteerism. The LDP serves
as member program to the Caloocan Chapter. The
program is open for all college students regardless
of any medical or non-medical background.
Day One of the program consisted of lectures
on the Red Cross History, Red Cross Father Jean
Henri Dunant’s advocacies, fundamental principles
of the Red Cross namely Humanity, Impartiality,
Neutrality, Independence, Voluntary Service, Unity
and Universality (HINIVUU), leadership concepts
of collaboration, open communication and
organizations management. Indoor team building
activities were also held to exercise socialization
and team solidification.
Day Two consisted of Team building programs
that require team work, team effort and endurance.
Student leaders teamed up against the others in a
series of games and tasks.
This was the main highlight of the program;
a practical application of the lessons discussed on
day one. Other interactive activities were held in
the program.
At the end of the LDP, the participants are
expected to live up the virtues to become effective
leaders in the field of their choice. RCYC-MCU on the
other hand strives to create more programs which
will benefit the MCU student body. College students
who are interested in joining the LDP may proceed
to the University clinic for more information.
Claudine I. Claus, College of Medical Technology.
Hold my Hand — Cast the burdens through the Lord, and you
shall find rest in your soul.
Little things — A grain of blessing brings joy to those who live
in simplicity.
In your eyes — The pretenders are the principal witnesses to
this picture of reality.
Innocence — Be a good exemplar for the youth of tomorrow.
Volume 85 Issue No. 1 • March - August 2013
The Official Publication of the Manila Central University Student Body
“No man can
succeed by
pulling other
people down
just so he can
put himself up.”
Mga Taong
ower trippers. Belittlers. Egotistic
individuals. An abundant specie
of human, these individuals are
somewhat very scary because
they can do anything, as long as
they can, just so no one can have what
they don’t have. The members of this
species have an official tag line and that is,
“If I can’t have that, neither can you!”
Nowadays, many of us experience
intense competitions. Because of this,
we were developed with a mind-set that
winning is a must. We do things that can
help us win, even if that means playing
dirty. One obvious example of this is politics
itself. Most of those pompous politicians do
extensive things just to win the position
they are running for. They bribe people in
order to vote for them. Sometimes, they
would even send death threats to their
competitor, making them withdraw from the
race. They are the masters of manipulation.
But, anyway, this article is not about the
crooked politicians of the Philippines but,
rather the “alimango” attitudes that these
individuals possess.
So, ano ba talaga ang ibig kong
sabihin ng “taong alimango”? Unang-una
sa lahat, siguro naman ay pamilyar sa atin
ang salitang, “Crab Mentality”. Para sa mga
hindi nakakaalam, ito ay ang ugali na kung
saan kapag wala sila ng ganitong bagay,
kapag hindi sila masaya sa kanilang buhay,
kailangan ganoon din ang iba. Katulad ng
sinabi ko kanina, isang matinding dahilan
ang kompetisyon kung bakit nagiging
alimango ang isang tao. Ang ganitong
klaseng tao, hindi nila makuhang maging
masaya para sa iba. Hindi nila makuhang
maging kuntento sa kanilang buhay. Imbes
na gumawa sila ng mabuting paraan para
magkaroon din sila ng kung ano man
ang gusto nila, mas pinag-aaksayahan
nilang hatakin pababa ang sino man na
nakakaangat sa kanila.
Ito ang nakamamatay na sakit ng mga
Pilipino. Karamihan sa atin, hirap suportahan
ang kapwa natin lalo na kung yung tao na
yun, sabay kayong nagsimula pero habang
tumatagal, para bang nauunahan ka na niya
sa karera ng buhay. Kadalasan, nangyayari
ito sa mga magkakaibigan, magkakatrabaho
at magkakaklase.
Sa pagitan ng mga magkakaibigan,
napakalaking sagabal ng ugaling alimango
sa pagkakaroon ng tunay na tiwala sa
isa’t isa. Kapag nagkaroon ka ng ganitong
ugali, mahihirapan kang suportahan ang
iyong kaibigan. Tandaan, ang pagiging
alimango ay konektado sa mga taong
plastik. Sa mga magkakatrabaho naman,
isang tanong lang ang nais kong itanong,
tingin niyo ba magagawa ninyong abutin
ang inaasam na tagumpay kung kayo
mismo, nagsisiraan? Natural na kapag
sinabing “magkakatrabaho”, napapabilang
ito sa isang grupo. At ang “grupo”,
upang magtagumpay, kailangan nila ang
magandang kooperasyon sa pagitan ng
bawat miyembro ng grupo. At ang panghuli,
sa mga magkakaklase, bawat estudyante,
may sari-sariling buhay. Bakit mo hahatakin
pababa ang kapwa mo estudyante kung
hindi ka naman niya pinapakialaman?
Bakit mo gagawan o pagsasalitaan ng
masama ang isang estudyante na katulad
mo para lang maging pantay kayo ulit na
kung tutuusin, sariling sikap ang naging
susi kung nasaan man siya ngayon?
Kung iisipin mo, isang napakalaking
pagaaksaya ang ganitong pag-uugali.
Bakit ka magsasayang ng hininga sa mga
bagay-bagay na wala namang kakwentakwenta? Kung yung oras na sinayang mo
sa paghatak sa kapwa mo pababa, ginamit
mo para iangat ang iyong sarili, eh di sana
may napala ka pa. Nabawasan din sana
yung kasalanan mo.
Ang artikulong ito ay nagnanais na
magsimula ng pagbabago sa komunidad
ng estudyante ng MCU. Ang pagiging
alimango ay isang kahiya-hiyang ugali
na dapat alisin sa sistema ng tao. Let me
direct you what Iron Man said, “There is no
version of this where you will come out on
top.” Walang sino man ang magtatagumpay
sa pamamagitan ng paghatak ng kapwa
mo pababa. Whether you choose to be an
alimango forever or change for the better is
actually up to you. But if you choose to stay
as an alimango, bear in mind that sooner
or later, you’ll suffer the consequences. If
you choose to change, then that’s good.
Living a carefree life is a reward you can
give yourself when you are not trying to
drag people down just for your own benefit.
Go and let the power of change initiate
something good from within yourself!
Volume 85 Issue No. 1 • March - August 2013
The Official Publication of the Manila Central University Student Body
walls shake
but never
Medical Technology
“That was fast!” I said to myself. It seemed
only yesterday when I went here to MCU to take a
college entrance test. Now, almost three years have
passed and in a few months, I’ll be preparing for my
upcoming internship and hopefully, graduation.
It wasn’t easy, though. Believe me. Making it
through my final year as a regular student, took a
lot of hard work, patience and perseverance. It has
to, or else, I wouldn’t be where I stand now. Every
day I wake up very early in the morning to prepare
myself for a 7 AM class. I couldn’t stand being late.
I shouldn’t. I couldn’t bear to see a failing grade just
because I was late. At school, I get sleepy in class,
but I had to listen and take down notes. There were
even times when my friends and I wouldn’t bother
not taking lunch and just consume the time that we
have studying for our next class. At home, I have
less time watching TV or surfing the net because I
still have to study again for a long test the following
day. And sometimes, I don’t sleep at all. It may
sound insane, but unless you’re a genius or a child
prodigy, I don’t think you’ll be able to survive if you
don’t put effort in it. I’m not after all those flat 1.00
grades, but neither do I aim of being just “pasangawa”. After all, it’s not the grades that count, but
how much you’ve learned and be able to apply it.
As a student, I think it’s a continuous process.
You never stop learning. Even if we fail sometimes,
it shouldn’t hinder us from striving harder but rather
motivate us to become even better. As the saying
goes, “The moment you stop accepting challenges,
is the moment you stop moving forward. Don’t let
life change your goals because achieving your
goals can change your life. Whatever life gives you,
even if it hurts you, just be strong and act like your
okay. Remember, strong walls shake but never
In a class I’ve attended recently, I’ve learned
about three things that I think would help you survive
every semester with no sweat. R.I.P. R stands for
read, relax and read again! Studying over and over
again is not bad, but neither is taking a break. Take
some time to close your book, remove your school
stuff, chill and unwind. It may sound impossible for
some, especially if you have a difficult exam the
next day. But trust me, your brain and body needs
to rest, too. Have some snack, a little chitchat and
a few hours of sleep will do. After regaining the
energy that you’ve lost, you’re good to go and work
on that big test for tomorrow! I stands for inspire.
It could be family, friends, special someone or it
could also be you. Yes, YOU. It shouldn’t always
have to be somebody why you work hard to pass
every school day. It could also be that you have
big dreams for yourself and instead of having other
people inspire you, be the one who inspires them.
To work hard, dream big and make those dreams
come true. And last but not the least is P which
stands for pray. All those studying and inspiration
could be all good, but with prayer, I’m sure it’ll
get even better. Not only before and after taking
exams, but every day, take a minute to bow down,
close your eyes and let the heart speak for its most
sincere feelings.
School may be the next cemetery for some
where instead of RMTs, RNs, PhDs and MDs, RIP
is what you get. But with R.I.P., I’m sure you’ll enjoy
being in that cemetery.
Volume 85 Issue No. 1 • March - August 2013
The Official Publication of the Manila Central University Student Body
Student Leaders:
The Voice
PRESIDENT- “I would be leading an idea that students
can confide with me not as a president but as an ordinary
student. I’m just an ordinary person that hangs out with
other people. And to relate with these people, would
enable me to know what their sentiments and ideas are.
I am aiming to approach the student body in this belief,
because i know that their voices matter and it needs to
be heard. During the campaign, I would tell the students
that if you want to be heard, exercise your right to vote.
Everyone has a role. Even if someone is not president,
he has the capability of leading his classmates. If the
students want to be heard, I encourage them to stand
up and voice out. A change that I want to initiate in the
MCU campus is that the students become proud of being
a Centralino. In connection to myself, to be a student of
Optometry, deemed as the top performing Optometry
school in the Philippines, made me see the worth of
studying here in MCU. Like the other colleges, they are
also performing well in board exams. What I’m implying
is that MCU students should be proud because of this
achievement. I want people to realize the same thing
I know, and that is the value of studying here in MCU.
Feeling the excellence of being a healthcare professional
in this school. The hard work of the administration will be
useless if the students, themselves, will not play their role.
This will not be effective if the students will not do their
part. Students have to realize that they are excellent and
they should start owning the Centralino spirit. The change
in the MCU community will start from the students. If the
change starts from an individual, it will grow. Every year,
the USC managed to leave a defining mark on MCU, I
want this year to be remembered as the student council
producing activities that students will enjoy throughout the
a member of Pharmacy student council, I will serve as
a public vessel that can accommodate everybody. I will
The Pharos, the MCU Student Body’s instrument
of communication is on the active campaign of
empowering the MCU student community through
the power of their voices. But in order to achieve
this vision, it requires the mutual cooperation and
willingness of all citizens involved. It also requires
people that serve as representatives of the current
stakeholders of the community. These people are
the student leaders. They are the chosen few vested
with the huge responsibility to offer their dedication
and work for their respective colleges. This academic
year 2013-2014, The Pharos sheds light on the
student leaders. How are they going to fulfill the
duties. And most importantly, how can they be an
embodiment of the student body’s voice and power.
break the barrier between freshmen, sophomores, juniors
and seniors and faculty members so that it will be easier
not only for me but for the whole college to communicate
as one.”
should see you as someone that takes initiative in doing
what is right. You should not be an autocratic type of
a leader that directs or points out what’s needed to be
done. A leader should be seen as an example of being
proactive. “Hindi ka pa-petiks petiks lang”. If a leader will
not be proactive, his followers will not be supportive and
they will not look at him as a role model. We should take
the lead so that we can encourage our members to work
together to achieve the goals. As president, I will give my
commitment to the School of Midwifery, and I encourage
the students to cooperate. “Hindi magiging malakas ang
grupo kung ang mga myembro mismo, hindi tutulong.
Dapat may cooperation at commitment.” We should know
how to listen very clearly. We should be able to reach out
to our colleagues. As the leader, I will accommodate the
opinion of my colleagues because every opinion counts. If
I do this, I can understand their side and know their visions
so that the plans of the council are for the development
and betterment of people.”
on my experiences, when students hear the term
“Empowerment”, they would think that they are entitled
to every freedom in the university. But as a leader, to be
able to give the empowerment they need, first, we should
have a clear vision of our objectives so that students can
see the goals of the council. Second, there should be an
unbiased system, wherein we can cater equal viewpoints
of various students in the school. We should have our own
voice too. So that we can show them that we answer to
the needs of the people and we do not take sides. But
we always go for what is right. It is important that they
see the programs so that they will know that the council
Volume 85 Issue No. 1 • March - August 2013
The Official Publication of the Manila Central University Student Body
is aiming for a great year and it requires the students’
support and patronage. Most importantly, we encourage
the students to do their best in every activity. They carry
the name of the college, so they have to work well without
tarnishing the name of the college. All things that we’ll do
will always guarantee the betterment of the college. We
should work hand on hand. We should be determined in
pursuing our goals. We might encounter some delays or
problems along the way but this should not hinder us from
setting our desired ends. We should be active in meetings
or assemblies, despite the schedules, we should make
time for it because it is our duty. Last but not the least is
that we should be held accountable for all our actions.
If there are projects that can’t be pursued, the council
should be able to justify the reasons why it can’t be done.
Proper communication is a necessary factor to provide
the needed actions.”
ADMINISTRATION - “Inaalam ko yung gusto ng
constituents ko, iniisip ko yung mas makakabuti sa
nakararami hindi yung gusto lang ng iilan. Kailangang
maging role model ako, dapat sa akin mag-umpisa yung
mga batas na pinapairal ko. Magiging guide ako ng bawat
estudyante lalo na pag usapang B.A. Gusto kong gumawa
ng projects na di lang pang academics pero pang extracurricular din para ma-improve yung pagkatao natin di
lang bilang estudyante pero bilang isang mamamayan
THERAPY - “I’m just acting as an ordinary student and
ordinary followers as well. With that I can fully understand
what my co-students’ problems are especially regarding
the officers and the council. Just like the other leaders. I’m
doing my best and giving my trust together with the help
of my co-officers and adviser that our council will be as
successful as the previous one.”
leader is a big responsibility. Dapat dedicated ka sa
mga ginagawa mo. First you should know in yourself na
gusto mong maging leader. How will you be dedicated
kung napipilitan ka lang naman mag lead? I could be an
embodiment of my college by pushing my constituents
and fellow students up on what I know they can do, and
not by dragging, pulling or forcing it to them. Kasi iyon ang
na mimisinterpret minsan. Pag leader ka, dapat bossy
ka na. Hindi dapat ganoon. Dapat kaya niyo magtulong
tulong towards your goals. Second, you should be a
model. Kung ako dati maloko, dapat ngayon hindi na or
bawas na. Kasi ikaw yung titignan ng ibang students, at
kasama yun sa mga responsibility mo. You should show a
strong bearing in leadership. Third, you should know kung
ano yung weakness ng students and your constituents.
Kasi dun mo ibabase kung ano yung dapat na palalakasin
mo sa kanila na di nagawa nung previous term.”
TECHNOLOGY - “In my 3 years residency in MCU, I’ve
seen the progress of the university. Many projects are
upheld by the MCU administration and I can see the
efforts they’ve been putting through despite the increasing
demands of the student body in terms of education. But I
can’t help but notice that some Centralino students harbor
a negative view of the university. Some people would
say that they chose MCU because it’s near home, their
siblings studied here, it’s nice. All they say is common,
and it’s cliché. But one statement amused me. “Wala yan
sa paaralan, wala yan sa uniporme at facilities, bagkus
alam ko marami akong matututunan dito. Hindi lamang
sa intelektwal, pati na rin sa pagiging maka-Diyos, at
paglilingkod sa kapwa”. True enough, MCU is home to
top notchers. MCU proudly offers programs with a high
standard of education system that PRC (Professional
Regulation Commission) acknowledges by having high
percentages of board passers and topnotch graduates.
As a Student leader, we can do so much. We are here
to empower the students saying that, “MCU may seem
like an underdog, but we need to embody the identity of
being a Centralino”. Because MCU is a great foundation
of education, we just have to appreciate what we have.
As a student leader, we are responsible for the student’s
participation and cooperation with the endeavors of their
college and the university. And we have the responsibility
to highlight these great things because it will make the
students realize that MCU is indeed the best choice for
- “As the president of the student council, I will serve
as a liaison between the school administration and the
students. Whatever concern the students have, will be
properly addressed through a dialogue with the people
concerned. I’ll see to it that the students will be involved
in school activities. Exemplifying school spirit is one of the
main concerns of the student council.”
- “The Students hold the power to bring forth the desired
outcomes in the college, I, along with my council will be
there to guide them.”
introvert. I get headaches when I’m around big groups,
and space out when I’m with people who are really
talkative. I don’t like complicated issues and problems but
it doesn’t mean that I won’t face it when it’s standing in
the way of something I really want. I’m not that talented
when it comes to studies. I’d say I’m average, that I’m just
well-versed and could understand lessons quickly when
I really listen. I also lack organization and focus when
things start piling up, but I’m not the type that gives up
even if I say it a lot, give me a moment and I’ll get back
up to find a solution. It may be harder than what I have
expected, it may either help me achieve my goals or bring
me down. It’s not easy, and it is not in an instant, but I
know I can make things work and change for the better.
So to be honest I don’t know how to embody my fellow
college mates, yet. I’ve learned through my two months
as a college representative that being persistent is not
enough, it only helps you get back up and adapt.
Volume 85 Issue No. 1 • March - August 2013
The Official Publication of the Manila Central University Student Body
Volume 85 Issue No. 1 • March - August 2013
The Official Publication of the Manila Central University Student Body
Unravel the surprises of the future!
By Meghan Lee Nina Jamille G. Fernandez, Optometry
By Glaiza Tarin, Nursing
Each of us has distinct qualities and uniqueness that make us
stand out in our own special way. In this fast-paced life, when everything
seems to be stressful, our saving mechanism is listening to music. It has
been our best companion when we are bored, sad or whatever mood
we are in. It’s our best friend! We can always have it 24/7. With just a
push of a finger on your favorite song from your gadgets, merged with
its every beat and lyrics, it brings us into a whole new dimension and
somehow reminds us of someone or something special in our hearts.
It also represents every genre of music in which we can relate to, be it
love songs, Reggae and Blues, Hiphop, Rock, Alternative, Acoustic or
whatever your preferences may be. One thing is for sure. That we love
music and it comforts us.
For people who want to make their parents proud but at some
point in life failed them and lost the trust they have given. You are not
perfect and it feels like you just want to be who you are and be accepted.
But because of too much freedom, you fall down and it seems like you
can’t pull yourself together. Just bounce back and show them you’re still
worthy of their trust and for those who continue to judge you just say to
them. You’re not perfect. You are better.
This is Me, sometimes we just got to be real, even with our
feelings. People may say something that may bring the best or worst
in you. But they just want to show everyone how capable you are of
doing great things. Let your True Colors shine on everyone that you’ve
influenced and made a significant change in their lives. You just don’t
know how they admire you, that someone like you inspired them to feel
better about their selves, that you are able to guide them.
As a student, there will always come a time that you’ll have a Good
time, have fun with your friends in school and let those stress drift away
from your thoughts and just think positive about life. Say that it will be
alright, everything will go on smoothly and no matter what happens we
can do it. But of course! We are young, we don’t have to worry that much
because it’s an adult thing. We can do everything that we please, it’s
a teenage thing, we tend to explore on things. We’re Young, Wild and
Free! Although in this stage we are highly susceptible to mistakes, we
are growing maturely and we learn from those experiences. We have
within us that Teenage Dream, whether we live an extravagant “Dream
Life” or we live plainly, eventually these dreams will be fulfilled in God’s
time and in God’s Way.
And Don’t stop believin’ in those dreams, and when you’re already
at the top, challenge yourself to aspire more. Don’t satisfy yourself with
“Ok, Fine and Good”. Work to be excellent because sometimes that
thought will keep you stagnant until you get used to it. Don’t waste your
talent. Unravel undiscovered gifts. Be the best of what you can be. Life
has a lot more to offer.
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, so be humble and
don’t forget those people that made you who you are today. Part of the
sweet triumph is the bitter experience that may come from the trials and
sufferings you’ve undergone. Those criticisms that help you face that
weakness, that you try to deny or hide with your defense mechanism,
are all there for a reason. These make us unique. And one of the things
that a teenage life would want to avoid is having those unnecessary
lines and wrinkles and you will utter this word, “I want to be Forever
Young, and live like were young.”
Our life is like a soundtrack wherein we are the lead vocalists.
Those lyrics that are playing on our stereos are the inspiration for us
to be better. Every song has its own story that become a part of our
history, so when you feel down in the dumps, just listen to that voice
within you that says “You can do it!” When that time comes when you
lose the courage to go on, remember that you still have God that loves
you. So whatever your soundtrack may be just continue to play it loud
in your heart and mind. Don’t move backwards, just move forward and
let the next part bring you to a brighter side. Try to switch into Shuffle
Mode. Allow God to be the Shuffler of your Playlists. In a party setting,
God is a DJ, Life is a dance floor, love is the rhythm, YOU are the Music.
PAST… P-utting A-way S-orrowful T-houghts of
Y-esterday! P-acking A-way that S-hed of T-ears, facing the
world without your FEARS! Focusing on what your future
offers. Unravelling opportunities that God has planned for each
and everyone of us. That should be our new mindset when we
talk about our own memories. We may have all encountered
different shadows of our past. Some maybe good, some maybe
tragic, some may not be worth reminiscing at all. The past can
either be an enchanting story that we would want to remember
over and over again, or a regretful chapter of our lives that
made us stronger and courageous enough in overcoming the
different tests of life. But at the end of the day, we all have that
great “past” to be thankful for. A trial, a blessing, an obstacle,
or an opportunity. All of those past experiences taught us life’s
greatest lessons.
As students, we faced lots of challenges in the past that
made us even stronger today. At this stage, we are starting
to learn and realize various consequences of our actions and
decisions, we are being formed and built in our character,
and we are being caged into a situation that somehow we
thought we would never be able to escape in any form, in any
way! Some may have traumatic experiences resulting from
having emotional stress at an early age but later on made
us understand the importance of voicing out the truth even
if nobody cares or no one dares to be on our side. Learning
how to rise up each time we fall, learning how to fight back
whenever you are right. Knowing the true essence of standing
for the right principle.
We can never go back and correct our mistakes. We can’t
just simply make a time machine and in one snap of a finger, we
could change what we have done before. They are all curved
in every portal of our yesterday. But we can start all over again
and make an inspiring story in the remaining chapter of our
lives. The journey to our success is still a hundred fold, expect
the unexpected. Slip away from our comfort zones and make a
big difference. Make every moment worthwhile and shine in our
own special ways! Remember: Our past doesn’t determine our
future. It will never dictate what lies ahead of us. No one could
even say what we will be and what we will have in the years to
come. We might have been through a lot of regretful instances,
yes! And it may put us in the peak of giving up, but that doesn’t
change God’s wonderful plans ahead of us. Every time we feel
and see the dawning of the day, there is a sense of HOPE to
look forward to!
We have a bright future, a bright tomorrow. If we only know
how to picture it positively, if we only know how to put our trust
in Him in handling things beyond our control, if we merely not
only rely and be dependent on our own strengths, if we only are
aware of the great opportunities that come our way, if we only
realize that life here on earth needs NO SECURED PLACE and
just do the unusual things that may come to our paths… then
we will have a great and an awesome future! Let’s have LIFE
WITHOUT LIMITS! It’s time to overcome our fears and let go
of the bad memories of yesterday. Leave behind the trails and
shadows of our past. Do not allow ourselves to be captive of
our own negative feelings and emotions. Have faith strongly
built within us! Because at the end of the day, what matters
most is how we try to get back in our most fine composure, be
our own selves, placing the grace in our past and move ahead
to what today has to offer!
Volume 85 Issue No. 1 • March - August 2013
The Official Publication of the Manila Central University Student Body
Mula nang ang aking murang kaisipan ay namulat
sa kabihasnan, malimit kong marinig ang pangalang Jose
Protacio Rizal Mercado Y Alonzo Realonda o mas kilala
sa simpleng palayaw na Gat Jose Rizal. Ilang taon ko
na ring napag-aralan ang buhay ng taong ito na kinilala
bilang isang BAYANI ng ating bansa. Ngunit sa dami ng
mga impormasyong aking napagtanto tungkol sa kanyang
buhay, sadyang napakarami pa ring agam-agam ang
pumapasok sa aking isipan patungkol sa tunay na hangarin
at kontribusyon ng taong ito na itinuturing na bayani ng
buong bansa.
Gaano nga ba kalaki ang naiambag ni Rizal sa
kalayaan ng ating bansa? Bakit nga ba ganoon na lamang
ang pagmamalasakit niya at pagmamahal sa bayang ito?
Hindi ba’t may pagdadalawang-isip noon sa pagpili ng
bayani sa pagitan ni Andres Bonifacio at ni Jose Rizal?
Martir nga ba siyang maituturing? Siya nga ba ay karapatdapat ituring na Pambansang Bayani ng Pilipinas? Yan
ang mga tanong na aking paulit-ulit na tinatanong sa aking
Sa aking palagay, maraming aspetong tinitignan
patungkol sa pagpili ng ating pambansang bayani. Ito
ay isang napakahalagang titulo na ibinibigay sa taong
karapat-dapat bigyang pugay at parangal ng bawat
tao. Si Dr. Jose Rizal ay may angking katangiang bihira
lamang nating matagpuan o makita sa isang tao — ito
ay ang kanyang labis-labis na PAGMAMAHAL sa ating
bansa. Ikaw, ako, tayo! Tayo at si Rizal ay pareho lamang
ng bansang tinitirhan, pare-pareho tayong mga Pilipino.
Pero aminin nating hindi ganoong magiging kadali para
sa atin ang isaalang-alang ang ating buhay para sa
ating bansang pinagmulan. Di gaya ni Rizal, namulat
siya sa isang bayang namumuhay sa pananakop ng
Espanya, nababalot ng damdaming puno ng pait, pighati,
pagdurusa, kalungkutan, kasakiman, pagmamalupit at pang
aalipusta ng mga mananakop. Mapa-pari man, sundalo,
o Gobernador-Heneral, lahat ay nagkaisang sakupin ang
bansang Pilipinas. Ang mga bata, pati na rin ang mga
matatanda’y sapilitang pinagtatrabaho ng walang bayad.
Ang buhay nila’y hindi naging madali. Ang mga kababaihan
ay minamaltrato, ang mga lupain at ari-arian ng mga
Pilipino ay pilit nilang inaangkin. Kung tayo man si Rizal,
hindi natin matitiis makita ang ganitong mga eksena.
Si Rizal ay nag-aral sa ibang bansa,
nakipagsapalaran, at nagkaroon ng boses upang maipakita
sa tao ang pagmamalupit na dinanas ng Pilipinas sa mga
mananakop. Siya ay nagbuwis ng maraming panahon
para sa kalayaan ng bansa. Idinaan rin niya sa pagsusulat
ng mga tula, nobela, at libro ang mensaheng nais nyang
maiparating sa mamamayang Pilipino. Mga SIMBOLISMO
na nagbibigay katotohanan sa totoong kondisyon ng ating
Ikaw? Sang-ayon ka ba sa mga hakbang na ginawa
ni Gat Jose Rizal para sa ating bayan? Nararapat nga
bang ituring siyang bayani? Kakayanin mo ba ang lahat ng
ng Isang
By Meghan Lee Nina Jamille G. Fernandez, Optometry
paghihirap, sakripisyo at pagsisikap ni Rizal para lamang sa
ating bayan? At higit sa lahat… Handa ka bang magbuwis
ng buhay para sa ikabubuti ng bansang iyong pinagmulan at
ng mga kapwa-taong iyong kinagisnan?
Siya si Dr. Jose Rizal! Isang Pilipino. Isang anak.
Isang totoong tao. Isang manunulat. Isang duktor. Isang
kumpositor. Isang manlalakbay. At higit sa lahat, isang
NATATANGING BAYANI ng bansang Pilipinas!
Volume 85 Issue No. 1 • March - August 2013
The Official Publication of the Manila Central University Student Body
The Dream,
the Breakthrough,
the Miracle of an Effort
By James Ryan A. Mendoza, Medical Technology
To The Beautiful You, a Korean drama adaptation of the
Japanese manga “Hanazakari no Kimitachi e” features a story
of a Korean girl in the United States. Goo Jae Hee, a sprinter
athlete, watches a high jump competition in TV. A hopeless and
weak soul as vulnerable as Jae Hee, became so inspired by the
Korean athlete named Kang Tae Joon. But when news came
in the media that the high jumper would quit the sport, Jae Hee
became so concerned that she wanted to go to South Korea and
meet the guy. But when she found out that Tae Joon is enrolled
in an all-boys school, she decided to create a bold move to help
the athlete. With a pair of scissors, she cut her long flowing
hair and assumed a male identity. After the transformation, she
immediately fled to South Korea without informing her brother
that she will enroll in an all-boys school. All she ever wanted was
to see the athlete “fly again”. It became so difficult for her. She
struggled to hide her true identity and she wanted to give back the
inspiration and power she drew from Tae Joon.
At the course of the Korean show, it is evidently seen that
the character persevered so much to fulfill her dream. For others,
her dream to see Tae Joon literally “fly again” is so insignificant
and stupid. She even fought with her half-brother to let her stay
in the school just to see Tae Joon do sports again. At first, she
had thoughts that going there is wrong in the first place. She was
on the verge of departing when Tae Joon knew her real identity
and the reason why she came to South Korea all the way from
Goo Jae Hee, a girl that never liked herself and was always
weak, became empowered by a quotation from Tae Joon, “A
miracle is another name of an effort”. She decided to believe in
it, for the first time in her life. She won a dash race in the US.
That was her miracle, a breakthrough, a victory that catapulted
her confidence in a whole new level. She started to believe in
a miracle for once in her life. She tried and she succeeded. But
when she found out that Tae Joon was having problems due to
his physical and emotional injuries, she wanted to give back what
she had from Tae Joon - the power, the drive, the inspiration and
the dream of achieving so many great things in life.
What is the purpose of this article featuring a Korean drama
that most people cannot relate to? (Well, because of the fact
that the drama had multiple versions already, right?) Imagine, a
girl who disguised as a boy, who flew from oceans apart, just to
see her Idol jump... It’s preposterous! But the mere fact that the
character made a huge effort to fulfill her dream and to break free
from her insecurities is an inspiring and empowering testimony of
an effort turning into a miracle!
As people driven to achieve our goals and dreams in life,
there is always the existing insecurity of “can I do this, what if I
fail, what if I lose”. There are doubts enveloping the True Power
that hides within our spirits. Some people are too of the unknown.
But one thing is certain, we don’t want to be empty-handed and
be a failure. The biggest nemesis we have, barricading our paths
to our dreams, is no other than ourselves. There are instances
when we felt that we cannot push anymore because we’ve
reached our limit. But Hey! Wake up, will you just quit? Oh no! We
can’t just quit. We will fight and stand up on what we believe in.
And that is a great miracle for us.
Do you want to achieve your dreams? Well of course! And
how do we do this? WE SHOULD ALWAYS PUT OUR BEST
EFFORTS IN EVERYTHING WE DO. Remember, the satisfaction
of getting the job well done with the full effort exerted in it, is
multiplied tenfold. This is the MIRACLE that the drama wants
to instill in the viewers. “A Miracle is another name of an Effort”.
Have you watched a certain episode when Jae Hee had a twisted
ankle and still she pushed through the marathon? Jae Hee was a
speed sprinter and yet she entered a marathon race with strength
and endurance as key asset to victory. She pushed herself to the
limit, having in mind that “If Tae Joon has done it, so can I!”
Never limit yourself to the possibilities. Dream like a kid that
aims for the stars in the cloudless night. Do you see that 2 meters
and 30 inches of an obstacle blocking your way? Go forward and
jump right to it. If you fail at first attempt, you could always try and
try. Spread your wings and fly like the high jumper that Jae Hee
adored. Who knows, your perseverance and effort might actually
inspire other people. There is no such thing as mediocrity in
dreams. Last and definitely not the least is the power of a solemn
prayer. Pray to the Almighty Creator, and wait for the answer. But
don’t just wait! Strive and work out your talents and efforts for a
dream come true. The means will justify the ends. These means
will bring forth the essential lessons that shall have a lasting effect
in our lives. Keep on pushing yourself believing that in God’s
plan, a miracle will come into your life. A miracle that will give
you a Breakthrough. A Miracle that will catapult you into ethereal
Are you ready to achieve your dreams and have your
breakthrough? Are you Ready to bring forth a miracle in your life?
Are you willing to put an effort?
Volume 85 Issue No. 1 • March - August 2013
The Official Publication of the Manila Central University Student Body
Almost Didn’t
Make It..
Volume 85 Issue No. 1 • March - August 2013
The Official Publication of the Manila Central University Student Body
By Maria Elsielynn M. Dizon, Medical Technology
By Nataniel Laguitan, Medical Technology and Glaiza Tarin, Nursing
How fulfilling is the feeling of having to face the moment of a
mostly hoped success in life? What are the surpassed paces and
obstacles undergone towards the journey? Is the gained happiness
of fulfillment truly worth it after everything that has been through?
These ambiguous questions are just a few of the
possible perceptions amidst the journey of achieving
success in life. Each one of us has a unique train of travel.
It’s an existing reality in life that the fortunate ones had a
smooth and sound journey. While for the others, it’s a rough
and long one that tests their strengths and weaknesses
through time. There were situations of unexpectedly
changing the ways of living, missing inspirations and losing
loved ones along the way. The mostly hoped success is
much too hard to grasp.
Life is quite unfair to those who are affected by this
misfortune. But still, a person should have the determination
to embrace the strength and volition to carry on within the
heart of an unstoppable dreamer. Yet in the long run, life
undoubtedly has its own brighter side that awaits anyone
who never fails to have hope and keep on moving forward
no matter how many obstacles.
It’s shallow enough to lose hope because the degree of
perseverance all in the mind. It’s up to us how we manage it
for our own good. If we have the urge and faith to succeed,
nothing is impossible for us to achieve whatever our count.
In life, it’s normal to encounter countless situations that
measure our willingness to survive against all the odds.
There are times that things get heavier tending us to give
up but as we truly persevere and hold on to our faith in God.
Amidst the journey, no one travels alone. The moments
of survival were filled with bundles of assistance from our
aspirations in life that never left. They serve as concrete
pillars of support especially in most down episodes.
It is also part of the long journey to lose some who are
important to us. Bear in mind and heart that whatever we
lose, everything happens for a reason.
Our strong faith in God, our inspirations, everything
we’ve been through, our mind and most importantly, our
heart are the tools to any fight. Believe that we all can! Be
strong always and never embrace to be a loser. Losers are
those who stop trying, lacking the faith. Why would anyone
think we can’t make it if we really can?
A High school graduate is already equipped with
the higher level of knowledge. And to be enrolled in
College, offering the highest degree of education means
that he should take his knowledge and experiences to a
whole new field of academic study. In order to survive
college, an individual should have a strong mind and
body, and enthusiasm to pursue his goals by fulfilling
the duties of his chosen profession. MCU freshmen of
batch 2013-2014 will be facing a lot of changes. College
life is full of discovery, learning, competitive minds and
challenging tasks that will make them well-rounded
professionals in the future.
The fundamental experiences and knowledge
back in high school are an essential key. It will serve
as a good foundation in order to adapt to the college
environment. The constant pressure, the sudden change
of routine and habits, and the unfamiliarity of the campus
norms and settings will shape the state of mind as the
days go by. As the US navy seals motto says; “The only
easy day was yesterday”. It means that the high school
days are over, and there is a desperate need to change
the bad habits of studying. If high school days are like
Que sera, sera (Whatever will be, will be), then this is the
right time to be independent and responsible! Because
college is not only about survival but also a competition of
many individuals that have unique skills and attributes in
order to stand out among the others.
MCU freshmen were interviewed about their
expectations and plans in order for them to excel in their
academic study.
“I hope that my block mates would be affectionate
and well-mannered, the same way goes to my professors
that I expect them not to be strict. I will study hard and
aim to get high grades, good performance, to make a
circle of good friends and to establish rapport with the
professors.”-Alina Mae Esparrago, Pharmacy
“I think the first days of my college life will be great
especially when I’m going to meet my professors, block
mates and other staff here in MCU. I plan to study hard
in order for me to excel in college and to do my best to
understand the concept of Medical Technology.”-Julius
Joshua B. Socorro, Medical Technology
“I hope that the professors would deliver the
lessons smoothly for us to understand the subject better,
for a harmonious relationship with my block mates, and
everything to go out well. I will study persistently for me
to be a dean’s lister and a successful graduate.”-Erick
James Fetalcorin, Arts and Sciences
“I wish all the best for my subjects and that my
professors aren’t the terror ones. I also wish to get closer
to my block mates, achieve and maintain good grades
as much as possible, and hopefully to be a well known
Psychologist someday.”-Kimberly Baloran, Arts and
“I expect my colleagues to be friendly and
approachable, and as much as possible, the professors
aren’t rough and strict. I also anticipate challenging
subjects that would drive me to study harder. I aspire
to pass all my subjects, graduate in my chosen field of
course, and be a successful optometrist someday.”-Felix
Denzel S. Munroy III, Optometry
“Difficult and more exciting subjects are what I
expect from my course. I should be firm and focused at
this time because I assume that the professors are strict
about giving grades. Compared to high school, there
were still leeways in order to pass a certain subject. I
hope that my blockmates would be easy to mingle with. I
want to avoid vices and focus on my studies more to be
a successful graduate and to be employed as a doctor.”Kim Manuel, Pharmacy
“I expect the subjects to be more challenging and
more about science. I picture the professors in my mind
to be kind and approachable and my block mates will be
intelligent. I plan to focus on my lessons and try to recap
every time so that when I’ll get to graduate, I’ll become
a licensed pharmacist to help people.”-Jonas Paulo
Mendoza, Pharmacy
“My expectation in my professors is that they’re
stricter than my teachers during the secondary education.
As for my block mates, I think we will spare a long time
to make friends with each other because we’ve just
met. And I expect that the MCU staff are all kind and
hospitable. I based it when my mom and I went to MCU to
take the Entrance Examination and when we enrolled. My
plans are to prioritize my studies, and I will do my best to
excel and always set a goal. -Marie Abegail Lacasandile,
“I hope that the staff here in MCU will be
approachable especially the professors, because they’re
the ones who will guide us freshmen throughout the
incoming semesters. As for my block mates, I’m expecting
that we’ll be able to exchange ideas and become friends
easily. I plan to divide my time wisely to studying and for
myself.” -Katrina Ysabelle S. Uy, Medical Technology
These are the insights of the freshmen this
coming school year. They are determined to study
hard and achieve their goals. College life is a milestone
through our professional lives. The books do not teach
everything about living in the real professional life
setting. The experiences and being proactive during
the fruitful college years will teach you the discipline of
being punctual, polite, creative, and many more that will
give you virtues. These virtues are your assets when
you go into the real world. Yesterday is a lesson, learn
from it and face the future using it. Remember, we
entered a university, and there is no easy way to start
the beginning of your dreams. In every step, there is a
lesson that we can attain either by means of mistakes or
success. If you want to learn, you must be ready to be
independent, to stumble, to run, to fall and to sacrifice.
Imagine that this is battlefield. If you don’t shoot, you’re
wasted. But if you pull the trigger, aim the crosshair
and spray the bullets towards the enemies, to fight with
courage and heart, you can win the battle. The same as
when you believe in yourself, learn to be independent
and push yourself BEYOND the limits. YOU can
march in the commencement exercises chin-up, being
applauded by thousands of students while getting your
diploma on stage and not from RECTO University. The
feeling of no regrets but the overwhelming satisfaction of
achievement will only be felt if you studied persistently.
So, freshmen students brace yourselves and be strong,
because college life will be memorable to those who
want it to be meaningful. College Life has more things
to offer, and once it does... you should strap your shins
tightly and be ready.
Volume 85 Issue No. 1 • March - August 2013
The Official Publication of the Manila Central University Student Body
The Official Publication of the Manila Central University Student Body
By Maria Elsielynn M. Dizon,
Medical Technology
Forever the spirit within longs for more
Over all the happiness like there’s no tomorrow
Rhapsodic moments succumb with melancholies
Mornings without sunrise seemed to prevail
Howling of the heart can surpass the air.
By James Ryan A. Mendoza, Medical Technology
and Rembert Hans M. Fernandez, Arts & Sciences
Grades are measurements of a student’s achievement in their respective programs. It is how a student is judged, labeled
and defined by their peers, the academe, society and the corporate employers of the professional world. And, at times even by
our own family members. In fact, our country is so obsessed with grades, recently the Department of Education implemented
the K-12 program adding an additional two years to the secondary program. This is an attempt to improve our worldwide
competitiveness. Grades are essential in documenting the student’s progress but do high grades really equate to student’s
competitiveness? Do grades cover enough of all the aspects of a student to be the basis?
To shed light into this questions, the Pharos interviewed Centralino students.
Are grades the best standard to measure the student?
What else could be used to measure the student’s
There are more important aspects of a student that
performance? It’s proof of one’s attitude towards studies.
grades don’t measure. It doesn’t measure the inner
strengths such as honesty, curiosity, innovation, imagination,
perseverance, and leadership. These strengths matter most
in life.
Do grades equate to and motivate learning?
Having high grades prove mastery. Memorization is
fundamental to higher levels of abstraction.
Yes, this reinforces their hardwork and tells them which
aspects of the academe they need to improve on. Lastly,
having a high grade serves as a reward to the student’s
parents, teachers and of course to himself
Volume 85 Issue No. 1 • March - August 2013
Broken Wings
Tests are simply memorization of answers, No real
learning is involved. Student’s study the handout not the
Grades detract students from learning, students now
just study what is graded.. They do not study anymore
because of their natural curiosity that’s why they lose all
enthusiasm of progress.
Do grades determine success?
This question we leave to the readers. Because only oneself can truly see its own worth.
These are real testimonies from Centralino students. We strongly encourage you Centralinos to voice out your
thoughts, beliefs and sentiments. Because these voices will be echoed loud and will be utilized to bring forth a sense of deep
scrutiny and a sense of rationalizing.
It’s up to the readers what would be the conclusion of the debate, just so you know, You are also capable of doing
such move of sharing your mind to MCU Community. Ultimately, to come up with the self-actualization to be written in one box.
Dearest, How to fly with broken wings?
Every embraced aspiration offered for thou
All gathered hopes were cast to frail?
Realization came, why changes need to happen?
Enthusiasm from the self melted day by day
Solitude overwhelmed the hopeful heart
The departing spirit is weak like broken wings.
Bereft feeling is quite unsustainable
Restless soul’s covered with ambiguous questions
Equinox can’t even construe the pang
Arid reality of life’s needed to emancipate
Timidly, for now, how to soar up high
Hazy road of flying overflowed with sigh.
By Claudine I. Claus, Medical Technology
In my messed-up world
I’m afraid life would go away
My search for a smile, a piercing stare
That would complete my day
Love has come my way
But most of them I pushed away
Thinking it would hurt me
Now you see I’m lonely
When you came around,
It fell back to place
When I’m in your arms
I feel loved and safe
I was ready to give up
But because it’s you
I chose to love
I fought for love, it’s all I have
But why did you have to go?
Was it so hard for you?
I wasn’t ready for the shock
my heart froze again, this heart of rock
Please turn in my arms
I’m hopefully waiting
Wishing for your comeback
Until then, I’ll keep fighting
I’d be here forever until you’re back
This heart yearns for you
These eyes would only look at you
Against everything, I would always love you
“I love you” were the words I want to hear
The words I wait for you to feel
No more, no less
I’ll be here, please don’t fear
Volume 85 Issue No. 1 • March - August 2013
The Official Publication of the Manila Central University Student Body
Bittersweet Victory
By Meghan Lee Nina Jamille G. Fernandez, Optometry
Student’s life is one of a kind, they say
There are ups, there are downs along the way
Happiness and sorrow arrive within the day
But life must go on, cherish every moment as
early as today
We are like full grown trees, I must admit
From root to stem, then braches and fruits
That’s how our lives have grown
Little by little, as time has shown
Challenges and trials bravely we face upon
Sacrifices and opportunities, there’s sure be
more to come
Bangon, Kabataan!
By Nataniel Laguitan, Medical Technology
Bansa daw natin ay tila napapariwara,
Akala nila’y kabataan ang may gawa.
Nikotinang nalanghap, Dilang mapang-alimura,
Ganid sa laman, Oh kabataang kaawa-awa.
Oras na siguro para may maipakita tayo.
Na ang kabataan ay nasa tama pang sentido.
Kapit-kamay tayo’t isigaw sa mga kampanaryo,
Ang kabataan pa rin, ang pag-asa ng mundo!
Binata’t dalagang lahat ay sinubok,
Anong naibahagi sa bansang ito?
Tigib ng lakas ang murang alabok,
Anupa’t gamitin sa makabuluhang pinto.
At ito’y maaaring pag-asa o katotohanan,
Ng isang kabataang natutuyuan ng lalamunan.
But life has no limits, let’s face it with a cheerful
And soon we will reap the taste of victory we
aspired from the start
Let’s not waste any moment, any chance that
we have
For these things are great opportunities that we
should not fail to grab
Let us not give ourselves any reason to stop and
give up
For today is a brand new start, a time for us to
rise up!
Gift of
By Maria Elsielynn M. Dizon, Medical Technology
Behind the success of all relationships
Trust is a sacred foundation to cherish
Strengthens every moment of companionship
It brings glory to all hearts’ pieces with pith.
Greatly earned through perseverance
Holds the future amidst the test of time
Serves as a faith to lifelong connection
To everyone blessed with pure passion.
A sworn pledge unworthy to depart
Undoubtedly adds meaning to life
It unifies horizons without boundaries
It sustains as a medicine to all worries.
It measures the depth of emotions
Truly controls all life’s motion
No one is destined to stop this flow
It’s from conduct of valor inspired by bow.
Emblems as a compass along any journey
Source of valuable light even in hazy
Such a God’s gift throughout the endeavors
A safeguard and beacon to view the future.
Volume 85 Issue No. 1 • March - August 2013
The Official Publication of the Manila Central University Student Body
My Angel...Until Forever
By Michelle Ann Bernardo, CBA
Every moment with you is precious time
I can’t believe, your love is so divine
Little things you do for me is stupendous
That’s why my love for you is enormous
You are one in a million, a shooting star
A knight in shining armour, that’s what you are
I feel invincible when you’re by my side
I hope your love won’t vanish, won’t subside
To be loved by you is a splendid thing
Immeasurable happiness you bring
Smile on my face each and every morning
Starts my day with my heart and my soul sing
Struggles, problems are inevitable
With you by my side, I’ve conquered them all
Just hold my hand, I have nothing to fear
‘Cause I’m tough and strong as long as you’re near
Say you’ll stay with me, say you’ll always be
My angel who loves and cares for me
Please don’t hold back and leave me never
Be my guiding star... until forever.
Through the cloudless night
A subtle sylph stays still
Gleaming in the darkened horizon
Fair white with a tinge of gold like that of a summer afternoon.
Her beauty is a dangerous gift
Blazing with goodness willing to help
Piercing with wickedness able to annihilate
An ethereal being at the far side of humanity
To witness the moon sylph is a lovely phantasm
A dreamless slumber of an earthborn
Look yonder and you’ll see
She, who is blazed with grace and pristine elegance
By Sherwin Mae G. Fulgueras, Pharmacy
Riddles of the night
Questioned by the stars
Outlandish answers beyond reckoning
To impossibly elude the misgivings of life
Lonely is she, an element of beauty
Why, my fair lady, why must you suffer this melancholy?
Alas, poor Juliet of the heavens, she feels unappreciated
Through this fragrant draught, hush now, my dear
For I, a foolish being, am delighted to have you shine upon me.