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Lone Star continued
Otis Telegraph
December 26, 2012 Page 7
Dear Santa, Santa how r uor
you. I like a stuff animal bog
I like a stuff fish. I like stuff
heart. Love, Kylee
Dear Santa, Hi Santa I want
a frbe and a bake rek it and a
budor fly kit and a fak you.
Love Alyssa
Dear Santa, I wat a shran
pleuz and sat evn I wanta sim
sat cani have a orme giz with
a ganz to evn a nascor gam.
How and sigevn xbox tosise.
Love Dillon
Lone Star First Grade
Dear Santa, santa my favrit
randr rodof. Santa wate is
your favrit randery. I want a
wood doll. A swinset and a
ipade, a bycit of candy, a tree
heas and a big big huge as
ceot ceka. Love Amanda
Dear Santa, Santa my favret
randery rodof. Santa wat is
your fravit randery. I want a
wood doll. I want a brbe car
Tis the
In this season of
we thank you for the
gift of yours.
Please join us at our Open House
Friday, December 21st from
10:00-4:00 at the Akron Branch.
Equitable Savings and Loan
Akron Branch 201 Main Ave. Akron 345-6824
Yuma Branch 222 S. Main Ave. Yuma 345-2341
filled with
best wishes
Because your
fills us
with joy.
Janet and
Merry Christmas
and thanks!
351 E. 1st. Akron
I want a sweset I want a
ipade I want a tree hows
iwant a dex I want a teen
shoos I want a whatever
shrnt. Love Jayden
Dear Santa, Santa can I ples
get and baby dol. Sant how
are the rader. Santa I bin a
good girl. Love Sarahi
Dear Santa, Haw are the
raderes. I like rudof I lik
comit to and all the ethrs to.
I wil like a stuff animal.
Randere that has are and a
noow hors just form.
Love Aleighcea
Merry Christmas
and a Happy New
Centennial Ag. Supply
Miranda Sims 970-848-0342 • 419 S. Houston
Yuma, CO 80759