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November 2015
Where beauty meets serenity
Getting Holiday Ready
Goldwell Dualsenses Ultra Volume Shampoo, Conditioner
and Dry Shampoo
• Using volumizing shampoo’s and conditioners especially for fine
hair will give longer lasting volume to any style.
• Colorless Volumizing Dry Shampoo is great for second or third day
hair, keeping it fresh and suitable for all hair colors being sheer.
November is about giving thanks, preparing for the holidays, and not
forgetting to pamper ourselves, which many of us do during the busy
holiday season.
Tips for quick styles, day to night.
• Try weightless volumizing products to give your hair longer lasting
• For the cooking hostess wanting to keep her hair manageable, and off
the face, try a sleek wet style from short to long, such as a triple
braided pony or a gel’d, slicked back short style.
• How-To: 3 braids tied at the nape of the neck, braided into one braid,
creates a textured and stylish look. Second day look, take out the
braids, shake up the hair with a dry volumizing shampoo for a fun
crimped look.
Winter Color Tip: Many woman feel washed out as they may be paler
during the season due to lack of sun and grayer light. Adding richer hues
or depth to a hair color can add warmth or a glow to the skin.
Blondes adding strawberry or honey beige to a warm blonde will create a
blush to the skin.
Brunettes with a pale yellow undertones look best with rich chocolates to
warm up their complexion
Red Heads, cool reds compliment pale cool skin with blue eyes. Warm
reds compliment pale warm skin with green or brown eyes.
Lukaro November Events
Get your holiday glow and plan beautiful hostess gifts with our upcoming events!
Lukaro Aesthetics Division Presents : Cinq Mondes Skin Care Event
Thursday November 19th - 11:00AM - 7:00PM
For The Holiday Traveler
• Stock up on TSA Approved beauty care travel sized products 3.4 oz
and under. Tip: Freshen up your look mid-day with products that fit
in your purse and computer case.
Lukaro Presents : After Party Candle Company
Saturday November 21st -11:00AM - 4:00PM
NanoThermic Styling Brushes
• Lightweight, snag-free, anti-static for effortless styling through
NanoThermic Technology.
• Brushes that heat up faster and retain heat longer giving better
styling and eliminating frizz, providing shiny long lasting results.
Lukaro Salon
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