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Synthetic Sports Turf Technology
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A Berkshire Hathaway Company
The more you think about it, the more you like the idea of a synthetic turf
athletic field. Good call. And you’re in good company. As you read this,
countless acres of synthetic turf fields are being installed coast to coast –
and for a lot of very good reasons…
Synthetic Turf: A Winning Strategy
Of course, there are the basics: No watering, chemicals or fertilizers necessary.
Dramatically reduced maintenance. And today’s synthetic turf looks and plays
like real grass to an extent that the artificial turfs of yesterday could only dream about.
But for most, the big reasons for going synthetic are Capacity and Availability. Simply
put, with synthetic turf, you use it when you want, how you want. You get consistent
playing performance – in any season and under any weather conditions (i.e., No rainouts!).
All that playing time is possible because of synthetic turf’s Durability. Check this out:
One synthetic field can handle as much play as four or more natural fields annually.
One more plus? With rising real estate costs, landlocked schools looking to expand their
campuses are often forced to build on existing athletic fields. The solution? A more durable
multi-purpose synthetic turf field.
Put it all together, and going synthetic is a winning strategy.
What might be less clear is which company you should entrust with
such a crucial and sizable long-term investment…
Success Starts With the Right Team
How about starting with a company you’re already familiar with?
One whose reputation was built on flooring of every description?
And one with the financial backing of a true corporate giant behind it?
Come meet the team…
One Game With a
Guaranteed Outcome
A Roster of Hall-of-Famers
Since 1996, Spectra Contract Flooring has been offering unparalleled contracting expertise
for a wide array of surfacing, including “pour-in-place” rubber safety surface materials. With
29 installation facilities around the country, there’s one close by.
In sports, having a superior team – with top-tier players at every position –
will always boost your odds of victory on game day. But even the best team
can’t guarantee a win. Until now….
When you choose Spectra Contract Flooring for
your synthetic turf installation, you’re getting a
team with deep industry experience, vast technical know-how and unsurpassed financial
strength. Our multiple locations and more than
1000 associates provide an incomparable
service network to support your team.
29 SpectraCF locations
We live where you live. We play where you play.
Spectra Contract Flooring is a division of Shaw Industries – the largest carpet
manufacturer in the World, with 30,000 employees and annual sales of $6 billion.
Shaw is a Berkshire Hathaway company. Led by legendary business icon,
Warren Buffett, BH is a nearly $100 billion company, ranked #12 on the Fortune 500.
It’s known for buying and holding businesses with a dominant market share and strong
management teams.
If you’re planning on making a significant investment in a synthetic field, isn’t it
comforting to know that this is the team behind the product and installation?
So, now that you know who’s standing behind your synthetic field – both
products and installation, today and tomorrow – let’s take a look at some
highlights of the Spectra Contract Flooring’s TerraSoft® Synthetic Sports
Turf Technology, and see why it’s your best move…
There’s Nothing Synthetic About Performance
and Features Like These…
“Greener” than Grass
As water protection and conservation becomes more and more critical, the
“no-water/ fertilizers/chemicals” benefit of a TerraSoft® Turf synthetic field
makes it the definitive “green” alternative to natural grass.
Looks and Plays Like Real Grass
Compared to artificial turf of past decades, notorious for its tears and
carpet burns, Spectra’s TerraSoft® Turf captures more closely the look
and performance of natural grass.
Increased Capacity
A natural grass field will give you approximately 300 to 400 hours of use each
year – roughly an hour a day, every day of the year. With a TerraSoft® field,
unrestricted use is possible. What would you do with all the extra time?
Systems Available for Multi-Sport Use
Whether for football, soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, baseball, or even nonsports cultural and entertainment events, a Spectra TerraSoft® Turf field
will deliver performance for any sport while becoming both a community
focal point and a source of potential ongoing revenue.
Minimal Upkeep
A Spectra TerraSoft® Turf synthetic field needs no water, fertilizers or
chemical treatments. That means huge annual time and money savings
on maintenance.
A Choice of Fibers
No Rainouts!
TerraSoft® Turf proudly incorporates Thiolon fiber technology. Whether
you go with Thiolon XP Pro™ slit film fiber, Xtreme™ monofilament fibers,
or a combination, your TerraSoft® field will be crafted from the finest
materials available to meet the performance demands of any field sport.
The drainage system on a Spectra TerraSoft® field can handle up to 20” of
rain an hour, keeping the field safe and playable. No rainouts means a reliable
schedule and no lost revenues.
Capital Cost (synthetic) vs. Operating Costs (natural grass)
What’s Under Your Turf?
Per hour of use, the total costs (maintenance plus construction costs) for a
TerraSoft® Turf field is a bargain when compared to any natural grass field.
How your turf system is constructed – below turf-level – can have a big
impact on drainage, durability, performance characteristics and safety.
Count on our entrenched industry expertise to maximize the quality and
“play” of your TerraSoft® Turf system.
The System that Fits Your Needs and Budget
NOT just the system someone wants to sell you. Using only the finest
components, techniques and expertise available, Spectra will guide you
through every step of the process, to deliver a TerraSoft® Turf that
matches your requirements.
Pad or No Pad?
You can get a good TerraSoft® Turf system without a pad, but a shock
absorbing pad or elastic layer is a great investment for the long haul. It
improves durability, long-term safety, and natural playing characteristics.
Certainty of Installation & Long-term Support
The power of Spectra Contract Flooring, backed by Shaw Industries and
Berkshire Hathaway, ensures that we’ll stand behind our product from the
first day of installation to the end of its lifecycle – and beyond.
TerraSoft® turf construction system
Put the Right Team on Your Field
A winning outcome starts with the best team possible. It’s true in sports, and it’s just as true
when choosing your synthetic turf provider. The powerful Spectra/Shaw/BH partnership
means nothing less than the finest materials, unequalled installation, and exceptional
long-term support. This is a team that will deliver win after win, season after season.
There are precious few guaranteed outcomes in life.
Discover why a TerraSoft® Turf field from Spectra Contract Flooring is one of them.
Call Spectra today at 1.800.897.7263
or visit us at www.spectraCF.com.
“This field is the cat’s meow. It’s a more
consistent playing surface than grass, and
unlike grass, no matter how much you use
it, there are no wear patterns or holes –
which can lead to injuries. In drought
conditions, a natural field gets hard as a
rock. This has the same natural grass feel
– in any conditions.
Three trends drove our decision: scarce
land, pressing environmental issues – i.e.,
fertilizers and watering – and the growth
of extra-curricular school activities. Real
estate actuaries estimated, conservatively,
that property values would appreciate 9 to
13 percent across the board as a result of
having this top-quality field in place –
making it an actual selling point for people moving to the area.
Spectra was absolutely meticulous in putting the field together. They were true
craftsmen. With Shaw and Berkshire Hathaway behind it, it just made sense every
way that we looked at it.
The field has become the talk of the town
and the state. I’ve taken calls from all
across the southeast, including some from
collegiate athletic departments. It’s truly
been a win-win for everyone: the school, all
the students – not just the sports teams –
and the community.”
Tony Carlson
Director of Operations for LEAF
(Lassiter Endowment for Athletic Facilities)
Lassiter High School - Marietta, Georgia
Visit Us on-line at SpectraCF.com for a list of dealers in your area
A Berkshire Hathaway Company

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