Water Saver Pro Tall Fescue Blend


Water Saver Pro Tall Fescue Blend
Sports Turf
Water Saver Pro Tall Fescue Blend
High Quality Turf-Type Tall Fescue Blend
•A blend of 3 high quality, turf-type tall fescue
varieties designed to provide strong turf performance
across the entire range of tall fescue adaptation
•Ideal in full sun and partial shade •Lower growing with excellent heat tolerance •High traffic tolerance with moderate wear recovery
•Exceptional deep root system with reduced water
•Excellent disease resistance
•Tolerates the extremes of soil pH
•Dark green turf with medium turf density
•Three way blend of strong performing turf varieties
This high quality turf-type tall fescue blend performs very well in park and recreational settings, for lowimpact sports such as softball and little league outfields and foul territory, and sports turf with limited
water availability .
Water Saver Pro contains varieties with improved leaf texture and excellent disease resistance. With
strong drought tolerance, water can be conserved while still maintaining quality turf. This blend will
exhibit strong turf performance in full sun to moderate shade, especially in the West and US transition
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Since the 1970’s, a greater number of
athletes of all ages and abilities, a wider
variety of sport competition, and an
increased number of games have increased
the need for improved traffic tolerance and
turf recovery from excessive use.
Barenbrug has risen to the challenge of
sports turf, with increased breeding
pressure to produce these desired traits in
all turfgrass species. At Barenbrug, our
turfgrass products are designed for sports
turf performance………not just selected