Landscape Lessons Learned


Landscape Lessons Learned
Landscape Lessons
August 4th 2008
Gravel Pave Parking Lots
Gravel pave reduces the amount of hard
surface at the site, but increases the
maintenance of the overall parking lot.
Gravel sticks in the tires of parked
vehicles and tracks onto the concrete
creating a slippery surface.
Areas were not meant to be plowed by
snow removal vehicles. When plowed the
pea gravel gets carried by the snow plow
 If parking lot is not level or close to
level all the pea gravel washes down to
the lowest points of the parking lot
creating drainage problems and
maintenance issues.
 PSD has tried two of theses parking
lots and does not look to continue this
idea for the above mentioned reasons.
Native/Drought Tolerant Turf
Native turf needs to be isolated from other turf
so that irrigation can be applied to specific turf
type (picture 1).
Plants need to be inside an edge area that
keeps mowers and trimmers away from the plant
material (picture 2).
Application of native or drought tolerant turf
works well on tops of hills. Allowing less water to
be used to achieve the same green look (picture 3).
Native/Drought Tolerant Turf
 Kinard Junior High has native grasses
that are zoned separately from the
surrounding grasses and surrounding
planting beds.
Irrigation can then be specific to the
type of crop in the irrigated area.
These pictures show the turf being
mowed at 2 ½” every week instead of
once or twice a season. The savings is
realized on the water conservation side,
not the mowing maintenance.
 More xeric or drought tolerant plant
selection in these planting beds.
All trees in the native area are watered
with automatic tree bubblers in preparation
for less water because of turf type.
Student “Traffic” Patterns
 Areas where students take the shortest
distance between point A and point B.
These pictures show a path from the
student parking lot to one of the main
entrances of Fossil Ridge High School.
Student “Traffic” Patterns Before
Lunch room traffic at Riffenburgh Elementary
Passing period traffic at Boltz Junior
High caused these wear patterns between
these outside doors.
Student “Traffic” Patterns After
New sidewalk
allows for
students to walk
around the
building without
being in the turf.
Area by the
drive also allows
for students to
gather while
waiting for parent
pick up.
New colored sidewalks should provide hard
surface walk ways for students between outside
Bike Collection Areas
Bike racks are
often an after
thought once the
school is open.
Often the front
entrance is where
racks are placed or
even in the turf due
to lack of hard
surface space
Newer sites are
being designed
with collection
points away from
main entrances.
 All new bike
rack areas have
hard surface and
ample room to
access both sides of
the racks.
Playground Transfer
Progression from first elementary (Zach)
to second elementary (Bacon) through final
elementary (Bethke).
Playground transfer areas have
improved drastically from having an issue
with student traffic across the turf to not
having turf between the building and the
Area still looks pleasing with the use of
colored concrete instead of turf.
Planter Beds In Play Area
 Three different approaches to the planter
beds at Bacon (1), Zach (2) and Bethke (3).
At Bacon the plantings are still original
with large shrubs that can be invasive of the
sidewalks and grow into the other plantings.
At Zach we changed the plant material to
grasses and lilies because these plants are
more contained.
At Bethke the planting beds are completely
surrounded by seat walls to keep the students
out of this area.
Athletic Field Access Gates
 Access gates are sometimes an
after thought and not as well planned
or located as needed.
Field drainage needs to be taken
into account when deciding a
location for large traffic gates.
The shortest route to the field
might not always be the best, even if
it costs a little more up front.
Employee Buy In Of Integrated Landscaping
 As a facilities
department the effects of
integrated landscaping can
be felt for years.
 Some problems can be
addressed by letting the
employees state their
input prior to building
 PSD prides itself on
learning from previous
ideas and maintenance
costs associated with new