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Key Retailer Report
June 2010
Easy S.A. is a Chilean home center operator with stores in Chile
and Argentina. Easy is part of Cencosud Retail S.A.
Corporate website:
Consumer website:
Contact Information (buying office)
Easy S.A. (Cencosud Retail S.A.)
Av. Kennedy 9001, 5th Floor
Las Condes, Santiago
Ms. Cristina Majluf Jadue; Product Manager,
Housewares, Storage and Décor
Tel: +56 29590324
Email: [email protected]
Background Information
Year Established: 1994 in Chile, a year before in
Number of Stores: 25 stores in Chile, stores also in
Store Locations: Across the country (with exception of
the very southern parts of Chile), 9 stores in the capital
Type of Store: Home Center/Do It Yourself
Average Store Size: About 9,500 m² (100,000 sq ft).
Total surface about 250,000 m² (2,691,000 sq ft) for all stores.
Housewares Percentage of Total Sales: About 40-50%
Housewares Percentage of Total Square Meters: About 40-50%
Position within the Market: #2 in home centers
Target Consumer: All consumer groups
Stores and Products
Store Layout / Look / Feel: Clean and well organized, with good signage. Wide aisles, provide good shopping
experience - comparable to the Home Depot stores in the U.S.
Home / Housewares Product Categories: Articles for the construction, repair, equipping and decoration of
homes: building materials, flooring, paints, kitchens, etc.; home organization products; hardware; outdoor
products; appliances, kitchen & household electrics; furniture; bath and shower products; cook and bakeware;
tableware; kitchen utensils
(Continued on back)
Pricing Strategy: Offers competitive prices (starting at OPP price) while maintaining the product quality.
Quality / Design / Branding Strategy: High quality, focus in own designs to differentiate from
the competitors.
Company Brands Sold: Black & Decker, lLKO, Luminarc, Samsung, Thomas, etc.
Private Label Brands Sold: Cotidiana, Coleccione
Key Marketing Tools & Promotions: Advertisements, TV, radio, direct marketing. The web site Loyalty card program.
Suppliers and Sourcing
Sourcing Strategies
– Direct from vendors / product suppliers
– Global
Supplier Expectations Regarding
Must meet quality standards agreed.
Best possible prices, especially for the private label products.
Success Factors and Expansion Plans
Success Factors: High-quality service and good advice on the products sold at the Easy stores,
including their uses and applications. A varied range of products.
Expansion Plans: The plan is to increase presence in Colombia, consolidate presence in Argentina and
Chile, improve operating efficiencies.
The Easy S.A. profile created by:
Inspired Connection
Piritta Törrö
Tel: +358 (0)400 255 612
Email: [email protected]

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