6002 Jain Lane Austin, Texas 78721 512.583.2514



6002 Jain Lane Austin, Texas 78721 512.583.2514
6002 Jain Lane Austin, Texas 78721
512.583.2514 | www.cafedelsolaustin.com
Our food is prepared fresh to order using traditional ingredients characteristic of
regional recipes spanning the Interior of Mexico. Through our combined efforts we offer
you some of the classics, like salsa, which has become America’s favorite condiment and
guacamole, first recorded among the Aztecs and dating back to the 1500s, to the ever
popular American staple, chile con queso... ala Mexicana, of course. Our menu starts
with the time honored botanita (appetizers) and takes your palette on an adventure of
recommended pairings covering sides, entrees and sweets sure to heighten your senses.
We wish you buen provecho!
ANTOJITOS (Appetizers)
Rajas de Chile Poblano con Queso (medium) - Our secret is to butter sauté diced onion
& tomato to which we introduce a slight piquant bite with roasted poblano pepper
strips - served with our colorful house red, white and green tostada chips. $7pp
Guacamole Salad (mild) – We use the rich buttery pulp of a Haas Avocado blended
with sweet diced onion, tomato, jalapeno and cilantro along with our secret spices and
serve it chunky style with the red, green and white house tostada chips that would make
any Azteca proud. $6.50pp
La Bandera de Salsas – Our top selling trio of salsas includes an assortment of popular
green (Spicy), table red (Mild) and pico de gallo (Medium) - fabulous with our tostada
chips. $6pp
Empanadas de Flor de Calabaza (Squash Blossom Empanadas) – These beauties are
good on the eye and the tummy as we mix a tasty blend of squash blossom with our
spiced goat cheese - delicious alone or topped with salsa. $8pp
Empanadas de Plátano Macho (Plantain & Black Bean Empanadas) - We use overripe,
almost blackened plántain to balance the tartness of the queso fresco and black bean
mix. $8pp
Mini Tamales - The tamalada can be an arduous task but there’s nothing more pleasing
than the original tamale and yes, we use lard in our maza and fill it with tender pork bits
in a mix of guajillo and ancho red chile as well as with chicken in a mix of green poblano,
tomatillo and cheese... melts in your mouth good! $9.50pp
Sope de Chicharrón en Salsa Verde y Roja – A relative of the tamale, the sope hosts the
savory pork rinds in red chile or tomatillo sauce and queso fresco mix atop, instead of
inside, the masa. $6pp
Ensalada de Jícama (Jícama Slaw) - A delightful blend of jicama, apple and cabbage
adds an unexpected crisp tangy flavor to the stuffed shrimp and chicken peppers. $6pp
Coliflor Empanizada con Salsa Chipotle Aioli (Breaded Cauliflower w/ Chipotle Aioli)
– While cauliflower may seem a bit intimidating, our breaded version topped with our
tangy chipotle aioli salsa has a distinctive taste all its own. $5pp
Veggie Platter – A colorful carousel of fresh vegetable sticks, spanish olives and
cauliflower and broccoli blossoms served with ranch dip. $3pp
Chile Rellenos (Stuffed Peppers) – Roasted and deveined poblano peppers stuffed with
flavorful grilled shrimp or arroz con pollo (shredded chicken and rice mix)... battered or
not, they deliver quite the punch. Shrimp $10pp or Chicken $9pp
La Bandera Enchilada Platter – A combination of sharp cheddar cheese in our zesty
chile red sauce, seasoned ground beef in our mild con queso sauce and shredded
chicken in tomatillo sauce is sure to please everyone’s palette – served with white or
Spanish rice. $10pp
Puerco en Chile Rojo Cazuela – Tender pork bits in a flavorful sweet, pungent red chile
sauce is the perfect taco filling nestled in our handmade corn or flour tortillas - served
with choice of cilantro, white or Spanish rice. $15pp
New Mexico Style Green Chile Stew Cazuela – Supple pork bits in a rich blend of green
chile peppers and potatoes make this stew a crowd favorite - served with choice of
cilantro, white or Spanish rice and handmade corn of flour tortillas. $16pp
Cazuela de Mole Tradicional - This divine savory cocoa chile infused Mexican delicacy
gently shrouds our succulent chicken breast and is best savored quietly paired with
simple white or Spanish rice and warm handmade corn or flour tortillas. $16pp
Cuernitos - Our grandmother’s version of the popular polvorones is a simple butter and
nut blend - these sweet delicate treats will both melt and explode in your mouth. $7pp
Key Lime Pie Shots - We use the peel and juice of the fragrant Mexican limón in our
delectable treat... so rich you need only a bite. $7pp
Buñuelos - A simple blend of spices that include cinnamon, orange rind and clove make
this unpretentious traditional sweet an ecstasy. $5pp
Cebollitas a la Parilla con Limón (Grilled Green Onion in Lemon Sauce) - These tender
grilled onions add a bit of smoky zest to your red chile pork tacos or munch on them ala
Mexicana to compliment our enchiladas. $4pp
Ensalada de Nopal (Cactus Salad) – Succulent fresh cactus strips (nopales are the
paddles of prickly pear cactus, commonly found in Mexico) marinated in pico de gallo
infused vinegar and mixed with queso fresco to balance the slightly acidic taste. $5pp
Build your Fiesta Menu and contact us for prices or allow us to recommend a Family
Style Arrangement that is sure to please ALL of your guests. We offer formal staffed
catered services as well as the more relaxed take out options - anywhere and
everywhere, we are honored to serve you.
6002 Jain Lane Austin, Texas 78721
Ask for Sonia Gallegos 512.583.2514