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360º Project Service – Helping You Put the Pieces Together
On the Phone, In the Office, On-Site, Worldwide
360º Project Service –
Helping You Put the Pieces Together
360º Project Service
It takes time to complete a new building and carry out
the work that is subsequently required. Planning,
tendering and order placement, order processing and
the post-handover phase each have their own
Based on specific market demands and with a
background of 80 years experience worldwide,
Häfele’s 360º Project Service represents a portfolio
of services that can meet these needs.
As a world brand for Architectural and Furniture
Hardware, Häfele supplies products to over 100,000
customers in more then 150 countries all over the
world. More than 100,000 Architectural and
Furniture Fittings are presented on detailed catalogue
pages. This facilitates consulting on selection,
application engineering, ordering and logistics.
A comprehensive service on the one hand and an
extensive range of architectural hardware and
furniture fittings on the other hand effectively relieves
the pressure on property developers, architects,
planners and processing companies. The wide range
of services means that the customer has a single
contact for all phases of the project.
This is not just convenient, but also ensures that
construction decisions that have been made are
consistently implemented, and the interests of all
parties involved are looked after from the planning
phase to the completion of the project.
Order Processing & Handover
Häfele coordinates and monitors all deadlines and
logistical services over the entire construction
period, made possible because of our individual
construction site logistics and just-in-time delivery
capability, which Häfele provides with its global sales
network and state-of-the-art logistics centres.
Integrated project coordination until handover ensures
that the standard of all construction work is consistently high, and guarantees adherence to the defined
interests of property developers, architects and
planners through all phases of a project.
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On the Phone, In the Office, On-Site, Worldwide
Competence in Project Support & Services
During the course of planning, 360º Project Service
provides assistance with the creation of detailed
planning manuals, tailored seminars addressing
specific topics, tendering texts, application
examples, CAD files and other planning and
support such as mounting instructions, available at
However, planning also means: Calculating,
evaluating and comparing. One of the objectives of
project advice is to look for and find the best
individual solution for the project. This includes not
just in depth requirement analysis, but also consistent
brand and manufacturer-independent advice.
Häfele’s enthusiastic and qualified design consultants
can assist with integrated and coordinated hardware
selection and prepare clear and precise door
schedules according to specific project requirements.
Design Centres & Showrooms
Bringing the catalogues to life are Häfele’s
strategically located Design Centres. Häfele Design
Centres are equipped with an extensive range of
displays attuned to their local market.
We recognise that there simply is nothing better than
the real thing to convey the true quality and finish of
our products.
Updated regularly, the diverse range of
innovative products are designed to improve the
functionality of residential, commercial, retail and
hospitality projects.
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Comprehensive Range of Hardware Solutions
A global network of contacts to leading
manufacturers is a prerequisite for Häfele’s system
and advice expertise. The overall scope of project
hardware consists of four main areas:
1. StarTec Architectural Hardware:
StarTec is Häfele’s own brand of high quality designer
architectural hardware at an attractive price. The
product range includes hardware solutions that
comply with standards, including accessories for
entrance doors, interior doors, glass doors, sliding
doors and fire doors. This also includes the Dialock
electronic locking and access control system.
StarTec ST535 Sliding Glass Door System
3. Furniture fittings and interior fitting hardware:
The range of international furniture fittings and interior
fitting hardware includes more than 100,000
catalogued items.The combination of the architectural
hardware and furniture fittings expertise areas makes
it possible to provide comprehensive project
solutions, for all types of residential and commercial
2. Selected architectural hardware from other major
Häfele maintains a partnership with many internationally important architectural hardware manufacturers.
The range of hardware and fittings from these
partners is supplied by Häfele under the manufacturer
brand, often exclusively.
Ekey® TOCA home Biometrics Systems
4. Customised special hardware solutions:
Häfele’s claim of being able to design and
implement made-to-measure solutions for any
requirement means that design and functionoriented special developments are possible. Häfele
project customers have access to the creativity and
expertise of more than 1500 designers,
developers and manufacturers worldwide.
Grass Nova Pro Drawer System
HAWA Variofold 80/GV
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360º Project Service –
Helping You Put the Pieces Together
Häfele Worldwide
Häfele represents a world of solutions spanning many
countries and industries. A global supplier of quality
hardware to a dozen industries, an innovator for
everything from joining timber to moving walls.
A creator of brilliant designs for decorative elements,
or simply an established partner for every customer,
Häfele doesn’t just sell hardware, we find solutions.
Since Häfele began, we’ve been dedicated to
bringing quality not only to our products but to each
customer relationship. Quality is the driving force
guiding the efforts of our employees worldwide. As
the company’s reach has expanded around the world,
Häfele strives to make these values universal. This
accomplishment through the remarkable breadth of
expertise Häfele uses every day to help customers.
Whether an architect is designing a high-tech building
or a manufacturer is attempting to drive down costs,
Häfele will find better ways.
This is our promise and commitment to all our clients
and partners worldwide
The Catalogues
Over the past 26 years in Australia and New Zealand,
we have worked hard at Häfele to become the
leading supplier of innovative and functional furniture
fittings and architectural hardware.
Demonstrating our commitment to “Finding Better
Ways” ‘The Complete Häfele – Furniture Fittings’
Catalogue, with over 1400 pages features the latest
innovative fittings for residential, commercial, shop
and marine projects. As well as connectors, hinges,
drawer systems, appliances and furniture sliding
door systems.
The Inaugural Häfele Architectural Hardware
Catalogue brings together in one volume of over 1100
pages, a vast array of both new and proven
architectural hardware solutions that are suitable for all
types of projects.
Häfele Online
We now have an extensive collection of project
hardware, architectural and interior fittings, locking
and access control systems as well as sliding and
folding door fittings, which are at the forefront of
innovation and design.
Häfele online allows access to up-to-date information
24 hours a day. Showcasing the latest innovations,
ability to check stock availability and pricing and of
course, product ordering with simply a click of the
360º Project Service Brochure 2009 – 732.360.CAT
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es Together
Project Experience
Häfele has an impressive global list of project references with varying size, scope and category.
We thank the property developers, architects and builders for putting their faith in Häfele.
The few examples shown below demonstrate our ability to meet diverse requirements.
Balé Resort
Port Douglas QLD, Australia
Sydney Hilton Hotel
Sydney NSW, Australia
Burj Al Arab
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Victoria - Head Office 8 Monterey Road, (P.O. Box 1066)
Dandenong VIC 3175
Telephone: (03) 9212 2000
(03) 9212 2001
[email protected]
South Australia
21 Chesser Street,
Adelaide SA 5000
Telephone: (08) 8232 9933
(08) 8232 9977
[email protected]
Melbourne Design Centre
Lvl 1, 75-77 Flinders Lane,
Melbourne VIC 3000
Telephone: (03) 9212 2000
(03) 9652 3701
[email protected]
Brisbane Design Centre
1 Breakfast Creek Road,
Newstead QLD 4006
Telephone: (07) 3344 1533
(07) 3253 3701
[email protected]
New South Wales
10 Forsyth Close,
Wetherill Park NSW 2164
Telephone: (02) 8788 2200
(02) 8788 2201
[email protected]
Australian Capital Territory
1/88 Newcastle Street,
Fyshwick ACT 2609
Telephone: (02) 6202 2800
(02) 6228 1418
[email protected]
Sydney Design Centre
115 Flinders Street,
Surry Hills NSW 2010
Telephone: (02) 8788 2200
(02) 9692 0711
[email protected]
Hobart Design Centre
309 Liverpool Street,
Hobart TAS 7000
Telephone: (03) 6331 7106
(03) 6334 6414
[email protected]
12 Selhurst Street,
Coopers Plains QLD 4108
Telephone: (07) 3344 1533
(07) 3344 1770
[email protected]
262 York Street,
Launceston TAS 7250
Telephone: (03) 6331 7106
(03) 6334 6414
[email protected]
Newcastle Design Centre
Unit 1, 47 Bolton Street,
Newcastle NSW 2300
Telephone: (02) 8788 2200
(02) 4921 0901
[email protected]
Perth Design Centre
Opening Mid 2009
Western Australia/N.T
29-33 Juna Drive,
Malaga WA 6090
Telephone: (08) 9249 3833
(08) 9249 3328
[email protected]
Freecall 1800 806 307 for all
customers in country regions
and ACT
Christchurch Design Centre
5 Wigram Close
Sockburn, Christchurch
Telephone: (03) 343 8200
(03) 343 8201
[email protected]
Auckland Design Centre
62 Cook Street
Auckland City, Auckland
Telephone: (09) 274 2530
(09) 274 2531
[email protected]
Eestern Design Centre
16 Accent Drive,
East Tamaki, Auckland
Telephone: (09) 274 2040
(09) 274 2041
[email protected]
Wellington Design Centre
The Wool Store, Level 1
262 Thorndon Quay, Wellington
Telephone: (04) 472 0294
(04) 472 0295
[email protected]
Freephone 0800 4 HAFELE
This catalogue is for the use of the recipient only. It remains in all respects the property of Häfele. Reproduction of this brochure in whole or in part, or the reproduction of the illustrations as well as the copying of the layout, is strictly
prohibited. All measurements given in this publication are not binding. Rights for design improvements reserved. No responsibility for typographical or other errors occurring in the catalogue production. All deliveries made corresponding
to Häfele sales conditions. Häfele reserves the right to adjust prices as may be deemed necessary.
2009. Copyright by Häfele. All rights reserved. Printed in Australia.
360º Project Service Brochure 2009 – 732.360.CAT