Quality Design Innovation Functionality


Quality Design Innovation Functionality
Quality D e s i g n Innovation Functionality
Head Office, Auckland
Welcome to Häfele
New Zealand
Häfele represents a world of solutions spanning many countries
and industries. A global supplier of quality hardware to a dozen
industries, an innovator from joining timber to moving walls.
A creator of brilliant designs for decorative elements, or simply an
established partner for every customer, Häfele doesn’t just sell
hardware, we find solutions.
Since Häfele began, we’ve been dedicated to bringing quality not
only to our products but to each customer relationship. Quality is
the driving force guiding the efforts of our employees worldwide.
As the company’s reach has expanded around the world, Häfele
strives to make these values universal. This accomplishment
through the remarkable breadth of expertise Häfele uses every day
to help customers. Whether an architect is designing a high-tech
building or a manufacturer is attempting to drive down costs,
Häfele will find better ways.
This is our promise and commitment to all our clients and
partners worldwide
Since 1989 Häfele New Zealand has been delivering the latest innovations
sourced from either our own factories or from our international partners.
With branches located in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch we are
available New Zealand wide and look forward to being of service to you in
the near future.
Furniture Fittings
Häfele’s Furniture Fittings are renowned for their innovation, reliability
and clever design.
Our German Factories develop and manufacture thousands of products,
including furniture connectors, hinges, office equipment and custom
designed products. We also represent premium brands, like Grass
Drawer Systems, Kesseböhmer Pull Out Storage and Wireware
Products, Salice Concealed Hinge Program, Hailo Built In Waste
Management and Huwil Lift Up Flap Fittings.
We pride ourselves on exceeding the customer’s expectations by value
adding to our products through the TopCo service. TopCo is the marketing name for all the products that we custom assemble or package for
the market, like fully assembled drawers with base and back fitted, hardware fittings packed in bags for ready to assemble furniture and made
to order aluminium frame glass and acrylic doors.
Our vast range, including Handles, Connectors, Hinges, Locks, Drawers
and Drawer Runners, Kitchen Storage Accessories, Sliding and Folding
Tracks, Office Furniture Fittings, Desk Systems, Lighting and Fasteners is
one of our strengths, combined with a high achieving sales force to
deliver the best possible product and service.
furniture fittings
Architectural Hardware
Häfele Architectural Hardware can be found in many prestigious and
distinctive buildings throughout New Zealand and it is fast becoming one
of the leading New Zealand architectural hardware brands.
Office Interior
Our reputation for providing integrated solutions that meet the designed
building function continues to bring us into contact with new projects and
clients daily, and we work hard to develop our relationships with our
valued existing partners.
Our specialist Architectural Hardware product development team have
years of experience and are supported by a nationwide team of
Architectural Sales Representatives.
Our Architectural team can offer you:
• A comprehensive free door scheduling service
• Consultation and quotation service for sliding, folding and stacking
door solutions
• Technical advice and specification assistance.
• Product presentations tailored to your specific needs at one of our
well-equipped Design Centres or at your own office.
Häfele is proven in all types of construction projects, hotels and resorts,
commercial buildings, office fitouts, retail stores and malls, residential
developments, leisure complexes, educational establishments, hospitals,
factories and more.
Bringing the catalogue to you
At Häfele we pride ourselves on continually finding better ways to
present our company and it's vast product range to our customers.
Häfele New Zealand have invested time and knowledge into creating helpful and inspiring displays to assist our customers and the
public in finding the right fittings for their investment.
Encompassing quality, design, innovation and functionality, our
showrooms are at the very centre of all design creations whether
building renovating, or simply information gathering.
and design centres
Distribution logistics is another important
part of our customer service. Our network
of 2 warehouses located in Auckland and
Christchurch, stock and manage our comprehensive range of hardware across the
entire country. Carrying over 6000 stock
lines, an average day will see over 300
orders picked from approximately 900
lines. Services matched then to customer
requirements such as: next day delivery,
delivery to multiple locations, splitting
orders into units.
Transportation methods used are specific
to the volume and dimensions of the
delivery. Factors such as: urgency,
distance and cost are all taken into consideration to ensure that the delivery reaches
its destination reliably and efficiently.
The Complete Häfele
Renown as the ‘Industry Bible’ The Complete Häfele serves as a
comprehensive hardware encyclopedia.
The Complete Häfele for Furniture Fittings and Architectural
Hardware present, in a user-friendly format, a wealth of technical
and specification information on our extensive ranges.
Häfele Online
Häfele Online allows access to up-to-date information 24 hours a
day. Showcasing the latest innovations, ability to check stock
availability and pricing and of course, product ordering, with simply
a click of the mouse.
A family company with Swabian virtues.
The German-speaking countries have a worldwide reputation for being a
breeding ground for hardware technology. This also includes the Swabia
region, which is one of Germany’s strongest economic zones. Swabia is
famous for innovation, engineering and quality. It is no surprise that worldfamous brands from the German automotive, electronics and mechanical
engineering industries originate from this area. Häfele is a typical Swabian
company with the well known Swabian virtues of consistency, persistence,
modesty and inventive genius. Within this environment, Häfele has grown
from being a local business for cabinet maker suppliers into an
international company with a worldwide reputation. Häfele is a family
company and considers itself to be a medium-sized company, maintaining
a trusting, open and partnership-like relationship with it’s customers,
suppliers and business partners.
Häfele Head Office, Nagold, Germany
Finding better ways for more than 80 years.
Häfele has been managed by ambitious entrepreneurs from the very
beginning. Each one of these personalities has successfully implemented
visions and made a significant contribution to the development of the group
of companies. Häfele was delivering hardware abroad and procuring
hardware from other countries as long ago as the 1960’s. Häfele has had
a presence in the USA since 1973, Australia since 1982 and Asia since
1988. One particular milestone was the development of the globally
successful Minifix component. The patent for this new furniture connector
was granted in 1983. Häfele has had an electronic information and
ordering system since 1995, and orders can now be placed in the 15 most
important markets using online catalogues. Häfele added the Dialock
electronic locking system to it’s range of hardware for projects in 1997, and
has been supplying complete hardware solutions for furnishing areas such
as kitchens, storage rooms and retirement homes since 2005.
360˚ Project Service - Helping you put the pieces together
Based on experience gained in local and international projects, Project 360
offers advice and assistance for Investors and Developers, Specifiers,
Project Managers and Installers. Our specialist Architectural Hardware
product development team have years of experience and is supported by a
nation wide team of Architectural Sales Representatives. Our Architectural
team can offer you:
• A comprehensive free door scheduling service
• Consultation and quotation service for sliding, folding and stacking door solutions
• Technical advice and specification assitance
• Product presentations tailored to your specific needs at one of our wellequipped Design Centres or at your own office.
Häfele’s headquarters and it’s four manufacturing plants are in Germany,
Häfele’s global procurement network consists of about 1500 supplier
partners and more than 100,000 customers. The most important markets
are dealt with via the company’s own sales companies: Australia, America,
Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, China, Denmark, France, Great Britain, India,
Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Canada, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, New
Zealand, Netherlands, Austria, Philippines, Poland, Switzerland, Singapore,
Spain, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand and Turkey.
Total Turnover
Turnover excluding Germany
Häfele turnover in million Euros from 1950 to 2007
Häfele worldwide: 2007 status
The Häfele group has been characterised by continuous growth during it’s
80-plus years of existence. The current sales statistics by continent are:
Europe 65%, North/South America 18%, Asia 10%, Australia/New Zealand
6%, Africa 1%
Häfele Showrooms
Eastern Design Centre Head Office
16 Accent Drive
East Tamaki
P (09) 274 2040
F (09) 274 2041
[email protected]
Beaumont Street Design Centre
20 Beaumont Street
St Mary’s Bay
P (09) 274 2530
F (09) 274 2531
[email protected]
Wellington Design Centre
The Wool Store Level 1
262 Thorndon Quay
P (04) 472 0294
F (04) 472 0295
[email protected]
Christchurch Design Centre
5 Wigram Close
P (03) 343 8200
F (03) 343 8201
[email protected]
www.hafele.com • freephone 0800 4 HAFELE
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