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fitty at the front
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14/11/2014 12:28
Darren McMullen
is the Scottish
born, LA living host
of Australia’s The
Voice. He’s a friend
of Kylie, shortlisted
for GQ’s Man of the
Year and now he’s
got his kit off for GT
Describe the pants you’re
wearing today. White Calvins. You
can’t go wrong with a nice pair of
box-fresh white Calvins.
What’s the naughtiest thing
you’ve done this week? I let a
woman put a studded collar and a
lead on me, and walk me around
New York on all fours while I
barked like a dog. That woman
was Cruella de Vil and I was
an unfortunate little dalmatian.
Halloween in NYC is always a blast!
Are you good at flirting? I’d like
to think that I’m a charming man.
That’s all flirting is essentially
– being charming. I flirt with
everyone, not just people I want to
sleep with.
What’s the worst job you’ve
ever had? God, hard to say. I’ve
had some pretty awful jobs over
the years but I don’t regret any of
them. They all made me who I am
today. I’ve been a janitor in a high
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14/11/2014 12:29
fitty at the front
school. I’ve cleaned toilets, packed
shelves in a supermarket. Been a
checkout chick, a car valet parker.
I’ve worked in house-keeping for
major hotel chains, a door-to-door
salesman… To name but a few!
Where’s the weirdest place
you’ve snogged someone? I was
on a long distance bus once from
Sydney to Melbourne in Australia.
It’s about a 13 hour bus trip. They
make a couple of stops along the
way and I got quite chatty with
another passenger. By the end of
the trip we were rolling around
at the back of the bus on top of
everyone’s luggage.
What’s your guilty pleasure?
Broadway musicals. Love ‘em. I’m
obsessed with Disney. I’ll launch
into Disney tunes at least a couple
of times a day. A Whole New World
is my go-to karaoke song.
Who’s your favourite boy band
in history? It has to be the original
and, in my opinion, still the best:
The Beatles!
If you could have any super
power, what would it be? I’d love
to be able to become someone else
for a day. That way I could have
become Peter Andre all those years
ago and made him decide not to go
onto I’m A Celebrity, and the world
would’ve been saved a decade of
television and trash-mag dribble.
If you were to marry a man,
who would you go for? It would
have to be Georgie Boy… NOT
Boy George! I mean Mr Clooney of
course… Although I hear that he’s
been taken!
What’s the most outrageous lie
you’ve gotten away with? I’ve
been pretending I actually know
what the hell is going on at work
for years! To be honest, I keep
waiting for someone to tap me on
the shoulder and say “the game’s
up pal, we know you’re a fake.”
And it’ll be back to cleaning
toilets for me… n
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14/11/2014 12:29