Dan`s Travels Rocky Pastures Damminix Tick Tubes® Grubs Happy


Dan`s Travels Rocky Pastures Damminix Tick Tubes® Grubs Happy
Dan’s Travels
Rocky Pastures
Dan and Melissa returned
from the U.S. and British
Virgin Islands in early April
just in time to start up the
2012 summer season!
Dan is bringing his
expertise and very
green thumb to the
Kenneth Roberts
Estate, Rocky
Pastures, for the
Historical Society’s Designer Show House! He has
teamed up with interior designer Paula Robinson
Rossouw on designing the living room and terrace as a
tribute to Kenneth Roberts’s life, interests and keen
sense of humor.
While in St. John, Dan and
Melissa spent time with
friends enjoying lots of water
activities, exploring different islands, hiking and relaxing
before the start of their busy season.
Many projects soon came with the customary opening of
houses and cottages. Putting docks and ramps in,
getting tree, shrub and perennial beds in shape and
planting lots of window boxes and planters were all
accomplished before June 1.
Dan will not be traveling too much this summer as it is a
great time to be working with his crew and enjoying time
here in the great state of Maine with family and friends.
This has been quite the season for white grubs. White
grubs are the larvae of scarab beetles and eat grass
Dan received a call from a client that had a major area of
her lawn destroyed in the course of one evening. It
turned out that raccoons came out at night and dug out
the grass to retrieve the grubs.
Grubs live and feed in the soil, eventually killing the lawn
leaving it as brown patches. Beetles lay thousands of
eggs in the lawn and newly hatched worms will work
their way through the thatch and into the soil. If the grass
isn’t killed by the grubs eating the turf roots, skunks or
raccoons will do lots of damage looking for dinner and
you will have to reseed.
Most beetles lay their eggs in late summer and the
young grubs do their greatest damage in the fall. As the
weather gets cooler, the grubs burrow deeper into the
soil for the winter months. In the springtime, they return
to the surface to feed in the warm soil. After the spring
feeding, grubs turn into adult beetles and the vicious
cycle starts again.
Call Dan for an organic approach to eliminate white
grubs today!
Rocky Pastures is a sprawling stone house that was
built for the famous author in 1938 by the architect
Frazier Forman Peters of Westport, Conn. Rocky
Pastures is a 6,000-square-foot house with 12 rooms
that was recently updated, combining old world charm
with modern conveniences. It was here that Kenneth
Roberts penned his popular novels of historical fiction
that earned him a 1957 Pulitzer Prize in the Special
Awards and Citations category.
To represent the famous author’s love of nature and
dowsing, the living room has been transformed into a
garden room! Plants, trees and lichen-covered stone
from the estate form the backdrop to period furnishings
that echo the layout of the living room during Kenneth
Roberts’s lifetime. Come see the specially designed
indoor rockery, the eye-catching pergola on the terrace
and all the beautiful plants and trees handpicked by
The estate is located off Ocean Avenue across from
Sandpiper Lane. The Designer Show House is open
daily beginning June 23 and running until July 14. For
tickets, call (207) 967-2751 or visit
Pictured below left is Leon setting one of the first huge posts for
the pergola on the terrace. Pictured below right is John and
Leon with Dan’s fountain.
Damminix Tick Tubes®
Take back the outdoors and enjoy your yard this
summer - tick-free! Ticks are a horrible insect, which can
carry Lyme disease.
The key to protecting yourself against Lyme disease is
to eliminate ticks. If you would like an intelligent tick
control solution that lets you, your children and pets
safely enjoy the outdoors, start with Damminix Tick
Tick Tubes are biodegradable, cardboard tubes filled
with permethrin treated cotton. Mice collect the cotton to
build their nests, and the deer ticks that feed on mice in
the springtime are exposed to permethrin and die.
Did you know ticks get Lyme disease from mice, not
deer? The deer only acts as a carrier to the ticks and
that’s how they get on you and your pets.
Dan has Tick Tubes in stock and can strategically place
them on your property! Don’t wait; ward off those ticks
Happy Birthday!
On April 23, 2012, Dan celebrated his father Tony’s and
aunt Rinda’s 76th birthday! A wonderful evening was
spent at Pier 77 with family - and they are looking
forward to many more years ahead!
Annual Plantings
Let Dan and his crew
plant you a beautiful
floral display in your
garden, window boxes
or planters!
Let’s face it perennials are great,
but only last a few
weeks. Dan strongly
interplanting a collection of annuals in your garden.
Annuals, although only live for one growing season,
are versatile, colorful and produce quick results all
season long.
Dan has a huge amount of annuals to choose from
depending on
your preference,
and he can
with the right
planning. Dan
can design an
incredible show
of color that can be enjoyed all summer long.
Don’t forget to plant bulbs! Commonly planted in the
fall, bulbs are always a welcoming sight after a long,
cold, gray winter. Dan’s favorites include crocuses,
daffodils, tulips, hyacinths and scillas.
The Atlantic Hall
To Sum It Up
It has been a tremendous spring! Again, a special
thank you to my incredible crew and amazing wife,
We all work through the hot and dry days, and the
days filled with fog, rain and drizzle. My crews worked
diligently through the unsettled weather leading up to
Memorial Day. I received many phone calls, emails
and personal “thank yous” for all our hard work for
getting projects completed on time or ahead of
My sister Amy and my
niece, baby Kiera, visited
at the end of May, and
Kiera enjoyed her first
pancake breakfast at
Atlantic Hall followed by
the Memorial Day Parade
in Kennebunkport.
Property Management
2012 Summer Company
Spruce and Kaysea - our
two Golden Retrievers are doing well. Kaysea is a real love bug and often
enjoys napping with Spruce.
Dan was asked to set up a display at the People’s
United Bank for the
month of May
promoting their
business partners,
Business Customer
Spotlight. Thank
you, People’s!
Designing, Building & Caring
for Kennebunkport's Finest
Landscapes & Gardens
After having volunteered on
the Board, Dan was recently
elected as president of the
Atlantic Hall. Atlantic Hall, the
heart of Cape Porpoise, is a
501(c)(3) non-profit
organization and is a
community-owned building
intended to be a center for
both community and private
For more information, check out the website:
www.atlantichall.org. If you’d like a personal tour of the
Atlantic Hall, let Dan know.
Dan Viehmann
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