Annual Report FYE 2015 - Food Bank for Larimer County


Annual Report FYE 2015 - Food Bank for Larimer County
Food Bank for Larimer County
Donor Impact Report
FYE 2015
Dear Friends,
Thank you for your commitment to ending hunger in Larimer County. With
your support, last fiscal year we provided enough food for 7.4 million meals
and served nearly 36,000 individuals through our three hunger-relief programs:
Food Share, Food Link and Child Nutrition.
In FYE 2015, despite low unemployment rates in Larimer County, we continued
to see consistent need for our services. In fact, over the last four years, the
number of individuals we serve through our Food Share pantries has remained
relatively unchanged. Why would that be? We know that the costs of housing,
childcare, education, medical and other expenses make it difficult for thousands of households to make ends meet. As this seems to be the new reality in
our community, we’re starting to explore our role in helping our clients move
towards self-sufficiency.
One way we can have an impact is by providing healthy food. Recognizing the
link between health and hunger, we have placed particular emphasis on providing fresh produce for our Food Share clients. By providing and encouraging
healthy foods, we’re helping our clients manage diet-related diseases with the
hopes that they will be able to decrease medical expenses and/or return to
work. In addition to our continued efforts to source and distribute more fresh
produce, last year we expanded our Tasting Table program to share healthy
recipes and samples with our clients to encourage healthy eating. We’re also
reaching out to new partners to explore ways we can work together to provide
resources for our clients to improve health outcomes.
Amy Pezzani, CEO
Food Bank for Larimer County
With your continued support, this and future work is possible. Together, we can
end hunger, stabilize lives and build a vibrant community.
Kevin Shaw, Board Chair
Food Bank for Larimer County
A hunger-free
Larimer County
Providing food
to all in need
through community partnerships
and hungerrelief programs.
Food Bank for Larimer County | FYE 2015
Food Share
Our local food pantry, Food Share, is one of the largest,
client-choice, fresh food pantries in the nation with locations in Fort Collins and Loveland. In FYE 2015, our two
Food Share locations served 28,768 unduplicated individuals, a number that has remained nearly unchanged over
the last three years. We provided Food Share clients with
enough food for 1.5 meals per day, saving a family of four
$558 per month on food costs.
Child Nutrition Programs
In FYE 2015, the number of children living in food insecure households in Larimer County continued to hover
around 33%. Our Kids Cafe program prepared and served
a record number of healthy, cooked from scratch meals
and snacks (83,098 meals; 88,396 snacks). Our Backpack
program, in cooperation with Loveland Rotary and McKinney, provided 23,992 weekend food packs for homeless
Brandy’s Story
In 2010, Brandy was divorced and a single mom when
she lost her job. With a young daughter depending on
her, she knew she needed help and so she turned to
the Food Bank’s Food Share program. Once she started visiting the Food Bank, she was pleasantly surprised
that she was able to get fresh foods, including fruits and
vegetables. Brandy and her daughter started trying new
foods and found things that they really liked. Although
Brandy received SNAP benefits, at times, nearly 90% of
her family’s food came from the Food Bank.
and near homeless children. In addition to providing more
meals, under the direction of our Registered Dietitian and
new Community Kitchen Manager, 85% of each Kids Cafe
meal is made from scratch, including our buns, marinara
sauce and breakfast muffins.
Food Link
With a new partnership contract, a streamlined monitoring process and new outreach efforts, we added 10 new
partner organizations in FYE 2015. Food Link provided
food to 95 non-profit organizations. Food Link member
agencies included food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters
and snack programs that serve low-income populations.
In FYE 2015, we saved these partner agencies over $2.2
million on food expenses.
visit more often. Brandy’s daughter loves to join her mom
at the Food Bank and help plan family meals. After a trip
to the Food Bank, Brandy uses her limited resources to
purchase foods to complement the items she picks up at
Food Share. For Brandy, the assistance she receives from
the Food Bank means she gets to say “yes” to a small
treat, like a pack of gum, every once in a while for her
daughter. Thanks to the Food Bank, Brandy gets to do a
little something for her daughter that makes both of them
Today, Brandy works as a home care provider for elderly
clients. It’s a job she loves, but it doesn’t pay as well as
her old job. She works six days per week, nearly 40 hours,
so that she doesn’t have to pay childcare. This schedule also gives her more time to spend with her 10 year
old daughter, who has special needs, when she isn’t at
school. She depends on friends to watch her daughter
on Saturdays.
Although she’s working, Brandy is grateful that she can
continue to get food from the Food Bank to help her
make ends meet. With the recent change in Fort Collins’
Food Share hours, Brandy and her daughter are able to
Brandy and her daughter love to spend time
together on the Poudre River.
Unduplicated Individuals
1.5 Meals Per Day
Enough food for each person
to prepare 1.5 meals per day
Of all food distributed was
fresh produce
Kids Cafe Meals
Prepared & Served
Weekend Backpacks
for Homeless & At-risk
Individual Snacks for
Schools through
Kids Link
Kids Cafe Snacks
Prepared & Served
Non-profit Food Link
1,327,449 Pounds
of Food Provided to Food Link
$2.28 Million
Saved in Food Costs & Directed
to Partner Programming
Food Bank for Larimer County | FYE 2015
Our feed initiative is designed to focus our resources on efforts that most effectively decrease food
insecurity and improve the health of our clients. To
provide access to more people, in June 2015, we
changed the days and hours of operation of our
Fort Collins Food Share facility. With this change,
between our two locations, we are now open 6 days
per week. In addition, the change in hours offers
time for clients who work traditional schedules to
visit after work. With the change, we’re serving an
additional 300-400 people per month, on average.
Also in FYE 2015, we began an extensive research
initiative to determine gaps in service, especially
with regards to seniors. We will use this data to help
inform our future plans for food distribution.
Using a variety of channels, our work in this area
focuses on mobilizing the public to help us achieve
our vision of a hunger-free Larimer County. In
FYE 2015, we launched a new website to increase
engagement and raise awareness. We continued
to utilize social media, particularly Facebook, to
inform and motivate our followers regarding events,
hunger statistics, programming and other relevant
issues. At the beginning of the year, we established
a Positive Community Perception Index (PCPI) to
measure changes in awareness year over year. Metrics include online engagement, media engagement
and individual engagement. After one year, our PCPI
increased 24%.
Another area of focus is the strengthening of our
systems, including fundraising, food sourcing and
food distribution. In FYE 2015, we received grant
funding from Feeding America to participate in a
fund development assessment. Assessment results
provided eight recommendations that will serve
as areas of focus to strengthen our fundraising
efforts. In FYE 2015, we continued our work with
our sister food banks across the state to source and
share multiple truckloads of food each week made
available to us through the Feeding America choice
system. Additionally, we were a founding partner of
the Northern Colorado Food Cluster, whose mission
is to create a healthy community through a resilient
lcoal food system. In our efforts to ensure the highest standards, we completed and passed our first
AIB International food safety audit.
The focus of this initiative is to promote a culture
of nutrition and ensure an adequate supply and
access to healthy food options for all of our clients.
Under the guidance of our nutrition committee,
we created a Nutrition Policy Statement and set
nutrition goals for the organization. As part of our
passive nutrition education initiatives, we installed
nutrition-focused banners in our Fort Collins Food
Share and expanded our Tasting Table program to
four days per week. We also completed our third
client nutrition survey which will continue to guide
our work with our clients. We’ve also continued
to make improvements to our Kids Cafe menu and
now cook 85% of our menu items, including our
buns and bagels, from scratch to control sodium, fat
and sugar contents.
Food Bank for Larimer County | FYE 2015
25+ Hours of Service
Aaron Havel
Al Habenicht
Alan Beatty
Alex Petterson
Alice Shenk
Ally Biernat
Amanda Harroun
Amelia Bales
Andrea Priddy-Smith
Andrew Lindsey-Onkka
Andrew Smalley
Andy Spinas
Angie Clarke
Anita Basinger
Anita Trujillo
Ann Koch
Ann Lundahl
Anne Kozil
Anya Guy
Aubrey Stahl
Barbara Alldredge
Barbara DeBonte
Barbara Warner
Beth Eikenbary
Beth McTernan
Bill Beach
Bill Jackson
Bill McTernan
Bill Miles
Bill Repert
Bill Risheill
Bill Tremblay
Bill Wawro
Bob Schroeder
Brint Deighton
Brooke Duncan
Caleb Lorenzen
Cameron Petty
Camille Ide
Candice Burns
Carl Etsitty
Carlee Seeba
Carol Jans
Carol Slade
Carolyn Hewitt
Carolyn Parmenter
Carter Noh
Cathy Morgan
Cathy Ratschkowsky
Cheri Benglen
Cheryl Macqueene
Cheryl Schmidt
Chester James
Chris Hall
Chris Hammel
Chris Hein
Chris Van Roekel
Christina Curley
Christine Love
Christine Manda
Chuck Boyer
Connie Berger
Courtney Schinner
Crystal LaMarr
Cynthia Bush
Daisuke Yoshida
Dan Gould
Dan Overmyer
Dan Wrzesinski
Danny Marston
Dave Meyer
David Dummer
David Green
David Hines
David Kepler
Deborah Bayliss
Denise McFann
Dennis Gardner
Diana Cassi
Diana Christopherson
Diann Nygaard
Dick McKeown
In FYE 2015, 2,882 volunteers donated 35,879 hours of service or the equivalent of
18 full-time staff members. Volunteers are vital to the work of the Food Bank!
Don Edminster
Don Stumpf
Donald Piermattei
Doris Goodell
Doug Hay
Douglas DeGroot
Ed Sparling
Elisa Sherman
Elisabeth Aron
Elizabeth Pike
Emma Hambury
Eric Wilder
Erik McDonald
Ernie Cummins
Florence Rasmussen
Fran Cummins
Gail Wallis
Gary Zook
Gene Clarke
Gene Meyer
Geoff Bland
George Siffert
Gerald Sigward
Glenice Risheill
Glenn Kuhns
Greg Hickman
Harold Pacheco
Hermana Luke
Hunter Mangrum
Ingrid Stahl
J. Saige Stratford
Jace Spraker
Jack Coman
Jack McGrew
Jan Bergman
Jan Meyer
Jan Touslee
Jane Jackson
Jane Lederer
Janelle Spinas
Janie Griffin
Jean McCabe
Jean Schicke
Jeanette Boissy
Jeff Deaner
Jennifer Harvey
Jerry Clough
Jerry Hart
Jerry Smith
Jessica Boudreau
Jill Bennett
Jim Ingram
Jo Baietti
Joan Spurgin
Jocelyn Schott
John Heer
John Huiting
John Lindenbaum
John Lussenhop
John Nick
John Robinson
John Rowland
John Shepek
John Sterner
John Sullivan
John Young
Jordan Hattabaugh
Josephine Guzman
Joyce Carroll
Joyce Little
Judi Robinson
Judy Clough
Judy Gray
Judy Lockwood
Julia Halualani
Julie Fowler
Julie Mathews
Julie Pass
Justin Hamilton
Kathe Haake
Katherine Henry
Kathleen Meyer
Food Bank for Larimer County | FYE 2015
Kathryn Fox
Kathy Cunningham
Kathy Nicol
Kathy Nicolai
Katie Evans
Kayreah Warner
Kelley Richardson
Kelly Germolus
Kimberly Moyer
Kristell Mondragon Ruiz
Kristi Wolley
Lavelle McGovney
Lester Bull
Linda Black
Linda Broekstra
Linda Garver
Linda Hope
Linda MacArthur
Linda Sterner
Lisa Kutcher
Lisa Mackessy
Logan Hayes
Louise Lettner
Lyn Warrick
Lynda Russell
Lynne Deur
Makayla Bloyd
Mallory O’Connell
Marcia Touslee
Margaret Wick
Marge Boehner
Marge Goodall
Maria Rivero
Mariah Baty
Marilee Long
Mark Ellis
Mark Goodell
Mark McFann
Marney Komives
Marsha Dooley
Marti Dean
Mary Gamble
Mary Hines
Mary Jo Carpenter
Mary Lea Dodd
Mary Lou Linton
Mary O’Donnell
Mary Shore
Maxwell Dielman
Melanie Rieth
Melanie Stough
Melissa Dickinson
Micah Zhang
Michael Collins
Michael Papp
25+ Hours of Service
Michael Turner
Michelle Pendleton
Molly Carroll
Monty Godec
Nancy D’Albergaria
Nathan Dotson
Neil Garney
Nicole Kertamns
Nicole Steffeck
Norm Stiefel
O’Linda Magsamen
Pam Brown
Pam Foster
Pam Johansen
Pat Huth
Patricia Bartlett
Patricia Smith
Patrick Costello
Patrick Kavanagh
Paula Maiorano
Peter Lederer
Phil Murphy
Phyllis Brown
Phyllis Smith
Pia Goulding
Preston McGinty
Rachelle Correll
Randy Shull
Randy Touslee
Renee Popp
Rich Ratschkowsky
Richard Gonet
Richard Sadowske
Rita Ortiz
Robert Simmons
Robert Williams
Rodger Myers
Rogelio Balbuena
Roger Gunlikson
Ronnae Berry
Rosalee Smith
Rosalie Smith
Roy Campbell
Ruth Brenner
Ruth Brungardt
Ruth Sommers
Sally Hooper
Sandy Barnes
Sarah Luzinski
Sharon Johnson
Sheila Hagaman
Shelly Swanson
Sierra Dunbar
Simon Turner
Stephen Huth
Stephen Malone
Steve Constant
Steve Haake
Steve Heller
Steve McDonnell
Sue Brink
Sue Evans
Susan Coffey
Susan Cvar
Susan Degutz
Susan Jackson
Susan Rowland
Susan Siffert
Susan Tree
Susie Kelley
Suzanne O’Donnell
Suzanne Plewes
Tammie King
Tanner Farnsworth
Terri Lupiezowietz
Terry Branstner
Tim Burkhardt
Tim Gates
Tim Harris
Tina Deringer
Tom Cvar
Tom Inscho
Tom Jans
Tracy Evans
Travis Varra
Trudy Listen
Tyler King
Vanessa Palomares
Vara Vissa
Vern Hueske
Veronica Smieja
Vicki Moore
Vicky Green
Vince Trujillo
Virginia Riley
Wahida Khan
Wayne Folsom
Wendy Campbell
William Sullivan
Yangzhiwei Bi
Zachary Whitaker
Zella Christenson
Zoe Goreski
Volunteer Spotlight
Simon Turner joined the
Kids Cafe volunteer team 4
years ago after retiring from
teaching at the CSU Veterinary Hospital. He loves his
weekly kitchen shift because it gives him a chance
“to play with food”. Simon
credits his passion for cooking to Boy Scouts and his
mother. He likes that he’s
cooking for kids and enjoys
talking to the Food Bank
kitchen staff and other
volunteers about Kids
Cafe food and recipes.
Recently, Simon signed
up to become a Food
Bank volunteer ambassador and will put his
passion for storytelling
to work as he shares the
story of the Food Bank
with groups in the
Kids Cafe volunteer, Simon
Turner, loves to “play with
Food Bank for Larimer County | FYE 2015
Bohemian Foundation
City of Fort Collins
Community Foundation of Northern Colorado
Daniels Fund
Feeding America
George Kroh Charitable Remainder Trust
Larimer County Commissoners
Loveland Human Services Commission
Sears Trostel
United Way of Larimer County
Volentine Family Foundation
WalMart Foundation
Barthold and Cat Lichtenbelt
Ben Delatour Foundation
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Citizen Printing
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The Fan Foundation
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NOCO Unify
Our Saviour's Lutheran Church
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the Rockies
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Hewlett Packard - Matching Gift Program
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NVIDIA Employee Giving Program
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Food Bank for Larimer County | FYE 2015
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Food Bank for Larimer County | FYE 2015
Colorado State University • Dr. Tom Jamart • Food Services of America • Full Circle
Farms • Great Harvest Bread • The Growing Project • Hazel Dell Mushrooms • Honeyacre Produce Company • Hungenberg • Morning Fresh Farms • Native Hill • Noosa •
Petrocco Farms • The Rainbow Restaurant • Redeemer Lutheran Church • Spoons • Sun
Valley Farms • Timberlane Farm Museum • Timberline Church • University of Colorado
Health System
Each growing season, Larimer County
residents are asked to “plant it forward” in an effort to provide fresh
produce for neighbors in need. Plant It
Forward is a joint partnership between
the Food Bank and the Gardens on
Spring Creek. In FYE 2015, local gardeners donated over 37,000 pounds
of fresh produce. The Plant It Forward
program directly supports our goal to
provide healthy food to our clients.
Food Bank for Larimer County | FYE 2015
Great Plates of Downtown Fort Collins
Corporate Food Fight
Cans Around the Oval
Whole Foods Feed4More Holiday CampaignC
The Downtown Business Association’s Great Plates fundraiser collected a record-breaking $83,000 at participating
downtown eateries. Restaurants competed to raise the
most donations.
The 28th Annual Cans Around the Oval was the largest
one day fund and food drive for the Food Bank and raised
$48,295 and 47,966 pounds of food.
9Cares...Colorado Shares
To kick off the holiday season, 9Cares
raised $4,734 and collected 5,708
pounds of food to help the Food Bank
provide food to families in need during
the holidays.
Scouting for Food
Held in conjunction with 9Cares, the
Boys Scouts of America Longs Peak
Council collected an additional 4,936
pounds of food.
PSD Turkey Round-Up
The Poudre School District wrangled a
record 1,669 turkeys during Thanksgiving 2014 to help provide a comforting
holiday meal for families in need in our
The Larimer County business community raised $145,113
and 10,000 pounds of food during the month of April. Winners included NVIDIA, Woodward, University of Colorado
Health and AMD.
Whole Foods Market customers raised over $100k worth
of food during the store’s holiday campaign. Nearly 84 pallets of food was delivered by five trucks in March 2015.
Bread N’ Boards
In 2014, Sears Trostel Lumber Company’s
annual holiday fundraiser generated
$39,160. Guests selected a custom made
bread board with 100% of the proceeds
benefiting the Food Bank.
City & County Food & Fund Drive
Local government employees once again
showed their generous support during
the holiday season by raising $21,843
and nearly 2,500 pounds of food.
National Association of
Letter Carriers/Stamp Out Hunger
The 23rd annual food drive was held on
May 9 and despite the cold and the rain,
local letter carriers collected over 65,000
pounds of food donated by generous
Kevin Shaw
Shaw & Associates
Vice Chair
Nina Bodenhamer
Educational Media &
Communications Consultant
Monica Serrano-Toy
Associates in Family Medicine
Nathan Klein
Loveland Commercial, LLC
Brittney Stephenson
Ace Hardware
Jason Johnson
Colorado State University
Chris Hall
Sams Distribution Center 6494
Ken Severson
Doug Dohn
Dohn Construction
Marilyn Schock
University of Colorado Health
Greg Florant
Colorado State University, Biology
Tony Frank
Colorado State University
Jacqueline Zipser
First National Bank
Chief Executive Officer
Amy Pezzani
Lynnette Liley, Food Share
Chief Operations Officer
Chuck Gill
Morgan Stratton, Food Share
Chief Development Officer
Heather Buoniconti
Loveland Food Share
Craig Fowler, Food Share Manager
Denise Bowser, Accounting Manager
Shawna Zuck, Office Manager
Stacy Stolen, Employee Relations Manager
Community Kitchen
Justin Kruger, Community Kitchen Manager
Jeff Tomlinson, Kids Cafe Driver
Mike DeBonte, Kitchen Supervisor
Sara Thompson, Kitchen Technician
Fort Collins Food Share
Jan Martin, Food Share Manager
Andrew Bradshaw, Food Share
Liz Donovan, Nutrition & Programs Manager
Julia Halualani, Agency Relations
Geoffrey Zuehlke, Food Share Technician
Nataleen Heldt, Food Share
Marketing & Public Relations
Lauren Mingus, Communications
Nathan Kay, Operations Manager
Josh Greene, Food Resource
John Allen, Warehouse Technician
Heather Womack, Food Link
Resource Development
Lauren Dewey, Development
Sharlene Johnson, Development Coordinator
Jennifer Jakovich, Development Associate
Retail Pick-Up
Chris Kaan, Route Driver
Kyle Senger, Route Driver
Servet Dag, Route Driver
Volunteer Relations
Ben Mensch, Volunteer Manager
Josh Johnson, Warehouse
Volunteer Technician
Glenn Kuhns, Custodian
Food Bank for Larimer County | FYE 2015
Total Revenue & Support
Value of Donated Food & In-Kind Donations
FYE 2015
Individual Donations
Foundations, Corporate & Faith Organizations
Government & Federal Program Funds
Special Events (Net)
Agency Support
United Way Allocations
Total Revenue & Support
$ 19,456,179
Value of Donated Food Distributed
Program Expenses
Total Expenses
$ 19,147,239
Cash & Cash Equivalents
Accounts Receivable, net
Promises to Give, net
Food Inventory
Property & Equipment, net
Beneficial Interest in Assets Held by Community Foundation
Total Assets
Liabilities & Net Assets
Accounts Payable
Accrued payroll
Other Accrued Liabilities
Deferred Revenue
Total Liabilities
Net Assets
Board Designated Operating Reserve
Board Designated Capital Improvements
Board Designated for Endowment
Temporarily restricted
Permanently restricted, Endowment
Total Net Assets
$ 7,738,531
Total Liabilities & Net Assets
$ 8,005,360
Food Bank for Larimer County | FYE 2015