Terry Walker Accepts Position Overseas Danceline News . . .


Terry Walker Accepts Position Overseas Danceline News . . .
Terry Walker Accepts Position Overseas
Terry Walker, a former gymnastic coach at the World Champion Centre in Houston, has
recently accepted an offer to lead the gymnastics program at Christchurch School of
Gymnastics in New Zealand.
Walker, who has been coaching gymnastics for 28 years and has world-class
experience; he is one of Simone Biles (2016 Olympian) coaches. He has also trained
Olympians Eileen Diaz and Chelle Stack. Terry and his wife, Tamara, who is also an
gifted gymnastics coach, will relocate this summer with their four children.
Walker is a 1986 graduate from Sabine High School and is the son of Johnny and Myrtle
Danceline News . . .
In June, the Sabine High School Strutter officers traveled
to Houston to attend the Danceline USA Officer Leadership
Camp. Throughout the week they learned several routines,
which they had to perform for evaluation for the judges each
night. They also attended several leadership seminars and
were interviewed on their knowledge of the seminars.
Awards included: Superior Rating on all evaluations, Blue
Ribbon on all evaluations, Super Sweepstakes Award, Faith
Award and all officers were chosen for Elite Dancer.
Pictured below: (left to right) Hannah Peters - Captain,
Gracie Taylor, Rebekah Sinclair, and Vanessa Antuna.
Also in June, the Sabine Middle School Stepper officers
traveled to Trinity Valley Community College in Athens to
attend officer camp. They were the only middle school team
at this all high school camp. Awards included: Addison
Morris - Excellence Award in a la seconde turns, Technique
Award in turning ā€œcā€ jumps and Technique Award in pom
and disc leaps, Jasmine Morgan - Heart Award, and Gaby
Hanes - Heart Award.