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education. entertainment. community.
Get Ready for a Supercalifragilistic summer!
We are excited to announce
Mary Poppins will be flying into
our Bluestem Amphitheatre
Summer 2015! One of the most
popular Disney movies of all time
is capturing hearts in a whole
new way: as a practically perfect
musical! Based on the stories of
P.L. Travers and the classic Walt
Disney film, Disney and Cameron
Mackintosh’s Mary Poppins has
delighted Broadway audiences.
Mary Poppins is sure to entertain audiences of all ages. “We are
very excited to bring this family classic to life in the Bluestem
Amphitheatre under the artistic leadership of national stage
director, Michael Walling,” states Kathy Anderson, Executive
Director of Trollwood and Bluestem.
Performance dates are set for July 15 - 18, July 22 - 25, July
29 - August 1, 2015 at Bluestem Center for the Arts, home of
Trollwood Performing Arts School, 801 50th Ave S, Moorhead.
Group sales will open in January and the regular box office will
open in June.
Cast auditions will be held February 20-24, 2015. Trollwood
summer program registration will open January 7, 2015.
Orchestra audition dates will be announced at that time. All
auditions are open to students currently in grades 8 through 12.
A free audition workshop will be held at Trollwood on January
25, 2015 to help prepare students for cast auditions.
Mary Poppins is perfect entertainment for the entire family.
There’s plenty of spectacle, laughs and great music!
2014 Youth Programs in Review
2014 was an outstanding year for Trollwood Performing Arts
School’s youth programs! Trollwood successfully served a wide
age range of students, from ages 6 through graduated seniors, in
9 educational programs with an enrollment of 1161 participants.
In 2014, Trollwood offered 107 learning opportunities. From
class opportunities in Trollwood Academy, Totally Trollwood
Academy, and the Trollwood Conservatory, to participation in
the Trollwood Student Leadership program, students were able
to gain important performing arts training as well as further
develop skills that will help them with other important areas in
their lives.
Trollwood Faculty member and Concordia College Assistant
Professor, Dr. Paul Hindemith, talked about his first summer at
Trollwood. He said, “Not really knowing what to expect when
I started teaching at Trollwood last summer, I was blown away
by the level of artistry by the students and their willingness
to experiment, to take risks, to stretch themselves, and to
learn to perform in so many different ways. It is a joy to work
with students who are so excited and motivated. Then, to see
them grow and put their newly-developed skills into action
throughout the summer could not be more fulfilling for a
teacher. The creative broth of Trollwood brings out the best in
students, faculty, and staff alike. Trollwood is a great educational
experience for a number of reasons, not the least of which is
that it is gives students practical, hands-on training for the
theatre. Students have a leg up on others their age because
after Trollwood, not only do they know what the world of the
theatre is like, they have skills that will serve them if they choose
to enter the field. And if they don’t enter the field, they will have
dug deep into themselves to find wells of artistry, strength,
endurance, and talent they may not have known they possessed.”
Student Leader to our Mainstage Musical Director, Colter
Schoenfish, reflected on some of the skills he received in the
At Bluestem Center for the Arts
The 2014 Mainstage Musical program presented How
to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. Over 100
young people, led by a creative team of performing arts
professionals, entertained thousands of audience members
after a summer of intense rehearsals and hands-on
experiences of honing their skills in acting, singing, dancing,
technical theatre, and musical instrumentation. Connecticutbased professional Stage Manager, Ryan Burbank, articulated
her impressions of what makes the Mainstage Musical
experience at Trollwood unique and special. She said, “You
cannot think of this program as a high school musical. It sits
in a category of its own. It’s a professional level production
that utilizes high school age students both on stage and off.
It offers students the opportunity to learn from educators
from within the region and across the nation. This diversity
encourages each and every student to broaden their horizons,
gain exposure to more than one way of doing things and
carve out a creative process for themselves that they will carry
with them throughout their future, no matter what profession
they choose to pursue.”
2014 was another banner year for Trollwood youth programs.
With a positive culture of mentoring from our talented faculty
and production teams, students and staff bonded together to
produce an environment of creativity, learning and support
for each other. Paige Rezak, a 2014 parent stated, “Trollwood
has given my daughter a place to be ‘herself’ and to be around
others who understand who she is... and it means the world
to her and to us to be able to experience all that she is finding
and uncovering at Trollwood. It is something that we are very
lucky to have in our community. There is no way that it won’t
positively change who a young person is and who they will be
in the future. How can you put a price on that? Trollwood is a
blessing, and a beacon of light leading our children to a richer,
healthier, and more inspired life!”
We hope all of our students found Trollwood to be a caring,
inviting, and fun environment in which to learn and grow. We
look forward to another amazing year together in 2015!
Fall, 2014
classes coming to
Trollwood soon!
Watch facebook for details
2014 marked Trollwood’s 36th anniversary. Having been
part of Trollwood myself for the past 24 years, I have had
the pleasure of seeing thousands of young people go
through this program. I have witnessed the amazing growth
of so many young artists. I have had the honor of working
with numerous passionate and talented professionals
who have made Trollwood the stellar program it is today.
I have enjoyed countless hours of working closely with
hundreds of parents and community volunteers to make
Trollwood productions and student events successful and
memorable for all. And I have been amazed and inspired
by the generosity of our financial partners who make these
programs possible year after year.
As I think back on the many milestone moments Trollwood
has had over the years, I feel so fortunate to have been part
of this amazing journey. From setting up white chairs in
the very first reserved seating section at Trollwood Park in
1990 to looking out over a sold-out, packed house in our
beautiful new amphitheater (minus the white chairs), a lot of
transitions have occurred over the years. The common thread
that ties it all together is the enthusiasm and excitement I
see every year in our talented student body. The memories
we collectively share are special from remarkable moments
on stage as a young person nails their part and brings an
audience to laughter or tears; to a gorgeous summer day
watching a dancer gracefully move across the stage; or an
evening walk through the park as the sun begins to set
after a full day of creativity and hard work. Our Trollwood
experiences are special and I’m so glad I have been able to
share these cherished memories with so many of you.
Recently we sent out a mailing to re-launch our Legacy
Chair and Brick programs. As I think back on all of my special
Trollwood moments, it is hard not to get a little nostalgic.
I invite you to capture your memories by leaving a lasting
legacy at our beautiful new home, Bluestem Center for the
Arts, by purchasing a brick or chair and engraving in stone or
metal your special message that will be part of this space for
future generations of Trollwood students, families, partners,
and friends to enjoy.
It is such fun to walk down the yellow brick road and
read the memories, sentiments, and dreams of so many
close friends of Trollwood etched in stone. It is inspiring
to stroll through the amphitheater and see name plates
commemorating the special people who are such a huge
part of making Trollwood and Bluestem what it is today.
With every brick and chair purchase, not only will your
message be a part of this organization’s future, but your
financial support will help us to continue delivering the
highest standard of performing arts education to young
people throughout our community; providing exceptional
entertainment for the entire region to enjoy; and making
the venue available for exhibitions, community festivals,
corporate retreats, conferences, and private rental
opportunities for all.
Thank you for everything you continue to do to keep
Trollwood alive and well! I look forward to sharing more
special moments with you and making many new memories
together in 2015 and beyond!
Trollwood Children’s Theatre Coming to
Trollwood in January!
Come be in the SPOT- light! You will have a PAWS-itively,
DOG-gone good time! Join us January 2015 for 101 Dalmatians
Kids! Daily rehearsal will be held at Bluestem Center for the Arts,
home of Trollwood Performing Arts School; with performances
at Ben Franklin Middle School in North Fargo. The program cost
is $150 per “pup” and includes a fun t-shirt. Get registered for this
great program now, as the program is limited to 32 “pups” !
Register for ALL Trollwood programs!
Registration opens January 7, 2015
Save the Date // January 17, 2015
Early Registration Party // Save up to $70!
Trollwood Children’s Theatre Director, Joan Degerness,
stated, “In this process, the students build self-assurance and
excitement. The students leave Trollwood Children’s Theatre
brimming with confidence and enthusiasm to perform. One
student, who was involved in Annie Kids last year was very
quiet and reserved at the beginning of rehearsal - his mother
had signed him up and he was not totally convinced this was
the place he wanted to be. However, on the day of our first
public performance, the cast was gathered and waiting to go
on stage. He was so happy and excited and said, “Joan, what
will the next play be, because I want to be in it!” I saw him again
in the next session!”
To register go to and download the
registration form. Auditions for parts will be held at Trollwood
January 5 & 6. Rehearsals begin January 12 at Trollwood with
performances on February 6 & 7 at Ben Franklin Middle School.
Save the Date // January 25, 2015
Mainstage Musical Audition Workshop
Record setting summer concert series
Photo courtesy of Jade Presents
In 2014, students were also able to showcase their talents
on the stage. Trollwood offered 11 sessions of ArtSpark for
elementary students where young performers demonstrated
their hard work for friends and family every Friday. In July and
August, our Totally Trollwood Musical performed the classic
tale of Disney’s My Son Pinocchio Jr. where they brought to
life a lively cast of characters and helped both the audience
and company members discover the true meaning of family.
A note from the executive director
Kathy Anderson
There is no doubt about it, we have some of the most breath
taking sunsets in the Midwest. I hope you were able to enjoy a
few of them with us this summer at the Bluestem Amphitheater
while listening to one of your favorite acts.
Eight star-studded performances from national touring acts like
Goo Goo Dolls & Daughtry, The Beach Boys, The Fray, Bonnie
Raitt and others brought over 20,000 patrons to the Bluestem
Amphitheater during the summer of 2014, making it a recordsetting concert season for Jade Presents and Bluestem Center
for the Arts.
“We look forward to returning with more great acts in the
summer of 2015,” Jade Presents CEO Jade Nielsen said.
Photo by mJoy Photography
Trollwood Student Leadership program. He said, “Trollwood
is a place of invaluable learning. I learned so much by being
Michael Walling’s student leader. Not only did he teach me
about directing, but about communication and how to
navigate life as a person in the theatre. I know that what I have
learned at Trollwood will prepare me for college and for life.”
This summer provided a little something for everyone to enjoy
at Bluestem and it is our goal to continue to provide exceptional
entertainment for the entire region to enjoy. Whether you visit
us for a national touring act, a festival, or one of our magical
Trollwood student showcases or musicals , we hope you will
continue to support live music and the arts.
Fall, 2014
A note from the Development coordinator
Veronica Michael
It was magical to experience my first summer at
Trollwood! From the excitement of meeting the kids
in our many education programs (shout out to Cookie
and the Cones!), getting to know and understand the
unyielding passion of our instructors, participating in
Student Leader meetings, watching in amazement
as the set was built, seeing the soaring performances
of students in the Mainstage Musical, and being star
struck by the high level of talent of the kids in the
orchestra and the crew, I am proud to be involved in
the good work at Trollwood Performing Arts School.
For 15 years I worked at public universities, because
I have a passion and belief that all people should
have access to quality education so they can pursue
their dreams and make a positive impact on this big,
beautiful world. In 1996, our Executive Director, Kathy
asked herself a similar question, “How can we ensure
access to our high quality performing arts education
programs?” Her answer was to create the Students At
Risk program, which supports students and families
with financial need and those challenged by learning/
emotional/behavioral/physical disabilities and
difficulties. In addition, ELL (English Language Learners)
students are also served through the STAR program.
Since 1997, STAR has addressed student involvement
by providing adult and peer mentors, academic
support, tuition assistance, meals, and transportation.
In addition, necessary class materials are available
for these students such as dance shoes, clothing, and
make up kits. STAR students are integrated into all
classes and performance programs of Trollwood, giving
youth at risk an equal opportunity to engage and
mature in positive personal expression.
STAR gives us the ability to make an impact in our
community. Our scholarship program through STAR
helped us served 70 students and their families.
Providing these scholarships (tuition assistance,
transportation, and meals) cost our organization an
excess of $20,000.00. At Trollwood we are unceasing in
our commitment to providing young people and their
families in our region with high quality performing
arts education. Whether the need is financial
support, mentorship, transportation, language, or
health conditions, these obstacles are removed and
these students are offered Trollwood programming
I invite you to join us in sharing the gift of performing
arts education with our local youth. By making a
donation to Trollwood Performing Arts School, you can
help us support a STAR student. Your gift of $425 could
cover the tuition cost of one STAR student, $85 could
cover the transportation fee of one STAR student, or
$120 could cover the meal plan of one STAR student.
In fact, your gift of $20 can support this important
program. All and any gifts make an impact. Would you
be willing to join us instill life skills such as confidence,
creativity, communication, collaboration, citizenship,
and character in the life of a young person?
It is my honor to thank so many of you for your
generous financial support this year. Your dollars
helped us share the magic that is Trollwood. Thank you!
Fall, 2014
Alumni Spotlight: Jacky Arness, current miss
north dakota & America’s
‘Miss Congeniality 2014’
I heard a rumor that Trollwood
may have played a part in your
path towards becoming Miss North
Dakota. Is that true?
While doing blocking on the steps
during a rehearsal for Joseph,
Stage Director, Michael Walling
made a passing statement while
strolling by in his ‘legendary way’,
“Jacky, have you ever thought
about pageants?”
I was fortunate to work as Michael’s Student Leader for one
year at Trollwood. Working with him made me want to do
better, achieve more. He expects your best and not the
status quo. He has been an amazing mentor; he truly hears
every single word you say and that is so meaningful as a
young person. He cares for his students, has passion for his
work, and works to make the productions he is involved with
the best possible. Michael inspires respect, dedication, and
excellence. Trollwood is lucky to have him and I am fortunate
to have studied with him. Michael even came to watch me at
Miss America. It meant so much to me that he was there to
support me.
Why is Trollwood important to you?
My time at Trollwood taught me teamwork – the ability to
achieve a common goal with a group of diverse people.
That requires hard work, attention to detail, humility, and
truly caring for others.
Trollwood also taught me to be prepared and confident
in myself. In Anything Goes and Music Man I had the
opportunity to play character roles. Playing someone
different taught me more about who I am. My experiences
at Trollwood helped me better understand my deepest
values and my personal goals.
Did your trollwood experience help you when competing for
Miss America?
At Trollwood, I didn’t always have the lead role, but I learned
that being in the chorus was just as important. At Trollwood
we all learned how to shine even when others had the
spotlight. We were taught that all were special, important,
and belonged there.
My time at Trollwood also helped me understand criticism
and gave me thick skin. I learned that working hard doesn’t
mean that I’ll always win or come out on top, but that I will
learn something about myself, and that has the potential to
make me a better me.
It was a life changing experience being able to be involved
in Miss America – getting to meet 52 talented, educated,
passionate, hardworking, and committed women was
amazing. Trollwood equipped me with the tools needed to
be successful.
Why do you think Trollwood is important to youth in the
Fargo-Moorhead community?
Trollwood is important because it has a long standing
legacy of teaching empathy. Trollwood helps us all become
better listeners; care more for the people around us and
their stories; and come together to hear those stories as a
Alumni Spotlight: Hugh Kennedy
What years were you at
I was at Trollwood for five years
of June sessions, five years of
the Mainstage Musical with
Michael Walling as director,
and one year of Second Stage
improv. Trollwood’s improv
opportunities were playful,
sophisticated, and afforded
me a great view of improv
craftsmanship as an eighth
grader. That sort of formative experience is hugely valuable.
I only realized during my time at the U of M and Guthrie that
my opportunity at Trollwood was unique and equivalent to
an arts school curriculum. At Trollwood we had so much fun
learning in a nurturing and safe environment, which left a
lasting impression.
Where did you receive your training?
I received my BFA from the University of MN Guthrie Theater
Actor Training Program. This environment created an
experience where I was immersed in my craft and included
a mandatory move to London to serve as a student at
Shakespeare’s Globe Theater. At Guthrie I was seen in Pride
and Prejudice, TRIBES, Othello, The Primrose Path, A Christmas
Carol, Arsenic and Old Lace, The Two Gentlemen of Verona, A
View from the Bridge, The Government Inspector, A Midsummer
Night’s Dream, and as a directing intern in Faith Healer.
Why is Trollwood important to you?
Trollwood is where I found out that this amazing roller
coaster ride of adrenaline and excitement is where I wanted
to be. From getting ready backstage, to the performance,
the standards were very, very high at Trollwood. Being cast
in the Trollwood Mainstage Musical afforded all of us young
people the luxury of being taken seriously. As a young
performer, being taken seriously makes you up your whole
game in your preparation to perform and improves your
Tell us what you’re artistically involved in now?
I’m excited to be going back the Twin Cities to do a play
during the holidays with the Moving Company. The
Moving Company is led by Co-Artistic Directors Dominique
Serrand and Steven Epp. As a college student, I idolized
their previous theater company, Theatre de la Jeune Lune.
Theatre de la Jeune Lune existed in Minneapolis from 1985
to 2008, was highly notable for its production of original
works, and in 2005, were awarded the Regional Tony Award.
They’re one of the most inventive and hilarious groups
I’ve ever watched, and excel in a way like no other when it
comes to creating magic and capturing it in a bottle. I just
love them.
Why do you think Trollwood is important to youth in the
Fargo-Moorhead community?
When I first took part at Trollwood, I was a chorus boy …
“third tap dancing cowboy to the left or something like that”.
Our instructors at Trollwood taught and encouraged us
that the skills of the chorus have got to be sharp, the voices
blended, and dance moves synchronized. It was in the chorus
that I learned some of my greatest lessons while looking up
through the sky at ten at night seeing my peers singing their
hearts out. My experience at Trollwood made this clear –
Number 1: This is what I want to do. Number 2: What a great
thing I did with my summer. I wouldn’t trade my time at
Trollwood for anything.
Fall, 2014
December 6 | 3 P’s in a Pod Holiday Art Sale
December 13 | Signing Santa Holiday Party
January 5 | Mary Poppins Group Sales Open
January 6 & 7 | Trollwood Children’s Theatre (TCT) Auditions For Parts
January 7 | Summer Program Registration Opens
January 12 | TCT Rehearsal Begins
January 17 | Early Registration Party (Save up to $70!)
January 25 | Mainstage Musical (MM) Audition Workshop
February 5 & 6 | TCT Performances at Ben Franklin Middle School
February 20 -24 | MM Auditions
March 26 | Summer Program Information Open House
April 1 | Early Registration Deadline (Save up to $50!)
April 12 | MM Measurement Party
May 1 | Student Leader & Financial Aid App Deadline
May 22 | Summer Program Registration Deadline (June Programs)
June 1 | MM Kickoff Meeting
June 2 | MM Rehearsals Begin
June 4 | Orientation & Classes Begin
June 8 | Mary Poppins Box Office Opens
June 12 | Summer Program Registration Deadline (July Programs)
June 8 - 12 | ArtSpark Session
June 15 - 19 | ArtSpark Session
June 22 - 26 | ArtSpark Session
July 1 | Sun Celebration
July 6-11 | MM Tech Week
July 7 | Totally Trollwood Musical (TTM) Orientation
July 9 & 10 | TTM Auditions For Parts
July 13 | TTM Rehearsals Begin
July 14 | Mary Poppins Family Preview
July 15 - 18 | Mary Poppins Performances
July 20 - 24 | ArtSpark Session
July 22 - 25 | Mary Poppins Performances
July 27 - 31 | ArtSpark Session
July 29 - August 1 | Mary Poppins Performances
August 3 - 7 | MM Strike
August 4 - 5 | TTM Performance
August 6 | MM Production Party
August 6 | TTM Strike & Celebration
Fall, 2014
Marcil Commons | Bluestem Center for the Arts
Join artists Eric A. Johnson, Sam Norman, McCal Joy
Johnson, and Chelsea Odden for the 2nd annual “3 P’s
in a Pod” collaborative show. Four artists using three
different media will be offering demonstrations and
exhibiting their latest work.
Rebecca received her MFA from Northwestern University with
a primary emphasis in lighting design, secondary emphasis
in scenic design. She received her BFA from Ithaca College
in Upstate NY. She has worked freelance in and around the
Chicago area as a lighting designer and lighting coordinator
for the past 15 years.
Why is education in the performing arts impactful to young
Beyond the idea of learning the craft of theater, it’s about
learning the skills of confidence, the ability to make decisions,
problem solving under pressure, and creative thinking.
Theater helps you work on being heard and communicating
clearly to others, being held accountable for your work and
your actions, and learning how to work with others. These are
the skills you can take anywhere.
What is your teaching style?
I strive to be very approachable; I want students to feel
comfortable asking me questions but also start thinking for
themselves. Often students come in wanting to know that
right answer, but as artists we need to dig deep and invest
in our personal experience that will lead us to different
explorations and more creative ideas. Try to challenge
students without being threatening, but to give the project all
they have.
Why do you think Trollwood is important to youth in the
Fargo-Moorhead Community?
By the end of the summer, we have a group of students who
are able to keep up with professionals in an amazing way.
Some of our students go on to become professionals. It
amazes me to now be working as a professional with those I
used to teach. Trollwood and the Fargo-Moorhead community
are so supportive and excited to see their youth succeed. It’s
an amazingly rich theater community and it feels like a second
home now. This summer will be my 17th year at Trollwood.
In an effort to connect with alumni home
during the December holiday, TAG will
be hosting an Alumni Holiday Showcase
on December 29th from 7 to 9 pm at our
Bluestem location. We hope you can join
your Trollwood family while we enjoy
some delicious treats and the beautiful
talents of our alumni!
Calling all alumni... become part of tag!
December 13, 2014 | 11:00 am to 2:00 pm
On July 26, 2014, a group of passionate Trollwood Alumni
met to form and begin laying out plans for a group called
TAG. TAG, the Trollwood Alumni Group, has a clear mission
to invigorate and strengthen connections to Trollwood
Performing Arts School and relationships among Trollwood
alumni, students, parents, and friends, leading to increased
life-long support of Trollwood’s mission, vision, and values,
and the cultivation of TAG members as leaders, volunteers,
advocates, and donors for Trollwood. Like TAG on Facebook
and stay connected! Search “TAG - Trollwood Alumni Group”.
Hard of hearing and/or deaf children and
their families are invited to celebrate with
Santa! Holiday craft activities, sleigh rides,
games, and free luncheon; and of course, visit
with the “Signing Santa!” Made
possible by the Quota Club & Sertoma.
How did you get involved in teaching at Trollwood?
After graduating from Ithaca; Trollwood was my first real
paying job. The idea of being outdoors for the summer was
appealing, although I had not been to ND. I fell in love with
the mission and passion that is Trollwood – helping students
develop life skills and become who they truly are. I loved the
fact that Trollwood was not an exclusive community, but a
wide variety of opportunities for a wide variety of students.
Alumni Holiday Showcase
Signing Santa Holiday Party
Marcil Commons | Bluestem Center for the Arts
Welcome to your next holiday party!
Consider us for your fall,
winter or spring wedding!
Photo by Studio A Photo
Trollwood Timeline
December 6, 2014 | 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
3 P’s in a Pod, Holiday Art Show & Sale
We congratulate Rebecca Barrett,
our Electrics Director, for being
the recipient of the 2014 Joseph
Jefferson Award for Equity Midsize
Lighting Design, along with Lee
Keenan, for their work on Dorian at
the Chopin Theatre for The House
Theatre of Chicago. The Joseph
Jefferson Awards have been
honoring outstanding theatre
artists in the Chicago area annually
since being established in 1968.
Staff Spotlight: Rebecca A. Barrett, Lighting Designer
Our first meeting was full of great brainstorming and began
the conversations needed to create the format that is right
for this group. We are confident that our small group will
grow to hundreds, as we get the word out about who we
are, what our goals are, and how we can work together to
make sure Trollwood is around for young people to enjoy
and grow for years to come.
Currently, we are looking for alumni who are interested
in getting involved by connecting with alumni in their
community and hosting a TAG meeting to help us get
the word out about our group, our mission, and potential
initiative that will help support Trollwood. If you are
interested in getting involved, please contact Veronica at
218-477-6514 or email [email protected]
Holiday Lights in Lindenwood Park
to Benefit Trollwood
Please clip out and give to attendant when purchasing your ticket to view the
Holiday Lights displays in Lindenwood Park November 28 - December 31, 2014.
Trollwood Performing Arts School will receive a $2 donation
from the F-M Sertoma Club for each coupon redeemed.
Fall, 2014
Fargo Public Schools
801 50th Ave S
Moorhead, MN 56560
U.S. Postage
Permit No. 965
Fargo, ND
At Bluestem Center for the Arts
(218) 477-6500 [email protected] A Program of Fargo Public Schools
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