ANNUAl REPORt - Central Christian School


ANNUAl REPORt - Central Christian School
Annual Report
From the Superintendent ___________________________________ Page 1
School Profile _____________________________________________ Page 2
Core Values _______________________________________________ Page 4
Board of Directors _________________________________________ Page 6
Financials _________________________________________________ Page 7
Community of Encouragers _________________________________ Page 8
From the Superintendent
When I think about Central, I am amazed by the continual grace and faithfulness
of our Father God. He continues to bestow His blessing on us as we strive to
faithfully follow His call to train Christian leaders for His church. All education is
religious. The religious teachings of Central Christian School will determine the
spiritual foundation for the lives, families, and churches of our next generation.
This is a high and holy calling which we, at Central, take very seriously.
Eugene Miller
The Central Christian School Board of Trustees felt it was imperative to
re-establish the foundational authority by which we govern and direct the school.
Listed below are those four authorities.
First, because God is our primary authority, the One from whom all things were created and are
sustained, we encourage all persons associated with the school to honor God by implementing
practices of spiritual disciplines, speaking and singing words of affirmation and praise to God our
Maker, and living a life of outreach and encouragement to others.
Second, Scripture in the Holy Bible is the source from which we find our written guidance. Therefore,
we encourage all persons associated with the school to honor Scripture by seeking to have a regular
routine of reading and memorizing the Bible and striving to live a life that is in obedience to the
commands and expectations of God’s Word.
Third, we recognize that our very existence is dependent on the vision and support of the Church. We,
as a school, are committed to honoring the authority of the Church in the life of the school to the very
best of our ability.
Fourth, we recognize that God, in His infinite wisdom, established parents for the nurturing and
training of their children. We, as a school, are committed to respect parents’ God-given authority over
the lives of their children, and desire to work in partnership as parents educate their children.
Thank you for partnering with us to raise Kingdom Leaders. We are very excited about the future of
our school and look forward to God’s blessing on our continued work to provide a nurturing,
Christ-centered environment to educate our children.
Eugene Miller
Central Christian School 1
School Profile
Central Christian School is commissioned by Mennonite Church USA
to partner with Christian families and congregations to educate and
nurture the whole person by:
- teaching Biblical values
- practicing Christian discipleship and community
- promoting academic excellence
- encouraging a faith commitment to Christ and the church
By the numbers (2013-14)
316 _____ Total Enrollment
23 _____ International Students
(China, Colombia, Haiti, Mexico, Nicaragua, S. Korea)
3.32 ____ Average GPA
65 ______ percentage of Anabaptist student body
100 _____ percentage of seniors going directly to college
Central Christian School 2
National TEAMS
First Music Camp
Elementary School
97 students: Preschool- Grade 4
This summer included our first- ever
Music Camp, with youngsters diving
into music theory, handbells, violin,
voice, guitar, percussion and learning
the joy of making music together.
Their camp culminated with a
concert for parents, grandparents
and friends.
Middle School
79 students: Grades 5-8
Middle school students were invited
to attended the TEAMS (Tests of
Engineering Aptitude, Mathematics
and Science) national competition
in Washington D.C. They placed 7th in
the nation out of 13 teams.
Pictured TEAMS Participants: Gage
Haven, Anthony Immel, Leah Otto,
Ben Troyer, Moriah Steffen, Carrie
Hamsher, Laura Troyer, Alex Steiner
(Math Teacher) and Verda Rose Zook.
Senior Service Trip
High School
140 students: Grades 9-12
Central seniors spent three days in
Pittsburgh, PA, helping vulnerable
homeowners in neighborhoods
throughout the city, and living out
Philippians 2:4, “Let each of you look
not only to his own interests, but also
to the interests of others.”
Joe Schrock (CCS Volunteer) and Lisa
Otto (High school Math teacher)
pictured with Pittsburgh homeowner.
Core Values
Students are given the opportunity to worship, reflect, and cultivate their spiritual leadership in daily chapels.
Pictured are several of our international students leading a Friday worship chapel.
The enviroment at
CCS lends itself to
nurturing Christ-like
relationships that
strive to serve and
support each other on
the journey of life.
Students and teachers
pictured are enjoying
the beautiful weather
as they eat their lunch
Central Christian School 4
Elaine Miller and a
group of sixth grade
Science students study
a starfish during a
Biology unit. Students
are challenged in each
class by relational
teachers who strive to
meet each student’s
needs academically,
spiritually and
Academic Excellence
Peace & Service
Students in grades 3-5
participated in their second
Science Olympiad. Students
compete against other schools
in a wide range of events from
building robots, catapults
and rockets to testing their
knowledge of various scientific
areas such as entomology,
meteorology, forestry, water
quality, astronomy and human
biology. This challenges students
beyond the curriculum in the
classroom and instills a lifelong
love of the sciences.
Community Service
Day (CSD) is a day when
students and faculty
serve local organizations
during school hours.
CSD reinforces the love
of service and a desire
to model Christ in our
actions, words and deeds.
255 people served in
25 locations for 1,500 +
combined hours of service.
Enhancing Opportunities
Board of Directors
Karen Steiner (Vice President), Marion Beyeler, Ellis Miller (Treasurer), Jerry Horst,
David L. Miller (Secretary), Carl Wiebe (President), Susan Miller, Burke Hummel, Norman Yoder
Giving By The Numbers
$20,000 + ___________ 8 Donors
$10,000-$19,999____ 12 Donors
$5,000-$9,999 ______ 13 Donors
$2,500-$4,999 ______ 15 Donors
Central Christian School 6
$1000-$2499 ______ 59 Donors
$500-$999 ________ 72 Donors
$250-$499 ________ 111 Donors
$1-$249 __________ 1,047 Donors
Central Christian Income
ian Income
Operating Income ________________ $2,823,600
1% ____________________________ $1,850,000
Contributions & Fundraising ___________ $681,000
Miscellaneous Revenues ______________ $266,100
Tuition $26,500
9% Subsidy _______________________
Contributions & Fundraising
24% Tuition
Contributions & Fundraising
Miscellaneous Revenues
Church Subsidy
Miscellaneous Revenues
Church Subsidy
Central Christi
Central Christian Expenses
Operating Expenses ______________ $2,823,100
Salary & Benefits ___________________ $2,031,000
ian Expenses
Student Tuition Assistance _____________ $300,000
Administrative & Instructional__________
& Benefits
Facilities _____________________________ $170,000
Student Tuition Assistance
Transportation ________________________ $70,000
& Instructional
Advancement _________________________
Salary & Benefits
Student Tuition Assistance
Administrative & Instructional
Central Christian School 7
The Central Christian experience wouldn’t be possible without the prayers, financial support and dedication of
individuals, families, alumni, congregations and businesses who give generously
to the mission of educating and equipping Kingdom Leaders. Thank you!
* more than $1000
Gary & Sherri Adkins
Arnold & Laura Alcorn
John & Angie Alexander
Tracey Alexander
Nancy Alfred
Michael & Paula Ammon
Ada Amstutz
Eugene & Sharon Amstutz
Evelyn J. Amstutz
Gordon & Lorene Amstutz**
Ken & Vonnie Amstutz
Linda Amstutz
Merle & Deborah Amstutz
Michael & Lisa Amstutz
Robert & Linda Amstutz
Roger & Cheryl Amstutz
Rosalyn Amstutz
Sherman & Lavonne Amstutz
Ed & Sheryl Anderson
Jerry & Jerri Anderson
Bryan Andrews
Jon & Tina Ansel
Bill & Charlotte Ault
Bob Auten
Tamas & Katie Babinszki
Andy Badertscher
John Baker & Tara Young-Baker
Margaret Baker
Matt Baldwin
Cathy Bancroft
Chad Bargerstock
Jeff & Cindy Bargerstock
Marjorie Bargerstock
Gloria Barker
William & Jean Barnes
Isaac & Krystal Bartholomew*
Jim & Pam Bartholomew
Mark & Kristina Barton
Orris & Lois Basinger
Chris & Andrea Bauman
Roger & Loretta Baur
Junior Beachy
** more than $2500
Nathan & Rochelle Beachy
Chad J. & Dawn Beal
Wanda Beattie
Tom Beck
Greg & Jen Beckler
Dave & Karen Beechy
Marie Beechy Shishler
Debbie Bell
Sue Bennett
Vaughn & Elizabeth Bentz
Minnie Benzel
Charles Bethel
Henry & Julie Beun*
Johanna Beun
Marion & Jane Beyeler
Robert & Julia Beyeler*
Maribel Beyler
Helen L. Biddle
Ray & Shelly Bilderback
John & Kristy Bilek
Mike & Carol Bilek
Beth Birky
Chad & Alicia Birky
Jerry & Joy Birky
Frank & Dottie Bischoff
Paul & Lisa Bischoff
Eric & Linda Bishop
Clair & Dorcas Bixler
David & Penny Bixler
Mark & Jennifer Bixler
Phillip Bixler
Levi & Jolene Bland
Kellie Blinn
Lyle & Pamela Blosser
Rhoda Blough
Dennis & Elsa Boen
Mel & Jewel Bontrager
Paul & Lois Bontrager
Kenzie Bornt
William & Diane Bostancic
Dan C. & Margaret Bourne
Bob and Connie Bowen
Elliot Bowen
Emily Bowen
Central Christian School 8
planned giving to Central Christian School
Chris & Blair Bower
Chuck & Jane Bowling
Bruce & Jill Detweiler Breckbill
Ina Ruth Breckbill
Rick & Wendy Breneman
Tim & Carolyn Brigner
Margo Broehl
Fred & Carol Brubaker
Phil S. & Amber Buchwalter
Greg Bugaj
Ron & Beverly Burdzinski
Edward & Carol Burkholder
Olen & Norma Burkholder
Thomas & Cristin Burson
Debby Buss
Bill & Karen Butler
Lorin & Sher Byler
Nigel Byler
Rashae Byler
Reuben & Iva Byler
William & Lori Byler
Shawn & Barbara Cabbell
Howard & Hazel Calame
Ellie Campbell
Chuck & Joyce Capela
Dale & Lydia Capela
David & Lori Cappillo
Jerry & Linda Carpenter
Bryan Cartwright
Jordan & Alixandria Chewning
Perry & Mary Jane Chupp
Ronald Clark
Tim & Louise Clingan
Ben Coblentz
Christopher & Sue Coblentz*
Jonas & Danella Coblentz
Owen & Lorene Coblentz
Tyler & Rosanna Coblentz
Jackie & Randy Cole
Chip & Martha Coleman
Jeff & Gabi Conn
Pam Conn
Austin J. Conrad
Cletus & Ruth Conrad
Paul & Rhonda Conrad
John & Cathy Cook
Tim & Margaret Cotton
Frederick & Sally Craft
Marian Craft
Gregory & Mary Creech
Richard & Louise Crilow
David & Angela Crist
Tim & Gail Crites
Dan Cross
Debbie Crowl
Al & Joyce Cunningham
Tim E. & Kelly Daggett
Ron Dake
Dave & Pam Dalton*
Natasha Darr
Shawn Darr
Dorothy Davis
Roger & Dixie Davis
Todd & Dorothy Davis
Bill & Ruth Detweiler
Jon & Kirsten Detweiler
James & Sarah Dewald
Jay & Janice Dickey
Cheryl Diehl
Paula Dodd
Bart & Rosemary Drickhamer
Rex & Connie Dudas
Peter & LeAnna Dunn **
Thomas Dunn
Gideon Dunster
Patrick & Julia Dunster
Dan & Barbara Dutcher
Titus & Debora Dutcher
John David Eades
Dave & Karen Eckenrode
Robert Edinger
Bernard Edward
John & Donna Edwards
Eldon & Marilyn Eigsti
Clara Erb
Peter Erb & Louisa Pirozzi-Erb
Fannie & Ed Erb-Miller
Bob & Janice Eshleman
Matthew & Amanda Eshleman
Rose Ann Evans
Doug Eyster
Melvin & Vivian Eyster
Gary & AnneMarie Ezzo
Dean & Jan Falb
Don & Pat Falb
Randall & Junko Fath
Floyd Fawcett
Judy Ferguson
Sam & Charlotte Fernell
Samuel L. & Yvonne Fernell
Jon D. & Carol Fielitz
Lori Finley
John & Sherri Finn
Linda L. Fischer
Ray & Teresa Fiscus
Jeff & Anita Fisher
Dale & Tammy Fox
Grant Fox
John Fox
Howard & Donna Frase
Cindy Fritz
Ben C. & Brianne Froese
Jeremy & Chelsey Fry
Lora & Danny Fry
Lois J. Fuller
Ron L. & Beth Fuller
Solomon L. Fuller
Caleb & Jamie Galbraith
Joshua & Amanda Galbraith
Stefan & Melanie Garcia
Joan Gasser
Jack & Judith Gatti
Jane Gauld
Jeanne Gault
Anna Gehman
Laura Gehman
Rick & Tambralee Geib
Andrea Geiser
Andrew J. & Sandy Geiser
Anthony J. & Jennifer Geiser
Brian & Katie Geiser
Delvin Geiser
Gordon & Marieda Geiser**
Harvey Geiser
Hugh Geiser
Leslie A. Geiser
Myrene Geiser
Philann Geiser
Randall L. & Amy Geiser
Roger & Betty Geiser**
Roland & Karen Geiser
Ron & Bonnie Geiser
Ron & LaVera Geiser
Velma C. Geiser
Braden J. & Sherah-Leigh Gerber
Darren L. & Christina Gerber
Dorothy Gerber*
Gerald & Sue Gerber
Glenn & Phyllis Gerber
Jody & Liz Gerber
Kirt Gerber
Larry & Joyce Gerber
Ned Gerber
Shawna Gerber
Steve & Dolores Gerber
Barry & Tena Gerber
Patch Geyer
Franklin Giauque
Sherry L. Gibson
Larry Gigax
John Gill
Duane Gingerich
Gladys Gingerich
Joyce Gingerich
Matthew & Sara Gingerich
Mel & Rachel Gingerich
Tabitha Gingerich
Robert & Carol Gisinger
Bruce & Helen Glick
Liz Good
Stan Good
Adam & Angie Granger
Brian & Dena Green
Marshall & Jenny Griffin
Carol Grimes
Paul Groh
Daniella Gulsby
Jeff & Marlyce Gundy
Nathan & Jessica Gundy
Kelly Gunkelman
Dayna Guzman
Art & Linda Hamsher
Matt & Kristina Hamsher
Nathan & Elizabeth Hand
Bill & Rebecca Hanefeld
George & Belvia Hann
Bill & JeHansen
Terry & Sandy Hanzie
Christopher D. & Kerri Hardman
Steve Harmath
Mark & Annette Harrison
Bob & Rhoda Hartman
Jim & Kim Hartman
Joseph Hartman
Dan & Dorothy Hartzler
Daniel & Ramona Hartzler
Dave & Linda Hartzler
Dwight & Bev Hartzler
Michael T. Harwood
Howard Hatfield
Mel & Dorothy Hathaway
Chad & Lori Hatter
Charlie & Ashley Hatter
Dennis & LuAnne Hatter
Stu & Heather Hatter
Al & Carol Haven
Dan Haven
Darrell & Wendy Haven
Isaac Haver
Jay & Valerie Haver
Charles & Nancy Hawk
Phil & Anita Hawkins
Dave & Carolyn Haynes
Zech Haynes
Leon & Amy Headings
Mark & Mary Headings
Dick & Mary Helen Heinbaugh
Jim & Deb Helems
Bill & Corrine Helmuth
Patrick Helmuth & Amy Glick
Paul & Lavera Helmuth
Dwaine Hemphill
Jeff & Laurie Hendershot
Barry & Mary Ann Henderson
Dan Hendricks
Robert & Alice Hendricks
Bill & Eunice Herman
Josue & Rachel Hernandez
Bruce & Norma Hershberger
Chris & Susan Hershberger
David & Leona Hershberger
Herb & Gladene Hershberger
Jamon & Rhonda Hershberger
Leon & Esther Hershberger
Lonnie & Jann Hershberger
Lowell & Elena Hershberger
Mark & Maxine Hershberger
Maynard & Jean Hershberger
Noah D. Hershberger
Robert & Beth Hershberger
Terry & Louise Hershberger
Bob Hershey
Julie Hickman
Kelsey Hilty
Leon & Jan Hilty
Lowell & Judy Hilty*
Harley & Margaret Himes
Kristin Himes
Robert & Marla Hines
Mary Hipp
Daniel & Arie Hochstetler
Jeff & Kelsey Hochstetler
Neal & Faye Hochstetler
Vern & Shirley Hochstetler**
Diana Hoffman
Clinton & Helen Hofstetter
Dennis Hofstetter
Ralph & Susan Hofstetter
Wesley & Sandy Hofstetter
Carol Holcomb
Corey P. Holderman
Scot & Beverlee Holderman
Nate & Rhoda Holton
Bob & Elizabeth Hooker
Dan & Julia Hooley
Don & Mary Ina Hooley
Roger& Merlene Hooser
Mary Jean Hoover
Mary Hopkins
Chuck Horner
Hannah S. Horner
Dennis J. & Sherry Horst
Gerald & Sharon Horst
Jason Horst
Leona Horst
Richard & Laurel Horst**
Jason & Brenda Hostetler
Jerald & Betty Hostetler
Keith & Julie Hostetler
Ken & Andrea Hostetler
Larry W. Hostetler
Levi Hostetler
Lowell & Martha Hostetler
Mark & Anita Hostetler
Nathan & Angela Hostetler
Ray & Marilyn Hostetler
Reuben Hostetler
Ronald & Anna Mae Hostetler
Vern & Janet Hostetler
Wendell & Phyllis Hostetler*
Curtis R. & Delight Howells
Randy Howells
Russ Howells
Ed & Rocio Howman
Mary Jane Howroyd
Georges & Edith Hudicourt
John & Penny Huff
Barry & Brenda Hummel**
Bruce & Anne Hummel**
Burke & JoEllen Hummel*
Darrick & Sheri Hummel
Michael & Penny Hummel
John & Alyce Hunsicker
Tim & Ruby Hurst
Robert & Sue Hutson
William & Kathy Ice
Gordon & Donna Immel
Ryan & Katie Immel
Bonnie Jackson
Herb & Carolyn Jackson
Scott & Christa Janzen
Dan & Linda Jaquet
Scott & Jolene Jaquet
Tim Jaquet
Suzanne Jelinek
Andrew Jenner
John Joeright
Jim & Donna Johnston
Mark A. Johnston*
Scott & Brenda Julian
Jerry & Judy Kaforey
Lyle & Jane Kalina
Stanley & Marilyn Kamp
Jeremy & Kelly Kane*
Cristy Karaba
Mike & Joyce Karchner
Barry & Lynne Kauffman
Jerry & Joan Kauffman
John Kauffman
Merle & Bonita Kauffman
Roland & Jan Kauffman
Dave & Mary Kaufman
Gregory Keck
Eugene & Ravae Keener
John & Betty Keener
Tyler & Kassie Keener*
Ron Keim
Kim & Char Kellogg
Brian & Jenna Kempf
Rick & Debbie Kimble
Kyle & Jen Kindbom
Bruce & Donna Kindy
Brandon & Jessica King
Dan & Jeanette King
David A. & Winnie King
Eldon & Dorothy King*
Frank & Evangeline King
Judy King
Ralph & Brenda King
Titus & Joy King
Stan & Sue Kirkpatrick
Mark & Kristy Kister
Kleg Charitable Trust*
Mary Klein
Kalie A. Klepper
Allen & Leah Kline
Patrick & Susan Kline
Steve & Misty Kline
Joe Knutson **
Richard & Dee Kollert
Bruce & Sheryl Kooker**
Zach & Mary Kooker
Kim & Lyla Kornhaus
Wayne & Phyllis Kornhaus
E Richard & Tammy Koser
Tory Kotewicz
Vincent P. & Laura Kotewicz
Vincent David & Angie Kotewicz
Marvin & Virginia Krabill
Doug & Donna Kratzer
LaVon & Janice Kratzer
Rosemary Kratzer
Veryl & Miriam Kratzer
Lowell & Donita Kreider
Jeff & Vonda Kreis*
Richard & Dawn Krier
Gabe & Trudy Kukuk
Jerry Kurzen
Harold & Linda Kutcher
Tim & Kristen Laird
Julia & Wes Lambert
Janee Larson
Matt & Laurel Larson
Nathan D. & Michelle Larson
Pete & Becca Lauffenburger
Brian & Sheila Lawson
Denton & Karen Leach
Margaret Leach
Jonathan & Jackie Leaman
Jim & Martha Leary
Jae & Kyung Mi Young Lee
Phyllis LeFever
Kenneth Legan
Brent & Claudia Lehman
Celia Lehman
Clifford Lehman
Delbert Lehman
Don & Ruth Lehman
Elton & Phyllis Lehman
Eric & Marcia Lehman
Freeman & Eileen Lehman
Galen & Sherri Lehman
Gene & Lynda Lehman
Grace Lehman
James O. & Dorothy Lehman
Jay & Emma Lehman
Jay Lehman
Joel & Rose Lehman
John & Rozella Lehman
Joshua & Stacey Lehman
Kevin E. & Geanette Lehman
M David & Lois Lehman
Marjean E. Lehman
Matthew Lehman
Merlin Lehman
Michael & Miriam Lehman
Ralph & Joanne Lehman**
Roger & Sondra Lehman**
Roscoe & Kristina Lehman
Steve & Elaine Lehman
Martin & DeeAnn Lemon
Russ & Erin Leonardi
Bob & Irene Lepley
Gary & Lisa Lepley*
James & Esther Lepley
Kevin Lepley
Terry Leu
Niels E. & Amy Lichti
Craig & Mary Liechty
Wayne & Liechty
Brandon & Cathy Lightle
Clifford & Julie Linder
Dustin E. Linder
Richard & Rose Longacre*
Jeff & Britni Lookabaugh
James C. Lottes
Mary K. Louis
Daniel & Christina Lowe
Elaina E. Lowe
John G. Lowe
Bonnie Lowe
Jim & Laurie Ludwig
Ching Ching Lun
Wendy Lunsford
John & Tammy Lyons
Meredith Lyons
Richard Lyons
Bill Lytle
Matthew & Emily Manchester
David & Carol Mandt
Eric & Candace Marang
Ed & Teresa Markley
Harold Thomas Markley
Randy & Donna Martel
Justin & Jessica Martell
Flora Jean Martin
Grace Martin
Keith & Carol Martin
Todd & Rebecca Martin
Misty Martinez
Joyce Marty
Abe & Fran Mast
Cheryl Mast
Christopher S. Mast
Dave Mast
Don & Cheryl Mast
Elvin & Emma Mast
Joel & Holly Mast
Jon & Rhoda Mast**
Joseph & Marie Mast**
Ned Mast
Rodney & Gail Mast**
Willis & Elsie Mast
Gordon & Margaret Maupin
Dale & Rhoda McClain
Juan McCloud
Marie McCloud
James & Carol McClung
Mark & Gerry McCully
Dwight J. & Susan McFadden
Tom & Kay McFadden
Joelle McIlroy
Douglas & Sylvia McKenzie
Art & Evelyn McPhee
Tracy & Marsha McQuillen
Leslie & Linda McSpadden
Dean & Rhonda Mease
Monica Mease
Trent & Alice Metcalf
Miriam Meyer
Stephen & Rachel Meyer
Thomas & Erika Meyer
Ty & Becky Meyer
Vernon & Geneva Meyer
Andrew & Christy Michaels
Anson & Hannah Miedel
Matt & Samantha Miglich
Terrance A. Migliore
Al Miller
Alan & Miriam Miller
Albert Miller
Ben & Elaine Miller
Bernice Miller
Bonnie Miller
Brian & Traci Miller
Christopher T. & Sherry Miller
Craig Miller
Craig Glick & Kathy Glick Miller
Dan A. & Ruth Miller
Daniel & Mary Miller**
Dave & Esther Miller
David & Trina Miller
David & Brenda Miller**
Delmar & Grace Miller
Denny L. Miller
Howard & Marsha Miller Jr
Derrick Miller
Dorothy Miller
Duane R. & Gwen Miller
Duane & Sara Ann Miller
Dustin Miller
Ed & Betty Miller
Ed & Fannie Miller
Ellis & Rita Miller**
Emily E. Miller
Eric & Jodi Miller
Eric & Karmen Miller
Eugene & Candace Miller*
Fae Miller*
Fannie Miller
Fred & Lynette Miller
Galen & Jeanette Miller
Garrett Miller
Gary & Linda Miller
Gary & Victoria Miller
Glenn Miller
Gordon & Janet Miller
Gordon & Susan Miller
Grady & Babette Miller
Hannah & Sean Miller
Jake Miller
James L. & Karen Miller
James & Doris Miller
James W. Miller
Jason R. Miller
Jim & Marty Miller
John H. & Helen Miller
John K. & Lisa Miller
Joseph E. & Gloria Miller
Joseph L. Miller
Karen Miller
Ken & Diana Miller
Kent & Lori Miller*
Kenton & Cynthia Miller
Leo & Dorothy Miller
Leon & Holly Miller
Lester & Marlene Miller
Levi & Gloria Miller
Lloyd & Jane Miller
Lowell E. & Bonnie Miller
Mark E. & Lisa Miller
Matt & Jolene Miller
Maynard & Emily Miller
Maynard & Ruth Miller
Melvin & Alma Miller
Michael R. Miller
Michael & Leah Miller*
Nathan & Denise Miller
Nathan & Viola Miller
Paul & Carol Miller
Paul & Sherry Miller
Ray E. & Christina Miller
Reed Miller
Reuben Miller
Ross & Judith Miller
Roy & Carolyn Miller
Roy & Ruby Miller
Russell & Mary Miller
Ryan & Heather Miller
Sandy Miller
Sarah Miller
Seth & Kristie Miller
Stephen & Eva Miller
Steven & Susan Miller*
Trevor Miller
Wayne & Barbara Miller
Wiley & Beulah Miller
Willis R. & Sandy Miller
Tim & Myrna Miller-Dyck
Hannah Milller
William & Karen Mishler
Edgar & Barbara Moore
George & Letitia Moore
Harry & Kathy Moore
Joan Moore
Jonathan Moore
Steve Moore
Timothy J. & Kristen Moore
Marge Morgan
Bob & Becky Morris
Gene & Kathy Morris*
Bill Morrison
Harold & Elsie Moser
John & Cheryl Moser
Merle & Ginny Moser
Lawrence & Kahryn Moses
Harvey & Linnette Mosher Jr*
Dave & Sara Mullet
Emanuel & Carolyn Mullet
Joshua D. Mullet
Josiah W. Mullet
Steven Mullet
Sue Mullet
Tony & Annelle Mullet
Wade & Carol Mullet
Kim Mullett
Steven & Phyllis Mullins
Lloyd & Ferne Mumaw
Ward & Ruth Mumaw
Brian & Roberta Munsey
Barbara Murray
Brandy Murray
Curtis & Amy Murray**
Ron & Joanne Murray
Steve & Deb Murray
Marion & Stephanie Musselman
Daniel Muzechuk
Anne Nafziger and Joe Bertino
Daniel & Evie Nafziger
Ned & Jane Nafzinger
Estrella Nanco
Kevin Nanco
Ken & Angie Nanes
Greg Neff
Dee Nelson
Drew & Jennifer Nelson
Ed & Pat Nelson
Anna A. Neuenschwander
Art & Cheryl Neuenschwander**
Conrad L Neuenschwander*
Don & Kaye Neuenschwander
Esther Neuenschwander*
Gary & Lynette Neuenschwander
Ken & Connie Neuenschwander**
Kurt & Angela Neuenschwander
Matthew Neuenschwander
Randy S. & Sharon Neuenschwander
Rodney & Susan Neuenschwander
Shannon N. Neuenschwander
Tilman & Bonnie Neuenschwander
Ruby Newcomer
Stuart & Charlene Newcomer
Michele (Chicco) & Anna Nicoletti
Gordon & Sue Nisly
Ken & Sue Nisly
Ralph & Jan Nisly
Dale & Garnet Nissley
Dan & Mim Nissley
Darin & Ramona Nissley
Jacob Nissley
Tori Nissley
Victoria Nissley
Gary & Caroline Nist
Gary & Sharon Nist
Galen & Erika Nofziger
Haroldo & Esmirna Nunes
Gabriela Nunes Maldonado
Andrew E. Nussbaum
Bessie Nussbaum
Bob & Lois Nussbaum
Brent & Joyce Nussbaum
Curt & Gloria Nussbaum
Dan & Shanti Nussbaum
David & Eldina Nussbaum
Delmar & Janet Nussbaum
Don & Ellen Nussbaum
Elena Nussbaum
Fred & Janet Nussbaum*
Gordon & Marge Nussbaum**
James & Dee Nussbaum
Jason & Kristine Nussbaum
Jordan R. Nussbaum
Joshua Nussbaum
Kirk & Joy Nussbaum
Mary Nussbaum
Mathew and Veronica Nussbaum
Melissa A. Nussbaum
Ray & Joan Nussbaum
Richard & Judie Nussbaum
Ruth C. Nussbaum
Scott and Bethany Nussbaum**
Steven & Cindy Nussbaum
Gary & Sharon Oberly
Sunday & Sara J. Obri
Becky Olson
Gregg & Sue Oswald
Harold & Melanie Oswald
Nancy Ott
Dorothy Otto
Joel & Lisa Otto**
Bob & Becky Oyer
Jerry & Karen S Oyer
Bob Parenti
Ed & Joanne Pasho
Eric Pasho
Jeremy S. & Michele Patterson
Arlie & Marva Peck
Jonathan Pedrozo
Joshua Pedrozo
Raul & Stacy Pedrozo
Seth Pedrozo
Eugene & Cinde Pepper
Jeffrey Perkins & Mary Stockton*
Ron & Laura Petitte
Joy Phaphouvaninh
Khamphanh & Soumphonh
Bob & Peggy Phillips
Ronald & Myrna Piper
Laura Pittman
Gene & Judie Pouly
Ryan & Jen Prosser
David & Nancy Pry
Greg & Amanda Pudloski
Tricia Pycraft
Brandon & Crystal Raber
Chloe Raber
Dustin Raber
Emilie Raber
Eric & Ann Raber
Mark & Linda Raber
Naomi Raber
Paul N. Raber
Philip & Myriam Raber**
Ed & Carolyn Rainey
Jessica Rait
Betty Ralph
Larry & Lois Ramer
Nathan Ramer
Ronald & Kathy Ramer
J Natividad Ramos Garcia
John & Eileen Ramsay
Chad & Michonda Ramseyer
Dean Ramseyer
Dennis & Karen Ramseyer
Eric & Roxie Ramseyer
John & Martha Ramseyer
Myron Ramseyer
Neil Ramseyer
Roy & Kathryn Ramseyer
Richard & Sherry Ransom
Jeffrey & Christina Rapp*
David & Sandra Rawson
John & carolyn Reed
Angela Reich
Hank & Megan Reifsnyder
Ralph & Barbara Reinford
Carl & Marleen Reinhardt
Ferenc N. & Rachel Relle
Anna M. Ressler
Derek & Haley Ressler
Ellis Ressler
Gerald & Mary Ressler
Lee & Wanda Ressler
Olivia K. Ressler
Paul & Ruth Ressler
Sarah Ressler
Wayne & Beth Ressler
William & Edna Ressler**
Winfred & Barb Ressler
Jonathan & Cherry Rheinheimer
Miriam J. Rheinheimer
Ralph & Carol Rheinheimer
Jamie & Cindy Rice
Ed R. & Jolene Ricer
Elmer Richard
Benjamin & Barbara Risser
J David & Doris Risser
Jon Risser & Jonalyn Denlinger
Mark Risser
Alex & Pamela Roberts
Jim & Phyllis Robinson
Brian & Laurie Rohr
Dale & Clara Rohr
Steve & Connie Rohr
Wayne & Donna Rohr
Myron & Kathy Rohrer*
Paul & Alta Rohrer
Stephen & Ellen Rohrer
Timothy & Lynnette Rohrer
Tony & Teri Rohrer**
Dwain & Tracy Rose
Daniel & Laura Rosebrock
Philip & Judith Rosenik
David & Juanita Ross
Randy & Ginny Ross
Stanley & Shirley Ross
Hank & Marilyn Rossiter
Carol Roth
John & Ruth Roth
Paul & Caroll Roth
Tim & Peggy Roth
Annalena Rottman
Bill & Mabel Rottman
Katja Rottman
Tom & Erika Rottman
Robert Rupp
Tracy Rupp
Doris Ryder
James M. & Judy Ryder
Stan & Connie Ryder
Tim & Cindy Ryder
Tom & Brenda Ryder
Patrick & Patricia Sage
Gary & Judy Salisbury
Oscar & Pamela Salvatierra
Vern & Michele Sauder
Pat Saurer
Bob & Christy Savage
Mike & Maggie Schade
Andy & Tammy Schafer
Shari Schafer
Scott & Dawn Schell
Brad & Janie Schlabach
Daniel J. Schlabach
Dave & Helen Schlabach
David & Miriam Schlabach
Ervin & Lois Schlabach
Henry & Norma Schlabach
Jim D. & Shirley Schlabach
John Schlabach
Kyle Schlabach
Renee Schlabach
Steve & valerie Schlabach
William & Donna Schlabach
Henry & Lois Schlabach
Keith & Beverly Schloneger
Weldon & Florence Schloneger
David & Sharol Schluep
Irene Schmid
John & Kathy Schmid**
Steve & Cathy Schmid
David & Sheila Schmidt
Arden & Anna Belle Schmucker*
Brad Schmucker
John & Clara Schrade
Aubrey Schrock
Ben & Jaimie Schrock
Dave & Melissa Schrock
Joe & Ruby Schrock*
John & Diane Schrock
John & Wanda Schrock
John & Wanda Schrock
Linda Schrock
Mary Schrock
Neil Schrock
Ray & Lorrie Schrock
Scott & Pam Schrock
Von & Rita Schrock
Wendy Schumacher
Cristi Schwanke
Barbara Scott
Bryan M. Scott
John Scott
Lisa A. Scott
Shirley Scott
Song Seung & Kang Hee
Sam & Jane Sewell
Sandra Seymour
Michael J. Shank
Matt & Maria Shanlian
Larry & Jean Sheets
Mark & Amy Shelly
John & Alice Shetler
Ora & Marilyn Shetler
Richard & Velma Shetler
Robert & Ruth Shetler
Ryan & Lattera Shetler
Chris Shields*
John Shilling
Ken & Val Shook
Yvonne Shore
Dora Short
Larry & Elaine Short
Tim & Missy Short
Arthur & Velma Shoup
Kevin & Sheila Shoup
Toni Shreve
Jim & Mary Shriver
Millard & Karen Shrock
Terry & Kay Shue*
Tim & Jennifer Shue
Michael A. & Jennifer Shutt
Dennis & Jody Sidle
Joyce Sigler
Scott & Cathy Simms
Joe & Wanda Simon
Lynn & Joan Sinclair
Dave & Jill Sisson
Paul Skidmore
Beatrice Slabach
David & Linda Sleutz
Jana Sleutz
Joshua D. & Kara Sleutz
Julie Sleutz
Jim Smail
Adam & Abby Smith
Bill & Carol Smith
Jeremy & Christy Smith
Lon & Jody Smith
Robert & Mary Jo Smith
Darrell & Brenda Smucker
David & Geneva Smucker
Ralph & Lila Smucker**
Charles & Janet Snoddy
Joseph & Gail Snyder
Ruth & Virgil Snyder
Cindy Sober
Norman & Sandy Sohar
Don & Linda Sommer
Keith & Shirley Sommerfeld
Arley Sommers
Clell & Pearl Sommers
Don & Janet Sommers
Elvin Sommers
Gary & Charla Sommers
Lambert & Charla Sommers
Mike & Karlene Sommers*
Sarah Sommers
Scott & Kami Sommers
Vernon & Carol Sommers Jr
Elaine Soptelean
Joan Spiker
Michael S. & Priscilla Spiker
Corey Spitler & Michelle Barnes
Tom & Donna Spitler
Jacob A. Spivey
James A. & Jenny Spivey
Julie Spivey
Mitch & Carol Springer
George & Patricia Sprowls
Scott & Darla Spurgeon
Brenda Stallman
Bruce & Neva Stambaugh
Ron & Kim Stauffenburg
John & Velma Stauffer
Stan & Beth Stauffer
Velma & John Stauffer
Lucinda R. Stefanski
Greg & Michelle Steffen**
John & Sharon Steffen
Virgene Steffen
Charles & Aimee Stein
Arlin Steiner*
Beth Steiner
Brandon & Maria Steiner
Bruce & Sherri Steiner
Cassandra Steiner
Chester Steiner*
Christopher P & Catherine
Dallas & Rhoda Steiner**
Dean & Prudy Steiner
Denver & Tara Steiner
Doyle & Karen Steiner**
Dustin D. & Moriah Steiner
Eddie & Jane Steiner**
Esther Steiner
Gary & Jane Steiner
Gerald & Beulah Steiner**
Kevin & Kristy Steiner
Kevin & Laura Steiner
LaMont R. & Jennifer Steiner
Lydell & Rebeca Steiner
Mark & Karen Steiner*
Mitchell & Dawn Steiner
Palmer & Joan Steiner
Daryl & Sue Steiner*
Roger & Nedra Steiner*
Ron & Barbara Steiner
Roy & Ruth Steiner
Ryan & Hannah Steiner
Steve & Beverly Steiner
Vernon & Bettie Steiner
Wilford & Ruth Steiner
Kyle Stewart
Sherideen Stoll
George Stoltzfus
Robert Stoltzfus
Sara E. Stoltzfus
Simon & Elisa Stoyle
Craig R. & Jenny Strasbaugh
Michael Strayer
Dennis & Cathy Stromme
Catherine A. Strong
Emma Strong
James & Tammy Strong
John Strong & Dana Schmid
John & Margot Strong
Dave Stuk
Chad Stutzman
Donna Stutzman
Verlin & Karen Troyer
Virgil & Kathy Troyer
William R. Troyer
Don Tschiegg
Mark & Barb Tschiegg
Rick & Kathy Tschiegg
Steve D. & Stacie Tschiegg
Jolene & Richard Tullar
Joanne Turner
Eric Tuuk
Geoffery & Connie Uhle
Erik R. & Jessica Ungerer
Larry N. Ungerer
Ronald Ungerer
Douglas Ventling
Tim & Michele Vierheller
Bob & Muriel Vincent
Ed & Bonnie Wadel
Greg & Mary Wadel
Gary Walter
Carolyn Warren
Marie Wears
Andrew Weaver
Carl & Sharon Weaver
Carol Weaver
Emily Weaver
Ivan & Joyce Weaver
Jon Weaver
Joshua T. Weaver
Leroy Weaver
Martin Weaver
Marvin & Rheda Weaver
Monroe & Phyllis Weaver
Myron & Sheryl Weaver
Nelson & Bonnie Weaver
Sara Weaver
Wayne Weaver
Stuart & Allison Webster
Vance & Amanda Weeks
Tonya Weimer
Christine Welfley
Larry & Deby Welty
Bob & Lolita Wenger
David & Arlene Wenger
Joseph & Dorothy Wenger
Joseph & Lori Wenger
Mel & Mim Wenger
Paul & Margaret Wenger
Joe & Phyllis Wengerd
Ken Wengerd
Dan & Phebe Wesman
Cassie West
John & Shirley Weyrauch
Connie White
James & Evelyn White
Kristin White
Larry & Terry White
Emma Stutzman & Bud Berndt
Michael & Lindsay Stutzman
Karen Sullivan
Paul & Sandra Suttle
John & Evonne Swartzendruber*
Brenda Sweany
Dennis & Vicki Swift
Timothy & Lisa Swift
Allan Swinderman
Chad & Krista Symens
Kenneth & Ramona Tadeo
Raul V. & Vanita Tadeo
Lydia Taron
Angela Taylor
Daniel Taylor
Edwin & Joyce Taylor*
Evelyn Taylor
Pearl Taylor
Roger & Betty Taylor
Ron & Pam Taylor
Dave Tennant
Emily K. Thomas
Maynard Thomas
Megan Thomas
Gavin & Janet Thompson
Richard Thompson
Rodney & Deb Thompson
Roger Mickey Till
Amy Todich
Ryan & Voni Torrence
Rod D. & Kris Traver
Dick & Mary Trees
Kevin & Marsha Trent
Steven & Stacey Trifu
Angela Troyer
Benjamin L. Troyer
Bob & Leora Troyer
Clarence & Sarah Troyer**
Dave Troyer
Fred & Lori Troyer
Isaac V. Troyer
Jeff & Brenda Troyer
Kim & Amber Troyer
Laura Troyer
Levi & Lillis Troyer
Lyle & Edna Troyer
M R & Nina Troyer
Marlin & Kathy Troyer
Mary Troyer**
Michael Troyer
Mike & Rebecca Troyer
Milton K. & Ann Troyer
Richard Troyer
Ryan Troyer
Terrence & Oy Troyer
Vaughn & Inga Troyer**
Don & Collette Whitmer
Carl & Mary Wiebe
Heidi Wiebe
Joyce Wiebe
Harry & Ella Wilkins
Kristy T. Wilkins
Mark Wilkinson
Joe Williams
Ron & Benita Williams
Kevin Wilson
Samantha Wilson
Doug & Bonnie Winkler
Bob & Waunita Witmer
Dan & Maxine Witmer
Jared R. Witmer
Jerry & Tiffany Good Witmer
Cason & Colleen Wittig
Rich & Ruby Wittmer**
Gregory & Sara Wolf
Fred L. & Sue Wooden
Jenelle M. Woodrich
Mark & Christal Woods
Gordon & Betsy Woolbert
Brian & Jan Wycuff
Christian & Sarah Wyglendowski
Brian & Catherine Yoder
Carl Yoder
Carol Yoder
Chadwick & Sarah Yoder
Conrad Yoder
Eric D. & Karina Yoder
Jeff & Dawn Yoder
Jon & Julie Yoder
Justin & Corrie Yoder
LeRoy & Martha Yoder*
Mark & Angela Yoder
Martin D. & Vicki Yoder
Norman & Clara Yoder**
Philip & Linda Yoder
Richard L. & Jeanelle Yoder
Rob & Cynthia Yoder
Rochelle Yoder
Roger & Rhonda Yoder
Stephen & Joy Yoder*
Steven & Goldie Yoder
Wayne & Nancy Yoder
Wayne Yoder
Richard & Connie Yoder
Bill & Donna Yost
Kevin & Aimee Yost
Matt & Abigail Yost**
Mike & Abigail Young
Albert & Brenda Yovichin
Anna Yovichin
Curtis J. Yovichin
Elisabeth Yovichin
Stephen A. Zacour
Wayne & Ann Zacour
Raymond Zaleski
Doug & Miriam Zehr
Glenn & Kathleen Zendt
Brian & Joy Ziegler
Jim & Janice Ziegler
Dennis & Lois Zimmerly
Evie Zimmerly
Jacob & Ila Zimmerly
Paul & Doris Zimmerly
Scott & Heather Zimmerly
Twila Zimmerly
Daniel & Jacinda Zook
Jeremiah & Melanie Zook
Leatha Zook**
Marlin & Rose Zook
Steve & Rhoda Zook
Deric & Pamela Zuercher*
Jordan & Audrey Zuercher
Phil & Mary Lou Zuercher
Steve & Lisa Zuercher
Tim & Mary Zuercher
Todd & Angela Zuercher
Dawn M. Zuniga
Stephen Zuniga
20/20 Chemical Co Inc
Active Chiropractic
Adventure Harley Davidson
American Craftsman Furniture
Andrea Schnuck Store
AnnDrew’s Enterprises
Antiques Trading Post
ArcisTtechnology Group
Audrey’s Attic **
Auto Works Collision Center Inc
Automotive Industrial Solutions
Berlin Contractors Inc
Berlin East of Chicago Pizza LLC
Berlin Grande Hotel
Berlin Hotel & Suites **
Birdeye Design
Black Squirrel Victorian Inn
Brian Martin Construction*
Buckeye Spindle
Cabinet Specialties
Camp Luz
Cole Distributing
College of Wooster
Comfort Suites
Country Fresh Carpet Cleaning
Creative Edge
Businesses (Cont.)
Dancing Don’s Solid Wood
Das Dutch Kitchen
Dean’s Backflow Service
Digital Dish Inc
Dobransky Firearms
Don Smith Auto Parts**
Dutch Country Apple Dumplings
Dutchman Hospitality Group
Dyer, Hughes and Roche Inc.
E F Pouly Co**
Eastwood Manufacturing
Events Unlimited by Esther
Family Eye Care of Wooster
Fieni Firewood
Finishline Autobody
Flying Dutchman Inc
Flynn’s Tire & Auto Service
G & G Farms**
General Rent All
Genuine Oak Designs
Gerber Feed Co
Gerbers Poultry Inc
Ginger House Coffee**
Goodville Mutual Casualty Co
Gospel Bookstore
Grace Automation Services Inc
Guggisberg Cheese
H W Chair LTD
Habrun’s Insurance Service
Hartville Cabinet & Design**
Hartville Kitchen
HCM Dimension Lumber
Healthpoint of Wooster
Heartland Point Café
Himes Slater & Hershberger
Hobby Hill Woodworking
Holmes Limestone Co / Merle
Holmes Siding Contractors**
Holmesville Electric
Home Appliance
Homestead Furniture
Hopewood Inc
HRM Enterprises Inc
Hummel Group**
Huntsman Trucking
J & H Decorative Concrete**
J Horst Manufacturing
Jacob’s Classic Carriage Co LLC
Jake’s Amish Furniture*
James Madigan, DDS
JAS Mowing Services
Jeff Maibach
Joseph’s Ballroom Dancing
Keim Concrete Pumping Inc
Keim Lumber
KeyBridge Computer Services
Kidron Electric Inc**
Kidron Kars
Kid’s Collection
Kinetics Fitness For Life*
Lehmans Inc
Lincoln Way Dental Group
Lyons Dentistry
M J Miller & Co
Main Street Car Wash & Lube
MC Products
MCC Connections
Melway Paving
Mennonite Mutual Insurance Co
Miller Custom Exteriors
Miller Septic Cleaning & PortaJon Rentals*
Miller’s Greenhouse
Millersburg Tire Service*
Millersburg True Value*
Ming Hing Restaurant*
Mohawk Lumber
Mrs J’s Restaurant
Mt Eaton Elevator
Mt Eaton Pallet, LTD
Murrs Printing and Graphics**
Nik’s Barber Shop
Norman Electric Inc
North Point Engineering Corp
Ohio Conference Office
Ohio Veal Association
OMNOVA Foundation
Orrville Cycling & Fitness**
Orrville Pet Spa & Resort
Orrville YMCA
P Graham Dunn
Pallota Ford
Pioneer Farms
Pizza Hut
Pleasant Hill Surplus
Pleasant Wealth Associates
Preferred Airparts
Premier Cottages
ProVia Doors
Putt N Stuff
R & R Plumbing
Raber Dental*
Ramseyer Farms
Rehoboth LLC
Revamp Salon and Day Spa LTD
Ride On Bikes of Wooster
RNS Service Inc
Roth’s Auto Repair
Runion’s Furniture Annex
Safe & Sound
Saltcreek Properties LLC
Santek Environmental Inc
SAS Environmental Inc
Senor Panchos Restaurant
Sevenson LTD
Shearer Equipment
Silver Lining Stables
Skylar Brook Farms
Slabaugh Auto Care
Smiley’s Ristorante
Smithville Historical Society
Sojourner’s Lodge
Spidell Funeral Home*
Sprunger Air Services**
Square One Marketing
Stark County Properties
Stone Barn Furnishings
Subway Restaurant
Summit Wood Industries Inc*
Swartzentruber Plumbing**
Swiss Valley Fence Ltd
Swiss Valley Furniture
Terry Horner Photography
The Faithful Little Cupcake
The Wallhouse Hotel
Troyer Corporation
Troyer Roofing & Construction
Venture Products Inc.
Village Gift Barn
Village Motors Inc
Village Printing
Walnut Creek Cheese
Walnut Hills Retirement Community
Wayne County Community
Wayne Garage Door Sales, Inc
Weisgarber Trucking Inc
Westfield Group Country Club
Whispering Hills*
White’s Maibach Ford
Wood Floors Unlimited
Woodland Mulch
Wooster Tennis & Sports
Yummy’s Frozen Yogurt
Zephyrs 24 Hour Fitness
Berlin Mennonite Church *
Chestnut Ridge Mennonite Church
First Mennonite Church
Friendship Mennonite Church
Hartville Mennonite Church*
Kidron Mennonite Church **
Martins Creek Mennonite Church *
Millersburg Mennonite Church **
Orrville Mennonite Church
Smithville Mennonite Church
Sonnenberg Mennonite Church
Summit Mennonite Church **
* denotes alumni
1962 - 21%
*Lowell & Elena Hershberger
*William & Karen Mishler
Ronald & *Myrna Piper
*Paul & Ruth Ressler
Mary Schrock
George Stoltzfus
*Emma Stutzman & Bud Berndt
1963 - 30%
Gordon & *Lorene Amstutz
David & *Penny Bixler
Ron & *LaVera Geiser
*Dean & Jan Falb
Dick & *Mary Helen Heinbaugh
*Wesley & Sandy Hofstetter
*Bob & Lois Nussbaum
*David & Eldina Nussbaum
*Fred & Janet Nussbaum
Yvonne Shore
1964 - 49%
*Robert & Linda Amstutz
Rosalyn Amstutz
Edward & *Carol Burkholder
*Richard & *Louise Crilow
*Bruce & Anne Hummel
Tim & *Ruby Hurst
Eugene & *Ravae Keener
Art & *Evelyn McPhee
Leslie & *Linda McSpadden
*Gary & Linda Miller
*John H. & Helen Miller
*Lowell E. & Bonnie Miller
Nathan & *Viola Miller
*Lloyd & Ferne Mumaw
Ruby Newcomer
*Gary & Sharon Oberly
*Ronald & *Kathy Ramer
Henry & *Lois Schlabach
*William & Donna Schlabach
1964 (cont.)
Robert & *Mary Jo Smith
Paul & *Sandra Suttle
*Carl & Sharon Weaver
*Christine Welfley
1965 - 19%
Tim & *Louise Clingan
Peter & *LeAnna Dunn
Lois J. Fuller
Mark & *Maxine Hershberger
*Rodney & Gail Mast
Stanley & *Shirley Ross
*Weldon & Florence Schloneger
Larry & *Elaine Short
Ivan & *Joyce Weaver
1966 - 17%
*Olen & *Norma Burkholder
*Don & Pat Falb
*Richard & Laurel Horst
Ralph & *Brenda King
*LaVon & Janice Kratzer
*Ralph & Joanne Lehman
Gary & *Linda Miller
William & *Karen Mishler
*Stuart & Charlene Newcomer
*Clell & Pearl Sommers
1967 - 13%
Paul & *Lois Bontrager
Gregory & *Mary Creech
Dean & *Jan Falb
Glenn & *Phyllis Gerber
Kirt Gerber
*Steve & Elaine Lehman
Miriam J. Rheinheimer
Philip & *Judith Rosenik
1968 - 23%
*Fred & *Carol Brubaker
Eldon & *Marilyn Eigsti
*Ralph & Susan Hofstetter
*Lowell & Donita Kreider
Ralph & *Joanne Lehman
Trent & *Alice Metcalf
Ken & *Connie Neuenschwander
Bob & *Becky Oyer
Dave & *Melissa Schrock
Arley Sommers
1969 - 32%
John & *Donna Edwards
Ned Gerber
*Gordon & *Donna Immel
Dan & *Jeanette King
Rosemary Kratzer
John H. & *Helen Miller
Lloyd & *Jane Miller
*Art & *Cheryl Neuenschwander
1969 (cont.)
*Roger & *Nedra Steiner
*Roger & Betty Taylor
*Marvin & Rheda Weaver
*Larry & Deby Welty
*Richard L. & Jeanelle Yoder
Marlin & *Rose Zook
1970 - 19%
Linda Amstutz
Hugh Geiser
Dan & *Dorothy Hartzler
*Bruce & Norma Hershberger
LaVon & *Janice Kratzer
Delbert Lehman
*Jerry & Karen S Oyer
Dean & *Prudy Steiner
*Virgil & Kathy Troyer
*Philip & Linda Yoder
1971 - 33%
Roger & *Loretta Baur
Gordon & *Marieda Geiser
Ron & *Bonnie Geiser
Vern & *Shirley Hochstetler
Lyle & *Jane Kalina
Wes & *Julia Lambert
Wayne & *Barbara Miller
Jerry & *Karen S Oyer
John & *Martha Ramseyer
*David & *Juanita Ross
*Keith & Beverly Schloneger
Brad Schmucker
John & *Velma Stauffer
Don & *Collette Whitmer
1972 - 27%
Gerald* & Sue Gerber
Steve & *Dolores Gerber
Mel & *Rachel Gingerich
Dan* & Dorothy Hartzler
Maynard* & Jean Hershberger
Jon & *Rhoda Mast
Don* & Cheryl Mast
Eugene & *Candace Miller
Conrad L Neuenschwander
John* & Kathy Schmid
Dean* & Prudy Steiner
Fred* & Lori Troyer
Richard* & Connie Yoder
1973 - 45%
*Eugene & Sharon Amstutz
*Roger & Cheryl Amstutz
Ed & *Sheryl Anderson
*Lyle & Pamela Blosser
*Randall & Junko Fath
*Leon & Esther Hershberger
*Don & Mary Ina Hooley
*Ray & Marilyn Hostetler
1973 (cont.)
*David A. & Winnie King
Michael & *Miriam Lehman
Steven & *Phyllis Mullins
*Don & Ellen Nussbaum
Ralph & *Barbara Reinford
*Gerald & Mary Ressler
*Brad & Janie Schlabach
*Eddie & *Jane Steiner
*Edwin & *Joyce Taylor
1974 - 23%
*Roland & Karen Geiser
Stan Good
Neal & *Faye Hochstetler
Jim & *Donna Johnston
*Veryl & *Miriam Kratzer
Steve & *Elaine Lehman
*Steven & Phyllis Mullins
*Ray & Joan Nussbaum
Patrick & *Patricia Sage
*Joseph & Gail Snyder
*Lambert & Charla Sommers
*Bob & *Waunita Witmer
Philip & *Linda Yoder
1975 - 22%
Bob & *Janice Eshleman
Vern & *Janet Hostetler
*Merle & Bonita Kauffman
*Michael & Miriam Lehman
*Delmar & *Grace Miller
Bob & *Lois Nussbaum
*Anne Nafziger and Joe
*Gary & *Jane Steiner
1976 - 22%
Henry & *Julie Beun
Eric & *Linda Bishop
*Bruce and Jill Detweiler
*Glenn & Phyllis Gerber
*Doug & Donna Kratzer
*Clifford & Julie Linder
*Tim & Peggy Roth
Robert & *Ruth Shetler
Terry & *Kay Shue
John & *Evonne Swartzendruber
Fred & *Lori Troyer
Larry & *Deby Welty
1977 - 31%
*Dan & Julia Hooley
*Craig & Mary Liechty
Richard & *Rose Longacre
Bonnie Miller
*Kirk & *Joy Nussbaum
*John & *Ruth Roth
1977 (cont.)
John & *Wanda Schrock
Richard & *Velma Shetler
*Bruce & *Sherri Steiner
*Jeff & Brenda Troyer
Roger & *Rhonda Yoder
Steven & *Goldie Yoder
1978 - 19%
Merle & *Bonita Kauffman
*Eric & Marcia Lehman
*Galen & Sherri Lehman
*Robert & Ruth Shetler
*Ron & *Barbara Steiner
*Terrence & Oy Troyer
*Carl & *Mary Wiebe
1979 - 26%
*Titus & *Debora Dutcher
John Gill
Jeff & *Vonda Kreis
Galen & *Sherri Lehman
*Joel & Rose Lehman
*Gary & Victoria Miller
*Willis R. & Sandy Miller
*Daniel & *Evie Nafziger
*Steven & Cindy Nussbaum
*Wayne & Beth Ressler
Scott & *Dawn Schell
David & *Linda Sleutz
*Darrell & Brenda Smucker
Mitch & *Carol Springer
Jon & *Julie Yoder
Rob & *Cynthia Yoder
1980 - 20%
Jim & *Pam Bartholomew
Jay & *Janice Dickey
Paul Groh
Barry & *Lynne Kauffman
*Stephen & *Rachel Meyer
Ben & *Elaine Miller
*Brent & *Joyce Nussbaum
*Millard & Karen Shrock
*Myron & Sheryl Weaver
1981 - 15%
Mark & *Kristina Barton
Kevin Lepley
Gary & *Victoria Miller
*Kurt & Angela Neuenschwander
*Winfred & Barb Ressler
Sherideen Stoll
*Bob & Leora Troyer
Joanne Turner
1982 - 8%
*Vaughn & Elizabeth Bentz
Carl & *Marleen Reinhardt
Wayne & *Beth Ressler
1982 (cont.)
Richard Troyer
1983 - 20%
*Kenton & *Cynthia Miller
*Gary & Lynette Neuenschwander
Kurt & *Angela Neuenschwander
Randy S. & *Sharon Neuenschwander
*Richard & Velma Shetler
Darrell & *Brenda Smucker
1984 - 19%
*Kevin E. & Geanette Lehman
*Gary & Lisa Lepley
Maynard & *Emily Miller
*Greg & Michelle Steffen
*Kenneth & Ramona Tadeo
*Ron & Pam Taylor
*Jerry & Tiffany Good Witmer
1985 - 21%
Robert & *Marla Hines
*Brian & *Sheila Lawson
*Michele (Chicco) & Anna
Vern & *Michele Sauder
Von & *Rita Schrock
Brian & *Joy Ziegler
1986 - 17%
*Brian & Traci Miller
Steve & *Deb Murray
*Joel & *Lisa Otto
Eric & *Roxie Ramseyer
1987 - 21%
Michael & *Lisa Amstutz
Leslie A. Geiser
*Brent & Claudia Lehman
*Roger & Sondra Lehman
Darin & *Ramona Nissley
Greg & *Michelle Steffen
*Brian & Catherine Yoder
1988 - 16%
*Mark & Jennifer Bixler
*Christopher & Sue Coblentz
*Thomas & Erika Meyer
*Timothy & *Lynnette Rohrer
*Deric & *Pamela Zuercher
1989 - 9%
Delvin Geiser
Darrell & *Wendy Haven
Ed R. & *Jolene Ricer
Vaughn & *Inga Troyer
1990 - 16%
*Jim & Deb Helems
1990 (cont.)
*Chris & Susan Hershberger
*Dan & Shanti Nussbaum
*Jason & Kristine Nussbaum
*Tony & Teri Rohrer
*Kevin & Kristy Steiner
1991 - 6%
*Kent & Lori Miller
Renee Schlabach
*Scott & Kami Sommers
1992 - 32%
Jim & *Deb Helems
*David & *Trina Miller
*Mark E. & Lisa Miller
Chad & *Michonda Ramseyer
*Jonathan & Cherry Rheinheimer
Kyle Schlabach
Michael J. Shank
Mike & *Karlene Sommers
Arlin Steiner
Mark & *Angela Yoder
*Daniel & *Jacinda Zook
1993 - 7%
*Leon & Amy Headings
Tim & *Jennifer Shue
*Jeremiah & Melanie Zook
1994 - 15%
1996 (cont.)
*Matt & Abigail Yost
Todd & *Angela Zuercher
1997 - 8%
*Ryan & *Katie Immel
Joy Phaphouvaninh
Mark & *Amy Shelly
1998 - 26%
Chad Bargerstock
Chip & *Martha Coleman
Tabitha Gingerich
*Gerald & Sharon Horst
*Burke & JoEllen Hummel
*Rodney & *Susan Neuenschwander
Ron & *Laura Petitte
*Kevin & Laura Steiner
Chad Bargerstock
Tabitha Gingerich
*Gerald & Sharon Horst
*Burke & JoEllen Hummel
*Kevin & Laura Steiner
1999 - 16%
Andrea Geiser
Bill & *Rebecca Hanefeld
*Mark & Kristy Kister
*Joseph & *Marie Mast
*Timothy J. & Kristen Moore
*Sunday & Sara J. Obri
Stephen & *Ellen Rohrer
Beth Steiner
Stuart & *Allison Webster
*Brian & Katie Geiser
Jason & *Brenda Hostetler
Joe Knutson
*Craig Glick & Kathy Glick Miller 2000 - 18%
Tim & *Jennifer Shue
*Braden J. & Sherah-Leigh Gerber
*Gary & *Charla Sommers
Nathan & *Jessica Gundy
Tim Jaquet
1995 - 22%
*Zach & *Mary Kooker
Bryan Andrews
*Roscoe & Kristina Lehman
Phillip Bixler
Scott and *Bethany Nussbaum
*Joshua & Stacey Lehman
Matthew & *Emily Manchester *Brandon & *Maria Steiner
*Denver & Tara Steiner
*James L. & Karen Miller
Craig Glick & *Kathy Glick Miller 2001 - 26%
Michael R. Miller
Ellie Campbell
*Brian & Roberta Munsey
*Randall L. & Amy Geiser
Greg & *Amanda Pudloski
*Matthew & Sara Gingerich
*Stephen & Ellen Rohrer
Kristin Himes
Kevin & *Sheila Shoup
*Scott & *Jolene Jaquet
*Ryan & Hannah Steiner
*Andrew & Christy Michaels
Kevin & *Aimee Yost
Eric & *Karmen Miller
Matt & *Abigail Yost
*Jon Risser & Jonalyn Denlinger
1996 - 18%
Mark A. Johnston
*Ryan & Lattera Shetler
Kristin White
Mark & *Christal Woods
*Justin & Corrie Yoder
Jeremy S. & *Michele Patterson
*Christopher & *Catherine Steiner
Denver & *Tara Steiner
*LaMont R. & Jennifer Steiner
*Chadwick & Sarah Yoder
2002 - 20%
Thomas Dunn
*Anthony J. & *Jennifer Geiser
Scott & *Christa Janzen
Brian & *Jenna Kempf
Joshua Nussbaum
Nathan Ramer
Matt & *Maria Shanlian
*Lydell & Rebeca Steiner
2003 - 19%
Ben C. & *Brianne Froese
Josue & *Rachel Hernandez
Curtis R. & *Delight Howells
*Brandon & Jessica King
Harold Thomas Markley
Jonathan Moore
Galen & *Erika Nofziger
Mark Risser
Angela Taylor
Cason & *Colleen Wittig
2004 - 23%
Tyler & *Rosanna Coblentz
*Matthew & *Amanda Eshleman
Joseph Hartman
*Jeremy & *Kelly Kane
*Nathan D. & Michelle Larson
Joel & *Holly Mast
Ryan & *Heather Miller
Elena Nussbaum
Daniel & *Laura Rosebrock
Steve & *Valerie Schlabach
Kim & *Amber Troyer
2005 - 11%
Chris & *Andrea Bauman
Shawna Gerber
Jason Horst
Denny L. Miller
Joshua Pedrozo
2006 - 17%
*Darren L. & *Christina Gerber
Nathan & *Elizabeth Hand
Jeff & *Kelsey Hochstetler
Christopher S. Mast
*Dustin D. & *Moriah Steiner
Jared R. Witmer
Stephen A. Zacour
2007 - 15%
Jon & *Kirsten Detweiler
Jason R. Miller
Joan Moore
Andrew E. Nussbaum
Cassandra Steiner
2008 -34%
*Isaac & *Krystal Bartholomew
John David Eades
2008 (cont.)
2009 (cont.)
Laura Gehman
Brian & *Dena Green
Matthew Lehman
Dustin E. Linder
Meredith Lyons
Joshua D. Mullet
Jonathan Pedrozo
Michael Strayer
Emily K. Thomas
Heidi Wiebe
2009 -29%
Sean & *Hannah Miller
Shannon N. Neuenschwander
Jordan R. Nussbaum
*Derek & *Haley Ressler
*Joshua D. & Kara Sleutz
2010 - 12%
Jordan & *Alixandria Chewning
Andrew J. & *Sandy Geiser
Emily E. Miller
Steven & *Stacey Trifu
Gideon Dunster
*Andrew J. & Sandy Geiser
2011 - 12%
Seth Pedrozo
Chloe Raber
2011 (cont.)
Olivia K. Ressler
Aubrey Schrock
Jana Sleutz
2012 - 39%
Isaac Haver
Kelsey Hilty
Hannah S. Horner
Josiah W. Mullet
Matthew Neuenschwander
Gabriela Nunes Maldonado
Emilie Raber
Irene Schmid
Julie Sleutz
Anna Yovichin
2013 - 23%
Nigel Byler
Natasha Darr
Corey P. Holderman
Dorothy Miller
Eric Pasho
William R. Troyer
2014 - 26%
Emily Bowen
Austin J. Conrad
Daniella Gulsby
Hannah Milller
Melissa A. Nussbaum
Emily Weaver
Joshua T. Weaver
Thank you.
Your partnership makes ministry happen.
And my God will meet all your needs according to the
riches of his glory in Christ Jesus. - Philippians 4:19

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