Spring 2012
Saturday, April 28 and Sunday, April 29, 2012 – 11:00 am
Ashford University South Campus Athletic Complex, Clinton, Iowa
The history of Ashford University begins in 1891, when Father John Murray
invited the Sisters of St. Francis to help him teach students in Clinton,
Iowa. By 1893, the Sisters were able to purchase some land in Clinton,
on which they established their mother house and the Mount St. Clare
Academy, a prep school for girls. The Academy and mother house quickly
outgrew their old building. In 1910, the mother house and the academy
moved into the newly constructed Mount St. Clare building, which is still
in use today.
Seeing a need for teachers in Clinton County and the surrounding area,
the Sisters founded Mount St. Clare College, the predecessor to Ashford
University, in 1918. At that time, the Mount St. Clare Academy, College,
and Convent were all housed in the same building.
The 1950s and ‘60s marked a period of expansion at the institution.
Mother Mary Paul Carrico, OSF, 1918-1921
In 1950, the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools first
Mother Mary Fidelis Ruddy, OSF, 1921-1924
accredited Mount St. Clare College. Following the accreditation, the
Mother Mary Paul Carrico, OSF, 1924-1936[1]
school quickly began to expand. The sisters moved into an adjoining
Mother Mary John McKeever, OSF, 1936-1948
convent building in 1956. A new library and gym were opened a few
Mother Mary Regis Cleary, OSF, 1948-1958
years later. During the ‘60s, the Science Hall was opened. And in 1967,
Sister Mary Cortona Phelan, PhD, OSF, 1958-1968
the college became coeducational.
Sister Mary Cecile Devereux, OSF, 1968-1971
Sister Eileen Smith, OSF, 1972-1976
For the 1979-1980 school year, the college received approval for its
Dr. Dan C. Johnson, 1976-1985
first four-year degree, Bachelor’s program in business administration.
Rev. Charles E. Lang, PhD, 1986-1991
The following year, the Mount St. Clare Academy merged with St. Mary’s
Dr. James J. Ross, 1991-2000
High School in Clinton, forming Mater Dei High School (now know as
Sheila Smith, 2001-2002
Prince of Peace Academy). With the space freed by the academy’s merger,
Dr. Michael E. Kaelke, 2002-2005
the school began to offer additional four year programs. In 1997, the sisters
Becoming a University
James Chitwood, MBA, 2005-2007
moved off campus into their new mother house, The Canticle. In 1998,
In 2002, Mount St. Clare College began to offer a Master’s program over
Dr. Jane McAuliffe, 2007-2011
the Durgin Educational Center was opened, which included new athletic
the internet. In conjunction with the expanded course offerings, the
Dr. Elizabeth Tice, 2011-present
facilities, including Kehl Arena.
school changed its name to The Franciscan University, and the name of
the athletic teams were changed from “The Mounties” to “The Saints.”
In September 2004, the school modified its name to The Franciscan
University of the Prairies, in order to avoid confusion with similarly
named schools.
In March 2005, the University was purchased by Bridgepoint Education,
Inc. After the completion of the sale, the institution’s name was changed to
Ashford University. The school also dropped its affiliation with the Roman
Catholic Church, and it became a for-profit institution at that time.
In 1918, the Sisters of
Originally an outgrowth of
In 1950 the College was first
St. Francis, Clinton, Iowa,
Mount St. Clare Academy (MSC)
accredited by the North
founded Mount St. Clare
(which was founded in 1893),
Central Association of Colleges
College as a junior college
the College was designed to
and Schools and has since
for women.
meet a higher education need
maintained that accreditation.
in Clinton and the surrounding
area. MSC held its first formal
commencement in 1930 and
from 1932 to 1954 the College’s
teacher education program
Expansion continued in the early
prepared 62 percent of all
1960s: construction of Durham
teachers who worked in the
Hall, a residence hall, in 1962
schools of Clinton County.
and the Science Building in 1965.
The year 1958 was a year
of building for the College.
Construction of a spacious
two-story library building was
completed. Also being erected
at this time were St. Francis
Auditorium-Gymnasium and
the Mount St. Clare Speech and
Hearing Center.
The Durgin Educational Center
was completed in April 1998.
The first commencement
ceremony was held there in May.
Dedication ceremonies were
held in September.
Ashford University
announced its innovative
Academic Scholarship Program,
Ashford University partnered
which rewards full-time, on-
with the Clinton LumberKings
Bridgepoint Education, Inc., a
campus students for excellence
Ashford purchased the Best
(Midwest League affiliate of the
In December 2002, MSC became
higher education organization,
in academic achievement and
Western Frontier Motor Inn
Seattle Mariners) to rename
The Franciscan University and
acquired the institution in 2005,
can cover up to 100 percent of
to serve as a permanent, fully
historic Riverview Stadium as
In April 1979, MSC received
First baccalaureate degree
in May 2004 it conferred its first
and its name was changed to
a student’s annual tuition. The
functioning residence hall.
“Ashford University Field.”
approval to award baccalaureate
confirmed during graduation
Master’s degrees.
Ashford University.
scholarships were first offered
Also Ashford University
degrees. The first degree offered
May 1981. The first student
during the fall 2010 semester and
constructed a state-of-the-art
was in Business Administration.
to complete coursework for a
have been continued for fall 2011
artificial turf soccer field and an
Bachelor of Arts degree did
and 2012.
outdoor all-weather track and
so in December 1980.
announced plans to open its
newly-acquired indoor Ashford
University Community Tennis
Center to the public.
Sekou Andrews
Sekou Andrews is inspiring the business world one poem at a time with
Kaiser Permanente, Nike, Medco, Time Warner, eBay, Microsoft, General
“The Sekou Effect.” As an award-winning and internationally acclaimed
Mills, Waggener Edstrom Worldwide, Global Green, Wieden+Kennedy,
spoken word artist, actor and musician, Sekou has mastered the art and
NBA, PayPal, Eliza Corp, NCAA, and Deepak Chopra’s Sages & Scientists
business of creating original, custom-written spoken word pieces that
conference to name but a few. Sekou has also emerged as an engaging
electrify the messages and accelerate the missions of global corporations
voice for health care, routinely evoking tears, cheers, and standing
and nonprofits, creative and conservative alike. His galvanizing style
ovations at various cutting edge conferences, including TEDMED, IHI
of spoken word harnesses the empowerment of motivational speaking,
Forum, Health Media ENGAGE, SCHA Patient Safety Symposium,
the passion of slam poetry, the levity of stand-up comedy, the emotional
Big Task Weekend, Drug Trend Symposium, Risky Business Conference
engagement of theater, and the human journey of storytelling to make
and Health 2.0.
events into experiences, and transform audiences of informed receivers
into enrolled responders. Sekou does more than inspire you with his story;
Beyond the business world, Sekou has inspired audiences from the HBO
he inspires you with your story.
US Comedy Arts Festival to The Pasadena Pops Orchestra. He is also a
successful voiceover artist and actor with several national commercials
An ex-elementary schoolteacher turned national poetry slam champion,
and 2 recent feature films on his resume; not to mention his two-man play
any given day may now find Sekou presenting an original piece for
“The Word Begins,” with creative partner Steve Connell, which received
international marketing executives, giving a keynote speech at a health
critical acclaim and garnered 3 Helen Hayes award nominations during
care conference, or performing passionate poems for Barack Obama in
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Oprah’s backyard and Hillary Clinton in Quincy Jones’ living room. His
Sekou’s latest album, “Poetic License,” has made him the most awarded
work has been featured on such diverse national media outlets as ABC,
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MSNBC, HBO, Showtime, MTV, and BET. He has performed privately for
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Embodying creativity, innovation and inspiration, Sekou Andrews is a
Sean “P-Diddy” Combs, and Coretta Scott King and family. Companies
powerful storyteller telling your most powerful stories.
and organizations that have experienced “The Sekou Effect” include Kraft,
Commencement Ceremony
Processional................................... Mr. John Ballheim, Master of Ceremonies
Vice President/Campus Director
Mr. David Stedwell, Faculty Marshal
Associate Professor, College of Business
and Professional Studies Presentation................................... AMVETS Post 28
of Colors
National Anthem...............................Monica Lukas
Invocation......................................... Sister William McCue, OSF
College of Liberal Arts
Welcome............................................. Dr. Elizabeth Tice
Commencement................................ Sekou Andrews
Master Student.............................. Dr. Rebecca Wardlow
Military Student............................ Dr. Rebecca Wardlow
Dr. Charles Minnick
Dean, College of Business and
Professional Studies
Dr. Michael Reilly
Executive Dean, College of Business
and Professional Studies
Dr. Joen Larson
Dean, College of Education
Dr. Andrew Shean
Executive Dean, College of Education
Dr. Barbara Philibert
Dean, College of Health, Human Services, and Science
Dr. Mihaela Tanasescu
Executive Dean, College of Health, Human Services, and Science
Conferring of Degrees................ Dr. Elizabeth Tice
Mr. John Ballheim
Vice President/Campus Director
Farewell............................................ Mr. John Ballheim
Vice President/Campus Director
Presentation of.............................. Dr. William C. Lowe
Dean, College of Liberal Arts
Dr. Suzanne Power
Executive Dean, College of Liberal Arts
Music for the ceremony provided by Gateway String Quartet.
Karla Jean Albee, A.A.
Lindsey Margaretta Albright, A.A.
Randell Alexander, A.A.
Angel L. Allen, A.A.
Nicole Marie Alvarez, A.A.
Tara Lynn Alvey, A.A.
Tiney Denise Anderson, A.A.
Carin R. Andries Goff, A.A.
Daniel Sheldon Andrizzi, A.A.
Michelle L. Arnold, A.A.
Latonya Lashelle Arrington, A.A.
Brittney N. Arteberry, A.A.
Lisa Asher, A.A.
Cinthia Atwood, A.A.
Kory D. Autrey, A.A.
Dianne Victoria Axt, A.A.
Lydia Marie Baker, A.A.
Marshee’ Monique Barclift, A.A.
Ms. Kymm Barnett, A.A.
Cassie Lynn Barrentine, A.A.
Jody A. Bell, A.A.
Herminia Bernal, A.A.
Jennifer Noel Bernard Burns, A.A.
Donald Larry Berrington, Jr., A.A.
Eternity V. Berrios, A.A.
LaTonya Monique Berry, A.A.
Tessy Best, A.A.
Sandra Bethune, A.A.
Kellie Deann Bibbee, A.A.
Breyonnah M. Blount, A.A.
Susan A. Bluett, A.A.
Betty J. Bogan, A.A.
Andrea Michelle Bourgeois, A.A.
Brandon J. Bowdle, A.A.
Sharon Hayes Bowens, A.A.
Dawn M. Bowman, A.A.
Kafreda Hope Boyce, A.A.
Darrell Emanuel Boyd, A.A.
Ashley Marie Boyer, A.A.
Brooke Bozant, A.A.
Alaina D. Bozman, A.A.
Wendy Lea Brandstrom, A.A.
Julie Ann Bray, A.A.
Anna Louise Brink, A.A.
Debra J. Brooks, A.A.
Rosemary Brown, A.A.
Annie Brown, A.A.
Azura T. Brown, A.A.
Jay A. Brown, A.A.
Nikki Dawn Bryant, A.A.
Vester Bunch, A.A.
Christopher Burts, A.A.
Melissa Bushey, A.A.
Betsy R. Bushnell, A.A.
Richetta B. Butler, A.A.
Tynisha Sharpree Butts, A.A.
Reyes Cabral, A.A.
Stephanie Antoinette Cabrera, A.A.
Karen Marshea’ Cameron, A.A.
Kimberly Ann Cameron, A.A.
Richie L. Campbell, A.A.
Herminia K. Campbell, A.A.
Samuel Cardenas, A.A.
Connie M. Carlson, A.A.
Ginea Nicole Carmichael, A.A.
Tayla Danielle Carr, A.A.
Katrina Carroll, A.A.
Tina Louise Carson, A.A.
Korena L. Carter, A.A.
Penny Hinkley Carter, A.A.
Violet Carter, A.A.
Amanda Ann Cartlidge, A.A.
Tammy J. Cartwright, A.A.
Brittany Marie Caruana, A.A.
Patricia Anglin Cass, A.A.
Brad H. Cayea, A.A.
Linda Cerase, A.A.
Lisa Marie Chambers, A.A.
Jacqueline Annette Chavis, A.A.
Chelsea May’Lee Evans, A.A.
Christy Lynn Sharpton, A.A.
Melissa Coats, A.A.
Paul Emmanuel Cody, A.A.
Cynthia Colbert, A.A.
David J. Collins, A.A.
Marcus A. Collins, A.A.
Kathleen A. Collins-Northcutt, A.A.
Donia M. Conatser, A.A.
Johnnie Jacob Condran, A.A.
Sonia Contreras, A.A.
Donald Leroy Cook, Jr., A.A.
Jocelyn Rachelle Corbit, A.A.
Michelle Cordero-Jackson, A.A.
Megan Kelli Costello, A.A.
Shelley R. Coulter, A.A.
Tiffany Cox, A.A.
Michelle A. Creamer, A.A.
Jennifer Lynn Crist, A.A.
Talia Cruncleton, A.A.
Angel Finise Cuble, A.A.
Ginger Renee Cunningham, A.A.
Tara Vaughn Curtis, A.A.
Kim Dalhover, A.A.
Trinh Dang, A.A.
Desiree K. Darago, A.A.
Valerie Mosty Davenport, A.A.
Jeri Nicole Davis, A.A.
Marvis Davis, A.A.
Ronda Charlethia Davis, A.A.
Tonny Terrell Davis, A.A.
William L. Davis, A.A.
Felecia Daniell Dawson, A.A.
Deon R. Daye, A.A.
Timothy J. Deaton, A.A.
Dena Marie Deffenbaugh, A.A.
Heather Demos, A.A.
Mindy S. Denlinger, A.A.
Nicollette S. DeRyke, A.A.
Pauline M. DeSomma, A.A.
DaVonna Lynn Dewitt, A.A.
Ryan Jay DeWitt, A.A.
Daniel A. Dickerson, A.A.
Cynthia C. Dinson, A.A.
Tia M. Dixon, A.A.
Carrie Ann Dobies, A.A.
Jordan C. Dollins, A.A.
Melanie A. Doornbos, A.A.
Jonathan Drum, A.A.
Linda J. Duncan, A.A.
Charity Duncan, A.A.
LeeAnn C. Dunkelberger, A.A.
Libby J. Dunning, A.A.
Ashley M. Dyal, A.A.
LaAlma Edwards, A.A.
Stuart Edwards, A.A.
Dwayne Anthony Elliott, A.A.
Sheila Ann Elting, A.A.
Linda Rose England, A.A.
Dennis L. Evans, A.A.
Toni Y. Richardson Evans, A.A.
Chanda Michelle Farley, A.A.
Sheila D. Farley-Bennett, A.A.
Katelyn Rose Farlow, A.A.
Crystal Fazenbaker, A.A.
Pamela M. Feehan, A.A.
Carla A. Feldmeier, A.A.
Ramona S. Felipe, A.A.
Melody Lynn Feran, A.A.
William Peter Ferrelli, A.A.
Carrie Beth Fichot, A.A.
Sarah Field, A.A.
Dorothy Kim Fields, A.A.
Bernadette Marie Figorski, A.A.
Lynda Ann Flood, A.A.
Harriet Sueann Flowers-Hill, A.A.
Linda S. Forbes, A.A.
Norma J. Ford, A.A.
Brynn J. Forsyth, A.A.
Elizabeth Ann Foster, A.A.
Kristina Foster, A.A.
Nicole Elaine Foster-McGroarty, A.A.
Nathan Fox, A.A.
Pamela Franz, A.A.
Wendy Ann Freeman, A.A.
Twana Lynel Frontis, A.A.
Eric Bernard Funny, A.A.
Veta Kay Gallamore, A.A.
Maureen A. Gallivan, A.A.
Cynthia R. Gammell, A.A.
Jess A. Gappert, A.A.
Bryan Garcia, A.A.
Casey Nicole Garcia, A.A.
Pedro Garcia, Jr., A.A.
Christin Nichole Gardner, A.A.
Sergio Garnica, A.A.
Joshua B. Garst, A.A.
David A. Gates, A.A.
Mary Ann Gaubatz, A.A.
Susan Soffiantino Gechele, A.A.
Taurean R. Gibson, A.A.
Deanna F. Gimmi, A.A.
Sara Elizabeth Gliedt, A.A.
Michael A. Godley, A.A.
Chrystal Anne-Marie Goebel, A.A.
Juan Carlos Gomez, A.A.
Tessa Melissa Gonzales, A.A.
Darryl Eugene Goodwin, A.A.
Megan M. Graham, A.A.
Crystal Jean Grant, A.A.
Donna Joy Anjanette Grant, A.A.
Winona Grant, A.A.
Catherine E. Graveline, A.A.
Demetrus Dione Green, A.A.
LaTonia Rochelle Green, A.A.
Brandon Paul Greene, A.A.
Patricia Ann Greentree, A.A.
Selena Nicole Gresham, A.A.
Cynthia M. Griffin, A.A.
Nakisha M. Griffin, A.A.
Rhiannon Grove, A.A.
William Travis Guinn, A.A.
Patricia Ann Gulley, A.A.
Clarence Lee Gum, A.A.
David D. Hall, A.A.
Tammy Harbour, A.A.
Carol Ann Harlan, A.A.
Kendra Yvette Harris, A.A.
Kirsten K. Harris, A.A.
Trellis A. Harris, A.A.
Michael Ray Harrison, A.A.
Tiffany Harrison, A.A.
Kim Haskins, A.A.
Danielle Y. Hawkins, A.A.
Tara E. Haynes, A.A.
Ramona Z. Hensley, A.A.
Jasmine Marie Herbin, A.A.
Ryan Christopher Herrick, A.A.
Jessica Annette Sieg Hickey, A.A.
Jaclyn J. Hickmott, A.A.
Megan Renee Hinojosa, A.A.
Nancy Ho, A.A.
Christine M. Hobbie, A.A.
Brad A. Hockenberry, A.A.
Catherine Frances Hogan, A.A.
Mary Hogan, A.A.
Kenneth Ray Hollingshed, A.A.
Bryan C. Holmes, A.A.
Mandy K. Homan, A.A.
April Lynn Howell, A.A.
Tamara Lynn Hughes, A.A.
La Toya Evonne Hughes, A.A.
Aaron M. Hungate, A.A.
Bertha Arzola Hurley, A.A.
Stephanie M. Hyer, A.A.
Carolyn Nicole Jackson, A.A.
Everitt Jackson, A.A.
Tara Jackson-Amezado, A.A.
Cynthia M. James, A.A.
Tammy Sue Jantz, A.A.
Diane Elise Jarman, A.A.
Allison Rose Jarrell, A.A.
Mary Jeems, A.A.
Catherine L. Jenkins, A.A.
Raquel Nyree Jenkins, A.A.
Alexander Johns, A.A.
Cretia Rena Johnson, A.A.
Korey Johnson, A.A.
Nadiyah Sabreen Johnson, A.A.
Stephanie V. Johnson, A.A.
Amber L. Jones, A.A.
Christian M. Jones, A.A.
David Wayne Jones, A.A.
Jenine Diahann Jones, A.A.
Matthew Douglas Jones, A.A.
Dustin Renee Jourdain, A.A.
Erin Joy, A.A.
Mary Kang, A.A.
Michael A. Kapushinsky, A.A.
Margaret K. Kelley, A.A.
Lakemia S. Kendrick, A.A.
Marcus B. Kilgore, A.A.
Annetta Mossette Kilpatrick, A.A.
Angela L. Holloman King, A.A.
Casey Colleen Kramer, A.A.
Katherine Nicole Kretsch, A.A.
Tami Lyn Lambson, A.A.
Tiffany Leach Landrey, A.A.
Walter W. Lane III, A.A.
Dawn Marie Lauer, A.A.
Rickey L. LeBlanc II, A.A.
Elizabeth S. Lee, A.A.
Stephanie Le’Ann Lee, A.A.
Jonathan Leech, A.A.
Michael P. Lehman, A.A.
Ritia M. Lever, A.A.
Barbara Ann Lewis, A.A.
Ruo Y. Lin, A.A.
Deborah Lynn Lindley-Leohner, A.A.
Elizabeth Marie Litherland, A.A.
Angela M. Lizotte, A.A.
Norman Lee Longshaw, A.A.
Valerie Cobbett Lonton, A.A.
Jennifer Rachele Lopez, A.A.
Liliana Lopez Lopez, A.A.
Vietta June Lowe, A.A.
Tanya Joyner Luce, A.A.
Candice Summer Lutz, A.A.
Desmont Demon Madison, A.A.
Lisa M. Malone, A.A.
Hans M. Mantel, A.A.
Ryan D. Maples, A.A.
Mary Rose Maravola, A.A.
Cynthia D. Marshall, A.A.
Alicia Ann Martin, A.A.
Chelsea Lyn Martin, A.A.
Vicki Faye Martin, A.A.
Danyelle Nicole Marts, A.A.
Cynthia Roxanne Matela, A.A.
Nicole Trisha Mathias, A.A.
Fanita Shante’ Maxwell, A.A.
Scott J. Mays, A.A.
Jenny L. McCoig, A.A.
Miriam Elsa McConnell, A.A.
Hope McCullen, A.A.
Nicole McDonald, A.A.
Renda M. McElroy, A.A.
Erin K. McGee, A.A.
Teneka Renee McGrew, A.A.
Erica McKay, A.A.
Brenda G. McKinney, A.A.
Robyn L. McKinney, A.A.
Ashley Rae Rebecca McNett, A.A.
Justin Travis McNutt, A.A.
Brian M. Meadows, A.A.
Marilyn Esmeralda Medina, A.A.
Rachel L. Mejia, A.A.
Michael J. Mercado, A.A.
Amy Lauree Miller, A.A.
Julie Kelly Milnar, A.A.
Bonita Lynn Miner, A.A.
Brandon Mitchell, A.A.
Larry Joseph Monson Jr., A.A.
Kimberly Ann Montgomery, A.A.
Lisa M. Montgomery, A.A.
LaShanda Montgomery-Cotto, A.A.
Charlotte Reba Moore, A.A.
Norberto Morales, A.A.
Karen Morehead, A.A.
Brian Moreland, A.A.
Terrie M. Morris, A.A.
Jeaninne Renee Morrow, A.A.
Barbara Ann Morvel-Smith, A.A.
Andre Mosley, A.A.
LaTonya Michelle Motley, A.A.
Shannon E. Mundorff, A.A.
Tara Lyn Murawski, A.A.
Adan Murillo, A.A.
Rachael Murphy, A.A.
Orin Nave, A.A.
Laurel Nelson, A.A.
Andrew M. Novotny, A.A.
Andrea Anne Nundra, A.A.
Crystal Nutter, A.A.
Danielle Nichole Ochoa, A.A.
Mary O’Dell, A.A.
Shelley Marie Oglesby, A.A.
Belinda J. Orr, A.A.
Launye D. Owens, A.A.
Ms. Shamerika S. Owens, A.A.
Chester D. Pace, A.A.
Trudy L. Pacheco, A.A.
Jessica Marie Palmatier, A.A.
Sharmaine Parker, A.A.
Laura Ann Parker-Sanders, A.A.
Monica Knight Patrick, A.A.
Brenda Kaye Patterson, A.A.
Debra L. Patterson, A.A.
Tanya Leeota Patterson, A.A.
Julie Ann Patton, A.A.
Andrew L. Payton Jr., A.A.
Jacquelyn Pearson, A.A.
Theaudra M. Penn, A.A.
Elizabeth C. Perdomo, A.A.
Jasmin Y. Perkins, A.A.
Jason Michael Perkins, A.A.
Michelle L. Perkins-Landman, A.A.
Patricia Perry, A.A.
Sheretta LaShun Person, A.A.
Shanna Mishelle Pettibone, A.A.
Danielle Phelps, A.A.
Jamie Phelps, A.A.
Diana J. Pierce, A.A.
Sarah E. Pilaszewski, A.A.
Denise Pobicki, A.A.
Katie Poling, A.A.
Teresa K. Pope, A.A.
Christina Ann Powell, A.A.
Aaron James Powell, A.A.
Dana Alyssa Pratt, A.A.
Teshika Yorlette Price, A.A.
Yvonne Jane Price, A.A.
Bridgette Primrose, A.A.
Melissa Busby Pulaski, A.A.
Tracie M. Pundyke, A.A.
L. Ray Queen, A.A.
Honey Danielle Quinn, A.A.
Jennifer Quirino, A.A.
Andre Ramirez, A.A.
Sita Ramnarine, A.A.
Christie Ann Rangel, A.A.
Sandra Denise Rankin, A.A.
Adam David Ray, A.A.
Eugenia Reid, A.A.
Paula Ann Ressler, A.A.
Diana Restrepo, A.A.
Hailie Reyes, A.A.
Jamie Lee Rhoton, A.A.
Diane Martin Richards, A.A.
Reanne Radiah Richards, A.A.
Chelsea Nicole Riley, A.A.
Monnencia Riley, A.A.
Gary Rippenbaum, A.A.
Petrice Roach, A.A.
Stephanie Roberts, A.A.
Samantha Jo Rooks, A.A.
Ada E. Rosario, A.A.
Talica Rose, A.A.
Shannon L. Rosenberg, A.A.
Jack C. Rosenburg, A.A.
Deloris A. Ross, A.A.
Desma Danyell Ross, A.A.
Adrian Rotar, A.A.
Agatha R. Rowe, A.A.
Richard Dean Rowland, A.A.
Sylvia Howard Rowland, A.A.
Pamela Denise Ruff, A.A.
Omar Ruiz, A.A.
Cynthia L. Russell, A.A.
Levon Russell, A.A.
Brandi A. Salazar, A.A.
Waltero Ralaun Sally, A.A.
Adriane C. Salters, A.A.
Dana Lee Sanders, A.A.
Stephen A. Santamaria, A.A.
Jennifer M. Sauter, A.A.
Sherrie Schaffran, A.A.
Kelly Ann Schneider, A.A.
Michael L. Schwoerer, A.A.
Makeba De’Angel Scott, A.A.
Ashley Seeley, A.A.
Juan Carlos Serrano, A.A.
Joyce A. Sessions, A.A.
Kathryn F. Sevigny, A.A.
Sharon Latrice Shelton, A.A.
Johnny A. Shepley, A.A.
Kimberly Katrise Sherman, A.A.
Luz Shirron, A.A.
Elizabeth Jane Shoals, A.A.
Pete R. Shoda, Jr., A.A.
Pamela L. Sims, A.A.
Patricia M. Sims, A.A.
Pamela Sinn, A.A.
June Sisemore, A.A.
Rebecca R. Smith, A.A.
Cardell Dewayne Smith, A.A.
Debra Lynn Smith, A.A.
Ivan D. Smith, A.A.
Jeanette Smith, A.A.
Tyler Paul Smith, A.A.
Harold J. Smith, Jr., A.A.
Mr. Jeffery Glenn Williams, A.A.
Noah J. Williams, A.A.
Rachael Williams, A.A.
Shameka Williams, A.A.
James Murray Williamson, A.A.
Tazmin J. Willis, A.A.
Michael C. Wilson, A.A.
Monique A.S. Wilson, A.A.
Michelle Rene Wineberg, A.A.
Tyree D. Winfrey, A.A.
Thomas J. Wolfe, A.A.
Betty Worley, A.A.
Diana M. Wright, A.A.
LauQuita S. Wyatt, A.A.
Gerri L. Wynn, A.A.
Melissa Walker Yardley, A.A.
Jodi Kaye Yeary, A.A.
William Alan Yeomans, A.A.
Cara K.C.O.H. Young, A.A.
Steven P. Zasadil, A.A.
Cary Layne Adams, B.A.
John A. Addeo, B.A.
Tokunbo H. Adeleye, B.A.
Evan James Agnetta, B.A.
Aurelio Aguilar, Jr., B.A.
Mabel Toledo Aguirrechu, B.A.
Travis Justin Akers, B.A.
Juan F. Alanis, B.A.
Kevin L. Albert, B.A.
Ivan H. Alcala, B.A.
Tiffany Alexander, B.A.
Wade Michael Alexander, B.A.
Sylvia Alexander-Ingram, B.A.
Enemencio Alfaro III, B.A.
Rita Williams Ali, B.A.
T. Jacqueline Alix, B.A.
Romero A. Allamani, B.A.
Iris Annette Allen, B.A.
Jason R. Allen, B.A.
Alicia Nicole Allen-Brown, B.A.
Janet Allen-Wilborn, B.A.
Natalie Feruzeh Alves, B.A.
Vanessa Amalla, B.A.
Daniel S. Ambrose, B.A.
Brian Amstadter, B.A.
Kimberly Amstadter, B.A.
Amy Jo Schlenker, B.A.
Melinda Elaine Anders, B.A.
April Baker Anderson, B.A.
Betty Ann Anderson, B.A.
Emmadell Evelyn Anderson, B.A.
Gregory E. Anderson, B.A.
Melissa N. Anderson, B.A.
Ronda Michelle Anderson, B.A.
Michelle Andrew, B.A.
Maddelin Victoria Angebrand, B.A.
LaNita S. Anglin, B.A.
Mary Jo Ansberry, B.A.
Leilani A. Antonio, B.A.
Angelique Marie Appleby, B.A.
Jose Dominic Aragon, B.A.
Milva I. Aranda, B.A.
Michele Armstrong, B.A.
Julie Molly Arnett-Colt, B.A.
Curtis Arnold, B.A.
Kathy Jo Arnold, B.A.
Marc W. Arseneault, B.A.
Fredy Alexander Arteaga, B.A.
Fiona N. Arthurs, B.A.
Paul David Arthurs, B.A.
Erica Leigh Asble, B.A.
Herman Ashford, B.A.
Kimberly Ashland, B.A.
Richard Toro Asins, B.A.
Kyle John Assenmacher, B.A.
Christopher Athman, B.A.
Faith Heath Atkinson, B.A.
Daniel E. Attilio, B.A.
Lisa J. Atwood, B.A.
Ryan M. Aul, B.A.
Temekia Renee Avary, B.A.
Robert Anthony Avila, B.A.
Elizabeth Anne Ayers, B.A.
Juanita Lynn Ayers, B.A.
Erika T. Aylesbury, B.A.
Marin Backo, B.A.
Brandie R. Bailey, B.A.
Mark R. Bailey, B.A.
Beth Anne Bailey-Keener, B.A.
Jeffrey Baker, B.A.
Jonathan Mark Baker, B.A.
Lora M. Baker, B.A.
Megan Baker, B.A.
Tommie W. Baker, B.A.
Wesley E. Baker, B.A.
Jacquelyn M. Balboni, B.A.
Arvin Allen Baldorado, B.A.
Jennifer Baldwin, B.A.
Debra J. Ball-Culley, B.A.
Jermaine Ballenger, B.A.
Sa’Kina Eushawnette Ballenger, B.A.
James Ballentine, B.A.
Victoria Ballesteros, B.A.
Ann-Marie Balsamo, B.A.
Katie L. Banks, B.A.
Jennifer Dawn Banner, B.A.
Willow Aubrey Barela, B.A.
Casandra Leigh Barnes, B.A.
Charlotte Stewart Barnes, B.A.
Velissa Michelle Ivonda Barr, B.A.
Erwin D. Barrientos, B.A.
Travis Lamonds Barrino, B.A.
Brandy Marie Barry, B.A.
LaTerica Monique Bartlett, B.A.
Megan Lynn Baskins, B.A.
Diana M. Bass, B.A.
Hilary J. Bastiani, B.A.
Penny B. Batchelor, B.A.
Reynaldo Batista, Jr., B.A.
Jan’et Bernice Batties-Chinn, B.A.
Benita Racquel Battle-Lowry, B.A.
Christopher Ray Battles, B.A.
Christopher Rae Baudo, B.A.
Michael W. Baughman, B.A.
Carolyn Baun, B.A.
David Franklin Baus, B.A.
Carlos A. Bautista, B.A.
Rick E. Baxla, B.A.
Susan M. Baxstrom, B.A.
Rochelle B. Baylor, B.A.
Steven James Bayne, B.A.
Karel A. Bean, B.A.
Vivian Beard, B.A.
Rachel Becher-Cortez, B.A.
Glenna R. Beck, B.A.
Steven Becker, B.A.
Joel S. Beckwith, B.A.
Roger M. Bedeker, Jr., B.A.
Shamar LeClair Bedford, B.A.
Monica Anne Bedsole, B.A.
Christopher Behan, B.A.
Troy Joseph Behning, B.A.
Doug Behrendt, B.A.
La’Niece Laverne Belizone, B.A.
Shawn D. Belk, B.A.
Tiffany S.N. Bell, B.A.
Adrena A. Bell, B.A.
Alice Bell, B.A.
Cynthia Bush Bell, B.A.
Imani Mwalimu Bell, B.A.
Julie S. Bell, B.A.
Nickole Latrice Bell, B.A.
April Denise Bellamy, B.A.
Janet M. Benfield, B.A.
Marlin A. Benitez, B.A.
Paula Renee Benjamin, B.A.
Antonella C. Scarsella Bennett, B.A.
Michael D. Bennett, B.A.
Taletha C. Bennett, B.A.
Brenda Kay Bensley, B.A.
Lawrence David Bentham, B.A.
Shane Berg, B.A.
Corey J. Berkimer, B.A.
Leslie M. Bermudez, B.A.
Christina Bernal, B.A.
Anthony W. Berry, B.A.
Megan Ann Best, B.A.
Michael L. Best, B.A.
Taran Bhola, B.A.
Victoria S. Bias, B.A.
William R. Bickett, B.A.
Laura A. Biersdorff, B.A.
Tracy Bigelow, B.A.
Johnathan Isma Biggers, B.A.
Matthew Biggs, B.A.
Deloris Billingsley, B.A.
Melissa L. Bischoff, B.A.
Courtney Ann Black, B.A.
Cyrilla D. Black, B.A.
Tonna’ Black, B.A.
Jonathan Lee Blackard, B.A.
John Blackerby, B.A.
Gregory Alan Blackert, B.A.
Brian David Blair, B.A.
Joseph A. Blanco, B.A.
Jessica M. Blankenship, B.A.
Melony Kaye Block, B.A.
Daniel Edward Blyth, B.A.
Amy B. Bockes, B.A.
Ernest Calvin Bodie, B.A.
Mary Ann Bogacki, B.A.
Daniel Riley Bogard, B.A.
Sean W. Bohanan, B.A.
Neil C. Bokamper, B.A.
Lisa Lynn Bokinsky, B.A.
Toyca LaShona Bolden-Cook, B.A.
Wesley R. Bolinger, B.A.
DeLana Latrice Bond, B.A.
Aaron Bondurant, B.A.
Jessica Lynn Bonham, B.A.
Michael Steven Bookbinder, B.A.
Domonique Jaucqline Boone, B.A.
Nicole Elaine Boone, B.A.
Ronald J. Bornemann, B.A.
Erik Anthony Borunda, B.A.
Kenneth Todd Boston, B.A.
Stacy Lynn Botar, B.A.
Jackie B. Bottoms, B.A.
Julie M. Bottroff, B.A.
Scott Bourque, B.A.
Alison K. Bowers, B.A.
James Bowman, B.A.
Harold Benjamin Boyd II, B.A.
Travers John Bracy, B.A.
Collins Chase Bradford, B.A.
Justin Bradley, B.A.
Heather D. Bradley Toudle, B.A.
Carol D. Branch, B.A.
Bruce Branch, B.A.
Todd Quillin Brannon, B.A.
Eglantina Elizabeth Brantley, B.A.
Michael Nathaniel Branum, B.A.
Cynthia Ann Breeling, B.A.
Robert J. Bresett, B.A.
Jennifer Kimberly Brewer, B.A.
Sarah M. Brewer, B.A.
Christi-Ann Brisbane-Lord, B.A.
Rebecca J. Brock, B.A.
Andrew Michael Brooks, B.A.
Brandon A. Brooks, B.A.
Latasha Michelle Brooks, B.A.
Marlene R. Brooks, B.A.
Requisha Denee Brooks, B.A.
Robert S. Brooks, B.A.
Adam William Lowell Brothers, B.A.
Alexandra C. Brown, B.A.
Aljenette Marie Brown, B.A.
Constance Donelle Brown, B.A.
Jamal A. Brown, B.A.
Jason Marvin Kwame Brown, B.A.
Keith Edward Brown, B.A.
Nancy Marie Brown, B.A.
Pamela J. Brown, B.A.
Syvonia Brown, B.A.
Taneisha C. Brown, B.A.
Morgan D. Brown, B.A.
Kirby T. Brown, Jr., B.A.
Angela Marie Browning, B.A.
Debra Brucker, B.A.
Marnesa Brumfield-Giddeon, B.A.
Gary Michael Bryan, B.A.
Charles Austin Bryant, B.A.
Dawn L. Bryant, B.A.
Roy Bryant, Jr., B.A.
Hannah Christi Bryson, B.A.
Linda Marie Buchanan, B.A.
Edward Sonny Buchanan III, B.A.
Marvin W. Buchannon, B.A.
Crystal Ann Bucher, B.A.
Tosha Lynnell Buckley, B.A.
Jennifer Buckner, B.A.
Deanna Maureen Buechel, B.A.
Taminka Selena Buggs, B.A.
Theo Bulloch, III, B.A.
Jamie Lee Burger, B.A.
Kimberly Irene Burgess, B.A.
Shalanda Ann Burgess, B.A.
Robert D. Burk, B.A.
Valerie Burke, B.A.
Brian E. Burlingame, B.A.
Darren Thomas Burnett, B.A.
Brian Anthony Burnette, B.A.
Clinton Burnham, B.A.
April R. Burns, B.A.
Holly Michelle Burns, B.A.
Matthias E. Burns, B.A.
John Stanley Burton, B.A.
James Buslon, B.A.
Nicholas E. Bussick, B.A.
Gregory F. Butcher, Jr., B.A.
Natasha Fiona Byrth, B.A.
JoAnn L. Bytheway, B.A.
Felicia M. Caballero, B.A.
Tilcia J. Cabiedes, B.A.
Charisse Anne Cabral, B.A.
Paula D. Cabral, B.A.
James Joseph Caco, B.A.
Bradley Scott Cade, B.A.
Robert Paul Cahalan, B.A.
Joseph A. Cahoon, B.A.
Derek Calhoun, B.A.
Staci L. Calhoun, B.A.
Ronnie Hugh Callaway, Jr., B.A.
Margaret Ann Calloway, B.A.
Carolyn M. Camire, B.A.
Jason H. Campbell, B.A.
Ryan Martin Campbell, B.A.
Tiffany Ann Campbell, B.A.
Tunde Campbell, B.A.
Kathy Kay Camper, B.A.
Victor Manuel Campos, Jr., B.A.
Michael James Candello, Sr., B.A.
Christopher James Cant, B.A.
Raymond David Capetillo, B.A.
Idalia Cardenas, B.A.
Tammera J. Cardinal, B.A.
Roxanne D. Cardwell, B.A.
Robert Justin Carnes, B.A.
Kerry Carpenter, B.A.
LaTasha Sorrell Carpenter, B.A.
Valerie Carpenter, B.A.
Jason Carr, B.A.
Tiffany Marie Carrillo, B.A.
Jessica C. Carroll, B.A.
Michael Raymond Carroll, B.A.
Ryan L. Carter, B.A.
Chad D. Carter, B.A.
Curshaun Nicole Carter, B.A.
Holly Noelle Carter, B.A.
Kelvin E. Carter, B.A.
Kimberly Grant Carter, B.A.
Robin Elizabeth Carter, B.A.
Rosa Carter, B.A.
Twanna Shuntae Carter, B.A.
Lori Ellen Caruso, B.A.
Giovanni Carver, B.A.
Broderick M. Caselberry, Sr., B.A.
Adriana Castañeda, B.A.
Troy A. Causey, B.A.
Joe L. Ceballos III, B.A.
Felipe Radhames Cespedes, B.A.
Carri E. Chambers, B.A.
Krista Lee Chambers, B.A.
Steven J. Chambers, B.A.
Ryan G. Chan, B.A.
Connie L. Chapman, B.A.
Joel Dane Charles, B.A.
Jason Thomas Charles, Sr., B.A.
Zacharias Charron, B.A.
Andres David Aguirre Chavez, B.A.
Walter Cheatham, B.A.
Heather M. Cheek, B.A.
Mary Chege-Kihanya, B.A.
Penny Cheslock, B.A.
DeShone M. Chestnut, B.A.
Mikasa Domingeaux Chevis, B.A.
Susan M. Cholewka, B.A.
Michelle A. Christensen, B.A.
Andrew Shigeru Christison, B.A.
Eric Cisneros, B.A.
Matthew Lee Clark, B.A.
Vida L. Clark, B.A.
Norman Frank Clark, Jr., B.A.
Timothy J. Claus, B.A.
Bryan Lee Claxton, B.A.
Jennifer Kay Clayton, B.A.
Toi C. Clayton Soh, B.A.
Casey D. Clement, B.A.
Patricia Clemon, B.A.
Jeremy Adam Cline, B.A.
Robert E. Cline, B.A.
Shellye Lynne Clodfelter, B.A.
Nicole Marie Cloo, B.A.
Amy Louise Cloutier, B.A.
Jolisa Michelle Light Coffee, B.A.
Christine E. Cole, B.A.
Dawn M. Cole, B.A.
Patricia Clay Coleman, B.A.
Sheena Mitrece Coleman, B.A.
Victoria Shontrell Coleman-Bash, B.A.
Jessica Coleman-Harvey, B.A.
Laura Ann Coley, B.A.
Daniel Joseph Collins, B.A.
Kimberly G. Collins, B.A.
Sabrina J. Collins, B.A.
Christopher M. Colson, B.A.
Andre Abel Complot, B.A.
Anthony Joseph Condemi, B.A.
Chad Condren, B.A.
Michael Anthony Conger, B.A.
Stacy Conger, B.A.
Joseph Stanley Conklin, B.A.
Kendra M. Conley, B.A.
Alphonse James Constant, B.A.
Brent Edward Cook, B.A.
Cary J. Cook, B.A.
Chelsea Marie Cook, B.A.
Rachelle Lee Coombs, B.A.
Anthony L. Cooper, B.A.
Jeremy Brandon Cooper, B.A.
Justin C. Cooper, B.A.
Kalida DeSha Cooper, B.A.
Paul D. Cooper, B.A.
Robert E. Cooper, B.A.
Samantha J. Cooper, B.A.
Haywood Lewis Copeland II, B.A.
Christopher Michael Coppola, B.A.
Sabrina Marie Corbin, B.A.
Jose Luis Corona, B.A.
Leisha K. Coronato, B.A.
Jaime Cortez, B.A.
Leon C. Cosey II, B.A.
Rachael Shannel Costly, B.A.
Juan Antontio Cotto, Jr., B.A.
John D. Coutee III, B.A.
Lawrence Jayson Coward, B.A.
Nicole P. Cowlin, B.A.
Scott T. Cowlin, B.A.
Cassandra Renae Cox, B.A.
Calvin Doyle Cox, Jr., B.A.
Rhavon Monique Cox-Bey, B.A.
Bryan Crane, B.A.
Jack Ryan Craven, B.A.
Brian M. Cravo, B.A.
P. Douglas Creek II, B.A.
Malcolm T. Crenshaw, B.A.
Candido Crespo, B.A.
Brian David Crewe, B.A.
Leigh Anne Cripe, B.A.
Christopher Malasig Crisologo, B.A.
Shelley J. Crosby, B.A.
Cameron Ryan Crouse, B.A.
Daniel E. Crowe, B.A.
John P. Crucianelli, B.A.
Iris S.E. Crump, B.A.
Brandy Lynn Culp, B.A.
Kimberly Nicole Culver, B.A.
Terrence Culver, B.A.
Korey Nathaniel Current, B.A.
Carla Pryor Curry, B.A.
Timothy P. Curtis, B.A.
Cindy Lou Curtiss, B.A.
Blake A. Cushing, B.A.
Rachael E. Czerwonka, B.A.
Nikole D’Alimonte, B.A.
Brian Michael Daly, B.A.
Phillip Lawrence Alexander Dancy, B.A.
Gregory P. Danforth, B.A.
Tasha Venuck Daniels, B.A.
Robin L. Danitz, B.A.
Rodney C. Danzy, B.A.
Kanit Dararutana, B.A.
Susan M. Darcy, B.A.
Travis Alan Darveaux, B.A.
Terica M. Daugherty, B.A.
Katherine Lee Daves, B.A.
Jo Anna Davidson, B.A.
Candiss Daisy Davis, B.A.
Darnell J. Davis, B.A.
Elizabeth C. Davis, B.A.
Natosha Lynn Davis, B.A.
Rashonda Patrese Davis, B.A.
Rozell Hodges Davis, B.A.
Saani Anguline Davis, B.A.
Tennay Leslie Davis, B.A.
Theresa Michele Davis, B.A.
Tiffany E. Davis, B.A.
Valerie D. Davis, B.A.
Kenneth Victor Davis III, B.A.
Jeffrey Davis Sr., B.A.
Linda Lucille Day, B.A.
Daniel Dayal, B.A.
Nick De Backer, B.A.
Deidra Ann De La Riva, B.A.
Herbert De La Rosa, B.A.
Brett James Dean, B.A.
Samantha Leighann Dean, B.A.
Michael Patrick Dean Sr., B.A.
Terry Charles DeBoer, B.A.
Mary Ann Decker, B.A.
Maria DeClercq, B.A.
Olivia Denise DeCoursey, B.A.
Yvonne Marie Dedmore, B.A.
Lori Jean DeFuso, B.A.
William Gail DeJarnette, B.A.
Diane Catherine Del Arroyo, B.A.
Jason Daniel Del Core, B.A.
Joseph Edward Dellinger, B.A.
Joshua Keith Deluca, B.A.
Michael W. Denault, B.A.
Christopher S. Dennis, B.A.
Jonathan Lee Denny, B.A.
Janice Willbanks Denson, B.A.
Stephen P. Derohn, B.A.
Jane E. DeTorre, B.A.
Shaun A. Devault, B.A.
Erika DeVelasco, B.A.
Dexter J. Devonish, B.A.
Chad W. DeVries, B.A.
Lacey Anne deWindt, B.A.
Susan Marie DeWitt, B.A.
Shea Dexheimer, B.A.
Jarrell Allen Dick, B.A.
Edward WongYu Directo, B.A.
Courtney Michelle Dirks, B.A.
Royce Dirks, B.A.
Harris Disla, B.A.
Earl Ellis Dix, Jr., B.A.
Brian Joseph Dodds, B.A.
John Barton Dodge, B.A.
Rachael Brittany Dodson, B.A.
Nicholas William Doering, B.A.
Kyndel L. Dollison, B.A.
Gwendolyn Donalds, B.A.
Melissa A. Donnell, B.A.
Jessica C. Donnelly, B.A.
Hilary Donohue, B.A.
Robert Daniel Donohue IV, B.A.
Jonathan Dorfberger, B.A.
Debra Doucet, B.A.
Brian Leroy Douglas, B.A.
Danny L. Douglas, B.A.
Pamela A. Douglas, B.A.
Taneka Necole Douglas, B.A.
Willie James Douglas, Jr., B.A.
Brian Joseph Downer, B.A.
Rachel Downey, B.A.
Timothy B. Doyle, B.A.
Taywanna Drayton, B.A.
Amber Drechsler, B.A.
Kimberly D. Drury, B.A.
Israel Antonio Duarte, B.A.
Michael Glen Dudley, B.A.
Robert A. Dudley, Jr., B.A.
Michael J. Dufort, B.A.
Kenneth James Duncan, B.A.
Dinah Lee Dunkin, B.A.
David Clarke Dunlap, B.A.
Wilfredo Duran, B.A.
Sarah Anne Durlak, B.A.
Allison M. Dusold, B.A.
Tilson H. Dyer, Sr., B.A.
Julie L. Eagan, B.A.
Betty Lynn Earl, B.A.
John S. Eastin, B.A.
Joe Eckman, B.A.
Michael Joseph Edelen, B.A.
Jason C. Edwards, B.A.
Zachary Edwards, B.A.
Devin Ehrich, B.A.
Angela Lynn Ekins, B.A.
Alqadir Lim Ekong, B.A.
Gwendolyn Elam, B.A.
Scott William Elfers II, B.A.
Timothy Douglas Elias, B.A.
James Clair Elkins, B.A.
Tyler David Ellgen, B.A.
Allison J. Elliott, B.A.
Katrice L. Elliott, B.A.
Nina Terril Elliott, B.A.
Brian C. Ellis, B.A.
Tara Ellis, B.A.
Charisse Nicole Ellison, B.A.
Shani Lynn Elmore, B.A.
Brianna Marie Eltzroth, B.A.
Lisa Dorene Ely, B.A.
David P. Emerson III, B.A.
Lavon Emery, B.A.
Paula Endfield, B.A.
Megan A. Engelman, B.A.
Kelly Kathleen English, B.A.
Teresa Renae Ensley, B.A.
Jeffery Enslin, B.A.
Erica Holmes, B.A.
Alyssa Mae Erichsen, B.A.
Douglas W. Erwin, B.A.
Stephanie Marie Esche, B.A.
Diana Espinoza, B.A.
James Esteem, Jr., B.A.
Reynaldo Rodriguez Esteras, B.A.
Nicole Esterson, B.A.
Robert Estrada lll, B.A.
Samuel Eteyen E. Etim, II, B.A.
Brett Jason Evanicki, B.A.
LaKosha N. Evans, B.A.
Sidney Louise Everly, B.A.
Thomas W. Everson, B.A.
Laura Lyn Evjen, B.A.
Todd Michael Faber, B.A.
Mary Elizabeth Falcon, B.A.
Marissa E. Farias, B.A.
Andrew P. Farnsworth, B.A.
David Edwin Farnsworth, B.A.
Diana Jean Fazzare, B.A.
Brett Andrew Feauto, B.A.
Lawanda Dyanne Feimster, B.A.
Karen A. Feins, B.A.
Ifetayo Ferguson, B.A.
Rachelle Erin Fernandez, B.A.
Jason Michael Fick, B.A.
Carlos F. Fidalgo, B.A.
Carlecia D. Fields, B.A.
David T. Fildew, B.A.
Christopher Daniel Fink, B.A.
Wendi M. Finkbeiner, B.A.
Lynda J. Fino, B.A.
Amy Lynn Fischbach, B.A.
Lisa Marie Fischer, B.A.
Mary Grace Joy Barrozo Fish, B.A.
Ryan John Fitzgerald, B.A.
Allana Kimberly Fixico-Gay, B.A.
Patrick Donnell Flagg, B.A.
Colene Marie Flammang, B.A.
Kellie J. Flechtner, B.A.
Jeffrey T. Fleming, B.A.
Roxana Flores, B.A.
Shawna R. Flores, B.A.
John L. Flowers, B.A.
Jennifer Anne Fode, B.A.
Phillip Fong, Jr., B.A.
Ms. Bina Forbes, B.A.
David Anthony Ford, B.A.
James Manuel Ford, B.A.
Duvan Jorge Forero, B.A.
Shawna Marie Foronda, B.A.
Laura Maria Forrest, B.A.
James Frank Forsyth, Jr., B.A.
Melissa Taylor Fort, B.A.
Ms. Teara N. Foster, B.A.
Sonny Malia Foster, B.A.
Tonya Foster, B.A.
Clifford Aaron Fountain, B.A.
Willie Fountain, B.A.
Aja Lanclos Fournet, B.A.
Gaylene Marie Foutch, B.A.
JaNae Danette Fowler, B.A.
Sarah Jane Frampton, B.A.
Cody Nicholas France, B.A.
Gary W. Francis, Jr., B.A.
Ivette Benitez Franco, B.A.
Barbara Jean Franklin, B.A.
Bobbi Ann Fransen, B.A.
Jessie Mariah Terry Frazier, B.A.
Theresa Ann Frederick, B.A.
Andrew D. Freeman, B.A.
Christopher D. Freeman, B.A.
Franklin Freeman, B.A.
Justin Mathew Fritz, B.A.
William H. Frost IV, B.A.
Johnathon E. Fry, B.A.
Michael Fuller, B.A.
Robyn R. Fuqua, B.A.
Brian Cory Furches, B.A.
Jeffrey D. Furtado, B.A.
Matthew Gabelli, B.A.
Brandon L. Gage, B.A.
John R. Galluzzo, B.A.
LaKeisha Nicole Gamble, B.A.
Blaz Andre Gamez, B.A.
James R. Gange, B.A.
Abigail Alicia Garcia, B.A.
Ruth Garcia, B.A.
Daniel Garcia, Jr., B.A.
Shanicca R. Gardner, B.A.
Rita Garkanian, B.A.
Christopher Thomas Garland, B.A.
Suzanne Marie Garnett, B.A.
Christa L. Garrigas, B.A.
Cristobal Garza, B.A.
Joseph Anthony Garza, B.A.
Christopher Solomon Gathers, B.A.
Denise Lewis Gattison, B.A.
Brian Gautreaux, B.A.
Yeon Wook Gawarecki, B.A.
Joshua Carl Geidel, B.A.
Shelly D. Geis, B.A.
Kelsey LaVonne Geist, B.A.
Michael Wayne Gempeler, B.A.
Monty K. Genegabus, B.A.
AL-Baisr Q.H.H.H George, B.A.
Karneka Q. George, B.A.
Michael J. Gerlovich, B.A.
Mary North Gernstein, B.A.
Linda Haberstroh Getzinger, B.A.
Eileen Gevers, B.A.
Lisa Marie Giacinti, B.A.
Arnaldo Giammarco, B.A.
Mark P. Giarrizzo, B.A.
Nathan Paul Gibson, B.A.
Raushanah Gibson, B.A.
Trista Nichole Gideon, B.A.
Lisa M. Giedeman, B.A.
Angela A. Gifford, B.A.
Byekwaso Lwasa Gilbert, B.A.
Phyllis Melynda Gilbert, B.A.
Guinevere Grace Giles, B.A.
Shannon Cornelius Gill, B.A.
Jeremy Gillam, B.A.
James Mark Gilliam, Jr., B.A.
Angela Gilmore, B.A.
Sara C. Gilmore, B.A.
Gary Gilpatrick, B.A.
Brian Gimbel, B.A.
Cesar Giron, Jr., B.A.
Devin Jon Giroux, B.A.
Ronald C. Gladden II, B.A.
Jacinthia David Gladfelter, B.A.
Stephen M. Glogowski, B.A.
Adam J. Glowacki, B.A.
Tressie L. Goddard, B.A.
Dustin Godnick, B.A.
Anthony Thomas Goldsberr, B.A.
Shenekia Alise Goldsmith, B.A.
Manuel Teixeira Gonçalves, B.A.
Fred Gonzales, B.A.
Julio Cesar Gonzalez, B.A.
Kathryn Rebecca Gonzalez, B.A.
Rose Gores, B.A.
Stephen P. Gossett, B.A.
Ricky Allen Govin, B.A.
Maurice Andra Grace, B.A.
Michael S. Gragg, Jr., B.A.
Cherlyn Sue Ann Graham, B.A.
Sheylyn Marcel Grasmick, B.A.
Tosh Lamar Gravely, B.A.
Jenise Graves, B.A.
Sterling L. Graves, B.A.
Dana Lynn Gray, B.A.
Jamie LeVarr Gray, B.A.
Ron Christopher Gray, Sr., B.A.
Skylar Gowing Graybill, B.A.
Charles A. Green, B.A.
David Green, B.A.
Jessica Tahwan Green, B.A.
LaDerek Terrell Green, B.A.
Donna Lynn Gregg, B.A.
Melissa Mae Gregory, B.A.
Dale Walter Grice, B.A.
Matthew Lawrence Griego, B.A.
Regina Willis Griffin, B.A.
Robert Percell Griffin, B.A.
Samuel J. Griffiths, B.A.
Dante K. Griggs, B.A.
Ian Michael Grimm, B.A.
Michael Anthony Grimm, B.A.
Trevor D. Grimm, B.A.
Robin L. Grizzle, B.A.
Steve Grubb, B.A.
Patrick James Gruden, B.A.
Alexandra Elizabeth Guadeloupe, B.A.
Philip E. Guhl, B.A.
Scott J. Guidry II, B.A.
Kimberly J. Gustafson, B.A.
Robby Lee Guy, B.A.
Ricky L. Hackwell, B.A.
Tomeka Bass Haddock, B.A.
Mark Patrick Haertjens, B.A.
Darren L. Hagen, B.A.
Jameson Hahn, B.A.
Brandon William Haines, B.A.
Summer Smith Haire, B.A.
Joy N. Hale, B.A.
Rex B. Hale, B.A.
Teresa Hale, B.A.
Kimberly Michele Haley, B.A.
Brenda L. Hall, B.A.
Charlene Hall, B.A.
Clinton R. Hall, B.A.
Donald Everett Hall, B.A.
Faith S. Hall, B.A.
Pamela Rene Hall, B.A.
Robert E. Lee Hall, Jr., B.A.
Michelle Hall-Jones, B.A.
Robert L. Hamby, B.A.
LaToya Hamilton, B.A.
Bryan Hammond, B.A.
Andrew N. Hampton, B.A.
Shondra D. Hampton, B.A.
Justin M. Hanks, B.A.
Jason H. Hannah, B.A.
Douglas J. Hansen, B.A.
Jami Elizabeth Hanson, B.A.
Ronald Tim Hanson, B.A.
Timothy Hanson, B.A.
Tracy Lynn Harding, B.A.
Karya Shena Hargrove, B.A.
Anthony B. Harmon, B.A.
Cara Harmon, B.A.
Heidi L. Harms, B.A.
Alesia K. Harper, B.A.
Sara Beth Harper Sheets, B.A.
Rose M. Harrell, B.A.
Cherie Lynette Harris, B.A.
Rashan Harris-Bowden, B.A.
Jack Douglas Harrison, B.A.
Toria Anethia Harris-Rowland, B.A.
Felisha F. Hart, B.A.
Robert B. Hartenfels, Jr., B.A.
Jason Adam H. Hartley, B.A.
Kevin T. Hartley, B.A.
Nikki Harty, B.A.
Pamela Jean Harvey, B.A.
Matthew Ryan Harvey, B.A.
Sabrina Haskins, B.A.
Dawn M. Hastings, B.A.
Demetrius Leon Hatcher, B.A.
Justin Flynn Hatfield, B.A.
Janet A. Hatley, B.A.
Mathew William Hawkins, B.A.
Ashley R. Haws, B.A.
Theresa Ann Haws, B.A.
Dahlia Haye-Richardson, B.A.
Jamie Hondria Hayes, B.A.
Lance Lee Hayes, B.A.
Rachel M. Hayes, B.A.
Kristafer Shawne Haynes, B.A.
Stanley L. Heard, B.A.
Jennifer Diane Heathcock, B.A.
Bonnie J. Heidelbaugh, B.A.
Stephanie Ann Heinke, B.A.
Roland Timothy Hendrix, B.A.
Juliemae A. Henfield, B.A.
Jeannine Ann Henry, B.A.
Lawrence O.C. Henry, B.A.
Stanley Paulando Henry, B.A.
Victoria A. Henry, B.A.
Dawn Marie Henson, B.A.
Ty K. Henson, B.A.
Alicia Esther Hernandez, B.A.
James Hernandez, B.A.
Nicole Sotelo Hernandez, B.A.
Viviana Hernandez, B.A.
Eugene Hernandez II, B.A.
Steven A. Hernandez, Jr., B.A.
Travis Darcell Herndon, B.A.
Nicole M. Herrera, B.A.
Steven Lee Herrington, B.A.
Roy E. Hess, B.A.
Mary Louise Hewitt, B.A.
Robert Randall Hibbs, B.A.
Espanita S. Hickman, B.A.
Octavia S. Hicks, B.A.
Sherry Renee Hicks, B.A.
Tracy Higuera, B.A.
Andrew Douglas Hill, B.A.
Cendy Augusta Hill, B.A.
Charles Creston Hill, B.A.
Sharonne Robinson Hill, B.A.
Iris W. Hilliard, B.A.
Brian O. Hines, B.A.
Holly Jo Hines, B.A.
Sandra G. Hissom, B.A.
Alan R. Hodge, B.A.
Tracie Brown Hodge, B.A.
Rebecca L. Hodges, B.A.
Debra Lynn Hoffman, B.A.
Martha E. Hoffman, B.A.
Christi MaryAnne Hogan, B.A.
Ronald E. Holbrook, Jr., B.A.
Michele Lynn Holland, B.A.
Raeven Ann Holland, B.A.
Robert Holland, B.A.
Jay W. Holley, B.A.
Precious Holloway, B.A.
Keandra M. Holman-Abdul-Rahim, B.A.
Crystal L. Holmes, B.A.
Haley Marie Holmes, B.A.
Nathan Samuel Holmes, B.A.
Tyron B. Holmes, B.A.
Jayden M. Holt, B.A.
Jennifer L. Holt, B.A.
Rhonda Darlene Honaker, B.A.
Jeremy Brian Hoover, B.A.
Lonnie W. Horn, B.A.
Brenna Janet Horne, B.A.
Annette D. Horner, B.A.
James David Hoselton, B.A.
Gary James Houghtaling, B.A.
Cornelius Barnard Howard, B.A.
Michael J. Howard, B.A.
Shaftell L. Howard, B.A.
Heath Kenyon Howes, B.A.
Morgan Michelle Howitt, B.A.
Michael W. Howk II, B.A.
Suzanne Michelle Hoyt, B.A.
Barbara A. Hubbard, B.A.
Janice R. Huber, B.A.
Joshua W. Huddleston, B.A.
Michael Nathan Hudgins, B.A.
Ivica J. Hudika, B.A.
Ashley Hudson, B.A.
Robert Sthandwasame Hudson, B.A.
Brian J. Huff, B.A.
Stacey L. Huff, B.A.
Linda Leola Huggins, B.A.
David M. Hughes, B.A.
Jaime Lynn Hull, B.A.
Michael Anthony Humphrey, Jr., B.A.
Robin Hunley, B.A.
Will Seth Hunnicutt, B.A.
Earl A. Hunt, B.A.
Gloria Renee’ Hunt, B.A.
Jeanna D. Hunt, B.A.
Simone C. Hunter, B.A.
Doretha Eileen Huntley, B.A.
Clarissa Marie Hurst, B.A.
Donald Hutchins, B.A.
Stephen J. Hutton, B.A.
Lozarim Ignacio, B.A.
Melinda Iketau, B.A.
Vedran Ilic, B.A.
Robert C. Innis, B.A.
Eva Valentine Iorillo, B.A.
Edward Buford Irvine III, B.A.
Sherri J. Isaac, B.A.
Randall Lee Ishman, B.A.
Francis M. Isidore, B.A.
Debra M. Jackson, B.A.
Paul D. Jackson, B.A.
Tiffany Annette Jackson, B.A.
LaTanzia Michelle Jackson, B.A.
Clay Bradley Jackson II, B.A.
Shondrekia Jazell Jackson-Carter, B.A.
Matthew Jacobsen, B.A.
Rosanna Lynn Jagelewski, B.A.
Clinton James, B.A.
Glenn R. James, B.A.
Precious Gwendolyn James, B.A.
Cole David Jansen, B.A.
John Michael Jaramillo, B.A.
Beth Elaine Danner Jargo, B.A.
Eric Jefferson, B.A.
Sharon Jenkins, B.A.
Tammy Jenkins, B.A.
Tasheanna K. Jenkins, B.A.
Yvonne M. Jenkins, B.A.
Heather Monique Jenks, B.A.
Robbin Jennine Price Jennette, B.A.
Michael W. Jennings, B.A.
Rhonda Jill Jennings, B.A.
Beth Jensen, B.A.
Damon W. Jensen, B.A.
Manuel Simoes Jesus, B.A.
Amber Dawn Johnson, B.A.
Barbara Ann Johnson, B.A.
Brandi Deanne Johnson, B.A.
Brok Johnson, B.A.
Carolyn S. Johnson, B.A.
Darrell Alexander Johnson, B.A.
Dawn Patrice Johnson, B.A.
Denise Nicole Johnson, B.A.
Jeffery B. Johnson, B.A.
Jennifer Elizabeth Johnson, B.A.
Jonathan Del Mar Johnson, B.A.
Karolynn Kay Johnson, B.A.
Kewanda Lashawn Johnson, B.A.
Maria Ventura Johnson, B.A.
Romanda K. Johnson, B.A.
Sylvester R. Johnson, B.A.
Wayne P. Johnson, B.A.
Russell Linwood Johnson III, B.A.
Brandon G. Johnston, B.A.
Melissa Johnston, B.A.
Sandi Jo Johnston, B.A.
Ailisha R. Jones, B.A.
Alnahl Jones, B.A.
Erin M. Jones, B.A.
Gary Jeffrey Jones, B.A.
Grace Judith Jones, B.A.
Kacey DeLane Jones, B.A.
Karen Ann Jones, B.A.
Keevy Latrice Jones, B.A.
Kenya S. Jones, B.A.
Kristi Leigh Jones, B.A.
Lane Fitzgerald Jones, B.A.
Lindsey Nicole Jones, B.A.
Mark Allen Jones, B.A.
Marques Antoine Jones, B.A.
Melissa DeLee Jones, B.A.
Thomas Jones, B.A.
Vincent Jones, B.A.
Wangela Jones, B.A.
Bonnie Jordan, B.A.
Bryan Keith Jordan, B.A.
James Jordan, B.A.
Willie Daryl Jordan, B.A.
Renee Sue Jourdan, B.A.
Meredith Jowers, B.A.
Eboni Regina Joyner, B.A.
Julie Ann Oswald, B.A.
Christina Ann Justice, B.A.
Timothy Justice, B.A.
Anthony M. Kafantaris, B.A.
James Kaffenberger, B.A.
Aaron Michael Kaut, B.A.
Griffin Robert Kay, B.A.
Glenda M. Keene, B.A.
Diedre Ann Keitges, B.A.
Audra Renee Keith, B.A.
James M. Keller, Sr., B.A.
Joseph J. Kelley, B.A.
Stacy L. Kelley, B.A.
Latasha Rashena Kelly, B.A.
Ryan Kelly, B.A.
Michael Shawn Kennedy, B.A.
Brian L. Kenning, B.A.
Eric James Kensel, B.A.
Justin Joseph Kent, B.A.
Gary Andrew Kern, B.A.
Scott W. Kerns, B.A.
Tanner J. Kerrigan, B.A.
Melissa S. Kestory, B.A.
Amber Brittany Ketchum, B.A.
Darren C. Kieffer, B.A.
Mary L. Killion, B.A.
Jennifer Kimbrough, B.A.
Kristine Lynn Kimich, B.A.
Ronnie W. Kindrix, Jr., B.A.
Paul Allen King, B.A.
Cassandra Ann King, B.A.
Charlene “Charley Rae” King, B.A.
Dion E. King, B.A.
Eric Richard King, B.A.
Heather Lynn King, B.A.
Katrina Lynn King, B.A.
Preston Kynard King, B.A.
Steven R. King, B.A.
Constance Kinney, B.A.
Jonathan M. Kinson, B.A.
Nick Kirjas, B.A.
Lenard E. Kirkman, B.A.
Elizabeth Ann Kleine, B.A.
Susan Mary Klema, B.A.
Amanda Klopf, B.A.
Mirei Knapp, B.A.
Jamie M. Kneeshaw, B.A.
Samantha Lynn Kobach, B.A.
Jessica U. Koenig, B.A.
Lynee D. Koester, B.A.
Joshua M. Kostenbader, B.A.
Cheyenne Kouzeili, B.A.
Justin Aaron Kovarik, B.A.
Jennifer Lyn Krakow, B.A.
Troy T. Kramer, B.A.
Philip M. Kreiser, B.A.
Laurie Ann Krempin, B.A.
Kristi Lee Krick, B.A.
Sergeant First Class Matthew E. Kritzer, B.A.
Nicholas Kruse-Wright, B.A.
Bethanee Kuczmarski, B.A.
Danyell Dee Kukla, B.A.
Kelli Elizabeth Kunkle, B.A.
Cheryl Lynn Kunz, B.A.
James Patrick Kutak, B.A.
William R. Kuzma, B.A.
Julie Haubrich Lacy, B.A.
Brian James Lafollette, B.A.
Danielle Iris Jane Lafollette, B.A.
Sharon A. LaFontaine, B.A.
Valentina G. Lagana, B.A.
Elizabeth Ann Lakin, B.A.
Shelvin Lal, B.A.
SaQuang Lam, B.A.
Kelly Lambert, B.A.
Nathan D. Lambert, B.A.
Brad Lammi, B.A.
James E. LaMonde, B.A.
Neal A. Lampi, B.A.
Stuart Gerard Lane, B.A.
Kathy L. Lange, B.A.
Lisa Jane Lanham, B.A.
Joseph Lanza, B.A.
Shirley Ann Larson, B.A.
Laura Jean Laspee, B.A.
Tara L. Lathrop, B.A.
Daniel Eric Laughlin, B.A.
David J. Lavalley, B.A.
Angela Reed Lawrence, B.A.
Eric Nathan Lawrence, B.A.
Gregory Dante Lawrence, B.A.
Twylite Vaonne Sarah Lawrence, B.A.
Patricia J. Lawson, B.A.
Helen Lazaro, B.A.
Patrick Allen Lazarus, B.A.
Joe Dinh Le, B.A.
Ronnie Sylvester Le Flore, B.A.
Jacob J. Leach, B.A.
Marius Leesistrunk Leak, B.A.
Shanel D. LeBlanc, B.A.
Gerald Joseph LeBoeuf Jr., B.A.
Dawn Conwell Lee, B.A.
HeidiAnn Delos Santos Lee, B.A.
Larry Dean Lee, B.A.
Lasonia Salena Lee, B.A.
Sarah Ann Lee, B.A.
Tagan Lee, B.A.
Vanessa Lee, B.A.
William A. Lee, B.A.
Ronald J. Lee, Jr., B.A.
Eliah Seth Lefferts, B.A.
Robert Duane Leighton, B.A.
Debra Gail Leizear, B.A.
Abigail Sherie Leonard, B.A.
Lauren Jane Letizio, B.A.
Jonathan Levy, B.A.
Amanda R. Lewis, B.A.
Charles Lewis, B.A.
Iva J. Lewis, B.A.
Michael Lewis, B.A.
Keiyana Monique Lewis, B.A.
Jerry Wayne Lewis, Jr., B.A.
Beverly Lewis-Kokoue, B.A.
Cassandra L. Libal, B.A.
Lorie A. Liehr, B.A.
Grant Thomas Lightfoot, B.A.
Christine Nicole Lima, B.A.
Xiahui Vienna Lin, B.A.
Julie Lindsay, B.A.
Lindsey L. Clements, B.A.
Bianca Michelle Lira, B.A.
Cindy Portillo Lira, B.A.
Peter D. Littlefield, B.A.
Frederick J. Littles, B.A.
Paul M. Lodge, B.A.
Geneva Lofton, B.A.
Otha Wayne Lofton, B.A.
David Lee Loggins, Jr., B.A.
Michael J. Logsdon, B.A.
Wayne E. Lohf, B.A.
Carolyn Denice Long, B.A.
Damian Stuart Long, B.A.
Kevin A. Long, B.A.
Sandra J. Longoria, B.A.
Denise Jessel Lopez, B.A.
Yolanda Patriece Lopez, B.A.
Jimmy Lopez Beniquez, B.A.
Antonio Lopez, Jr., B.A.
Amber L. Lorenzen, B.A.
Kyle Paul Low, B.A.
Caitlin Roberts Lowe, B.A.
Rosa L. Lowe, B.A.
Wilbert Wesley Lowe III, B.A.
Kelly Lozacruz, B.A.
Scott C. Lubag, B.A.
Gregory M. Lucas, B.A.
Janet Luciano, B.A.
Justin Ludwikowski, B.A.
Lisa L. Lueck, B.A.
Matthew L. Lund, B.A.
Kenya La’Dawn Lunkins, B.A.
Yuechiang Luo, B.A.
Janice O. Lusk, B.A.
Chariti Luttrell, B.A.
Meghan Lutz, B.A.
Russell A. MacGregor, B.A.
Rafael de Abreu Machado, B.A.
Lessie M. Mack, B.A.
Dawn Ellen MacKenzie, B.A.
Kathleen A. MacLean, B.A.
Dean Clifford MacNicol, B.A.
Tonya M. Macon, B.A.
John D. Magee, B.A.
Stacy Magin, B.A.
Renee Magnuson, B.A.
Kijahfha Ashia Mahoney, B.A.
Theresa Maile, B.A.
Sean Scott Mailey, B.A.
Kyle T. Malewicz, B.A.
Davy D. Malie, B.A.
Leslie C. Malnar, B.A.
Shawn Michael Malone, B.A.
Deborah Helen Malone, B.A.
Elmer Gumabon Manarang, B.A.
Galen Scot Maness, B.A.
Aaron Jacob Mangin, B.A.
Danielle Malia Manintin, B.A.
Jonathon R. Mann, B.A.
Terri Lynn Manthey, B.A.
Dustin J. Manuel, B.A.
Ricky R. Mardis, B.A.
Dawn Lea Marino, B.A.
Michelle Marinshaw, B.A.
Erica Lacy Markham, B.A.
Jorge Arturo Marquez, B.A.
Crystal Marie Marriott, B.A.
Donna Klette Marsh, B.A.
Melissa A. Marsh, B.A.
Nicole Marten-Schaaf, B.A.
Ashley Elizabeth Martin, B.A.
Carrie L. Martin, B.A.
Christine E. Martin, B.A.
Cory James Martin, B.A.
Debra Gail Martin, B.A.
James A. Martin, B.A.
Jessica Martin, B.A.
Joanna Marie Martin, B.A.
Joshua Glenn Martin, B.A.
Michele R. Martin, B.A.
Scothelia Carla Martin, B.A.
Isidra Villalobos Martinez, B.A.
Meghann A. Martinez, B.A.
Lena D. Martinoni, B.A.
James David Marze, Jr., B.A.
Samuel E. Mason, B.A.
Troy Jason Massey, B.A.
Mary B. Matera, B.A.
Jeffrey Lewis Matheney, B.A.
Stacy L. Matoka, B.A.
Rebecca J. Matthews, B.A.
Jaime Rene’e Rickard Mattison, B.A.
Donna Irene Maurial, B.A.
Ileathear S. Maxwell, B.A.
Anthony Dwayne May, B.A.
Marina Ann Mayes, B.A.
Tamara Janene Mayo, B.A.
Teri Layne Mays, B.A.
Jessica Lea McAlvey, B.A.
Brendan Michael McAvoy, B.A.
Cortney McCall, B.A.
Roy David McCann, B.A.
Kelly McCarville, B.A.
Curtis McCladdie, B.A.
Corietta McClendon, B.A.
Isaiah V. McCommons, Jr., B.A.
Dustin Lee McCormack, B.A.
Sheree C. McCormack, B.A.
Dean Stuart McDaniel, B.A.
Cathy McDaniel-Piersall, B.A.
Crystal McDonald, B.A.
Timothy E. McDonell, B.A.
Archie Neal McDougald, B.A.
Melissa S. McDowell, B.A.
Nicketta Michelle McDyess, B.A.
Virginia Kaye McElroy, B.A.
Justin Ray McEntire, B.A.
T. Ellis McGee, B.A.
Tracy M. McGlon, B.A.
Daniel Andrew McGrath, B.A.
Kaleb L. McHale, B.A.
James Steven McHugh, B.A.
Shannon LeAnne McKee, B.A.
Crystal Michelle McKinley, B.A.
Arthur J. McKinney, B.A.
Daron Kent McKinney, B.A.
Joshua Stephen McKinney, B.A.
Cherri A. McLaughlin, B.A.
Aubrey McMahon, B.A.
Samuel McMillan, B.A.
Ross Paul McMillen, B.A.
Elizabeth McMillin, B.A.
Mershon Donte McNair, B.A.
Natasha Monique McNeal, B.A.
Clare McNeil, B.A.
Michael F. McNey, B.A.
Christina D. McPeak, B.A.
William Victor McQuade, B.A.
Jonathan Wesley McSkimming, B.A.
Thomas McSwain, B.A.
Kevin McVicker, B.A.
Moncerrat Medina, B.A.
James R. Medley Jr., B.A.
Kyle James Meeks, B.A.
Michael Meeks, B.A.
Miranda Dee Meeks, B.A.
Paula Lynn Meeks, B.A.
Timothy James Meeson II, B.A.
Vanessa Lynette Meier, B.A.
Sean Martin Melanphy, B.A.
Amanda Michelle Melton, B.A.
Jaime Marie Melvin, B.A.
Hector S. Mendoza, B.A.
Ricardo G. Mendoza, B.A.
Scott D. Menhennet, B.A.
LeeAnna G. Merante, B.A.
David Mercado, B.A.
Coralee Perry Mercer, B.A.
Jennifer L. Mercer, B.A.
Janet Graham Meredith, B.A.
Treena Mae Merk, B.A.
Wayne Thomas Mertz, B.A.
Gretchen H. Messer, B.A.
Matthew Gregory Meyer, B.A.
Simon Michail, B.A.
Lisa Marie Michitsch, B.A.
Kim M. Mickles-Huggins, B.A.
Quent E. Mikeal, B.A.
Sarah J. Milbourne, B.A.
Troy K. Millare, B.A.
William G. Miller IV, B.A.
David L. Miller, B.A.
Jonathan Daniel Miller, B.A.
Kyle Vincent Miller, B.A.
Nicole Andrade Miller, B.A.
Samantha Rae Miller, B.A.
Zachary L. Miller, B.A.
Karina Ivette Miller-Cortes, B.A.
Monique Antoinette Miller-Francis, B.A.
Rachel Quinn Millette, B.A.
Lee P. Mills, B.A.
Stephen A. Mims, B.A.
Marcus Dwayne Mince, B.A.
Kristen Anne Minor, B.A.
Cindy Mitchell, B.A.
Michael Paul Mitchell, B.A.
Katherine Moeller, B.A.
Nick Mohr, B.A.
Steven J. Mohr, B.A.
William M. Monday, B.A.
Enola Montgomery, B.A.
Betty Isabel Moore, B.A.
Debbie Ann Moore, B.A.
Frankie Yvette Moore, B.A.
Jennifer R. Moore, B.A.
Sean Donahue Moore, B.A.
Sophia Michelle Collier Moore, B.A.
Susan A. Moore, B.A.
James Reece Moore, Jr., B.A.
Deanna Smith Moose, B.A.
Richard Silas Moose, B.A.
Laurie R. Morales, B.A.
Andy Lee Moreno, B.A.
Edward Keith Moreno, B.A.
Stacey M. Moretti, B.A.
Bret Charles Morgan, B.A.
Jason Kenneth Morgan, B.A.
Anthony R. Morgano, B.A.
Melanie Kee Morris, B.A.
Norma Morris, B.A.
Patricia Joyce Morris, B.A.
Adebusayo Pearse Morrison, B.A.
Michael S. Morrison, B.A.
Larin D. Mortimer, B.A.
Theresa A. Morton, B.A.
Ronalee M. Moses, B.A.
Carey M. Mosley, B.A.
Shannon Diane Moss, B.A.
Steven Kelly Moss, B.A.
Scott D. Mossing, B.A.
Adrew Moten, B.A.
Linda Jean Mounce, B.A.
Adam Delane Mouser, B.A.
Evangelina Mozqueda, B.A.
Michael Troy Muir, B.A.
Michelle Yvette Muldrow, B.A.
Edwin Muniz, B.A.
Antonio Munoz, B.A.
Laura Elizabeth Munsell, B.A.
Debba L. Murphy, B.A.
Francine Floyd Murray, B.A.
Michael C. Murray, B.A.
Steven Thomas Murray, B.A.
Felix Murray, Jr., B.A.
Jared M. Muse, B.A.
Carolyn Marie Myers, B.A.
Jermaine M. Myers, B.A.
Wes Natsuo Nakasue, B.A.
Christine Nantais, B.A.
Margaret Nasholts, B.A.
Albert Navarro, B.A.
Trino Navarro Jr., B.A.
Saman Nazemi, B.A.
Patricia A. Neal, B.A.
Alexander Joseph Neeley, B.A.
Chad David Nelson, B.A.
Dawn Deneen Roeder Nelson, B.A.
Jacqueline E. Nelson, B.A.
Jannie L. Nelson, B.A.
Jeffrey John Nelson, B.A.
Michael William Nelson, B.A.
Tamara M. Nelson, B.A.
Alice Catherine Nephew, B.A.
Amanda Marie Nethero, B.A.
Laureen Zarina Neuberger, B.A.
Greg J. Neville, B.A.
Lisa Marie Newbern, B.A.
Kim Thi Nguyen, B.A.
Frederick A. Nicholas, Sr., B.A.
Patrick Neal Nichols, B.A.
Lyndsee Shea Nicholson, B.A.
Dalia Ramirez Nieto, B.A.
Laebetz P. Niles-Holmes, B.A.
Elexander Nicholas Noble, B.A.
Christopher Alan Noriega, B.A.
Amber L. Norman, B.A.
Roland J. Northland, B.A.
Christy Northon, B.A.
Kimberly Louise Norton, B.A.
Jennifer Marie Norvell, B.A.
Arturo Novela, B.A.
Sheila J. Obeng, B.A.
Duane R. Obermuller, B.A.
Tiya L. O’Brien, B.A.
William Thomas O’Brien, Jr., B.A.
Kevin Koichi O’Connor, B.A.
Gwen Offerman, B.A.
Joseph Ike Ogbechie, B.A.
Daniel L. O’Halloran, B.A.
Jason Robert Ohda, B.A.
Debra A. Ojeda-Pena, B.A.
Brian Thomas O’Keefe, B.A.
Wendy L. Okie, B.A.
Claudia B. Oliphant, B.A.
Eric J. Oliphant, B.A.
John Anthony Olivas, B.A.
Belinda Lou Olson, B.A.
Christopher P. Olson, B.A.
Dennis James Olson, B.A.
Elizabeth Ann Olson, B.A.
Robin Gloria Olson, B.A.
Gloria J. O’Neal, B.A.
Thomas R. O’Neal, B.A.
Clarence C. O’Neal II, B.A.
Rafael Augusto Ordaz Pérez, B.A.
Wilson I. Ormaza, B.A.
Timothy Michael Orozco, B.A.
Amber Chanelle Orr, B.A.
Joyce Tatariah Jaileen Orr, B.A.
Dee Ann Osburn, B.A.
Algene L. Osby, B.A.
Adam Osmer, B.A.
Eric John Osterhoudt, B.A.
Shaine Steven Ott, B.A.
Jonathan Ouk, B.A.
Eric Justin Owens, B.A.
Kimberly A. Owens, B.A.
Matthew Russell Owens, B.A.
Ronnie Alvin Padilla, B.A.
Daniel F. Pagaza, B.A.
Stephanie Page, B.A.
Rachel Anne Pairsh, B.A.
Mariela Pantaleo, B.A.
JoAnn Patricia Panzer, B.A.
Nicholas Donald Pappas, B.A.
Teresa E. Pappas, B.A.
Gregory Jay Pappin, B.A.
Keith Alan Paquin, B.A.
Benjie K. Pardick, B.A.
Jean Guy Parent II, B.A.
Teresa Jeanne Parker, B.A.
Andrew C. Parker, B.A.
Chalon Clinique Parker, B.A.
Daniell J. Parker, B.A.
James Earl Parker, B.A.
Patricia Ann Parker, B.A.
Tiwana Parker, B.A.
Alan L. Parks, B.A.
John P. Parris, B.A.
Jennifer P. Partin, B.A.
Patricia Kristen Pasinski, B.A.
Richard J. Pasinski, Jr., B.A.
Tyson Pate, B.A.
Laura E. Patrick, B.A.
Michael S. Patrick, B.A.
Jermane Norman Patterson, B.A.
Sean Ross Patterson, B.A.
Brian K. Patton, B.A.
Steve Scott Paul, B.A.
Larry A. Paullin, B.A.
Joseph Lee Payne, B.A.
Natasha Meredith Payne, B.A.
Veronica La’Sha Payton, B.A.
Matthew Robert Pearson, B.A.
Timothy Wayne Pearson, B.A.
Tateana Peddie-Vicks, B.A.
Alan Peele, B.A.
Elizabeth M. Pelletant, B.A.
Edward T. Pena, B.A.
Debra Pennock, B.A.
Kevin Ronald Peranton, B.A.
Olga S. Pereira, B.A.
Bryan Humberto Perez, B.A.
Danielle Renee Perez, B.A.
Junel M. Perez, B.A.
Reinier Perez, B.A.
Samantha Perkins, B.A.
Cody Reyse Perna, B.A.
Darryl Wade Perry, B.A.
Clarence E. Perry, B.A.
Joseph Trimble Perry, B.A.
Lisa Marie Perry, B.A.
Deborah Peters, B.A.
Angela M. Petersen, B.A.
Beverly Kay Peterson, B.A.
Duane E. Peterson, B.A.
Kyle J. Peterson, B.A.
Rhonda Petruziello, B.A.
Jeremy Lynn Petry, B.A.
Minister Melvin Dwayne Peyton, B.A.
Donna Lou Phare, B.A.
David A. Philbeck, B.A.
Lorraine Tiffany Phillip, B.A.
Aaron G. Phillips, B.A.
Stacy Lynn Phillips, B.A.
Wilma Lee Phoebus, B.A.
Michael G. Pickard, B.A.
Melissa Deanne Pickham, B.A.
Joseph Ricardo Pierce, B.A.
Michael R. Pierce, B.A.
Nicole Maria Pierce, B.A.
Amanda J. Pimentel, B.A.
Mayra P. Pineda, B.A.
Kenneth I. Pinnock, Jr., B.A.
Nicole C. Pitts, B.A.
Holly E. Platt, B.A.
Dora Poblano, B.A.
David S. Poelvoorde, B.A.
Kimberlee M. Point, B.A.
Marion Pokrzewinski, B.A.
Jacqueline C. Poling, B.A.
Dale Scott Poole, B.A.
Sharla M. Pope, B.A.
Jerome Pope, Jr., B.A.
Danielle X. Porter, B.A.
Raymond G. Portillo, B.A.
Anthony Joseph Porvaznik, B.A.
Casey Charles Potts, B.A.
Jason Poulin, B.A.
Steven Powell, B.A.
Melissa Powers, B.A.
Russell Powers, B.A.
Tiffany Annette Powers, B.A.
Nicholas Michael Premo, B.A.
Ida Preston, B.A.
Micah James Price, B.A.
Mrs. Denicia K. Price, B.A.
Jeff David Price IV, B.A.
Carol Roxanne Primo, B.A.
Peter Eric Pringle, Sr., B.A.
Barbara Marie Pritchard, B.A.
Jerri M. Proby, B.A.
Anita Lynn Proctor, B.A.
Valerie Mae Proulx, B.A.
Christopher P. Pruett, B.A.
Suzanne D. Pryor, B.A.
Ozer Pulat, B.A.
Sherri L. Pullian, B.A.
Najlaa Qattawi, B.A.
Michael Jonh Quick, B.A.
Jonathan Allen Quilling, B.A.
Patrick Charles Quilter, B.A.
Karen Cecelia Quinn, B.A.
Mercedes Virginia Ibarra Quiroz, B.A.
Josephine M. Quist, B.A.
Erika K. Race, B.A.
Angelica Marie Rachal, B.A.
David Lee Ragsdale, B.A.
Michelle L. Rahilly, B.A.
Nishant Rama, B.A.
Alma Y. Ramirez, B.A.
Jose Daniel Ramirez, B.A.
Joshua Ray Ramos, B.A.
Maribelle Anisa Ramos, B.A.
John Elwood Randall IV, B.A.
Shirlitha Randle, B.A.
Hamilton Moore Randle III, B.A.
Tommie C. Randolph, B.A.
Rhonda Breezy Rarick, B.A.
Robert Rasberry, B.A.
Dustin Rasmussen, B.A.
Arthur L. Ratliff, B.A.
Tiffany Denise Ravizee, B.A.
Jonathan Ray, B.A.
Floyd Ellis Ray, Jr., B.A.
Henry L. Rayborn, B.A.
Toni R. Raymond, B.A.
Monessa L. Raymore, B.A.
Kerry Ready, B.A.
Tory M. Reagor-Thompson, B.A.
Maureen Barbara Reardon, B.A.
Charity I. Reece, B.A.
April T. Reed, B.A.
Diane Johnetta Reed, B.A.
Kathy R. Reed, B.A.
Luberta Reed, B.A.
Stacy Marie Reel, B.A.
Cassie Lee Rees, B.A.
Glenda Ewellene Reese, B.A.
James Stewart Register, Jr., B.A.
Erika Reichard-Lawton, B.A.
Alice F. Reid, B.A.
Tameka J. Reid, B.A.
Tyler Duane Reinhardt, B.A.
Todd Reiten, B.A.
Michael Relerford, Jr., B.A.
Patrick James Render, B.A.
Kyla J. Renkes, B.A.
Dominic Josesph Restani, B.A.
Scott Bradley Reynolds, B.A.
Gregory E. Reynolds, B.A.
Billy Coleman Reynolds, Jr., B.A.
Nathan P. Rhoads, B.A.
Victoria Rhodes, B.A.
Cassandra Morris Rhymes, B.A.
April Ricci, B.A.
Marie D. Rice, B.A.
Julie Marie Rice-Childers, B.A.
Clarence Joseph Rich, B.A.
Marilyn R. Richards, B.A.
Cheryl Ann Richardson, B.A.
Lisa Ann Richardson, B.A.
Thomas John Richie, B.A.
Richard J. Richison, B.A.
Markelda N. Rider, B.A.
Cargill F. Ridley, B.A.
Justin Edward Rimoldi, B.A.
James Allen Risser, B.A.
Melissa R. Ritter, B.A.
Brittany Michelle Rittmer, B.A.
Rachel Noemi Rivas, B.A.
Daniel D. Rivera, B.A.
Joanne H. Rivera, B.A.
Racquel J. Rivera, B.A.
Miava Deanna Rivers, B.A.
Matthew Robbins, B.A.
Amy Roberson, B.A.
Natasha R. Roberson-Curry, B.A.
Monica Michelle Roberts, B.A.
Peggy Lynn Roberts, B.A.
Silvia Roberts, B.A.
Andrew Lee Robinson, B.A.
Cherie Rose Robinson, B.A.
Heather Robinson, B.A.
Khari N. Robinson, B.A.
Monique Denard Robinson, B.A.
Priya Robinson, B.A.
Robert M. Robinson, B.A.
Sharon Yvette Robinson, B.A.
Linwood Nelson Robinson, Jr., B.A.
Christopher David Rodden, B.A.
Debra A. Rodr, B.A.
Anthony Moses Rodriguez, B.A.
Francisco Rodriguez, B.A.
Ken L. Rodriguez, B.A.
Melissa Rodriguez, B.A.
Norene Rodriguez, B.A.
Xochitl Rodriguez, B.A.
Mario A. Rodríguez, B.A.
Katherine Roemer, B.A.
Kurt Michael Rogers, B.A.
Maurika Rogers, B.A.
Nancy M. Rogers, B.A.
Sheila Garner Rogers, B.A.
Zachary Adam Rohrer, B.A.
Yolanda A. Roland, B.A.
Billie Jo Roling-Pulley, B.A.
Angela M. Roll, B.A.
Kelly Lynn Rollie, B.A.
Jason Roman, B.A.
Juliana Alicia Romani, B.A.
Christopher Bradley Rosa, B.A.
Cortney Renee Rose, B.A.
Derek Haddison Rose, B.A.
Gregory A. Rose, B.A.
Daniel N. Rose II, B.A.
Avery P. Ross, B.A.
Vicki E. Ross, B.A.
Arthur Rostomyan, B.A.
Robb Roth, B.A.
Anthony Claude Rouchon III, B.A.
Fatisha Aquarius Rougely, B.A.
Elizabeth Marie Rowe, B.A.
Michael G. Rowe, B.A.
Nicole S. Rudisel-Hamilton, B.A.
Annmarie Rudolph, B.A.
Maruja A. Rueda, B.A.
Michael E. Ruhl, B.A.
Juan Ruiz, Jr., B.A.
Cassandra Lucille Runnels, B.A.
Dianeth Russell, B.A.
Terry L. Russell, B.A.
Tina Cay Russell, B.A.
Constance Marie Russo, B.A.
Jeffrey S. Rutter, B.A.
Matthew Peter Ryan, B.A.
Richard E. Ryan, Jr., B.A.
Adilah Saafir, B.A.
James Alvin Sackley, B.A.
Kao Cheng Saeteurn, B.A.
Bernetta Jean Sain, B.A.
Nancy Elizabeth Sainz, B.A.
Siham Lutfi Saleem, B.A.
Ralph Salgado, B.A.
Sophia Cecilia Salinas, B.A.
David Salisbury, B.A.
William Sambrone, B.A.
Aaron Nelson Sample, B.A.
Shamely Sampson, B.A.
Mark E. Sams, B.A.
Cemal Samsilova, B.A.
Ricky Mcdowell Sanchez, B.A.
Tracy D. Sandell, B.A.
Tiwanna S. Sanders, B.A.
Amy Cathryn Sanders, B.A.
Damon Lee Sanders, B.A.
Jaclyn N. Sanders, B.A.
Daynelle Sanner, B.A.
Mary Santamaria, B.A.
Stefani Cristina Castillo Santana, B.A.
Pamela Jo-Ann Santucci, B.A.
Sonia Denise Sapp, B.A.
Catherine Sarrazin, B.A.
Catherine M. Sauli, B.A.
Angelo M. Savarino, B.A.
Michael Jason Sayles, B.A.
Jessica L. Scara, B.A.
Michael Schaefer, B.A.
Angela D. Schaley, B.A.
David James Scharnhorst, B.A.
Justin Dean Scheumann, B.A.
Marcia K. Schillermann, B.A.
Abigail Ann Schmerfeld, B.A.
Roxanne Lorene Schmidt, B.A.
Trisha Ann Schmidt, B.A.
Paul E. Schmidt, Jr., B.A.
Brian S. Schmitt, B.A.
Andre L. Schmitz, B.A.
Stacy Anne Schmucker, B.A.
Kimberly Ann Schneckloth, B.A.
Keith J. Schnug, B.A.
Steven Schobinger, B.A.
Katlyn Schoelkopf, B.A.
Brian R. Schoffstall, B.A.
Michael W. Scholl, B.A.
Sabrina M. Schroeder, B.A.
Rachel Elizabeth Schuh, B.A.
Heather S. Schultz, B.A.
Jason Robert Schultz, B.A.
Kathleen Marie Schultz, B.A.
Tina Gouzien Schultz, B.A.
Aleah Lynn Schwartz, B.A.
Deborah Scott, B.A.
Patricia Elizabeth Scott, B.A.
Carlos Antonio Seales-Prendergast, B.A.
Dennis Villanueva Sebastian, B.A.
Katherine Sebastian, B.A.
Yvonda Sheree Seda, B.A.
Jovel J. Segear, B.A.
Roberto Segovia III, B.A.
Maddison W. Seib, B.A.
Elizabeth Selkridge, B.A.
Elizabeth Anne Sell, B.A.
Robert Aponte Serrano, Jr., B.A.
Theodore Steven Serve, B.A.
Denise L. Severino-Todd, B.A.
Dean Scott Shackles, B.A.
Christopher J. Shaffer, B.A.
Breia Star Sharber, B.A.
Paul M. Sharp, B.A.
Susan Emily Sharp, B.A.
Michelle Vena Shaw, B.A.
Ryan Demetris Shaw, Sr., B.A.
Roshima Shearer-Knox, B.A.
Dean Patterson Sheckles, B.A.
Fred L. Sheffield, B.A.
Freya Lauren Shelton, B.A.
Wayne D. Shems, B.A.
Scecina Marie Shephard, B.A.
Leroy Shepherd, Jr., B.A.
Taunya Coleen Sheppard, B.A.
Yvonne Annette Sherman, B.A.
Andrea Shields, B.A.
Ruby Shields, B.A.
Clinton Craig Shirley, B.A.
Christopher James Shishido, B.A.
William Dean Shiver, B.A.
Jeri Ann Short, B.A.
Nathan Shorter, Jr., B.A.
Wendy Lynne Sickora, B.A.
Marcus A. Sidney, B.A.
Loren J. Sikkink, B.A.
Dawn Simington, B.A.
Barbara L. Simmerman, B.A.
David Michael Simmons, B.A.
Doreen Simmons, B.A.
Billy R. Simmons, Jr., B.A.
Linda Margaret Simms, B.A.
Jonathan Richard Simon, B.A.
Issaac H. Simpson, B.A.
Jessica Simpson, B.A.
Russell A. Simpson, B.A.
Megan K. Sims, B.A.
Terrance Raymond Sims, B.A.
Theressa L. Sims, B.A.
Latasha Monique Sinclair, B.A.
Sunanda Singh, B.A.
Heather J. Sinyard, B.A.
Daniel Skeen, B.A.
Amanda J. Skiles, B.A.
Curtis N. Slack, B.A.
Harry Eugene Slone, Jr., B.A.
Viola Mae Slouffman, B.A.
Kristy L. Sloviak, B.A.
Travis Small, B.A.
Johanna M. Smathers, B.A.
Kenja Jabaar Smith, B.A.
Louise L. Smith, B.A.
Ashley Jo Smith, B.A.
Austin James Smith, B.A.
Beth Ann Smith, B.A.
Candace A. Smith, B.A.
Charles Morgan Smith, B.A.
Cheryl R. Smith, B.A.
Douglas Scott Smith, B.A.
Ginger Marie Smith, B.A.
Hope Elaine Smith, B.A.
Jessica May Smith, B.A.
Marva Smith, B.A.
Melvin L. Smith, B.A.
Michael Aaron Smith, B.A.
Necory Lawan Smith, B.A.
Ninette L. Smith, B.A.
Norma Jean Smith, B.A.
Roger A. Smith, B.A.
Sharon Renee Smith, B.A.
Stuart Franklin Smith, B.A.
Terri A. Smith, B.A.
Steven C. Smith, B.A.
Lydia Smith-Beckner, B.A.
Jennifer Skattebo Sneed, B.A.
Donna Gene Snell, B.A.
Holly J. Snyder, B.A.
Justin Earl Soddy, B.A.
David Ian Sohn, B.A.
Joseph M. Solano, B.A.
Michael A. Solano, B.A.
Natalie Ann Solms A., B.A.
Rebecah A. Sorrell, B.A.
Amy Nicole Sosa, B.A.
Randall E. Southwick, Jr., B.A.
Jheanelle M. L. Soyibo, B.A.
Ryan D. Spainhower, B.A.
George R. Spann, B.A.
Dustin Cole Spear, B.A.
Jason D. Spears, B.A.
Mark Anthony Speir, Jr., B.A.
James A. Spinks, B.A.
Joshua W. Splinter, B.A.
Tiffenie D. Spriggs, B.A.
Julie A. Spurlock, B.A.
David E. St. James, Jr., B.A.
Loretta M. Staber, B.A.
Sharon A. Stademeyer, B.A.
Leroy Milton Staley, B.A.
Latoya Monique, B.A.
Naomi Stanhope, B.A.
Brenda Jean Stanley, B.A.
Miles Starkey, B.A.
John Vincent State, Jr., B.A.
Shawna Lynn Stearns, B.A.
Rochelle Zwierzynski Steder, B.A.
Sunshearay Nicole Steele, B.A.
Ross Michael Steen, B.A.
Paul Benjamin Stegall, B.A.
Joseph Stegbauer, B.A.
Jennifer Stephens-Cortum, B.A.
Darlene M. Stevens, B.A.
Helena Stevens, B.A.
Gerrodd Teche Stevenson, B.A.
Jeffrey Scott Stewart, B.A.
Kevin Lewis Stewart, B.A.
Reginald Shawn Stewart, B.A.
Thomas M. Stewart, B.A.
Tiffany Derryn Stewart, B.A.
Kenesia Still, B.A.
Alicia E. Stimson, B.A.
Darryl Lamarr Stinson, B.A.
Jesse W. Stinson II, B.A.
John Henry Stoddard, B.A.
Joseph Edward Stogner, B.A.
James Stephen Stoj, B.A.
Delane A. Stokes, B.A.
Ellis J. Stokes, B.A.
James Robert Stone, B.A.
Jennifer A. Stovall, B.A.
Rodney P. Strakos, B.A.
Amelia M. Strangberg, B.A.
Matthew B. Stratton, B.A.
Michael L. Strazzo II, B.A.
William Scott Streitfeld, B.A.
Felecia Delores Strickland, B.A.
Edward Lee Strickland, Jr., B.A.
Sloan S. Strohl, B.A.
Joyce Marie Strong-Hurt, B.A.
D. Mark Strother, B.A.
Martha Strunk-Meyer, B.A.
Brenda Kay Struve, B.A.
Lisa Marie Stuckey, B.A.
Kenneth E. Stull, B.A.
Elizabeth Jo Sturtz, B.A.
Christopher Joseph Subbiondo, B.A.
Thurman Cecil Sudduth II, B.A.
Stephanie Jeanne Suder, B.A.
Leah Thelma Ann Walker, B.A.
Benjamin Sullins, B.A.
Jorge R. Sullivan, B.A.
Laura Ann Suter, B.A.
Leah Rose Swartz, B.A.
Brian Swift, B.A.
John Jay Swonger, B.A.
Todd C. Synoground, B.A.
Catherine A. Sypher, B.A.
Shawna K. Szalwinski, B.A.
Matthew Adam Talley, B.A.
Raymond Charles Tarbox, B.A.
George Alexander Taronis, B.A.
Alyssa Claire Tarver, B.A.
Samuel Joseph Tauriac, B.A.
David Malcom Taylor, B.A.
Duane L. Taylor, B.A.
Evan M. Taylor, B.A.
Jerome Taylor, B.A.
Marcus Aurelius Anthony Taylor, B.A.
Melody Taylor, B.A.
Zachary J. Taylor, B.A.
LaBonnie Veronica Taylor-Hampton, B.A.
Casey Lee Tedder, B.A.
David C. Tee, B.A.
Holly M. Temple, B.A.
Lisa I. TenBusschen, B.A.
Roman Michael Terenzini, B.A.
Janice Lazira Terrell, B.A.
Rolande Thelot, B.A.
Kelli Ann Themel, B.A.
Jason R. Theriault, B.A.
Krystal L. Thibodeaux, B.A.
David Hoyt Thiede II, B.A.
Shauna M. Thoene, B.A.
Aaron D. Thomas, B.A.
Beatrice M. Thomas, B.A.
Billy Dean Thomas, B.A.
Dale P. Thomas, B.A.
Houda Michel Thomas, B.A.
Jeanetta Thomas, B.A.
Jessica Lynn Atalig Thomas, B.A.
Timothy J. Thomas, B.A.
Maria J. Thomaz, B.A.
Michael E. Thompson, B.A.
Christopher Thompson, B.A.
Jennie Thompson, B.A.
Laurie Appleberry Thompson, B.A.
Samuel Larond Thompson, B.A.
Alexander C. Thomson III, B.A.
Brian Jay Thorne, B.A.
Jason Derik Thornhill, B.A.
Phyllis Annette Tidwell-Branom, B.A.
Stephanie Ann Timberlake, B.A.
Tricia Timothy, B.A.
Richard L. Tincher, B.A.
Sergio Alberto Tinoco, B.A.
Fawad Ali Tirmizi, B.A.
Matthew L. Tobben, B.A.
Amy J. Todd, B.A.
Tony T. Todd, B.A.
Derek Paul Toews, B.A.
Nicolette Tomeu, B.A.
DeLanna Sue Tooker, B.A.
Dhell Topacio, B.A.
Donald Alan Topping, B.A.
Arlene J. Torres, B.A.
Corrine M. Torres, B.A.
Benedicto Dennis Torrijos III, B.A.
Cynthia Trapp, B.A.
Marvin L. Trice, B.A.
Debra Trigg, B.A.
Adam Tristan, B.A.
Lawrence R. Trosen, B.A.
Gerard Trujillo, B.A.
Ronald Laurence Trzeciak, B.A.
Mrs. Kristine K. Tsai, B.A.
Cliff Tucker, B.A.
Tony R. Tucker, B.A.
Amanda Ruth Turner, B.A.
Diane Myra Twedt, B.A.
Ashley E. Twichell, B.A.
Katrina Underdue, B.A.
William Ung, B.A.
Robert F. Urbani, B.A.
Donna May Spiker Urchak, B.A.
Brenda Uzzell, B.A.
José Javier Valdez Zerpa, B.A.
Marcelo Roberto Valencia, B.A.
Darlene Moises Valle, B.A.
Cory S. Van Driessche, B.A.
Chris Van Horn, B.A.
Lore E. Vanderbusse, B.A.
Jaimes R. Vanderhoof, B.A.
Reynaldo Vanegas, B.A.
Dwayne Michael VanMeerten, B.A.
Steven R. Varner, B.A.
Samantha J. Varzeas, B.A.
Erin Kimberly Vaughan, B.A.
Sandra Karina Vaughn, B.A.
Clifton Allen Veal, Jr., B.A.
Bernice T. Veeder, B.A.
Manny Vega, B.A.
Frances L. Vela, B.A.
Laura VenHuizen, B.A.
Daniel Villanueva, B.A.
Socorro Villarreal, B.A.
Manny Viray, B.A.
Shayne Robert Visnich, B.A.
Paul Anthony Vogelsberg, B.A.
Hrvoje Volarevic, B.A.
Angela VonSchmittou, B.A.
Kathryn Elizabeth Voss, B.A.
Amy Michelle Wagner, B.A.
William Waldo, B.A.
Valerie B. Walker, B.A.
Marcella Wallace-Ellis, B.A.
Walter Horst Wallace, Jr., B.A.
Rosco Walls, Sr., B.A.
Bianca Marie Ward, B.A.
Laura Jean Wardell, B.A.
Carol Driskell Warren, B.A.
Felicia Washington, B.A.
Katrina Jenee Washington, B.A.
Leah Nicole Washington, B.A.
Robert Alan Waters, B.A.
Alfonso Nicholas Watson, B.A.
Charles D. Watson, B.A.
Heather Watson, B.A.
Jonathan Michael Watson, B.A.
Natalie Rebecca Watson, B.A.
Quenton DeAdrian Watson, B.A.
Willie Ray Watson, Jr., B.A.
Cory Watts, B.A.
Jessica Leigh Weaver, B.A.
Timothy L. Weaver, B.A.
Perry M. Weaver Sr., B.A.
Jeanne L. Webb, B.A.
Joshua James Webb, B.A.
Sarah E. Weber, B.A.
Malibu F. Weekley-Wilkins, B.A.
Eric Richard Weimerskirch, B.A.
Teryl Annette Weinmeister, B.A.
Lindsey Ellen Weitman, B.A.
William Michael Welborn, B.A.
Joshua Clint Wells, B.A.
Joshua Kyle Wells, B.A.
Carla Werner, B.A.
Michael John West, B.A.
Denise West, B.A.
Tolonda Arlene Westbrook, B.A.
James Westdorp, B.A.
Jennifer Lynn Westerman, B.A.
Vincent B. Wetzel, B.A.
James H. Weyer, B.A.
Ryan Neil Whaley, B.A.
Tiffany DeEtte Wheeldon, B.A.
Lisa M. Wheeler, B.A.
Victoria Whisenton, B.A.
Barbara C. Whitaker, B.A.
Herman O. Whitaker, B.A.
Apryl White, B.A.
Christopher L. White, B.A.
Debbie A. White, B.A.
Denise Ann White, B.A.
Keisha LaDorn White, B.A.
Nathan S. White, B.A.
Nichole Patri White, B.A.
Orangig M. White, B.A.
Shonna White, B.A.
Wiley White, Jr., B.A.
Christopher Herlon Whitehurst, B.A.
Denise Floyd Whitman, B.A.
Robert R. Whittle, B.A.
Julie Ann Whitworth, B.A.
Debra Wiarek, B.A.
Zachery Ryan Wick, B.A.
John L. Wicks, B.A.
Lisa Antoinette Widemon, B.A.
Sara Celeste Wiley, B.A.
Chad David Wilkerson, B.A.
Dustin Andrew Wilkerson, B.A.
Steven Michael Willard, B.A.
Amy Brown Williams, B.A.
Evonne Janine Williams, B.A.
Gary Williams, B.A.
Gloria Lucinda Williams, B.A.
Gregory Williams, B.A.
Isaac E. Williams, B.A.
Jacqueline L. Williams, B.A.
James Michael Williams, B.A.
Joann L. Bethea Williams, B.A.
Katrina Renee Williams, B.A.
Lynae Williams, B.A.
Peter Williams, B.A.
Stuart Phillip Williams, B.A.
Tammie Denise Williams, B.A.
Larry Gene Williams II, B.A.
Gordon Max Williams, Jr., B.A.
Camille R. Williamson, B.A.
Kimberly T. Williamson-Brickey, B.A.
Cherie Wilson, B.A.
Inga Neujuan Wilson, B.A.
Kenya Wilson, B.A.
Allison Nichole Walker Wilt, B.A.
Adam Westly Wingo, B.A.
Michael L. Winters, B.A.
Jeffrey E. Wirth, B.A.
Brittany Wise, B.A.
Brandon C. Wogomon, B.A.
Matthew J. Wohrley, B.A.
Melissa Ann Knapp Wojdak, B.A.
Jeffrey D. Wonser, B.A.
Joshua Alexander Woo, B.A.
Andrew H. Wood, B.A.
Cynthia J. Wood, B.A.
Travis Woodland, B.A.
Sharon Loyce Woodruff, B.A.
Lashawn Oneal Woods, B.A.
Renee Mishael Woods, B.A.
Lisa C. Wooten, B.A.
Rachel Lynn Workman, B.A.
James Ellis Worrell, Jr., B.A.
Latoria Denise Worth, B.A.
Henry L. Wortham Jr., B.A.
Jody D. Wray, B.A.
Cynthia Marie Wright, B.A.
Marilyn Diane Wright, B.A.
Whitney C. Wright, B.A.
Renae Wright-Davidson, B.A.
Bobby Alan Wyant, B.A.
Jonathan Wyatt, B.A.
Julie Nicole Wyman, B.A.
Mai C. Xiong, B.A.
Constance E. Yancey, B.A.
Igor Yankelevich, B.A.
Brian Edward Yarbrough, B.A.
Kenneth Yeung, B.A.
Katalynne Young, B.A.
Allen Michael Young, B.A.
Christopher L. Young, B.A.
Christopher M. Young, B.A.
Gregory K. Young, B.A.
Patricia Ann Young, B.A.
Selena J. Young, B.A.
Karen M. Zaborski, B.A.
James Zangara, B.A.
Oscar Alberto Zapien, B.A.
Bonnie J. Zehner La Mar, B.A.
Eduardo Martin Zepeda, Jr., B.A.
Patricia J. Zervic, B.A.
Amanda Claire Zetans, B.A.
Saul Zhagui, B.A.
Joshua P. Zimmermann, B.A.
Michelle M. Zirkle, B.A.
Alicia Marie Zuccarelli, B.A.
Balkissa Maiga Abdoulaye, M.A.
Ameerah Abdur-Rahman, M.A.
Tiffany S. Adams, M.A.
Craig Andrew Adelman, M.A.
Angela Rochelle Smith Alexander, M.A.
Sinapoa Alexander, M.A.
Troy S. Alexander, Sr., M.A.
Danielle Felecity Alford, M.A.
Michael Allen, M.A.
Kristine F. Ambrose, M.A.
Dee James Anderson, M.A.
Enchantra Anderson, M.A.
Lesley Rochelle Anderson, M.A.
Towana D’Shawn Anderson, M.A.
Jessyca Melissa Andrews, M.A.
Marquis Andrews, M.A.
DeVon Andrez Applewhite, M.A.
Tara Katrice Archie, M.A.
Bruce Asmussen, M.A.
Brenda Lynn Atkerson, M.A.
Carol Bailey-Cannady, M.A.
Kristy S. Baka, M.A.
Dante’ L. Balandra, M.A.
Rachel R. Ballinger, M.A.
Allison C. Barnes, M.A.
Matthew R. Barnowsky, M.A.
Tarsha Latrice Barton, M.A.
Akeisha L. Batiste, M.A.
Whitney L. Bauer, M.A.
Carolynne Loretta Beal, M.A.
Michelle R. Beasley-Odum, M.A.
Barbara Lynnette Beaufort, M.A.
Frederik J.C. Beaujon, M.A.
Melinda Anne Beland, M.A.
Wendell Joe Bergen, Sr., M.A.
Rebecca Patricia Berry, M.A.
Patrick Robert Biglane, Jr., M.A.
Alfred Deon Bilbro, M.A.
Amber Rena Billy, M.A.
Gregory Gordon Black, M.A.
Lou Ellen Blakely, M.A.
Vincent L. Blancato II, M.A.
Leslie F. Blevins, M.A.
Nichole Patrice Blue, M.A.
Lori Lashun Bolden, M.A.
Lorraine D. Boone, M.A.
Veraina M. Boudreaux, M.A.
Carolyn A. Bozeman, M.A.
Edith Brandt, M.A.
Kimberly R. Brantley, M.A.
Latosha K. Bright, M.A.
Danielle Elizabeth Brown, M.A.
Jason Thomas Theodore Brown, M.A.
Lisa Ann Brown, M.A.
Ron E. Brown, M.A.
Joyce Browning Walton, M.A.
Joyce L. Bruhn, M.A.
Angie Lanette Bryant, M.A.
Katarzyna Brzeszcz, M.A.
Rashida Burgess, M.A.
Rachel Rene’ Burton, M.A.
Vermet Butler, M.A.
Tiffany Nicole Byers, M.A.
Beverly Bynum, M.A.
Davitta R. Callaham, M.A.
Dawn Marie Calloway, M.A.
Kimberly Joyce Calloway, M.A.
Ladonna Jean Richards Campbell, M.A.
Lisa Dawn Campbell, M.A.
John Christian Cannon, M.A.
Norma F. Capers, M.A.
Sherry Anita Carr, M.A.
Evita Leticia Carrasco, M.A.
Karen N. Carter, M.A.
Tiffany Simone’ Carter-Barnes, M.A.
Kathleen A. Caruso, M.A.
Raquel Valdez Castillo, M.A.
Leslie Hall Cathey, M.A.
Nicole Marie Cavazos, M.A.
Richard Dennis Celli, Sr., M.A.
Veronica L. Chambers, M.A.
Rozetta Elysse Charles Williams, M.A.
Shannon M. Chezick, M.A.
John F. Chiero II, M.A.
Christina M. Chrest, M.A.
Katrina Lynn Alia Church, M.A.
Kritina Claiborne, M.A.
Adriana Maria Clark, M.A.
Debora Clark-Jones, M.A.
Keith Darnell Clear, M.A.
Holly Lynn Clendenen, M.A.
Letitia Denise Clora, M.A.
Oliver Ray Coleman, M.A.
Andrea Monique Collier, M.A.
Michelle A. Collingwood, M.A.
Myles Gifford Compton, M.A.
Sean Michael Conan, M.A.
Tamera Marie Connolly, M.A.
James D. Coon, M.A.
Kathi Johnson Cortes, M.A.
Jacob T. Couppee, M.A.
Marsha Wynette Crews, M.A.
John Richard Cunningham, M.A.
Stephen D’Addario, M.A.
DeYeane Chonte Davis, M.A.
Nancy Ann Davis, M.A.
Sherrell Theresa Davis, M.A.
Tom L Davis, M.A.
Miranda R. Davis-Choice, M.A.
Dorothy L. Day-Chaney, M.A.
Courtney Ann Smith de Craen, M.A.
Lynette S. Dean, M.A.
Daniel James Degendorfer, M.A.
Joanne E. DeHerrera, M.A.
John Constantine Demopoulos, M.A.
Kimberly Dennis-Brown, M.A.
Jessalyn Dickinson, M.A.
Brittany Rose Donley, M.A.
Floyd David Donnell, M.A.
Kelly J. Donovan, M.A.
Angela Michele Downey, M.A.
David Doxey, M.A.
Cathy D. Dozier, M.A.
Holly Anne Draeger, M.A.
Talia S.C. Duncan, M.A.
Tameka R. Edwards, M.A.
Laura Denise Elliott, M.A.
Troy V. Elliott, M.A.
Lakedria N. English, M.A.
Clifford J. Evans, M.A.
Robert W. Evans, M.A.
Antonia W. Evans, M.A.
Cathy S. Faas, M.A.
Angela Fajardo, M.A.
Tyler Blake Fender, M.A.
Diane Marie Flores, M.A.
Megan Ann Folkman, M.A.
Aaron Michael Ford, M.A.
Emily Frederick, M.A.
Mary Christina French, M.A.
Nichole Denise Friedrichsen, M.A.
Kaarin B. Fusilier, M.A.
Gloria Ann Galloway, M.A.
Keisha Renee Garcia, M.A.
Howard G. Garrett, Sr., M.A.
Kimberly Y. Garrett, M.A.
Jason Brian George, M.A.
Nia Imani George, M.A.
Theresa Gilheany, M.A.
Clyde Lee Gill, Jr., M.A.
Jason L. Godin, M.A.
Joyce Ann Godwin-Moore, M.A.
Nathan Richard Gorka, M.A.
Joseph Jay Gould, M.A.
Gloria Jenkins Grant, M.A.
Natalie L. Grant-Askew, M.A.
Jotta Maricia Graves, M.A.
Lindsey E. Greely, M.A.
Sandra Odom Guice, M.A.
Lena Marie Guilfoil, M.A.
Marique Gullette-Ruffin, M.A.
Amy Jeanette Haiar, M.A.
Angela White Hall, M.A.
Sharon K. Hammes, M.A.
Merry Piper Hardin, M.A.
Alicia Shaunte Hardy, M.A.
Craig Hardy, M.A.
Joseph Tracy Hare, M.A.
Juaneva Yvonne Harris, M.A.
Tina Harris, M.A.
Russell LaSalle Harris, Jr., M.A.
Brian Robert Harrison, M.A.
Elgin S. Hawkins, M.A.
Sara Hayn, M.A.
Malia B. Heath, M.A.
Nychi Nicole Heath, M.A.
Nichole Marie Hedglin, M.A.
Rodney Jermaine Henderson, M.A.
Natasha Chemise Henson, M.A.
Jeremiah David Herr, M.A.
Angelique Herrera, M.A.
Cathy Hicks, M.A.
Angela H. Hicks, M.A.
Lynne M. Hilgendorf, M.A.
Katherine Hinkle-Black, M.A.
Robert W. Holcombe, M.A.
Lynda Catalina Holst, M.A.
Melissa Marie Houzenga, M.A.
Brigid Patricia Howard, M.A.
Luqman Meta Howard, M.A.
James R. Huffman, M.A.
Belinda Hughes-Arbogast, M.A.
Martha J. Humphrey, M.A.
Sherman E. Humphrey, Jr., M.A.
Noel Paul Hunt, M.A.
Raven Michelle Hunter, M.A.
Karie Fuller Huntley, M.A.
Yvonne Lynne Husband, M.A.
Alicia M. Hylick, M.A.
Aquaysha Elizabeth Jackson, M.A.
Ashlee Danielle Jackson, M.A.
Clifton Paul Jackson, M.A.
Quentin Bruce Jackson, M.A.
Rose Jackson, M.A.
Reagan D. Jacobs, M.A.
Lauren Elizabeth Jaeke, M.A.
Dianne Jamerson, M.A.
Joel R. Jenkins, M.A.
Angela Rae Jensen, M.A.
Carmen Jackson Joel, M.A.
Fanesia Michelle Johnson, M.A.
Janet Elise Igasaki Johnson, M.A.
Jesse Wayne Johnson, M.A.
LaShon Marie Johnson, M.A.
LeShaun Depier Johnson, M.A.
Lisa Huff Johnson, M.A.
Mona R. Johnson, M.A.
Nedra D. Johnson, M.A.
Sharon P. Johnson, M.A.
Kristin T., M.A.
Daniel E. Joiner, M.A.
Barbara Jean Williams Jones, M.A.
Camielle Andre Jones, M.A.
Corey Matthew Jones, M.A.
Crystal K. Jones, M.A.
Judith M. Jones, M.A.
Karen Louvon Stephens Jones, M.A.
Kimberly Johnson Jones, M.A.
Marvin K. Jones, M.A.
Sheela Denise Jones, M.A.
Willette Jones, M.A.
Andréa Latrice Judie, M.A.
Lori L. Kee, M.A.
Kathy A. Kelley, M.A.
Jeannie L. Kelton, M.A.
Bonnie Suzanne Kent, M.A.
Grace Elizabeth Kilpatrick, M.A.
Rhonda King, M.A.
Travis Joel Kistler, M.A.
Emily Delores Kitchen, M.A.
Wanda Taylor Kizer, M.A.
Anne Kathryn Klingborg, M.A.
Janean Annette Kromka, M.A.
Sabrina A. La Ford, M.A.
Tiffany Arlicia LaCount, M.A.
Shalonda M. Laurel, M.A.
Michael Edward Leddy, M.A.
Latoya J. Lee, M.A.
Terria Cox Lee, M.A.
Paulette M. LeFleur, M.A.
Meloney Golombiecki Linder, M.A.
Noel Henry Lindo, M.A.
Tracy Lynn List, M.A.
Ron Locke, M.A.
Dujuan M. Lofton, M.A.
Kinamo A. Lomon, M.A.
Jane Christine Longen, M.A.
Brenda L. Lopez, M.A.
Kaisha A. Lopez, M.A.
Crystal Lynn Lorenzetti, M.A.
Juliet Lyttle Lossing, M.A.
Mary Ann Lovell, M.A.
James W. Lucas, M.A.
Monty K. Lyons, M.A.
Sipho Charles Mabunda, M.A.
Lauren Marie Maddox, M.A.
Simone Malan, M.A.
Octavia Manigault-Cordon, M.A.
Meghan Elizabeth Marshall, M.A.
Reeshemah Massey-Bugg, M.A.
Terrence Darnell Matthews, M.A.
LuAnn Curtis Maughan, M.A.
Jascina Mirriam McCall-Palmer, M.A.
Hattie Yvonne Althea McCauley, M.A.
David L. McClellan, M.A.
Octavia Talitha McCleskey-Mallory, M.A.
Sonya McCray, M.A.
Skyler Marie McCurine, M.A.
Cole McFarren, M.A.
Alfreda Synigal McGhee, M.A.
Jennifer La-Janice McGriff, M.A.
Molly Ellen McLaughlin, M.A.
Laura Ann McNicol, M.A.
Viola Meggett, M.A.
Robin R. Merritt, M.A.
Joshua Boyd Mers, M.A.
Helena M. Metcalf, M.A.
Erin L. Miller, M.A.
Tamara J. Mitchell, M.A.
Mary Louise Moore, M.A.
Natasha R. Moore, M.A.
Mavis Morris, M.A.
Heather Lorraine Morris, M.A.
Victoria Motola, M.A.
Michelle Munroe Eckstein, M.A.
Kathy Tijauna Murphy, M.A.
Stephen Norris Murphy, M.A.
Alton Joseph Murray, M.A.
Lawrence John Myers, M.A.
Chesney E. Nance, M.A.
Jaime Marie Naughton, M.A.
Hlamiso Ndhlovu, M.A.
Elizabeth Ann Negron, M.A.
Teresa O’nella Nelson, M.A.
Ersell Wade Newson, M.A.
Laurette M. Nichols, M.A.
Laura Elizabeth Nieman, M.A.
Glyndora V. Nobles, M.A.
Natalia L. Novas, M.A.
Aaron Nunez, M.A.
Kathryn A. Ogletree, M.A.
Samuel I. Okocha, M.A.
Luebertha Oliver, M.A.
Joann Orefice, M.A.
Adolfo Enrique Orellana, M.A.
Antonio Manuel Ortega III, M.A.
Domingo M. Burgos Ortiz, M.A.
Aisha N. Padgett, M.A.
Kathryn C. Padgett, M.A.
Brandy Raven Paige, M.A.
Darci Danielle Paisley, M.A.
Latoyia Nicole Palmer, M.A.
Ronald Damien Palmer, M.A.
Patricia M. Papoi, M.A.
James Steven Papp, M.A.
Terri Williams Parker, M.A.
Elizabeth Parmley, M.A.
Timothy A. Pasieka, M.A.
Sean Jason Pasieta, M.A.
DeWayne Patmon, M.A.
Jacquelyn Nicole Payne, M.A.
Mentouhi Savannah Perry, M.A.
Michelle Nicole Peters, M.A.
Michelle Pinckney, M.A.
Manesh Stewart Pinkins, M.A.
Deanna Marie Polakowski, M.A.
Margie L. Pouncey, M.A.
Steven Whitney Pratt, M.A.
Brandy Press-Smith, M.A.
Michael S. Preston, M.A.
Tonya Lesjhun Price, M.A.
Yvonne S. Prillerman, M.A.
Chezelle C. Pryor-Seward, M.A.
Anthony L. Pyron, M.A.
Lisa Quast, M.A.
Palmer Stephen Rabon, M.A.
Tonya K. Ransome, M.A.
Lashuntres D’aqua Redmon, M.A.
Heather Reed-King, M.A.
Robert Vincent Renforth II, M.A.
Robin P. Revels-Fitzhugh, M.A.
Joseph C. Rhyner, M.A.
Jerry Ray Richardson, M.A.
Alfonso Reynaldo Rivera, M.A.
Falisha Robinson, M.A.
Tracy Nicole Rochon, M.A.
Linda Kay Roeber, M.A.
Alexander M. Rogers II, M.A.
Aida Rosales, M.A.
Luzdinia Rosario, M.A.
Tracy A. Roski, M.A.
Cheryl L. Ross-Brown, M.A.
Kelly Rudiger, M.A.
Reginald Lamar Rudolph, M.A.
Cassandra Eloise Russell, M.A.
Dennis J. Russell, M.A.
Patty R. Saltkill, M.A.
Deborah Louise Spratt Satterfield, M.A.
Kevin Saunders, M.A.
Joni Ruth Schroeder, M.A.
Joseph L. Schwennesen, M.A.
Teressa L. Scott, M.A.
Michael F. Scott, M.A.
Tamara Nikiesia Scott, M.A.
Autumn Renee Seidenstricker, M.A.
Tony Allen Shay, M.A.
Lashawn Nicole Shepherd, M.A.
Joann Claire Sherwood, M.A.
Lisa Renee Shock, M.A.
Dawn M. Shongood, M.A.
Melissa J. Silas, M.A.
Taryell Lanard Simmons, M.A.
Jo’Nette Alexandria Sims, M.A.
Gregg Matthew Singer, M.A.
LaGreasha Shawnta Singletary, M.A.
Amber M. Smith, M.A.
Ana D. Smith, M.A.
Beth Susan Smith, M.A.
Brooke Smith, M.A.
Clarence E. Smith, M.A.
Daryl Eugene Smith, M.A.
Kimberly Keatts Smith, M.A.
Lynissa Rochelle Smith, M.A.
Michele J. Smith, M.A.
Sarah B. Smith, M.A.
Stephanie Andria Smith, M.A.
Tiesha Wimbish Smith, M.A.
Pink Smith, Jr., M.A.
Schkenia Snider-Walker, M.A.
Ms. Tina C. Spann, M.A.
Justice A. Speller, M.A.
Amore St.Ives, M.A.
Evan R. Stachnik, M.A.
Jeffrey Hale Stanley, M.A.
Erika LaJoyce Stansbury-Mayo, M.A.
Nichol Starks, M.A.
Sylvern Starks, M.A.
Che’ W. Steele, M.A.
Tiffani Denice Le’Tris Steele, M.A.
Linda Ann Stewart, M.A.
Natashia Stewart, M.A.
Leslie Ann Stohr, M.A.
Shonterria LaToya Street, M.A.
Timothy Striley, M.A.
Ralph Edwin Strunk, Jr., M.A.
Tasha DeeAnn Sutherland, M.A.
Steven T. Switzer, M.A.
Johnathan Corey Syner, M.A.
Melissa Beth Taft, M.A.
Christopher A. Taksey, M.A.
Ramonda Taylor, M.A.
Chonette Taylor-Smith, M.A.
Neysa Marie Teague, M.A.
Jacqueline Thomas, M.A.
Natalie Michelle Thomas, M.A.
Otis Junior Thomas, M.A.
Randi Marie Thomas, M.A.
Shelly-Ann Thomas, M.A.
Adriane Patrice Thompson, M.A.
Chanda Felice Thompson, M.A.
Christina Mendiola Ticsay, M.A.
Darrell Wayne Tiger, M.A.
Gertrude “Trudy” Tisdale, M.A.
Irene Trestrail, M.A.
Shelia D. Truss, M.A.
LarCario A. Tufts, M.A.
Barry Tuovinen, M.A.
Antoinette Bishawn Turman, M.A.
Nicole Turner, M.A.
Patricia Ann Uncapher, M.A.
Tina Renee Upchurch-Williams, M.A.
Robin John Vanhof, Jr., M.A.
Dorn DeWitt Vichcales, M.A.
Dwayne J. Wagner, M.A.
Isis Wagner, M.A.
Donna Gail Wallace, M.A.
Damian St. Aubyn Wanliss, M.A.
Lirena Ferniece Ward, M.A.
Shawna W. Warren, M.A.
Dorthy Matthews Armstrong Washington, M.A.
April Lane Gonzales Watkins, M.A.
Tracey Evette Weathers, M.A.
Lalita Denise Web, M.A.
Michael F. Webb, M.A.
Timothy R. Webster, M.A.
Stephanie M. Wesely, M.A.
Dana Michelle White, M.A.
Marisa Jeneen Whorton, M.A.
Armishia Wiley-Adams, M.A.
Crystal Dionne Williams, M.A.
Jessica Lynne Williams, M.A.
Nicole Yvette Williams, M.A.
Rochelle Williams, M.A.
Debra Rena Willis, M.A.
Carmen LaQuida Wilson, M.A.
Donna Joy Wilson, M.A.
Marvin Deon Wilson, Sr., M.A.
Tony M. Wood, M.A.
Katina Latonia Woodbury, M.A.
Teon M. Wright, M.A.
Mathew M. Young, M.A.
Dennis J. Zaklan, M.A.
Eric James Zea, M.A.
Jarod Wayne Zelaska, M.A.
Jeanette Charlene Abbas, M.B.A.
David Michael Aberle, M.B.A.
Jack L. Adams, M.B.A.
Nicholas Michael Adkins, M.B.A.
Abeer Ibrahim Affaneh, M.B.A.
Tebbie Bagashlooy Afshar, M.B.A.
Adaobi V. Agbasiere, M.B.A.
Harrison A. Agbozo, M.B.A.
Kolawole Akinseye Akin-Deko, M.B.A.
Yanni Albana, M.B.A.
Britton James Albers, M.B.A.
David Phillip Alger, M.B.A.
Tiffany L. Allen, M.B.A.
Shalewa F. Almaroof, M.B.A.
Katelyn Sue Alvarado, M.B.A.
Emelia Michele Amato, M.B.A.
Joseph Alfonso Amaturo, M.B.A.
Martina Ambrozova, M.B.A.
Natalie Carin Amhof, M.B.A.
Ashley Anne Anderson, M.B.A.
Jaime Nicole Anderson, M.B.A.
Abron Andrews Jr., M.B.A.
Edmond Kinsey Anglin, M.B.A.
Christoph Komla Ankuvie, M.B.A.
Veronica Araujo, M.B.A.
Chastity Sue Arnold, M.B.A.
Robyn Arville, M.B.A.
Susan Maxine Austin-Clark, M.B.A.
Monica O. Ayeni, M.B.A.
Bonnie S. Bagby, M.B.A.
Mathew D. Bagley, M.B.A.
Gwendolyn R. Bailey, M.B.A.
Wendi Marie Bailey, M.B.A.
Shelley Sheree Bailey, M.B.A.
Victoria Lynn Baird, M.B.A.
W. Brady Baird, M.B.A.
Tunde Baker, M.B.A.
Arthur Roger Banks, M.B.A.
John Otis Banks, M.B.A.
Lucy Felicia Banks-Levett, M.B.A.
Roosevelt Barnes, M.B.A.
Sherman Lewis Barnes II, M.B.A.
LaShonda M. Barnwell, M.B.A.
Shamine Gray Barron, M.B.A.
David Brent Bartholio, M.B.A.
April G. Bartley, M.B.A.
Gwendolyn Marie Bates, M.B.A.
Corey Baxter, M.B.A.
Kristyna Baynes, M.B.A.
Nicole Beck, M.B.A.
Kyle John Begin, M.B.A.
Curtis S. Bell III, M.B.A.
Michael Sterling Berg, M.B.A.
Nathanael Adam Bibb, M.B.A.
Charels V. Bland, M.B.A.
Lu-Anne Blankenship, M.B.A.
Gwendolyn Blocker, M.B.A.
Tara C. Blount, M.B.A.
Jeanine Boehnlein, M.B.A.
Kimberly Hope Bolam, M.B.A.
Gene R. Booker, M.B.A.
Curtis Lee Boone, M.B.A.
Scott Bower, M.B.A.
Eric Bowler, M.B.A.
Erin Elizabeth Brass, M.B.A.
Dwayne Andre Brathwaite, M.B.A.
Nestor R. Briceno, M.B.A.
Richard Christopher Brooks, Sr., M.B.A.
M. Carolyn Brooks-Collins, M.B.A.
Frances Michelle Brown, M.B.A.
Kate Brown, M.B.A.
Natishia Brown, M.B.A.
Romeo D. Brown, M.B.A.
Shannon J. Brummett, M.B.A.
Carlton C. Bryan, M.B.A.
Desire Irakoze Buconyori, M.B.A.
Alicia Eileen Burken, M.B.A.
Bobby Sean Burse, M.B.A.
Immaculate Busingye, M.B.A.
Colleen Ann Byoff, M.B.A.
Leonardo Caion-Demaestri, M.B.A.
Jeneen M. Sperratore Callahan, M.B.A.
Ashley Meredith Campbell, M.B.A.
Brook Nicole Cannady, M.B.A.
Linh Trang Cao, M.B.A.
Sarah A. Carey, M.B.A.
Callis N. Carleton, Jr., M.B.A.
Melissa A. Carre, M.B.A.
Shaalia Venita Carreon, M.B.A.
Edward Floyd Carroll, Jr., M.B.A.
Danyelle Monique Carter, M.B.A.
Eli Young Carter, M.B.A.
Silvia Haydee Castro, M.B.A.
Rachel L. Caulkins, M.B.A.
Roberto Castaneda Cervantes, M.B.A.
William Lynn Chamlee, Jr., M.B.A.
Richard John Chappel, M.B.A.
Sandra M. Cheeks, M.B.A.
Olegi Vladimir Chertkoev, M.B.A.
Elizabeth Childers, M.B.A.
Alexia Desiree` Danielle Chilton, M.B.A.
Angela Marie Christensen, M.B.A.
Jeanne M. Clark, M.B.A.
Kayode Daniel Clark, M.B.A.
Patricia Ann Clark, M.B.A.
Michael A. Clarke, M.B.A.
Sheyrl M. Colclough, M.B.A.
Jacquila A. Coleman, M.B.A.
Michael J. Collins, M.B.A.
James M. Comella, M.B.A.
Celestine A. Coney, M.B.A.
Joseph D. Cook, M.B.A.
Heather Dawn Cool, M.B.A.
Zachary Aaron Cooper, M.B.A.
Clyde William Cooper III, M.B.A.
Megan Beth Cornelius, M.B.A.
Ricardo Giraldo Covena, M.B.A.
Michael R. Cowles, M.B.A.
Jedediah Delmeire Cox, M.B.A.
Thomas Latham Coyle, M.B.A.
David Craig Crafton, M.B.A.
Karen S. Crapo, M.B.A.
Brian M. Crimmins, Jr., M.B.A.
Eliezer Cruz, M.B.A.
DeWayne Bernard Cuffie, M.B.A.
Heather Lynn Cullum, M.B.A.
Avia Cumberbatch, M.B.A.
Brent E. Cummings, M.B.A.
Kristina M. Cuozzo, M.B.A.
Matthew M. Cuthbertson, M.B.A.
Nevena Dimitrova Cutting, M.B.A.
Alex Reza Daeisadeghi, M.B.A.
Dustin Joseph Dailey, M.B.A.
Andrew Daugherty, M.B.A.
Anthony Davidson, M.B.A.
Lynne M. Davidson-Basco, M.B.A.
Alanna Marie Davis, M.B.A.
Christie Matthews, M.B.A.
Maurice L. Dean, M.B.A.
Griffin Jacob Deere IV, M.B.A.
Adriann M. Deering, M.B.A.
Dolores J. DeFilippis, M.B.A.
Nicolas C. DeFrancesco, M.B.A.
Aaron David Deich, M.B.A.
Elaine Marsha DeJesus, M.B.A.
Michael Louis Tenorio Demapan, M.B.A.
Jacqueline Danielle Desormier, M.B.A.
Tyler D. Didier, M.B.A.
Pamela S. Dierickx, M.B.A.
Ralph James Dinges, M.B.A.
Sean Padraic Dixon, M.B.A.
Seante’ N. Dockery-Campbell, M.B.A.
Eric E. Donigan, M.B.A.
De Andre Shawn Douglas, M.B.A.
M. Monique Dove, M.B.A.
April C. Downing, M.B.A.
Anne Doyle, M.B.A.
Russell Cole Drewes, M.B.A.
Lindsey N. Dryden, M.B.A.
Sandra Dukes, M.B.A.
Theresa A. Durrence, M.B.A.
Erique V. Early, M.B.A.
Carrie L. Egbert, M.B.A.
Ryan William Eichhorn, M.B.A.
Erika F. Eichner, M.B.A.
Lyn Manhire Elby, M.B.A.
Eva Emmell, M.B.A.
Patrick Noel England, M.B.A.
LaToria Ashlee English, M.B.A.
Rachel Eva Enyi-Kabia, M.B.A.
Shannon Marie Espinoza, M.B.A.
Mark R. Eyre, M.B.A.
Charles Faithful, M.B.A.
Ukeme Ndeuke Falade, M.B.A.
Anthony J. Farias, M.B.A.
April Patrice Faulkner, M.B.A.
Raven M. Felton, M.B.A.
John Richmond Fender, M.B.A.
Christopher C. Fenwick, M.B.A.
Jerry D. Ferrera, M.B.A.
Melissa Ann Fiedler, M.B.A.
James B. Flach, M.B.A.
Lorin M. Flenker, M.B.A.
Desiree Flournoy, M.B.A.
Arthur Boston Floyd, M.B.A.
Lydia M. Fogarty, M.B.A.
Ricardo C. Forges, M.B.A.
Sandra M. Forte-Blake, M.B.A.
Christopher John Fotiadis, M.B.A.
Kathleen C. Fox, M.B.A.
Robert A. Fox, M.B.A.
Yolanda Y. Franklin, M.B.A.
Tiffani Tramaine Franks Bagley, M.B.A.
Landon Paul Freeburg, M.B.A.
Robert Dell Freeman, M.B.A.
Maria D. Freire, M.B.A.
Debra Jean Fry, M.B.A.
Jackeline D. Mejias Fuertes, M.B.A.
Delicia Shaunta Fuqua, M.B.A.
Keisha Nicole Futrell, M.B.A.
Adam Laserna Gajo, M.B.A.
Manyang Arok Gak, M.B.A.
April Lynch Gallimore, M.B.A.
Jason Willis Galloway, M.B.A.
Tayshamell Galloway, M.B.A.
Jennifer Leigh Garcia, M.B.A.
Timothy John Gardina, Jr., M.B.A.
Erin Gasper, M.B.A.
James A. Gaudy, M.B.A.
Tekela Nichelle Genous, M.B.A.
Michelle Lynn Gerler, M.B.A.
Tyler Allen Gilbert, M.B.A.
Veronica Rose Gill, M.B.A.
Jonathan B. Ginsberg, M.B.A.
Linda S. Glover, M.B.A.
Brian Goebel, M.B.A.
Jovonia Leon Goetz, M.B.A.
Michael J. Goggans, M.B.A.
Vickie Lynn Gold, M.B.A.
Jose Jesus Gomez, M.B.A.
Mellisa Tanner Gonzales, M.B.A.
Yolanda Gordon, M.B.A.
Nevada Gowan, M.B.A.
Sherrie Lynette Grayer, M.B.A.
Elizabeth Anne Greely, M.B.A.
Roshaunda Darlene Green, M.B.A.
Tina Suzanne Gross, M.B.A.
Edward J. Gubeno III, M.B.A.
Josh T. Guffey, M.B.A.
Sandra Gussen, M.B.A.
Wendy G. Gutenberg, M.B.A.
James E. Gutzman, M.B.A.
Tamarah C. Hallmon, M.B.A.
Andrew Charles Hallo, M.B.A.
Tristan Laura Hamblin, M.B.A.
Laquisha S. Hampton, M.B.A.
Beverly Joi Hannahs, M.B.A.
Tammy Sue Hansen, M.B.A.
Shannon N. Hardy, M.B.A.
Martha Gaye Hargett, M.B.A.
Victor Manuel Haro, M.B.A.
Kimberly Michelle Harold, M.B.A.
LaGurtha Sheree Harris, M.B.A.
Catalina Marcia Hart, M.B.A.
Dustin L. Harvey, M.B.A.
Patrick Kwesi Hayford, M.B.A.
Casheila Tyshoun Heath, M.B.A.
Brenda Hebert, M.B.A.
Melissa Hendershott, M.B.A.
Bill Henderson, M.B.A.
Jimmy R. Henderson, Jr., M.B.A.
Nicole Jeannine Henning, M.B.A.
Kenisha L. Henry-Figueroa, M.B.A.
Vanessa Gutierrez Hesterberg, M.B.A.
Joseph Eugene Hill, M.B.A.
Candice Himes, M.B.A.
Tanya Hinds, M.B.A.
Johanna Erin Hinson, M.B.A.
DeJuan Paul Hoggard, M.B.A.
LilDray Montrell Holland, M.B.A.
Ottavia Marie Holmes, M.B.A.
Miss Jackie Denise Hooten, M.B.A.
Daniel Colby Hopkins, M.B.A.
Daryl G. Horton, M.B.A.
Patrice L. Hovland, M.B.A.
Timothy James Hubler, M.B.A.
Susan Kay Hude, M.B.A.
Michelle D. Hudson, M.B.A.
LeeAnne Hughes, M.B.A.
Shaunte Patrice Hughes, M.B.A.
Stephen Hughes, M.B.A.
Kernesha Joyce Hunt, M.B.A.
Benjamin Hurt, M.B.A.
Martha L. Hyer, M.B.A.
Adeyinka Michael Ifemade, M.B.A.
Shelafia Monya’ Ingram, M.B.A.
Carlyne D. Jackson, M.B.A.
Sharon L. Jones Jackson, M.B.A.
Angela S. Jacobs, M.B.A.
Carolyn Felecia James, M.B.A.
Roosevelt Jean-Baptiste, M.B.A.
Angie Jefferson, M.B.A.
Vivian Renee Jefferson, M.B.A.
Jerimiah DePyper, M.B.A.
Jennifer L. Johnson, M.B.A.
Melinda Jo Johnson, M.B.A.
Niquesha Smith Johnson, M.B.A.
Steven Paul Johnson, M.B.A.
Tracey Lynn Johnson, M.B.A.
Diane Nichelle Johnson, M.B.A.
Carolyn Gee Jones, M.B.A.
Matthew Craig Jones, M.B.A.
Sharon Denise Jones, M.B.A.
Kara Jorgensen, M.B.A.
Kiran Kumar Joseph, M.B.A.
Sarah Elizabeth Kaatman, M.B.A.
Timothy James Kaiser, M.B.A.
Wassef E. Kamal, M.B.A.
Thomas R. Karrick, M.B.A.
Michael A. Karriker, M.B.A.
Denise Cea Katz, M.B.A.
Mahealani Kauahi, M.B.A.
Carol Lynn Keeler, M.B.A.
Eric Kelly, M.B.A.
Michael S. Kennedy, M.B.A.
Shana L. King, M.B.A.
Carolina Oliveira Kiser, M.B.A.
Jamie Lyn Kline, M.B.A.
Jenelle Corinne Knight, M.B.A.
Slade Knightly, M.B.A.
Timothy James Krahn, M.B.A.
Jonathan Kress, M.B.A.
Ashley Nicole Krisnowich, M.B.A.
Scott Alan Kukelhan, M.B.A.
Christina Lee Kupec, M.B.A.
Kenneth J. Kuptz, M.B.A.
Benedict Y. Kwon, M.B.A.
Paul R. La Mott, M.B.A.
Kristyn Andrea Labrie, M.B.A.
Tara D. LaFollette, M.B.A.
Rohit Lal, M.B.A.
Myrtle M. Land, M.B.A.
Wayne Edward Landry Sr., M.B.A.
Sonja Lankinen, M.B.A.
Alfred Lartei Lartey, M.B.A.
Murice S. Law, M.B.A.
Latonia Rodman Laws, M.B.A.
Christine Elizabeth Lay, M.B.A.
Jonathan Roger Laybourn, M.B.A.
Antonio L. Leach, M.B.A.
Susanne C. Leasure, M.B.A.
Egbert LeBlanc, M.B.A.
Arinne Lee, M.B.A.
Han Yun Lee, M.B.A.
Rosalind Jones Lee, M.B.A.
Christine L. Sotoa-Vili Leota, M.B.A.
Brenda V. LeVere, M.B.A.
Emily A. Lewis, M.B.A.
Tiffany Cherie Lewis, M.B.A.
Robin E. Lillesve, M.B.A.
Allen Looney, M.B.A.
Lauren Eileen Lopez, M.B.A.
Kim Lore, M.B.A.
Shnea Love, M.B.A.
Shelia L. Lowe, M.B.A.
Elizabeth Lukatchik, M.B.A.
Vanessa Luke, M.B.A.
Guinevere Carolyn Lynn, M.B.A.
Amanda Jean Lyons, M.B.A.
Delores D. Mackey, M.B.A.
Ludwig Madariaga, M.B.A.
Michael P. Maddux, M.B.A.
Robert Anthony Madrid, M.B.A.
Anthony W. Maier, M.B.A.
Charlyn Denise Estrada Manglona, M.B.A.
Jasmine Arlene Manion, M.B.A.
Evangelia Manolaki, M.B.A.
Eric Joseph Marchisio, M.B.A.
Ella Mae C. Marion, M.B.A.
Amanda Kaye Marlow, M.B.A.
Taranisha R. Marlow, M.B.A.
Marcus Lyn Marshall, M.B.A.
Stephen Todd Martin, M.B.A.
Eddie Martin, M.B.A.
Greg Martin, M.B.A.
Coryne Nicole Martinez, M.B.A.
Cedric L. Mason Jr., M.B.A.
Kristin Masterson, M.B.A.
Roji Mathew, M.B.A.
Carla L. Mathis, M.B.A.
LeRoy Matthews, Jr., M.B.A.
Carmen Lili McBride, M.B.A.
Kevin McBride, M.B.A.
Evan K. McCasland, M.B.A.
Norman Kenneth McClain, M.B.A.
Sherri Nicole McClellan, M.B.A.
Wendy Quinnelly McCormick, M.B.A.
Penelope Owen McElveen, M.B.A.
Heather Case McGee, M.B.A.
Kenneth L. McGriggs, M.B.A.
Sandra Alkeitha Mckinney-Staciey, M.B.A.
Melissa Jayne McPherson, M.B.A.
Camille McQueen, M.B.A.
Jeffrey G. Mease, M.B.A.
Frank Mejia, M.B.A.
Paul Metz, M.B.A.
Dean Howard Milar, M.B.A.
Rosa M. Miles, M.B.A.
Shanika Lashun Miles, M.B.A.
Lance Reed Millar, M.B.A.
Lissie H. Miller, M.B.A.
Lowell Wayne Millican, M.B.A.
Samika Minter, M.B.A.
Shemaiah L. Mitchell, M.B.A.
Dung Nguyen Moc, M.B.A.
Vera Alisha Moffitt, M.B.A.
Milton M. Mollison, M.B.A.
Jennifer Lynn Monette, M.B.A.
Arrie Michelle Moore, M.B.A.
Kimonia Shetaka Moore, M.B.A.
Debra Morelli, M.B.A.
Angela Christina Moreno, M.B.A.
Amy Abney Morgan, M.B.A.
Alicia D. Morris, M.B.A.
Eric Ross Morris, M.B.A.
Kriss Teen Morrow, M.B.A.
Shalonda Michelle Morton, M.B.A.
Russell M. Morton, Jr., M.B.A.
Melinda Kaye Mosholder, M.B.A.
Andrea Moultrie, M.B.A.
Megan Marie Murphy, M.B.A.
Elias H. Mustafa, M.B.A.
Arzou U. Naibkhyl, M.B.A.
Jacob Ryan Nansel, M.B.A.
Mark David Nardini, M.B.A.
Ali Mbuto Ndangwa, M.B.A.
Toshusa M. Neal-Irving, M.B.A.
Frankyshia Sha’toine Nealon, M.B.A.
Ashley Ann Nelson, M.B.A.
Jessica Leigh Nelson, M.B.A.
Michelle Nettles, M.B.A.
Donna Sue Newsome, M.B.A.
Jake Huu Nguyen, M.B.A.
Gerald McKinley Nichols, M.B.A.
Richard James Nichols, M.B.A.
Michael Joseph Noble, M.B.A.
Sontissa L. Walker Nolen, M.B.A.
Suzanne Marie Norton, M.B.A.
Ivy Rose Oceanak, M.B.A.
Ijeoma O. Okoh, M.B.A.
Iris Shavon Oliver, M.B.A.
Taiwo Olawole Olorunniwo, M.B.A.
Patricia Chinyelu Onwugbenu, M.B.A.
Abayomi Akeem Oredegbe, M.B.A.
John A. Orr, M.B.A.
Andrew Lowell Osborne, M.B.A.
Ty A. Otto, M.B.A.
April Oretha Owen, M.B.A.
Irfan Yusuf Ozaltin, M.B.A.
Wendy R. Pack, M.B.A.
Jessica Donaldson Page, M.B.A.
Kenneth Lydell Paggett, M.B.A.
Michael Palumbo, M.B.A.
Amy Lynn Parker, M.B.A.
Michael Robert Parker, M.B.A.
Lilbourn Leo Parrott, Jr., M.B.A.
Shellie Dot Yelim Parton, M.B.A.
Toni-Ann Pascua, M.B.A.
Pathik J. Patel, M.B.A.
Sharla A. Patterson, M.B.A.
Bryan O’neal Paul, M.B.A.
Rebecca A. Pavkovich, M.B.A.
Bryan Matthew Penfold, M.B.A.
Angel L. Perez, Jr., M.B.A.
Chantae R. Peters, M.B.A.
Rachael C. Peterson, M.B.A.
Emile P. Peterson, M.B.A.
Johanna M. Petty-Dunlap, M.B.A.
Krystal K. Pickett, M.B.A.
Aaron Paul Pines, M.B.A.
Kurt Matthew Piper, M.B.A.
Michelle Lea Poindexter, M.B.A.
Monica Lynn Poole, M.B.A.
Reneta Necole Poole, M.B.A.
Christian D’Antonio Porter, M.B.A.
Lisa A. Posey, M.B.A.
Thomas Zachary Powell, M.B.A.
John Paul Powers, M.B.A.
Qiana S. Preston, M.B.A.
Thomas James Preston II, M.B.A.
John-Mario Pierre Pujol, M.B.A.
Ms. Johnnie Maddox Quiller, M.B.A.
Jeffrey Alan Raab, M.B.A.
Craig A. Rainey, M.B.A.
Ronnie D. Rainwater, M.B.A.
Erik Leite Ramirez, M.B.A.
Lindsay Ann Rasp, M.B.A.
Reginald J. Ray, M.B.A.
John Paul Reardon, M.B.A.
LaVeena Cheryl Rebber, M.B.A.
Ivan Edward Reed, M.B.A.
Amanda Mae Reed, M.B.A.
Malinda Kay Reedus-Wooten, M.B.A.
Jeana R. Rees, M.B.A.
Blake Charles Reid, M.B.A.
Lisa Reis, M.B.A.
Allison Lynn Reske, M.B.A.
Angelina Renea Reynolds, M.B.A.
Karen A. Rhodes, M.B.A.
April Chanta Rice, M.B.A.
Mark Alan Rice, M.B.A.
Lillian Whitney Richardson, M.B.A.
Tanisha Richardson, M.B.A.
Tony A. Richardson, M.B.A.
Pele Alethea Tara Rivard, M.B.A.
Alfredo J. Rivera, M.B.A.
Gene-Carlos Moani Rivera, M.B.A.
Christopher Troy Robbins, M.B.A.
John Clinton Robe, M.B.A.
Jessica M. Roberts, M.B.A.
Chanda Brown Robinson, M.B.A.
LaShawna Marie Robinson, M.B.A.
Moira Roby, M.B.A.
Shawna L. Rodarte, M.B.A.
Tammy S. Rodriguez, M.B.A.
Derek M. Rogers, M.B.A.
Mark David Rogers, M.B.A.
Christopher W. Roman, M.B.A.
James T. Rorie, M.B.A.
Christi Rose, M.B.A.
Leonie M. Rosemin, M.B.A.
Ola Rosenthal, M.B.A.
Lauren Christine Rossi, M.B.A.
Kristen Marie Rossi, M.B.A.
Maxine Rucker, M.B.A.
Rebecca A. Rudolph, M.B.A.
Craig S. Rush, M.B.A.
Dominique Gabrielle Rushing, M.B.A.
Kimberly Frances Rutherford, M.B.A.
Rudy Sabbagh, M.B.A.
Katherine L.R. Sablan, M.B.A.
Renée L. Safford-White, M.B.A.
Kenneth E. Sanders, M.B.A.
Tanya R. Sanders, M.B.A.
Jimell LaShawn Sanders, M.B.A.
Dennis Antonio Santamaria, M.B.A.
David Satterwhite, M.B.A.
La Vonda Michelle Savage, M.B.A.
Erich W. Schmidt, M.B.A.
Michael P. Schmidt, M.B.A.
David Lynn Schoen, Jr., M.B.A.
Jessica L. Schroeder, M.B.A.
Dustin L. Scott, M.B.A.
Michael Salazar Semana, M.B.A.
Kimberly M. Rogers Sevin, M.B.A.
Alan Lee Seybold, M.B.A.
Brian Charles Seymour, M.B.A.
Ashley Elizabeth Shafer, M.B.A.
Tamie L. Sharp, M.B.A.
Taneesha Marie Shaw, M.B.A.
Rhea Michele Shields, M.B.A.
Carol Ann Shockley, M.B.A.
Carrie E. Simmons, M.B.A.
Jeffrey D. Simmons, M.B.A.
Patrick Wade Simpson, M.B.A.
James O. Singletary, Sr., M.B.A.
Shirleen Sirrine, M.B.A.
Kristina A. Siu, M.B.A.
Brittany Skinner, M.B.A.
Linda Kay Slack, M.B.A.
Jerome Smalls, M.B.A.
Aaron Gabriel Smith, M.B.A.
Adrian Marie Smith, M.B.A.
Angelia Michelle Johnson Smith, M.B.A.
Kristen Marie Smith, M.B.A.
Melanie L. Smith-Hengehold, M.B.A.
Carla A. Smith-Todman, M.B.A.
Juventino Solis III, M.B.A.
Migdalia Areizaga Sosa, M.B.A.
Nick J. Soter, M.B.A.
Barbara D. Sparks, M.B.A.
Sade C. Sparks, M.B.A.
Catrina L. Spears, M.B.A.
Vincent Ssuuna, M.B.A.
Kathy Coleman Stamps, M.B.A.
Angela J. Stanton, M.B.A.
Shanita D. Starks, M.B.A.
Emily Anne Steffenhagen, M.B.A.
Jonquil Elaina Stephenson, M.B.A.
Eric Stere, M.B.A.
Elizabeth Ann Sterling, M.B.A.
Janeen Lonnette Stone, M.B.A.
Sheldrick Lopez Streete, M.B.A.
Ayeshah Alexis Stuart, M.B.A.
Kenneth E. Sullivan, M.B.A.
Brittany Kay Swain, M.B.A.
Lakesha S. Swain, M.B.A.
LeighAnn Swigart, M.B.A.
Arslan Ali Tarar, M.B.A.
Marci A. Tarpy, M.B.A.
Maxwell Clyant Taylor, M.B.A.
Shatonia Taylor, M.B.A.
Clayton P. Teague, M.B.A.
Elizabeth E. Telford, M.B.A.
Adam Edgar Terry, M.B.A.
Dharmendrakumar K. Thakar, M.B.A.
Eugenia Thomas, M.B.A.
Maria Anne Thomas, M.B.A.
Tamika Latrice Thomas, M.B.A.
Crystal Nicol Thompson, M.B.A.
Michael Upchurch Thompson, M.B.A.
Sarah A. Thorp, M.B.A.
Ward Ambrose Thorp, Jr., M.B.A.
Heather N. Tierney, M.B.A.
Manpreet Tiwana, M.B.A.
Elden A. Tolman, M.B.A.
Kenneth D. Tomlin, M.B.A.
Diana Lynn Totman, M.B.A.
Cassandra Simmons Toulouse, M.B.A.
Liem N. Tran, M.B.A.
Ketankumar Natvarlal Trivedi, M.B.A.
Stephanie R. Trout, M.B.A.
Daniel Steven Tucker, M.B.A.
Debra J. Tucker, M.B.A.
Mr. Larry A. Turner, M.B.A.
Tara Denise Turner, M.B.A.
Awwen Sean Tyrsson, M.B.A.
Stephanie Ann Tysor, M.B.A.
Gregory Darryl Unthank, Sr., M.B.A.
Matt Usterbowski, M.B.A.
Jason Andrew Joseph Valencia, M.B.A.
Emma Lamorte Manasis Valentin, M.B.A.
Joseph R. Valero II, M.B.A.
Scott Raymond Valley, M.B.A.
Craig D. Vantrease, M.B.A.
Frank William Varnado III, M.B.A.
Joann Marie Vaughn, M.B.A.
Jeremiah John Vecs, M.B.A.
Erin C. Veit, M.B.A.
Sandra Jane Vierra, M.B.A.
Mario J. Villegas, M.B.A.
Alan Jason Vivyan, M.B.A.
Emanuel Voda, M.B.A.
Carl Patrick Wade, M.B.A.
James B. Wadkins, M.B.A.
Michael Scott Wagner, M.B.A.
Lisa Marie Wainwright, M.B.A.
Nancy M. Walker, M.B.A.
Christopher Dion Wallace, M.B.A.
Darrell Joseph Wallace, M.B.A.
Devan T. Wallen, M.B.A.
Ruth Alison Walsh, M.B.A.
Nepheli S. Wander, M.B.A.
Jennifer Lynn Wanliss, M.B.A.
Danuta Warchol, M.B.A.
Eleanor Marguerite Lane Ward, M.B.A.
Shanelle T. Warren, M.B.A.
Tyrell Warren-Burnett, M.B.A.
Stephanie Washington-Grant, M.B.A.
Mark Anthony Watley, M.B.A.
Hunter Watson, M.B.A.
Adam K. Watts, M.B.A.
Natasha Rene’e Webb, M.B.A.
Amy L. Welch, M.B.A.
Billy E. West, M.B.A.
Scott L. West, M.B.A.
Lance Curtis Westfall, M.B.A.
Megan Wetzler, M.B.A.
Donald Lee Wharton III, M.B.A.
Beth Anne Wheeler-Ruich, M.B.A.
Tinisha S. White, M.B.A.
Arthur Anthony Whiteside, M.B.A.
Francena Wilds, M.B.A.
Tal Wilk, M.B.A.
Ashley Wilkemeyer, M.B.A.
Angela M. Williams, M.B.A.
Elenore A. Williams, M.B.A.
Heidi J. Williams, M.B.A.
Jermaine Anthony Williams, M.B.A.
Meka Williams, M.B.A.
Melissa L. Williams, M.B.A.
Michael D. Williams, M.B.A.
Nichole Felicia Williams, M.B.A.
Raymond Frank Williams, M.B.A.
Thomas Maurice Jamon Williams, Jr., M.B.A.
Jared A. Wilson, M.B.A.
Kelly Carlene Wilson, M.B.A.
Matthew Allen Wilson, M.B.A.
Kimberly Nicole Wilson-Ford, M.B.A.
Norman V. Winn, Jr., M.B.A.
Robin Warren Winslett, M.B.A.
Shannon K. Winterton, M.B.A.
Heather Nicole Witt, M.B.A.
Mary Beth Helene Wolf, M.B.A.
Denise E. Wongsam, M.B.A.
Vernoe S. Wonmei, Sr., M.B.A.
Lisa Marie Wood, M.B.A.
Elizabeth Woodworth, M.B.A.
Jesse Wright, M.B.A.
LeChonne Y. Wright, M.B.A.
Paul E. Wright, Jr., M.B.A.
Daniel Wurz, M.B.A.
Matthew W. Wyatt, M.B.A.
Elizabeth Zapata, M.B.A.
Lynetta Alcoser, M.P.A.
Joshua Lavon Baker, M.P.A.
Humberto Gabriel Barraza, M.P.A.
Etan Masud Bennett, M.P.A.
Tamerah Rae Biddle, M.P.A.
Bradley J. Blackburn, M.P.A.
Andre R. Brown, M.P.A.
Denise N. Bullock, M.P.A.
Debra Jean Byrd, M.P.A.
Kelly Nicole Caleb, M.P.A.
Wanda E. Colbert-Wiggins, M.P.A.
Johanne Colin, M.P.A.
Giselle Cuen, M.P.A.
Tommy Jones Curtis Jr., M.P.A.
Jennifer Lynn Davis, M.P.A.
Celene Delice, M.P.A.
Jacqueline Dellatte, M.P.A.
Robert Carlton Derryberry III, M.P.A.
Linda Joan Deyo, M.P.A.
Dionne Verniece Donald, M.P.A.
Kimberly C. Dunlap, M.P.A.
Shoinette Q. Ellison, M.P.A.
Christopher D. Evans, M.P.A.
Thomas Paul Forbes, M.P.A.
David Michael Franco, Sr., M.P.A.
Veronica Garcia, M.P.A.
Jolene Danielle Gettis, M.P.A.
Katrin Pharr Gomillion, M.P.A.
Lanita R. Gray, M.P.A.
Emma Jean Hamilton, M.P.A.
Timothy Robert Hansen, M.P.A.
Portia Carrera Harley, M.P.A.
Scott A. Harry, M.P.A.
Marketia M. Head-Green, M.P.A.
Christopher Stephen Medina Herrera, M.P.A.
Shawn W. Hinton, M.P.A.
Cameron Brittany Hodge, M.P.A.
Marco Geovonnie Holliman, M.P.A.
Tunji A. Ismail, M.P.A.
Kimberly Y. Jackson, M.P.A.
Ty Jameson, M.P.A.
Sandra Jane Johnson, M.P.A.
Joan Renee’ Jones, M.P.A.
Latesia Y. Jones, M.P.A.
Myron R. Jones, Sr., M.P.A.
Casey J. Lalonde, M.P.A.
Silmone Denise Lawrence, M.P.A.
Ursula G. Lee, M.P.A.
Tori S. Leonard, M.P.A.
Patricia A. Lincoln, M.P.A.
Shekelia Denae Lockett, M.P.A.
Angelina Debra Loreto, M.P.A.
Erica T. Marks, M.P.A.
Ms. Melinda Marshall, M.P.A.
Terry Dionne Mc Quay, M.P.A.
Daniel F. McGee, M.P.A.
Jennifer Elizabeth Mikka, M.P.A.
Ladenier S. Mitchell, M.P.A.
Rashad J. Mitchell, M.P.A.
Dara Afton Moore, M.P.A.
Denecia Marie Munn, M.P.A.
Francisco Navarrete, M.P.A.
LaTrevia M. Norwood-Watters, M.P.A.
Elisha J. Novell, M.P.A.
Topeka Lynn Odum, M.P.A.
Annette C. Olivas, M.P.A.
Joel Scott Paige, M.P.A.
Veronica Louise Quander, M.P.A.
Atay G. Ramirez, M.P.A.
Kaye Frances Ramirez, M.P.A.
Laura Lee Ranney, M.P.A.
Guadalupe Rivas Rincon, M.P.A.
Derrell Ellis Roberts, M.P.A.
Joy Cne Rodriguez, M.P.A.
Deana L. Salter, M.P.A.
Ana Julia Schafer, M.P.A.
Tamara Nicole Sewell, M.P.A.
Garland Johnson Shy, M.P.A.
Ronelia Maulissia Smith, M.P.A.
Coletta D. Tolbert, M.P.A.
Deborah Travis, M.P.A.
Gene Craig Trayer, M.P.A.
Marilyn Joyce Traylor, M.P.A.
Michael Luis Tuccillo, M.P.A.
DeLynn Sherri Turner, M.P.A.
Ann S. Wade, M.P.A.
Mark Kenneth Ward, M.P.A.
Claudice A. Ware, M.P.A.
LaTandra K. Wheeler, M.P.A.
Carsandra Kegler Wiggins, M.P.A.
Ronald G. Willett II, M.P.A.
Wenquita Williamson, M.P.A.
Kama Crystal Winter, M.P.A.
Douglas Charles Young, M.P.A.
Tara Marie Adams, A.A.
Vensa L. Alexander, A.A.
Renique’ Shawnte’ Allen, A.A.
Cheryl Armenta, A.A.
Elizabeth Ann Armstrong, A.A.
Melanie E. Barrick, A.A.
Tricia Lynn Beninato, A.A.
Erica Ann Briggs, A.A.
Rose Buseck-Fisher, A.A.
Velda M. Butler, A.A.
Tracy Louise Callaway, A.A.
Maria T. Campbell, A.A.
Shaunda Renee Campbell, A.A.
Gaye Marlene Capers, A.A.
Christina N. Carroll, A.A.
Shonda Michelle Chavious, A.A.
Rosetta Cheatam, A.A.
Jessica Melissa Chittam, A.A.
Ann Monique Clair, A.A.
Valisa Clark, A.A.
Rebekah Marie Coblentz, A.A.
Tavares L. Cooper, A.A.
Erinn Copeland-Whitby, A.A.
Peggy Sue Harriman Cornelius, A.A.
Hope Marian Davies, A.A.
Amy L. Davis, A.A.
Janice M. Davis, A.A.
LaRhonda D. Davis, A.A.
Misty Padgett Davis, A.A.
Patricia Ann Davis, A.A.
Christine Delima, A.A.
Andrea Dembowski, A.A.
Renee’ Denise Denton, A.A.
Joann Dexter, A.A.
Edward DiMauro II, A.A.
Mary Lisa W. Duhon, A.A.
Melissa Robin Evers, A.A.
La Russia Elizabeth Fairley, A.A.
Calvin Dwayne Flemons, A.A.
Kayla M. Fontenot, A.A.
Christina Diane Francisco, A.A.
Heather Rae Rosenberger Frith, A.A.
Lacey Elizabeth Garza, A.A.
Kateri Marie Glatz, A.A.
Mamie Gonzales, A.A.
Danielle Q. Gray, A.A.
Trish Miller Gulley, A.A.
Jackie S. Hammonds, A.A.
Erika Hays, A.A.
Jean Marie Haywood-Wright, A.A.
Karina Theresa Hedges, A.A.
Charlie Ann Helsel, A.A.
Barbara Lyn Henson, A.A.
Laura J. Herrick, A.A.
Raquell J. Hester, A.A.
Katherine Jackson, A.A.
Betsy Anne Jones, A.A.
Danielle Patrice Jordan, A.A.
Tamika Nicole Kelly, A.A.
Krysten LaFever, A.A.
Jennifer Lambus, A.A.
Cynthia Latimer, A.A.
Tiffany Ann Lee, A.A.
Aundra Lipscomb, A.A.
Ashley Little, A.A.
Jacob MacDonald, A.A.
Kaitlin Danielle Macy, A.A.
Misty L. Marcantel, A.A.
Alyssa Grace Martinez, A.A.
Menden McClintock, A.A.
Rebecca L. McClure, A.A.
Shuntoya Rosonja McMillion, A.A.
Christina Gail McVay, A.A.
Kimberly Milan, A.A.
Natasha D. Mills, A.A.
Linda Faye Morgan, A.A.
Tracie J. Naranjo, A.A.
Jhemika Lashay Nash, A.A.
Sarah Lynn Newberry, A.A.
Stacy Lynn Nixon, A.A.
Ann Nutall-Harris, A.A.
Stephanie Olivia Nwokeuku, A.A.
Tara Lynn Paulson, A.A.
Bridget Lynn Plummer, A.A.
Jodi L. Potts, A.A.
Marilyn Quintero, A.A.
Carmen L. Rains, A.A.
Angie Minerva Ramos, A.A.
Roberta Ann Reeves, A.A.
Ignacia Basa Reyes, A.A.
Kate Rizzo, A.A.
Theresa Lin Roosa, A.A.
Quanitha Shantell Ruffin, A.A.
Samantha Alexis Sanchez, A.A.
Alex Taylor Stevens, A.A.
Tammy Lynn Stevenson, A.A.
Sable Swallow-Zamudio, A.A.
Rebecca Taylor, A.A.
Rholda O. Taylor, A.A.
Camelia Louise Taylor-Williams, A.A.
Melissa Sue Trent, A.A.
Nadia Colleen Turner, A.A.
Twyla S. Ubersox, A.A.
Sally Ward, A.A.
Amere Danielle Washington, A.A.
Michelle Y. Washington, A.A.
Carmen Corrine Whiteaker, A.A.
Jennifer K. Wilken, A.A.
Delinda Lee Williams, A.A.
Takisha Rena Williams, A.A.
Valerie F. Williams, A.A.
Rebekah Wright, A.A.
Shannon Renee Wynn, A.A.
Mary Lynn Yepez, A.A.
Lucille Rae Yorek, A.A.
Mary Louise Aaron, B.A.
Erica Abram, B.A.
Evelyn Acevedo, B.A.
Gerald D. Adams, B.A.
Gracie M. Adams, B.A.
Vallesha Lanetta Adams, B.A.
Denise Aldra Addison, B.A.
Elida Alejandre, B.A.
Jenise Marie Alfred, B.A.
Janet L. Allen, B.A.
Jesse John Allen, B.A.
Lisa Jo Allen, B.A.
Nicole Amato, B.A.
Carmella C. Anderson, B.A.
Jesse L. Anderson, B.A.
Jessica Lyn Anderson, B.A.
Iris J. Andrews, B.A.
Tamara B. Andrews, B.A.
Sofia Anthony, B.A.
Julie Arnold, B.A.
Carolyn Tracy Arscott, B.A.
Sara L. Ashby, B.A.
Vernice Ashton, B.A.
Marisol del Carmen Asmar, B.A.
Cynthia Sue Asmuth, B.A.
Sandra Renee Atwater, B.A.
Stacie Lynn Austin-Phillips, B.A.
Sharee’ Cabe Avery, B.A.
Angela Aymond, B.A.
Walleisha Pyelle Bailey, B.A.
Darrell Baker Jr., B.A.
Bethany Bakr, B.A.
Keisha S. Baptiste Chattic, B.A.
Susana Maricela Barajas-Cobarruvias, B.A.
Glenda Faye Barfield, B.A.
Sherry Yvonne Barger, B.A.
Alice R. Barker, B.A.
Brittany Shonell Barnes, B.A.
Tiffany Corrine Bartley, B.A.
Tracy Basina, B.A.
Christina Marie Bassler, B.A.
Michelle J. Bassler, B.A.
Brenda E. M. Batchelor, B.A.
Marietta C. Batchelor, B.A.
Iris Sharon Beahan, B.A.
Jamie L. Beamer, B.A.
Lauren Renee Bean, B.A.
Angela Beard, B.A.
Karrie Lynn Beck, B.A.
Suzanne Elizabeth Beevers, B.A.
H. Ellen Belfi, B.A.
Vesti Laney Belk, B.A.
Amy Susan Bell, B.A.
Lynnette P. Bell, B.A.
Wendy K. Bell, B.A.
Franya R. Bellamy, B.A.
Janine C. Bennett, B.A.
Kristy Jean Bennett, B.A.
Marilau Benson, B.A.
Jamie Lynne Bentley, B.A.
JoAnn Kay Bergvall, B.A.
Tanya Berrios, B.A.
Desha Bert, B.A.
Melissa Ann Bifulco, B.A.
Alicia Nicole Biggins, B.A.
Danyell Bills, B.A.
Lisa J. Bilson, B.A.
Denise Marie Binion, B.A.
Shannon Bishop, B.A.
Elsie Blaylock, B.A.
Katara Blythe, B.A.
Kristy Anne Bobay, B.A.
Christine M. Bohlmann, B.A.
Courtney M. Bolibrzuch, B.A.
Alicia Booker-Coleman, B.A.
Jennifer Lynn Borne, B.A.
Amber Dawn Bornholdt-O’Donald, B.A.
Devron D. Bourque, B.A.
Whitney Dawn Bousselot, B.A.
Annie W. Bowen, B.A.
Laura Sue Boykin, B.A.
LaQuwana Renay Brandon, B.A.
Kimberley Brewster, B.A.
Rubystine W. Bridges, B.A.
Tonya Denise Bright, B.A.
Marybeth Briney, B.A.
Schneeka Brinkley, B.A.
Chrystal Gayle Brooks, B.A.
Jessie Kim Brooks, B.A.
DeBira Victoria Broussard, B.A.
Karen Renee Brown, B.A.
Stephanie M. Brown, B.A.
Megan Lee Brusca, B.A.
Melissa Sue Buckley, B.A.
Stephanie Joy Budziak, B.A.
Monica E. Burney, B.A.
LaWesha T. Bush, B.A.
Pamela Renea Bush-Jones, B.A.
Daphne Butler, B.A.
Amanda Cable, B.A.
Magnolia Cagle, B.A.
Sherrinita K. Caldwell, B.A.
Blakeslee L. Campbell, B.A.
Mary Denise Campbell, B.A.
Catherine Cannella, B.A.
Angela Capasso, B.A.
Laura J. Cargill, B.A.
Cecille Carlisle, B.A.
Danielle Marie Carlsen, B.A.
Michele Marie Carrasco, B.A.
Annette Vanessa Vasconez Carrillo, B.A.
Yolanda Kelly Carroll, B.A.
Angelett Carter, B.A.
Sherry W. Carver, B.A.
Elizabeth Ann Cashman, B.A.
Veronica Casillas, B.A.
Katherine Cassidy, B.A.
Gloria A. Castillo, B.A.
Lorena Castillo, B.A.
Angie Joy Certeza, B.A.
Penelope J. Chandler, B.A.
Iona M. Charles, B.A.
Tamarria De va Chesney, B.A.
Linda Chu, B.A.
Shinedre Clark, B.A.
Geraldine Cecelia Classen, B.A.
Deanna Leigh Clements, B.A.
Stacey Cooper Cline, B.A.
Connie Collins, B.A.
Lisa Colvin, B.A.
Ida M. Combast, B.A.
Regan Nicole Conley, B.A.
Grace Louise Connelly, B.A.
Diana Okley Cook, B.A.
Heather Elizabeth Cook, B.A.
Erin Marvette Cooper, B.A.
Lawrence Cooper, B.A.
Lacie L. Corba, B.A.
Sandra Cordoba, B.A.
Doris Virginia Corker, B.A.
Regina Corroa, B.A.
Carrie Courtney, B.A.
Olivia Lavet Covin, B.A.
Jerelyn Colleen Cowan, B.A.
Janet L. Cox, B.A.
Sally Cox, B.A.
Brandy D. Coyle, B.A.
Andrea Jamene Cromwell, B.A.
Stella Kinard Cropp, B.A.
Christina L. Crosby, B.A.
Clifford Cuffy, B.A.
Ashley Hines Curry, B.A.
Evelin Lissette Curry, B.A.
Michelle S. Curry, B.A.
Rhyan E. Dailey, B.A.
Dulcerita Acosta Dalangpan, B.A.
Jennifer Rose Dale, B.A.
Susan M. Darcy, B.A.
Chantal Darde, B.A.
Sally Ammon Dauphinais, B.A.
Ashley Dion Davis, B.A.
Avis Carla Davis, B.A.
Janeefa Marie Davis, B.A.
Katherine Lee Davis, B.A.
Maryrose Davis, B.A.
Mimi Davis, B.A.
Sally A. Davis, B.A.
Tina Rae Davis, B.A.
Yvette Maria Dawson, B.A.
Juanita De Leon, B.A.
Deborah Eden De Rosa, B.A.
Cassie Joy DeBoard, B.A.
Reshma Deendial, B.A.
Sharon R. Deese, B.A.
Judi DeMello, B.A.
Diana Janett Dennis, B.A.
Shannon L. Dennis, B.A.
Tomika Latrice Dennis, B.A.
Mallory Desir, B.A.
Jillian Amy Deutsch, B.A.
Marissa Diaz, B.A.
Debra DiBartolo, B.A.
Shanelle Lee Dill, B.A.
Tondra Dorothea Dillard, B.A.
Katie M. Dillon, B.A.
Jodie L. Dittman, B.A.
Jennifer Michelle Dixon, B.A.
Milani Loren Dobbins, B.A.
Teresa Dobbs-Martin, B.A.
Kimberley Shante’ Dogan, B.A.
April Sabrina Dominion, B.A.
Kristen Donadio, B.A.
Wayne Lewis Donald, B.A.
Daytona Dozier, B.A.
Alicia Isabelle Drahos, B.A.
Sarah L. Draughon, B.A.
Shirlee Dudley-Medlock, B.A.
Fay L. Durham, B.A.
Sandra Darlene Dyar, B.A.
Linda A. Edwards, B.A.
Latonya Lee Ellerbee, B.A.
Angela Dyches Elliott, B.A.
Cindy Jo Ellis, B.A.
Heather S. Ellison, B.A.
Guillermo Benigno Emanuelli II, B.A.
Renator Dena English, B.A.
Jane Eppard, B.A.
Miko Sue Erikson, B.A.
Dawn Marie Erwin, B.A.
Deborah McMillan Evans, B.A.
Robin LaKisha Evans, B.A.
Ushika Tamarah Evans, B.A.
Patricia L. Everdell, B.A.
Stacey NeCole Fahmy, B.A.
Yvonne Fairbanks, B.A.
Amanda Farghaly, B.A.
Sarah Jean Farris, B.A.
Esmeralda Fernandez, B.A.
Leslie Kay Feske, B.A.
Sissy Virginia Fetters, B.A.
Felicia Denise Ficklin, B.A.
Patricia Figueroa, B.A.
Vanniese Michelle Filer, B.A.
Jennifer Lynn Fillebrown, B.A.
Chantel B. Fisher, B.A.
Kelly L. Floreno, B.A.
Erika H. Flowers, B.A.
James Floyd, B.A.
Magdalena Fogle, B.A.
Jennifer M. Forsythe, B.A.
Melissa Taylor Fort, B.A.
Angela Diane Frady, B.A.
Megan Frank, B.A.
Debbie Franklin, B.A.
Jessica W. Franklin, B.A.
Mary Eva Franklin, B.A.
Bethany Joy Franson, B.A.
Makeba Frederick, B.A.
Greta Michelle Gallaher, B.A.
Cynthia Helen Gamble, B.A.
Cecilia T. Garcia, B.A.
Maria C. Garcia Olivares, B.A.
Doris T. Garrett, B.A.
Jaclyn Giardelli, B.A.
Tracy Bolen Giordano, B.A.
Demetrice Leatrice Gipson, B.A.
Stacey Marie Giraldez, B.A.
Nicole E. Gleason, B.A.
Michele L. Godlewski, B.A.
Chandra F. Gomez, B.A.
Marilyn Iraida Gomez, B.A.
Whitney Katherine Gomula, B.A.
Debra Kay Gonzalez, B.A.
Diana Dariela Gonzalez, B.A.
Erika Gonzalez, B.A.
Silvia Delgado Gonzalez, B.A.
Tamieka Tonya Goodwin, B.A.
Danielle Goss Smith, B.A.
Sara Ann Rias Grant, B.A.
Wanda Grant, B.A.
Leslie Gail Graves, B.A.
Julie Anne Gray, B.A.
Elizabeth A. Grayson, B.A.
Deborah Lynn Greene, B.A.
Evelyn Laurine Gresham, B.A.
Willie R. Griffin, Jr., B.A.
Anita Francine Griffin-Campbell, B.A.
Erica Grinsteiner-Motto, B.A.
Dawn Starr Gross, B.A.
Pamela D. Guillermo, B.A.
Nicole Elise Ann Hackett, B.A.
Sarah Hafner, B.A.
Susan A. Haight, B.A.
Derika D. Haines, B.A.
Angelia Annette Hall, B.A.
Cynthia Hall, B.A.
Juanita Hall, B.A.
Sherika L. Hall, B.A.
Daniel R. Halloran, B.A.
Sheana Denise Hamilton, B.A.
Sheirod P. Hamilton, B.A.
Kristan Hammonds, B.A.
Emily Dean Hansen, B.A.
Gregory Alan Hanson, B.A.
Demeka Lasha Haralson, B.A.
Tomika S. Hardy, B.A.
Shannon E. Harmon, B.A.
Amanda Faye Harris, B.A.
Jeanette Battle Harris, B.A.
Katrina Hatchett-Green, B.A.
Jaqueline Kelly Hawkins, B.A.
Robert “Simon” Hawkins, B.A.
Carolyn C. Heaton, B.A.
Brittney Marie Hendriksen, B.A.
Annmarie Christine Hennig, B.A.
Mirna Estela Henriquez, B.A.
Molly Darlene Hickey, B.A.
Emily Hickman, B.A.
Tasha L. High, B.A.
Charlotte Lamesia Hill, B.A.
Chanda Hill-Cumberbatch, B.A.
Beth Hill-Lewis, B.A.
Towanda Michelle Hines, B.A.
Verna Mae Hinton, B.A.
Peggy L. Hitte, B.A.
Patricia Hodges, B.A.
Elizabeth C. Hoffman, B.A.
Maureen Ann Holmes, B.A.
Kayce Nicole Horn, B.A.
Stacie Lynn Howell, B.A.
BriAnna Hubbard, B.A.
Lynn Marie Hughes, B.A.
Rachel Allene Hughes, B.A.
Crystal L. Hulett, B.A.
Georgia Hunter-Akinson, B.A.
Sherry Lee Huston, B.A.
Georgia Michelle Hynd, B.A.
Kristina Iannone, B.A.
Lydia Calloway Ikem, B.A.
Pamela Scalf Ingram, B.A.
Falomi Ivery, B.A.
Shannon Leigh Ivey, B.A.
Angela Monique Jackson, B.A.
Shawanna P. Jackson, B.A.
Stephania S. Jackson, B.A.
Jessica L. Jacobs, B.A.
Carrie Martin Jagiello, B.A.
Delores Janeway, B.A.
Julie Ann Jaramillo-Labigan, B.A.
Marvilla Marie Jarrett, B.A.
Bridgette D. Jarvis, B.A.
Michael S. Jenkins, B.A.
Rebecca Hickox Jenkins, B.A.
Melinda Ann Jenkins, B.A.
Sondra Denise Jeter, B.A.
Kristen Randi Johannessen, B.A.
Debra M. Johnson, B.A.
Patricia Ann Johnson-Brackens, B.A.
Allie Johnston, B.A.
Angela Mae Jones, B.A.
Carolyn Strong Jones, B.A.
Erica S. Jones, B.A.
Kathy Cray Jones, B.A.
Kelley Lane Jones, B.A.
Michelle Marie Jones, B.A.
Teresa Marie Jones, B.A.
Tammonla Denise Jordan, B.A.
Tracy Tomblin Joseph, B.A.
Velma Lois Joseph, B.A.
Maggie Kalisek, B.A.
Melissa A. Keim, B.A.
Karen C. Keller, B.A.
Cathlene Kelley-Martin, B.A.
Anita Kelly, B.A.
Avis Lawrence Kemp, B.A.
Brandi L. Kerkove, B.A.
Rebecca Kile, B.A.
April M. Kinker, B.A.
James Kirby, B.A.
Cynthia L. Knigge, B.A.
Linda Williams Knight, B.A.
Margaret Knighten, B.A.
Kathryn Elizabeth Knoll, B.A.
Theresa Michelle Koller, B.A.
Christine A. Koprowski, B.A.
Guyda Laurie Kulp, B.A.
Meredith Lynn Kundrath, B.A.
Crystal Kunze, B.A.
Ann Marie Kuta, B.A.
Angela Faye Lambert, B.A.
Jason Lansing, B.A.
Jennifer Shay Lasly, B.A.
Gloria A. Lawrence, B.A.
Recquel Moore Lawrence, B.A.
Candice Maroney Lee, B.A.
Jennifer Lynn Lemelin, B.A.
Sandra Gail Leonard, B.A.
Christina Leslie, B.A.
Zipporah Levi-Shackleford, B.A.
Mary B. Lewis, B.A.
Phyllis Payton Lewis, B.A.
Vivian Lovelace Lewis, B.A.
Monique A. Lewis-Williams, B.A.
Luz A. Limon, B.A.
Crystal L. Lineweber, B.A.
Donna L. Linton, B.A.
Senora Wells Lisane, B.A.
Susan Lee Little, B.A.
Linda Joyce Lloyd, B.A.
Kathie Elta Talton Lockett, B.A.
Maria-Leonela Lomeli, B.A.
Alison M. Lowe, B.A.
Angela Lowrey, B.A.
Dorothy Selena Lowther, B.A.
Julie Nicole Lowthert, B.A.
Donna Lynn Loyd, B.A.
Mireya Luna, B.A.
Donna J. Lynn-Truitt, B.A.
Carolyn Cathleen Lyons, B.A.
Chelsea Michelle Lytle, B.A.
Glenda Kay Mabe, B.A.
Suzanne H. Macella, B.A.
Maria G. Madrid, B.A.
Yolanda R. Major, B.A.
Vaganaalelai Malama Pepa, B.A.
Sandra Malone, B.A.
Jennifer Anne Maoga, B.A.
Syara Tara Marfo, B.A.
Sarah Sue Markus, B.A.
Martha Sue Marshall, B.A.
Marilyn Elizabeth Martin, B.A.
Tanya Daniela Martin, B.A.
Julia Martinez, B.A.
Whitney Lauren Martinez, B.A.
Carole Mascari, B.A.
Brenda Joyce Mason-Brown, B.A.
Carolyn L. Mason-Garth, B.A.
Keia E. Matthews, B.A.
Shelly M. Matthews, B.A.
Tasha Nicole Maxon-Young, B.A.
Lois Lorraine Webb Mayfield, B.A.
Calandra Marchelle McAfee, B.A.
Rachael N. McCauley, B.A.
Angela Moody McClellan, B.A.
Dawn Marie McCourt, B.A.
Amy J. McFarland, B.A.
Jamie R. McGrath-Mansell, B.A.
Bridget McGuire, B.A.
Evelyn McKinley, B.A.
Jennifer McKinnie, B.A.
Patricia (Trish) A. McLean, B.A.
Daphne Richelle McNeil, B.A.
Jennifer R. Meeks, B.A.
Cynthia Melendez, B.A.
Laura Elizabeth Mellon, B.A.
Talana M. Melton, B.A.
Sherry Ely Mendes, B.A.
Jody Lynn Mendoza, B.A.
Angela M. Merryman, B.A.
Angie Christine Miller, B.A.
Ashley Lauren Miller, B.A.
LaTonya Fynette Miller, B.A.
Valerie J. Miller, B.A.
Colin J. Mix, B.A.
Annette Monie, B.A.
Shaneeka Monroe, B.A.
Mayra Montanez, B.A.
Jayme Moore-Jones, B.A.
Aimee Nicole Moran, B.A.
Kristi Leigh Moran, B.A.
Anelida Dolores Moraza, B.A.
Megan L. Morehouse, B.A.
April Kathleen Morris, B.A.
Christine Claudia Morris, B.A.
Lisa Marie Morris, B.A.
Shelby Michelle Morris, B.A.
Shannon Nichole Morrison, B.A.
Joya Denise Morton, B.A.
Stacey Evette Motley, B.A.
Patricia L. Mousch, B.A.
Ramona K. Moye, B.A.
Kathy Ann Moyer, B.A.
Elizabeth Ruth Mullen, B.A.
Brandi N. Mundt, B.A.
Jennifer Ann Murphy, B.A.
Janice Evette Murray, B.A.
Kimberly C. Murrell, B.A.
Theresa Mynatt, B.A.
Anahir Y. Nada, B.A.
Chanda Tarae Nalls, B.A.
Zuilan Navarrete, B.A.
Stephanie Marie Neal, B.A.
Betsy Bray Neighbors, B.A.
Karonica Nelson, B.A.
Linnea M. Nelson, B.A.
Pamela J. Nevin, B.A.
Kimberly M. New, B.A.
Regina Newman, B.A.
Dorothy M. Nichols, B.A.
Charlene Felicia Ninni, B.A.
Susan Allen Norton, B.A.
Tracey Ra’Chell Odom, B.A.
Carol Suozzo Odomirok, B.A.
Jenny Ohnstad, B.A.
Regina R. Ohnstad, B.A.
Consuelo Sonunique Oliver, B.A.
Stephanie Lynne Olson, B.A.
Moana Puletu Omisong, B.A.
Nicole Marie O’Rourke, B.A.
Sherrlyn Porter Orr, B.A.
Brenda Murphy Orsby, B.A.
Belinda Ortiz, B.A.
Jacqueline Ortiz, B.A.
Zenaida Ortiz, B.A.
Sandra H. Outten, B.A.
Cheryl L. Owens, B.A.
Sandra L. Pacheco, B.A.
Jenny S. Pancake, B.A.
Tracy Rose Paquette, B.A.
Margaret A. Pardo, B.A.
Leah Samoisette Parker, B.A.
Deborah Parker-Smith, B.A.
Judith Parra, B.A.
Jennifer N. Partridge, B.A.
Tabitha M. Patterson, B.A.
Romeka LaShawn Patton-Lane, B.A.
Kimberly Alicia Paylor, B.A.
Angela Lynn Payne, B.A.
Stacy Dione Payne, B.A.
Toni Ann Payne, B.A.
Jessica Renae Peach, B.A.
Kristine M. Peel, B.A.
Evelyn A. Pena-Carrion, B.A.
Maria Jackeline Pena-Cavallini, B.A.
Ashley E. Pendleton, B.A.
Mariely Pereira, B.A.
Aida Perez, B.A.
Darlene Perkins, B.A.
Joan R. Peters, B.A.
Lori Lee Phillips, B.A.
Sonya N. Phillips, B.A.
Sylvia B. Phillips, B.A.
Nancy L. Picard, B.A.
Chawna Marie Piper, B.A.
Melanie Charese Pitcher, B.A.
Donald C. Pitts, B.A.
David James Pogson, B.A.
Lisa K. Polaski, B.A.
Janice Polley, B.A.
Ronda S. Ponder, B.A.
Darnette Chemise Porter, B.A.
Sequoia Waaynee Porter, B.A.
Queen Portia, B.A.
Trenise L. Price, B.A.
Christi A. Priemer, B.A.
Kylee Renee Priest, B.A.
Carrie Ann Prouty, B.A.
Alesha Michelle Pryor, B.A.
Mona Qafisheh, B.A.
Najlaa Qattawi, B.A.
Emma M. Quinn, B.A.
Lysdaira Nieves Quintana, B.A.
Martha J. Ramey, B.A.
Elisha Ramseur, B.A.
Juanita Randolph-Rogers, B.A.
Katharine Anne Ransom, B.A.
Anita L. Raspberry-Strong, B.A.
Nikkii Michelle Rawlinson, B.A.
Sandra Faye Ray, B.A.
Valencia Cordette Reese, B.A.
Erin N. Rempfer, B.A.
Christianne Rene, B.A.
Rosita Maria Resmondo, B.A.
Raquel Revuelta, B.A.
Monique Andrea Reycasa, B.A.
Sandra T. Reyes, B.A.
Belinda Reynolds, B.A.
Colleen Ann Rhodes, B.A.
Heather Michelle Rhodes, B.A.
Cindy Rice, B.A.
Philistine A. Rice, B.A.
Rebecca L. Richardson, B.A.
Stacey Richardson-Ellis, B.A.
Kathy E. Rigan, B.A.
Michaele Rene’ Riggs, B.A.
Janette Rivera, B.A.
Vaughn Rivers, B.A.
Connie D. Roary, B.A.
Christa E. Roberson, B.A.
Earlandra Yvette Roberts, B.A.
Jackie Lewis Roberts, B.A.
Jenetta Patrice Roberts, B.A.
Maggie L. Robertson, B.A.
Sabrina Scott Robinson, B.A.
Jessica Suzanne Rodgers, B.A.
Cruz T. Rodriguez, B.A.
Dale Nava Rodriguez, B.A.
Viviana J. Rodriguez, B.A.
Yvonne Mesa Rodriguez, B.A.
Angela K. Rogers, B.A.
Davida J. Rogers, B.A.
Rehana S. Rooney, B.A.
Mary Teresa Rosales, B.A.
Brian Peter Rounds, B.A.
Marcus Lapez Rouse, B.A.
Chickeena Joy Rowe, B.A.
Donna J. Rudy, B.A.
Cletha Maire Ruffin, B.A.
Ellen Russell, B.A.
Joan E. Ryan, B.A.
Christopher Salvagin, B.A.
Shannon Sampsel, B.A.
Charles Lamar Samuel, Jr., B.A.
Maria Gabriella Sanchez, B.A.
Jonasha D. Sanders, B.A.
Nikki Anastasia Sanders, B.A.
Edna Trinadawn Sawyer, B.A.
LaToria Sherrell Sawyer, B.A.
Mackay R. Scanland, B.A.
Audrey A. Schanning, B.A.
Alice Schellhorn, B.A.
Michelle Schiley, B.A.
Debbie C. Schlerf, B.A.
Kenneth M. Schmid, B.A.
Kristi Schroeder, B.A.
RuthAnn Schuler, B.A.
Angela J. Scott, B.A.
Betty J. Scott, B.A.
Patricia A. Sears, B.A.
Kari Ann Dimaggio Serna, B.A.
Beatrice Lavita Seymore, B.A.
Lynette Devonne Shade, B.A.
Elayne M. Shamitz, B.A.
Rebecca Lynn Shank, B.A.
Tiffany L. Pittmon Shanks, B.A.
Tammy Sue Sharp, B.A.
Angela Shaw, B.A.
Sandra J. Shelton, B.A.
Christine Marie Shepard, B.A.
Shelly Shepherd, B.A.
Donna M. Shields, B.A.
Tracie Elizabeth Shingleton, B.A.
Belinda Kim Shipp, B.A.
Esther Maria Shires, B.A.
Cindy Simon Shulterbrandt, B.A.
Amy D. Shy, B.A.
Katrina Y. Shy, B.A.
Rosalie Sierra, B.A.
Shirley Marie Simmons, B.A.
Judy Bennett Simon, B.A.
Regina Hartley Simpkins, B.A.
Shirley Ann Simpkins, B.A.
Violet L. Sims, B.A.
Antoinette Singleton, B.A.
Joshua Tyrell Singleton, B.A.
Bonnie Sue Skop, B.A.
Michelle L. Slavin, B.A.
Heather Small, B.A.
Allan R. Smith, B.A.
Dionne Davis Smith, B.A.
Ellen Kay Smith, B.A.
Erika M. Smith, B.A.
Nancy Faye Smith, B.A.
Pamela Denise Smith, B.A.
Ruth Esther Snyder, B.A.
Lori Ann Spain, B.A.
Blanche A. Spencer, B.A.
Alyson Janine Spoon McChesney, B.A.
Gay Ann Stanley, B.A.
Kathleen Elizabeth Stark, B.A.
Sara Janelle Starkey, B.A.
Kristen Lynn Stastyshyn, B.A.
Jamie Lee Stedge, B.A.
Erica Lee Steiner, B.A.
Karen J. Stephan, B.A.
Jamie Leigh Sterrenberg, B.A.
Dawn Stevane, B.A.
Kristin Steward, B.A.
Caroline M. Stewart, B.A.
Kimberely Diane Stewart, B.A.
Annie Bell Stidhum, B.A.
Janet Stiles, B.A.
Jean D. Stokes-Warren, B.A.
Jennifer Stoner, B.A.
Ruth A. Sutter, B.A.
Tanya Elizabeth Sutton, B.A.
Teresa Rutledge Swaim, B.A.
Jennifer Cesarini Swetman, B.A.
Jessica Ann Swopes, B.A.
Crystal A. Taft, B.A.
Nicole Renee Takeguchi, B.A.
Tiffany Deanna Tamayo, B.A.
Trevia F. Tate, B.A.
Brandye R. Taylor, B.A.
Linda Sears Taylor, B.A.
Turethan Ann Taylor, B.A.
Yalonda Taylor, B.A.
Vivian Terrell, B.A.
Andrea M. Thomas, B.A.
April M. Thomas, B.A.
Deborah Sherrod Bryant Thomas, B.A.
Heather Diane Thomas, B.A.
Jessica Thomas, B.A.
Katherine L. Thomas, B.A.
LaTrece J. Thomas, B.A.
Tonya Charisma Thomas, B.A.
Victoria Thomas-Parker, B.A.
Catherine Thomas-Rhines, B.A.
Jenilynn Thompson-Whitney, B.A.
Nicole Whitehead Tijerina, B.A.
Lisa B. Tipton, B.A.
Kimberly Satyra Tolerson, B.A.
Fresia Sofia Topete, B.A.
Daphne Craig Townzen, B.A.
Christina Travis, B.A.
Jennifer Treadway, B.A.
Deborah Ann Trexler, B.A.
Mamie Katherine Tuggle, B.A.
Heather L. Tyler, B.A.
Rhonda Alane Vacco, B.A.
Fabiola Valencia, B.A.
Elda Leticia Santos Vallejo, B.A.
Robyn Vanden Bosch, B.A.
Mary Vang, B.A.
Anita Marie VanHorn, B.A.
Donna Lea Veater, B.A.
Lori Paige Venable, B.A.
Debra A. Vickers, B.A.
Anna M. Vince, B.A.
Cynthia D. Vinson, B.A.
Tara Lyn Voigt, B.A.
Rhoda Jeanne Wagner, B.A.
Chiko E. Waites-Powell, B.A.
Danielle Walburn, B.A.
Marla-Jo Waldo, B.A.
April Lashonda Walker, B.A.
Kanessa Jinia Walls, B.A.
Kristine Ann Walp, B.A.
Maria Chrishunn Ware, B.A.
Renee Warner, B.A.
April Caroline Watkins, B.A.
Princess Lawonni Aquarius Weaver, B.A.
Sonya D. Weaver, B.A.
Jeanne L. Webb, B.A.
Kimberly Denise Webb, B.A.
Cheryl Ann Weill, B.A.
Jennifer L. Welch, B.A.
Julia Nicole Wesley-Douch, B.A.
Pamela Luecita West, B.A.
Brandy Lynn Wheaton, B.A.
Maria Frances Wheeler, B.A.
Hannah Louise Whitaker, B.A.
Alison Elizabeth White, B.A.
Bonnie S. White, B.A.
Emily Joy White, B.A.
Mary Ann White, B.A.
Alyssa Ann Whiting, B.A.
Elizabeth R. Whiting, B.A.
Shelly M. Whitt, B.A.
Debbie A. Wilhelm, B.A.
Natalkka Denise Wilkerson, B.A.
Brenda Rose Wilkes, B.A.
Angela Denise Williams, B.A.
Diana Williams, B.A.
Dianna Lynn Williams, B.A.
Lisa Michelle Williams, B.A.
Sandra Turner Williams, B.A.
Penny Diane Williams, B.A.
James Alfred Williamson, B.A.
Julie Lorraine Willter, B.A.
Crystal Deshun Wilson, B.A.
Marangeli H. Wilson, B.A.
Rachel L. Winberg-Hinch, B.A.
Marylou J. Wing, B.A.
Christina Michelle Wolgamot, B.A.
Nancy Kay Woltmon, B.A.
Suneita LeeAnn Wood-Haupt, B.A.
Karlotte Oriana Woods, B.A.
Consuela Katrice Woodson, B.A.
Cynthia Sue Wright, B.A.
Michelle L. Wyant, B.A.
Guadalupe Yanez, B.A.
Maria Yang, B.A.
Misty Yazzie, B.A.
Abigail Elizabeth Yellen, B.A.
Carl Edward Young, B.A.
Jillian Kimberley Younger, B.A.
Barbara Zumea, B.A.
Sheina Sara Abramowitz, M.A.
Kerissa Talayn Adams, M.A.
Wesley Alan Adkins, M.A.
Marcie Ann Turnipseed Adkisson, M.A.
Angeleque Agnew-Beene, M.A.
Paula Agras, M.A.
Cassaundra Kay Alexander, M.A.
Sonya Lynnette Alexander, M.A.
Jacquelyn Allen, M.A.
Marsha L. Allen, M.A.
Pamela A. Allison, M.A.
Michelle Denise Altman, M.A.
Dorsey J. Amos, M.A.
Joyell Anda, M.A.
Kristen Leigh Andersen, M.A.
Angela L. Anderson, M.A.
Lindsey Jeanine Andrews, M.A.
Gary D. Andrewshetsko, M.A.
Geralyn A. Arcieri, M.A.
Variola Aristilde, M.A.
Amanda J. Ashe, M.A.
Walter O’Brien Ashley, Jr., M.A.
Melinda Jean Atsin, M.A.
Stacy Lynn Auguste, M.A.
Michelle Lynn Baber, M.A.
Michelle Atkinson Bacon, M.A.
Amanda M. Baker, M.A.
Scheherazade Viletta Barham, M.A.
Laura Lee Barker-Loup, M.A.
Jamaal A. Barnes, M.A.
Cedearee (Bethea) Barnett, M.A.
Brandi Marie Barnhart, M.A.
Sherri Dee Barone, M.A.
Michael Maurice Barr, M.A.
Todd Barraza, M.A.
Tracey Barton-Clay, M.A.
Jo Ann Bartusik, M.A.
Leslia Rena Bass-Bowman, M.A.
Stevie Mattalynn Baum, M.A.
Omoniefe Bazunu Ekwedike, M.A.
Karen Becker-Lambiase, M.A.
Justine Rose Beckles, M.A.
Andrew W. Beland, M.A.
William Belanger, M.A.
Brandis Amara Belser, M.A.
Katherine Belyea-Musitani, M.A.
Arma Bentley, M.A.
Anna M. Bentley, M.A.
Amee Jo Bergmann, M.A.
Danielle Bever, M.A.
Sheila Vana’ Gillum Billingsley, M.A.
Emily Hurst Bishop, M.A.
Erin M. Black, M.A.
Lamonte E. Blades, M.A.
Amy Marie Blanchard, M.A.
Blanca Blanco, M.A.
Jennifer K. Bledsoe, M.A.
Timothy J. Blevins, M.A.
Ruth Marie Blosser, M.A.
Terrie Annette Blunk, M.A.
Becky Sue Boccaccio, M.A.
Alison Ann Boeckman, M.A.
Brandon Michael Bogges, M.A.
Karen R. Bolhafner, M.A.
LaShondia Chanel Bonaparte, M.A.
DeLisa Gail Booker, M.A.
Brenda Borden-Oglesby, M.A.
Angela Marie Bothwell, M.A.
Cailin Marie Bouchelle, M.A.
Melanie Renee’ Bowers, M.A.
Diane P. Boyd, M.A.
Erica Combs Boyett, M.A.
Beth E. Vanderpool Bracale, M.A.
Jardana R. Brice, M.A.
Christine Espinoza Brickman, M.A.
Sharon Brittain, M.A.
Emma L. Brooks, M.A.
Lakesha Roshon Beamon Brooks, M.A.
Samuel J. Brooks, M.A.
Joseph Chuck Browder, M.A.
Dawn Marie Brower, M.A.
Ellen J. Brown, M.A.
Eric M. Brown, M.A.
Jennifer Lynn Brown, M.A.
Natasha T. Brown, M.A.
Shavonda Christine Brown, M.A.
Timothy William Brown, M.A.
Rebecca D. Browning, M.A.
Jonita Brown-Simmons, M.A.
Mary Polk Brundidge, M.A.
Suzanne Palma Bryan, M.A.
Anna McWhorter Bryant, M.A.
Jessica Teresa Bryant, M.A.
Waisum Ng Buenning, M.A.
Lorie Melinda Buford, M.A.
Jessica Leigh Bumgardner, M.A.
Rachel A. Butler, M.A.
Evelyn L. Cado-Curtiss, M.A.
Megan L. Cahill, M.A.
Jeanne S. Cain, M.A.
Kirstie Elizabeth Cain, M.A.
Debra Lynn Caldwell, M.A.
Adrian Bernard Callis, Jr., M.A.
Barbara Ellen Campbell, M.A.
Shale Nicole Campos, M.A.
Andrea Mae Canevari, M.A.
Susan Margaret Cannon-Packard, M.A.
Miguel Angel Canseco, M.A.
Kristi Renee’ Cantor, M.A.
Michael Wayne Carew, M.A.
Debra Carey, M.A.
Kathy Elna Carey, M.A.
Melissa Ann Carian, M.A.
Estacie Carmona, M.A.
Candace Jo Carr, M.A.
Adriana Carrasco, M.A.
Michelle M. Carreno, M.A.
Rachelle June Carroll, M.A.
Karen Y. Carter, M.A.
April Cassella-Graichen, M.A.
Penny Ann Castaldo, M.A.
LeeAndrea Castillo, M.A.
Linh Trinh Cavanas, M.A.
Aurora Cavazos, M.A.
Sonja R. Cedeno, M.A.
Renee M. Cervantez, M.A.
Maricela Chacon, M.A.
Kellee Meshell Chambers, M.A.
Rachael L. Chando, M.A.
Brittney Jamece Chapman, M.A.
Altheria Ajita Charles, M.A.
Casandra Charles, M.A.
Derek Lawrence Chip, M.A.
Christine Marie Choate, M.A.
Anita Poole Christful, M.A.
Antoine J. Clark, M.A.
Karen D. Clark, M.A.
Kristy Y. Clark, M.A.
Latoya Denise Clark, M.A.
Stephanie M. Clauss, M.A.
Theresa Lockett Clay, M.A.
Roger W.C. Clay, M.A.
Terri D. Clay, M.A.
Tishonda Susanne Clevenger, M.A.
Cynthia Sandrea Coachman, M.A.
Giovonni L. Coleman, M.A.
Heidi L. Coleman, M.A.
Linda R. Collier, M.A.
Katrina D. Comley, M.A.
Cherisse Marie Constantine, M.A.
Teresa Ann Conway, M.A.
Angela Marie Rae Coonce, M.A.
Gladys A. Hines-Cooper, M.A.
Tashawna Ann Cooper, M.A.
Beth A. Coppersmith, M.A.
La’Tasha L. Corbin, M.A.
Rose M. Corbin, M.A.
LaToya Renee Cornelious, M.A.
Christina Leigh Cornelison, M.A.
Ariel Carol Cornelius, M.A.
Sonya Latrice Cornelius, M.A.
Travis Lance Corpin, M.A.
Alyssa L. Cothran, M.A.
Victoria R. Couch, M.A.
Stephaine Y. Courtney, M.A.
Shala Dawn Woods Cox, M.A.
Elizabeth Harrison Craft, M.A.
Sheynah Deveece Craft, M.A.
Zellie M. Craft, M.A.
Nicole Marie Creed, M.A.
Janice Pauline Adkison Crenshaw, M.A.
Brandon Tyler Crisp, M.A.
Nelida Crispin, M.A.
Alisha Cottar Criswell, M.A.
Kathryn Ann Cross, M.A.
Erin Theresa Cummings, M.A.
Ashley Michelle Cunningham, M.A.
Vivion Ann Cunningham, M.A.
Jamal T. Curenton, M.A.
Heather Marie Curtis, M.A.
Michelle Marie Custer, M.A.
Dominic L. Dagen, M.A.
LaJuana J. Dale, M.A.
Abbey Maria Dall, M.A.
Rev. River Jordan D’Angelo, M.A.
Dyesha N. Darby, M.A.
Kathleen E. Davenport, M.A.
Kimberli Marie Davino, M.A.
Ashley Nicole Davis, M.A.
Charmelia Danielle Davis, M.A.
Dana M. Davis, M.A.
Elese L. Davis, M.A.
Jada Rochelle Davis, M.A.
Johnise Elisa Davis, M.A.
Shirlene Davis, M.A.
Takisha TyShawn Davis, M.A.
Valecia Kay Davis, M.A.
John Davodi, M.A.
Elizabeth E. De Almeida, M.A.
Paula Deane-Ryan, M.A.
Philip J. Dearborn, M.A.
Rebecca R. DeBlaey, M.A.
Ellen Nancy Decker, M.A.
Elizabeth Joi DeFreece, M.A.
Kimberly Michelle Denny, M.A.
Megan J. Desarmeaux, M.A.
Ibrahima Diallo, M.A.
Thaymar Diamond, M.A.
Gary Steven Dias, M.A.
Alisa Diggs, M.A.
Tiara Natrill Diggs, M.A.
Harreka M. Dillard, M.A.
Mrs. Tammi L. Djan, M.A.
Gwendolyn Dobbs, M.A.
Alisha Marion Dockett, M.A.
Amy Elizabeth Domianus, M.A.
Carlah Dominique, M.A.
LaToya L. Doss, M.A.
Sheri Lynn Doubleday, M.A.
Larita Diana Douglas, M.A.
Tonya Marie Drueppel, M.A.
Hurley Dunbar, M.A.
Elizabeth Peake Dunlap, M.A.
Nikki Dunphy, M.A.
Joy Cerise DuPont, M.A.
Maggie L. Durant, M.A.
Kathleen Dutcher, M.A.
LaShawn Renea Easley, M.A.
Tamara N. Eason, M.A.
Deborah Eckardt, M.A.
Jane Beck Eckert, M.A.
Alyssa G. Eddings, M.A.
Donna Gail Edmond, M.A.
Mrs. Valerie Lenise Edwards, M.A.
Robert Wayne Eisenhour, M.A.
Theresa K. Eller, M.A.
Mrs. Beverly A. Ellison-Ward, M.A.
Patricia Buckholtz Embley, M.A.
Teri J. Engleman, M.A.
Cynthia Eskridge, M.A.
Jody Anne Evans, M.A.
Kristen M. Evans, M.A.
Mary Elizabeth Everitt, M.A.
Wonderful Faison, M.A.
Natalie Falcon, M.A.
Erin Rita Fallon, M.A.
Kimberly McMillion Farmer, M.A.
Jennalin Miriam Farmerie, M.A.
Sheila A.M. Faubion, M.A.
Heather J. Fazio, M.A.
Michael Jay Felton, M.A.
Cheryl Lynne Ferguson, M.A.
Rogelio Fernandez, M.A.
Kara Marie Finnerty, M.A.
Jessica Payton Floyd, M.A.
Emma Marie Folland, M.A.
Margo Ford-Holman, M.A.
Clarice Teresa Foreman, M.A.
Kelly J. Fournier, M.A.
Gwendolyn W. Foxx, M.A.
Tashana Latoya Francis, M.A.
JoNiya Denise Francis, M.A.
Linda R. Frasure-Urdy, M.A.
Christopher LeVelle Frazier, M.A.
Denise Yvette Frazier, M.A.
Denise Rae Hypes Freeman, M.A.
Reece Danea Freeman, M.A.
Jennifer Noel Friend, M.A.
Emily Christine Frinzi, M.A.
Kandace Nichele Fryar, M.A.
Alex Kimball Fulford, M.A.
Sue-Allene Furtado, M.A.
Laura D. Babooram Gainer, M.A.
WillieFlora Gaines, M.A.
Kathryn Elizabeth Galeana, M.A.
Johnny Gallego, M.A.
Paula D. Gallien, M.A.
Laneiya J. Galloway, M.A.
Stephen J. Galloway, M.A.
Della Reese Ashley Gardner, M.A.
Sheryl A. Garner, M.A.
Diane Lynn Garrett, M.A.
Christina Danielle Garten-Takahashi, M.A.
April Leach Gee, M.A.
David B. Gentry, M.A.
Jamie Carole Gentry, M.A.
Elton A. George, Jr., M.A.
Christopher A. Gerstbrein, M.A.
Danielle D. Gill, M.A.
Helen W. Gist, M.A.
Kelly Ann Gleason, M.A.
James M. Glenn, M.A.
Maria-Claudia Glover, M.A.
Shannon Gonyea, M.A.
Brianna Elisa Gonzales, M.A.
Rebecca Gonzalez, M.A.
Kalisha Quranshel Gorham, M.A.
Rita Timbs Gouge, M.A.
Marina M. Grandbois, M.A.
Jennifer Hilbert Grant, M.A.
Latasha Washington Grant, M.A.
Adrienne Nolita Graves, M.A.
Gail Stewart Gray, M.A.
Jennifer Gray, M.A.
Keletha Green, M.A.
Kari Ann Green, M.A.
Michelle Gurzynski, M.A.
Renee Denease Gusta, M.A.
Bruce F. Haag II, M.A.
Shawn Tamille Hagans-Williams, M.A.
Emily Ann Hall, M.A.
Exie L. Hall, M.A.
Matthew E. Halter, M.A.
Joyce G. Hamdan, M.A.
Judion Tameka Hamilton, M.A.
Michelle Hannah, M.A.
Erin Lynnae Hansen, M.A.
Delora L. Harbin, M.A.
Neal Dennis Hardy, M.A.
Pamela J. Harper, M.A.
Rachel T. Harrell, M.A.
Melissa ReNae Harrington, M.A.
Angel Harris, M.A.
Charles M. Harris, M.A.
Della M. Harris, M.A.
Gerald Phililppe Harris, M.A.
Robert Andreas Harris, M.A.
Shawonder Yvette Harris, M.A.
Skye Nichole Harris, M.A.
Tracey Renee Harris, M.A.
Lionel K. Harris, Jr., M.A.
Lakisha Harris-Claxton, M.A.
Shellie Harris-Jones, M.A.
Saludie V. Harrison-Hawes, M.A.
Marva Dean Harris-Small, M.A.
Adam James Hart, M.A.
Ryan H. Hasselbach, M.A.
Juli Alissa Hathaway, M.A.
Matthew W. Haussmann, M.A.
Lacey M. Hawkins, M.A.
Effie vertilia Hayes, M.A.
Atlee Breen Campbell Hayes, M.A.
Pamela Heacock, M.A.
Kylie Nikole Heiner, M.A.
Sandra Denise Henderson, M.A.
Stacy A. Henderson, M.A.
Krystal Faith Hendon, M.A.
Antoinette Hendrickson, M.A.
Jeralyn Paige Herring, M.A.
LaGala Delar Hester, M.A.
LaCosta Ellington Hicks, M.A.
Angela M. Hietala, M.A.
Gidget Renee’ Higgins, M.A.
Pamela J. Hignite-Pidgeon, M.A.
Jessica Helen Hingtgen, M.A.
Kali Ann Hirschy-Houck, M.A.
Joanna Dale Hoenshell, M.A.
James A. Hoggard II, M.A.
Mozell Lavett Lewis Holliday, M.A.
Tiffany Nicole Hollingsworth, M.A.
Angela Renee Holmes, M.A.
Taiwan Holmes Sr., M.A.
Nguyen Thi Cuc Hong, M.A.
Danielle Love Hoops, M.A.
D’Andrea Nicole Horne, M.A.
Mary Katherine Horter, M.A.
Kelly Michael Houk, M.A.
Wendy A. Howell, M.A.
Alicia G. Hughes, M.A.
Cynthia K. Huisman, M.A.
Emma Paula Hulsey, M.A.
Heidi Ann Hunt, M.A.
Jodi Lynn Hunter, M.A.
Felicia L. Hurst, M.A.
Heather Inman, M.A.
Wanda L. Irizarry, M.A.
Sherry G. Island, M.A.
Milisa Antoinette Sammaciccia Ismail, M.A.
Jennifer Lynn Jackson, M.A.
Shameka LeShell Jackson, M.A.
Shirley Anne Riley Jackson, M.A.
Domonique Deborah Denise Jackson-Varo, M.A.
Leyna Dawn Jacobs, M.A.
Jaycia H. Jacobs, M.A.
Armond William James, M.A.
Shekema Monique Crawford James, M.A.
Tamika DeShon Jeffries, M.A.
Dave Jenkins, M.A.
Erin Michelle Jenkins, M.A.
Lakecia Eley Jenkins, M.A.
Veda Burnette Jenkins, M.A.
Willie Ann Jenkins, M.A.
Mary Elizabeth Jett, M.A.
Jeramiah Ray Jindra, M.A.
Aletha Rose Johnson, M.A.
Elizabeth A. Johnson, M.A.
Latonya Diane Johnson, M.A.
Laura G. Johnson, M.A.
Michelle N. Johnson, M.A.
Sonji Maire Johnson, M.A.
Tamika Diane Johnson, M.A.
Brendon Denise Jones, M.A.
Carolyn Faye Jones, M.A.
Derinna Denise Jones, M.A.
Jeanette B. Jones, M.A.
Nicole W. Jones, M.A.
Schewan Jones-Williams, M.A.
Demetra Jordan, M.A.
Alicia Juarez-Parker, M.A.
Diana Praino Kaeding, M.A.
Peter T. Kahle II, M.A.
Kristen Michelle Kaleciak, M.A.
Christine A. Karki, M.A.
Kathrine Kaste, M.A.
Robert L. Kehoe, M.A.
Patricia Louise Radigan Keller, M.A.
Ashley Elizabeth Kelley, M.A.
Dana’ Ditimus Kelly, M.A.
Michele Perry Kemp, M.A.
John F. R. Kenealy, M.A.
Evelyn V. Kennedy, M.A.
Yevelina Evelyn Khanimova, M.A.
Angeal P. King, M.A.
Randi Lynn Kinsella, M.A.
Anthony D. Kirkwood, M.A.
Sharon KIrkwood- Howard, M.A.
Heidi Elcka Kitchin, M.A.
Kylee Devon Kline, M.A.
Michelle M. Knight, M.A.
Ronald E. Knight, M.A.
Barbara Ann Knights, M.A.
Nancy Jones Kocsi, M.A.
Rebecca Ann Kotewicz, M.A.
Virginia V. Kretzer, M.A.
Donna Krinop, M.A.
Linda R. Kuhnen, M.A.
Victoria Valdez Lacanlale, M.A.
Amanda Rae LaFave, M.A.
Delphine Landrum, M.A.
Amanda Renea Lankford, M.A.
Michelle L. Lannon, M.A.
Dawn J. LaPides, M.A.
Michelle Lavelle, M.A.
Desiree Ann Lawrence, M.A.
Christina Sefo T. Leatimua, M.A.
Linda K. LeBlanc, M.A.
Dena M. LeBouef, M.A.
Gloria Dean Lee, M.A.
Sydney Lee, M.A.
Veronica J. Lee, M.A.
Anthony D. Leger, M.A.
Bonita L. Leigh, M.A.
Raven Rene’ Lempke, M.A.
Regenia A. Leonard, M.A.
Antoinette L. Lewis, M.A.
Jolanda Lewis, M.A.
Sandra Denise Lewis, M.A.
Ronnie Dean Lilie, M.A.
Allison Jeanette Lilly, M.A.
Christopher Howard Linder, M.A.
Jacqueline Lindsey, M.A.
Susan Andrea Lipscomb, M.A.
Yolanda Thomas Littlejohn, M.A.
Lauren Livingston, M.A.
Tanya L. Lloyd, M.A.
Christopher John Locke, M.A.
Jessie Lynne Locke, M.A.
Laura R. Lockie, M.A.
Michelle Leigh Logue, M.A.
Deborah M. Long, M.A.
Madeline Jo Long, M.A.
Jaclyn Lea Longobardi, M.A.
Kathryn Elizabeth Looney, M.A.
Blanca Rosa Lorenzo, M.A.
Juanita G. Lovejoy, M.A.
Mirta S. Taglialavore Loza, M.A.
Monica L. Lukas, M.A.
Ashley Colonna Lukens, M.A.
Shawna Leanne Lynch, M.A.
Ms.Geneva J. Lynes, M.A.
Katheryn Julia Madison, M.A.
Laureina Malave, M.A.
Jan Koch Maloof, M.A.
Heather Leigh Marburg Teal, M.A.
Holly Marchbanks-Howze, M.A.
Yenny M. Mares, M.A.
Bonnie Marquis, M.A.
Aimee Renee Marten, M.A.
Angela Michelle Martin, M.A.
Kimberley M. Martin, M.A.
Kristin Ebner Martin, M.A.
Dana Sue Dively Martino, M.A.
Precious Joy Mason, M.A.
Angela L. Matthews, M.A.
Regina Dean Mayo, M.A.
Pamela Jean Mazzaferro, M.A.
Cynthia Celeste McAnish, M.A.
Kassandra Denise McArthur, M.A.
Amber Nicole McCarty, M.A.
Michael Stuart McCassey, M.A.
William F. McClurg, M.A.
Shani O. McCray, M.A.
Bonnie I. McCuen, M.A.
Michael Eric McDade, M.A.
Shanyra C. McGlown, M.A.
Kesha McInnis, M.A.
Tawanda S. McIntosh, M.A.
Roslynn McKenzie, M.A.
Rosetta McKinnon, M.A.
A. Renee McLaughlin, M.A.
Denise Renee McLeod, M.A.
Marilyn Ann McMillon, M.A.
Teneisha Jeneane McNeil, M.A.
Tamika LaShon McPherson, M.A.
Emily Kathleen McQuown, M.A.
Linda Bartlett McWhorter, M.A.
Onelia Amparo Medina, M.A.
Laura Ann Doty Meeks, M.A.
Chase Bryce Mekaelian, M.A.
Lorianne Mellendorf-Oxley, M.A.
Tovonia Safrit Melton, M.A.
Wilfredo Mendez, M.A.
Susanne Merrifield, M.A.
Daniel E. Miller, M.A.
Dianne R. Miller, M.A.
Kimberly Miller, M.A.
Kyle M. Miller, M.A.
Lori-Kathryn R. Miller, M.A.
Chantelle Lynette Milliken, M.A.
Stephen Christopher Mills, M.A.
Sasha Minix, M.A.
Nastacia B. Minor, M.A.
Karen J. Mock, M.A.
Michael Moffo, M.A.
Donna Marie Monroe, M.A.
Sean Q. Mooney, M.A.
Natasha Reed Moore, M.A.
Sharon Rowley Moore, M.A.
Tykekia Moore, M.A.
Maggie M. Moran, M.A.
Carrie Isobel Ireland Moravick, M.A.
Sondra Morgan, M.A.
Natalie Denise Morris, M.A.
Vanessa Morrison, M.A.
Cynthia Marie Morrow, M.A.
Lindsay Nicole Moses, M.A.
Michael J. Mosqueda, M.A.
Amber Rae Munro, M.A.
Barbara J. Murphy, M.A.
Sarah Elizabeth Muse, M.A.
Matthew Ryan Mustico, M.A.
Ursula E. Mutz, M.A.
Shannin Lynn Mydland, M.A.
Deborah Alicia Nash-Bryant, M.A.
Josephine Marie-Louise Neal, M.A.
Karen-Sue Newby-Vaughn, M.A.
Adrian Devette Newton-Loucious, M.A.
Lesia A. Niamke, M.A.
Stephanie R. Nicholson, M.A.
Cher M. Nickerson-Jemerson, M.A.
Coleen A. Nipper, M.A.
Maxine E. Noble, M.A.
Tammie J. Noe, M.A.
TaShanna Norrell, M.A.
Marquita Renee O’Connor, M.A.
Megan O’Donnell, M.A.
Jacqueline A. Olivieri, M.A.
Frances Gizella Olivo, M.A.
Carmen Avila O’Neill, M.A.
Kristin Virginia Opsal, M.A.
Cherise Evora Owens, M.A.
Belinda Ann Owens, M.A.
Keith John Palm, M.A.
Timothy J. Pancake, M.A.
Miranda J. Papini, M.A.
Diane Pappacoda, M.A.
Michael Richard Paredes, M.A.
CaRhonda Parham, M.A.
Antionette Parker, M.A.
Jamie E. Parker, M.A.
John R. Parker, M.A.
Janine Pascucci, M.A.
Monica L. Paul, M.A.
Mary Katherine Pearson, M.A.
Jacqueline Pendleton, M.A.
Julius Drew Peregoy, M.A.
Bernadette A. Perle, M.A.
Kristen M. Petrillo, M.A.
Jillian Pfeffer-Hupp, M.A.
Barry James Phillips, M.A.
Tiffany Ann Phillips, M.A.
Joel Mark Phillips Jr., M.A.
Christina R. Pickett, M.A.
Jacqueline M. Pier, M.A.
Teresa L. Pinto, M.A.
Deborah Piotrowski, M.A.
Jennifer L. Pire, M.A.
Teresa Williams Pittman, M.A.
Rafael Plascencia, Jr., M.A.
Charles Edward Poole, M.A.
Samantha R. Pope, M.A.
Tiffany Nicole Pope, M.A.
LaToya Lynn Porter, M.A.
Marylyn Poulain, M.A.
Kari Viola Powell, M.A.
Michelle Lynn Price, M.A.
Andrea Leatrice Priest, M.A.
James W. Pryor, M.A.
Hillary Devika Pugh, M.A.
Tammie Denise Radhakrishnan, M.A.
Amy Marie Radtke, M.A.
Andrea M. Raker, M.A.
Linda Ramos, M.A.
Nichole M. Ramsey, M.A.
Patricia Denese Randall, M.A.
Elizabeth B. Ray, M.A.
Anthony Reaves, M.A.
Ashley Danielle Reece, M.A.
Lenita Sarah Reed, M.A.
Gloria J. Reed, M.A.
Margery B. Reed, M.A.
Doris-Chinn Reese, M.A.
Deborah Register, M.A.
Edward C. Reitenbaugh, M.A.
Tracey Lynne Rex, M.A.
Carmen Mercedes Rosario Reyes, M.A.
Heather Reynolds, M.A.
Rickie L. Rhoda, M.A.
Dawn Lee Rhoden, M.A.
Melody Lois Richards, M.A.
Erica N. Richardson, M.A.
Tasha L. Richardson, M.A.
Pamela P. Riley, M.A.
Tynesia J. Riley, M.A.
Angie Marie Ringo, M.A.
Janet Rivera-Shepherd, M.A.
Angela R. Rivers, M.A.
Melinda Kay Robbins, M.A.
Tamara Tricia Roberson, M.A.
Alicia Michelle Sutton Roberts, M.A.
Brianna Kidd Robinson, M.A.
Debra Lynn Robinson, M.A.
JoDee Bauza Robinson, M.A.
Patrice Nicole Robinson, M.A.
Terri Lynn Robinson, M.A.
Richard L. Robles, M.A.
Patricia Ann Rodgers-Garner, M.A.
Darcy L. Rogers, M.A.
Gregory Scott Rooks, M.A.
Sherry L. Rooks, M.A.
Jacqueline Cherubin Rosa, M.A.
Eric Scott Rose, M.A.
B. Nycole Rosen, M.A.
DeShunta Jones Ross, M.A.
Tanya K. Ross-Lane, M.A.
Michelle Christine Rusin, M.A.
Maria Russo-Amaral, M.A.
Erin Kelley Rutherford, M.A.
Kathleen Smith Sadler, M.A.
Chena M. Salley, M.A.
Jenna Michele Samuelson, M.A.
Deborah Sanders, M.A.
Dexter Lamar Sanders, M.A.
Jennifer Monette Sanders, M.A.
Sheene Camille Sanders, M.A.
Hollie Sandifur, M.A.
Rochelle Santacruz, M.A.
Debbie Rose Sarver, M.A.
Irish LaJune Sash, M.A.
Tiffany Kim Sattlefield, M.A.
Lila Strayhorn Sauls, M.A.
Kenneth B. Schempp, M.A.
Judy A. Schrader, M.A.
Anne Marie Schultze, M.A.
Darla Anita Scott-Lawson, M.A.
Jessica J. Scovil, M.A.
Contessa M. Sellers, M.A.
Donald Sewell, M.A.
Suzanne Kay Sewell, M.A.
Earnestine S. Shamily, M.A.
Liska V. Shands-Linton, M.A.
Martha Catherine Shaw, M.A.
Maureen K. Shipbaugh, M.A.
Kimberlin Shipman-Williams, M.A.
Erica Lynn Shoemaker, M.A.
Angela Latrell Showers, M.A.
Venessa D. Silveira, M.A.
Rebecca C. Sincavage, M.A.
Eric Tiwan Small, M.A.
Angel Yolanda Antoinette Smith, M.A.
Kemba Tene’ Smith, M.A.
Mr.Steven E. Smith, M.A.
Tanya Zapata Smith, M.A.
Denovilee Letrice Smith Richardson, M.A.
Justin L. Smitherman, M.A.
Timmy Lee Snow, M.A.
Carrie McDuffie Spann, M.A.
Paula Speed, M.A.
Stacy Lynn Sperry, M.A.
Liana M. Spikes, M.A.
Nicholas Steven Spoden, M.A.
Angela St. Joan, M.A.
Lindsey A. Stagg, M.A.
Sara Elizabeth Standel, M.A.
Kristen Michel Stanley, M.A.
Fredrika R. Stark, M.A.
Geraldine Camille Stark, M.A.
Samantha F. Starks-Harrison, M.A.
James Staton, M.A.
Dianne Nagy Steele, M.A.
Vivian Stephens, M.A.
David Lee Stevens, M.A.
Anna Christine Hudson Stewart, M.A.
Teresa Luise Stewart, M.A.
Lisa DeAnn Stokely, M.A.
Trever Scott Stowell, M.A.
Robin R. Stroud, M.A.
Aaron Joseph Stull, M.A.
Lisa A. Sullivan, M.A.
Monica Marie Sullivan, M.A.
Crystal SunChild-Adams, M.A.
Shana Butler Sweeney, M.A.
Amyjo Sweet, M.A.
Wubitu (Rubi) Tafesewarq, M.A.
Jessica M. Tanguay, M.A.
Shari Alice Tatosian, M.A.
Shaunelle Marie Taylor, M.A.
Melissa Ann Flowers Taylor, M.A.
Yvonne Hoover Templeton, M.A.
Krystal Louise Tenny, M.A.
Deborah A. Terrell, M.A.
Laura N. Terrell, M.A.
David James Thomas, M.A.
Erika Nicole Thomas, M.A.
Joel Thomas, M.A.
Kimberly Thomas, M.A.
Maria Thomas, M.A.
Ricki Renee Thomas, M.A.
Melyssa Lea Thompson, M.A.
Beverly Whitaker Thornton, M.A.
Kerri S. Thornton, M.A.
Teresa Lynne Thorpe, M.A.
Paul Stuart Thurman, M.A.
Pamella Y. Tinsley, M.A.
Dawn Tittle-Horst, M.A.
Stephanie L. Tolbert, M.A.
Shellie Tovar, M.A.
Myra Gaye Truesdell, M.A.
JoLynne Tsosie, M.A.
Sootaga Faailo Tuaau, M.A.
Jennica Tucker-Jackson, M.A.
Mr. Mark Tuttle, M.A.
Antonia Davienn Tyus, M.A.
Adriana A. Valdez, M.A.
Jo Vanblaricum, M.A.
Theresa Marie Vandendriesche, M.A.
Erin Elizabeth Ventura, M.A.
Kristina S. Villena, M.A.
Rebekah M. Vining, M.A.
Paula Volansky, M.A.
Adam Volkmann, M.A.
Laura Dianne Wagner, M.A.
Josiah Ross Wagoner, M.A.
Sonja Richardson Waldrop, M.A.
Mia Michelle Walker, M.A.
Tamara La’Shia Walker, M.A.
Denette Lynn Walker-Gardner, M.A.
Elizabeth Agnes Wallace, M.A.
Sherry J. Wallace, M.A.
Cecelia V. Washington, M.A.
Linda Lee Washington, M.A.
Terrlisa Washington, M.A.
Joshua A. Wasmund, M.A.
Lavonne Aniece Waters, M.A.
Diedre Y. Webb, M.A.
Jessica Brodkin Webb, M.A.
Mary Elizabeth Weierman, M.A.
Sue A. Wells, M.A.
Wendy J. Cogan, M.A.
Desi Ree’ Whipple, M.A.
Amy Jo White, M.A.
Cherryl Odella White, M.A.
Patrice Lee White, M.A.
Sophia Vanessa White, M.A.
Jackie Marie Kendrick Whitehead, M.A.
Michelle D. White-Juillet, M.A.
Amber Marie Whitley, M.A.
Rochelle LaShay Wilburn, M.A.
Kristy C. Wilcox-Ivey, M.A.
Jessica F. Willen, M.A.
Alexis N. Williams, M.A.
Anna Ruth Williams, M.A.
Connie Y. Williams, M.A.
Kirhonda D. Williams, M.A.
LaShonda R. Williams, M.A.
LaTonya Novella Dorene Williams, M.A.
Melissa M. Williams, M.A.
Paris Pershonna Williams, M.A.
Tequila Patrice Williams, M.A.
Thelma R. Williams, M.A.
Brittany Jean Wilson, M.A.
Diana L. Wilson, M.A.
Erin Wilson, M.A.
Kimberly J. Wilson, M.A.
Kimberly L. Wilson, M.A.
Chartae’ Witherspoon, M.A.
Brian Daniel Witt, M.A.
Tanya D’wan Witt, M.A.
Samantha Woods, M.A.
Jessica Clark Woolard, M.A.
Peggy Denise Wortham, M.A.
Holly Joan Staten Wright, M.A.
Jacquiela McFarland Wright, M.A.
Onica Elise Wright, M.A.
Shaina Annette Wright, M.A.
Jennifer Lynn Wurch, M.A.
Philip Edmond Wyant, M.A.
Nikkiah Gaynell Wynn, M.A.
Pamela Yearsley, M.A.
Angela K. Young, M.A.
Jessica Rose Yurgel, M.A.
Tammy S. Zamudio, M.A.
Elizabeth Zarrilli, M.A.
Leila Zinati, M.A.
Christine E. Abbott, B.A.
Amera Abdelrehem, B.A.
Patricia Abramowicz, B.A.
Vanna Ackers, B.A.
Dawn M. Acosta, B.A.
Barry Duane Acton, B.A.
Brandon Adams, B.A.
Christina A. Adams, B.A.
Destiny Lee Adams, B.A.
Pierre Corderro Adams, B.A.
Rebecca Lynn Adams, B.A.
Sacajawea Yvette Singletary Adams, B.A.
Rebecca Adams-Hunt, B.A.
Vicki Addison, B.A.
Sajana Adhikari, B.A.
Roxanne Rose Agruso, B.A.
Aphrodite De La Garza Aguirre, B.A.
William E. Akin, III, B.A.
Sabrina Lynn Akins, B.A.
Marque Danelle Alaverdyan, B.A.
Alan A. Albo, B.A.
Alvely Alcantara, B.A.
Linda Alchesay-Baha, B.A.
Christopher Michael Alderton, B.A.
Megan Louise Aldrich, B.A.
Susan Denise Ales, B.A.
Aubrey Renee Reyes Alexander, B.A.
Emily Hope Alexander, B.A.
Scottie Eugene Alexander, Sr., B.A.
Kimberley Lynne Allen, B.A.
Kristin L. Allen, B.A.
Marta Allen, B.A.
Timothy R. Allen, B.A.
Wenifred Lucille Allen, B.A.
Michelle Alley, B.A.
Damaris Almestica, B.A.
Heather Marie Alvarado, B.A.
Olivia G. Alvarado, B.A.
Akhwair Mohammad Amin, B.A.
Erin Blumer Amirkhiz, B.A.
Michael Amorose, B.A.
Amanda Karleen Anderson, B.A.
April Baker Anderson, B.A.
Carnashia L. Anderson, B.A.
Cori Anderson, B.A.
Donna Lea Anderson, B.A.
Elliott Reid Anderson, B.A.
Lawanda Anderson, B.A.
Richard Douglas Anderson, B.A.
Scott M. Anderson, B.A.
Tiffany Dianne Anderson, B.A.
Steven William Anderson, Jr., B.A.
Corinne Andreasen, B.A.
Isaac D. Angulo, B.A.
Nyel V. Aquino, B.A.
Karla P. Arauz, B.A.
Wences Arboleda, B.A.
Tammy Lynn Archuleta, B.A.
Wendy Michelle Ardis, B.A.
Stephanie Michele Armel, B.A.
David Myron Armes, B.A.
Stephanie F. Armstead, B.A.
Sedia C. Arthurton, B.A.
Cheryl Lynn Maras Artugue, B.A.
Latosha Denise Asemota, B.A.
Marion L. Ashley, B.A.
Ashley Marie Ralston, B.A.
Kathleen Phyllis Atwell, B.A.
Bonnie N. Audette, B.A.
Alexandria Sophia Austin, B.A.
Juliet Austin-KeVine, B.A.
Nicole Marie Averill, B.A.
Angela Gurley Ayers, B.A.
Bicentanul Long BA, B.A.
Thomas John Babcock, B.A.
James Babeckis, B.A.
Stephanie Kay Backer, B.A.
Regina Shavon Bacon, B.A.
Dechia J. Badeaux, B.A.
Heather S. Bagshaw, B.A.
Anita Hounshell Bailey, B.A.
Cody S. Bailey, B.A.
Desta Olivia Bailey, B.A.
Ettie J. Bailey, B.A.
Faith Loman Bailey, B.A.
Jessica Bailey, B.A.
Karla Bailey, B.A.
Kim M. Bailey, B.A.
Robin Lavon Bailey, B.A.
Debra Stephenson Baker, B.A.
Ericha L. Baker, B.A.
Marjorie Sandle Baker, B.A.
William Albert Baker, B.A.
Kathleen Balderman, B.A.
Jennifer A. Bales, B.A.
Kathleen Ann Ballinger, B.A.
Jyl W. Bamberg, B.A.
Sara Bangura, B.A.
Christopher James Banks, B.A.
Dena Marie Barber, B.A.
Diego J. Barela, B.A.
Elyce Vaughn Bark, B.A.
Dena Marie Howell Barnett, B.A.
Elaine Mary Barnett, B.A.
Heike Anita Barnett, B.A.
Hannah Muan Ting Barnhart, B.A.
Malinda K. Barr, B.A.
Christine Y. Barrier, B.A.
Kimberly Bartlett, B.A.
Michelle M. Bart-Russell, B.A.
Stacey L. Basham, B.A.
Leticia Maria Basley, B.A.
Mari Batchelor, B.A.
Terrilyn Evette Batiste, B.A.
Lacie Lynn Batovsky, B.A.
Zenophas L. Baugh-Moten, B.A.
Daira Liss Baxter, B.A.
Rochelle B. Baylor, B.A.
Karen L. Beabout, B.A.
Brandy B. Beachy, B.A.
Iris Sharon Beahan, B.A.
Georgia Marie Beal, B.A.
April Beale, B.A.
Jamie L. Beamer, B.A.
Tara Marie Beamer, B.A.
Rachel Beard, B.A.
Alicia Estelle Bearden, B.A.
Mary Caroline Bearer, B.A.
Shenekia Alise Goldsmith, B.A.
E. Jeanette Beasley, B.A.
James William Beland V, B.A.
De Wanna Michelle Bell, B.A.
Diana Bell, B.A.
Lisa Ann Bell, B.A.
Patricia A. Bell, B.A.
Valerie Bell, B.A.
Franya R. Bellamy, B.A.
Marina Belousova, B.A.
Christine A. Benedict, B.A.
William F. Benedict, B.A.
Kathy Lynn Benitez, B.A.
Vanessa Benjamin-Jackson, B.A.
Kristy Jean Bennett, B.A.
Savannah Amador Bennett, B.A.
Angela M. Berardi, B.A.
Dennis Charles Bergmann, Jr., B.A.
Darin L. Berndt, B.A.
Angela Berry, B.A.
Alisha Dawn Besaw, B.A.
Krystal L. Besaw, B.A.
Toby Dwayne Bessant, B.A.
Eddye McIntosh Bexley, B.A.
Jessica Ann Bielema, B.A.
Connie Melton Bigelow, B.A.
Jennifer Nichole Bigham, B.A.
Jennifer Billings, B.A.
Alicia Renae Bingham Bond, B.A.
Lauren Renee’ Bio, B.A.
Mary Frances Birts, B.A.
Shannon Bishop, B.A.
Tammy A. Bishop, B.A.
Kimberly D. Bittick, B.A.
Kelli D. Blackburn, B.A.
Elsa Melissa Blacker, B.A.
Brooke Blackmore, B.A.
Samekia Blackshire-Harper, B.A.
Angela Fay Blai, B.A.
Wendy Blair, B.A.
Allen Jerome Blair II, B.A.
Tiffany M. Blake, B.A.
Wendy L. Blake, B.A.
Anthony Blakes, Jr., B.A.
Sara Elizabeth Blanchard, B.A.
Connie Jean Blancher, B.A.
Karen Marie Blank, B.A.
Daniel A. Blask, B.A.
Natasha D. Blaydes, B.A.
Dawn Raynee Boatwright, B.A.
Tiffany Anne Bobbitt, B.A.
Gary W. Boblitt, Jr., B.A.
Kristina J. Boehm-Vroman, B.A.
Jasmin Maxine Bolden, B.A.
Anneka Lynn Bond, B.A.
Carmela D. Bonifacio, B.A.
Maria Etelvina Bonilla, B.A.
Angela Denise Booker, B.A.
Justin L. Bormann, B.A.
Amber Dawn Bornholdt-O’Donald, B.A.
Fumiko M. Bowen, B.A.
Mary Margaret Bowen, B.A.
Laurie E. Bower, B.A.
Brandon L. Bowers, B.A.
Chrystal Leigh Bowers-Mimbs, B.A.
Kasey Lin Bowman, B.A.
Erica Marie Hatch Boyce, B.A.
Veflisa Hawkins Boyd, B.A.
Jason M. Boyer, B.A.
Donna M. Boyett, B.A.
Aline M. Bradley, B.A.
Sheritha D. Bradley, B.A.
Molly Quinn Bradshaw, B.A.
Donna Lynn Brady, B.A.
Stephen S. Brainard, B.A.
Charles P. Brand, B.A.
Candace Marie Brangan, B.A.
Robert A. Brann, B.A.
Jennifer A. Brannen, B.A.
DeShanta C. Brantley, B.A.
Laura Faith Brazell, B.A.
Kristi K. Breder, B.A.
Tara Marie Breier, B.A.
Patrick J. Bresnahan, B.A.
Jeuckinda Norine Brewer, B.A.
Janet L. Brewster, B.A.
Listaree M. Brickey, B.A.
Leah Kay Brink, B.A.
Kristen J. Brinker, B.A.
Elaine Briones, B.A.
Nancy C. Brocker, B.A.
Kimiya Shavon Brooks, B.A.
Taneha Brooks, B.A.
Tammy L. Brosius, B.A.
Denise Lea Brostoski-Jenner, B.A.
Angela D. Brown, B.A.
Eric Lamont Brown, B.A.
Kenneth E. Brown, B.A.
Kimberly Joann Brown, B.A.
Scott David Brown, B.A.
Stacy Brown, B.A.
Steve Brown, B.A.
Tiffani Nicole Brown, B.A.
Victoria Nicole Brown, B.A.
Ernestine Browning, B.A.
Tony Foy Browning, B.A.
Linda A. Bruce, B.A.
Erica N. Bryant, B.A.
Jacquelyn A. Bryant, B.A.
Malika Sheree Bryant, B.A.
Chamisha C. Buchanan, B.A.
Kathy Budiac, B.A.
Lynda Burke, B.A.
Christina M. Burns, B.A.
Jack Hunter Burns, B.A.
Toni A. Burnsed, B.A.
Anthony Le’Shawn Burris, B.A.
Desiree Burris, B.A.
Kimberly Dean Burris, B.A.
Anthony A. Burroughs, B.A.
Deborah Renee Burrowes, B.A.
Christine Terrell Burton, B.A.
Victoria Marie Burton, B.A.
Angela S. Bush, B.A.
Daphne Sheryl Byler, B.A.
Tracy Ganell Harrison Bynum, B.A.
Kristin M. Cabala, B.A.
Dayli Caballero, B.A.
Rebecca S. Cade, B.A.
Carrie Joslyn Cain, B.A.
Gail Marie Cain, B.A.
Ashlee S. Calbert, B.A.
Ami Caldwell, B.A.
Avis D. Calhoun, B.A.
Randall L. Calhoun, B.A.
Shawn L. Calhoun, B.A.
Robin Marie Callahan, B.A.
Jennifer Lynn Callanan, B.A.
Kristen Campbell-Southard, B.A.
Jacquelin Moore Campbell, B.A.
Joshua Adam Campbell, B.A.
Karen Lynn Campbell, B.A.
Lakisha Elizabeth Campbell, B.A.
Lavonderick Lavar Campbell, B.A.
Tamara Kerry-Ann Campbell, B.A.
Michelle Campos, B.A.
Catherine Cannella, B.A.
Bridgette Grace Cannon, B.A.
Leo Padua Canonizado, B.A.
Sonya Howard Capallia, B.A.
Fabiola M. Caraballo, B.A.
Julie F. Carlin, B.A.
Sara M. Carlson, B.A.
Deborah Carlton, B.A.
Valerie Ann Carman, B.A.
Thia Marie Carminati, B.A.
Kory James Carmon, B.A.
Melissa Lynn Carmon, B.A.
Andrea Chante Carnes, B.A.
Keishon Romeo Carrington, B.A.
Terri Cantrell Carrington, B.A.
Joann Turner Carroll, B.A.
Robin Elizabeth Carter, B.A.
Shirley Carter, B.A.
Danielle Katherine Cartuccio, B.A.
Tammy M. Casey, B.A.
Amber Casiquin, B.A.
Michaela M. Cassens, B.A.
Zulema Castañón Ortega, B.A.
Tammy R. Castillo, B.A.
Valeria I. Castillo, B.A.
Anabel Cantoni Castro, B.A.
Narita D. Cathcart, B.A.
John L.V. Cavazos, B.A.
Douglas Eric Cave, B.A.
Tranetta Ulita Celestin, B.A.
Klodiana Celibashi, B.A.
Gayla Ann Ceremello, B.A.
Mindy N. Cerny, B.A.
Kyle Chaddick, B.A.
Cindy P. Chadwell, B.A.
Laura Theresa Bernard Chambers, B.A.
Carlitta Rochelle Chandler, B.A.
Chester A. Chandler II, B.A.
Monica Nicole Chandler-Collins, B.A.
Cassy L. Chateau, B.A.
Michelle Chavez, B.A.
Lisa Beth Metts Chern, B.A.
Diane S. Chestnut, B.A.
Robin M. Childers, B.A.
Towera Chilongo, B.A.
Susan C. Chilson, B.A.
Susan Elizabeth Chilton, B.A.
Tenisha Nicole Chism, B.A.
Doreen May Chong, B.A.
Harmony Christian, B.A.
Lisa Lorraine Christianson, B.A.
Christopher Robert Christman, B.A.
Xenia S. Christopher, B.A.
Genoyce Marie Cicerone, B.A.
Anna Alicia Cisneros, B.A.
Kathleen Marie Clagg, B.A.
Elizabeth Claiborne, B.A.
Amanda Ann Clapp, B.A.
Heather Renee’ Clark, B.A.
Nedra Danielle Clark, B.A.
Tara Cherie Clark, B.A.
Tonya E. Clark, B.A.
Margaret Clarke, B.A.
Elsie I. Clarke-Carty, B.A.
Jennifer N. Class, B.A.
Darlene Classen, B.A.
Bethany M. Clemenson, B.A.
Carrie L. Clement, B.A.
Christopher D. Clement, B.A.
Joel Clerville, B.A.
Chemberli Diana Cline, B.A.
Stacey Cooper Cline, B.A.
Cherelle Roshaun Cobb, B.A.
Erica S. Cody, B.A.
Kenneth J. Cody, B.A.
Todd A. Coffindaffer, B.A.
Melissa M. Cogan, B.A.
Amiee Colangelo-Story, B.A.
Ember B. Colbert, B.A.
Veronica Shonta Cole, B.A.
Ann Marie Cole-Maitland, B.A.
Rochelle Elliott Coleman, B.A.
Kimberly Collins, B.A.
Megan Renee Collins, B.A.
Teri J. Collins, B.A.
Julia M. Colon, B.A.
Valerie J. Colon, B.A.
Suzanna R. Compton, B.A.
Terra Confer, B.A.
Felicia A. Congdon, B.A.
Estelle Mayre Conn, B.A.
Shawn E. Conn, B.A.
Coleen May Connor, B.A.
Deborah Louise Conroy, B.A.
Pamela Arleene Conwell, B.A.
Crystal Catie Cook, B.A.
Heather Anne Cook, B.A.
Tiffney Ann Cook, B.A.
Paul Dwight Cook, B.A.
Kimberly Cooley, B.A.
Jacqueline Elaine Cooper, B.A.
Christine D. Cooper, B.A.
Suzette Donnalee Cora, B.A.
Lisa Ramos Corniel, B.A.
Susan Mary Cosgrove, B.A.
Cassandra Rene’ Courtney, B.A.
Leslie Dawn Covington, B.A.
Troy Cowsert, B.A.
Mary E. Cox, B.A.
Tamara Lynette Cox, B.A.
Michelle Cozad, B.A.
Andrea LaNae Cozby, B.A.
Lesli Alayne Crabtree-Davis, B.A.
Gabriel Robert Craig, B.A.
Beverly Ann Crane, B.A.
Andrea Jennifer Crawford, B.A.
Deena Marie Craycraft, B.A.
Denise Michelle Creech, B.A.
Kimberly Susan Creel, B.A.
Sherry Lynne Creighton, B.A.
Johnny Crenshaw, B.A.
Erin M. Crews, B.A.
Alexis A. Cross, B.A.
Kari Diane Crouch, B.A.
Johnna Louise Croy, B.A.
Ruth Cruikshank, B.A.
Maria K. Cruz, B.A.
Nancy Anne Cullen-Smits, B.A.
Aaron D. Cummings, B.A.
Amanda Jane Cunningham, B.A.
Racquell A. Cunningham, B.A.
Tiffany Benae’ Cunningham, B.A.
James B. Curtis, B.A.
Deanna Marie Daffner, B.A.
Nicholas D’Agostino, B.A.
Candice L. Dague, B.A.
Tanya Athena Daigre, B.A.
Cassie J. Damkoehler, B.A.
Katherine A. D’Andrea, B.A.
Sandra Ann Daneshinia, B.A.
Sara Daniell, B.A.
Ashley Daniels-Evans, B.A.
Valencia Catrina Darlington, B.A.
Mary L. Darnell, B.A.
Julie Ann Darter, B.A.
Ghada M. Darwiche, B.A.
Timothy Wayne Daugherty, B.A.
Elishia Chantel Daughtry, B.A.
Florfrancisca Davalos, B.A.
Alexjandro Cristobal David Daviano, B.A.
Christina Lynn Davidson, B.A.
Christine Ann Davies, B.A.
Audra Danielle Davis, B.A.
Brenda Yvette Davis, B.A.
Carla L. Davis, B.A.
Charlene C. Davis, B.A.
Charles Franklin Davis, B.A.
Christina Marie Davis, B.A.
Cynthia Williams Davis, B.A.
Johnny Jay Davis, B.A.
Katherine Lee Davis, B.A.
Kimberly Nichole Davis, B.A.
Minnie Lee Davis, B.A.
Myrtle Verdale Davis, B.A.
Roger Davis, B.A.
Shelly D. Davis, B.A.
Tammy Denise Davis, B.A.
Laurel C. Davison, B.A.
Carnita Maria Dawkins, B.A.
Denise A. Dawson, B.A.
Sandra Faye Dawson, B.A.
Amy Day, B.A.
LaKeisha Renae Day, B.A.
Susan Marie Day, B.A.
Mark De Leon, B.A.
Allicia Monique Dean, B.A.
Cynthia L. Dean, B.A.
Rhonda Kennedy Dean, B.A.
Sarah Emma Lee Dean, B.A.
Lori J. Debaillie, B.A.
Lester Gregory Deese, B.A.
Shelley F. Deese, B.A.
Kevin Paul DeFevers, B.A.
Robbie A. DeGuevara, B.A.
Sandra Marie Dehn-O’Brien, B.A.
Tori A. Deines, B.A.
Michelle Lynn Dellaripa, B.A.
Jennifer Reid Dellasanta, B.A.
Debra DeLoach-Jones, B.A.
Malee Yang Delosreyes, B.A.
Dakota Kathryn Denny, B.A.
LaQuita Colette Dent, B.A.
Cheryl Denton, B.A.
Erika Denton- Fantes, B.A.
Geeta Deosaran, B.A.
LeAnna C. DeRoss, B.A.
Darlene Y. Derry, B.A.
Shanyne M. DeSmit, B.A.
Carol Jo Dettleff, B.A.
Michelle Annette Devoe, B.A.
Danielle C. DeWalt, B.A.
Shannon Kathleene Dewbre, B.A.
Marcia A. Dewey, B.A.
Eduardo Diaz, B.A.
Gabrielle M. Diaz, B.A.
Jaylyn Terese Certeza McDonald Diaz, B.A.
Jayne Diaz, B.A.
Julie Constance Diaz-Castillo, B.A.
James V. DiCindio, B.A.
Kawana Dickerson, B.A.
Amanda Jane Dill, B.A.
Tara Dirth, B.A.
Jodie L. Dittman, B.A.
Dora D. Dixon, B.A.
Marnita Lynette Dixon, B.A.
Sheila Dixon, B.A.
Emily Ann Dobbins, B.A.
Cecil Dodd, III, B.A.
Melissa A. Doerr-Kamara, B.A.
Shana M. Donadio, B.A.
Jonathan Dorfberger, B.A.
Erika Y. Dotto, B.A.
Carles Elisa Douglas, B.A.
Lisa Douglas, B.A.
Kasina Douglass-Boone, B.A.
Kathleen Dowd, B.A.
Toni Sadea Dowers, B.A.
Tamanika Tasfaye Drake, B.A.
Nenad Drca, B.A.
Malissa Dreas, B.A.
Daisy Drinkard, B.A.
Amanda Driscoll, B.A.
Donita Antoinette Drulias, B.A.
Patricia Ann Dube, B.A.
Kimberly S. DuBois, B.A.
Marisol Duenas, B.A.
Steve Dwayne Dunagan, B.A.
Nazareth Juanita Dunbar, B.A.
Andrea Monique Dunford, B.A.
Sibao Lynell Dunham, B.A.
Brenda L. Dunkentell, B.A.
Ada Dunn, B.A.
Frankicha T. Dunn, B.A.
Krista Therese Dunn, B.A.
Maureen Ellen Dunne, B.A.
Kelly Dunn-Rizzo, B.A.
Kizzy P. Dupree, B.A.
Deanna Duran, B.A.
Shawn T. Durand, B.A.
Christine Elise Dussault, B.A.
Angela L. Dyskstra, B.A.
Paul Robert Dymit, B.A.
Gloria Ealy-Futch, B.A.
Suzanne Michelle Eaton, B.A.
Phyllis Deidre Eckman, B.A.
Thelma Renise Ector, B.A.
Jason G. Edwards, B.A.
Rachel Elizabeth Egan, B.A.
Victoria Lynn Egbert, B.A.
Shawn Marie Eicholz, B.A.
Tamika T. El, B.A.
Erika Elam, B.A.
Sonja R. Elder, B.A.
Kalena Sue Eller, B.A.
Amanda Jo Ellingson, B.A.
Angela L. Elliott, B.A.
Virginia Athena Elliott, B.A.
Alanna Deirdre Ellis, B.A.
Dee Andrea Mary Ellis, B.A.
Olympia Teruko Ellis, B.A.
Tracy Janice Ellison, B.A.
Laura Jeanne Elmousa, B.A.
Crystal Gayle English, B.A.
Lilia Erb, B.A.
Emily Rachel Eriks, B.A.
Jesus Escobar, B.A.
Mary Ann Estep, B.A.
Lisamarie Etsch, B.A.
Renee Evans, B.A.
B. Christopher Evans, B.A.
Carleton Serganston Evans, B.A.
Christina Evans, B.A.
Januari L. Evans, B.A.
Aubrey Louise Everett, B.A.
Ann Marie Everhart, B.A.
Crista Samantha Fabian, B.A.
Tara Anne Fagan, B.A.
Yvonne Fairbanks, B.A.
Valerie Fales, B.A.
Cristina V. Falkner, B.A.
Andrea Gayle Farmer, B.A.
Courtney Becker Faucett, B.A.
Pamela Renee Faulkenberry, B.A.
Becky Sue Faulkner, B.A.
Heidi Ann Favia, B.A.
Bradley Favors, B.A.
Jessica Elizabeth Febles, B.A.
Nancy Felizardo, B.A.
William T. Felton, B.A.
Maida Patricia Ferraes, B.A.
Malinda S. Field, B.A.
Kimberly Diane Fields, B.A.
Lisha F. Fields, B.A.
Christina J. Fiero, B.A.
Lis-Ann Marcella Figueiras, B.A.
Jessica F. Filoramo, B.A.
Stephanie Nicole Finch, B.A.
Vincent Phillip Finlay, B.A.
Peggy Jo Finley, B.A.
Sherry Fish, B.A.
Helen Brown Fitzgerald, B.A.
Alanna Lunsford Flanagan, B.A.
Leticia Flannagan, B.A.
Karen L. Flessner, B.A.
Albert E. Flitcroft, B.A.
Ashley R. Flores, B.A.
Brian D. Flores, B.A.
Delfino Flores, B.A.
Jose Flores, B.A.
Jacqueline Marie Fogerty, B.A.
Elaine Bernice Ford, B.A.
Kimberly Dawn Ford, B.A.
Matthew H. Ford, B.A.
Ryan L. Ford, B.A.
Dawn Marie Forman, B.A.
Renee Michele Forry, B.A.
Colleen M. Fortin, B.A.
Allison L. Foster, B.A.
Loretta Hulda Faye Foster, B.A.
Philip G. Foster III, B.A.
John R. Foulks, B.A.
Renee A. Frahm, B.A.
Carmela M. Francese, B.A.
Jessica Mae Francis, B.A.
Leslie A. Francis, B.A.
Marsha Y. Kilgore Francis, B.A.
Leonard Dax Franco, B.A.
Tonya Frankens, B.A.
Erica Sherall Franklin, B.A.
Angel Renee Franks-Kersten, B.A.
Beverly Ann Frazier, B.A.
Cynthia Ann Frazier, B.A.
Jeannene Frazier, B.A.
Kimberly D. Frazier, B.A.
Jennifer Freeland, B.A.
Wendy Busceme Fregia, B.A.
Molly R. Frick, B.A.
Nichole Mae Friedrich, B.A.
Michelle Lynne Frost, B.A.
Asoiva Molia Fuiava-Thomsen, B.A.
Ora B. Fulkerson, B.A.
Stacy Renay Full, B.A.
Jo Ann Furr, B.A.
Deborah Nicole Gaines, B.A.
Kathel Leona Merrell Galbreath, B.A.
Kara L. Gallagher, B.A.
Rozina Gallegos, B.A.
Clara Love Galvan, B.A.
Rachael A. Gamboa, B.A.
Heather Lynn Gammage, B.A.
Susan Ann Ganther, B.A.
Cortney D. Garcia, B.A.
David S. Garcia, B.A.
Denise Garcia, B.A.
Merieta Isabel Saulnier Garcia, B.A.
Robert J. Garcia, B.A.
Tomas Anthony Garcia, B.A.
Emie Pamintuan Garcia, B.A.
Monica Y. Garcia-Gomez, B.A.
Lisa A. Garey-Holm, B.A.
Ms. Carleeza D’nae Garrett, B.A.
Willie Marie Moore Lightsey Garrett, B.A.
Jennifer Ann Cruz Gascon, B.A.
Maureen Gaspard, B.A.
Laura Marie Patterson Gaston, B.A.
Alicia L. Gatewood, B.A.
Judith I. Gatfield, B.A.
Angie Sue Gaudet, B.A.
Donald Thomas Gauthier, B.A.
Jessica Gayden-Carter, B.A.
Tanya Montana Gee, B.A.
Brent D. Geiger, B.A.
Shannon Geralds, B.A.
April Gettings, B.A.
Jaclyn Giardelli, B.A.
Gastonia J. Gibbs, B.A.
Renee’ S. Giesey, B.A.
Shannon A. Giles, B.A.
Mari Alice Gillies, B.A.
Alan Howard Gillies Jr., B.A.
Cashus G. Gilman, B.A.
Mandy May Girven, B.A.
Donna Marie Gleason, B.A.
Ralph Henry Goff, B.A.
Brenda Joyce Goffney, B.A.
Linda Lois Goffney, B.A.
Emma Kate Goldenberg, B.A.
Karon Darlene Goldstein, B.A.
Marcus T. Golston-Thomas, B.A.
Felicia M. Gomez, B.A.
Stacey Kay Gonzales, B.A.
Emilio Gonzalez, B.A.
Michelle Gonzalez, B.A.
Rosalinda Gonzalez, B.A.
Sylvia Gonzalez, B.A.
Judy Ann Goodnow, B.A.
Santina Terroni Goodwin, B.A.
Courtney L. Gordon, B.A.
Winifred Gordon, B.A.
Christopher T. Gosselin, B.A.
Jada Leigh Grabis, B.A.
Amanda Michelle Graeser, B.A.
Cherlyn Sue Ann Graham, B.A.
Stefanie Adele Graham, B.A.
Opal Diane Grandey, B.A.
Robyn Leigh Granell, B.A.
Cedric Lavell Granger, B.A.
Colette Grant, B.A.
Darby Lynne Grant, B.A.
Linda F. Grant, B.A.
Jasmine S. Grass, B.A.
Laura Lee Graves, B.A.
Dominique Olivia Gravett, B.A.
Kyla Camille Gray, B.A.
Colin Daniel Gray, B.A.
Diana M. Gray, B.A.
Barbara Dillihunt Green, B.A.
BreAnn Green, B.A.
David Joe Green, B.A.
Kimberly Ann Green, B.A.
Lakisha Monay Green, B.A.
Shebrena Shay Green, B.A.
Stacy Katrina Green, B.A.
Tracy Greene, B.A.
Jaci Leigh Gregg, B.A.
Timothy A. Gregory, B.A.
Shakirah Atiya Gresham, B.A.
Patrick James Griffin, B.A.
Adrian Nichole Griffin, B.A.
Annette Scriven Griffin, B.A.
Johnna F. Griffin, B.A.
Jennifer Jones Griffith, B.A.
Thomas Kevin Grimm, B.A.
Candace Gross, B.A.
Amy Michelle Miller Groves, B.A.
Oma Lee Guerra, B.A.
Deborah Jean Guerrero-Ybarra, B.A.
Janis Gummel, B.A.
Georgann M. Gunter, B.A.
Melanie Marie Gurney, B.A.
Rhonda Lynn Gutierrez, B.A.
Gwendolyn Florene Haas, B.A.
Dustin John Hagemann, B.A.
Cindy Leigh Hager, B.A.
Crystal Rachell Hagwood, B.A.
Leonard F. Hahn, B.A.
John Lewis Hailar, B.A.
Karen Lachan Hall, B.A.
Lorien J. Hall, B.A.
Mandy Jo Hall, B.A.
Suzanne F. Hall, B.A.
Vickie Lynn Hall, B.A.
Stenna Suzanne Halldorson, B.A.
Pamela Taylor Halsell, B.A.
Sally Ali Hamad, B.A.
Dominique Shontrell Hambric, B.A.
Shequita Denise Hamilton, B.A.
Kristan Hammonds, B.A.
Amanda Ellen Hampton, B.A.
Christian D. Hancock, B.A.
Christina Marie Handt, B.A.
Bonnie J. Handy, B.A.
Debra J. Hanmer, B.A.
Kristy L. Hannan, B.A.
Amy Lindsey Hansen, B.A.
Courtney Michelle Hanzlik, B.A.
Sharon L. Hardesty, B.A.
Wanda E. Hardigree, B.A.
Christine J. Hardiman, B.A.
Kendell Jerome Hargett, B.A.
Kelly Williams Hargrove, B.A.
William Vince Hargrove Jr., B.A.
Shannon E. Harmon, B.A.
Elizabeth Anne Harmon, B.A.
Treasa M. Harmon, B.A.
Vanessa Lynn Haro, B.A.
Miss Bettina Elaine Harrell, B.A.
Camreon Maceo Dalton Harris, B.A.
Jody Rebecca Harris, B.A.
Khalisah D. Harris, B.A.
Shequita L. Harris, B.A.
Danielle M. Harrison, B.A.
Katrina Birden Harrison, B.A.
Jeffery Harrolle, B.A.
Nikki Harty, B.A.
RaShawna N. Harvey, B.A.
Darla J. Harwood, B.A.
Ashleigh Wright Haslinger, B.A.
Debbie Haston, B.A.
Tammy L. Hatch, B.A.
Traci Hatch, B.A.
Ashley Marie Hatchell, B.A.
Ava D. Hatfield-Lomache, B.A.
Catherine Hattori, B.A.
Brandis Marie Hauger, B.A.
Lynn Ellen Hauze, B.A.
Jennifer Dee Havel, B.A.
Becky F. Haverland, B.A.
Ariel Marshell Nichole Hawkins, B.A.
Rachel Elaine Haworth, B.A.
Leslie A. Hawy, B.A.
RaShona LeNae Haynes, B.A.
Shanta Mechell Haynes, B.A.
Louise Heard, B.A.
Belinda Ann Heater, B.A.
Michael B. Heath, B.A.
Carolyn C. Heaton, B.A.
Dawn Elizabeth Heaton, B.A.
Erin Lee Hebler, B.A.
Kimberly Anne Heck, B.A.
Lana Lee La Grange Heckman, B.A.
Elizabeth Marie Hedger, B.A.
Sybil Symonia Heffner, B.A.
Elizabeth Shook Hefner, B.A.
Darrell M. Henderson, B.A.
Jevon Matthew Henderson, B.A.
Jeremy Hendricks, B.A.
Kori L. Hendricks, B.A.
Lisa Ann Hendricks, B.A.
Lisa Lynn Hendricks-Mongtomery, B.A.
Melody M. Hendrickson, B.A.
Mary Catherine Hendrix, B.A.
Lindsey L. Hensley, B.A.
Jennifer Diane Henson, B.A.
Elida A. Herrera, B.A.
Melissa Ann Herring, B.A.
Jennifer Marie Herriott, B.A.
Marc J. Heyl, B.A.
Maurice Joseph Hickey, B.A.
Sherry Denise Hicks, B.A.
Tamika Ann Hicks, B.A.
Tiann S. Higginbotham, B.A.
Debra Higginbotham-Froedge, B.A.
Christi Lee Higgins, B.A.
Francine A. Higgins, B.A.
Nicole Marie Higgins, B.A.
Lorene High, B.A.
Tasha L. High, B.A.
Shaun M. Higley, B.A.
Carolyn Lee Hill, B.A.
Judith E. Hill, B.A.
Lisa Marie Hill, B.A.
Corrine C. Hillberry, B.A.
Betty Jean Hills, B.A.
Casey Hilton, B.A.
Chantia Patrece Hines, B.A.
Teresa Hinojosa, B.A.
Anne Darby Hinton, B.A.
Timothy Lee Hite, B.A.
Jennifer Lee Hobbs, B.A.
Kathy Denise Hodge, B.A.
Ronnecia Teashawn Hodges, B.A.
Yvette Hoerr, B.A.
Viola Marie Hogan, B.A.
Sherri Ann Holden, B.A.
Jennifer Nicole Holder, B.A.
Janet S. Holland, B.A.
Shannon Drew Holley, B.A.
Kila Juanita Holloway, B.A.
Ryan D. Holloway, B.A.
Deborah Vanice Holman, B.A.
Elaine Brianne Holmes, B.A.
Kevin De-Forrest Holmes, B.A.
Shonte Thompson Holmes, B.A.
Luz T. Holt, B.A.
Rena Holzer, B.A.
Damon Mitchell Holzum, B.A.
Claudelle Marie Hood, B.A.
Chasidy Allen Hooks, B.A.
Benjamin Allen Hoover, B.A.
Michele Leilani Horiuchi, B.A.
Patrice Renee Horne, B.A.
Arneatrice Laqula Horton, B.A.
Casey Horton, B.A.
Kevin Lee Horton, B.A.
Meghan Sullivan Houser, B.A.
Megan R. Housley, B.A.
Charlene Adair Howard, B.A.
Brooke Monique Howard, B.A.
Kellie Renee Hughes Howard, B.A.
Kevis Roshun Howard, B.A.
Kenneth Alan Howder, B.A.
Jamie M. Howdyshell, B.A.
Sheneeka Sherale Hoy, B.A.
BriAnna Hubbard, B.A.
Lynn M. Huff, B.A.
Sara L. Huffman, B.A.
Katina Jackson Hughes, B.A.
Rebecca M. Hulett, B.A.
Wander Deneice Stanley Hunt, B.A.
Rachel Elizabeth Hunter, B.A.
Shaunda Renea Hunter, B.A.
Jessica R. Huston, B.A.
Rufina Elizabeth Hustrulid, B.A.
Roselynne Nne Ibezim, B.A.
Janara Iman, B.A.
Natasha Shante Ingram, B.A.
Kelli Denise Divine Irish, B.A.
Sarah Teresa Isbell, B.A.
Falomi Ivery, B.A.
Bridgette Ivey-Haygood, B.A.
Rita Jackisch-Pawlak, B.A.
Charlana S. Jackson, B.A.
Cynthia Ann Jackson, B.A.
Juanita E. Jackson, B.A.
Julia Janelle Jackson, B.A.
Shelbie Marie Jackson, B.A.
Jessica L. Jacobs, B.A.
Darnell Lamont James, B.A.
Elizabeth Logan Jamison, B.A.
Diana K. Jannuzzi, B.A.
Lori Angelia Jarvis, B.A.
Jamal Jasso, B.A.
Heather D. Jaynes, B.A.
Shonna J’Neine Jeffreys, B.A.
Joyce Jenkins, B.A.
Melinda Ann Jenkins, B.A.
LaAndrea Jenkins-Williams, B.A.
Kristal Marie Jenn, B.A.
Kristie L. Jensen, B.A.
Laurie C. Jensen, B.A.
Twyla R. Jessie, B.A.
Dana J. Jeter, B.A.
Dawn Marie Jewell, B.A.
Nicole Jiggetts, B.A.
Mercedes Jimenez, B.A.
Brian Neil Johnsen, B.A.
Karen Helen Johnson, B.A.
Brandi N. Johnson, B.A.
Chanika Kincaid Johnson, B.A.
Debbie Ann Ratcliff Johnson, B.A.
Elearie Rose Johnson, B.A.
Jason T. Johnson, B.A.
Kimbrea Johnson, B.A.
Kristen Nicole Johnson, B.A.
Matilda Emma Johnson, B.A.
Michael W. Johnson, B.A.
Tamara Monique Johnson, B.A.
Georgia A. Johnson-Inshiqaq, B.A.
Iris Johnson-Young, B.A.
Nicole C.M. Johnston, B.A.
Rachel M. Johnstone, B.A.
Dionne M. Jones-Hilliard, B.A.
Anthony Carter Jones, B.A.
Antwanika Schermese Jones, B.A.
Bethany Jones, B.A.
Brandi L. Jones, B.A.
Chastity Marie Jones, B.A.
Daphanie M. Jones, B.A.
Georgina Jones, B.A.
Medina Monise Jones, B.A.
Savannah Gail Jones, B.A.
Thomas J. Jones, B.A.
Jennifer Ashley Jordan, B.A.
Sadiqa Amina Jordan, B.A.
Vanessa Lee Jordan, B.A.
Veronical Resette Jordan, B.A.
Jennifer Lynn Jude, B.A.
Patricia Jusino, B.A.
Emily Marie Justice, B.A.
Christian Nacole Kaczmarek, B.A.
Kari Susanne Kahl, B.A.
Mary Louise Kaiser, B.A.
Crystal Lynn Kamish, B.A.
Venicia Kane, B.A.
Seema K. Kanwal, B.A.
Joshua Karzai, B.A.
Kim L. Kautzman, B.A.
Tony Ryan Keasler, B.A.
Kelli L. Keenan, B.A.
Angela Nicole Keene, B.A.
Michelle Loraine Keeney-Wren, B.A.
Breanna Gail Keeter, B.A.
Patricia Jean Keil, B.A.
Shaun Anthony Keith, B.A.
Mary A. Kellogg, B.A.
Ashleigh Nicole Kelly, B.A.
Linda von Weise Kelly, B.A.
Mary L. Kelly, B.A.
Tasha E. Kelly, B.A.
Tamara D. Kemnitz, B.A.
Giselle Kendrick, B.A.
Lameka A. Kendrick, B.A.
Shakeita Roshawn Kenon, B.A.
Kanika N. Kenya, B.A.
Ryan Keryan, B.A.
Roslyn Keyes, B.A.
Nicole Lorraine Kindred, B.A.
Devon J. King, B.A.
Kristopher Paul Kingan, B.A.
Tywanna L. Kinnie, B.A.
Aubrey A. Kinzer, B.A.
Steven Maurice Kirby, B.A.
Mindy Renee Kirkland, B.A.
Donna Ashlyn Kisiah, B.A.
Jennifer Therese Kisiel, B.A.
Dorina Kiss, B.A.
Anne Marie Kitchen, B.A.
Mrs. Judy Ann Kline, B.A.
Jennifer L. Knauss, B.A.
Mario De’Angelo Knight, B.A.
Rachel Jane Knight, B.A.
Wendy Suzanne Knoph, B.A.
Allison Kay Knudson, B.A.
Catherine J. Kobor, B.A.
Susan E. Koefoed, B.A.
Diane C. Kolling, B.A.
Tamara Komes, B.A.
Brent Michael Kopatich, B.A.
Christine A. Koprowski, B.A.
Tara Ann Kortz, B.A.
Yolanda L. Kounkou, B.A.
Maria I. Koutsidis, B.A.
Julie Lynne Krainick, B.A.
Michael James Kropp, B.A.
Tamara J. Krueger, B.A.
Claire Lynn Kubecka, B.A.
Karen Marie Grudzinski Kuehl, B.A.
Jessica Kueter, B.A.
Jennifer Kulp, B.A.
Natalie A. Kusko, B.A.
James Patrick Kutak, B.A.
Paige Marie Kuzmanic, B.A.
Nazan N. Kwiatkowski, B.A.
Robin F. Kwiecien, B.A.
Miguel A. Labrada, B.A.
Brenda Ladd, B.A.
Krysta Marie Laity, B.A.
Angela Lee Lalonde, B.A.
Julia Trammell Lambe, B.A.
Jessica Amelia Lambert, B.A.
Sheila Lynn Lambert, B.A.
Kaileigh Erin Lamontagne, B.A.
James Eric Landfried, B.A.
Monica Landrum, B.A.
Priscilla Ann Lane, B.A.
Ezra Lane, Jr., B.A.
Paul Stephen Langenstein, B.A.
Angela Joan Newton Langley, B.A.
Danielle S. Langley, B.A.
Michael David Lanthorn, B.A.
Grace Lao, B.A.
Luciano D. Lara II, B.A.
Holly Larkin, B.A.
Clifton E. Lashley, B.A.
Sondra L. Latchford, B.A.
Kimberly Dianne Lavalais, B.A.
Twylite Vaonne Sarah Lawrence, B.A.
Nimrod F. Lawrence, Jr., B.A.
Terri Laymon, B.A.
Nestor V. Lazo, B.A.
Jeremy S. Leach, B.A.
Karen Darlene Leach, B.A.
Nicole L. Lear, B.A.
Andrea LeClair, B.A.
Bryan Jackson Menzies Lee, B.A.
Jeffrey Lee, B.A.
Kevin Andrew Lee, B.A.
Raheem Dushad Lee, B.A.
Robin K. Lee, B.A.
Terrey Lee, B.A.
Lonnette Consuelo Leggett, B.A.
Tabitha D. LeGrand, B.A.
Renee E. L’Elie, B.A.
Carla Pousson LeMaire, B.A.
Jennifer Lynn Lemelin, B.A.
Sally J. Lemos, B.A.
Theresa Helen Lenhart, B.A.
Abigail Sherie Leonard, B.A.
Doreatha Leonard, B.A.
Kurt Michael Leonard, B.A.
Tamica Chanese Leonard, B.A.
Glenna Leshen, B.A.
Parris Rommel Lester, B.A.
Akil Kwesi Lett, B.A.
Ja Ja Azik Leviner, B.A.
Gathia A. Lewis, B.A.
John Cameron Lewis, B.A.
Melanie Parker Lewis, B.A.
Tiffany Raven Lewis, B.A.
Deornte Lewis, B.A.
Keith Cole Lichens, B.A.
Bethany Lynn Ligneel, B.A.
Dawn M. Lindell, B.A.
Kevin Michael Lindsey, B.A.
Patrice M. Lindsey, B.A.
Maggie Link, B.A.
Holly Lockamy, B.A.
Mr. Tavarus Lamar Lockhart, B.A.
Jan-Michael Vincent Locklear, B.A.
MarDee JoAnne Loftus, B.A.
Teena Ogborn Logan, B.A.
Cynthia L. Long, B.A.
Rachael E. Long, B.A.
Virginia Marie Long, B.A.
Rebecca Lynn Looker, B.A.
Andrea I. Lopez, B.A.
Lori Renee Lopez, B.A.
Wilbert J. Louis, Jr., B.A.
Latonia Nocolen Love, B.A.
Mychal Ariadne Love, B.A.
Lisa Rene’ Lovejoy, B.A.
Teresa Lyn Lovern, B.A.
Chadd Ray Lowery, B.A.
Janice Ann Lowry-Pick, B.A.
Megan Linnee’ Loy, B.A.
Victoria Lucio, B.A.
Paula L. Ludwig, B.A.
Lamikia Janell Lumpkin, B.A.
Tayde Isabel Lund, B.A.
Ivette Lyons, B.A.
Latoya Clark Lyons, B.A.
Susan M. Lyons, B.A.
Abigail Antonina Machmut, B.A.
Juana Macias, B.A.
Edwin A. Maciosek, B.A.
Elise Danielle Mack, B.A.
Arika Madden, B.A.
Denise Ann Marie Maddon, B.A.
Idella T. Maddox, B.A.
Colin Madhavaiya, B.A.
Dana Marie Maguire, B.A.
Georgia Pearl Mahala, B.A.
Kyle S. Mai, B.A.
Nancy Ann Mair, B.A.
Leon Basil Maitland, B.A.
Jonathan W. Malden, B.A.
Jessica M. Malinkey, B.A.
Douglas R.P. Mallary, B.A.
Ginger Marie Mann, B.A.
L. Nicole Mann, B.A.
Holly J. Manning, B.A.
Misty Jean Manning, B.A.
Julie Maquivar, B.A.
Crystal Jade Markham, B.A.
JoDee L. Marshall, B.A.
John A. Marshall, B.A.
Anne-Marie Bernard Martin, B.A.
Gene M. Martin, B.A.
Kelly A. Martin, B.A.
Megan Alison Martin, B.A.
Tracey Woodson Martin, B.A.
Amalie Martinez, B.A.
Jamie A. Martinez, B.A.
Lucila Martinez, B.A.
Maribel D. Martinez, B.A.
Celestina R. Martinez-Grande, B.A.
Carole Mascari, B.A.
Elrado Vance Mason, B.A.
Katherine Jane McDougall Mason, B.A.
Michael Wayne Mason, B.A.
Patricia A. Mason, B.A.
Angelien Massey, B.A.
Brooke Ontie Matanguihan, B.A.
Leah J. Mathis-Peay, B.A.
Monica Nicole Matje, B.A.
Jason Cory Matthews, B.A.
Rebecca J. Matthews, B.A.
Camilla Jayne Maue, B.A.
Michelle V. Mayfield, B.A.
Shirley Marie Larry Mayne, B.A.
Justynn Perrine Zimmerli Mayo, B.A.
Barbara Nikole Mc O’Neil, B.A.
Melissa Ann McBee, B.A.
Gail Collins McCachren, B.A.
Tiffany McCall, B.A.
Alanya D. McCandless, B.A.
Stacey L. McCarroll, B.A.
Deborah D. McCausey, B.A.
Terry Jerome McClain, B.A.
Michael Christopher McClanathan, B.A.
Adam Andrew McClary, B.A.
Robert D. McClary, B.A.
Joshua David McCord, B.A.
Dawn Marie McCourt, B.A.
Karen Denise McCoy, B.A.
Colleen M. McCoy-Jones, B.A.
Theatrus E. McCray, B.A.
Alison K. McCusker, B.A.
Crystal F. McDaniel, B.A.
Juliane Pamela McDaniel, B.A.
Cynthia Ann McDeid, B.A.
Thomas N. McDermitt, B.A.
Kathleen J. McDonnell, B.A.
Shara M. McEntee, B.A.
Brittany McEwen, B.A.
Shelly Ann McFarlane, B.A.
Dilma Ann McGee, B.A.
Imonia K. Mcghee-P, B.A.
Sheila McGrath, B.A.
Lailonie Marie McKinney, B.A.
Mark P. McKnight, B.A.
Lynda (Bush) McLachlan, B.A.
Sheron Mclean, B.A.
Patricia (Trish) A. McLean, B.A.
Christel S. McMackin, B.A.
Brandi Michele McMahan, B.A.
Kelly Ann McMahon, B.A.
Shanika Francine McMahon, B.A.
Michael McMullen, B.A.
Yvette Brockington McNair, B.A.
Betty P. McNeally, B.A.
Norma Ruth McQuagge, B.A.
Aaron R. Means, B.A.
Lauren Owens Meeker, B.A.
Jennifer Lynn Meier, B.A.
Ricardo A. Mejia, B.A.
Janice Leigh Melton, B.A.
Hilcia Mendez, B.A.
David P. Mendoza, B.A.
Alistair Vonne Mercado, B.A.
Ann Louise Merkel, B.A.
Jessica Messemer, B.A.
Andrea N. Metcalf, B.A.
Judy Blain Miarka, B.A.
Gail Ellen Middleton, B.A.
Princess Necola Middleton, B.A.
Barbara Maria Mikolajczyk, B.A.
Brenda L. Miles, B.A.
Fannie Miller, B.A.
Shannon Lynn Miller, B.A.
Chandra Colette Miller, B.A.
Christina Marie Miller, B.A.
Erica LaVonne Miller, B.A.
Jessica Marie Miller, B.A.
Karen Viola Miller, B.A.
Kim E. Miller, B.A.
Tawania Lyles Miller, B.A.
Monique Antoinette Miller-Francis, B.A.
Jessica May Millette, B.A.
Beverly Moss Mills, B.A.
Hope Mills, B.A.
Chad Aaron Minier, B.A.
Mary A. Minium, B.A.
Ana Miranda, B.A.
Cristiana Medeiros Miranda, B.A.
Christine Nicolle Mireles, B.A.
Carolyn Amy Mitchell, B.A.
Joi Kanani Mitchell, B.A.
Jon Bradley Mitchell, B.A.
LaKeita Chavon Mitchell, B.A.
Shlonda Mitchell, B.A.
Torricellus Lavon Mitchell, B.A.
Shanaya Larina Mitchell-Hogan, B.A.
Stephanie Mobley, B.A.
Virginia Lynn Mobley, B.A.
Beth Ann Mohney-Cook, B.A.
Kendra J. Monaghan, B.A.
Gina L. Monroe, B.A.
Shaneeka Monroe, B.A.
Juana G. Ramirez-Montalvo, B.A.
Sara Montano, B.A.
Evette Paulette Monteith, B.A.
Lasky Lani Montero-Loaiza, B.A.
David Lee Montgomery, B.A.
Jon Darius Montgomery, B.A.
Kennith Marcus Montgomery, B.A.
Sharon Lynn Montgomery, B.A.
Rhonda Lee Monti, B.A.
James Eugene Moon, B.A.
Heidi Elizabeth Moore, B.A.
Lakeysha Anyell Moore, B.A.
Malikah Carolyn Moore, B.A.
Rhonda Ann Moore, B.A.
Valerie Leigh Moore, B.A.
Barbara Diane Morales, B.A.
Alfredo Moreno, B.A.
Robert Michael Moreno, B.A.
Christopher Ray Morgan, B.A.
David Paul Morgan, B.A.
Julia A. Morneau, B.A.
Patricia Vonzella Morris, B.A.
Marsha H. Morrison, B.A.
Wanda Morrison, B.A.
Adrien L. Morrow, B.A.
Shawn Mortensen, B.A.
Andrew Mouse, B.A.
Christina L. Mowery, B.A.
Amy L. Moye, B.A.
Kassandra M. Mudd, B.A.
Stefan Mueller, B.A.
Bilal Muhammad, B.A.
Eric Jalil Muhammad, B.A.
Kimberly Lea Mulligan, B.A.
Krystal Mullins, B.A.
Chelsea Shant’e Mumford, B.A.
Dineh E. Mumma, B.A.
Reymundo Munoz, B.A.
Nathaniel R. Munson, B.A.
Samantha J. Munson, B.A.
Sara R. Murano, B.A.
Jeritza Mure-Thompson, B.A.
Sonata El-Amin Murry, B.A.
Lynette D. Myers, B.A.
Aciek Ateny Nai, B.A.
Moniqueconnie R. Naputi-DuChene, B.A.
Susan Ray Naranjo-Doyle, B.A.
Frances Marie Nash, B.A.
Joel E. Nash, B.A.
Elaine Nasta, B.A.
Emil Alquiroz Navarro, B.A.
Juan Antonio Navarro, B.A.
Nathan Charles Wofford, B.A.
Stacy Marie Neagles, B.A.
Amanda Tantillo Neal, B.A.
Brandi L. Neal, B.A.
Megan Nicole Necessary, B.A.
Rayecine Patrice Neely, B.A.
Elizabeth Nelson, B.A.
Kristen Marie Nelson, B.A.
Marilyn D. Nelson, B.A.
Melanie Catherine Nelson, B.A.
Sammy Nelson, B.A.
Teresa M. Nelson, B.A.
Douglas Brice Nestlehutt, B.A.
Dashan Ricky Nettles, Jr., B.A.
Kelly A. Neubert, B.A.
Haley New, B.A.
Cynthia Joyce Newell-Hawkins, B.A.
Kelly Edgil Newton, B.A.
Kevin Jeffrey Newton, B.A.
Amanda Catherine Ng, B.A.
Tu Hoang Nguyen, B.A.
Brinda Nichols, B.A.
Dorie Renee Nichols, B.A.
Dorothy M. Nichols, B.A.
Kari Ann Nicoletti, B.A.
Brittany Lynn Nierman, B.A.
Nancy C. Nieto-Finkeldey, B.A.
Elizabeth Ann Nifong-Velazquez, B.A.
Alicia A. Nino, B.A.
Joseph D. Noce, B.A.
Kimberly M. Nolton, B.A.
Santonia Marquis None, B.A.
Claudia Noriega, B.A.
LaToya Norris, B.A.
Preston Terrell Norris, B.A.
Cheryl Lynn Norton, B.A.
Jessica L. Norton, B.A.
Misty Maxine Novick, B.A.
Clarence J. Nugent, B.A.
Janet E. Nunes, B.A.
Lornna K. Nunez, B.A.
Sandra Kathleen Nunnally, B.A.
Susan Nyamora, B.A.
Meliss Ann Oatman, B.A.
Paula Sueann O’Connor, B.A.
Alexis Lyna Office, B.A.
Cassandra Lee Ohms, B.A.
Robert Ohrt, B.A.
Amber Rochelle Oldham, B.A.
Roberta Lynn O’Leary, B.A.
Andre D. Oliver, B.A.
Atlene T. Oliver, B.A.
James Preston Oliver, B.A.
Cherylann Olmeda, B.A.
Jaime Leigh Turner O’Neill, B.A.
Amy Joelene Orlando, B.A.
Selene Orozco, B.A.
Angel E. Ortiz, B.A.
Meaghan M. Ortscheid, B.A.
Joseph Osborne, B.A.
Latonja S. Osborne, B.A.
Randy ED Osi, B.A.
Ashlee Elizabeth Osoway, B.A.
Laura A. Osterberg, B.A.
Jaclyn M. Ostrander, B.A.
Leslie E. Oswalt, B.A.
Belle M. Overbaugh, B.A.
Leslie Owen, B.A.
Jenny R. Owens, B.A.
Kirby Kyle Owens, B.A.
Les LaViel Owens, B.A.
Morgan A. Owens, B.A.
Nicole L. Owens, B.A.
Paula Owens, B.A.
Tawanna Nicole Owens, B.A.
Janira Padilla-Rivera, B.A.
Maryann Pagan, B.A.
Rosemarie Pagan, B.A.
Robyn Pantano, B.A.
Donna S. Paoletti, B.A.
Soojin Park, B.A.
Gertrude Parker, B.A.
Joye C. Parker, B.A.
Kari Simone Parker, B.A.
Michelle Parker, B.A.
Patrick L. Parkhurst, B.A.
Deidre Williams Parks, B.A.
Mary Catherine Patrick, B.A.
Catherine Elizabeth Patterson, B.A.
Kimberly A. Patterson, B.A.
De’Maries L. Paul, B.A.
Andrea Paul-Hadley, B.A.
Bernard T. Paulk, B.A.
Kristen Rachelle Payne, B.A.
Toni Ann Payne, B.A.
Stephanie Monette Rogers Peacock, B.A.
Nathan Paul Pead, B.A.
Shambra LaCey Pearsall, B.A.
Monica Peck, B.A.
Nancy S. Peery, B.A.
Vicki E. Pelletier, B.A.
Nicholas D. Peloquin, B.A.
Heather Elaine Pemberton-Dickerson, B.A.
Jessica Pena, B.A.
Esta Camailiea Pena-Stoutt, B.A.
Lashondra Pendleton, B.A.
Melissa Anne Pensabene - Gummerson, B.A.
Amber Michelle Peppentenzza, B.A.
Cristhian Margarita Forero Perez, B.A.
Tara Kay Perfect, B.A.
Jessica Leigh Perkins, B.A.
Lydia Dorcas Bradley Perkins, B.A.
Sandy Faye Perkins, B.A.
Joshua D. Perry, B.A.
Theresa L. Persinger, B.A.
Linda Pesa, B.A.
Lindsey Peters, B.A.
Kenneth A. Petersen, B.A.
Bobby Jo Peterson, B.A.
Darla Peterson, B.A.
Elizabeth Mirelez Peterson, B.A.
Luke Eric Peterson, B.A.
LaTina Yvette Petties, B.A.
Jennifer L. Peyton, B.A.
John P. Pflugradt, B.A.
Kerri Pierce, B.A.
Timothy J. Pierce, B.A.
Alana Pearl Piggs, B.A.
Heather Ann Pilarski, B.A.
Timothy Dewitt Pinkney, B.A.
Gina Pisciotta, B.A.
Kathryn Ann Pittman, B.A.
Erik B. Pitts, B.A.
Virginia Placzkiewicz, B.A.
Kathryn R. Pointer, B.A.
Lisa Elizabeth Polenske, B.A.
Mary Beth Polito, B.A.
Anittra LaToya Polk, B.A.
Kathy Lynn Porter, B.A.
Melissa Mae Porter, B.A.
Elizabeth Leigh Postell, B.A.
Estelle Post-Overshown, B.A.
Fa’alili F. Leuma Potasi-Leulua’i, B.A.
Shelly M. Potter, B.A.
April Powell, B.A.
Danielle Rene Powell, B.A.
Victor R. Powell, B.A.
Ginger Powers, B.A.
Jana Shoemate Prado, B.A.
Angela Prater, B.A.
John E. Prater, Sr., B.A.
Barbara S. Pratt, B.A.
Carley Prestenbach, B.A.
Barbara Denise Price, B.A.
Katrina Nicolle Price, B.A.
Larry N. Price, B.A.
Lisa Shona Price, B.A.
Toni Marie Price, B.A.
Arquilla Price III, B.A.
Brenda Ellen Price-Ventura, B.A.
Taileigh Trystine Prickett, B.A.
Lisa D. Primes, B.A.
Georthandra Kenleen Pringle, B.A.
Amy Proffitt, B.A.
Cheryl Pron, B.A.
Emma Prophil, B.A.
Judy Carolyn Sowers Pruitt, B.A.
Maria de los Angeles Ptak, B.A.
LaShunda Katreis Pulu, B.A.
Jaime Bernice Puphal, B.A.
Natasha N.W.B. Quenga, B.A.
Anika Lane Quinn, B.A.
Kimberly Rose Quiroz, B.A.
Maureen M. Raftie, B.A.
Suzanne Ragan, B.A.
Sammi L. Ragsdale, B.A.
Stephanie R. Ralston, B.A.
Steven B. Ramage, B.A.
Francisco Ramirez, B.A.
Griselda Ramos, B.A.
Cheri Renae Ramos, B.A.
Roman A. Rangel, B.A.
Kenneth L. Rarey, B.A.
Jennifer Peterson Rau, B.A.
Linda Rauh, B.A.
Christyne Browne Ray, B.A.
Jonathan R. Ray, B.A.
Earl Ray, Jr., B.A.
Rebecca T. Reardon, B.A.
Carrie Lynn Redman, B.A.
Harriet Yvonne Reed, B.A.
William Douglas Reed, B.A.
Laura Elizabeth Reese, B.A.
Michelle Marie Reese, B.A.
Clarissa Faye Reich, B.A.
Jenny Ann Cooke Reid, B.A.
Sarah L. Reid, B.A.
Lisa Marie Reimann, B.A.
Richard Lee Reisling, Jr., B.A.
Kelly J. Reitz, B.A.
Cecily L. Remy, B.A.
Stanisha Shana Render, B.A.
Nathan Wayne Renecker, B.A.
Cheri L. Renfro, B.A.
Brittaney Genevieve Reschman, B.A.
Isauro Resendez, B.A.
Anna Lisa Reyes, B.A.
Crystal Reynolds, B.A.
Ronne Ray Reynolds, B.A.
Vanessa Estelle Reynolds, B.A.
Ana-Frances Rios Reynoso, B.A.
Uriela Korey Reza, B.A.
Shevonne Maria Rhodes, B.A.
Lavinia A. Rice, B.A.
Victoria Rene Rice, B.A.
Beth Liane Richards, B.A.
Renee Richards, B.A.
Valerie J. Richardson, B.A.
Vivian Wilson Richardson, B.A.
Latisha Antoinette Richmond, B.A.
Keyonne Yonkell Ricks, B.A.
Trina L. Ricks, B.A.
Kametria Treshall Ricks-Stephens, B.A.
Rachael Danielle Riggs, B.A.
Colleen McLaughlin Rinaldi, B.A.
Amy J. Rincker, B.A.
Thomas E. Rinehart II, B.A.
Karl Micah Edwin Ripley, B.A.
James Thomas Ritchie, B.A.
Isabel Rivera, B.A.
LeKiesha Sharie RobersonBlack, B.A.
Dorette Shenelle Roberts, B.A.
Judy M. Roberts, B.A.
Mary Margaret Roberts, B.A.
Shantay Shonne Roberts, B.A.
Cindy L. Robins, B.A.
Jennifer Kellie Robinson, B.A.
LaQuanza Annette Robinson, B.A.
Shantelle V. Robinson, B.A.
Yolanda Christina Robinson, B.A.
Elaine Rodriguez, B.A.
Casandra Genevie Rodriguez, B.A.
Esmeralda Delgado Rodriguez, B.A.
Stacy J. Rodriguez, B.A.
Yvonne Mesa Rodriguez, B.A.
Ashley Marie Roethle, B.A.
Jennifer Lynn Rogers, B.A.
Kevin G. Rogers, B.A.
Trae D. Rohan, B.A.
Amanda Rollins, B.A.
Annie Michele Rollins, B.A.
Kim Romagno, B.A.
Shirley Roman, B.A.
Christal G. Rosa, B.A.
Lorraine Rose, B.A.
Carla Rochelle Ross, B.A.
Derrek Ross, B.A.
Shellae Ross, B.A.
Catina C. Rosselli, B.A.
Jennifer Leigh Rosser, B.A.
Shelby Dawn Roth, B.A.
Reshell N. Rowe, B.A.
Cynthia Ann Rucker, B.A.
Jose Ruiz, B.A.
Donna Kaye Rumaldo, B.A.
Kimberly A. Rundel, B.A.
Kim Bernadette Russell, B.A.
Renee D. Russell, B.A.
Deborah Lynn Rutledge, B.A.
Hollylynn Sabbagh, B.A.
Jennifer Sabo, B.A.
Amrata Sahasrabudhe, B.A.
Christian J. Sakellariou, B.A.
Gloria D. Salinas, B.A.
Joanna Lynette Sallows, B.A.
Shamely Sampson, B.A.
Michelle Renee Sanchious, B.A.
William Tracy Sanders, B.A.
Franci Inze Sanner, B.A.
Madgaly Santana, B.A.
Therese Angel Santana, B.A.
Jose Santos, B.A.
Rikki V. Sargent-Clemens, B.A.
Ann Michele Sarmiento, B.A.
E. Michael Saunders, B.A.
Jason Barrett Saurer, B.A.
Conner H. Sayers, Jr., B.A.
Tammy Lynn Schaale, B.A.
Courtney S. Scheiderer, B.A.
Becky Schiedeck, B.A.
Shaina Schiefer, B.A.
Jenna Nicole Schillizzi, B.A.
Jennifer Sharon Schlecht, B.A.
Jessica Schlotter, B.A.
Amanda Schmidt, B.A.
Donald Lee Schmidt Jr., B.A.
Sherri Lee Schnipke, B.A.
Nancy Schoenig-Currie, B.A.
Nathaniel Ray Schroeder, B.A.
Sabrina M. Schroeder, B.A.
Terry D. Schuenemeyer, B.A.
Lori Schultheis, B.A.
Kathleen R. Schulz, B.A.
Mary Margaret Schutzman, B.A.
Jeremy Schwalenberg, B.A.
Darla Rochelle Schwehr, B.A.
Christina A. Scibona, B.A.
Antonette Manna Scott, B.A.
Bernetta Scott, B.A.
Daril N. Scott, B.A.
Joyce M. Scott, B.A.
Audrey Mechell Seals, B.A.
Lee William Sebel, B.A.
Courtney Seiber, B.A.
Joseph L. Seldon, B.A.
Stephanie Alyse Sershon, B.A.
Allen Leonard Setmayer, B.A.
Scott Michael Severance, B.A.
Stacey O. Sevier, B.A.
Chevon Sewell, B.A.
Crystal Lynn Shaffery, B.A.
Diana Jolene Shannon, B.A.
Mikel E. Shans, B.A.
Amanda Shober Shapard, B.A.
Akilah S. Murphy Sharp, B.A.
Andrea, B.A.
Geneva Sharp, B.A.
Tammy Sue Sharp, B.A.
Stephanie Rene Shattuck, B.A.
Daniel Antwain Shaw, B.A.
Amanda Lynn Shay-Latchaw, B.A.
Brandon Leonard Shealey, B.A.
Regina F. Shelly, B.A.
Bertha E. Shepheard, B.A.
Jason R. Sheppard, B.A.
Tracey Emma Sherwood-Smith, B.A.
Richard Porter Shields, B.A.
Aleasha Kaye Shipley, B.A.
Christine Marie Shultz, B.A.
Amy D. Shy, B.A.
Rebecca Butler Sibbett, B.A.
Latheira Cleare Sigler, B.A.
Robin Silberman, B.A.
DeLora Lee Silva, B.A.
Dezaray Tami Silverstein, B.A.
Doreen Simmons, B.A.
Natalie N. Simmons, B.A.
Renee Racine Simmons, B.A.
Latasha Renee Simpson, B.A.
Nyree Lizette Simpson, B.A.
LaMicka R. Sims, B.A.
Bridget Day Sims, B.A.
DeYonka J. Sims, B.A.
Maria Moreland Sims, B.A.
Luv Antonia Sinclair, B.A.
Amber Marie Sincock, B.A.
Sarah Wheatley Singletary, B.A.
Donna Jo Sisco, B.A.
Rhonda Sue Sizemore, B.A.
Melissa Anne Skaggs, B.A.
Carolyn Joyce Slater, B.A.
Brianna M. Slightom, B.A.
Terry Eugene Sloan, B.A.
Heather Small, B.A.
Leslie Michele Smalley, B.A.
Angela G. Smallwood, B.A.
John D. Smetzer III, B.A.
Cheryl Mae Smith, B.A.
Cleatis Ricky Smith, B.A.
David Isaiah Smith, B.A.
Denita R. Smith, B.A.
Diana Lynn Smith, B.A.
Ellen Kay Smith, B.A.
Fortrell Neko Smith, B.A.
Loretta Renee Smith, B.A.
Lynda Michelle Smith, B.A.
Marcia D. Smith, B.A.
Nickie Smith, B.A.
Renee Melony Smith, B.A.
Rosemarie Regina Smith, B.A.
Samantha Jo Smith, B.A.
Shirley Jean Smith, B.A.
Sidney L. Smith, B.A.
Stanley W. Smith, B.A.
Terra Louise Smith, B.A.
Tina R. Smith, B.A.
Tonya S. Smith, B.A.
Yvonne Smith, B.A.
Danny Smith, B.A.
S. Scott Smith III, B.A.
Veronica M. Smyers, B.A.
Kristen Nicole Overstreet Smyrnios, B.A.
Jamie Lee Snyder, B.A.
Brandon K. Soileau, B.A.
Joseph M. Solano, B.A.
Kirsten Eileen Soler, B.A.
Maria I. Solis, B.A.
Erinne A. Sopko, B.A.
Leonides Soto, Jr., B.A.
Laura R. Soukup, B.A.
Brittany Ann Spaid, B.A.
Corrine M. Spriggs, B.A.
Nickie N. Springer, B.A.
Bryan J. St. Onge, B.A.
Valerie F.W. Stafford, B.A.
Amanda Stahl Brewer, B.A.
LauraAnn Stainsby, B.A.
Trisha L. Staley, B.A.
Angela Nickchole Stamper, B.A.
Jerrol Demond Stanford, B.A.
Jennifer M. Starr, B.A.
Tamera R. Starr, B.A.
William Richard Starr II, B.A.
Brittany Staten, B.A.
Vincent Lamar Steele, B.A.
Karen C. Steines, B.A.
Kimberly G. Stephens, B.A.
Linda D. Stephens, B.A.
Tina Maria Stephenson, B.A.
Jeannie L. Stettnichs, B.A.
Lisa Erin Stevens, B.A.
Lillie D. Stevenson, B.A.
Tamonya DeShaun Steward, B.A.
Shakiya Y. Steward, B.A.
Crystal G. Stewart, B.A.
James Leroy Stewart, B.A.
Rebecca R. Still, B.A.
Alison Leigh Stocking, B.A.
Leslie Ann Stockton, B.A.
Sasha Stone, B.A.
Carol Stotts, B.A.
Michael A. Stoxstill, B.A.
Susan Kelley Strader, B.A.
Steve Mathew Strange, B.A.
Carrie Sue Strawder, B.A.
Pamla D. Street, B.A.
Kerry Stringfellow, B.A.
Tammie R. Strohl, B.A.
Lessie Jill Stueart, B.A.
Vicki G. Styburski, B.A.
Alex A. Suazo, B.A.
Sarah Louise (Burch) Suffridge, B.A.
Genevieve Danielle Sulano, B.A.
Deborah Louise Sullivan, B.A.
Jennifer Suzanne Sullivan, B.A.
Tracy Lynn Sumner, B.A.
Mary Louise Surgeon, B.A.
Sybil N. Suriyaniel, B.A.
Dwayne L. Surray, B.A.
Michelle Dawn Sutherland, B.A.
Kimberly M. Sutton, B.A.
MeLisa Ann Sutton, B.A.
Kelly Swaby, B.A.
Cherry Swain, B.A.
Stephanie Dawn Swanton, B.A.
Nadia F. Swarts, B.A.
Katherine Atoarmeu Swayze, B.A.
Cozette T. Sweetman, B.A.
Dosha A. Syner, B.A.
Ashley Lynn Szarek, B.A.
Sarah Szoke, B.A.
Miranda M. Szumlanski, B.A.
April Sterlena Candace Tabb, B.A.
Vera Tabb, B.A.
Lisa Joy Tabet-Chavez, B.A.
Starr Marie Tacey, B.A.
Daniel Phillip Tafoya, B.A.
Gilbert Tahanian, B.A.
Michelle K. Tancrede, B.A.
Stephanie Moon Tate, B.A.
Teresa Diana Tate, B.A.
V. Haunani Tauvela, B.A.
Joyce Melisande Gomez Tayaban, B.A.
Carol Ann Taylor, B.A.
Dionne Taylor, B.A.
Angela Patrice Taylor, B.A.
Brandye R. Taylor, B.A.
Chimere A. Taylor, B.A.
Jay Daniel Taylor, B.A.
Kisa Nicole Taylor, B.A.
Louis Wayne Taylor, B.A.
Margaret Elizabeth Taylor, B.A.
Megan D. Taylor, B.A.
Rebecca Grace Taylor, B.A.
Stacy D. Taylor, B.A.
Charmain Teelucksingh, B.A.
Terrence L. Terrell, B.A.
Trudy Jane Terrill, B.A.
Johnny Lee Terry, B.A.
Beverly Sue Thomack, B.A.
Ramsey Lynn Thomann, B.A.
April Farabee Thomas, B.A.
Deanna M. Thomas, B.A.
Jaime L. Thomas, B.A.
Katie L. Thomas, B.A.
Angel Monique Elizabeth Thomas-Jones, B.A.
Alicia M. Thompson, B.A.
Billie Jo Thompson, B.A.
Courtney Thompson, B.A.
Kara Jaye Thompson, B.A.
Karen A. Thompson, B.A.
Lindsey Jeanine Thompson, B.A.
Shaniqua Colette Thompson, B.A.
Debra M.Thomson, B.A.
Darcie Carline Thornton, B.A.
Hester Mary Thornton, B.A.
Stephanie Jean Tifft, B.A.
Kathleen Tinlin, B.A.
Tammy Lynn Todd, B.A.
Leigh-Ann Marie Toran, B.A.
Edith Leticia Torres, B.A.
Katherine Torres, B.A.
Annie Mae Townsend-Barnett, B.A.
Jamie Lynn Tracey, B.A.
Gary Tracy, B.A.
Jo Ann Trammell, B.A.
Lana Thi Tran, B.A.
Gina Marie Trapani, B.A.
Sandra Marie Trevino, B.A.
Dona R. Trickler, B.A.
Tami Lynne Trim, B.A.
Letina Dee Tsosie, B.A.
Mattilyn Dorene Tucker, B.A.
Alicia Maria Tuft, B.A.
Georgiana H. Tufts, B.A.
Christine Kay Tulloch, B.A.
Courtni Nicole Turner, B.A.
Quinn Kenneth Turner, B.A.
Rozetta Turner, B.A.
Salvatore P. Tuttobene IV, B.A.
Tia LaTronda Tyson, B.A.
Katelyn M. Ugarph, B.A.
Erika La Trice Underwood, B.A.
Tracey Marie Unrue, B.A.
Sherry J. Uptmore, B.A.
Ashley Jan Uribe, B.A.
Terry Uribe, B.A.
Fritzie L. Vader, B.A.
Michelle Anne Vadnais, B.A.
Katherine Denise Valdivia, B.A.
Elda Leticia Santos Vallejo, B.A.
Colleen Valley, B.A.
Jennifer L. Van Straten, B.A.
Jennifer Van Wanzeele, B.A.
Betty J. VanAlstyne, B.A.
Shirley Denise Vance, B.A.
Natalie J. Vandenabeele, B.A.
Mary Beth Vanderpool, B.A.
Anthony J. Vanek, B.A.
Danielle Vinesa Vannall, B.A.
Sandra Lorene Pond VanSkiver, B.A.
Olga Nelly Vargas, B.A.
Lourdes Vasquez, B.A.
Jennifer Lynn Vaz, B.A.
Blanca L. Vazquez, B.A.
Heather Dawn Vecchia, B.A.
William P. Veeder, B.A.
Raymond Vega, B.A.
Mary Kathryn Velcich, B.A.
Edward Velez, B.A.
Colleen L. Venyak, B.A.
Jayme S. Vickers, B.A.
Lesia Vieth, B.A.
Victoria Nicole Villalobos, B.A.
Shannon Vinson, B.A.
Tinel Claveteen Martin Virgil, B.A.
Lanita Dionne Vittitow, B.A.
Virginia Pantoja Vizcarra, B.A.
Gerta Fils-Aime Voltaire, B.A.
Kenneth Sidney Wadleigh, B.A.
LaTara L. Waggoner, B.A.
Loretta L. Waggoner, B.A.
Rita C. Waldron, B.A.
Brenette Baker Walker, B.A.
Bridget L. Walker, B.A.
Ann Marie Wallace, B.A.
Christopher Aaron Wallace, B.A.
Nathaniel Wallace, B.A.
Kacy Wallen, B.A.
Javet Jacqueline Walton, B.A.
Janelle Ilene Ward, B.A.
Nicole Anne Ward, B.A.
Pamela Yvonne Ward, B.A.
Paul E. Warfield, Jr., B.A.
Bethany M. Warner, B.A.
Therese A. Washburn, B.A.
Bridget R. Washington, B.A.
Amanda Danielle Waterstraat, B.A.
Brittany D. Watson, B.A.
Tiffany Brooke Waymon, B.A.
Shockie D. Weathington, B.A.
Selah P. Webb, B.A.
Sarah E. Weber, B.A.
Lesharn Jenkins Webster, B.A.
Beth A. Weddle, B.A.
Aaron Michael Weeks, B.A.
Jazmyn L. Weinzatl, B.A.
Allison M. Weippert, B.A.
Denise G. Weir, B.A.
Samantha Catherine Weir, B.A.
Susan Rae Weisheit, B.A.
Velvet Denise Welch, B.A.
Jillene M. Weldon, B.A.
Karen Duncan Wells, B.A.
Stephanie Wentworth, B.A.
Rikki Werner, B.A.
Krystle Alecia Westary, B.A.
Nicholas Ian Wetzler, B.A.
Dolores J. Weymouth, B.A.
Theresa M. Wheatley, B.A.
Eddrick J. Wheaton, B.A.
Dorothy A. Whelan, B.A.
Hattie Whisenant, B.A.
Joshua William Whitacre, B.A.
Steven H. Whitaker, B.A.
Crystal White, B.A.
DeAnna L. White, B.A.
Matthew W. White, B.A.
Travis E. White, B.A.
Scarlet Whitesides, B.A.
Shavonda Nicole Whitfield, B.A.
Kimberly A. Whitmer, B.A.
Jennifer Lynae Whynott, B.A.
Debra Wiarek, B.A.
Lisa D. Wienhoff, B.A.
Marshalee Wiggan, B.A.
Cynthia M. Wiggins, B.A.
LaTasha Keonda Wiggins, B.A.
Daniel E. Wilde, B.A.
Linnette L. Wilkerson, B.A.
Sheila Burnett Wilkerson, B.A.
Angela J. Willeke, B.A.
Latina Y. Williams, B.A.
Amy Brown Williams, B.A.
Anita Yvette Williams, B.A.
Annetta Maria Williams, B.A.
Berine Renee’ Williams, B.A.
Beverly Ann Williams, B.A.
Curtis Williams, B.A.
D’eborah Denise Williams, B.A.
Fabiola L. Williams, B.A.
Jillianne Williams, B.A.
Katrina S. Williams, B.A.
Nina L. Williams, B.A.
Nisha Williams, B.A.
Pamela Jean Williams, B.A.
Tamelia B. Williams, B.A.
Valerie Victoria Williams-Cuffee, B.A.
Cathy Willingham, B.A.
Eleanor A. Willis, B.A.
Kanada Vasha Willis, B.A.
Synamon Tatiana Willis, B.A.
D. Teresa Wilson, B.A.
Thomas Gladden Wilson, B.A.
Victoria Lynn Wilson, B.A.
Julie Lynn Winborne, B.A.
Jerusha “Roo” Michelle Winchester, B.A.
Ruth Anne Miller Windsor, B.A.
Jinaki K. Winstead, B.A.
Terica Totiana Wise, B.A.
Carly Christine Wisner, B.A.
Christina Nicole Witherspoon, B.A.
Tonja A. Witmer, B.A.
James Daniel Witt II, B.A.
Robert Patrick Wofford, B.A.
Jammie Lynn Wohlgemuth, B.A.
Amanda Marie Wojciechowski, B.A.
Kari J. Wojtysiak, B.A.
Alaina Jean Wolf, B.A.
Christopher Dustin Wood, B.A.
Haylee Ann Wood, B.A.
Melanie A. Wood, B.A.
William David Woodrum, B.A.
Debra Ann Woods, B.A.
Robin M. Woods, B.A.
Henrietta Dixon Woods, B.A.
Mark W. Woodward, B.A.
Deborah K. Worthington, B.A.
Melissa Zachery-Wright, B.A.
Sabrina Wright, B.A.
Karna J. Wulf, B.A.
David Wyrick, B.A.
Tasia Xikis, B.A.
Tuesday Santiago Yarochowicz, B.A.
Rebecca Martinez Ybarra, B.A.
Michael Clayton Yearwood, B.A.
Mr. Joshua S. Yeley, B.A.
Joshua Thomas Yocum, B.A.
Michael Lee Yoshihara, B.A.
Nikia Rochelle Youman, B.A.
Benjamin M. Young, B.A.
Charmaine LaShonta Little Young, B.A.
Robin Kay Young, B.A.
Terrica Nicole Young, B.A.
Matthew Eugene Younger, B.A.
Melody B. Younger, B.A.
Roberta Jami Yurkovich, B.A.
Cindy H. Zafar, B.A.
Zell Zanarkand, B.A.
Zoe M. Zarndt, B.A.
Sheila M. Zawko, B.A.
Rebecca Lynn Zebley, B.A.
Carolyn Grace Zeltner, B.A.
Robin Lynn Ziminski-Beltz, B.A.
Robert L. Zimmerman, Jr., B.A.
Heather Lynne Zurek, B.A.
Ademola Emmanuel Aré, B.S.
Scott Allen Gordon, B.S.
Bryant Matthew Houston, B.S.
Casey Ann Johnson, B.S.
Elzbieta Kornaga, B.S.
Nathan Vernon Maddasion, B.S.
Patrick R. Martin, B.S.
Mackenzie A. Mueller, B.S.
Patricia G. Orozco, B.S.
Sierra A. Rutledge, B.S.
Ashley Lynn Schuerr, B.S.
Stephanie Spencer, B.S.
Karissa Kay Turner, B.S.
Jacquelynn R. Vesely, B.S.
Nicole Alanna Woodard, B.S.
Jessica Christine Allen, M.A.
Linda Salyer Allen, M.A.
Sheena LaShae’ Allen, M.A.
Sarah M. Andrews, M.A.
Minerva Arocho, M.A.
Amber S. Aston, M.A.
Scheryl King Bailey, M.A.
Demetria Lynne Baker, M.A.
Mickey Machelle Bates, M.A.
Johnike Brown Bell, M.A.
Tara M. Bentley, M.A.
Donald J. Borkovec, M.A.
Rodlanda Sabrina Bowles, M.A.
Michelle Elizabeth Breaux, M.A.
Harmon Nathan Brody, M.A.
Yonique Tamara Brown, M.A.
Cynthia Dianne Bullock, M.A.
Kristin Marie Burum, M.A.
Donna Carter, M.A.
Jessica Castro, M.A.
Fernando Martinez Cayabyab, M.A.
Patrick Stone Chapman, M.A.
Whittney Lynn Cheney, M.A.
Jamie LeAnn Coder, M.A.
Brenda Carol Coley-Moody, M.A.
Mary Margaret Colyer, M.A.
Mary Lynn Connor, M.A.
Barbara Michelle Cook, M.A.
Suzette Barney Davis, M.A.
James A. Davis Jr., M.A.
Dawn Miller DeVore, M.A.
John Franklin Dunn IV, M.A.
Pearl Gladys Gail Durand, M.A.
Michelle Mae East, M.A.
Nwanneka Joanna Eke, M.A.
Nataliya S. Fabrje, M.A.
Mark Andrew Fallon, M.A.
Erica Fatigati, M.A.
Heather Sherene Fennell, M.A.
Linda G. Fifer, M.A.
Umeko Reshawn Fountain, M.A.
Julie Gunter Gelegotis, M.A.
Pamela June Godfrey, M.A.
David Gold, M.A.
Jenny Rebecca Graham, M.A.
Mrs. Julietta Guiste, M.A.
Paula Yvette Hayes, M.A.
Cherree Ann Heinrich, M.A.
Mercy Asantewa Holborough, M.A.
Udo O.J Ihim, M.A.
Nnnennaya Uchenna Ikwuagwu, M.A.
Angela Daphane Jackson-Yerby, M.A.
Tiffany Dominique Jefferson, M.A.
Charlene D. Jiles, M.A.
Jennifer R. Johnson, M.A.
Gloria Diann Johnson-Durham-Jones, M.A.
Kristen K. Jones, M.A.
Anette Brenda Keeya, M.A.
Carvell Key-Colbert, M.A.
Brittany Nicole Koenig, M.A.
Dimple S. Krisko, M.A.
Cynthia Elaine Lahr, M.A.
LaDonna Simmons Landmon, M.A.
Laundrena LaPradd-Bradley, M.A.
Beverly Lynn Lee, M.A.
Stefanie A. Lemburg, M.A.
Wendy Leigh Lovelace, M.A.
Paula B. Lynch, M.A.
Kamille Maree Marshall, M.A.
Angerine McCook-Fields, M.A.
Niquita Danielle McPhaul, M.A.
Katie McRoberts, M.A.
Jeremy L. Meek, M.A.
Mario Sandoval Mendoza, M.A.
Brandon A. Migitsch, M.A.
Christina Renee Miller, M.A.
Allison F. Minicz, M.A.
Lynette Ingram Mitchell, M.A.
Trechy Moore, M.A.
Melissa Leilani Morris, M.A.
Gloria Narvaez-Diaz, M.A.
Kwasi Obeng-Diawuoh, M.A.
Boma I. Obunge, M.A.
Ramona Pell, M.A.
Tyree Perez, M.A.
Archine LaRae Perry, M.A.
Ralph G. Perry, M.A.
Louise Gulyas Peuser, M.A.
Joseph Michael Pisano, M.A.
Susan Lynn Polhemus, M.A.
Sarah Kathryn Poling, M.A.
Cheryl Lynn Post, M.A.
Samantha Bushnell Poullard, M.A.
Steven John Prchlik, M.A.
Teffanie Aquira Price, M.A.
Cynthia L. Roberts, M.A.
LaDalea Prestina Robinson, M.A.
Maria LaQuan Robinson, M.A.
Sophia Rodriguez, M.A.
Michelle Lynn Rosbury, M.A.
Gloria A. Salinas, M.A.
Todd Anthony Sann, M.A.
Mary Saunders, M.A.
Shandi Lynne Schulzki-Finck, M.A.
Sarah A. Scott, M.A.
Andrea Patrice Sealey, M.A.
Treacy Lashaun Session, M.A.
Corinne J. Shaffer, M.A.
Kirill Shapiro, M.A.
Crystal Ann Shimono, M.A.
Angela M. Shuta, M.A.
Jenina Nicole Slicer, M.A.
Sheila Diane Smith-Pemberton, M.A.
Katrina-Mae Spencer, M.A.
Elisha Corlean Spires, M.A.
Kara Beth Spooner, M.A.
Falane J. St. Jean, M.A.
Emma L. Staley, M.A.
Lance Sustaita, M.A.
Polly Catarman Tamayo, M.A.
Kerry Lynn Terrien, M.A.
Shamarah J. Thomas-Hutchins, M.A.
Kristen R. Thompson, M.A.
Teresa J. Thurber, M.A.
Donna J. Villagran, M.A.
Brenda K. Walker, M.A.
La’Panthia Michelle Walker, M.A.
Jodi Michelle Watkowski, M.A.
Deborah D. Wells, M.A.
Shannon J. Wells, M.A.
Jo Ann Carter Williams, M.A.
Lynn R. Williams, M.A.
Samantha Lynn Wilson, M.A.
Beronica Loleta Woodson, M.A.
Kelly Gene Clifton, A.A.
Patrick Michael Russ, A.A.
Alan Gerard Abadie, B.A.
Mark Samuel Lawrence Abbott, B.A.
Medina Abdullah, B.A.
Carleen Marie Abercrombie, B.A.
Simone Y. Abreu, B.A.
Rebekah E. Acosta, B.A.
James W. Adair III, B.A.
Jon Carlson Adams, B.A.
Lacey Adams, B.A.
LaTia Renese Adams, B.A.
Nathan Averrett Adkins, B.A.
Agosu Abidemi S., B.A.
Crystal Shunnay Aguilar, B.A.
Timothy Daniel Aguilar, B.A.
Alicia Janette Alcala, B.A.
Oscar Alcala, B.A.
Yazmin Alcala, B.A.
Andres Martinez Alcaraz, B.A.
Diane M. Alden-Manory, B.A.
Russell Paul Aldrich, B.A.
Christina Rochelle Alexander, B.A.
Fatima Alikhan, B.A.
Kristin L. Allen, B.A.
Richard William Allen II, B.A.
Edrick Nashun Alsobrook, B.A.
John L. Alvarado, B.A.
Sarah Madeline Amala, B.A.
Ronald Ray Ammons, B.A.
Lee Robert Ancona, B.A.
Bonnie Breanne Anderson, B.A.
Janet Anderson, B.A.
Maria Elaina Anderson, B.A.
Stephanie Weaver Anderson, B.A.
Torry Evet Anderson, B.A.
Melanie Andrade, B.A.
John Andrews, B.A.
Reginald J. Andrews, B.A.
Michael J. Andriacco, B.A.
Amy G. Aoun, B.A.
Tonyia S. Arellano, B.A.
Arron Tod Ario, B.A.
Jennifer Armiger, B.A.
Sheila Laraine Armour, B.A.
Nereida Arreola, B.A.
Terry Dean Arundale, Jr., B.A.
Monica Atkins, B.A.
Joy D. Atteberry, B.A.
Jonathan Blake Aultman, B.A.
Angela Monica Austin, B.A.
Heidi Austin, B.A.
Nicole Marie Averill, B.A.
Stephanie M. Baessler, B.A.
Mike Bailey, B.A.
Bill Douglas Baker, B.A.
Michelle L. Baker, B.A.
Lisa Balado, B.A.
Brian Charles Ballantine, Jr., B.A.
Lauren Elizabeth Balsamo, B.A.
Caitlin Esther Bandelin, B.A.
Charlotte Marie Banks, B.A.
Lamarka Deondra Banks, B.A.
Maria M. Banks, B.A.
Marla Banks, B.A.
Pamela A. Banks, B.A.
Angelo James Barnett, B.A.
Heike Anita Barnett, B.A.
Nadia Alyssa Barrios, B.A.
Joy Arlene Batemon, B.A.
Sue Ellen Bates, B.A.
Calvin J. Baumann, B.A.
Michelle Cheri Baza, B.A.
Ryan Paul Bebensee, B.A.
Raymond G. Becker, B.A.
Julie Arlene Beesley, B.A.
James William Beland V, B.A.
Althea M. Bell, B.A.
Ryan Gary Bell, B.A.
Lorri M. Benson, B.A.
Brad Benton, B.A.
Krystin Berry, B.A.
Alexander Ted Betts, B.A.
Barry S. Betts, B.A.
Brian S. Beverly, B.A.
Jessica Ann Bielema, B.A.
Lenore A. Biggs, B.A.
Mrs. Taheera J. Bilal-Ali, B.A.
Amy L. Bill, B.A.
Daniel R. Billington II, B.A.
Tiffany Jackson Billiot, B.A.
Terry Ray Blackburn, B.A.
Kyle Kenyon Blacker, B.A.
Suzanne G. Black-Jenkins, B.A.
Jamie Marie Blaha, B.A.
Amber D. Blake, B.A.
Tiffany M. Blake, B.A.
Jacquee Nicole Blakes, B.A.
Alysha Leigh Blakeway, B.A.
Alison Renae Blankenship, B.A.
Peter Blaul, B.A.
Paula Denise Bletcher, B.A.
Melanie Irene Bode, B.A.
Shirley M. Bogues, B.A.
Jeffrey E. Bolen, B.A.
Kathrine Marie Boles, B.A.
Lisa Marie Bolig, B.A.
Ricky Arnell Bond, Jr., B.A.
Dawn Patrice Bookhardt-Bowen, Jr., B.A.
Lea Marie Botter, B.A.
Andre Jacques Bouchard, B.A.
Ashleigh Boyd, B.A.
Katie Marie Boyer, B.A.
Amber Leigh Boyers, B.A.
Gabrielle Chantal Boykins, B.A.
Jennifer Ann Bradshaw, B.A.
Kwamika N. Bradshaw, B.A.
Deirdra Marie Brasch, B.A.
Miranda Nicole Brazier, B.A.
Kristi K. Breder, B.A.
Gabriela Bresciani, B.A.
Sheila Ann Brewster, B.A.
Nicole N. Bright, B.A.
Patricia Lynn Brill, B.A.
Christopher J. Brink, B.A.
Geanine Irene Briscoe, B.A.
Richard Paul Britten, B.A.
Schaefer Latora Brock, B.A.
Laura Lee Brooks, B.A.
Benjamin C. Brorson, B.A.
Lisa A. Brotherton, B.A.
Cheryl Denise Brown, B.A.
Cynthia S. Brown, B.A.
Elizabeth J. Brown, B.A.
Karen L. Brown, B.A.
Larry Oneal Brown, B.A.
Lenister D. Brown, B.A.
Loren Lee Brown, B.A.
Matisha D. Brown, B.A.
Robin Denise Brown, B.A.
Victoria Nicole Brown, B.A.
Cecilia Edwina Bruce, B.A.
Linda A. Bruce, B.A.
Lydia E. Brunner, B.A.
Ann Marie Bryan, B.A.
Barbara Bryant, B.A.
Daniel Vincent Bulla, B.A.
Steven M. Burge, B.A.
Aimee A. Burke, B.A.
Rowena Sandra-Hammond Burkett, B.A.
Crystal Burns, B.A.
Ryan Patrick Burns, B.A.
Tuere A. Burns, B.A.
Kati M. Burres, B.A.
Teri Anne Burris, B.A.
Janice M. Burton, B.A.
Daphne Sheryl Byler, B.A.
Kristin M. Cabala, B.A.
Ebbie I. Cabrera, B.A.
Christine L. Cain, B.A.
Sindy Mae Calhoun, B.A.
Avis D. Calhoun, B.A.
Tamara Kerry-Ann Campbell, B.A.
Casey T. Candaele, B.A.
Debra L. Caprella, B.A.
Michael Caravia, B.A.
Renee Nicole Carberry, B.A.
Alondria L. Carey, B.A.
Sarah Carey, B.A.
Hanna Mikhalkova Carlson, B.A.
Deborah Carlton, B.A.
Heather Dawn Carman, B.A.
Stepheni R. Carman, B.A.
Kylie J. Carpenter, B.A.
Sara Ann Carrier, B.A.
Julie N. Carrigan, B.A.
Joann Turner Carroll, B.A.
Deborah F. Carruthers, B.A.
Courtney Manda Carter, B.A.
Lulamae Carter, B.A.
Shannon L. Cassel, B.A.
Francisco Jose Castano, B.A.
Trina Castelli, B.A.
Cardinal D. Castillo, B.A.
Juan Joel Castro, B.A.
Manuel L. Caudillo IV, B.A.
Juan Martin Cedillo, B.A.
Felecia B. Ceglio, B.A.
Amanda Cervetti, B.A.
Esthesia Esther Ceus, B.A.
Jermal Chambers, B.A.
Chester A. Chandler II, B.A.
Leigh Renee Mitchell Chavarria, B.A.
Huyau Chen, B.A.
Larrie Charles Cherrey, B.A.
Amy Lorraine Chesla, B.A.
Barbara Chester-Smith, B.A.
Scott Alan Child, B.A.
Aron H. Ching, B.A.
Justin Chmiel, B.A.
Sherry L. Christensen, B.A.
Nicole Lynne Cicchini, B.A.
Elizabeth Claiborne, B.A.
Cody Lewis Clark, B.A.
Michael D. Clark, B.A.
Nedra Danielle Clark, B.A.
Todd A. Clark, B.A.
Shauna M. Clarke, B.A.
Joseph Wesley Cleary, B.A.
Cecelia A. Cohron, B.A.
Jamie H. Colacecchi, B.A.
Brian Colatrella, B.A.
Antionette Roshell Cole, B.A.
Kaylene R. Cole, B.A.
April Elaine Coleman, B.A.
Faye H. Collier, B.A.
Tanequia Shante Collier, B.A.
Michael R. Collings, B.A.
Debborah T. Perez Collins, B.A.
LaVera Elain Collins, B.A.
Jose L. Colon, B.A.
Heather M. Combs, B.A.
Richard C. Confer, Jr., B.A.
Billy M. Conner II, B.A.
Jessica Leigh Conolly, B.A.
Denise Cook, B.A.
Tiffney Ann Cook, B.A.
Lori Ann Cooper, B.A.
Christine D. Cooper, B.A.
Frederick W. Cooper, B.A.
Jo Ann Cooper, B.A.
Vera P. Coppola, B.A.
Theresa Louise Corbin, B.A.
Michael Eric Corbitt, B.A.
Ross J. Cordova, B.A.
Martha Josefina Cornelio, B.A.
Darlene Rose Cornell, B.A.
Lucas Corriea, B.A.
Ana L. Cortes, B.A.
Jeran Courtney, B.A.
Candace Marie Cox, B.A.
Tamonda L. Crawford, B.A.
Theresa Aileen Crawford, B.A.
Sherry Lynne Creighton, B.A.
Jemice Crews, B.A.
Charles David Crooks Jr., B.A.
Tricia Cross, B.A.
Elizabeth Aburto Cuevas, B.A.
Peter A. Cumming, B.A.
Georgene M. Cunningham, B.A.
John K. Curry III, B.A.
Tyson Curtis, B.A.
Crystal Brady Cyr, B.A.
Sherri Ann Dace, B.A.
Edward R. Dalton, B.A.
Robin Renee Dalziel, B.A.
Jackie L. Damon, B.A.
Rena L. Danley, B.A.
Joseph R. Dashek, B.A.
Byron Ashley Davis, B.A.
Adam L. Davis, B.A.
Armand D’Angelo Davis, B.A.
Carlisa Enoschia Davis, B.A.
John Alexander Paul Davis, B.A.
Joseph Quzinell Davis, B.A.
Melanie A. Davis, B.A.
Selina Elizabeth Davis, B.A.
Sharon Marie Davis, B.A.
Mark De Leon, B.A.
Adam C.D. Dean, B.A.
Floyd James Dearing, B.A.
Ellen Griggs DeFoor, B.A.
Sabrina R. DeLeon, B.A.
Ari Alexander Delgado, B.A.
Ryan Paul Delgado, B.A.
Tanisha S. Denson, B.A.
Janet DePuy, B.A.
LeAnna C. DeRoss, B.A.
Teressa Marnai DeVose, B.A.
Shannon Kathleene Dewbre, B.A.
Valerie D. Dickson, B.A.
Amanda Gail Diggs, B.A.
William S. Dimmitt, B.A.
Omar J. diNingrat, B.A.
David Henry Licuanan Dithmer, B.A.
Jami Suzanne Dolan, B.A.
Delores K. Doll, B.A.
Michelle Lorraine Domecki, B.A.
Dion Monet Dorado, B.A.
Andrew Keith Dorcas, B.A.
Endia Shari Dorsett, B.A.
Salena Mae Dorsey, B.A.
Lloyd Antonio Dotson, B.A.
Lisa Douglas, B.A.
Ashleigh Dowd, B.A.
Sheila Yvette Doyle, B.A.
Elaina Ann Drake, B.A.
Nathan Colby Drost, B.A.
Cassandra Druhl, B.A.
Patricia Ann Dube, B.A.
Jessica N. Duenas, B.A.
Cristin M. Duffy, B.A.
Tiffany A. Dukette-Sausville, B.A.
Kevin Dwayne Dumas, B.A.
Quentora S. Dumas, B.A.
Lakesha Brown Dumes, B.A.
Christine Marie Duncan, B.A.
Bradley C. Dunham, B.A.
Tonya Michelle Dunham, B.A.
Sharon Durrett, B.A.
Jessica L.P. Dwight, B.A.
Theresa Dyer, B.A.
Amber Dzodan, B.A.
Eva Marie C. East, B.A.
Ronald Andrea Eddings, B.A.
Linda A. Edwards, B.A.
Daniel Lee Eifert, B.A.
Anthony Lee Eldridge, Jr., B.A.
Michael Roy Elkins, B.A.
Aldrea Vinette Ellis, B.A.
Carlota Antonia Endinger, B.A.
Richard B. Engleby, B.A.
Ryan Russell Erickson, B.A.
Paul Daniel Errico, B.A.
Andrea Elizabeth Ertle, B.A.
Daniel L. Ervin, B.A.
George Escalante, B.A.
Erick A. EscalantePumagualle, B.A.
Dionysia Jowana Essick-Tyson, B.A.
Katherine Kay Estrada, B.A.
B. Christopher Evans, B.A.
Genetta Evans, B.A.
Kayla L. Evans, B.A.
Mark Christian Evitts, B.A.
Janel Cox Ezernack, B.A.
Allison Paula Faas, B.A.
Gerald Leon Facer, B.A.
Annette Fagan, B.A.
Luma Zaid Fahoum, B.A.
Xavier Antwan Fairley, B.A.
Valerie Fales, B.A.
Pamela Y. Fantroy, B.A.
Kimberly Dashana Fears, B.A.
Jimmy Federico, B.A.
Jesse C. Feliciani, B.A.
Misty Weedon Fields, B.A.
Brock Haven Findlay, B.A.
David Christopher Findlay, B.A.
Rachel Renee Finkhaus, B.A.
Darlis K. Fite, B.A.
Todd Christopher Fletchall, B.A.
Samantha Anne Flook, B.A.
Noelle E. Flores-Smith, B.A.
Hugh E. Flournoy, Jr., B.A.
Richard V. Flowers II, B.A.
Ms. Carlier L. Floyd, B.A.
David James Forbes, B.A.
Joel Damien Ford, B.A.
Tonya M. Ford, B.A.
Melanie Kristen Forde, B.A.
Brian Thomas Forrest, B.A.
Alyson Rae Foss-Mitchell, B.A.
Kia Melissa Foster, B.A.
Rebecca L. Foster, B.A.
Cathy Fox, B.A.
Kenneth Carlton Fox, B.A.
Renee A. Frahm, B.A.
Christine M. Francis, B.A.
Karri Ann Francisco, B.A.
Beverly Ann Frazier, B.A.
Jeannene Frazier, B.A.
Shaan Michael French, Sr., B.A.
Desiree Antonia Frescki, B.A.
Jonathan William Friar, B.A.
James F. Frisk, B.A.
Janina Fagatiai Fuimaono, B.A.
Jo Ann Furr, B.A.
Christina Heather Gabriel, B.A.
Samantha Lorraine Galang, B.A.
Amanda Galetka, B.A.
Lisa M. Gallacher, B.A.
Frank Daniel Gallagher, B.A.
Jessica Dawn Gallagher, B.A.
Tara L. Gallahan, B.A.
Chad Albert Galloway, B.A.
Christopher J. Galvez, B.A.
Dameon Anthony Garber, B.A.
Lisa Denise Garcia, B.A.
Jennifer Renee Garland, B.A.
Angie Sue Gaudet, B.A.
Nanelle Marie Gebert, B.A.
Dale Curtis Gehman, B.A.
Mary Gellhause, B.A.
Hilary A. Gentry, B.A.
Ramona Faith Gibson, B.A.
Deborah W. Gillespie, B.A.
Michelle Ann Gilliam, B.A.
Malisa J. Gillum, B.A.
Cashus G. Gilman, B.A.
James K. Glover, B.A.
John Ryan Godfrey, B.A.
Greg A. Gold, B.A.
Dennis Mason Gomer, B.A.
Carissa L. Gomez, B.A.
Julie Antoinette Gonzalez, B.A.
Nicole Denise Goodnight, B.A.
Marie D. Gordon, B.A.
Amanda J. Grace, B.A.
Bradley J. Graf, B.A.
Darrell E. Graham, B.A.
Patricia Grant, B.A.
Jaclyn Josie Gray, B.A.
Mark C. Greaves, B.A.
Andrew Paul Green, B.A.
Gayle Yvonne Green, B.A.
Johanna Maureen Green, B.A.
Kelly Dawn Green, B.A.
Robin Ray Green, B.A.
Ryan Patrick Green, B.A.
Shawnta Rena Green, B.A.
Tanisha Green, B.A.
Thomas A. Green, B.A.
John L. Green, Jr., B.A.
Matthew William Greene, B.A.
Ashley Camille Miller, B.A.
Zachary Bryant Griffin III, B.A.
Dorothy Maria Griffin-Foster, B.A.
Travis Groseclose, B.A.
Angela Marie Grover, B.A.
Garrett Howell Grubb, Jr., B.A.
Ali D. Guitron, B.A.
Julene Gulachok, B.A.
Janis Gummel, B.A.
Whitney Andréa Wallace Gurrola, B.A.
Therese Guyton-Harris, B.A.
Carrie Lynn Guzman, B.A.
Jennifer Lynn Haag, B.A.
Dustin John Hagemann, B.A.
Iman E. Hainesworth, B.A.
Kimberly J. Haley, B.A.
Kayla Brianne Hall, B.A.
Kenna Nicole Hall, B.A.
Lauren Kathleen Hall, B.A.
Nicole Starr Hamilton, B.A.
Serena Lynn Hamilton, B.A.
Deborah Michelle Hammonds, B.A.
Michael Handley, B.A.
Jason H. Hannah, B.A.
Amy Lindsey Hansen, B.A.
Jeff M. Hansen, B.A.
Kelly M. Hanson, B.A.
William Yukio Hara, B.A.
Justin W. Harlon, B.A.
Camreon Maceo Dalton Harris, B.A.
Chad Byron Harris, B.A.
Steven N. Harris, B.A.
Terrell D. Harris, B.A.
Tiaj Galen Harris, B.A.
Twili Harris, B.A.
Lester B. Hart, B.A.
Sarah J. Hart, B.A.
Stephanie L. Hartman, B.A.
Carolann Hartmann, B.A.
Mark A. Hartung, B.A.
Mark Lawrence Haryslak, B.A.
Tresia Lynne Hassan, B.A.
Jace Allen Hassoldt, B.A.
Clifford B. Hatchett, B.A.
Rebecca Elizabeth Hatley, B.A.
Laura Jean Hauer, B.A.
Jason Andrew Hawkins, B.A.
Charles Justin Hawthorne, B.A.
Julie Hays, B.A.
William Harold Hearn, B.A.
Michael B. Heath, B.A.
Angela Charpentier Hebert, B.A.
Brian Alan Heller, B.A.
Becky Henderson, B.A.
Lisa Scott Henderson, B.A.
Lisa Lynn Hendricks-Mongtomery, B.A.
Della Christina Henry, B.A.
Lauren Elizabeth Cobb Hensley, B.A.
Maria Teresa Heredia, B.A.
Cheryl L. Hernandez, B.A.
Jaye J. Hess, B.A.
Marc J. Heyl, B.A.
Justin Guerard Heyward, B.A.
Debra Lee Hickman, B.A.
Krista B. Hicks, B.A.
Justin Hill, B.A.
Patricia A. Hill-Davidson, B.A.
Stephen M. Hinkle, B.A.
Chad J. Hobbs, B.A.
Amanda Rose Hofmann, B.A.
Viola Marie Hogan, B.A.
Kelly A. Holland, B.A.
Michelle Celeste Hollar, B.A.
John Barclay Holliday, B.A.
Amy D.H. Holloway, B.A.
Kelly Yvonne Holmberg, B.A.
Samuel Holmes, B.A.
Stephanie Ann Holtane, B.A.
David A. Hoover, B.A.
Albert C. Hopper IV, B.A.
Christopher Adam Hord, B.A.
Russell Horman, B.A.
Jennifer Horrocks-Milligan, B.A.
Casey Horton, B.A.
Cornelius Barnard Howard, B.A.
Theba Lattin Howell, B.A.
Shirley Hughes, B.A.
Tricia Lynne Humphrey, B.A.
Daniel Calvin Hunt, B.A.
Dawn M. Hunt, B.A.
Patricia E. Hunter-Norris, B.A.
Leah S. Hurd, B.A.
Joann Luella Hurt, B.A.
James M. Hutchinson, B.A.
Joseph Bradley Hutchinson, B.A.
Alma Natasha Hymes, B.A.
Joseph Robert Irelan, B.A.
KimKiela E. Ivory, B.A.
Julia Ivory-Woods, B.A.
Michael C. Ivy, B.A.
Rita Jackisch-Pawlak, B.A.
David Lester Jackson, B.A.
Melanie Dawn Jackson, B.A.
Monica M. Jackson, B.A.
Nicholas Lee Jackson, B.A.
Venus Renee Jacob, B.A.
Christopher Michael Jacobs, B.A.
Lisa Marie Jacobs, B.A.
Sirisha Nandini Jala, B.A.
Kemyetta James/Shaw, B.A.
Delores Janeway, B.A.
Diana K. Jannuzzi, B.A.
Jennifer Lynn Jarosz, B.A.
Lori Angelia Jarvis, B.A.
Jairo A. Javier, B.A.
Michael John Jedrzejek, B.A.
Iyesha Natea Jenkins, B.A.
Mrs. Miriam S. Ware Jenkins, B.A.
Ja’Moni La’Quinton De’Karr Jennings, B.A.
Kristie L. Jensen, B.A.
Cynthia Latrice Jeter, B.A.
Christopher B. Johnson, B.A.
Angela Crystal Johnson, B.A.
Angela Maria Johnson, B.A.
Brandi N. Johnson, B.A.
Chanel Tess Johnson, B.A.
Elizabeth Renee Johnson, B.A.
Jeremy C. Johnson, B.A.
Kristina Victoria Johnson, B.A.
Latonya Johnson, B.A.
Lindsey Morales Johnson, B.A.
Natasha Johnson, B.A.
Noreen Norton Johnson, B.A.
Phillip J. Johnson, B.A.
Randy Lee Johnson, B.A.
Suzanne Marie Johnson, B.A.
William Curtis Johnson, B.A.
Mary Ann Johnson-Duncan, B.A.
Andrew P. Johnston, B.A.
Ranisha C. Upton-Jones, B.A.
Brooks Christopher Jones, B.A.
Chastity Marie Jones, B.A.
Cynthia Johnson Jones, B.A.
Linval Osbourne Jones, B.A.
Renee V. Jones, B.A.
Sherri L. Jones, B.A.
Stephanie Denise Jones, B.A.
John David Jones II, B.A.
Katie Lynn Jordan, B.A.
Susan Jane Jordan, B.A.
Bernadette Joseph, B.A.
Rodenay Joseph, B.A.
Joshua Rawdon, B.A.
Maggie Kalisek, B.A.
Kelly Erin Karr, B.A.
Krista Marie Kaspar, B.A.
Jessica Lynne Katz, B.A.
Rio Marcelle Katzenstein-Coenen, B.A.
Stephanie Rose Kearney-Quilling, B.A.
Courtney B. Keating, B.A.
Jennifer Marie Keating, B.A.
Vincent L. Kee, B.A.
Kimberly R. Keith, B.A.
Christopher Dan Kelley, B.A.
Carly Anne Kelly, B.A.
Michael Sean Kelly, B.A.
Sean A.L. Kelly, B.A.
Benjamin A. Kelso, B.A.
Lameka A. Kendrick, B.A.
Kristin Kennedy, B.A.
Carrie L Kidd, B.A.
Ryan M. Kievit, B.A.
Michelle M. Skiba Kiggins, B.A.
Brian D. Kilday, B.A.
Ester Hana Kim, B.A.
Gloria Matondo Kimbwala, B.A.
Bonnie D. KIng, B.A.
Harold Jarvis King, B.A.
Kenyatta Shanell King, B.A.
Tara McDermott Kissling, B.A.
Mrs. Judy Ann Kline, B.A.
Olivia J. Klotz, B.A.
Thomas Howard Klutts, B.A.
Karen L. Knight, B.A.
Reeser Marie Knight, B.A.
Wendi M. Knight, B.A.
Myra Kathryn Knox, B.A.
Amy H. Kodera, B.A.
John Richard Kopp, B.A.
June Kraholik-Owens, B.A.
Shawna M. Kralicek, B.A.
Amos Sentumbwe Kulumba, B.A.
Dana S. Kuziel, B.A.
Brenda Ladd, B.A.
Derek Dean LaFitte, B.A.
Shane A. LaGrone, B.A.
Carley R. Lamb, B.A.
Sheila Lynn Lambert, B.A.
Stephanie Lynn Lambert, B.A.
Paula Renee Lamboy, B.A.
Travis L. Larson, B.A.
Terrica C. Lashley, B.A.
Joseph C. Lausier, B.A.
Cassandra Dee Keller, B.A.
Kelssey V. Layton, B.A.
Paula M. LeBlanc, B.A.
Heloise Hegar Lebow, B.A.
Corretta Vantressa Lee, B.A.
Jeffrey Lee, B.A.
Kerell Lee, B.A.
Brian James Leitch, B.A.
Stephanie L. Lentell, B.A.
Ernestine Leonard-Graham, B.A.
Awilda Bequi Leuck, B.A.
Earnest Lewis, B.A.
Keysa Jonette Lewis, B.A.
Jackeline I. Lewis, B.A.
Jonathan Stewart Lincoln, B.A.
Darlene Valadez Lindsay, B.A.
Norman L. Lineback, Jr., B.A.
John J. Liuzza, B.A.
Lisa J. Livingston, B.A.
Jason J. Lockett, B.A.
Janice S. Logsdone, B.A.
Ronald Anthony Lomeli, B.A.
Don Love, B.A.
Derrick Lovette, B.A.
Tina Lowenbein, B.A.
Josephine Dolores Lucero, B.A.
Victoria Lucio, B.A.
Joseph Leon Lumpkins, B.A.
Terry L. Luzader, B.A.
Karli Ann Lyles, B.A.
Laura Taylor Lyman, B.A.
Tiffani C. Mabray, B.A.
Neil Wellington Mac Donald, B.A.
Chandra Marie Macias, B.A.
Michael S. Mack, B.A.
Deborah Macklin, B.A.
Maria G. Magana, B.A.
James R. Maggard, B.A.
Justin R. Maglaya, B.A.
Elisabeth K. Maguda, B.A.
Erin Gray Maher, B.A.
Robert L. Mai, Jr, B.A.
Christopher Joseph Maks, B.A.
Jemima Malacara, B.A.
Lucy J. Malsom, B.A.
David Douglas Manske, B.A.
Nadine Rae Marcos, B.A.
Cody Paul Marcus, B.A.
Rebecca Marikano, B.A.
Steven Ray Marlette, B.A.
Gregorio Marquez, Jr., B.A.
Rosie Marsh, B.A.
Christie Oliviann Martin, B.A.
Kelly Lynn Pastorius Martin, B.A.
Rachel A. Martin, B.A.
Jamie A. Martinez, B.A.
Jennifer R. Martinez, B.A.
Catherine Karol Martinsen, B.A.
Joseph Thomas Martonosi III, B.A.
Brenda Randall Masey, B.A.
Lane F. Massey, B.A.
Monica Nicole Matje, B.A.
Allison Nita Matney, B.A.
Jelani Omari Matthews, B.A.
Kylie Nicole Matthews, B.A.
Ria Noelle Matthews, B.A.
Daniella K. Mattioli Knight, B.A.
Manessa M. Maxwell, B.A.
Schae A. Maxwell, B.A.
Lakitha Renee Mayes, B.A.
Lois Lorraine Webb Mayfield, B.A.
Andrew Anthony Mazza, B.A.
Matthew Allen McCarty, B.A.
Danielle McClarin, B.A.
Christopher T. McClary, Sr., B.A.
Pamela Lee McCorkle, B.A.
Mica D. McCoy, B.A.
Michael P. McCue, B.A.
Cynthia Ann McDeid, B.A.
Dorian J. McElwee, B.A.
Brittany McEwen, B.A.
Sheri McGee, B.A.
Jeremy S. McGill, B.A.
Chad Michael McGowan, B.A.
Perry M. McGrath, B.A.
Amy B. McHugh, B.A.
Jodi McKeever, B.A.
Doris R. McKnight, B.A.
Britten A. McLain, B.A.
Bret Michael McLaughlin, B.A.
Cynthia Irene McLaurin-Geralds, B.A.
James Travis McMahan, B.A.
Gary M. Meade, B.A.
Anthony Julian Meadows, B.A.
John William Meck, B.A.
Wanda Medero, B.A.
Kenneth R. Medlock, B.A.
Beverly Herndon Meetze, B.A.
Syril Dee Melvin III, B.A.
Adela Mendoza, B.A.
William Kent Menefee, B.A.
Jarrod Paul Mercadante, B.A.
Katherine Marie Messerschmitt, B.A.
Karen Angella Meyer, B.A.
Aby Meza, B.A.
LeVar Demond Michael, B.A.
Daniel Michel, B.A.
Robin Miles-Pierre, B.A.
Shannon Lynn Miller, B.A.
Betsy Vargas Miller, B.A.
Dana L. Miller, B.A.
Daniel Miller, B.A.
Rebecca D. Miller, B.A.
Burke A. Mills, B.A.
Daisy Millsaps, B.A.
William J. Minik, B.A.
Vilma Farida Miranda, B.A.
Zettica Lashonda Mitchell, B.A.
Shirlanda Mitchell, B.A.
Delon Troy Moffitt, B.A.
Tina Mohseni, B.A.
Ignacio Mojica-Santana, B.A.
Jeffrey Heith Montgomery, B.A.
Natacha R. Montgomery, B.A.
David P. Montoya, Jr., B.A.
Diana Moore, B.A.
Francina P. Moore, B.A.
Lawrence W. Morando, B.A.
Christopher Ray Morgan, B.A.
Melanie Kee Morris, B.A.
Yvette T. Morris, B.A.
Joseph M. Morton, B.A.
Theresa A. Morton, B.A.
Julie Cathleen Moses, B.A.
Diana M. Moss, B.A.
Andrew Mouse, B.A.
Stefan Mueller, B.A.
Nelson Muhammad, B.A.
Laura Rockett Mulanax, B.A.
Scott Charles Mullen, B.A.
Lorenza Nohemi Muro, B.A.
Brooke Christina Murphey, B.A.
Gail Maria Murphy, B.A.
Michael Todd Murphy, B.A.
Elizabeth F. Myers, B.A.
Raymond J. Myers, B.A.
Samantha Tristan Myers, B.A.
Jerry L. Myers, Jr., B.A.
John Fredrick Neal, B.A.
Clifford M. Nelson, B.A.
Elena C. Nelson, B.A.
Jennifer Laticia Nelson, B.A.
Kelly Marie Nelson, B.A.
Laura Elizabeth Nelson, B.A.
Le Anna Nicole Nelson, B.A.
Pedro Eltino Nelson, B.A.
Kathleen J. Neubert, B.A.
Devan Jamar Newman, B.A.
Jessica Nichole Newport, B.A.
Tianay Dorshema Nicholson-Geathers, B.A.
Trina L. Noble, B.A.
Krystle M. Nombrano, B.A.
Amy Nicole Noonan-Miramontes, B.A.
Jordan Josiah Nuss, B.A.
David Hamilton Nuttall, B.A.
Katherine Jeanne Nuttall, B.A.
Danny D. Oaks II, B.A.
Kristen Claire Obenchain, B.A.
Sean Patrick O’Conner, B.A.
Gwen Offerman, B.A.
Amber Rochelle Oldham, B.A.
Timothy Adrian Oliver, B.A.
Sharisse Olsen, B.A.
Jonathan Eric Olson, B.A.
Mary Elizabeth Olson, B.A.
Rebecca R. Olson, B.A.
Belinda A. O’Neil Sherman, B.A.
Bryan Robert Orr, B.A.
Geovani Roger Ortega, B.A.
Rachel Lorraine Ortiz, B.A.
Ronald W. Oschner, B.A.
Sandra H. Outten, B.A.
Donald B. Owens, B.A.
Larry James Owens, B.A.
Erika J. Pace, B.A.
Cynthia Kay Padilla, B.A.
Dana L. Padilla, B.A.
Deborah Kay Page, B.A.
LaToya J. Page, B.A.
William Lawrence Page, B.A.
Eric R. Painter, B.A.
Eric Palmer, B.A.
Janice E. Panaro, B.A.
Mark Alan Pardee, B.A.
Wendell D. Parham, B.A.
Jutta Antje Parks, B.A.
Brett John Parvin, B.A.
Theresa Patrick, B.A.
Cameron J. Paul, B.A.
Elizabeth Anne Peaslee, B.A.
Jaime Rosbel Peña, Jr., B.A.
Fabian Perales, B.A.
Daniel R. Pesnell, B.A.
Corey M. Peterson, B.A.
Elizabeth Mirelez Peterson, B.A.
Scott D. Peterson, B.A.
Travis M. Pettegrew, B.A.
Tamiko M. Petty, B.A.
Julie Phan, B.A.
Lorena Phelan, B.A.
Chase Philipp, B.A.
Beverly A. Phillips, B.A.
Derek Blaine Phillips, B.A.
Serrina Lenette Phillips, B.A.
James Eugene Pittman, B.A.
Danny Pitts, B.A.
Jared Daniel Pitts, B.A.
Lois Patton Plale, B.A.
Lisa A. Plate, B.A.
Sabra Desiree Pope, B.A.
Vancamp J. Popese, B.A.
Phyllis Ann Poynter, B.A.
Barbara S. Pratt, B.A.
La’Kendra LaShey Presley, B.A.
Genta Prifti, B.A.
Cristina Maria Pulido-Lopez, B.A.
Cynthia Anna Pulling, B.A.
Amy Lynn Purvis, B.A.
Ame’ F. Quinn, B.A.
Amber Nicole Racer, B.A.
Sammi L. Ragsdale, B.A.
Stacy J. Rainey, B.A.
Brenda Marie Ramirez, B.A.
Jennifer Michele Ramirez, B.A.
Jessica Andrea Ramones, B.A.
Andrea M. Ratliff, B.A.
Betty Ann Ray, B.A.
Ellen Logan Redd, B.A.
Tamala Redding, B.A.
Jaime L. Redpath, B.A.
Samantha Reed, B.A.
Coreen Ann Rees, B.A.
Erica J. Reeves, B.A.
Richard Andrew Reeves Jr., B.A.
Letty Lynn Regan, B.A.
Tracy L. Reichow, B.A.
Tamara L. Retter, B.A.
Melissa Hogue Reynolds, B.A.
LaWanda A. Rhodes, B.A.
Kathryn Richey, B.A.
Tara Dee Richmond, B.A.
Rockford Michael Rickard, B.A.
Cheryl Dianne Ridder-Wade, B.A.
Jamie Leigh Fain Riddle, B.A.
Jerry Lewis Riddle II, B.A.
Zachary David Rideout, B.A.
Dionne T. Riggins, B.A.
Toni R. Riggs, B.A.
James Ervin Riley, B.A.
Lucie A. Riley, B.A.
Lori Cooke Ritter, B.A.
Kevin Ivan Rivera, B.A.
Yolanda Rivera, B.A.
Derrick L. Roanoke, B.A.
James Edward Roberson, B.A.
Catherine Elaine Roberts, B.A.
Darsi Roberts, B.A.
Nicole R. Roberts, B.A.
Rachael D. Roberts, B.A.
Joseph David Robinson, B.A.
Artecia Nicole Robinson, B.A.
Dwayne Robinson, B.A.
Reaina Janell Robinson, B.A.
Tracey L. Robinson, B.A.
Michelle Sarah Robles, B.A.
Valerie Lynn Rochon, B.A.
Tina Nicole Rockwell, B.A.
Alexis Rodriguez, B.A.
Anjelica Y. Rodriguez, B.A.
Felix Rodriguez, B.A.
Jesus Gabriel Rodriguez, Jr., B.A.
Angelique T. Rogers, B.A.
Howard Anthony Rogers, B.A.
Kyle D. Rogers, B.A.
LaToya Nicole Rogers, B.A.
Shamika Ockenteva Rogers, B.A.
Mary Ann Rojas, B.A.
Dennis James Rolle, B.A.
Jane A. Romack, B.A.
Matthew Alexander Roman, B.A.
Theresa H. Romard, B.A.
Alex Steve Romero, B.A.
Elizabeth Romero, B.A.
Charles Thomas Roney, B.A.
Noal Cameron Roos, B.A.
Tiffany Marie Roper, B.A.
Paul A. Rose, B.A.
Laura K. Rosenberg, B.A.
Christina E. Rosenthal, B.A.
Bonnie K. Rowan, B.A.
Amanda J. Rowe, B.A.
Timothy S. Royer, B.A.
Mary Frances Royster, B.A.
Ewa Maria Rozanski, B.A.
Rebecca A. Rozger, B.A.
Zachary Michael Ruemelin, B.A.
Brian Zachariah Octavian Rugg, B.A.
Alvin D. Ruiz, B.A.
Erika Elizabeth Ruiz, B.A.
Karen Daveen Ruiz, B.A.
Janis K. Russell, B.A.
Gregory Miguel Saddler, B.A.
Stephanie M. Saiz, B.A.
Anna Marie Salamasina, B.A.
Joanna Lynette Sallows, B.A.
Chelsey M. Samide, B.A.
Erica Ann Sanchez, B.A.
Cynthia Dawn Sanders, B.A.
David Scott Sanders, B.A.
Lawrence Lamar Sanders, Jr., B.A.
Pamela Marie Sanford, B.A.
Franci Inze Sanner, B.A.
Judith Santana-Gray, B.A.
Linda S. Santos, B.A.
Roberto Santos, B.A.
Nicholas David Sauble, B.A.
Dorothy R. Savage, B.A.
Chantel Elizabeth Savoy, B.A.
Stephen Kale Saylor, B.A.
Kelly Scaduto, B.A.
Eddie J. Scarberry, B.A.
K. Joy Schafer, B.A.
Mary A. Scheelar, B.A.
Stefan James Scheuermann, B.A.
Lynde Schlichter, B.A.
Keven F. Schloemp, B.A.
Paul Joseph Schmick, B.A.
April Melody Schmidt, B.A.
Kathleen K. Schmidt, B.A.
Sarah Jo Schmidt, B.A.
Erin J. Schneider, B.A.
Sherri Lee Schnipke, B.A.
Holly Schwieger-Hoak, B.A.
Alihaja Dewitt Scott, B.A.
Angelina Yvette Scott, B.A.
Felicia Scott, B.A.
Tamika S. Scott-Green, B.A.
Wanda L. Sears-Crane, B.A.
Chad K. Seibert, B.A.
Janel Renee Sellitri, B.A.
Celeste E. Serrano, B.A.
Natalia Serrano, B.A.
Anthony James Sewer, B.A.
Zakareyah Hisham Shaaban, B.A.
Elayne M. Shamitz, B.A.
Christie Lee Sharda, B.A.
Vincent Lee Sharp II, B.A.
Hoda Khadre Shaughnessy, B.A.
Leslie H. Shaw, B.A.
Tracey Farrar Shearer, B.A.
Ponce D. Shepard, B.A.
Victoria Lea Shepard, B.A.
Milton Shields, Jr., B.A.
Matthew Shiff, B.A.
Kenya Nikole Shiloh, B.A.
Jamie Rae Shimabukuro, B.A.
Audra Jean Shipley, B.A.
Aaron John Shultz, B.A.
Joyce L. Shutts, B.A.
Ramzie L. Siebuhr, B.A.
Tamara S. Sieja, B.A.
Samantha Margaret Silva, B.A.
Victoria Noel Silva, B.A.
Samuel Simmons, B.A.
Keisha S. Simon, B.A.
DeYonka J. Sims, B.A.
Megan K. Sims, B.A.
Napoleon Sirbu, B.A.
Summer Shantell Slayton, B.A.
Robert Wayne Sloan, B.A.
Richard J. Slusser II, B.A.
Amanda Sue Smith, B.A.
Diana Lynn Smith, B.A.
Gloriel Shartel Smith, B.A.
Jamie R. Smith, B.A.
Kathy D. Smith, B.A.
Katie A. Smith, B.A.
Lisa Nevoya Smith, B.A.
Lynda Michelle Smith, B.A.
Timothy L. Smith, B.A.
Todd R. Smith, B.A.
Van Travis Smith, B.A.
Vernon Lee Smith, B.A.
S. Scott Smith III, B.A.
Matthew Michael Smolley, B.A.
Matthew R. Snead, B.A.
Chris Snyder, B.A.
Samuel L. Snyder, B.A.
Jake Sokol, B.A.
Kirsten Eileen Soler, B.A.
Patricia C. Spears, B.A.
Douglas Charles Speeckaert, B.A.
Janet Lynn Spencer, B.A.
Jessica Renae Sphon, B.A.
Nicholas Michael Spinelli, B.A.
Jeremy Keith Spray, B.A.
Tiffenie D. Spriggs, B.A.
Laurie Squyres, B.A.
Richard Lee Sroka, B.A.
Denise Elizabeth Stachel, B.A.
Jai La’Quandra Stanley, B.A.
Benjamin R. Stephens, B.A.
Linda D. Stephens, B.A.
Robert Lee Stephens, Jr., B.A.
Dorothy S. Stevenson, B.A.
Rodrick Wesley Stevenson, B.A.
James Leroy Stewart, B.A.
Russell Duane Stewart, B.A.
Emily Caitlin Stone, B.A.
Lynne Susan Strembel, B.A.
LaKisha M. Strong, B.A.
Adriane Bernice Strother, B.A.
Diana Gayle Stuart, B.A.
Brett Daniel Sullivan, B.A.
Cara L. Sullivan, B.A.
Deborah Sullivan, B.A.
Shana A. Sullivan, B.A.
Patrick King Sullivan II, B.A.
Britni L. Summerville, B.A.
Frank Anton Supinski, B.A.
Michelle Dawn Sutherland, B.A.
Kelly Swaby, B.A.
Darin L. Swedenborg, B.A.
Wanda Swim Strunk, B.A.
Jason M. Talmage, B.A.
Victoria H. Tatum, B.A.
Dionne Taylor, B.A.
Damita Lela Taylor, B.A.
Michael Alan Taylor, B.A.
Stacy D. Taylor, B.A.
Stephanie Petrea Taylor, B.A.
Stacy J. Taylor-Jones, B.A.
Lisa I. TenBusschen, B.A.
Scott Wheaton Terebesi, B.A.
Stacey Lynn Lewis Terpsma, B.A.
Fikre Tesfaye, B.A.
Theresa L. Thaxton, B.A.
Gina Charlise Thomas, B.A.
Jason Andrew Thomas, B.A.
Jessica Thomas, B.A.
Katie L. Thomas, B.A.
Loretta J. Thomas, B.A.
Nyssa Grace Thomassen, B.A.
Cheryl Lynn Thome, B.A.
David E. Thompson, B.A.
Lindsey Rae Thompson, B.A.
Pat Thompson, B.A.
Rhodia McDonald Thompson, B.A.
Susan Kay McNeal Thompson, B.A.
Raymond Tijerina, B.A.
Sheryl Faye Tingley, B.A.
Dana Rochel’le Toles, B.A.
Derek A. Tomblin, B.A.
Douglas W. Toney, B.A.
Eric M. Toney, B.A.
Paula M. Torelli, B.A.
Johnna G. Torres, B.A.
Juan Miguel Torres, B.A.
Andres Tosado, B.A.
Cynthia Trapp, B.A.
Tameka C. Tribble, B.A.
Cory E. Trueblood, B.A.
Timothy Scott Tubbs, B.A.
Karla M. Tucker, B.A.
Jamie N. Upton, B.A.
Brandy Marie Urioste, B.A.
Irma E. Valdivia, B.A.
Katherine Denise Valdivia, B.A.
Lori L. Vallante, B.A.
Jennifer L. Van Straten, B.A.
Jennifer Marie Vandegrift, B.A.
Charity A. Vandehey, B.A.
Mike VanOrden, B.A.
Bradford W. Vanoss, B.A.
Elvia Jaurequi Vasquez, B.A.
Jennifer Lynn Vaz, B.A.
John Vecoli, Jr., B.A.
Hilda M. Velazquez, B.A.
Sandra Kay Vestal, B.A.
Josh Vickers, B.A.
Simone Leao Vieira, B.A.
Tracey A. Villa, B.A.
Cristina Villalba, B.A.
Christopher Villanueva, B.A.
Beatriz E. Villarejo, B.A.
Martin Joseph Vlacich, B.A.
Marie Ordean Voegel, B.A.
Cindy Lee Vosmera, B.A.
Darnell Anthony Waites, B.A.
Michael Lee Walker, B.A.
Drew Alan Walker, B.A.
Takashi St. Ordene Walker, B.A.
Edwin B. Wallace, B.A.
Danny J. Walls, B.A.
Daniel Patrick Ward, B.A.
E’Von M. Ware, B.A.
Sam Wash, Jr., B.A.
Rhonda Johnson Watkins, B.A.
Amber Watson, B.A.
Chana M. Watson, B.A.
Julia Michelle Watson, B.A.
Ryan Arnold Watson, B.A.
Thomas Michael Watts, B.A.
Talika A. Weathers, B.A.
Michael James Weathersby, B.A.
Jennifer Anne Webb, B.A.
Rolondria Tekeia Webb, B.A.
Carly Welch, B.A.
Sandie Michelle Welch, B.A.
Alana Wells, B.A.
Emily Nicole Wells, B.A.
Tenisha M. Wells, B.A.
Nicola L. Wendt, B.A.
Heath Deral West, B.A.
Billie Rae Westfall-Elliott, B.A.
Teresa Lynn Weston, B.A.
Shawna Westrick, B.A.
Brian William Wethy, B.A.
James Earl Wheatley, B.A.
Tiffany D. Wheeler, B.A.
Robert L. Wheeler Jr., B.A.
W.P. Wheeler Jr., B.A.
Debra Jean Whigham, B.A.
Rochelle Louise Whipple, B.A.
Amanda Marjorie White, B.A.
Daniel W. White, B.A.
Jerry White, B.A.
Nicole Monique White, B.A.
Sheila A. White-Asberry, B.A.
Kendall Bernard Whitfield, Jr., B.A.
Dennis Carl Whitson, B.A.
Jacob Ragnar Wiborg, B.A.
Patricia Anne Widders, B.A.
Roby Leon Wiggins, B.A.
Phyllis Marie Wiley, B.A.
Sheila Burnett Wilkerson, B.A.
Latina Y. Williams, B.A.
Algretta Bridgette Williams, B.A.
Jamie Christine Williams, B.A.
Jillianne Williams, B.A.
Melissa Anne Williams, B.A.
Romann Edwin Williams, B.A.
Tammy Lynn Williams, B.A.
Tequilla B. Williams, B.A.
Timothy C. Williams, B.A.
Robert A. Williams, Jr., B.A.
Mary Jean Williamson, B.A.
Alan Willis, B.A.
Dorothy Anna Farrar Willis, B.A.
Shannel M. Wilson, B.A.
Al-Amin Wilson, B.A.
Jennifer Ann Wilson, B.A.
Terrance LeShawn Wilson, B.A.
Erica Marie Wimberly, B.A.
Amanda Marie Winn, B.A.
Kari J. Wojtysiak, B.A.
Gary T. Wolf, B.A.
Denise L. Wood, B.A.
Ronald Kenneth Woodruff, B.A.
Tasha Lynn Worcester, B.A.
Andrew David Wright, B.A.
Sally Ann Wroblewski, B.A.
Karna J. Wulf, B.A.
Wesley Everette Wyatt II, B.A.
Jacob Aaron Larson Yahn, B.A.
Lynne Goo Akona Yamamoto, B.A.
Jo An Yannantuono, B.A.
Rebecca Martinez Ybarra, B.A.
Curt Yenney, B.A.
Luoth Yin, B.A.
Alethia Renee Young, B.A.
Kelly B. Young, B.A.
Milne Ann Young, B.A.
James R. Yount III, B.A.
Daniel Zealor, B.A.
Oscar Zendejas, B.A.
Honors Recognition Event
It is our honor and privilege to congratulate you, the class of 2012, on your
graduation and to officially welcome you as an alumnus.
Beginning at 2:30 pm CST on Saturday, April 28 and Sunday, April
29, a social event will take place in Kehl Arena for all students who
were recognized at the commencement ceremony for their academic
achievement by earning Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, or Summa
Cum Laude honors, or by being inducted into one of the seven Ashford
University sanctioned honor societies: Alpha Sigma Lambda, Golden Key,
Junior/Senior Honor Society, Mu Sigma Eta, Phi Theta Kappa, SALUTE,
and the Scholars Institute. This event will allow our graduates to meet
other students from around the country who have not only completed
their degree, but did so with outstanding academic performance.
All Ashford alumni share a common bond: the Ashford Experience. Your
education, experiences, and friendships are the foundations of your lifelong
connection with Ashford University. As you graduate, we encourage you
to look back upon your fond memories of this special experience and look
forward to a future made rich because of your personal investment. Enjoy
this moment, a moment you will truly always remember. You all worked very
hard to earn it!
As it has been for those who have graduated over our 94-year history, Ashford
University will always be your university. As alumni, you have a responsibility
to foster that sense of ownership, to ensure that those who come after you
will find an institution that has been strengthened by your vision, your
accomplishments, and your involvement. The Ashford of today is not the
university of the past, nor should it be! The mark of a truly great collegiate
community is that all members applaud an institution that becomes far better
with each generation. What our university is now is not exactly what it was or
what it will be in its bright future.
On behalf of the University, we ask you to maintain your connection
with your alma mater and to share your experiences and talents with the
university, the students, and your fellow alumni.
In the words of George Bernard Shaw: “You have been handed a splendid
torch, hold it for your moment and make it burn as brightly as possible
before passing it on to future generations.”
Medallions with gold neck ribbons worn with academic apparel indicate membership in
Ashford University’s Junior-Senior Honor Society.
Cords worn with academic apparel indicate recognition of membership in an honor society.
Stoles worn with academic apparel indicate recognition of honors.
We wish you nothing but the best on your continued success. You’ve caught
the Ashford spirit. Now go out and pass it on!
If you are recognized for any of the above honors, we invite you to join us
for this event, where announcements will be made to recognize groups
of students for their specific achievements. The announcements will be
made as follows:
Doors Open
Introduction & Welcome
Honor Student Recognition
Junior Senior Honor Society
Mu Sigma Eta
Scholars Institute
Alpha Sigma Lambda
Golden Key
Phi Theta Kappa
2:00 pm
2:30 pm
2:35 pm
2:45 pm
3:05 pm
3:25 pm
3:45 pm
4:10 pm
4:35 pm
4:55 pm
Congratulations on your academic achievements.
We hope to see you there!
Be sure to stay in touch with Ashford University on our social networking sites.
You can also connect with other Ashford Alumni on LinkedIn.
Join the Ashford University Alumni & Student Group!
The mission of Ashford University is to provide accessible, affordable,
innovative, high-quality learning opportunities and degree programs that
meet the diverse needs of individuals pursuing integrity in their
lives, professions, and communities.
400 North Bluff Blvd.
Clinton, IA 52732
1 1 AU C 1 9 5 6 • AC- 0 2 5 5

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