FF Code : TN/MDU 51/JUNE/07 Victim(s) : Amutha Perpetrator(s



FF Code : TN/MDU 51/JUNE/07 Victim(s) : Amutha Perpetrator(s
FF Code
Date of incident
Shobana, SI
Anna Nagar PS
02/12/2007 to 05/12/2007
The victim Amutha, aged 28, resides at Therkkutheru, Melur Taluk, Madurai District and works as a maid
servant in Balaiya’s house. Balaiya’s son-in-law misbehaved with her. Fearing that Amutha would reveal this
matter, Balaiya lodged a false complaint stating that Amutha had stolen jewels. On 2nd December 2007, she
was arrested by the Anna Nagar PI. Amutha was taken to Sellur PS where SI Shobana subjected her to
verbal abuse, and beat her with a lathi. SI Shobana forced Amutha to turn towards the wall and beat her on her
buttocks. Amutha was also assaulted by two other policemen. Amutha was taken to the Women PS,
Tallakulam; she was not provided with food for three days. There were deep wounds in her body caused by
Tamil Nadu
Case Details:
the beatings. On 5th December 2007, she was released without filing any case.
Upon her release, Amutha was admitted to the hospital. She filed a M.L.C reporting that the police had
assaulted her. Sellur PO Vijayakumar went to the hospital and received Amutha’s complaint.
Date of incident
TN/VEL 92/NOV/07
1) Natarajan,SI; 2)Ramesh,HC
Jamanamarathur PS, Polur Taluk,
Thiruvannamalai District
Case Details:
Victim Anbazhagan, age 25, belongs to the Hindu Palangudiyianar-Malayali caste and resides in Thombarappati
village, Jamanamarathur. He served as Treasurer of the Nehru Youth Club.
As requested by local villagers, Anbazhagan complained (in his capacity as Treasurer) to the Jamanamarathur
Police, asking them to take action against those who sold illegal arrack in a nearby village.
Annual Report on Torture
FF Code
On 18 November 2007 at around 4.00pm, since the police had taken no action for a month, Anbazhagan
went to the station along with Kamalakannan, Ramesh, and other members of the Club. There, HC Ramesh
told them that SI Natarajan was not in, and asked them to return in an hour.
Tamil Nadu
As Anbazhagan and his colleagues were leaving, they saw the SI, who had just awoken from a nap and who
was drunk. The SI asked Anbazhagan where he was from and why he had come. Anbazhagan asked
about the complaint that he had filed. The SI insulted Anbazhagan and his colleagues and told them to catch
the criminals themselves. The SI warned Anbazhagan and his colleagues that they would be beaten to death
if they dared come to the station again. When Anbazhagan asked the SI not to scold him, the SI grabbed his
shirt and hit his neck. The HC locked Anbazhagan in the lock-up, while Kamalakannan, Suresh, and the
others escaped.
Inside the lock-up, the SI tore Anbazhagan’s shirt off. He made Anbazhagan stand half-naked in his briefs
and pulled the cord around Anbazhagan’s waist forcefully, making Anbazhagan’s hip bleed. The SI broke
Anbazhagan’s right hand and hit his left leg four times, telling Anbazhagan that he should never come to the
station again. When Anbazhagan tried to stop the beating, the SI hit his hands and leg. The SI hit Anbazhagan
in the face and chin, and dragged him by his hair. By this point, one of Anbazhagan’s toenails had fallen off
and several teeth were loose. The SI beat Anbazhagan with a baton on his back and shoulders. Anbazhagan
fell down. The SI kicked Anbazhagan in the face with booted feet.
The SI tried to take pictures of Anbazhagan. When Anbazhagan tried to turn away, the SI beat him. The SI
eventually did take Anbazhagan’s photograph, and obtained his signature on a blank paper.
Kamalakannan returned to the station with Panchayat Board President Nadesan, Vice-Chairman Ramajeyam,
District Councillor Vellaian, and Sekhar. They sought Anbazhagan’s release.
The HC held Kamalkannan’s hands behind him while the SI hit his chin more than ten times.
After his release, Anbazhagan sought treatment at the Primary Health Centre and complained to the SP.
Annual Report on Torture
The HC has stated that Anbazhagan’s charges against himself and the SI were false.
FF Code
Date of incident
1) Jeyakumar; 2) Rajavelu
1) Malathi,SI; 2) four unnamed PCs
Saravalyam PS
Case Details:
Victim Jeyakumar, age 27, is friends with victim Rajavel.
On 16 January 2007, Jeyakumar and Rajavel were having drinks at Jeyakumar’s house. They saw Mani,
who was walking by, and called him to join them. Mani told them that he could not have drinks with them
because his uncle, Loganathan, had come. Jeyakumar said that he knew Loganathan, who was working at
the EB. Loganathan, who was with Mani, called to SI Malithi, doing his rounds nearby.
The SI, along with four PCs, came over and thrashed Jeyakumar and Rajavelu with batons. Jeyakumar’s
mother and sister-in-law asked the police to leave them, but the officers threatened to file prostitution charges
against the women.
The police tried to take Jeyakumar and Rajavalu in a jeep to the police station, but Jeyakumar ran away.
The police took Rajavelu to the station and tortured him.
On 20 January 2007, the police came to Jeyakumar’s house, but he was not there.
On 8 February 2007, when Jeyakumar went to fill his vehicle with petrol, the police caught him and took him to
the station. There, they tied his hands behind him and beat him with a baton.
Later, Jeyakumar went to be treated at the hospital.
Tamil Nadu
Jeyakumar’s family members went to the station along with Loganathan but the SI refused to let Rajavalu free.
FF Code
: TN/SVG 36/JULY/07
: Velankanni
: 1) Unnamed PI; 2) unnamed SI;
3) unnamed POs
: Ilayangudi PS
Date of incident : 02/07/2007
Case Details:
Also in Melayur, a man named Sathiyamoorthy and a woman named Ranjini had been in love with each other
for four years – despite that their parents had not consented to their relations and Ranjini’s family had married
her to someone else. Sathiyamoorthy and Ranjiji, however, continued to meet regularly, and one morning
they disappeared together.
On 2 July 2007 at around 9.00pm, Velankanni was eating at home when two police officers arrived on a two
wheeler and informed him that the PI at Ilayangudi PS wanted to see him for an enquiry. Velankanni agreed
to accompany them to the station on their two-wheeler.
At the station, the police took Velankanni to the Inspector’s room, where two officers insulted him and asked
where he had sent Sathiyamoorthy and Ranjini. Velankanni replied that he knew nothing. Both officers began
to beat Velankanni with batons on his chest, back, and ears. Velankanni could not bear the pain. He cried
aloud and begged the police to set him free.
Annual Report on Torture
Victim Velankanni, age 25, resides at Melayur, Ellayankudi Taluk, Sivagangai District. He belongs to HinduParayar community and lives with his parents, wife, sister, and brother. He earns his livelihood by working in
a Bricks Chamber.
The police took Velankanni to another room and told him that they would stop beating him if he admitted where
he had sent Sathiyamoorthy and Ranjini. Velankanni replied again that he knew nothing. The officers beat
him for more than twenty-five minutes. They stamped on Velankanni’s legs until he went unconscious. Two
other people at the police station, Mohan and Kalaiselvi, were witnesses to Velankanni’s treatment.
Later, a female SI told Velankanni that she would file a murder case against him if he told anyone about the
officers’ actions. She advised him, if he went to the hospital, to say that he had fallen.
The police released Velankanni at 1.00am.
Tamil Nadu
On 3 July 2007, Velankanni could neither stand nor walk. He was spitting blood. He fell unconscious before
he was admitted at Ilayangudi Government Hospital.
At the Hospital, medical officer Asma Begum asked Velankanni what happened to his body. Velankanni
described how he had been assaulted at the Station. Asma Begum asked Velankanni get a medical memo
from the station.
FF Code
Date of incident
1) D. Jeeva, 2) Suyamparakasam
SI Rajendran
Boodhalur PS, Tanjore District
Annual Report on Torture
Case Details:
D. Jeeva, a member of the Adhi Dravidar Pallar community, is an auto-driver. Suyamprakasam is also a
car driver. Four months before the incident, Suyamprakasam borrowed Rs.2000/- from Jeeva stating that he
would repay the loan in a week. After a week, Suyamprakasam returned only Rs.800. On 30 th September
2007 at about 7.30pm, Jeeva went to the Boodhalur Bus Stand and asked Suyamprakasam for the remaining
amount. Suyamprakasam said he had returned all the money and said won’t pay any more. This resulted
in a scuffle between Jeeva and Suyamprakasam. Suyamprakasam went to the Boodhalur PS and lodged
a written complaint against Jeeva.
Jeeva followed Suyamprakasam to the PS. SI Rajendran told Suyamprakasam and Jeeva to undress to
their underwear and locked them in a cell for half an hour. At about 8.30pm, SI Rajendran entered the cell with
a baton in his hand. SI Rajendran first hit Suyamprakasam in both his palms. He asked Suyamprakasam
to stand, and then hit him on his thighs and ankles for 10 minutes.
SI Rajendran then asked Jeeva to stand up. SI Rajendran hit Jeeva on both of his knees. He told Jeeva to
stretch out his hands, and he hit Jeeva hard on his palms about 5 times.
Jeeva and Suyamprakasam were released at 10.30pm. SI Rajendran told both men to pay Rs.1000/.
Suyamprakasam paid Rs. 400/-. Since Jeeva had no money on him, he told SI Rajendran he would return
and pay the next day.
Suyamparakasam is not willing to pursue this case. Jeeva requested legal action be initiated against SI
: TN/MDU 52/JUNE/07
: Ponnusamy
: 1) Ilango, PI; 2) Selvaraj, PC;
3) Sugumaran, PC; 4) Shakthi, PC
: Thalavai PS
Date of incident : 20/04/2007
Case Details:
Tamil Nadu
FF Code
Victim Ponnusamy, age 35, resides in Muniandipuram, Madurai. He works at a stone carving company and
belongs to the Kalottar caste.
On 20 April 2007 at 11.00am, the police arrived at Ponnusamy’s workplace and asked for him. They arrested
him and took him in their vehicle to the Thalavai PS.
At the station, Ponnusamy’s relatives Arumugam, Muthu, and Rajenderan were also present. PI Ilango and
PCs Selvaraj, Sugumaran, and Shakthi interrogated Ponnusamy and then asked him to sign a blank paper.
The police called Ponnusamy, Arumugam, Muthu, and Rajenderan one by one, noted their addresses, and
collected their signatures. Then the police put all four men into a vehicle.
In the vehicle, the PI threatened not to leave Ponnusamy alone unless he gave the police one hundred
sovereigns of gold. Ponnusamy responded that he did not have any gold to give.
The police brought Ponnusamy, Arumugam, Muthu, and Rajenderan to the North PS at Rajapalayam.
The four detainees were given minimal food. At night, they were beaten and not permitted to sleep.
On 22 April 2007, the police took Ponnusamy, Arumugam, Muthu, and Rajenderan to a village near Rajapalayam
and locked them up. The police made Ponnusamy stand facing a wall. The three PCs beat his shoulders.
Ponnusamy fainted. The PCs dragged Ponnusamy into another room and splashed water on his face to wake
The PCs similarly beat Arumugam, Muthu, and Rajenderan.
Annual Report on Torture
That night, about five policemen called Arumugam into a room, where they interrogated and beat him. Ponnusamy
could hear Arumugam shouting, and when he emerged after a half-hour, Arumugam’s face was bleeding.
On 24 April2007, the police took Ponnusamy to Rajapalayam, where they locked him in a lodge. The
policemen rotated through guard duty. When the PI arrived for his shift, he hit Ponnusamy with a baton on his
hip. The PI made Ponnusamy sit and spread his legs, and then beat Ponnusamy’s groin with a baton.
Ponnusamy cried aloud. The PI demanded one hundred sovereigns of gold once again, in exchange for
Ponnusamy’s freedom.
The PI filed a case against Ponnusamy, alleging that Ponnusamy had pick-pocketed Rs. 100. The PI
produced Ponnusamy before the Srivilliputhur Court, where Ponnusamy was remanded to the Madurai
Central Prison.
Tamil Nadu
After one and a half months, Ponnusamy was released on bail.
Ponnusamy approached People’s Watch for help.
FF Code
Date of incident
TN/KK 20/JUNE/07
Abdul Rahim
1) Chakravarthy, PI 2)SI Pudhukadai PS
Pudhukadai PS
Case Details:
Annual Report on Torture
On 19th June 2007, the victim Abdul Rahim, aged 32 years, was taken to the Pudhukudai PS regarding a
quarrel. In the PS, the SI called Abdul a rowdy and scolded him, “you Rascal, I heard that you don’t respect
the police when you come across them. Instead you fold your dhoti upwards and walk like a thug. Do you
think police men are fools?” He scolded Abdul with filthy words and slapped his right cheek.
PI Chakravarthy said that the police will gain respect only when people like Abdul are subjected to encounter
death. The PI kicked Abdul on his right thigh with his booted. Abdul begged the PI not to beat him. The PI
said, ‘Thotti Payale” and told him this was punishment for speaking against the police. The PI slapped Abdul
on both cheeks several times. Unable to bear the pain Abdul screamed. Then, the SI took the baton and
pushed it in to Abdul’s mouth. Abdul thought he was going to suffocate. The SI thrashed Abdul all over his
body. Abdul was unable to bear the pain, and fell down. The SI fastened both of his legs with the chain and
locked it. The jeep driver held Abdul to the wall while the SI stood on Abdul’s legs. The PI took the baton from
the SI and beat Abdul’s feet about 30 times. The victim screamed and cried unable to bear the pain. The jeep
driver blocked Abdul’s mouth.
Later, he was produced before the judge of Kuzhithurai Court. She remanded Abdul to judicial custody for 15
days. Accordingly, Abdul was remanded at Sub-jail in Kuzhithurai for 9 days.
FF Code
Date of incident
1) Sini Babu, SI; 2) unnamed PCs
Pulianthoppu PS
Victim Anandhan resides at No. 34, 3rd Street, Pulianthoppu area, Circle-42, Chennai-12 with his wife and
Anandhan’s elder brother’s wife quarrelled with the wife of another of Anandhan’s brothers. The former was
injured in the forehead, and subsequently filed a complaint against the aggressor and her sons.
Tamil Nadu
Case Details:
On 20 May 2007 at around 2.30am, Anandhan heard a noise outside his house. He rose to see SI Sini Babu
holding his nephew’s wife by her hair and asking her husband’s whereabouts. Anandhan and his wife, with
some neighbours, protested against the SI’s actions, noting that the woman did not know her husband’s
whereabouts and had recently given birth to a baby. The SI responded by taking Anandhan and another of his
nephews in a jeep to the police station, accompanied by two PCs in civilian dress. Before releasing them, the
SI told Anandhan and his nephew not to tell anyone about the incident.
At 7.30pm, Anandhan returned home from work. At his home, SI Jenatin and PC Vivek Mannan told him that
SI Sini Babu wanted to see him at the police station, but they would not tell him why.
One PC asked Anandhan to take off his shirt and lungi. Anandhan requested to be left alone. The other PC
shouted at him, saying “You son of a bitch! You won’t heed Sir’s words?” The PCs beat Anandhan hard with
a lathi on his back. Unable to bear the pain, Anandhan shouted aloud. The PCs continued to beat him.
Frightened by the thought that the police might even kill him, Anandhan removed his shirt and lungi as they hard
earlier asked him to. Then, the two PCs jointly beat Anandhan with lathis all over his body. Anandhan shouted
again with pain. The SI threatened to kill Anandhan if he kept shouting. The policemen then locked Anandhan,
half-naked, up with the other prisoners.
At 9.30pm, Anandhan’s wife came to the police station. Seeing her husband’s miserable state, she asked the
SI why he was thus locked up. The SI replied that if she stayed there, she would end up in the same position.
Annual Report on Torture
Anandhan went to the police station. At 8.00pm, SI Sini Babu arrived and verbally abused him, saying “You
son of a bitch! What did I say last night? I told you nobody should know that I was there – but you incited her to
file a complaint against me.” Anandhan replied that he knew nothing about a complaint, having just returned
from work. The SI responded by slapping Anandhan’s face before calling two PCs and telling them to beat
Anandhan harsehly.
Anandhan’s wife solicited the help of Nagarajan, President of the Rahul Gandhi Association. They secured
Anandhan’s release by 10.30pm.
As per the advice of Nagarajan, Anandhan checked into the Chennai Stanley Hospital and underwent
treatment form 20 to 25 May 2007.
: TN/CHE 93/NOV/07
: Ananthan
: 1) Manoharan, PI;
2) two unnamed PCs
: Chennai
Date of incident : 13/11/2007
Tamil Nadu
FF Code
Case Details:
Victim Ananthan is a blacksmith of the Ottar caste. On the date of the incident at 5.00am, a police PC arrived
at his home and asked him to come to the police station for an enquiry. When Ananthan said that he had done
nothing wrong, the PC pulled him from his home and brought him forcefully to the station.
At around 6.30am, Ananthan arrived at the station and waited on the veranda for PI Manoharan to arrive. At
8.30am, the PI arrived. He told Ananthan that Ananthan’s brother-in-law had stolen Rs. 40,000 and had
entrusted the money to Ananthan. The PI demanded that Ananthan return the money. Ananthan replied that
he knew nothing about the matter and had not seen his brother-in-law for nearly three months. The PI
responded by slapping his cheeks before beating him elsewhere on his body and telling him to remove his
clothes. Ananthan did as he was told.
Annual Report on Torture
The PI told Ananthan to lie down with his chest on the ground. One PC sat on Ananthan’s back. Another told
Ananthan to stretch out his hand. The PI then beat Ananthan’s hand twelve times before hitting his genitals.
Ananthan quivered and cried with pain. The PI ordered him to stand up. As Ananthan was getting up, the PI
kicked him in the ribs and said “Get up, you son of a bastard [thevadiya].”
Ananthan had little strength and staggered up. The PI threatened to torture him to death unless he returned
the stolen Rs. 40,000. Ananthan pleaded that he did not know anything about the money. The PI ordered
Ananthan to stretch out his hands again, and beat his hands with a baton six times.
At about 10.00am, Ananthan’s wife arrived at the police station with an advocate. Unbeknownst to Ananthan
at the time, the two paid Rs. 5,000 to secure his release.
The police allowed Ananthan to return home after making him sign an agreement to return to the police station
whenever called for.
FF Code
Date of incident :
TN/VEL 76/OCT/07
1) Anbalagan;
2) Radhakrishnan;
3) Panchalai
Arunachalam, PI
Sethupet PS, Polur Taluk,
Thiruvanamalai District
Victim Anbalagan, age 45, belongs to the Vanniyar caste. He resided with his wife Premavathi near
Kannigapuram. Victims Radhakrishnan and Panchalai are Anbalagan’s brother and sister (respectively).
Tamil Nadu
Case Details:
Anbalgan and Premavathi often quarrelled. Premavathi used to abuse Anbalagan over property disputes, with
the help of her brother Vankatesan, who was a policeman in Chennai. Once, Premavathi attacked Anbalagan’s 111
mother, who was later admitted to the hospital. She then bribed the police at Sethupet PS to file a false charge
against Anbalagan.
On 26 June 2007, while Anbalagan, Radhakrishnan, and Panchalai were bringing their mother back from the
hospital, some police officers asked them to report to the Sethupet PS.
At around 8.30pm, PI Arunachalam called Anbalagan into his room. The PI threatened that the police would
kill Anbalagan if he did not sign a finance bond, meanwhile insulting Anbalagan by calling him “thevidar
payanuku porandavanae [son of a bastard]” and “potta nayae [female dog].” The PI then made Anbalagan,
Radhakrishnan, and Panchalai wait on the veranda.At around 9.00pm, the PI called Anbalagan back into his
room, where he called him a “thevidar paiya” and asked what Anbalagan had decided. Anbalagan replied that
he did not understand what the PI meant. The PI became furious. He dragged Anbalagan by the collar to the
veranda, where he hit Anbalagan with a baton ten times on his right hand, left leg, and chin. The PI then
punched Anbalagan in the face; he was wearing rings that cut Anbalagan’s face, which started to bleed badly.
The PI then punched Anbalagan in the ear. Anbalagan became dizzy and fell down. The PI stamped on his
face, thighs, legs, and back. Anbalagan cried in pain.
Panchalai could not bear the sight, so she grabbed the PI’s leg and pleaded with him. The PI pulled her blouse,
slapped her, and asked her if Anbalagan was the Lord Krishna.
The PI then returned to beating Anbalagan. He kicked Anbalagan’s face; Anbalagan’s wisdom tooth broke and
began to bleed badly. The PI then hit Anbalagan with a baton on his thighs and abdomen.
Annual Report on Torture
At 8.00pm, the three siblings reported to the station. Premavathi and Vankatesan, who were standing in the
station entrance, insulted Anbalagan by calling him a “potta paiyan [feminine insult]” and “thodiar paiyan
[bastard].” They all quarrelled, and Vankatesan kicked Anbalagan with a booted foot in the abdomen. Vankatesan
slapped Anbalagan’s face and insulted him. Premavathi and Vankatesan then got on a bike and left.
The PI also struck Radhakrishnan, who was watching nearby.
The PI pulled Panchalai, who standing in the corner, and stripped off her sari. He made her stand half-naked
in her blouse and skirt in front of about eight policemen for almost four hours. The PI told Panchalai that no one
would question him if he raped her.
Anbalagan’s tooth fell out and his ear began to bleed; he lost consciousness. He awoke again when the
police poured water all over him.
Tamil Nadu
Premavathi and Venkatesan returned to the station. Premavathi spat on Anbalagan’s face. Anbalagan went
unconscious again. He awoke again when the PI began to beat him again and told him to remove his clothes.
The PI tore Anbalagan’s shirt and banniyan and stripped him to his underwear.
The PI then caught Panchalai and snatched the quarter-sovereign gold coin from her thali.
At about 1.30pm, the police took Anbalagan to the German St. Thomiar Hospital in Sethpat. Anbalagan
refused to take treatment from that Hospital, insisting that he wanted to go to a Government Hospital. The PI
dragged Anbalagan out of the hospital and into a jeep.
In the jeep, the police abused Anbalagan, calling him a “thevadiar paiya.” They handcuffed Anbalagan and
insulted him further before detaining him under the Goondas Act.
The police then took Anbalagan to the Polur Governemnt Hospital, where they obtained a letter stating that
Anbalagan was healthy.
At 3.00pm, the police took Anbalagan, Radhakrishnan, and Panchalai to Judge Arulraj’s house, but the
Judge was absent.
The next day at 6.00pm, the police brought Anbalagan, Radhakrishnan, and Panchalai back to the Judge’s
house. The Judge asked what had happened. Fearing police reprisal, Radhakrishnan gave a false
statement that he and Anbalagan had scuffled. The Judge sent Anbalagan and Radhakrishnan to the Polur
Sub-Jail, and Panchalai to the Women’s Jail.
Annual Report on Torture
Anbalagan asked to the taken to the Hospital, as he was bleeding all over. The PI took Anbalagan to the
Government Hospital. There, Dr. Ramaligam examined Anbalagan, determined that he was severely
injured, and asked to transfer him to Arumbamblaku Hospital in Vellore. The PI then handcuffed Anbalagan,
called him a “thevadiyar paiya,” and told him he would die rather than be moved to Vellore.
The PI proceeded to exhibit Anbalagan in public in order to humiliate him.
Two PCs then took Anbalagan by bus to Vellore, where he was treated at the Adukamparai Government
Hospital between 27 June and 7 July 2007. Throughout his treatment, Anbalagan was handcuffed to his
hospital bed.
Meanwhile, Anbalgan’s mother learned of her children’s treatment, and died of depression.
On 7 July 2007, Anbalagan, Radhakrishnan, and Panchalai were granted bail. They went to Anmirthi and
cremated their mother’s body.
Anbalagan can no longer hear or chew properly. His jaw hurts so much that he cannot sleep at night. His
reputation has been tarnished.
The police have threatened Anbalagan with reprisals if he files a complaint against them.
Anbalagan has lodged a complaint against the PI, but no action has been taken.
FF Code
Date of incident :
TN/CHE 109/NOV/07
Anbu (a) Anbalagan
1) Boopalan, SI; 2) Poomalai, PC;
3) Sunny Babu; 4) George Miller, SI;
5) Kutti, PC;
6) unnamed POs from K5 Peravalluvar PS and
Viyarpadi PS
Tamil Nadu
The PI has denied ever torturing Anbalagan.
Case Details:
Victim Anbum, of the Adi-Dravidar caste, resides at Peravalluvar, Raja Gardens, B BLOCK, Door No. 28,
In 2005, Anbu’s brother-in-law, a notoriously rowdy man, struck SI George Miller with a machete. George
Miller shot Anbu’s brother-in-law dead.
The police then returned to the station. PC Kutti and ten other policemen anchored Anbu’s hands to a window,
held his legs, and proceeded to beat his hands, thighs, and knees repeatedly with a lathi. They also kicked him
with their booted feet. Such treatment was repeated for six days.
The police then remanded Anbu to Egmore Court.
On 4 December 2007, when returning from Egmore Court, Anbu encountered SI George Miller. The SI put
Anbu into a car and (with other policemen) pushed, kicked, and beat him. They kicked Anbu’s abdomen with
their booted feet, punched him, and twisted his hands. They eventually left him at a tea shop.
Annual Report on Torture
In 2006, Anbu was arrested for theft of gold ornaments. SI Boopalan, PC Poomalai, Sunny Babu, and eight
other policemen entered his house and forced his wife to show them the shop where the stolen ornaments had
been mortgaged. They took the ornaments away.
FF Code
: TN/VEL 82/OCT/07
: Anbu
: 1) Radhakrishnan, SI; 2) Mohan, PC;
3) two unnamed PCs
Date of incident : 21/09/2007
Tamil Nadu
Case Details:
Victim Ambu is thirty-two years old.
On 20 September 2007, Anbu was returning home from work when he met his friend Munisamy waiting on
the road. Munisamy said that he had night duty and asked Anbu to drop him off at work. Anbu agreed.
As Anbu was waiting for Munisamy at his company’s entrance, Munisamy tried to steal something and was
On 21 September 2007 at 9.45am, three PCs from the SIPCOT Police Station arrived, only one of whom,
PC Mohan, was in uniform. They told Anbu and Munisamy to get into the company owner’s car, and took
them for an enquiry.
At the station, the police made Anbu and Munisamy strip to their underwear and stand on the veranda facing
the wall with their hands in the air. SI Radhakrishman beat Anbu and Munisamy with a baton on their buttocks
three times, asking if they would ever steal again. Other officers then beat Anbu and Munisamy, who cried
in pain. The police insulted Anbu and Munisamy with such terms as “porampoku [useless]” and “thevidar
pasanga [bastards],” and asked if they would ever steal again. The police hit Anbu and Munisamy five times
and then made them jump, which hurt a great deal. The officers then beat Anbu and Munisamy about twenty
times. Anbu asked the policemen for water and pleaded with them to stop, but the officers simply locked him
and Munisamy in a room.
Annual Report on Torture
At 12.00pm, the police took money from Anbu’s and Munisamy’s pockets and bought them lunch.
Later, the police handcuffed Anbu’s left hand to Munisamy’s right and took to the Government Hospital at
Valaja. En route, the police instructed them to tell the doctors that they were in perfect health and suffered no
pain. They did so.
At 8.00pm, the police took Anbu and Munisamy to the house of a Judge of the JM Court. The Judge signed
an order and sent them back.
At 9.00pm, Anbu and Munisamy finished their dinner.
At around 1.00am, the police took Anbu and Munisamy to the Vellore Prison for Men and registered them.
The PC on duty asked what the case was about. Neither Anbu nor Munisamy answered. The PC instructed
them to speak and slapped Anbu’s cheeks. The PC then stripped Anbu and Munisamy naked and made
them sit on the floor for some time before sending them to a room.
In jail, Anbu could neither sit nor lie down, because his buttocks were swollen. He could not eat properly. He
suffered in this manner for about twenty days, even after his release from jail.
FF Code
: TN/KK 05/JAN/07
: Anil Rueban
: 1) Lawrence, PC,
2) Chelladurai, PC
: Kuzhithurai PS
Date of incident : 28/12/2006
Case Details:
Tamil Nadu
On 4 November 2007, Anbu was released from jail. Since his imprisonment had been reported in the local
newspaper, his landlord evicted him and his business suffered.
The victim Anil Rueban aged 36 years, belonging to the Christian-Barber caste (MBC) resides at Kodiavilai,
Marthandam,Kanyakumari. During the civic body elections held on 13th October 2006, Anil Rueban had a
brawl with Lawrence, a PC from Kuzhithurai PS.
Later on 27th December 2006, Anil Rueban got married and on 28th December 2006, on the way to buy flowers
for his wife, PC Lawrence and two PCs pulled Anil Rueban by his shirt from the back and punched on him on
his face with his right hand. He commented on Anil Rueban’s caste saying, ‘you son of a barber! The 3 PCs
pulled Anil Rueban by his shirt and dragged him along one side of the road and took him to the Kuzhithurai PS.
On the way, Anil Rueban fell down unconscious. Anil Rueban was taken and admitted at the ARS Traditional
Medicines Hospital in Marthandam. He underwent medical treatment in the Emergency care for 3 days and
returned to his home on 2nd January 2007.
He was then admitted in the Government Hospital at Kuzhithurai. From there he was referred to the Government
Medical College Hospital at Aasaaripallam and he was admitted in the Emergency care section.
Annual Report on Torture
There, PC Lawrence abused him, by calling him a ‘bastard! Son of barber pundai (a highly offensive term in
Tamil for woman’s genitals)’ and that how dare he speak against the police. He punched Anil Rueban’s chest
several times. PC Chelladurai together with Lawrence pounded him brutally on his chest and on his back
several times. Anil Rueban passed urine and stools instantly. PC Lawrence kicked him hard on his chest with
his right leg which made Anil Rueban lose consciousness. When he regained consciousness, he realized that
he was lying near the toilet inside the PS. The police told him to sign a paper on which something was written.
They warned him not to tell any body about the incidence and sent him with his friend Francis.
After he was subjected to the brutal attack by the police, he has been unable to breathe and sleep normally.
Apart from this, he cannot enjoy the sexual life with his wife.
FF Code
TN/CHE 113/NOV/07
Arul (a) Munusamy
1) Krishnamoorthy, SI;
2) unnamed PCs
Perambur, Chennai
Date of incident :
Tamil Nadu
Case Details:
Victim Arul is a pig salesman. On 29 October 2007, he asked his friend Subash to arrange for a vehicle for
the purpose of moving several pigs. Subash did so.
On 2 November 2007 at around 3.45pm, the police woke Arul. Arul’s parents were nervous, but the police
assured them that they were only taking Arul to the police station to answer a few questions.
At 4.00am, the police took Arul to the station, along with his friend Subash and Mohan. On the way to the
station, one PC punched Arul.
At the station, SI Krishnamoorthy began to beat the men with a baton. He accused Arul of stealing pigs and
transporting them in a friend’s car. Arul replied that he did not steal. The SI told Arul to stretch out his hands,
which he beat six times with a baton. The SI then made Arul strip naked and lie on his chest. Two PCs held
Arul’s hands and legs while beating his feet and back. Arul shouted with pain. The SI then made Arul stand
up before beating Arul’s back. Arul could not walk because of the pain.
At 4.00pm, the police took Arul to Ambathur Court. A PC threatened to imprison him for life if he spoke about
his treatment at the station.
Annual Report on Torture
FF Code
Date of incident :
1) Unnamed PI; 2) other PCs,
Anna Nagar PS
Case Details:
Victim Arumugam resides with his wife and two children, and works as a steel polisher.
Arumugam’s nephew, Jegan, was involved in murder and robbery. The police eventually caught Jegan,
who signed an agreement not to steal anymore. However, in June 2007, Jegan was faced with financial
difficulties and asked Arumugam to sell two stolen bangles on his behalf. Arumugam did as Jegan asked.
On 21 September 2007 at around 3.30pm, a PI and six PCs came to Arumugam’s house and dragged him
into their van – where Arumugam saw his brother, Kumar, as well as Jegan’s friends Radhik and Yagini. They
also searched his house, searched everywhere, and took the receipts for the bangles as well as Rs. 10,000
that Arumugam’s sister-in-law had entrusted to his wife for her children’s birthday.
In their van, the police kicked Arumugam’s belly and cheeks with their booted feet, twisted his big toe, and
forced him to tell them where Jegan was. Unable to bear the pain, Arumugam told the police about Jegan and
the bangles.
The police brought Arumugam before the PI at the Anna Nagar PS. They asked about Jegan, to which
Arumugam replied that he knew nothing. One PC slapped Arumugam’s cheek repeatedly. Then one PC
kicked Arumugam’s abdomen while another bent his big toe and threatened him.
Tamil Nadu
The police dropped Kumar off near Koimbedu. When Kumar asked about Arumugam, he was kicked aside.
In another room, Radhik and Yagini were hung upside-down and beaten on their feet. All three men were kept
at the police station overnight.
On 23 September 2007 at around 1.30pm, Radhik and Yagini brought the stolen jewels to the police station.
They were remanded to Elambur (Egmore) Court.
FF Code
: TN/VEL 71/SEPT/07
: Mohammed Ashraf
: 1) Alexander, PI; 2) Mathivanan,PI;
3) unnamed PCs
: South PS, Vellore
Date of incident : 29/08/2007
Case Details:
Victim Mohammed Ashraf, age 22, belongs to the Mohammediar caste. He resides in Johny Poonthotam
Nagar, Vellore.
At 9.30am, the shop’s proprietor filed a complaint at the South PS. PI Alexander came to the shop with four
PCs in civilian clothing and interrogated the staff.
At around 10.30am, the police took Mohammed Ashraf, the shop manager Suresh, and the security guards
Rajesh and Nesamani to the police station.
At the station, the police made all three men sit down. PI Alexander and five policemen then took Mohammed
Ashraf to his house, which they searched. The police then took Mohammed Ashraf back to the station. The
police took Mohammed Ashraf’s, Suresh’s, Rajesh’s, and Nesamani’s mobile phones, and made them take
off their clothes.
Annual Report on Torture
On 29 August 2007, someone stole the money box and some mobile phones from the shop where the shop
where Mohammed Ashraf worked.
The police interrogated all three men all night long, without providing either food or water.
Tamil Nadu
The next day, the police interrogated and beat Mohammed Ashraf, Suresh, Rajesh, and Nesamani.
At 4.15am, PIs Alexander and Mathivanan took Mohammed Ashraf to the Inspector’s room. There,
policemen encircled Mohammed Ashraf and said that they knew what had happened. The police took
Mohammed Ashraf that Nesamani had told them that Mohammed Ashraf had stolen from the shop. PI
Mathivanan asked Mohammed Ashraf how he had conducted the theft. Mohammed Ashraf replied that he
did not know anything. The police tied Mohammed Ashraf’s hands with a rope, forced a baton between his
hands, and pushed his neck back. Unable to bear the pain, Mohammed Ashraf screamed. The police told
Mohammed Ashraf to sit still and hit his back about ten times. Then the police made Mohammed Ashraf sit
down with his back against a wall and stretch his legs. Two policemen stood on each of Mohammed Ashraf’s
legs, demanding that he admit to the theft. Mohammed Ashraf fainted.
When Mohammed Ashraf awoke, he was sent to the clerk’s room. There, the police beat him, as well as
Suresh, Rajesh, and Nesamani. The police threatened to publish photographs of all four men in the newspaper
if they did not admit the truth.
Mohammed Ashraf’s father arrived at the station. The police obtained Mohammed Ashraf’s father’s signature
before letting Mohammed Ashraf leave with him. The police asked Mohammed Ashraf to return to the station
Humiliated, Mohammed Ashraf did not go to the hospital for treatment, despite pain in his thighs, hip, and wrist.
FF Code
Date of incident
TN/TIR 22/MAY/07
Azhagu Sundaram
Thirupanthurai Police
Tenkasi Village, Thirupanthurai, Kerala
Annual Report on Torture
Case Details:
Azhagu Sundaram belongs to the Hindu-Pallar Scheduled Caste Community and resides in the Indra Colony,
Pudhukudi, Veeravanallur, Ambasamudram Taluk, Tirunelveli District. In the early morning of 8th April 2007,
Azhagu Sundaram was woken by his neighbour Mariappan and asked to come outside. When he came out,
five policemen, without uniform, caught hold of him and carried him to a Qualis car parked near a temple.
Azhagu Sundaram did not even have his shirt on.
The police took him to a town named Tenkasi and kept them in a lodge where they already had four other men
from the Kuzhuva Community. The police asked Azhagu if he knew the others. As he recognized them, he
answered affirmatively. The police said that if he knew them, he must be hiding the jewels stolen by them.
Azhagu denied knowledge of any jewels. One policeman kicked him on his hip. Then the police took all of the
men to Kerala via Sengaottai. They brought them to a PS at Thiruppanthurai near Ernakulam. The police did
not provide them anything to eat until morning.
Later, the police took Azhagu and another prisoner, Perumal, to another PS. After four days, Perumal
reported having chest pain and was taken back to Thiruppanthurai Station, leaving Azhagu Sundaram alone.
They did not give Azhagu water to drink. After some days, Azhagu asked the police when he will be released.
They told him that only the police who caught him could answer his question. One day, one of the police who
caught him came down to the PS where he was kept. He asked him when he will be let free. The policeman
told him he will be freed if he pays Rs. 25,000. Meanwhile, Azhagu’a wife lodged a complaint about Azhagu’s
detention at the local Veeravanallur PS. The complaint was published in the newspaper.
After 15 days of isolated detention, the police freed Azhagu and told him to run away. Since he had no money
and did not know the route he walked all the way to Tamil Nadu begging for alms and food to eat.
Tamil Nadu
Through the whole night, the policemen beat all five of the men. One of the policemen punched Azhagu’s
chest hard with his fist. The police interrogated them for two days. The only food provided was two parotas at
On 04th May 2007, he made a complaint to the SP of Tirunelveli District. The SP asked Azhagu to come to
the station on 15th May 2007. He again went on, but was directed to meet the PI of Veeravanallur PS. On 16th
May 2007, he met the PI who obtained a written statement from Azhagu. Later on 24th May 2007, the SubPI called Azhagu and advised him that his case involves Kerala and Tamil Nadu, and therefore it’s worth
pressing for action on the Kerala police. Convinced, Azhagu decided not to press his complaint.
FF Code
Date of incident
1) Babu; 2) Amutha
Pitchandi, HC
Baratharami PS
Victim Amutha, age 24, belongs to the Hindu Jangmar Caste and resides in Pondicheri. Her uncle sexually
abused her, and she gave birth to two daughters as a result. Later, Amutha Babu eloped with Babu.
In May 2007, Amutha’s aunt later learnt of her location and came in search of her. Her aunt told Amutha that
her uncle thought constantly about his children and wanted to meet them. Amutha thus sent the children with
her aunt.
When Amutha later went to pick up her children, her aunt and uncle refused to let them go. Amutha’s aunt and
uncle insulted her.
On 22 August 2007, Amutha’s uncle arrived at her home with two policemen. The policemen asked Amutha
and Babu to get into their car, and took her to Baratharami PS.
Annual Report on Torture
Case Details:
At the station, five policemen with batons encircled Amutha and Babu. The policemen hit them, asked if they
planned to seek out their children again, and beat them with the batons.
The police grabbed Babu’s hair, punched him, and kicked him with booted feet. Babu sustained injuries to
his nose, stomach, check, back, thighs, and knee. When Babu tried to stop the beatings, he injured his
thumb. Unable to bear the pain, Babu cried and then fainted.
Meanwhile, the police grabbed Amutha’s hair, called her a “thevidiarpaiya,” and beat her more than twenty
times. Amutha was swollen all over her body.
Tamil Nadu
The police beat Amutha and Babu thus for around one hour before taking them to the All Women’s Prison.
There, Amutha filed a complaint against her uncle. The police gave her a CSR copy.
Later, DSP Arularasu asked Amutha and Babu some questions. He asked them to write a letter of compromise.
Nervous, Amutha signed the paper that was given to her.
On 23 August 2007, Amutha and Babi – still in pain – went to the Government Hospital in Vellore for treatment.
After their treatment, Amutha and Babu returned to Pondicheri.
FF Code
: TN/VEL 75/SEPT/07
: Balaji
Perpetrator(s) : 1) Dhanalakshmi, SI;
2) Unnamed PCs, Kannamangalam PS
: Pilaiyar Koil, Onnupuram,
Mel Nagar, Arani Taluk
Date of incident : 16/09/2007
Case Details:
Victim Balaji, age 22, belongs to the Vanniyar caste and resides in Mel Nagar, Arani Taluk, Thiruvannamalai
On 16 September 2007, there was a concert at Balaji’s village. A brawl broke out.
Annual Report on Torture
The police arrived and beat Balaji and his friends.
When the crowd dispersed, Balaji and his friends ran away in fear. The police caught Balaji by his shirt and
tore it. Two PCs stood on either side of Balaji and held his hands while other PCs hit him with batons on his
thighs. The PCs insulted Balaji, calling him a “thevadiyar,” and asked if he had caused the brawl. Unable to
bear the pain, Balaji tried to stop the PCs with his hands, but they beat his hands. SI Danalakshmi, who saw
Balaji trying to stop the PCs, took a baton from one PC and hit Balaji with it on his back and wrist.
As the concert continued, the SI took Balaji behind the stage and beat him. Balaji’s wrist was cut, and blood
oozed out. Balaji begged the SI and the PCs to leave him alone, but they refused. Balaji tried to run. The SI
and the PCs pulled at his dhoti and tore it, so that Balaji was completely naked. Balaji, humiliated, covered his
genitals with his hands, pushed the police, and ran through the concert naked, watched by the entire village.
The SI and the PCs followed Balaji, who ran home and put on clothes.
At 11.00pm, nervous that the police would return and thrash him, Balaji hid in a field and later went to Arani.
FF Code
Date of incident
TN/CHE 98/NOV/07
1) Vijayakumar, SI; 2) unnamed PCs
Tamil Nadu
The next morning, Balaji went to Chennai and stayed with friends for five days.
Case Details:
Victim Balamurugan, of the Adi-Dravidar caste, resides at No.10, Dr. Radhakrishnan Road, ValasaravakkamAzhwar Thirunagar, Chennai-87. He runs a cell phone service shop, where a Sri Lankan repatriate named
Jeyaraj worked as an assistant.
On 1 November 2007, two youngsters approached Balamurugan, desiring to sell him a cell phone. Balamurugan
responded that he did not buy cell phones. The youngsters departed, but then returned later claiming that the
cell phone was lost and that he had taken it – and that they had accordingly lodged a complaint at the police
At the police station, Balamurugan was interrogated in the presence of SI Vijayakumar. The SI told Balamurugan
that the police knew that he had purchased stolen cell phones and that he had stolen the youngsters’ cell phone.
Balamurugan denied the allegations and asked that the police not falsely accuse him. The SI became furious,
yelled at Balamurugan for having raised his voice, and hit Balamurugan on his nose with a baton. Balamurugan
could not bear the pain, and asked why he was being beaten like a thief. The SI became angrier, and started
to beat Balamurugan continuously on his head, back, thighs, and ribs. The SI also shouted at Balamurugan,
saying “I will give you another half an hour! You should confess to the theft! Otherwise, you and your assistant
would not be able to leave the police station with your life intact! Understand!”
The police also interrogated Jayaraj and made him strip to his underwear.Later, the police asked Balamurugan
and Jayaraj to sit beside each other. Balamurugan could see that Jayaraj’s body was swollen in several
Annual Report on Torture
On 3 November 2007 at around 6.00pm, based on the youngsters’ complaint, two policemen came to
Balamurugan’s house and took him into custody. Balamurugan immediately informed his advocate, Mr.
At around 7.00pm, the SI called Balamurugan and asked whether he had confessed to the crime, to which
Balamurugan replied that he could not confess to a crime that he had not committed. The SI responded by
slapping Balamurugan on his left cheek; Balamurugan’s teeth hurt, and blood oozed from his mouth. The SI
then left, saying “You should come to me and say that you agree to the allegation made against you! Otherwise
I will give you special treatment tonight!”
At around 7.45pm, Adv. Parasuraman arrived, accompanied by G. Mullaivanan, President of the Tamil Nadu
Social Service Awareness Association. The two men spoke to the SI.
Tamil Nadu
At around 9.00pm, the police let Balamurugan and Jayaraj leave, after requiring that they sign a written
agreement to return to the police station whenever asked to do so.
FF Code
Date of incident :
TN/TIR 15/FEB/07
1) Pethammal; 2) Pazhani
1) Kannan, SI; 2) Mariappan,PC;
3) Vijayakumar, PI; 4) unnamed POs
Sethur PS
Case Details:
Victim Pethammal, age 42, and her husband victim Palani, age 38, reside at Devipattinam Post, Sivagiri Taluk,
Tirunelveli District. They work as agricultural labourers.
Annual Report on Torture
On 3 January 2005 at around 1.00am, Pethammal was asleep, wearing only her blouse and petticoat. She
had left the door unlocked. Seven persons, including SI Kannan and one Paramasivan (whom Pethammal
knew) pushed the door open, called for Pazhani, and searched the house with the help of a torch light. The SI
insulted Pethammal with caste-related terms such as “palla thevadiya mundai” and hit her with a lathi. Pethammal
told the men that Pazhani had gone to the fields to irrigate the crops. The SI asked “Doesn’t he come home
even to sleep with you? If he does not sleep with you then do you have some one else who sleeps with you?
Who are you sleeping with now, you prostitute?”
At around 1.30am, the SI took Pethammal – still in her sleeping clothes – to the Sethur PS and handed her over
to PC Mariappan. The PC detained Pethammal all night in the station, along with her fellow villagers
Paramasivam, Samuthiram, Anthony, and Pandi, who had previously been arrested.
The next morning, CPI Taluk Joint Secretary Palraj, the North Devandanam Branch Secretary Vanraj, and
other CPI comrades came to the station. They met with PI Vijayakumar and HC Shanmugasundaram, and
objected to the illegal arrests of Pethammal, Paramasivam, and Samuthiram. The PI and the HC refused to
answer and directed all of them to leave the PS.
At around 8.00am, after learning of Pethammal’s arrest, Pazhani went to the station accompanied by
Nattamai and others. Pazhani became very upset on seeing his wife amongst all the men in the station, clad
in just a blouse and petticoat and wrapping herself with a bed sheet. Pazhani asked Pethammal to wear a sari
that he had brought. The police sent Pethammal away.
Also on 4 January 2005, Pethammal sent complaints to the State Human Rights Commission (Chennai), the
DGP (Chennai), and the Honourable Chief Minister (Tamil Nadu Government), with copies to the IG of
Police, the Chennai District Collector (Virudhunagar District), DSP Rajapalayam, and the Inspector of Police
(Sethur PS). The policemen involved threatened Pethammal and Pazhani, demanding that they withdraw
these complaints, but Pethammal and Pazhani refused.
On 6 January 2005 at 12.00pm, Nattamai and one Soundarraj came to the station and spoke with PI
Vijayakumar. They asekd the PI to let Pazhani go, which the PI agreed to on the condition that Pazhani,
Nattamai, and Soundarraj sign a paper promising to pay money.
Tamil Nadu
At 11.00pm, a policeman asked Pazhani to tell the truth about the location of a missing hunting gun. Pazhani
replied that he did not know about the gun and was only an agricultural labourer. The policeman started to beat
Pazhani and insulted him with terms like “koothi mahane [thieving dog]” and “palla thevadiya mahane [son of
a Palla prostitute].”
At around 12.30pm, the police released Pazhani.
FF Code
Date of incident
Shankar, SI
Melappalayam PS
Case Details:
On 4 June 2007 in the afternoon, Palanivelsamy went to the shop of one Kilbert to buy an egg, but the egg that
Kilbert sold him was spoiled. Palanivelsamy thus questioned Kilbert. Kilbert responded by insulting
Palanivelsamy as a “kilattu payale” and pushing him down. Palanivelsamy got up and went home without
saying anything.
At about 4.00pm, SI Shankar arrived at Palanivelsamy’s house with a PC. The SI told Palanivelsamy that
Kilbert had filed a complaint against Palanivelsamy. The SI pulled Palanivelsamy from his house and
stamped on him with his boots.
Annual Report on Torture
Victim Palanivelsamy, age 67, resides at Munanjipatty, Nanguenri Taluk, Tirunelveli District. He is a petition
writer at the Collector’s Office.
The SI took Palanivelsamy to the police station. There, he dragged Palanivelsamy into his room and demanded
to know why he had smashed the goods at Kilbert’s shop. The SI then beat Palanivelsamy with an iron rod.
At about 6.00pm, Palanivelsamy’s wife Joysmari came to the station, but the SI did not let her see Palanivelsamy,
saying only that the police were interrogating him and would send him home soon. Joysmari believed the SI
and went home.
Tamil Nadu
On 5 June 2007, the SI returned to the station, approached Palanivelsamy, and threatened to shoot him or to
charge him under the Goondas Act if he did not admit to his crime.
The SI then filed a case against Palanivelsamy under ss. 387 and 506 IPC and remanded him before a court
at Tirunelveli. There, Palanivelsamy begged the Judge to grant him urgent medical treatment. The judge
ordered that Palanivelsamy be sent for treatment in the Government Hospital.
Palanivelsamy obtained a bail order through a relative who was an advocate.
On 9 June 2007, Joysmari filed complaints with the Honourable Chief Minister (Tamil Nadu Government,
Chennai), the District Collector (Tirunelveli District, Tirunelveli), and the Commissioner (Tirunelveli City,
Tirunelveli). No action was taken.
FF Code
: TN/TIR 39/AUG/07
: Basheer Sheik Abdul Kadar
Perpetrator(s) : Ramakrishnan, PI
: Perumalpuram PS; Melapalayam PS
Date of incident : 01/08/2007
Case Details:
Victim Basheer Sheik Abdul Kadar worked as an auto driver and a coolie.
Annual Report on Torture
In 2001, when Basheer Sheik Abdul Kadar was 19 or 20 years old, he was arrested with a few others in a
murder case, detained for few months, and released on bail.
In 2005, the Court declared Basheer Sheik Abdul Kadar innocent in the murder case.
Afterwards, as a precautionary step in a bomb blast case in Coimbatore, police officials arrested a few people
and monitored a few others in the Tirunelveli area.
In June 2007, PI Stanley Jose arrested Basheer Sheik Abdul Kadar and filed a case against him under s. 151
On 1 August 2007 at around 10.30am, PI Ramakrishnan came to Basheer Sheik Abdul Kadar’s home and
asks him to come to the station for an inquiry. Basheer Sheik Abdul Kadar did so.
The police then transferred Basheer Sheik Abdul Kadar to the Perumalpuram PS.
At 12.00pm, the PI came to Perumalpuram PS and asked if Basheer Sheik Abdul Kadar had prepared
explosives, and where he planned to keep them. Basheer Sheik Abdul Kadar replied that he had prepared
no explosives. The PI became angry, called Basheer Sheik Abdul Kadar a “son of a bastard,” and beat him
with a lathi.
The police brought Basheer Sheik Abdul Kadar to Melapalayam PS, where both he and one Basheer
Mohammed were beaten again. The police filed an FIR against both men under ss. 71A and 151 of the CLA
At around 9.00pm, the police produced Basheer Sheik Abdul Kadar and Basheer Mohammed before a
Judge, who remanded them to prison for fifteen days.
Tamil Nadu
At around 4.00 pm, members of the “Jamaad Ad Committee” arrived at the station and spoke to the PI before
leaving. The PI asked Basheer Sheik Abdul Kadar again where he was keeping his explosives. Then the
PI made Basheer Sheik Abdul Kadar lie down and beat him with a wooden log on his thighs.
Fifteen days later, Basheer Sheik Abdul Kadar was released on the condition that he check in daily at the
police station.
Basheer Sheik Abdul Kadar declined to take action against the PI, fearing reprisals against his family.
FF Code
Date of incident
TN/VEL 46/ JUNE/07
Mr. Shankar
1) SI 2)PCs Bagayam PS
Idayan sattu, Vellore
The victim, Shankar, aged 24, was a friend of Aathimoolam. Aathimoolam’s mother had a tea stall in front of
the Bagayam PS. The Sub PI had a grudge against Aathimoolam for refusing to take SI’s children to school.
On 16th July 2006, Shankar, Aathimoolam and Mohan were having liquor. The SI took the three to the PS.
The SI thrashed Aathimoolam and Mohan but left Shankar with a warning. The SI lodged a fake case stating
that Aathimoolam had taken illegal liquor. Subsequently Aathimoolam lodged a complaint against the SI and
mentioned Shankar’s name as witness.
On 21st May 2007, Shankar was taken to the PS and kept there till 10.00pm. He was asked to come the next
day. The next day the police made him stand in his underwear and thrashed him with a baton on his palms,
feet and back. The Police kicked his stomach; in the same spot where he previously had undergone a
surgery. The Police refused to allow him to meet his wife and mother who went to see him. He was released
later that night.
Shankar sustained severe injuries.
Annual Report on Torture
Case Details:
FF Code
Date of incident
Mr. Velu.
Sakthivel, PI
Reddypalayam, Vellore.
Tamil Nadu
Case Details:
Victim Velu, aged 37, was a relative of Manoharan. Manoharan went to Velu’s house and informed him that
his daughter Sumathi was missing. Manoharan along with Velu searched for the girl and they finally lodged
a complaint at Thirimi PS. The Police could not trace out anything for months.
On the 4th April 2007, a laborer of a sugarcane field saw a skull, uniform and ID card while harvesting. The
people crowded there. Manoharan and Velu suspected that they belonged to Sumathi. They went to PS and
informed them. The next day, the police went there for investigation. The skull was sent for laboratory tests.
The following day, PI Sakthivel called Velu for enquiry. The Police thrashed the victim severely with a baton
and forced him to accept that he had killed the girl. Velu’s back was swollen and blood clotted in almost all his
body parts. Velu was unable to walk. Velu was kept at the PS for a day and then released.
After a couple of months the police went to Velu’s house and arrested him. The villagers went to the PS the
next day. Velu told the villagers that he was subjected to torture and was force to blank papers under police
: TN/MDU 15/JAN/07
: 1) Mr. Makudeeswaran 2) Siva
: 1) Thangar, SI 2) Illayarasu, PI
3) Chattipati, PC
: Chinnakaratupatty Oddanchathiram Taluk,
Dindigul district
Date of incident : 07/01/2007
Annual Report on Torture
FF Code
Case Details:
On 24th December 2006, the victim Mukudeeswaran, a 22 year-old lorry cleaner, went to the Ambilikai PS
to sign pursuant to his conditional bail. Previously, Makudeeswaran and his brother Siva were arrested and
remanded. The SI and other PCs in the PS refused to record Makudeeswaran’s signature unless he paid
them Rs. 500 and gave them five unruled books. Makudeeswaran informed Dindigul SP by telegram, and
Makudeeswaran was then permitted to put record his signature. On 31st December 2006, Makudeeswaran
went Ambilikkai PS to record his signature. The SI took Makudeeswaran to DSP Oddanchathiram and
threatened him, telling him there would be dire consequences if Makudeeswaran did not withdraw his complaint
about the police and state that he wrote the telegram incorrectly. Makudeeswaran refused.
On 7th January 2007, Makudeeswaran and Siva went to Ambilikkai PS to record their signature. A police jeep
came with some POs not in uniform. The POs identified themselves. One PO pointed a gun at Makudeeswaran
and told him to get into the car. The POs took Makudeeswaran and Siva to Chatthirapatti PS. Makudeeswaran
learned that the POs in the car were from Ilavarasu and Chatthirapatti PSs.
Tamil Nadu
After reaching Chatthirapatti PS, the police forced Makudeeswaran and Siva to bend over, and then beat them
with their fists. The PI was furious that they filed a complaint against the police. One PC removed
Makudeeswaran’s clothes and other PCs tied Makudeeswaran’s hands behind his back with his dhoti. They
tied one end of the rope to the dhoti and the other end into a pulley on the roof, and lifted him into the air by his
arms. Makudeeswaran was left hanging for half an hour. In the meantime, Siva was beaten with batons. 127
Then, he too was stripped and hung for an hour in the same manner as Makudeeswaran. Siva was moved
to a different room and then strung-up again. The PC struck Makudeeswaran in his chest with the butt of his
rifle. Makudeeswaran vomited blood. PI pulled Makudeeswaran’s big toes causing severe pain.
The PI and PCs forced Siva into a sitting position on the floor and pried his legs apart until they touched the wall
behind him. Two officers ground their full weight into Siva’s thighs, twisting their boots until clusters of veins
protruded from below his hips. Then, the PI kicked Siva in his groin, causing him to scream in pain.
Both Siva and Mukudeeswaran sustained internal injuries, contusions and swelling in their thighs and severe
pain all over the body. On 8th January 2007, Makudeeswaran and Siva were admitted to Karuppasamy
Hospital. The doctors gave them injections and sent them back with the POs. On 9th January 2007, they
returned to Karuppasamy Hospital. After two days, the victims were able to go to the toilet. The doctor
administered 27 injections and gave them two glucose bottles.
The police took Mukudeeswaran and Siva to the PS and took their thumb impression and then released them.
But, while waiting for the bus, the police again arrested Makudeeswaran and Siva. The police filed a false
charge against them and took Makudeeswaran and Siva to JM Court. Makudeeswaran described the torture
they underwent, but the magistrate did not record anything. Instead he told them that there was a pickpocket
case registered against them, told them to admit the case, and pay the fine. When the Magistrate asked for their
Annual Report on Torture
The police then forced Makudeeswaran to sit in the floor, and also stretched his legs apart until they touched the
wall behind him, which took over half an hour. At 10.00pm, the POs hung Makudeeswaran by his hands, in
the crucifixion position, and left him hanging until 4.30am. PI Ilavarasu threatened to force-feed alcohol
Makudeeswaran and Siva alcohol and kill them unless victims confessed to a theft case.
signature in the remand report, the victims were unable to write as a result of the torture, they used their
thumbprints instead.
Tamil Nadu
The police took Makudeeswaran and Siva to the Dindigul Sub Jail at 10.00pm. The prison staff took note
of all their injuries. On 10th January 2007, Makudeeswaran and Siva requested the Prison Superintendent
to arrange for medical treatment. They were taken to Dindigul General Hospital. After administering an
injection, they were sent back to the jail.
Annual Report on Torture
On 11th January 2007, the police took the victims to Dindigul GH. They were sent to Rajaji GH, Madurai.
Then they went to Meenakshi Mission hospital for further treatment. On 23rd January 2007, Makudeeswaran
was admitted to Meenakshi Mission Hospital and received inpatient treatment until 6th February 2007. After
he was released, he again vomited blood. On 7th February 2007 he was readmitted and received treatment
until 16th February 2007. The victim sustained a grievous bilateral brachial plexus injury.
On 9th January 2007, the victims’ mother sent telegrams to the Judicial Magistrate, SP and to DIGP
Dindigul alleging that whereabouts of the victim Mukudeeswaran were unknown. On 11 th January 2007,
Mukudeeswaran’s mother gave a petition to the Principal District and Sessions Judge, Dindigul about the
torture meted out to Mukudeeswaran and about the illegal detention. Upon that petition, the Judge appointed
an Advocate Commissioner for enquiry. On 19 th January 2007, the victims’ mother sent petitions to the
DGP and Home Secretary. On 13th January 2007, the victims’ Advocates met the Resident Medical
Officer of Government Rajaji Hospital, Madurai and sought permission to have an interview with victims, but
his request was refused. The Advocate filed a petition on 14th January 2007 to the Dindigul Judicial
Magistrate, but he refused the petition. The Advocate sent the petition to the Dindigul Chief Judicial Magistrate.
The petition was again refused. The Advocate filed a copy application for Arrest Memo and Arrest Card in
both the cases on 18 th January 2007, but they were returned. The Advocates sent a complaint with the
Makudeeswaran’s affidavit to the Chief Justice of Madras High Court and marked a copy to the Registrar
of the High Court regarding the misbehavior of the Judicial Magistrate.
On 19th January 2007, the victims’ mother sent complaints to Home Secretary and the Director General of
Police. On 25th January 2007, Mukudeeswaran sent a complaint to the Home Secretary and marked
copies to the Director General of Police, PI General of South Zone and the Superintendent of Police,
Dindigul. On 25th January 2007, Makudeeswaran’s mother gave a petition to the Dean, Government Rajaji
Hospital, Madurai and the Dean of Government Hospital, Dindigul to furnish the medical records. On 6th
February 2007 they replied that they would give the copy only to the order of the court.
FF Code
: TN/TIR 75/OCT/07
: M. Ilango
: PI, Charles Kalaimani
Serinthamaram, PS
: Serinthamaram PS, Thenkasi
Thirunelveli District.
Date of incident : 01/09/2007
Victim Ilango, a resident of Thenkasi Taluk in Thirunrlveli District and member of the Hindu Pallar caste, was
the Secretary of Dravida Munetra Kalagam (DMK) Party in Kadayanallur Cooperation. On 1st September
2007 Ilango’s younger brother Selvathurai took his tractor for agricultural purposes. Serintamaram police
officers seized the tractor, alleging it was involved in sand mining. A PC stood with Selvathurai while the other
officers searched other vehicles. Selvathurai questioned the PC for stopping his tractor when there was no
sand in it. The two quarreled.
Tamil Nadu
Case Details:
The police came to Ilango’s house in search of Selvathurai. Since Selvathurai was not there, they told Ilango’s
wife to tell Selvathurai to go to the PS, or he else the police will kill him when they see him next. Ilango’s wife
relayed the incident to Ilango. Ilango went to the Serinthamaram PS to enquire about the incident. The police
told Ilango that his brother attacked the PC and has escaped, but the police had the seized vehicle. Ilango told
the police that there was no sand in the vehicle. Ilango told the police that if they take action on the complaint, he
will make a complaint against them. He then left the PS.
The PI asked the PCs to bring two tractors from Ilango’s house. The PI sent back one, and emptied 1 1/2
sacks of sand into the other tractor. The PI said this confirmed that Ilango was involved in sand mining. The
police accused Ilango of beating a police officer and demanded the details of the people that worked for him.
Ilango refused to answer.
The PI then thrashed Ilango’s back four to five times with a baton. The PI put Ilango in handcuffs and took him
to a jeep. The police refused to tell Ilango where he was going. The police stopped the jeep north of Athiuthu
village, and another police car parked opposite to it. Inside that car was Alangulam PI Sagaya Jose. Ilango
Annual Report on Torture
At around 9.00pm that evening, four PCs came to Ilango’s home and said that the PI wanted to meet him.
Ilango went with them. The PCs took Ilango to the Serinthamaram PS. There, the police made Ilango sit in the
PI’s room. The PI yelled at Ilango and verbally abused him by caste (Palle Paya) for questioning the actions
of the police earlier that day. The PI hit Ilango’s thighs. Ilango asked him why he was being beaten when he did
nothing wrong. Ilango said his vehicle was not carrying any sand. Ilango told them to file a case and he would
face that in court. The PI told Ilango to be silent. The PI held his gun at Ilango’s forehead and threatened to kill
him if he talked.
was placed into the other vehicle. When Ilango tried asking questions, PI Sagaya Jose told him to be quiet
or they would kill him and frame it as an attempted escape.
Tamil Nadu
At the Alangulam PS, Ilango was taken to the PIs room. The police deprived Ilango from sleeping that night.
At 10.00am the next morning, Ilango was taken in handcuffs to a jeep, and taken to the Thenkasi Court. Two
PCs from Serinthamaram PS brought the First Information Report (FIR). They produced Ilango at the Court
and then left. The Court ordered Ilango detained for 14 days. He was kept at Thenkasi jail and later was
released on bail.
FF Code
: TN/VEL 91/NOV/07
: Maheshwari
Perpetrator(s) : 1) Kirubakaran, SI; 2) Chennaian, SI;
3) Gandeepan, HC; 4) Rani, SI
: Vaniambadi PS, Vaniambadi Taluk,Vellore District
Date of incident :
Case Details:
Victim Maheshwari, age 27, resides at Indranagar, Perumalpettai, Vaniambadi Taluk, Vellore District. She
belongs to the Vanniyar caste. Her legs were affected by polio and she could not walk quickly. She sold
arrack for a living, and in so doing she had to bribe the police.
Annual Report on Torture
On 23 November 2007, a man passing by Maheshwari’s house dropped a bag of arrack pockets. SI
Kirubakaran, SI Chennaian, and HC Gandeepan were in a police jeep behind the man. The policemen
moved the bag in front of Maheshwari’s house. SI Kirubakaran asked Maheshwari who had brought the
arrack and insulted her with terms such as “dhowdiangalae, narakoodhingalaewe.” The HC and another
man scolded Maheshwari. The police questioned Maheshwari and her family. Maheshwari became
angry, shouted at them, and asked the police not to disturb her. SI Kirubaragan became angry. He jabbed
Maheshwari’s jaw with a torch and kicked her in the ribs with his booted foot. Maheshwari fell down on the
steps. Holding Maheshwari’s hair, SI Kirubaragan banged her head on the steel door of the house. The SI
hit her head with a torch light.
Maheshwari’s relatives cried and begged the SI to stop. The SI kicked them.
The SI tore Maheshwari’s nightie and hit her chin twice. When Maheshwari tried to get up slowly, the SI
banged her head again on the door. Maheshwari grabbed at the SI’s shirt. The SI hit Maheshwari with a
stick, asking her how she dared to hold his shirt. The SI hit Maheshwari’s back. SI Chennaian hit
Maheshwari and pulled at her nightie so that Maheshwari was wearing only her jacket and in-skirt. The
policemen beat Maheshwari further.
Maheshwari’s youngest son approached her, crying. The police kicked him.
The skin on Maheshwari’s left wrist had peeled away, and she had wounds above her left knee, on her right
leg, and on her chest, as well as pain in her hip. Maheshwari could neither stand nor sit.
The policemen told Maheshwari to get into their jeep. Maheshwari refused. SI Kirubakaran and the HC
carried her by her hands and legs. Maheshwari shouted, so the police stuffed her torn nightie into her mouth.
Maheshwari could not breathe.
When Maheshwari was in the jeep, the police threw her possessions out of her house and broke them. They
set fire to the hut in front of her house. They took her jewels and her thali, as well as Rs. 61,350 in cash.
Maheshwari shouted again, so the police stuffed small pieces of cloth into her mouth. They took her to the
Vanaimbadi PS. Maheshwari’s relatives and around fifty villagers followed; they informed the DSP and the SP
of Maheshwari’s treatment.
Tamil Nadu
The villagers witnessed the police officers’ actions and did nothing.
In the jeep, SI Thangavel asked Maheshwari what had happened. Maheshwari explained the incident in detail.
SI Chennaian beat Maheshwari again on her jaw, asking how she dared to talk so much. SI Kirubarakaran
told Maheshwari to keep her mouth shut. SI Kirubarakaran caught Maheshwari’s hair, bent her down, and
pressed her hair under the jeep tyre; then he kicked Maheshwari in her ribs.
At the station, DSP Tamilselvi arrived and consoled Maheshwari, asking what had happened. Maheshwari
explained the incident in detail, still half-naked. The police called Maheshwari inside to write a statement, but
Maheshwari could not walk. The police brought paper to her, and she wrote down everything that had
SI Arivuselvan talked to Maheshwari and promised to take action the next day. Maheshwari trusted him and
then she covered self with a dhuppatta. Maheshwari asked the DSP to take her to the hospital as her pain was
severe. SI Rani and 3 female PCs took Maheshwari in an auto, saying that they were going to the hospital.
The police took Maheshwari to the Vaniambadi PS. There, DSP Tamilselvi, SI Rani and ten female PCs were
present. Maheshwari’s face, hands, legs, and hip were swollen. Maheshwari was not given food or water.
Maheshwari could not walk.
The next day at 6.00am, DSP Sureshkumar and Maheshwari’s Village Chairman Devaraj came to the station
to negotiate. Devaraj consoled Maheshwari. The DSP said that he would replace Maheshwari’s property if
she did not make any problems for the police. Maheshwari accepted.
SI Suresh Kumar asked Maheshwari to walk. Maheshwari said that since she was in pain, she could not.
The DSP said that Maheshwari was acting. Maheshwari replied that she had no reason to act. Devaraj and
Annual Report on Torture
Shortly, Maheshwari realised that the auto was not going to the hospital. When the auto passed near the OM
Shakthi Temple, Maheshwari shouted to stop the vehicle. The SI and the PCs asked Maheshwari how she
dared to tell them to go to the hospital. They pulled all of Maheshwari’s cothes off. Maheshwari tried to cover
herself with her torn nightie.
the DSP said that Maheshwari would be taken to the hospital, where she should tell the doctors that she had
SI Rani and female PCs took Maheshwari to the Government Hospital. There, Maheshwari told the doctors
that she had fallen, and was given a shot. Maheshwari’s husband asked the police to take Maheshwari to
a private hospital. The police refused. They filed a case against Maheshwari and remanded her.
Tamil Nadu
At 12.00pm, the police took Maheshwari to the Thiruppatthur JM Court. Maheshwari’s brother was with her.
The Magistrate asked the police how Maheshwari had been hurt. The police said that Maheshwari was
handicapped and that she had fallen. Maheshwari told the magistrate that she had not fallen, but rather that the
police had broken her hip. The Magistrate recorded what Maheshwari said and sent her to the hospital.
Maheshwari’s brother carried her to the police vehicle while the PI talked with the Magistrate. The Magistrate
did not ask the PI who had beaten Maheshwari. Maheshwari told him that SI Kirubakaran, SI Chennaian,
and HC Gandeeappan had beaten her, but she did not know whether the Magistrate recorded what she said.
The police took Maheshwari to the Vellore Jail. On seeing her condition, the Jail officers refused to admit
Maheshwari and asked the police to take her to the hospital. Female SI Natrampalli and female PC
Rajendran escorted Maheshwari. The Jail police gave Maheshwari a tablet and tea.
After correcting a mistake in her warrant, the police sent Maheshwari to jail. There, the jail doctor noted all of
Maheshwari’s injuries and asked who had hurt her. Maheshwari told the doctor everything, and he noted it
At around 9.30, the SI and the PC took Maheshwari to the Adukkambarai Government Hospital on the advice
of the jail doctor. There, Maheshwari showed her injuries to Dr. Manikandan and told the doctor the names
of those who had beaten her; the Doctor noted everything.
Maheshwari was put in a treatment bed and given an IV drip. X-rays were taken.
For two days, Maheshwari could not sit up, and needed help to reach the toilets. Her hip bone had been
Annual Report on Torture
After one week, Maheshwari left the Hospital.
FF Code
R. Murugesan
SI, Sivan, Puliyangudi PS
Puliyangudi PS, Sivagiri Taluk,
Date of incident : 17/08/2007
The victim Murugesan was a farmer residing in Sivagiri taluk, Tirunelveli district, and belonging to the Hindu
Pallar Community. There is a Mariyamman temple in his village where a feast is celebrated every year. The
administrator of this temple, Chandran, who takes the responsibility of conducting the programmes in the
temple feast belongs to the Thevar Community. On 17th August 2007, the celebrations began in the afternoon.
Murugesan went to the festival with his wife and daughter.
Tamil Nadu
Case details:
Chandran, the administrator instructed the dancers not to sing any cinema song or songs pertaining to social
leaders. One of Chandran’s relative asked the dancers to sing a song on Muthuramalinga Thevar, and the
dancers obliged. Murugesan informed Chandran. Chandran retorted that the function was organized by
them, so there is no wrong in singing about Muthuramalinaga Thevar. A quarrel arose. Chandran complained
to SI Sivan, stating that Murugesan was drunk and creating a problem. SI Sivan slapped Murugesan’s
cheeks. The SI beat Murugesan’s thighs using the lathi and commanded Murugesan to get into the jeep.
The police took Murugesan in the jeep to Puliyangudi PS, and made Murugesan sit in a room. Murugesan
sat there for one hour. The SI asked Murugesan whether he had drunk, and he denied the allegation.
In the morning, SI Sivan asked why Murugesan had created problem in the festival. Murugesan replied that
he never thought of creating a problem. The SI slapped Murugesan for repeating the same words. The SI
ordered Murugesan to go back to his village and threatened to imprison his whole family if he made a further
appeal to anybody.
Annual Report on Torture
The SI threatened to kill Murugesan, and asked why he created a problem. The SI beat Murugesan’s thighs
and knee with the lathi. He made Murugesan lie down on the bench and beat him on both feet saying that he
was trying to create caste disputes. Murugesan shouted in pain. But the SI threatened to kill Murugesan if
he shouted. Murugesan asked the SI what mistake he had committed. But the SI told him not to talk and
called him the son of a Thevadiya (Bastard). After that the SI swore at Murugesan and forced him to stand
in the corner. The SI threatened to file a case on him and send to the court.
FF Code
TN/VEL 90/NOV/07
Panneer Selvam
Pandiyarajan, PI
Nagar PS, Kudiyatham,
Vellore District
Date of incident : 10/09/2007
Tamil Nadu
Case Details:
Victim Panneer Selvam, age 22, resides at Dhanam Nagar, Kudiyatham Taluk, Vellore District. He belongs
to the Vanniyar caste.
On 10 September 2007, Panneer Selvam went to meet his friend Suresh at Suresh’s house on Pachaiyamman
Temple Street, in the Thalayatham area. Panneer Selvam waited outside Suresh house in an auto.
Panneer Selvam’s brother’s ex-wife Uma saw him, spat on the ground, and left. Uma’s nine month-old
daughter came and stood near Panneer Selvam. Uma came running, pulled the girl away, and called
Panneer Selvam a “bastard.” Panneer Selvam retorted. Uma went to the Town PS and lodged a complaint
against Paneer Selvam.
At 8.15pm, an HC took Panneer Selvam to the police station. There, a PI slapped Panneer Selvam’s cheeks
four times harshly. Panneer Selvam asked why he was being beaten, and the PI responded by calling him
a “son of a bastard.” The PI asked why Panneer Selvam and his brother could not leave Uma alone. The PI
told Panneer Selvam to remove his shirt and pants. When Panneer Selvam hesitated, the PI beat him with a
wooden log on his shoulder. Panneer Selvam cried and asked why he was being beaten when he had done
nothing wrong. The PI made Panneer Selvam grab the bars of a window, and then beat Panneer Selvam with
the log on his back, buttocks, and thighs. Panneer Selvam shouted in pain and called his mother’s name. The
PI asked Panneer Selvam if he would ever tease a woman again and beat Panneer Selvam once more on
the back. Unable to continue holding the bars, Panneer Selvam brought his hand to his face. The PI beat
Panneer Selvam with his belt. Panneer Selvam sat down in pain. The PI caught Panneer Selvam’s hair, lifted
him up, and slapped him twice on his cheeks. Such treatment lasted around half an hour.
Annual Report on Torture
The police took Rs. 600 from Panneer Selvam’s shirt pocket, as well as his new belt.
The next day at around 9.30am, an HC filed an FIR against Panneer Selvam and made him sign it.
At around 10.00am, the police put Panneer Selvam into a jeep and produced him at the Kudiyatham JM Court.
The police had threatened Panneer Selvam not to disclose the fact that he had been tortured.
On 11 September 2007, Panneer Selvam was detained at the Kudiyatham Sub-Jail. He was not given any
medical treatment.
After 4 days, Panneer Selvam was released on bail with the help of the advocate Raviraman.
SI Ramamoorthy has stated that Uma filed a complaint alleging that Panneer Selvam had pulled her blouse
and the pallu of her saree. Since this complaint concerned the protection of women, the SI has stated that he
immediately filed the FIR. The complaint has been read once before the DSP.
TN/TIR 83/NOV/07
Rajamuthu Vairavan
Vijayakumar, SI
Town PS, Thirunelveli Taluk
Case details:
Victim Rajamuthu Vairavan, age 38, resides at Therkutheru in Tirunelveli Town. He owns a hotel in front of the
Town Nellaiappar Temple.
Tamil Nadu
FF Code
Date of incident
On 23 October 2007 at 9.30pm, Rajamuthu Vairavan locked his hotel and was returning to his house in his
vehicle. The Town Police were engaged in checking the vehicles. Because Rajamuthu Vairavan had his
driving license and vehicle book, he was confident. When a police officer asked him for his papers, Rajamuthu
Vairavan showed him everything. The officer asked Rajamuthu Vairavan where he was coming; Rajamuthu
Vairavan answered completely. The officer stated that Rajamuthu Vairavan was drunk while driving, and asked
him for Rs. 500. Rajamuthu Vairavan responded that he had his license and vehicle book, so there was no
reason for him to pay the money. The officer demanded money again. Rajamuthu Vairavan refused, and the
officer caught him by the shirt. Rajamuthu Vairavan pushed the officer away and drove away.
The police followed Rajamuthu Vairavan and caught him. They took Rajamuthu Vairavan to the Town PS,
where they filed a case against him for obstructing the police. Then the police demanded his signature on a
blank piece of paper.
At 10.30pm, the SI beat Rajamuthu Vairavan’s palm severely before slapping his left cheek and thighs.
Rajamuthu Vairavan developed swelling and blood clots, and could not walk properly.
The next day, Rajamuthu Vairavan’s family members learned that he was detained; Rajamuthu Vairavan’s
father came to the station.
The next morning at 10.30am, the police brought Rajamuthu Vairavan to the Court.
On 25 October 2007, Rajamuthu Vairavan was released on bail. He checked into the Medical College
Campus and received treatment. There, he stated that he had been attacked by police officers.
Annual Report on Torture
At 10.00pm, SI Vijayakumar took Rajamuthu Vairavan into a separate room.
Two PCs came to the hospital; the SI came later. The SI told Rajamuthu Vairavan that he had slapped him for
speaking harshly to the Traffic Police. Rajamuthu Vairavan forgave the SI and signed a statement promising
not to take legal action against the SI.
The SI has refused to say anything about this case, saying that Rajamuthu Vairavan’s case was terminated
after the Traffic Police finished checking vehicles at the check stop.
Tamil Nadu
FF Code
: TN/TIR 78/NOV/07
: Suresh Peter
: 1) Selvaraj Sivagiri, SI; 2) Palpandi, PI;
3) unnamed PCs
: Sivagiri PS, Thirunelveli Taluk
Date of incident : 02/11/2007
Case Details:
Victim Suresh Peter resides in Sivagiri Taluk, Tirunelveli District. He belongs to the Christian Parayar
community and runs a tailor shop.
Suresh Peter’s cousin Raja took a screwdriver from Suresh Peter’s shop and used it to break into one
Selvakumar’s house.
On 2 November 2007 at around 12.30pm, Suresh Peter was in his shop when a PI called him outside for an
enquiry. Suresh Peter asked the reason for the enquiry. The PI pulled Suresh Peter into a police vehicle and
demanded to know whether Suresh Peter had planned on coming only if a reason was provided. The PI
drove Suresh Peter to the Sivagiri PS.
Annual Report on Torture
At around 9.30pm, the PI asked Suresh Peter for his name, job, and family details. Suresh Peter replied to
all that he was asked. The PI sent Suresh Peter out to sit on the veranda.
At around 11.30pm, SI Selvaraj brought Suresh Peter inside the Inspector’s room. The SI hit Suresh
Peter’s cheek and asked where the earrings were that he had stolen from Selvakumar’s house. Suresh
Peter replied that he had stolen nothing. The SI picked up a wooden log, beat Suresh Peter’s wrist, and
threatened to beat Suresh Peter to death. Suresh Peter shouted, unable to bear the pain. The SI summoned
all the police who were then on duty and asked Suresh Peter to sit and to stretch out both of his legs. PI
Palpandi told the SI to grab Suresh Peter and told three PCs to stand on Suresh Peter’s legs. The PI picked
up a baton and beat Suresh Peter’s feet, demanding that he tell the truth. The PI said that Suresh Peter’s hand
impression had been taken and that the PI would broker a compromise if Suresh Peter admitted to the theft.
Suresh Peter wept and told the police that he had never been to Selvakumar’s house and that he was telling
the truth. The PI told Suresh Peter not to lie, and said that he knew how to make Suresh Peter tell the truth. The
SI took a baton and beat Suresh Peter all over his body, including his shins, elbows, and fingers. The SI
demanded that Suresh Peter tell the truth. He made Suresh Peter stretch his fingers on the table while beating
them. The PCs began to hit Suresh Peter’s cheeks. Such treatment continued until 3.00am.
Afterwards, Suresh Peter could not stand up because he was in so much pain. Unable to contemplate more
torture, Suresh Peter told the police that Raja had committed the theft. The SI told Suresh Peter that he should
have told the truth at the beginning, and instructed him to go sit on the veranda. The SI left; Suresh Peter
stayed in the room. Suresh Peter tried to sleep but could not because of the pain.
That afternoon, one PC brought food to Suresh Peter and Raja. Raja told Suresh Peter that he would include
Suresh Peter’s name in his confession, because Suresh Peter had told the police about Raja.
At around 9.00pm, the SI took Raja inside his room and interrogated him. Suresh Peter heard the sound of
beating and Raja shouting. As Raja had warned Suresh Peter, he told the SI that Suresh Peter had
committed the theft with him. The SI ordered that Suresh Peter be brought into the room. A PC approached
Suresh Peter, called him a “thirutto rascal [an abusive term for a thief],” and unchained him.
Tamil Nadu
On 3 November 2007 at 9.00am, the SI brought Raja to the station. The police tied him to Suresh Peter with
a chain.
In the room, the SI grabbed Suresh Peter’s hair, called him “the son of a thief,” accused him of lying to the
police, and slapped his cheek. Suresh Peter said that Raja had falsely included him because he was angry
that Suresh Peter had told the police about him. The SI told Suresh Peter not to tell lies, and the instructed
Suresh Peter and Raja to return the earrings and Rs. 10,000 that they had allegedly stolen. The SI chained
Suresh Peter and Raja together again.
At around 12.00am, officers from Kadayanallur PS came and took photographs of both Suresh Peter and
On 4 November 2007 in the morning, the police called Selvakumar to the station and asked him to think hard
and to say whether only earrings were missing or whether money was also missing. Selvakumar relied that
money was also missing.
At around 9.00pm, Suresh Peter’s father and a person from Raja’s house came to the station together and
gave Rs. 5,000 each to PI Palpandi.
Suresh Peter and Raja spent the night chained together.
On 5 November 2007 at around 11.30am, Suresh Peter and Raja’s photographs were taken. Suresh Peter
was unchained and called to the Clerk’s room. There, both his hand impressions were taken and the police
made him sign a blank paper as well as a book. Suresh Peter left the room, and Raja went inside.
At 9.00pm, the police took Suresh Peter and Raja to the Magistrate’s house. On the way, the police
threatened Suresh Peter and Raja that if they said anything to the Magistrate other than admitting to the theft,
Annual Report on Torture
The SI told Suresh Peter and Raja that he would leave them only if they each gave him Rs. 5,000; otherwise,
they would be incarcerated.
the police would shoot them and pretend that they had tried to escape. The police also threatened Suresh Peter
and Raja with incarceration at a bigger prison in Palayamkottai, Vellore, or Madurai.
At the Magistrate’s house, the Magistrate ordered that Suresh Peter and Raja be kept in custody for fourteen
The police took Suresh Peter and Raja to a doctor, again threatening them to keep quiet. Suresh Peter, unable
to bend his fingers, asked the police to request that the doctor give him an injection. The police responded that
Suresh Peter should keep quiet or he would be killed.
The doctor stated that there was nothing wrong with Suresh Peter or Raja.
Tamil Nadu
The police brought Suresh Peter and Raja to jail.
On 23 November 2007, Suresh Peter was released on bail.
Later, Suresh Peter learned that the police had kept his money, and had filed a case against Suresh Peter and
Raja accusing them of having stolen the money from Selvakumar’s house.
Ashamed, Suresh Peter considered suicide. He has since experienced family troubles.
FF Code
: TN/TIR 79/NOV/07
: Annadurai
: 1) Aadivel, SI
2) Jeya Subramani, PI
: Shenkottah PS,
Thirunelveli District
Date of incident : 03/11/2007
Case Details:
Annual Report on Torture
Victim Annadurai was 22 years old and residing in Shenkottah Taluk, Tirunelveli District. On 3rd November
2007, the SI of Shenkottah PS asked Annadurai to come for an inquiry to the station. Annadurai’s father asked
the SI for the reason. The SI replied that he would inquire Annadurai and send him. The police took Annadurai
to the station and shut him up in the prisoner’s cell at the station.
At 7.00pm, SI Aadivel inquired Annadurai about his name, family and the work he did. Annadurai answered
him for the same. The SI asked Annadurai where he had hidden the ganja. When Annadurai replied that he
did not know anything about ganja, the SI commanded Annadurai to sit down using abusive words (Rascal).
Annadurai did accordingly. He forced Annadurai to stretch his legs and beat continuously on his feet using a
lathi, and asked where he had hidden the ganja. In pain Annadurai begged the SI not to beat him. Again the SI
beat below his knee using the lathi. For fifteen minutes he was beating Annadurai continuously. Annadurai
squirmed in pain unable to bend his feet. And Annadurai laid himself down because he couldn’t remain
standing having received beatings on his feet.
The next day, at 9.00am the PI Jeya Subramani called Annadurai to his room and slapped him on his cheeks
for not telling the truth and used abusive words (Rascal). Further he took a photograph of Annadurai and
threatened to file a case on him.
FF Code
: TN/TIR 66/OCT/07
: Mr. Balasubramanian
: Shanmugam, SI
: Poolangulam Post, Pavur Chatriam Via,
Thenkasi Taluk,Thirunelveli District
Date of incident : 13/10/2007
Tamil Nadu
The SI commanded the HC to get Annadurai’s finger prints, and his signature in a blank paper and surrender
him by filing an FIR, and went off. As he commanded, the PC got Annadurai’s signature as well as his finger
prints, and produced him before the Judge at his house. Judge gave orders to put him under judicial custody,
and likewise they shut him up in Tenkasi Sub Jail.
Case Details:
Victim Balasubramanian, of No. 7/212 in Nadhutheru, worked for three days at a rice mill in Pavur Chatriam.
Because of heavy rain, he stopped working there and sought work as an agricultural coolie instead. He did
not know that, after he left the mill, the mill owner notified the police that someone had stolen some iron from
the premises.
On 13 October 2007, a police jeep stopped in front of Balasubramanian’s house. When Balasubramanian
went outside to ask what the police wanted, SI Shanmugam replied “Ejamaan [landlord], just come when I
tell you to.” The SI then got out of the jeep, slapped Balasubramanian, and asked him how he dared to
question the police.
When the SI returned later in the day, he called Balasubramanian into his office and demanded that he
provide his details. Balasubramanian responded fully. The SI then asked Balasubramanian how long he
had worked in the rice mill, and why he was no longer working there. Balasubramanian replied that he had
worked there for three days, but had left because of the heavy rain. The SI responded by verbally abusing
Balasubramanian using the word “thaayoli [bastard],” and told him that he had stolen iron from the rice mill.
The SI yelled at Balasubramanian to tell the truth. Balasubramanian replied that he had no need to steal. The
SI then called him a rascal, and demanded that he answer the questions asked of him. Balasubramanian
said nothing. The SI then told Balasubramanian to sit in a chair and stretch out his legs.
The SI beat Balasubramanian on his feet. Balasubramanian screamed because he could not bear the pain.
The SI told Balasubramanian that the police had received a complaint from the mill owner, and that
Annual Report on Torture
Balasubramanian asked the SI why he had beaten him; the SI responded by taking Balasubramanian
through the streets and slapping him. Eventually, the SI took him to the Pavur Chatriam Police Station and
left him with a PC. The SI told the PC to make Balasubramanian sit on the veranda until the SI returned.
Balasubramanian would not be free until he told the truth. The SI also threatened to kill Balasubramanian, who
replied that he could not admit to a crime that he had not committed.
The SI asked Head PC Sankarapandian to file a case on Balasubramanian. The HC took Balasubramanian
to his office to collect his fingerprints and signature. He filed a case on Balasubramanian, before he and the SI
took Balasubramanian to the Court at Thankasi. On the way, the SI threatened Balasubramanian with false
accusations if he told the judge that the SI had beaten him.
Tamil Nadu
When they reached the Court, the judge asked Balasubramanian if he had any complaint. Balasubramanian
replied that he had none. The judge ordered Balasubramanian detained for fourteen days; Balasubramanian
was released on bail after seven days.
FF Code
Date of incident
Basheer Mohammed
Ramakrishnan, PI
Melapalayam PS, Thirunelveli District
Case Details:
Basheer Mohammed resides in Melapalayam, Tirunelveli. He was taken for a murder case that happened
four years back. Having got bail after a period of two months, he came out of Palayamkottai Central Jail.
Annual Report on Torture
On 1st August 2007, Basheer Mohammed was getting ready to go for work, when Melapalayam PI
Ramakrishnan went and asked Basheer Mohammed to come with him for inquiry. In fear, Basheer
Mohammed asked why he should come having done no mistake. The PI abused Basheer Mohammed as
son of a bastard (Thevadiya), and asked him whether he would come only if the reason was said to him. The
PI slapped on Basheer Mohammed’s cheeks, and pulled his shirt taking him to the jeep.
The police took Basheer Mohammed to Melapalayam PS. Basheer Mohammed was made to sit in a room
till evening. At 7.00pm, Basheer Mohammed was called to the PI’s room. There, the PI told Basheer
Mohammed that they believed he was assisting terrorists in Melapalayam area, and asked Basheer
Mohammed to tell them the names of those terrorists. Basheer Mohammed told the PI about his previous
arrest in a murder case and also added that he was he was working in a butcher’s shop without doing any
mistake. When Basheer Mohammed said that, the PI beat on his thighs with the lathi. PCs held his hands
and head tightly. The PI beat on Basheer Mohammed’s neck forcing him to tell the contacts. PI used
abusive words (Son of a Bastard (Tayoli)). Basheer Mohammed cried of pain. PI ordered Basheer
Mohammed not to shout and stand up. PI slapped on his cheeks and said that as long as he was in this
region, he won’t leave Basheer Mohammed without doing something to him and said that he would link
Basheer Mohammed with a murder case and imprison life long.
Basheer Mohammed replied he had no contacts with anybody, and said what he told was the truth. PI made
Basheer Mohammed sit in his room and went off. It was around 8.00am, Basheer Mohammed’s father
Syed Mohammed came to the PS. The clerk told him that a case was filed on him and advised his father to
get bail from the court. Immediately Basheer Mohammed’s father went off.
Basheer Mohammed was afraid to take any action against the PI as the police might file him under a false
FF Code
Date of incident :
TN/TIR 70/OCT/07
1) Mariaajesu Anthony, SI 2) Annalakshmi
Woman SI 3) Subbaiah, PC 4)
Mutthuselvam 5) SPCID Basheer
6) SPCID Kandhasamy
Nadutheru, Nanguneri Taluk, Tirunelveli
Tamil Nadu
PI Ramakrishnan came at 09.30am, and commanded the police to file a case on Basheer Mohammed and
to produce him before the court. It was around 10.00am, the PI got Basheer Mohammed signed and filed
him u/s 588/07, 151, 71(A) CIA and produced before the court. After reaching there only Basheer Mohammed
knew that another case was filed along with him in this case. By court order Basheer Mohammed was shut
up in Palay Central Jail and came out the next day on bail.
Case Details:
They asked him to come to the station and Edvin immediately asked them for the reason. The SI replied to
him that he was not a big shot. Immediately SI Annalakshmi ordered the POs to drag him to the station.
When Edwin tried to put on his shirt, PC Mutthuselvam snatched away the shirt and took away the money
that was in the shirt pocket. They got him into the police jeep and made sit between the seats. Already, Aliyar
and Ruban from Moolaikaraipatti, Sundarajan from Ramakrishnapuram, Murugan, and Murugan, from
Kariaandi were there in the jeep. At the Moolaikaraipatti PS, Nayinar from Edumbal village was handcuffed
and fastened with chain.
At 4.00 am, PI of Nanguneri PS, Mutthuraj and Maria Jesu Anthony, PI of Moolaikaraipatti PS came and
asked Edwin to tell the truth. Edvin asked for the purpose he was brought to the station. At once, PC
Subbaiah, Mutthuselvam, SPCID Basheer started beating Edwin alternately on back, buttocks and foot.
Annual Report on Torture
Edwin was residing at Nanguneri Taluk, Tirunelveli District. On 27th July 2007 at 3.00am, Edvin was asleep
with his family members. Edwin heard a voice shouting that was denoting his caste as dogs. SI Mariaajesu
Anthony, Woman SI Annalakshmi, PC Mutthuselvam, Subbaiah, SPCID-Bashheeer, SPCID-Kandhasamy
and 3 persons were standing outside holding batons and pistols.
Edwin writhed and howled in pain. They made Edwin to bend down and beat him, and then made him stand
upright and beat him more.
Tamil Nadu
They shouted at Edwin using the word bastard, Pundai magane and added that 2 of them who had come with
him have told the truth. Edwin told that he knows nothing. A PC enquired Edwin whether he knew about the
incident that happened at the house of Azhagu on Tuesday. Edwin replied that he was at his brother’s house
in Madurai at that time. The SI asked Edvin whether he would accept whether the others that were brought
in would confirm that. Then, they brought Nayinar and Ruban in front of Edwin and the PI asked Nayinar
whether Edwin went to Azhagu’s house. Nayinar and Ruban told that Edwin was with them.
The police beat Edwin with intervals more than 5 times. At 11.00am people belonging to their village;
Panchayat President Ponnaiah Nadar, Councilor and some other came to see them at Moolaikaraipatti PS.
But, the police did not give them permission to meet Edvin and told them that Edvin would be sent back after
Then, at 1.00pm SI Annalakshmi brought the daughter of Azhagu in front of them and asked her who was to
her house. That girl child pointed to Nayinar alone. Then she was taken back.
The Police forced Edvin to sign in papers without knowing its contents.
At 10.00pm, the police took all of them to the Nanguneri Court campus to produce before the Magistrate. But,
the Magistrate asked them to come the next day. The next morning Edwin and the others were taken to
Nanguneri Judge. On the way, the police threatened the victims not to tell anything to the Judge or else they
would be shot to dead, and the police would say they tried to escape. Even though they had injuries they did
not inform the judge due to fear. They were all remanded to the Palayamkottai Central jail.
Annual Report on Torture
The first hearing of their case was on 10th August 2007. They have submitted a petition to the Judge
demanding medical treatment for the injuries. The Judge sent a letter to the Superintend of the Palayamkottai
Central jail asking him to do the needful to provide treatment at the hospital situated within the jail. Accordingly,
Edwin underwent treatment at the prison hospital for ten days; from 13th August 2007 to 23rd August 2007.
FF Code
Case Details:
Kannan, SI
Kalakaadu, Kakkan Nagar,
Nanguneri Taluk, Tirunelveli
Date of incident : 25/08/2007
Victim Elango, of the Pallar caste, resides at Kakkan Nagar, Kalakaadu. On 25 August 2007 at 6.00pm, a
jeep – in which SI Kannan and another police officer were seated – stopped in front of his house. The SI
called Elango and his wife outside; when Elango asked why they had been summoned, the SI shouted at
him not to ask questions.
The SI drove Elango and his wife to the police station. He asked them where they were keeping a set of lamps
that had been stolen from the Vaadhyamman Temple. Elango responded that he knew nothing about the lamps
and had committed no wrong. He added that both he and his wife had been away from their residence and had
only recently returned. The SI asked why they had left, and Elango responded that he had been seeking daily
labour. The SI asked Elango’s wife to corroborate this story; she did so.
The SI proceeded to shout at Elango (using the word “thaayoli”) and to make insulting remarks about his caste.
Then he beat Elango with a baton below his knees. He accused Elango of lying and threatened to charge him
with other pending cases if he failed to admit his crime.
Tamil Nadu
The SI sent Elango’s wife home, telling her that he would send her husband home after asking him some more
Elango admitted that he had been arrested twice for previous infractions, and had received seven months’
punishment for them – but he refused to admit that he had done anything wrong this time. The SI did not believe
him, and proceeded to beat his legs further and to ask him where he had sold the lamps. Elango responded
that he had known nothing about the lamps before the SI had told him about them. The SI beat Elango’s legs 143
once again, and then left the premises.
At 9.00pm, a PC entered the room and told Elango that he had to spend the night at the police station. Another
PC woke Elango the next morning at 7.00am.
At 8.00am, the SI returned and proceeded to file charges against Elango and to collect his fingerprints, despite
Elango’s insistence that he had done nothing wrong. At 10.30am, the police took Elango to the Nanguneri
Court, where a judge sentenced him to fourteen days in jail without asking any questions.
FF Code
Date of incident
: TN/TIR 69/OCT/07
: Ganesan
: Muthu Subramaniam, SI
: Gangaikondan PS
: 03/11/2007
Case Details:
Victim Ganesan resided at the Railway Colony in Aaladipatti, near Gangaikondan, for five years. During this
time, he helped the women of the Colony to start the Pullimaan Self-Help Group, with the assistance of the
Arumbukal Trust. This Group had 13 members; Malayammal and Avudayammal held the posts of President
and Vice-President (respectively). In the process of arranging for bank loans to Group members, and to pay
Annual Report on Torture
Elango spent fourteen days in the Nanguneri Sub-Jail before being released on bail. Afterwards, he had to visit
the police station daily to sign a form. He was afraid that if he tried to initiate an action against the SI, the SI would
file more charges against him and harass his family. Elango thus declined to take any action against the SI.
some family expenses, Ganesan embezzled Rs. 25,000 of the Group’s funds. Thus, Malayammal and
Ayudayammal lodged a complaint against Ganesan at the Gangaikondan PS.
The police brought Ganesan to the station, but later set him free on the condition that he repay the money in
monthly instalments.
Tamil Nadu
On 3 November 2007, while Ganesan was working at a farm, a HC arrived to tell him that the SI wanted to see
him immediately. Ganesan asked why; the HC responded that the SI needed Ganesan for an enquiry.
Ganesan took a bus to the police station.
At 10.30am, SI Muthu Subaramniam arrived, slapped Ganesan’s cheek, and asked for the money. Then
the SI hit Ganesan five more times; one blow hit Ganesan’s ear (the ear still hurts today). The SI told him that
instead of eating others’ money he should eat the “sunni [a highly offensive term for male genitalia].” The SI
insulted Ganesan’s caste, saying that “palla dogs” always behaved like this and did not return money. Then
the SI kicked Ganesan’s shoulder; Ganesan fell down. The SI ran towards Ganesan and stamped on his
belly with his booted foot. The SI shouted at Ganesan to return the money, threatening him with death if he did
Ganesan told the SI that he would pay the money if he was permitted to borrow it from his uncle in Thurayoor.
The SI rejected this plan, saying that Ganesan should pimp his wife and daughter in the red light district
instead, and that the SI could provide the address if necessary. The SI also referred to Ganesan as a “pundai
magane [a highly offensive term for female genitalia].” Because Ganesan was staying calm, the SI asked
him whether he ate rice or the “sunni.”
The SI told Ganesan to bring his wife and daughter to the station at 6.00pm. Ganesan replied that this request
was impossible, since his wife was unwell and his daughter was at work.
Annual Report on Torture
The SI asked the HC to take Ganesan to Thurayoor and to bring his uncle back. The HC took Ganesan to
Thurayoor in an auto, where he asked Ganesan’s uncle to come to the police station – but Ganesan’s uncle
refused as he had to attend a funeral, promising to come the next day instead.
Ganesan and the HC returned to the station (Ganesan had to pay the auto fare). The SI threatened to file a
case against Ganesan’s entire family unless Ganesan brought his daughter to the station that evening. The
SI told the HC to take Ganesan back to Thurayoor, which the HC did on his motorcycle. The HC left Ganesan
at Thurayoor. Ganesan checked into the High Ground Government Hospital and explained his injuries to a
FF Code
Date of incident
TN/TIR 64/JAN/07
1) Govindan, SI; 2) HC
Uthumalai PS, Sankarankoil Taluk
Victim Iyappan, of the Nadar caste, resides at South Panavadali Chatiram in Sankarankoil Taluk. From 20-23
October 2007, he worked at a construction site in Kavala Krutchi. He did not know that some copper wires
were lost from this site, and that the site security officer accordingly filed a complaint at the Uthumalai Police
On 24 October 2007, a police jeep stopped in Iyappan’s street. Govindan SI – whom Iyappan knew because
the SI had arrested him twice in previous theft cases – told Iyappan to get into the jeep to be interrogated.
Iyappan complied.
Tamil Nadu
Case Details:
The jeep dropped Iyappan and the SI off at the Uthumalai PS, where Iyappan was made to wait in the clerk’s
room. After the SI had breakfast, he approached Iyappan and asked him where he was keeping or where he
had sold the missing copper wires from Kavala Krutchi.
Iyappan replied that he had taken no copper wires from Kavala Krutchi, and that the site mason could verify this
fact. The SI responded by hitting Iyappan in the back with a log and threatening him with being beaten to death
if he did not tell the truth. The SI then punched Iyappan two or three times. He then made Iyappan lie down on
a bench and asked the Head PC to hold Iyappan’s legs while he beat Iyappan’s feet continuously. The SI told
Iyappan to confess to the crime, since he had a record of theft and could be charged with many more
In the afternoon, the HC took Rs. 20 from Iyappan’s pocket and used the money to buy food for Iyappan. At
3.30pm, the SI returned, asked the HC whether Iyappan had confessed, and learned that he had not. The SI
thus asked the HC to take Iyappan’s fingerprints and signature, and then to release him. Before Iyappan left,
the SI told him that he had to come to the police station whenever asked, and that if he tried to inform anyone that
he had been beaten, the SI would charge him with several other cases of theft.
Iyappan returned home. The next day, he visited the Government Hospital at Sankarankoil for treatment. He
was unwilling to take action against the SI, for fear that he would be charged with many crimes.
Annual Report on Torture
Iyappan told the SI that he had not taken the wires, that he had reformed his ways since his previous
convictions, and that he had had steady work for six months. The SI demanded that Iyappan tell the truth, and
again threatened to kill him. The SI left the station, and the HC repeated the threat that Iyappan must confess or
be beaten to death. Iyappan insisted once again that he was not lying.
FF Code
Perpetrator(s) :
Date of incident :
1) Jeyakumar, AC
2)Muthu, SI 3) Gnana
Palayamkottai Perumal Puram PS,
Thirunelveli District
Tamil Nadu
Case Details:
Victim Ramesh was a 23 year-old driver who resided in Palayamkottai Taluk, Tirunelveli district. On 13th
August 2007 at around 9.30am, Ramesh received a call from the Palayamkottai PS asking him to come to
Out Post PS. The police went and took Ramesh to the PS in a van. Ramesh got into the van. Ramesh’s
friend Sahul Hameed was already inside the vehicle.
At the Perumal Puram PS AC Mr. Jeyaraman inquired Ramesh about who worked as watch man in the
Melapalayam Sewage Treatment Plant. He also inquired the same of Sahul Hameed. The AC retained
Ramesh and released Sahul Hameed. AC Jeyaraman slapped Ramesh’s cheeks three times. At 06.00pm,
PC Thiru Gnana Sambandam, the AC and other policemen took Ramesh to Manur where the police went to
a funeral house. The police left Ramesh in the car for two hours.
Again they went back to PS there Ramesh was detained that night. The next day, the police took Ramesh to
Melapalayam PS, where AC Jeyaraman and PI Ramakrishnan started interrogating Ramesh. In the PS
police were interrogating Sorimuthu Thevar of Kubeeba Kurichi, Mr. Madasamy, who resided near the
Sewage Treatment Plant, and Mr. Raj of Vannar Pettai, about the murder at the sewage plant. All the
individuals were kept in one room.
Annual Report on Torture
Each individual was taken to another room and tortured. After two days, on 17th August 2007, PC Gnana
Sambandam, came, took Ramesh to another room. For half an hour PC Gnana Sambandam tied Ramesh
and beat on his feet. Ramesh shouted in pain. After that SI Muthu beat Ramesh with his hand.
Ramesh was kept in the AC Force Office till 22 nd August 2007. At 1.00pm in the afternoon, AC Jeyaraman
took Ramesh to Perumal Puram PS. The police took a video recording. And then Ramesh said he didn’t
know anything about the murder. Once again the police brought Ramesh to the AC Force Office. There AC
Jeyaraman told Ramesh that only a small case would be filed on him, and told Ramesh to pay fine at the court.
Ramesh accepted that.
That night, at around 8.00pm, the police brought Ramesh to Melapalayam PS. The police got Ramesh
signed at Melapalayam PS. The next day, 23/08/2007, at the Palayamkottai Evening Court, Ramesh paid
a fine of Rs. 150/-.
FF Code
1) Kosalappan, SI; 2) HC
Date of incident : 11/09/2007
Victim Selvam, of the Parayar caste, resides at the Anavan Colony, Vickiramasingapuram. On 9 September
2007, he rode his bicycle to Ambasamudram to watch a film; the film finished late in the evening, and he
returned home to sleep afterwards.
On the same evening, there was a theft at the house of Andhoni Packiasamy, who lives on the same street
as Selvam.
Tamil Nadu
Case Details:
At 9.00am the next morning, the police arrived and conducted a local investigation; Selvam stood nearby.
The police departed after their investigation was complete.
At 10.00pm, three policemen – none of whom were in uniform – came to Selvam’s house and asked to see
him. The demanded that he get into their jeep to answer some questions; when Selvam’s father asked why,
they responded that they would return Selvam after asking him some questions. SI Kosalappan slapped
Selvam on the cheek and demanded that he get into the jeep.
The SI picked up a log and asked the Head PC to hold Selvam’s hands out; the SI hit Selvam’s hands with
the log. The SI then told the HC to make Selvam bend over. The HC punched Selvam’s back four or five
times. Selvam told them once again that he did not know anything. The SI told Selvam to lie down on his
back, and asked the HC to hold Selvam’s legs. With the log, the SI beat Selvam on his thighs and below his
knees, demanding that Selvam tell the truth. Selvam maintained that he had not stolen anything.
The SI asked Selvam to sit up, and gave him water to drink. The SI – having learned about it from Selvam’s
neighbours – asked Selvam about his late arrival home on the night of the theft. The SI told Selvam that he
should know what happened, as he returned home from the film at the same time as the theft took place. The
SI continued to use the term “thaayoli.” Then the SI took Selvam by the hair and dashed his head against the
wall. He told Selvam that if he did not tell the truth, the police would not set him free.
Annual Report on Torture
The police took Selvam to the police station, where they asked him for details about those who had been
involved in the theft at Andhoni Packiasamy’s house. They told him that if he did not provide details, they
would file a case against him. Selvam replied that he had not stolen anything; he offered to let the police
search his house, and said that if they found anything they could then file a case against him. The SI said that
Selvam was too bold and verbally abused him with the term “thaayoli.”
The SI did not beat Selvam further, but instead made him remain standing for three hours – which was very
painful for Selvam because of the beatings to his legs. Then, the police took Selvam to a separate room and
made him take off all clothes except his underwear. They fastened his legs together with chains, which they left
on Selvam’s legs all night.
Tamil Nadu
The next morning at around 8.00am, a HC arrived, unfastened the chains on Selvam’s legs, and brought him
out of the room. He took Selvam’s fingerprints, told Selvam to sign a blank sheet of paper, and made Selvam
sit in the writer’s room. Since Selvam’s legs were swollen, he could not bend his knees.
At around 9.00am, the SI returned. Selvam’s father arrived shortly thereafter and spoke to the SI; the SI said
that he would put Selvam in jail for theft if either he or his father filed a complaint against the police or informed
a doctor. Selvam’s father then left. The SI asked Selvam once again who had gone to see the film with him,
and what he knew about the theft. Selvam maintained that he knew nothing.
The SI told his colleague to file a “suspicion case” on Selvam and to collect Selvam’s signature; he then told
Selvam that he should come whenever the police called.
When Selvam left the police station, his father took him to the Govenrment Hospital in Vickiramasingapuram,
where Selvam received an injection. Selvam did not speak to the doctors about his experience at the police
station because of the SI’s threats.
FF Code
Date of incident
Sankar, SI
Melapalayam PS, Thirunelveli Taluk
Case Details:
Annual Report on Torture
Victim Vijayakumar resides on Palakatu Street at Veeramanikapuram. He belongs to the Hindu Pallar caste
and works as an auto driver.
One of Vijayakumar’s neighbours, Parameswaran, would go with his family to visit his parents on most
holidays. Vijayakumar would usually take them in his auto to the new bus stand in Tirunveli. Vijayakumar did
so, as per usual, on 27 July 2007 at 8.00pm.
On 30 July 2007 at 9.00pm, SI Sankar approached Vijayakumar and said that the police wanted to ask him
some questions. When Vijayakumar asked why, the SI insulted him by saying “thevidar maganae,” slapped
his cheeks, and demanded that he come at once. Vijayakumar asked the SI why he had slapped him. The
SI responded with the caste-related insult “Palla paiya” and thrashed Vijayakumar’s lower legs with a baton.
The police took Vijayakumar in their jeep to Melapalayam PS. There, they made Vijayakumar sit in the SI’s
At about 11.00pm, the SI told Vijayakumar to go home but to return whenever asked. The SI also threatened
to file a case against Vijayakumar if he informed anyone that the SI had beaten him.
When Vijayakumar came out of the police station, his father and his friend Ganesh were waiting for him. They
all travelled to Vijayakumar’s house in an auto.
Tamil Nadu
After some time, the SI entered and asked Vijayakumar whether he had taken money and a ring from
Parameswaran’s house. The SI told Vijayakumar that he would not be let free unless he confessed the truth.
Vijayakumar insisted that he had never entered Parameswaran’s house. The SI became angry, made
Vijayakumar stand up, and asked him to hold out his hands. The SI then thrashed Vijayakumar’s hands with
a baton. He called Vijayakumar a rascal, demanded that he tell the truth, and beat his body. The SI asked
Vijayakumar why someone would come from far away to steal from Parameswaran’s house. He made
Vijayakumar bend over and elbowed Vijayakumar in the back. Vijayakumar cried out in pain. The SI made
Vijayakumar stand and jump. The SI promised to speak to Parameswaran and to set things right – and not
to file a case against Vijayakumar – if Vijayakumar told the truth. Then the SI insulted Vijayakumar, calling him
a “Palla kuti maganae,” and thrashed him severely. The SI left the room.
Vijayakumar could not sleep all night.
Vijayakumar’s friends and family members told him to file a complaint against SI, but Vijayakumar refused
because he feared that the police would torture him and file a false case against him – and that, in such a case,
no one would take care of his family.
Parameswaran did not state that he suspected Vijayakumar of the theft; he mentioned only the theft itself.
Parameswaran insisted that he had no problem with Vijayakumar, and expressed worry that Vijayakumar
had been detained by the police.
SI Sankar refused to say anything about the incident.
Date of incident :
Jamal, SI
Pottal village, Kalidaikurichi,
Case Details:
Murugan is a resident of Kamarajapuram. He had worked at the Maadhavan brick kiln in Pottal Village for two
On 3 September 2007, a tarpaulin went missing from the kiln. The kiln’s owner, Mr. Madhavan, filed a
complaint with the Kalidaikurichi police. The following day at around 1.00pm, the SI Jamal and a Head PC
came to ask questions of everyone at the kiln. One worker, Subramanian, who belonged to the same
Annual Report on Torture
FF Code
community as Murugan and worked three days a week at the kiln, was absent. After interrogating everyone
else at the kiln, the police left to find Subramanian.
On 5 September 2007, Murugan did not go to work, as he had painting work to do at home. At around
10.00am, the SI and the HC arrived at Murugan’s house in a jeep. They asked him to come with them so that
they could ask him questions about the theft of the tarpaulin. On getting into the jeep, Murugan noticed that
Subramanian was there too, and that the tarpaulin was beside him.
Tamil Nadu
The SI and the HC took Murugan and Subramanian to the police station. On arrival, the SI asked Murugan
whether he had told Subramanian to take the tarpaulin, and slapped Murugan on both of his cheeks. Murugan
replied that he was not close with Subramanian and knew him only from his work at the kiln. The SI shouted
at Murugan that Subramanian had said that he had taken the tarpaulin on Murugan’s suggestion. The SI
accused Murugan of lying and told him to confess. He beat Murugan with a baton on his right thigh. Murugan
replied that Subramanian did not come often to work, and that he had not plotted with him to steal the tarpaulin.
The SI did not listen to Murugan’s answer, instead saying that Murugan had told Subramanian to take the
150 tarpaulin, which was purchased for Rs. 10,000 and could now be sold for Rs. 8,000. The SI told Murugan to
confess; Murugan replied again that he did not know anything. The SI punched Murugan in the back. He told
Murugan to sit down, and hit him with a baton on the soles of his feet. Murugan could not bear the pain.
Meanwhile, the police had Subramanian sit in the writer’s room, where they did nothing to him. After some
time, they called him into the room with Murugan and asked Subramanian whether Murugan was the person
who had told him to take the tarpaulin. Subramanian answered that on 3 September 2007 Murugan had told
him to take the tarpaulin, that the two had gone home together, and that Murugan had told him to keep the
tarpaulin at home rather than coming to work the next day.
Murugan denied what Subramanian said, asserting that Subramanian was blaming him in order to escape
punishment. The SI did not believe Murugan, instead punching him in the back. Murugan experienced
difficulty in breathing and pain in his legs. The SI left.
Annual Report on Torture
At around 3.00pm, the SI returned and asked the HC to file a case against Murugan and Subramanian and to
take them to court. Murugan repeated that he had done nothing wrong, but the SI did not listen.
The HC took Murugan to the writer’s room and collected his fingerprints. He then took Murugan and
Subramanian to the court. On the way, the HC told Murugan that if he told the judge about having been beaten,
the police would charge him with other pending allegations. On arrival at the Judicial Magistrate Court at
Ambasamudram, the HC brought Murugan and Subramanian before a judge, who remanded them to jail for
fourteen days.
Murugan’s relatives released him on bail the next day; Subramanian remained in jail.
FF Code
Perpetrator(s) :
Date of incident :
Mr. Radha Krishnanan, SIPCs, A 1 PS
A 1 PS
Indira and Saritha had an altercation. Afterward, Saritha’s husband, Ananthan, began harassing Indira with
strikes to the back and sexually offensive language. Victim Suresh, Indira’s husband, approached Ananthan
with questions about his behavior. Ananthan then lodged a complaint with the police that Suresh had
attempted to murder him.
Police from the A 1 PS took Suresh from his home and took him to the PS. At the A 1 PS, police PCs forced
Suresh to stand in his undergarments and then beat him on the hands and legs with a baton. That evening,
the SI, Mr. Radha Krishnanan, went to the A 1 PS. Suresh attempted to appeal to the SI and affirm his
innocence. The SI continued to beat him. Afterward, the SI obtained Suresh’s signature on a blank piece of
paper before releasing him.
Tamil Nadu
Case Details:
Suresh sustained injuries that prevented him from walking.
Suresh was admitted to K. M. C.
Suresh seeks to take action on his behalf against the SI and PCs of A 1 PS.
Date of incident :
1)John Bosco, SI 2) Chakarvarthy, PI
3) Kangaraj, PC 4) Thanganadan, PC
5) Prasanna, DSP
Nitthiravilai PS
Case Details:
Victim Chellasamy, belonging to Nadar-Christian Community, is residing at Venkodu Village, Kanyakumari.
On 5th June 2007, when he was sleeping at his home, a thief got in to his house and tried to snatch the gold
chain from his wife’s neck. When his wife shouted, the thief ran away. The thief also stole seven sovereigns
of gold from Chellasamy neighbor George’s house. The next day, the Pudhukadai SI John Bosco took
Annual Report on Torture
FF Code
Chellasamy the Pudhukadai PS under the pretext of an enquiry. At the PS, Chellasamy was charged with
the theft of George’s house.
Chellasamy denied the jewelry theft allegation. PC George stamped on Chellasamy’s stomach with his boot.
PC Kanagaraj slapped Chellasamy twice on his right cheek and abused him calling him a “thieving bastard!”
The PC told Chellasamy that he could go begging instead of stealing. Even after Chellasamy started to cry in
pain, the police continued brutally attacking him. DSP Prasanna threatened him that the matter will get
complicated if he did not return the stolen jewelry and abused him using highly offensive terms.
Tamil Nadu
HPC Thanganadan removed the gold ring from Chellasamy’s finger. Then, PCs Thanganadan and Kanagaraj
made Chellasamy stand almost naked. Later, PI Chakravarthy and SI John Bosco forced Chellasamy to
stamped hard on Chellasamy’s chest.
lean on a wall. They both grabbed his legs and pulled them apart and to the side. Chellasamy unable to
endure the pain cried aloud. The PC covered his mouth with a towel. PI Chakravarthy with this right knee
The PC took turns alternately beating Chellasamy with batons. When Chellasamy asked the PCs for water
to drink they refused and instead they suggested he to drink his own urine. The PCs stripped Chellasamy
half-naked and chained him up, leaving him lying in the same place for four days. He was not provided with
proper food.
On 9th June 2007, Chellasamy’s relatives arranged for a bail order and met PI Chakravarthy and asked him
to release Chellasamy. But, he refused. Later, the PI took Chellasamy to Nitthiravilai PS. After half an hour,
they brought him back the Pudhukadai PS. The PI got his signature in a paper on which some thing was
Chellasamy was taken to the house of the Judge of Kuzhithurai Court. Since the Judge had gone on leave,
they took him to the Kuzhithurai Government Hospital and got a false medical certificate issued, and then took
him to the Eraniyal Court. The court asked the police to return the next day. On 10th June 2007, Chellasamy
Annual Report on Torture
was handcuffed and produced at the Eraniyal Court. The judge ordered him to be remanded at the Sub-Jail
at Kuzhithurai. On 27th June 2007 Chellasamy was released on bail.
During the 17 days of imprisonment, no medical treatment was given to Chellasamy. When he was
released, he was admitted in the Emergency Ward of the Medical College Hospital at Aasaripallam. He
underwent treatment for 7 days, from 27th June 2007 to 4th July 2007.
FF Code
Date of incident
TN/CHE 87/OCT/07
David Periyar
1) Ravi, PI; 2) Kalidas, SI; 3) unnamed PCs
Thuraipakkam J9 PS, Chennai
Victim David Periyar, of the Kallar caste, owns and operates a mess. On the date of the incident at around
5.00am, he was returning with his nephew from Salem to Chola Nallur when they saw a man lying in a pool
of blood near the TATA Company. David Periyar stopped their vehicle and contacted Thuraipakkam J9 PS.
He and his nephew waited for the police until 6.00am. At that time, the police had still not arrived, so the two
returned home.
Tamil Nadu
Case Details:
At 3.00pm, a police jeep arrived at David Periyar’s mess. SI Kalidas and other PCs arrived and pulled
David Periyar by his collar into the jeep. They took him to the police station and presented him to PI Ravi.
The PI asked David Periyar whether he knew anything about who had murdered the man in the road, and
threatened to charge David Periyar with the crime unless the confessed the murderer’s name. David
Periyar replied that if he had murdered the man, he would not have informed the police. The PI became
angry and slapped David Periyar’s left cheek. David Periyar asked the PI to stop, as he knew that beating
was illegal. The PI proceeded to abuse him verbally. The PI told David Periyar to remove his shirt and pants,
and then thrashed him with a baton on his head, nose, right shoulder, and legs.
The PI demanded that David Periyar admit to committing the murder, but David Periyar refused. The PI
pushed David Periyar and demanded that he sit with his back against a wall. One PC stood on David
Periyar’s thighs while the PI beat David Periyar’s feet. David Periyar could not bear the pain. The PI
continued to thrash his feet and legs before tying David Periyar’s legs with a chain and leaving him in the
David Periyar wanted to file a charge against the PI, but his parents dissuaded him, fearing more problems
in the future.
The police caught the real murderers a month later.
Annual Report on Torture
At about 8.00pm, some of David Periyar’s colleagues and comrades came to the police station. The police
released him after he signed an agreement to present himself at the station whenever asked.
FF Code
Date of incident :
TN/SVG 66/NOV/07
1) Dharmaraj; 2) Sonaimuthu; 3) Kumar
1) Bababugadeen, PI; 2) Senthil Pandi, PC;
3) Mayakrishnan, PC; 4) two unnamed PCs
Parthibanur-Abiramam PS
Tamil Nadu
Case Details:
Victims Dharmaraj, Sonaimuthu, and Kumar belong to the Hindu Parayar community and work as daily
wage labourers.
Dharmaraj’s in-laws, including Yesudoss, worked in a brick chamber at Suganya brick chamber. The
chamber owner tortured them, so they filed a complaint to the SP of Ramanathapuram District and the DSP
of Paramakudi, who conducted an enquiry. Yesudoss and others later went to Chennai to find other work.
On 23 November 2007, late at night, eight officers from the Abiramam PS in of Ramanathapuram District
and a PI from the Parthibanur PS, on the urging of the brick chamber owner, burst into several Dalit houses,
including the victims’. In the victims’ house, the police insulted them with highly offensive terms, such as
“son of a cunt” and “puzhuthi [offensive slang for the fraenulum of the penis],” as well as caste-related insults.
The police also stamped on Dharmaraj’s father with booted feet. They then took the victims to the police
At the station, the PI, as well as PCs Mayakrishnan and Senthil Pandi, slapped the victims’ cheeks and
punched their backs. The officers asked “You scoundrels, what is the problem with Yesudoss working in
the chamber?” and threatened to beat their knees, so badly that they could not walk, until Yesudoss returned
from Chennai. The officers continued to beat the victims.
The police then locked the victims in separate rooms and did not provide them with any food.
Annual Report on Torture
The next day at around 12.00pm, the police collected the victims’ fingerprints.
At around 6.00pm, the police made the victims sign some papers before letting them leave.
The victims filed complaints with RDO, the Superintendent of Police, the District Collector, the InspectorGeneral (Southern Region), SHRC, the State Office of the National Commission for the Scheduled Caste,
and the CM of Tamil Nadu.
The PI maintains that the victims were taken into custody on a charge of theft.
FF Code
Date of incident :
1) Durai Pandi; 2) Boopathy
Rajesh, SI
Manamadurai PS, Manamadurai Taluk,
Sivagangai District
Case Details:
On 12 October 2007, a mason from the same village, named Gandhi, started a quarrel with Durai Pandi and
Boopathy. Gandhi said that Durai Pandi and Boopathy had teased his daughter; he thus lodged a complaint
against them.
Tamil Nadu
Victim Durai Pandi, age 15 and of the Hindu-Pallan community, resides at Krishnarajapuram in Manamadurai
Taluk, Sivagangai District, where he is studying at the 10th standard level. Victim Sekar, age 17, is of the same
village and studies at the 11th standard level.
Later that day, under the pretext of an enquiry, SI Rajesh took both of the boys to the Manamadurai PS, where
he beat them until they squirmed with pain. The SI made Durai Pandi and Boopathy remove their clothes and
sit in a cell in their underwear. The SI beat them again and then filed a case against them.
The SI remanded Durai Pandi and Boopathy to the Juvenile Home in Madurai
Eight days later, Durai Pandi’s and Boopathy’s parents paid a fine of Rs. 5,000 and brought the boys home.
The case filed by the SI is pending before the courts.
FF Code
1) Esa; 2) Esa’s wife
Unnamed POs
North, South, and Virijipuram PSs,
Date of incident : 12/06/2007
Case Details:
Meanwhile, SI Pughazh had taken Esa’s wife to the South PS for an enquiry. The police then brought Esa’s
wife and mother-in-law to the Virijipuram PS. There, the police stripped Esa naked in front of his relatives and
verbally abused him. The police then thrashed Esa brutally with batons and demanded where he kept a set of
stolen jewels.
The police also beat Esa’s wife, forcing her to hand over the jewels that Esa had given her.
The police threatened to shoot Esa and to report that he had died while trying to escape.
On release, Esa and his wife were admitted to the Government Hospital in Adukkamparai.
Esa and his wife now suffer from depression.
Annual Report on Torture
Victim Esa lives with his wife. On 10 June 2007, PCs Afzal and Partheeban took Esa to the North PS under
the pretext of an enquiry. The police then took Esa to the Virijipuram PS, where other PCs beat him with batons
and detained him for three days on a false charge of theft. At the station, the police beat Esa.
FF Code
Tamil Nadu
Date of incident :
1) Jeyakumar, PI, Ambathur PS;
2) Tamil Selvan, SI, Ambathur PS;
3) unnamed POs
Various locations, Chennai
Case Details:
Victim George worked as a Sub-PI in BSF before voluntarily retiring to search for another job. On returning
home after searching for a job in Ambathur, Aavadi, a gang of five or six persons started to beat him and tried
156 to remove a gold ring from his finger. The gang told bystanders that George had run away after snatching a
gold chain – so some of the bystanders began to beat George as well, and informed the Ambathur police.
PI Jeyakmuar arrived on the scene, made enquiries of the bystanders, struck George’s cheeks and back
with his hand, and took George away on his bike. The PI brought George to the Ambathur PS, where he took
George’s possessions, including rings, an ATM card, and a cell phone. Five men in civilian clothing beat
George, presuming that he was a thief. They struck him with hands and with a baton on his back, his hands,
and his chest; they also kicked him with booted feet in his buttocks and back. They continued to beat him,
demanding that he admit the theft. At one point, a PC gave him water.
The police informed George that someone had stolen a 2-sovereign chain from the Puzhal Jail, and demanded
that he admit having committed this crime. George refused to oblige.
The police told George to remove his shirt and pants and to sit with his legs out. SI Tamil Selvan struck
George with an iron rod on his thighs, back, hands, and ankles.
Annual Report on Torture
The police advised George that he could resolve this issue by giving them a bribe of Rs. 1 lakh.
At around 11.30pm, the police took George to Thank Factory P, where they told him once again to remove
his shirt and pants. They tied his hands behind him. Four policemen held his legs straight out and then kicked
his chest and thighs with booted feet. George lost consciousness and fell down. After five minutes, the
policemen woke him by pouring water into his mouth. Then, four PCs picked George up, brought him to
another room, tied both of his hands, and struck him with an iron rod all over his body. They demanded that
he accept his crime. The police then made George sit on the floor with his hands tied behind him and his legs
spread apart, while five policemen kicked him all over his body and struck him with an iron rod. George
screamed with pain, but the policemen immediately stuffed his mouth with a cuff so that he could not make a
The police kept George at Thank Factory P all night with no food.
The next morning at around 7.00am, the police took George to Ambathur PS. SI Tamil Selvan, SI Jeyakumar,
and other policemen repeatedly hit him with batons and iron rods, and kicked him with booted feet.
At around 11.30pm, the police took George to Aavadi PS, where an SI, two PCs, and a Police Driver beat
him with their hands, asking him what else he had stolen. They told George that even if he was released from
Puzhal Jail on bail, they would have him killed by rowdy men. They forced George to admit to another theft
in Aavadi, despite that the victim of that theft failed to identify George as the thief.
The next day at 10.00am, PC Mohan and another PC took George to KTC for an x-ray before returning him
to the police station. Another PC applied balm to George’s body and massaged him.
SI Tamil Selvan, PI Jeyakumar, and other PCs told George not to disclose that he had been tortured,
threatening to hack his family if he did so. They forced George to sign a blank document.
Tamil Nadu
At around 11.00am, the police took George to Korattur PS, where they thrashed and kicked him. George
could no longer walk. The police took George to his house and searched the premises but did not find
anything. They returned George to Ambathur PS. They then moved him to O.T. PS before returning him
once again to Ambathur PS.
The next day, the police took George to Ambathur Court, where a judge ordered him jailed.
George was released on bail on 3 December 2007. On the next day, he went to the police station to ask for
his possessions, but the PI refused.
FF Code
Date of incident
Unnamed POs, Sathan Kaadu PS
Victim Gobinath works as a coolie. On 29 September 2007, he and a friend entered a house in Kalaivanar
Nagar in order to steal guavas. While they were searching through the cupboards, the house owner
returned, so the two ran away.
On 2 October 2007 at around 2.00am, six policemen (three in uniform and three in civilian clothing) came to
Gobinath’s house. One grabbed Gobinath’s collar and pulled him out of his house. When Gobinath’s elder
brother asked the reason for Gobinath’s treatment, the police pulled him out of the house. The police put both
brothers into their van.
Annual Report on Torture
Case Details:
Tamil Nadu
The police drove them to a building in a forest area of Sathan Kaadu. Inside the building, Gobinath’s brother
was left on the ground floor while Gobinath was taken upstairs. Gobinath’s legs were chained and he was hung
upside-down. Four PCs beat him on his thighs and buttocks. Two other PCs bent his head backwards and
tied it in that position before kicking his belly with their booted feet.
FF Code
Date of incident
Unnamed PCs
Case Details:
Victim James, of the Adi-Dravidar caste, resided with his parents at 58th Street, Nallankuppam Street,
Ashoknagar, Chennai. He had been involved in some illegal activities with his neighbour Jeganathan, but later
came to disapprove of Jeganathan and took honest work as a coolie.
Jeganathan filed many false complaints against James and looked on James’ family as enemies.
On 2 July 2007 at 9.00am, police came to James’ house and arrested him. They kicked him with booted feet
in front of his parents. The police then lifted James by his collar. They pushed James’ father when he attempted
to assist his son. The police also used filthy language like “come you bastards [vada thevidar paiya].” They
took James to the R6 PS.
Annual Report on Torture
When the jeep stopped at the station, the police grabbed James by his collar and dragged him inside. Four
policemen taunted him by calling him a bastard [“thevidar paiya”] and using caste-related insults [“para
thevidar paiya”]. They told him that Jeganathan had filed a complaint against him. They asked James whether
he had given up stealing, and said that he would only forgo the habit if they detailed him under theGoondas Act.
James replied that he was working as a coolie.
The police told James to take off his clothes and sit in his underwear. Two policemen stood on his thighs and
stamped on his legs. They made him stretch out his legs and thrashed his feet with a baton. James cried in
pain. The police beat him continuously on his shoulder, legs, and back. They then made him stand up and
stretch out his hands before striking his palms five times.
The police detained James until 6.00pm before returning him to his parents. He could not walk properly or lift
his hands. His mother gave him medicine, and he later sought treatment at a hospital in Ashoknagar.
The police have charged James with more than 110 cases and told him to stay away from the village for
security reasons. Jeganathan continues to file complaints against James’ family.
: TN/TAN 21/SEPT/07
: Jeevanantham
: 1) Pughalendi, PI; 2) Rajenderan, SI;
3) Chandru, HC; 4) unnamed PCs
: Boodhalur PS, Boodhalur Post,
Thiruvaiyaru Taluk, Tanjore
Date of incident : Second week of April 2007
Case Details:
Victim Jeevanantham, age 27, resides at Vinanoorpatti village, within the jurisdiction of the Boodhalur PS. He
belongs to the Hindu Adi Dravidar caste and earns his living by working as a coolie.
Tamil Nadu
FF Code
In the second week of April 2007 at 7.30pm, Jeevanantham mediated a scuffle that took place between Ramu 159
and Illangovan at Ayyanapuram. Illangovan had a previous grudge against Jeevanantham and thus incited
Justin to file a complaint against Ramu, Tamil Selvan and Jeevanantham at the Boodhalur PS, stating that all
three men had thrashed Justin and then snatched his gold chain.
Later in the week at 10.00pm, two unknown PCs arrived in an auto and stated that SI Rajendran wanted to
enquire into Justin’s complaint. They asked Jeevanantham and others to come along with them. Jeevanantham
told the police officers that he and the others would come to the station on the next day.
The next day, the PCs returned. They yelled at Jeevanantham, saying “Can’t you come to the police station
when called?” To this, Jeevananthapuram replied that there was no bus facility from the village to the station.
The PCs immediately took Jeevanantham and two others to the police station.
Jeevanantham’s mother arrived and asked the police to stop beating her son. However, the police thrashed
and hit Jeevanantham all over his body and also used caste-related insults like “Palla paiya” against him.
At about 11.20am, the villagers came to the station and the police stopped beating Jeevanantham and the two
others. The SI took Rs. 100 and Rs. 500 from the pockets of Jeevanantham’s and one of the other men
(respectively) and filed a petty case against all three. The HC also took Rs. 1000 from Jeevanantham and
refused to return it.
Annual Report on Torture
At the station, PI Puzhalendi, SI Rajendran, HC Chandru, and other PCs were present. The SI told Jeevanantham
and the other two men to remove their shirts and lungis and made them stand in their underwear. The SI
thrashed Jeevanatham with a long cane on his palm, shoulder, back, thighs, and joints. The SI beat the other
two men similarly until his cane broke. Meanwhile, the police interrogated Jeevanantham and the others about
Justin’s complaint.
Jeevanantham had to pay a fine of Rs. 600 at Thiruvaiyaru Court for the false charge against him.
FF Code
: TN/VEL 62/SEPT/08
: 1) Jegan; 2) Kotte;
3) Saravanan; 4) Sabi
Perpetrator(s) : Unnamed POs
: Viruthampattu Police Station, vellore
Date of incident : 26/11/2006
Tamil Nadu
Case Details:
On 26 November 2006, victims Jegan and Kotte decided to purchase a cell phone from victim Saravanan
for Thavsip. While Jegan was getting his bike, victim Sabi hit and threatened Thasvip and Kotte and snatched
his money and cell phone.
Thavsip told his uncle and Jegan about the matter. At 5.00pm, all three men went to the South PS and told the
police what had happened.
At 11.00p.m., an auto containing some policemen arrived in front of Jegan’s house, where Kotte was staying.
The police took Jegan and Kotte to the station, where they had already detained Saravanan and Sabi. The
police made all four men strip naked and sit down. Three policemen thrashed them with batons on their legs,
hands, and elsewhere. The police then tied their legs and moved Jegan and Sabi into a separate cell from
Kotte and Saravanan.
Two policemen entered Jegan’s cell and threatened to shoot him if he did not tell the truth. The police then
thrashed Jegan and Sabi with metal pipes on their legs.
At 12.00am, three other policemen arrived and thrashed Jegan with a metal pipe on his feet and buttocks.
Jegan cried in pain. The police continued to hit Jegan for a half-hour before leaving. Jegan wept and could
not sit down.
Annual Report on Torture
The next day at 6.00pm, Jegan’s parents came to the station. The police slapped Jegan in front of his parents
and told his parents that they were going to remand him.
At 8.00pm, the police took the Jegan’s and Kotte’s signatures and photographs and produced them before
the JM. Two Special Duty policemen then interrogated them, asking whom Kotte had spoken to on the
phone. The policemen made Jegan and Kotte get into an auto, where they threatened to kill Jegan and Kotte.
The officers then took Kotte’s cell phone and Rs. 30.
The police took Jegan and Kotte to the Viruthampatti PS, where a PC asked them who they were and who
was in their gang. The PC then made them strip naked. He beat Jegan’s and Kote’s feet and stamped on
their thighs with booted feet. The PC then threatened to hang them with a rope in his possession. The PC
slapped Jegan, and both punched Kotte in the abdomen and pulled his hair.
The PC let Jegan and Kotte go, demanding that they produce Sabi and Saravanan.
FF Code
Date of incident
TN/CHE 97/NOV/07
Jeyaraj @ Raj
1) Vijayakumar, SI; 2) unnamed PCs
Jeyaraj, a Sri Lankan repatriate, worked at a cell phone service shop run by Balamurugan.
Tamil Nadu
Case Details:
On 1 November 2007, two youngsters approached Balamurugan, desiring to sell him a cell phone. Balamurugan
responded that he did not buy cell phones. The youngsters departed, but then returned later claiming that the
cell phone was lost and that he had taken it – and that they had accordingly lodged a complaint at the police 161
On 3 November 2007, a PC and an SI came to the shop and enquired about the cell phone theft. Jeyaraj
replied that he had taken no cell phone, and that they should ask any further questions of Balamurugan. The
police became furious and shouted at him. They told him that he was speaking haughtily and demanded to
know where he was from. Jeyaraj replied that he was from Sri Lanka. The police responded that he had come
from Sri Lanka to steal. Jeyaraj insisted that he was an honest person and had not come to steal.
The police dragged Jeyaraj by his collar onto a two-wheeler and took him to the police station. There, they
asked him to undress. The PC then told PI Vijayakumar that Jeyaraj had tried to beat him. Immediately, PI
Vijayakumar said “You dog! You have come from one country to another country to make a living, and you
have such arrogance?” The PI then hit Jeyaraj with a baton on his back. Jeyaraj quivered with pain. The PI
told Jeyaraj to lie down and hit him on his buttocks and feet. The PI then told Jeyaraj to stand up and extend his
hands, which he hit give times. Jeyaraj writhed with pain.
The police also detained and tortured Balamurugan.
At around 7.45pm, Adv. Parasuraman came to the police station and spoke to the PI. At around 9.00pm, both
Jeyaraj and Balamurugan were allowed to leave on the condition that they return to the station whenever
requested to do so.
Annual Report on Torture
A PC slapped Jeyaraj on his left cheek, accusing him of insolence. When the PC tried to hit him again, Jeyaraj
caught his hand. The SI hit Jeyaraj with his baton; Jeyaraj let go of the PC’s hand. The PC kicked Jeyaraj with
his booted foot, and Jeyaraj fell down. The PC continued to beat Jeyaraj with a baton on his back, shoulder,
head, and thighs.
FF Code
Tamil Nadu
Date of incident :
TN/KK 64/OCT/07
John Bosco
1) Mumtaj, PI, Manavalakurutchi
PS; 2) unnamed HC; 3) three unnamed PCs
Manavalakurutchi PS,
Kalkulam Taluk, Kanya Kumari
Case Details:
Victim John Bosco resides at 31/10, Kadyapattinam, Manavalakurutchi Village. On 12 October 2007 at
162 around 8.00pm, John Bosco went to buy arrack from a government liquor shop.
At the shop, John Bosco got into a fight with some other men, who attacked him forcefully. A HC and a PC
arrived and tried to break up the fight with their batons. In the scuffle, John Bosco was pushed down and
beaten on his hands and legs.
At around 8.45pm, the police took John Bosco to Manavalakurutchi PS. On the way, the police threatened
and abused him.
The police kept John Bosco tied up in the prisoner’s room. After a half-hour, they untied him and brought him
out in handcuffs. The police took him to Manavalakurutchi Junction and beat him.
Later, two PCs held John Bosco while PI Mumtaj punched him in the abdomen. The police beat him for an
hour before returning him to the station.
At 10.10pm, the two PCs removed John Bosco’s handcuffs, tied his legs to a door, and made him stand in
his underwear.
Annual Report on Torture
John Bosco suffered all night from hunger and pain.
The next day at around 7.00am, John Bosco’s wife and aunt came to the station see him. The police did not
let them meet John Bosco, chasing them out instead.
The police brought John Bosco some oil and ointment.
At around 4.00pm, the police took John Bosco to the Government Hospital at Kulachal.
At around 6.30pm, the police produced John Bosco before the Eranial Court, where a judge sentenced him
to fifteen days’ imprisonment.
The police also threatened John Bosco and his wife, forcing them to sign a blank paper.
FF Code
Date of incident :
TN/MDU 72/OCT/07
1) Murugesan, SI;
2) unnamed PCs
Palladam PS
Kadambu resides in Siruvanur Village, Thiruchuli Taluk, Virudhunagar District. On 23 August 2007, six police
officers took Kadambu into custody and beat him. They filed six theft charges against him.
On 26 August 2007 at around 1.30pm, SI Murugesan and three PCs from Aruppukotai made Kadambu get
into their van. After driving for about three miles, they stopped near a pond and told Kadambu to get out. The
police beat Kadambu with a four-foot iron chain and asked him where he was hiding eight kilograms of gold.
They took Kadambu back into the van and tied his hands with the chain. The police verbally abused Kadambu
and questioned him about a missing gold ornament. The SI beat Kadambu with a baton. Two PCs stood on
Kadambu’s thighs while another kicked his chest.
Tamil Nadu
Case Details:
At around 1.30pm, the police took Kadambu to Dindigul, where they beat him.
At around 2.30pm, Kadambu began to vomit blood. He fell asleep in the van.
At around 4.00pm, the van reached Palladam PS.
At around 7.00pm, the police took Kadambu to the hospital, where he was treated before being returned to the
police station.
On 27 August 2007 at around 8.00pm, the DSP arrived at the station and enquired after Kadambu. The SI told
the DSP that Kadambu had fallen from a terrace.
At around 10.00pm, the police took Kadambu to Palladam Hospital.
On 1 September 2007, Kadambu checked back into the hospital, where he received treatment until 13
September 2007.
There has been no improvement in Kadambu’s health.
Annual Report on Torture
On 29 August 2007, the SI asked Kadambu to confess to having stolen a jewel. Kadambu refused, so the SI
threatened to kill him.
FF Code
: TN/KK 44/SEPT/07
: Karupasamy
: 1) Pensam, SI; 2) unnamed HC;
3) two unnamed PCs
: Vadacheri PS
Date of incident : 23/08/2007
Tamil Nadu
Case Details:
Victim Karupasamy resides with his wife and two children at Arunthathiyar Street, Krishnankoil, Nagerkoil
Village, Agasthiswaram Taluk, Kanya Kumari District. On 23 August 2007, Karupasamy fought with his wife
Sakthi about family issues; in the fight, Karupasamy cut Sakthi’s hand with a knife.
Sakthi went to Vadacheri PS and filed a complaint against Karupasamy before checking into Nagerkoil
Medical College Hospital for treatment.
At around 3.00pm, Karupasamy went to the police station to meet his wife. An HC asked Karupasamy to
At 5.00pm, SI Pensam arrived. The HC and two PCs tied Karupasamy’s hands and tired him to an iron grille
behind the SI’s desk.
At around 8.00pm, the SI returned from his rounds. The SI, the HC, and the PCs beat Karupasamy. The
SI kicked Karupasamy’s knees and asked if he had cut his wife. Asking if this was the hand that had cut
Karupasamy’s wife, the SI beat Karupasamy’s hand seven times with a chain. Then the SI beat Karupasamy
four times on his thighs. When Karupasamy cried out in pain, the SI threatened him with death.
The SI continued to beat Karupasamy similarly until 10.00pm. During this time, the police made Karupasamy
remove his lungi and shirt, and tied him with a chain.
Annual Report on Torture
The next morning, the SI filed charges against Karupasamy (Crime No. 945/07), under sections 341, 324,
and 506(1).
At around 2.30pm, the police produced Karupasamy before the Criminal Judicial Magistrate (II), Nagerkoil.
A judge ordered Karupasamy detained for fifteen days.
Case Number
Date of incident :
1) Raja 2) Suresh 3) Kumar
1) Krishnan, HC
Thonampatti PS ,
Ondiveeranur Village,
Omalur Taluk, Salem
On 18th August 2007, Kumar and Manimegalai eloped. On 25th August 2007 at 11.00am, Raja, (37) was
taken to the PS by Thonampatti HC Krishnan for enquiry about the whereabouts Kumar and Manimegalai.
HPC Krishnan struck Raja with baton on his buttocks and slapped on his ears. Raja later received treatment
at a private hospital.
On 27th August 2007, Kumar (24) and Suresh (23) were taken into custody by Thaonampatti HC Krishnan
regarding the same issue. The police slapped Suresh and Kumar on cheeks and interrogated them about
the absconded couple. The PC stood on Kumar and Suresh’s legs, beat them, and made them do 450 situps. The PC grabbed Suresh, and lifted him by the neck and then dropped him. The police slapped
Suresh, causing facial swelling. The police beat Kumar and Suresh with batons, kicked them with their
boots, and beat their thighs continuously. Suresh also sustained a bleeding left elbow injury. The PC
stamped Suresh’s middle finger. The police forced Kumar and Suresh to jump with their toes resting on the
floor and made them run inside the PS. On 28 August 2007, the PC told Suresh and Kumar to hold the ears
of each other and do nearly 450 sit-ups.
Tamil Nadu
Case Details:
That evening, some of the villagers came to the station at 10.00pm. The PCs took Rs. 2000 and Kumar’s
cell phone, then released Kumar and Suresh.
Case Number
Date of incident
: TN/SAL 81/OCT/07
: Mr. Sekar
: PC
: All women PS, Kondalamapatti
Case Details:
Mr. Sekar (25) who resides at Yetimarathaukadu Neykaranpatti Post Salem was married to Krishnaveni.
On 25th September 2007, Sekar’s wife Krishnaveni disappeared. Sekar unsuccessfully searched for her.
Annual Report on Torture
Kumar and Suresh were admitted in the hospital. The victims do want to pursue this matter.
On 25 September 2007 at 5.00pm, a lady constable from Kondalampatti, All Women PS took Sekar to the
PS because Krishnaveni’s father lodged a complaint that Sekar murdered his wife. The police told Sekar to
tell them where Krishnaveni’s body was. The police forced Sekar to stretch out his hands and then she beat
them with a baton about 10 times and threatened to charge a murder case on his name. Later it was known
that Sekar’s wife had eloped with Balu. The police obtained Sekar’s signature and released him.
Tamil Nadu
Case Number
Date of incident :
TN/SAL 87/OCT/07
1) Sumathi, SI and 2) Manoharan, PC
Valapadi PS,Valapadi Taluk, Salem
Case Details:
Mr. Prakasam and his wife Shakuntala had a conflict between them for the past 6 months. Shakuntala lodged
a complaint to the Valapadi PS alleging that Prakasam beat her. On 11th May 2007 a PC took Prakasam to
the PS. There, the PC beat Prakasam with a baton and pulled his hair. The PC forced Prakasam to sit down,
and then punched his back four times. He was then released.
On 19th June 2007, at 4.00am, SI Sumathi and PC Manoharan went to Prakasam’s house and woke him.
Sumathi shoved a kerchief into Prakasam’s mouth and tied his hands behind his back. Sumathi and the PC
kicked Prakasam with their boots. They took him the PS. There, they tied Prakasam up with a 5 foot chain.
They kept him at the station until 11.00am. The POs beat Prakasam and refused to let him use the toilet. At
11.30am, the PI untied Prakasam and they sent him to Central Prison, where he was detained for 10 days.
Prakasam was released on bail.
Annual Report on Torture
FF Code
TN/SVG 15/FEB/07
1) R. Kumar; 2) M. Karuppu
1) Inspector 2) SI 3) Head Constable.
Mariyamman kovil st,Indira Nagar,
Date of incident : 26/02/2007
Case Details:
Victims Kumar and Karuppu belong to the Hindu Konar-Aasari community and make their living by gilding
On 24 February 2007, the police asked Kumar and Karuppu to appear at the police station for an enquiry
about children kidnapped in Sivagangai.
At the station, Kumar and Karuppu denied having anything to do with the kidnappings. A PI responded by hitting
their cheeks. He also struck Kumar with a lathi on the left side of his body and on his legs. Kumar shouted with
The PI also beat Kumar’s brother.
Karuppu’s mother, who was present in the station, knelt and begged the PI to leave her son alone. The PI
responded by insulting her, saying “Pulla pethu vatchuruka paru, Thevadia,” and by thrashing her with a lathi
on the back side of her body. The PI also pushed her down and kicked her chest.
The station HC threatened Karuppu’s mother and wife with false charges that would “destroy your family” if they
told anyone – including hospital staff – about their treatment at the station.
Later, Karuppu’s wife was admitted to the Sivagangai Hospital.
The police continued to beat and torture Kumar and Karuppu from 24 to 26 February 2007, even when a Ward
Member told the police that they were persons of good character. The police told Kumar and Karuppu to
remove their clothes, placed their legs in a horizontal position, and beat them. The police also verbally abused
Kumar and Karuppu.
Tamil Nadu
Witnessing her mother-in-law’s treatment, Karuppu’s wife vomited and fainted.
FF Code
: TN/TAN 45/DEC/07
: Kumaresan
: 1) Ravichandran, SI;
2) unnamed PCs, Vattathikottai PS
: Oratthanadu Taluk, Tanjore
Date of incident : 23/11/2007
Case Details:
On 23 November 2007 at around 10.00am, Kumaresan – with his friends Durairaj, Raja, and Muniaiah – were
approached by SI Ravichandran and three PCs in civilian dress. The SI stated that the police had received a
report that Kumaresan was brewing illicit arrack and was therefore wanted for an enquiry. The SI commanded
Kumaresan to get into the police vehicle. Kumaresan replied that he knew nothing about the charge and had
just come form Kerala, where he had been working. When Kumaresan refused to get into the vehicle, the SI
slapped him hard on the left cheek and the PCs twisted his arms. The police then thrashed Kumaresan four
times on his back. The PCs lifted Kumaresan by his hips and carried him into the car.
The police also forced Muniaiah into their vehicle. The SI let Durairaj and Raja free with just a slapping.
At the station, the SI made Kumaresan and Muniaiah sit inside the lockup in just their lungis.
Annual Report on Torture
Victim Kumaresan, age 27, resides at Aavandi Kollai in Oratthanadu Taluk, Tanjore District. He belongs to the
Hindu Adi-Dravidar caste and earns his living through carpentry.
At around 6.00pm, the police obtained Kumaresan’s and Muniaiah’s signatures in the FIR. Then they
handcuffed both Kumaresan and Muniaiah, whom they then made walk through the street. Kumaresan’s
relatives and acquaintances saw him walking handcuffed with the police.
At around 6.45pm, the police produced Kumaresan and Muniaiah before the Magistrate Court in Pattukottai.
At around 11.30pm, the court remanded Kumaresan and Muniaiah to the Sub-Jail in Pattukottai.
Tamil Nadu
On 28 November 2007, Kumaresan was released on bail. He later attempted to commit suicide by consuming
poison. Kumaresan was admitted to the Government General Hospital, Pattukottai.
On 29 November 2007, DSP Marudhappan and SI Ravichandran visited Kumaresan in the hospital. Also,
CPCID Thiruvengadam came to the hospital, spoke with Kumaresan, and asserted that an enquiry would be
conducted about the incident.
The SI has refuted the allegations of torture and stated that the police had arrested Kumaresan with arrack.
FF Code
Date of incident :
TN/KK 46/SEPT/07
1) Selvaraj, HC; 2) Kannan, PI;
3) Anthonyammal, SP; 4) Babu, AS; 5) two
unnamed HCs; 6) unnamed SPSI
S.P. Office, Nagerkoil; Kollangodu PS
Case Details:
Victim Lawrence resides in Nagerkoil. On 19 August 2007, Lawrence saw a boy named Daeno, of Kaliakavilai,
sitting at the Parakai Bus Stand. Daeno told Lawrence that he did not have any money to return home.
Lawrence asked Daeno why he had come to Nagerkoil; Daeno responded that his father had died and that he
was searching for work. Lawrence took Daeno to Lawrence’s house in his two-wheeler, agreeing to help
Daeno find a job. Daeno slept at Lawrence’s house that night.
Annual Report on Torture
The next day at around 4.30am, Daeno disappeared from Lawrence’s house. Lawrence could not find his
own cell phone. Lawrence searched for Daeno in nearby villages.
At around 8.00am, Lawrence called his own mobile. Daeno answered, saying that he was at Kaliakavilai.
Daeno told Lawrence that he could recover his cell phone by meeting a tall man in front of the R.C. Church and
giving this man Rs. 200.
Lawrence went to Kaliakavilai with his friend Purushuth, but there was no one at the Church. When Lawrence
tried to call his mobile again, there was no answer.
Lawrence filed a complaint by telephone to the police.
HC Selvaraj contacted Lawrence by telephone, accusing him of abducting his son. Lawrence told the HC what
had happened and went to the SP Office. There, the HC grabbed Lawrence, verbally abused him, and
accused him again of abducting his son.
Later, the HC told PI Kannan about the matter. The PI called Lawrence over for questioning.
At around 10.00pm, an SPSI began to abuse Lawrence. The SPSI told Lawrence to remove his shirt, and
punched him in his lower abdomen.
At around 12.30am, the police took Lawrence to Kollangodu PS.
At 5.30am, the HC and another PC tied Lawrence to an iron door.
At 7.30am, the PI questioned Lawrence as to Daeno’s whereabouts and beat him with a long baton on the
legs and hands.
At around 8.00pm, Lawrence’s mother and sister came to the station. The PI yelled at them and asked them
if they were prostitutes. He made them sit down.
At around 8.30pm, the PI collected signatures from Lawrence as well as from Lawrence’s mother and sister.
He asked all three to return the next day.
At 10.30pm, Lawrence and his mother and sister returned home.
Tamil Nadu
At 9.30am, Lawrence’s mother learned over the telephone of her son’s treatment.
On 22 August 2007 at around 7.00am, Lawrence returned to the station with his parents. He learned that the
Kollangodu Police had found his cell phone.
On 29 August 2007 at around 9.00pm, Lawrence went to the station with an advocate to get his cell phone
back. The police asked the advocate to leave, since their enquiry was not yet finished. The HC beat
Lawrence again. SP Anthonyammal also beat Lawrence. The police made Lawrence sit in a room all night.
The next morning at 7.00am, SI Anthonyammal, HC Selvaraj, and two other HCs took Lawrence to his
friends. On the way, HC Selvaraj beat him.
FF Code
Date of incident
TN/MDU 75/OCT/07
Aruppukottai police
Vilacheri, Madurai
The victim Muthu, aged 21, belongs to Kal Otar community, and worked as a Coolie. On 8th September
2007, the victim went to Kalaignar Nagar to attend a wedding. Aruppukottai Police arrested Muthu and took
him to the PS. Police officers interrogated him about the location of stolen jewels. The POs beat Muthu with
their batons all over his body. The policemen bent his right hand, causing severe pain. Muthu cried that he
did not take any jewels.
Two policemen stretched both of Muthu’s legs apart, which caused a ligament tear. Then, the POs tied both
of Muthu’s legs and beat him. The POs told Muthu to return the jewels. That night, POs did not give Muthu
any meal.
The police filed a case against Muthu for stealing jewels and sent him to Madurai Central Jail. Still the Muthu
is in jail and unable to get a bail.
Annual Report on Torture
Case Details
FF Code
Date of incident
TN/MDU 78/OCT/07
Police Officers, Thirunagar PS
Madurai district
Tamil Nadu
Case Details
On 9th October 2007, two Thirunagar POs went to victim Suryan’s house, arrested him, and took him to the
Thirunagar PS. At the PS, the police kept Suryan in a room containing rice bags. The police handcuffed him,
and hung him from a rope, tying one end of the rope on the handcuffs and another from a beam in the ceiling.
As he hung there, five policemen beat the heel of Suryan’s foot and his buttocks with iron rods. They asked him
how many times he had committed theft. Suryan said he had never committed a theft. The POs continued to
beat him for half an hour while he was hanging. During the beatings, his left hand slipped from the cuff and
Suryan injured his wrist.
The next evening, the PI and SI ordered POs to tie Suryan’s thumbs together and to tie his toes together. A
piece of wood was placed between his hands, and he was hung between two tables, resembling a Kaavadi.
While he was tied, the police beat Suryan for an hour. The PI and SI stomped on Suryan with their boots. They
told him, that if he has not stolen, to identify someone that was a thief. On 14th October 2007, a fake case for theft
was filed against Suryan, and he was remanded to jail.
FF Code
Date of incident
TN/MDU 79/OCT/07
Police officer’s, Thallakulam PS
Pudhu Makalipatti Road, Madurai
Annual Report on Torture
Case Details
The victim Ponnusamy, aged 50, belongs to Maravar Community. In January 2006, when Ponnusamy was
taking his friend to Madurai Anna Bus stand, SI Murugesan caught Ponnusamy and his friend and put them
in a police jeep. In the jeep, the SI and other officers beat Ponnusamy. The DSP intervened and told the SI to
leave Ponnusamy alone. Instead, SI Murugesan and the other POs took Ponnusamy to the Thallakulam PS.
There they beat Ponnusamy and told him he would only be released if he provided them brandy and Rs.1000
as bribe. After getting Rs.2000 from Ponnusamy and his friend, police released them, but ordered them to
return the next day to Vilakkuthoon PS.
The next day Ponnusamy went to Vilakkuthoon PS. He was detained in the lock-up and later released. After
two days, SI Murugesan called Ponnusamy over the phone and warned him that unless he brought Rs. 3200,
he was going to file a false case on him.
SI Murugesan and PI Vijayakumar began threatening Ponnusamy to withdraw the case. On 21st January
2007, Ponnusamy lodged a complaint to the Superintendent of Police in the Bribe Prohibition Wing. On 30th
July 2007, SI Murugesan, and some other POs took Ponnusamy to the PS. Ponnusamy was locked up and
beaten with a rod. The police told Ponnusamy to remove the complaint or they would kill him and “tear him to
pieces”. Police refused to provide Ponnusamy with any meals during his detention.
Tamil Nadu
Ponnusamy went to the Bribe Prohibition Wing of the Police Department and lodged a complaint to the SP.
Ponnusamy called the DSP and requested he take action. The DSP called a male and female PI to get a
statement from Ponnusamy and file an F.I.R. The DSP said he would make arrangements to arrest SI
Murugesan, but the PIs did not take victim’s statement.
Ponnusamy’s son wrote a telegram to the Commissioner of Madurai and the Chief Minister. After Ponnusamy
was released, he went straight to Madurai Government Rajaji Hospital. He was admitted as an in-patient. Still, 171
when the SI sees Ponnusamy, he threatens to file a fake case against him unless he withdraws his complaint.
FF Code
Date of incident
TN/MDU 84/NOV/07
R. Pandi
SI, Tallakulam PS
Bibikulam, Madurai
The victim Pandi, aged 24, belongs to the Vannar community. Pandi’s wife stole 2 lakh rupees from her houseowner and gave it to Pandi. A complaint was lodged in the Tallakulam PS. On 29th July 2007, Pandi, Kutti and
Sudhadhira were taken for inquiry. On 30th July 2007, SI Muthukumar and three other PCs took Pandi’s ATM
Card from his house, went to the ATM Center and checked the balance. The balance was Rs. 2 lakhs. The
police forced Pandi to go to the Indian Bank and give a letter to the manager stating that he lost his bank book.
Pandi withdrew the Rs. 2 lakhs in the afternoon, immediately handing it over to the SI.
On 31st July 2007, the SI asked whether Pandi deposited money anywhere else. Pandi told him that the
money he earned was commingled with the Rs. 2 lakhs. SI Palanikumar and SI Muthukumar forced Pandi
to face the wall and beat his buttocks with a lathi. The police took Pandi to his home and confiscated a 3sovereign gold chain, anklets, earrings, rings, a huge vessel (Anda), a ½ sovereign gold ring, and a watch.
During the night at the PS, SI Palanikumar and SI Muthukumar again forced Pandi to face the wall. They
repeatedly beat his legs using a lathi. Then, the SIs forced Pandi to sit down, and they beat the soles of his feet
repeatedly. The police demanded to know where Pandi’s wife hid the remaining money. The officers bent
Annual Report on Torture
Case Details:
every finger of Pandi’s hand separately, and repeatedly punched his back. The SIs refused to provide Pandi
with a meal.
The police officers then went to Pandi’s house and took his TV, alleging that it was stolen. On 5th August 2007,
they produced Pandi and his wife before the judge. They were remanded to Madurai Central Jail.
After 36 days, Pandi was released on bail. Currently five cases were filed under Pandi’s name.
Tamil Nadu
FF Code
Date of incident
TN/MDU 80/NOV/07
Police, Thiruppachethi police station
Vlayankulam, Madurai District
Case Details:
Annual Report on Torture
The victim Valli, aged 25, belongs to Kal Ottar community and earns her livelihood by selling combs. A theft
case was filed against her husband Valu. Fearing arrest, Valu failed to appear for his court hearing. On 20th
November 2007, a team of six Thiruppachethi policemen went to Valayankulam in search of Valu. When the
POs could not find Valu, they arrested Valli, his wife, her eight month-old baby, and Valli’s relatives Umayamma
and Murthy. When Valli refused to get into the vehicle, the police hit her in the head with a baton. The police
took Valli’s cell phone. They demanded Valu’s phone number, but Valli insisted she did not know the number.
The police got furious and shouted at Valli, saying “you dogs; you have the cell phone but don’t know the
number.” He again beat Valli. The police provided Valli with food, but she did not. The PO told her to feed the
baby with breast milk, otherwise “let him die”. The police again asked Valli for her husband’s phone number.
When she insisted she did not know it, they bent her arm, causing her to scream from pain. The PO covered
her mouth with his hand.
The police called Umayamma and asked for Valu’s cell-phone number. When she refused to give it, they hit
her with a baton and pulled off half of her sari. Eventually, the police located Valu’s number on the cell phone.
When the child started crying, POs would only give the baby salt water. The next day they took Valli to her
house and told her to take extra clothes. The police then took Valli and the others to an uninhabited area near
Valayankulam and told them to exit the vehicle. The police beat Valli all over her body with a baton, and
demanded to know the whereabouts of her husband. Valli and the others were then taken to Thiruppachethi
police station. They were fingerprinted, photographed, and then released.
FF Code
Date of incident
TN/SVG 69/NOV/07
Sakthi, SI
Sipkot PS
Case Details:
On 4 November 2007 at around 3.00pm, there was a fight between Valarmathi and her husband Sonaimuthu.
Malaichamy tried to separate them, but Soniamuthu approached Malaichamy with a stick, so Malaichamy
returned home.
Tamil Nadu
Victim Malaichamy belongs to the Hindu Chakkiliyar Community and works as a plumber at EB.
Immediately afterwards, Sonaimuthu went to Sipkot PS and lodged a complaint against Malaichamy, stating
that Malaichamy had beaten him.
SI Sakthi arrested Malaichamy, whom he said had kidnapped Valamathi. The SI also called Maliachamy a
“rogue of Kallakurichi.”
At the station, the SI continued to abuse Malaichamy verbally and told him to remove his shirt. The SI beat
Malaichamy with a baton on his back, thighs, and face, before locking him in a cell. Malaichamy’s left cheek
was swollen.
At 11.30pm, Malaichamy’s elder brother came to the station and released him by giving Rs. 500 to the police.
Malaichamy was treated Dr. Sivaraj.
FF Code
Date of incident :
TN/CHE 92/NOV/07
1) PI, F4 Nungambakkam PS; 2) Muthu Vel
Pandi, PI, D4 Anna Salai PS;
3) unnamed POs
F4 Nungambakkam PS, Chennai
Case Details:
Victim Mohan, of the Adi-Dravidar caste, is a student. On 11 November 2007, the police arrested him in
connection with an attack on Mayura Jeyakumar, President of the Tamilnadu Youth Congress.
Annual Report on Torture
The charge against Malaichamy of abducting Valamathi is still working its way through the judicial system.
When Mohan asked the reason for his arrest, the policeman replied “Do you ask for reasons, you son of a
bastard [thevadiya]?” The police took Mohan by his shirt collar and put him in their vehicle. One PC hit him
hard with a baton on his back, asking “Are you a big rowdy?”; the scar from this beating is still evident. The
police kept asking Mohan whether he was a henchman of [known criminal] William. Along with Mohan, the
police also caught William’s brother, Sahayam. Sahayam asked the police to leave Mohan alone, as he was
young, but the police paid no attention.
Tamil Nadu
At 8.30pm, the police took Mohan to F4 Nungambakkam PS. One PC asked him to remove his clothes
before presenting Mohan to the station PI. The PI asked Mohan whether he had gone to Sathya Moorthy
Bhavan. Mohan replied that he was a student of Madras Christian College and a member of SFI, and that he
had not gone to that place.
The PI then thrashed Mohan’s head, back, and thighs with a baton continuously for ten minutes. A PC then
dragged Mohan by his hair to the prison, where another PC took Mohan’s picture. Mohan begged the police
not to spoil his future by involving him in matters that he was not even aware of. The policemen responded by
beating Mohan once again and by claiming that Mohan was lying. They took his fingerprints. An SI told the PI
to beat Mohan with laadam kattuthal. Mohan was struck with fear and pain.
At about 9.00pm, Mohan (along with others who were arrested along with him) was taken to Anna Salai PS,
where PI Muthu Vel Pandi interrogated him. The PI asked Mohan to sign a blank paper; Mohan refused. The
PI scolded Mohan for being stubborn and told him to remove his shirt and pants. A PC beat Mohan on his
cheek. Mohan quivered with pain. The policemen told him to lay flat and beat him twenty-five times till he
agreed to sign the paper.
At 3.00pm, the police took Mohan to the Judge’s house. By 6.00pm, Mohan was in Puzhal Prison.
: TN/VEL 65/SEPT/07
: 1) Muniyaswamy
2) Kathirvel 3) Venkatesh
Perpetrator(s) : 1) Suresh, PI, 2) Nagaraj, SI
3) Annadurai, HPC
: Umrapath PS
Date of incident : 26/08/2007
Annual Report on Torture
FF Code
Case Details:
On the night on 26th August 2007, the victims Muniyaswamy and Kathirvel heard policemen shouting their
names outside their houses. The policemen went into their houses and dragged them into the police van. They
were then taken to the Umrapath PS, where they were thrashed for allegedly stealing a pump from Rajendran’s
Victims denied stealing the pump. The POs handcuffed Muniyaswamy and Kathirvel to the jail bars and beat
them. On 27th August 2007, the SI along with two other PCs made victims sit down and hit them on their thighs
with their batons. They verbally abused them, calling them “bastards,” “thieves,” and “motherfuckers.” One
policeman stood on victims thighs with his boots and hit their soles more than 10 times. The police then forced
victims to stand up and stretch out their hands. The police hit each of their hands five times with a baton. The
policeman told victims to accept the crime, and then hit each of them with a baton 10 times on their buttocks. He
left them when they cried loudly unable to stand the pain. Later in the night, another policeman kicked them with
his boots and demanded to know the location of the pump.
On 28th August 2007, Muniyaswamy and Kathirvel were handcuffed and beaten during the day and night. On
30th August 2007, a group of 20 people from victims’ village went to the PS and questioned the SI as to why he
had detained Muniyaswamy and Kathirvel without producing them in court. The protestors yelled slogans and
raised signs. The police charged the crowd with batons and hit them. Muniyaswamy and Kathirvel were then
produced before the Ambur Magistrate. Police officers threatened victims and told them not to show or speak
about their injuries. They were remanded to Ambur Sub Jail.
Tamil Nadu
The next day Muniyaswamy’s brother Venkatesh and a relative of Kathirvel went to the PS with lunch. The
police abused him by saying “fuck your sister, did you also go to steal?” The police took whatever money
Venkatesh had in his pocket and hit him with a baton. The police forced Venkatesh to sit in the station. He was
later released, but the police warned him no to tell anyone about his beating.
Later victims’ injuries became infected.
FF Code
Date of incident
TN/CHE 95/NOV/07
C. Muthu
Kumaravel, PI
D1 PS, Chennai
Case Details:
The next day at 8.00am, four policemen came in search of Muthu. When Muthu asked the policemen why
they wanted him, they said that he had been involved in a fight on the road.
At 9.00am, the policemen took Muthu to D1 PS, where PI Kumaravel insulted him and beat him with a baton
on his back. Muthu repled that he had done nothing. The PI slapped Muthu hard on his left cheek, accused
him of lying to the police, and told him that local people referred to him as a rowdy man.
The PI then ordered Muthu to remove his lungi and shirt and to lie on his stomach on the floor. Muthu begged
the PI to leave him alone, as he had done nothing wrong. The PI asked “How dare you lift up your lungi?” and
violently beat Muthu on the buttocks 15 times. Muthu squirmed in pain.
Annual Report on Torture
Victim Muthu, of the Adi-Dravidar caste, is neighbours with Ramkumar. On 12 October 2007, the two men’s
wives had an oral dispute, which led to the physical abuse of Muthu’s wife by Ramkumar and his wife. Muthu
was furious, and later fought with Ramkumar.
The PI then made Muthu sit with his back against the wall and told him to spread his legs wide. Two PCs stood
on Muthu’s thighs. Muthu struggled with pain, and went unconscious. He could not move – not even to heed
nature’s call.
At around 2.00pm, the police provided Muthu with food, which he could not eat.
Muthu’s wife arrived at the station with an advocate and spoke to the PI. The PI then lodged a complaint against
Ramkumar and his wife – who later came to the police station and signed a written statement agreeing not to
involve themselves in altercations in the future.
Tamil Nadu
As Muthu left the station, he could not walk, so his wife had to help him. It took nearly two weeks for Muthu to
regain enough strength to walk; he was unable to work during this period.
Muthu later learned that his wife had paid the PI Rs. 3,000 to set him free.
FF Code
Date of incident :
TN/SVG 94/DEC/07
Muthu Pandiarajan
Mayakrishnan, PC
Devakottai Road,
Karaikudi Taluk, Sivagangai District
Case Details:
Annual Report on Torture
Victim Muthu Pandiarajan belongs to the Hindu-Pillai community. On 10th July 2007, Muthu Pandiarajan
together with his friends organized a Kabaadi competition at their village. Some people made an issue
because Sivagangai A.R. PC Senthil Kumar, who also is the Councilor of Amaravathi Pudhur Ward, was
missing in the announcement notice distributed to the public. Unexpectedly PC Mayakrishnan, who was
drunk, ventured onto the grounds where the Kabaadi competition was being held. He interrupted the referee.
When Muthu Pandiarajan confronted PC Mayakrishnan for his behavior, PC Mayakrishnan threatened him
by saying, “You can’t live in peace by antagonizing the police! Wait and see what I am going to do!”
That night, PC Mayakrishnan, Selvam, Murugesan, Vadivel, Ananth and Edwin took Muthu Pandiarajan to
the side of a tank and attacked him with sticks, steel rods and belts. Friends of Muthu Pandiarajan informed his
parents, who rushed to the scene. There, they saw the police assaulting Muthu Pandiarajan. Seeing them,
the police fled. Muthu Pandiarajan was lying unconscious with blood wounds all over his body. He was taken
to Karaikudi Government Hospital.
The Karaikudi SI was reluctant to file a case against PC Mayakrishnan. He asked Muthu Pandiarajan to
compromise. However due to the intervention of Adv. Ramanan, the SI filed the case against Mayakrishnan.
On 17th July 2007, a complaint was also filed to DSP regarding the same.
Case Number
: TN/SVG 16.1/FEB/07
Name of the perpetrators
: 5 policemen
: Devakottai, Sivagangai District.
Date of the Incident
: 21-07-2003
Case Details:
Tamil Nadu
Nizam, the victim earns his livelihood by selling peanuts on the streets of Devakottai town. 3 policemen came
in an auto on 20.07.2003 at around 11.30 p.m. and asked Mohammed Ali Jinnah, (father-in-law of victim) about
Nizam’s whereabouts. The police were taken to Nizam’s house and a policeman caught hold of Nizam’s neck
and pushed him into the auto at around 12.10 a.m. His family was informed that he was taken to R.S.Mangalam
Nizam was later made to board a jeep parked near Devakottai arch and his arms were handcuffed and his feet
were shackled and he was made to lie in the space between the seats at the back of the jeep. Policemen
yanked his hair, bent his fingers and stamped forcefully on his chest with slipper-clad feet. While assaulting him
in the above-mentioned manner the policemen asked him from where he stole his gold chain, ring and the T.V
set that was at his home. Although Nizam said that he was innocent and that he had obtained the said articles
from selling his ancestral property to R.S.Mangalam Sathya Jewellers, the 5 policemen continued to assault
him and took him to the Traveller’s Bungalow near Thondi seashore. There he was taken to an isolated room,
where four policemen punched on his face and cheeks one after another.
Nizam’s ‘kaili’ and shirt were removed. Leading chains were put on his arms and legs and was dragged to the
Thondi seaside, clad only in his briefs. There 2 policemen dragged him by the leading chains on his arms,
while 2 others kept kicking at his thighs forcefully, with slipper clad feet. He was asked to lie on his chest and a
police stamped him saying “son of a foolish Muslim pundai, tell us where you stole”. Nizam’s chest was
swollen due to this and he continuously stated that he was innocent.
Then Nizam was again brought to the Traveller’s Bungalow, where he was asked to put on his ‘kaili’ and shirt.
Then, he was taken to Thondi police station, where he was beaten with lathi for around 15 minutes and tortured
Annual Report on Torture
Nizam was interrogated in the said place and he was stamped on the chest and punched near his earsleaving
his left ear bleeding. A policeman also stamped on Nizam’s genital organ and threatened him to confess the
theft. Nizam felt unconscious after this and was woken up by the police at 5.00 am on 21-07-2003. When Nizam
said that the gold chain and ring that he was wearing and Rs.650/- were missing, the policemen beat him up
asking if he was calling them thieve and also abused him verbally by saying, “Son of a prostitute! Son of a
thieving ‘pundai!” and was again thrashed badly.
Tamil Nadu
on the veranda of the police station with handcuffs and shackles on his feet. Policemen of Thondi asked Nizam
the name of the person to whom he had sold his land and they threatened to beat him to death if they found that
he had lied. He was not provided with any food or water until that time. A constable came to him at 10.30 a.m.
on 21.07.2003 and said, “We called the jewellery shop owner Sathya and asked him. He has said that he was
the one, who gave you money. So, we are setting you free. You shouldn’t tell anyone about what happened to
you here. If you disobey, we’ll foist case and imprison you,” after which he got Nizam’s signature on a white
paper and sent him out.
Abdul Hameed, a person related to Nizam noticed Nizam standing on the veranda of Thondi police station and
asked him why he was standing there. The policemen, who saw this said to Abdul Hameed, “we have handed
over Nizam to you” and got his signature on a paper.
Nizam received treatment from a private practitioner, Dr. Ezhumalai. He got admitted on 22.07.2003 at Devakottai
Government Hospital and received treatment. The next day, on 23.07.2003, a news report of the attack was
178 published in an evening newspaper and at night around 8.00pm policemen from Devakottai Town Police
Station came there in the evening, asked for the details of the incident and got his statement.
FF Code
: TN/KK 42/SEPT/07
: P. Jeenyth Labbai
: 1) Rajaram, SI;
2) Birang D. Ruben, PI;
3) Unnamed PCs
: Puthukadai PS
Date of incident : 26/08/2007
Case Details:
Annual Report on Torture
Victim Jeenyth, a Muslim, resides at Karuthavettu Vilagam, Kadakarai Salai, Thengapatinam Post, 629 173.
He worked as a meat cutter at a butcher shop in Thengapatinam.
On 28 August 2007 at around 10.00pm, while Jeenyth was waiting at the Thengapatinam bus stand, SI
Rajaram, along with seven PCs from the Puthukadai PS (all uniformed), arrived in a van. The PCs forced
Jeenyth into their van and took him to the police station. On the way there, three PCs kicked Jeenyth regularly.
On arriving at the station, the police dragged Jeenyth inside and forced him to remove his shirt and stand at the
back of the station.
At 12.00pm, the SI threatened to torture Jeenyth unless he admitted to stealing a television and DVD player from
the Primary Health Centre at Thengapatinam. Jeenyth refused to confess, so the SI handcuffed him and began
to beat him with a baton on his head, shoulders, and neck.
The next morning at 5.00am, Jeenyth awoke to realise that he was unconsciously urinating. He had pain all
over his body.
The SI regularly returned to the room and thrashed Jeenyth.
At 12.00pm, the SI and four unnamed PCs hung Jeenyth upside-down from the ceiling with his legs tied
together. The SI and two PCs thrashed him with batons on his back, thighs, chest and elsewhere for about half
an hour.
When the police let Jeenyth down, they gagged him with a cloth before punching him.
The next morning at 8.00am, PI Birang D. Ruben arrived and asked Jeenyth for his elder brother’s cell phone
number. Jeenyth replied that he was not on good terms with his brother did not know his number. The PI got
Jeenyth’s brother’s number from someone else and asked him to come to the station.
At 9.30am, Jeenyth’s brother came to the police station. The PI told him that Jeenyth had refused to confess
to stealing the television and DVD player.
Tamil Nadu
The police made Jeenyth stand all night long, so he could not sleep.
Later that day, Jeenyth paid Rs 500 as a fine to the Court and was released.
FF Code
: TN/CHE 115/NOV/07
: Palani
: 1) Unnamed SI;
2) Unnamed PCs
: Uthukottai PS
Date of incident : 07/10/2007
Victim Palani lived with his parents. On 7 October 2007 at around 3.45am, two policemen woke him and took
him to an SI who was waiting outside. The SI struck Palani’s cheeks repeatedly. The other two policemen then
grabbed Palani by his shirt collar and stamped on his lower abdomen with booted feet; Palani’s abdomen
began to bleed. A PC punched Palani in the jaw and brow. Palani almost fainted. The police told Palani to
remove his shirt and tied his hands.
On hearing the noise, Palani’s mother came outside. She begged the police to leave Palani alone, but the
police ignored her.
Palani asked permission to wear his undergarments. One of the PCs insulted Palani by telling him that he lay
with his mother without wearing undergarments.
Annual Report on Torture
Case Details:
The police dragged Palani through the street to a TATA SUMO vehicle, where they beat him repeatedly. The
PCs struck his jaw, neck, thighs, and back. Palani began to faint.
At 5.45am, the police took Palani to Uthukottai PS, where a PC undressed him. Palani had to remain naked
for approximately eight hours in the station.
At 2.00pm, the police gave Palani a cloth. A female police officer asked him questions about the dowry he had
obtained from his wife, and about the video coverage of his wedding. She forced him to sign a blank paper.
Tamil Nadu
At 4.00pm, the police brought Palani to the court. He was jailed in Thiruvalluyar District, but later transferred to
Puzhal Jail to receive better medical care.
FF Code
Date of incident
TN/KK 52/OCT/07
Unnamed POs
Vadacheri PS, Panakudi
Case Details:
Victim Parthiban resides in Panakudi. On 26 August 2007, Parthiban went to get medicine from the Asaripalayam
Medical College Hospital. After getting the medicine, Parthiban went to meet his friend Ashokan, and both of
them went to have breakfast at a nearby restaurant.
At the restaurant, Parthiban and Ashokan quarrelled with the owner of the premises. Emergency police arrived
and arrested the owner, Prathiban, and Ashokan.
The police brought the three men to the Vadacheri PS. There, an SI questioned all three. The SI beat Parthiban
and asked why he had come all the way from Panakudi just to cause trouble. An HC tied Parthiban’s hands and
took him into the next room.
Annual Report on Torture
The police released the restaurant owner.
At 1.30pm, a PI and three PCs beat Parthiban with batons. They verbally abused him and accused him of theft.
They then untied Parthiban and compelled him to provide his fingerprints. Three CCS PCs then questioned
Parthiban. They tied his legs and beat him.
The police compelled Parthiban to confess [falsely] that he had stolen from the Titan Watch Showroom.
FF Code
: TN/SVG 87/NOV/07
: Pisthami
Perpetrator(s) : Radhakrsihnan, PI
: Keezhakarai PS,
Ramanathapuram District
Date of incident : 25/11/2007
Case Details:
In the second week of November 2007, one of Pisthami’s relatives, Ashique (of Keezhakarai, Ramanathapuram
District) eloped with a married mother of two named Rahmat Nisha after an illicit relationship.
On 23 November 2007 at around 6.30pm, two policemen from Keezhakarai PS took Pisthami into custody
under the pretext of an enquiry into Ashique’s elopement.
Tamil Nadu
Victim Pisthami is a 12th standard level student.
At the station, PI Radhakrishnan was drunk, smoking a cigarette, and out of uniform. He locked Pisthami
inside a room with no food.
At 2.00am, the PI sent Pisthami home, demanding that he return at 8.00am.
At 8.00am, Pisthami and his mother went to the station. As the PI was absent, they had to wait.
At around 12.00pm, the PI arrived and began to interrogate Pisthami as to Ashique’s whereabouts. During the
interrogation, the PI beat Pisthami with a baton on his upper right arm and back. Unable to endure the pain,
Pisthami cried. The PI told Pisthami to return home and to come back to the station at 7.00pm.
The PI detained Pisthami all night without any food.
On 25 November 2007 at around 2.00pm, the PI made Pisthami sign two blank sheets of paper and sent him
Due to the beating, Pisthami was in considerable pain all night.
On 26 November 2007, Pisthami was admitted to the Ramanathapuram Government Hospital as an inpatient. He received treatment.
Annual Report on Torture
At around 7.30pm, Pisthami returned to the station. There, the PI threatened him by saying that if he failed to
provide information about Ashique, the PI would beat him to death. Pisthami replied, “I promise by Allah! I don’t
know Sir!” The PI became furious and started to abuse Pisthami verbally, saying “You thulukka pundai
magane! You son of a Muslim Pundai!” The PI then thrashed Pisthami with a baton all over his body.
Pisthami fell down. The PI stamped on Pisthami’s chest with booted feet and continued to assault him brutally.
Pisthami sustained injuries to his left shoulder, back, and chest.
At around 5.00pm, SI Sekar, HC Baskaran, and two other PCs came to the hospital and asked for a
compromise. They insisted that the matter could be solved amicably at the Keezhakarai DSP Office by
5.00pm on 27 November 2007.
On 27 November 2007, Pisthami was discharged from the Hospital.
Tamil Nadu
FF Code
: TN/KK 54/OCT/07
: Rajan
Perpetrator(s) : 1) Sonaimuthu, PI;
2) Michael, HC, CCS PS;
3) unnamed PC
: Vadacheri PS, Tuovalai Taluk, Kanyakumari
Date of incident : 23/07/2007
Case Details:
Victim Rajan resides at Temple Street, Thovalai Post, Thovalai Taluk, Kanyakumari. On 23 July 2007 at around
4.00pm, Rajan was waiting at the Nagerkoil Vadacheri Bus Stand to take a bus to Thovalai after his work in
Kerala. At the Bus Stand, HC Michael and another PC beat Rajan and took him to the CCS PS in Nagerkoil.
At the station, the HC took a golden ornament that Rajan had bought as a gift for his son, as well as the receipt for
the ornament. The HC grabbed Rajan’s neck and pushed him down. The HC asked Rajan if he had has stolen
jewellery in Tamil Nadu and then sold it in Kerala. The two officers removed Rajan’s pants and shirt, and made
him sit in a room behind the station wearing only his underwear.
The HC made Rajan stand and handcuffed him to a window. At around 9.00pm, he brought Rajan to see the PI,
who beat Rajan several times. Rajan’s hand was injured, and his middle fingernail oozed blood. The PI locked
Rajan in a cell and departed.
Rajan could not sleep all night long because of pain and hunger.
Annual Report on Torture
The next morning at 7.00am, the PI called for Rajan. The PI asked some PCs to file a case against Rajan before
releasing him.
The police filed charges (Crime No. 275/2007) under sections 392 and 506(II). They produced Rajan before the
Criminal Judicial Magistrate (II), Nagercoil.
At 3.30pm, Rajan was incarcerated at the Nagerkoil Sub-Jail.
FF Code
: TN/VEL 86/NOV/07
: 1) Rajendran; 2) Murugan;
3) Arunachalam
: Solomon Raja, SI
: Valaja PS
Date of incident : 07/09/2007
Victim Rajendran, age 41, belongs to the Vanniyar community and resides in Alanthalai Village, Vellore.
Rajendran had a property dispute with one Perumal, who assaulted him.
On 2 July 2007, Rajendran lodged a complaint against Perumal at the Valaja PS.
Tamil Nadu
Case Details:
One week later, SI Solomon Raja called Rajendran and Perumal, with their relatives (including Rajendran’s
brothers, victims Murugan and Arunachalam) for arbitration at the police station. There, the SI asked them to
sign a written document stating that they would go amicably. All of the men refused to sign. The SI sent
everyone outside except Murugan and Arunachalam. The SI told both men to take off everything but their
underwear before making Murugan and Arunachalam face the wall with their hands in the air. The SI beat
Murugan and Arunachalam with a baton on their backs and buttocks. Both men cried out in pain. The SI
asked Murugan and Arunachalam if they were ready to compromise and called them “sons of bitches.” Then
the SI made Murugan and Arunachalam lie down, and beat both men on the soles of their feet.
Rajendran asked the SI why he was beating Murugan and Arunachalam. The SI grabbed Rajendran, made
him stand against a wall, and beat his back and buttocks. Rajendran screamed in pain. The SI ordered
Rajendran to shut his mouth and to withdraw his complaint against Perumal.
Fearing more abuse, Rajendran and his brothers withdrew their complaint. The SI told them not to go to any
hospital for any treatment.
One week later, the SI called both parties (including Rajendran, Murugan, and Arunachalam) to the station and
told them to compromise. Rajendran and his brothers refused. The police kept then at the station all day, without
providing lunch.
At around 5.30pm, the SI came to Rajendran, who was sitting down on the ground, and shouted at him to
withdraw his case. When Rajendran refused, the SI became furious and asked Rajendran if he was a big
rowdy. The SI started to beat Murugan and Arunahclaam.
Rajendran’s sisters-in-law arrived at the station, where the SI called them “bitches.”
Annual Report on Torture
On 7 September 2007 at around 6.30pm, there was a squabble between Arunachalam and Perumal’s wife.
The SI collected signatures from the members of both parties to the dispute and sent them home.
A few days later, Rajendran’s relatives were Perumal’s relatives.
At the time of the fact-finding, Murugan was undergoing medical treatment at the hospital. No action had been
taken by the police.
Rajesh, SI, Mana Madurai
Mana Madurai Nagar,
Sivagangai District
Date of incident : 10/08/2007
Tamil Nadu
FF Code
Case Details:
Victim Rajani, a Christian, works as a coolie.
On 10 August 2007 at 9.00am, SI Rajesh came to Rajani’s house and informed him that someone named
Mari from the Burma Colony had lodged a complaint against Rajani, alleging that Rajani had abducted his
daughter Maheswari. The SI took Rajani to the police station, where he made Rajani take off his shirt and sit
in a cell.
At around 10.00am, the SI asked Rajani again about Maheswari. As before, Rajani denied Mari’s accusations.
The SI responded by beating Rajani with a baton on his hands and back. The SI threatened to file a case
against Rajani and to detain him permanently if he did not tell the truth. The SI then beat Rajani’s legs; Rajani
cried out in pain.
Annual Report on Torture
Later, Rajani’s parents arrived at the station with a BJP Party Member and requested that the SI leave Rajani
alone. The SI responded by yelling, and continued to beat Rajani with a baton on his hands and legs. Rajani’s
mother fell at the SI’s feet, but he did not listen to her.
The SI asked Rajani’s wife about Maheswari; Rajani’s wife responded that Rajani had concealed Maheswari
but that she could produce Maheswari before 6.00pm the next day. The SI then told Rajani that he would let him
go for his wife’s sake, but demanded a written statement that Rajani would bring Maheswari to the station the
following morning. The SI threatened to imprison Rajani’s whole family if he failed to appear the next day.
The next day, Rajani, his wife, his parents, and Maheswari went to the station. The SI cancelled Mari’s charge
against Rajani, and let Rajani go with a warning.
: TN/CHE 111/NOV/07
: Rathinam
: 1) P.S. Manohar, PI;
2) Ram Mohan, SI;
3) Varadhan, PC; 4) unnamed POs
: Madhavaram PS, Chennai
Date of incident : 08/08/2007
Case Details:
Victim Rathinam, of the Adi-Dravidar caste, used to sell arrack in the Madhavaram area. After he stopped,
despite telling the police that he was now working legitimately as a porter, the police continued to disturb him,
often asking for bribes and filing cases against him. Once, PC Varadhan of Madhavaram PS told Rathinam
to start selling arrack again and to give him some of the profits – or the PC would reopen the previous cases
against Rathinam.
Tamil Nadu
FF Code
On 8 August 2007 at around 2.00pm, the PC came to Rathinam’s house and told him that an arrest warrant
had been issued against him. The PC demanded a Rs. 2000 bribe if Rathinam wanted to avoid arrest.
Rathinam responded that he did not have that much money and told the PC that he was at his mercy.
At about 12.00am, a police officer awoke Rathinam, telling him that Sub-PI Ram Mohan wanted to see him
outside. When Rathinam came outside, the SI asked him if he was involved in selling arrack. Rathinam
replied that he had stopped that business, and was now employed as a porter. The SI responded by
slapping Rathinam’s cheeks and saying “Son of a bastard [thevadiya], you are lying” before taking Rathinam
to the police station.
At the station, the SI interrogated Rathinam (in the PC’s presence) about the arrack business; Rathinam
responded again that he was now employed as a porter.
The next morning at 10.00am, PI P.S. Manohar came to the station and interrogated Rathinam about the
arrack business. The PI beat Rathinam with a baton on his back. He then told Rathinam to stretch out his
hands, which he beat.
At around 12.00pm, V.K. Palani Samy, Secretary of the Worker’s Association, helped to secure Rathinam’s
release from the police station.
Annual Report on Torture
The police then beat Rathinam with a baton on his back and stripped him to his underwear. They made him
lie down. Two PCs held his hands and legs while the SI beat Rathinam’s buttocks and legs. The police then
locked Rathinam in a cell.
FF Code
Perpetrator(s) :
Date of incident :
TN/TAN 45/DEC/07
C. Ravi
1) Thangavel, PI;
2) Silambu Selvan, HC;
3) Muthusamy, HC; 4) Tamilselvi, SI
Needamangalam PS,
Tiruvarur District
Tamil Nadu
Case Details:
Victim Ravi, age 26, is a member of the Hindu Kuravar Community (Scheduled Caste). He resides in
Kottaiyur Village, Needamangalam Post, Tiruvarur District. He earns his living by selling salt in the street.
On 1 March 2007 at about 10.00pm, SI Tamilselvi came to Ravi’s house in a jeep, accompanied by other
PCs from Needamangalam PS. The SI asked Ravi to come to the police station for an enquiry, promising to
send him back soon afterwards. Ravi asked why, and the SI replied that there was nothing to worry and asked
Ravi to come to the station. Without waiting for Ravi’s response, the police dragged Ravi to the jeep forcibly and
took him to the station.
At the station, PI Thangavel and HCs Silambu Selvan and Muthusamy were present. The PI was busy
interrogating Ramakrishnan, Kennady, and Thiruvadi Siva in connection with a theft on 9 January 2007 at the
house of one Gothandaraman.
The PI called Ravi over, slapped his cheeks forcefully, and insulted him with vulgar caste-related terms like
“kora payale.” The HCs thrashed Ravi with iron-edged batons all over his body so that Ravi bled. Meanwhile,
the police asked Ravi to confess to the theft at Gothandaraman’s house and to identify the person to whom he
had given the stolen golden ornaments worth about Rs. 45,000. Ravi insisted that he knew nothing about the
theft. The police stripped Ravi half-naked and tied his hands behind him with his towel. The SI thrashed Ravi
repeatedly with a baton on the backs of his legs. Unable to bear the pain, Ravi screamed and fell down. The
SI stamped on Ravi’s abdomen, insisting that he confess to the theft.
Annual Report on Torture
Similar treatment continued until 12.00am.
For five days, until 5 March 2007, the police took Ravi to different places and tortured him similarly. They
stripped him naked, handcuffed him, and kept him without food or water. Ravi sustained injuries all over his
The police filed a false charge of theft against Ravi, remanded him before the Mannargudi Judicial Magistrate
Court, and sent him to Central Prison, Trichirapalli. Ravi was admitted at the prison hospital, then at the
Government Hospital (Trichy), and finally at the Thanjavur Medical College Government Hospital for treatment.
Ravi is now permanently disabled. His kidney does not function properly, and he cannot work for a living.
On 21 August 2007, the RDO conducted an enquiry into Ravi’s case. Ravi also filed a complaint with the
District Collector, the DSP (Tiruvarur), the CM’s Special Cell, and the NHRC.
FF Code
Perpetrator(s) :
Date of incident :
TN/KK 48/SEPT/07
1) KK200, PC; 2) KK880, PC;
3) Thambithurai, PI
Kulasekaram PS
Victim Ravi is a resident of Salaiah Street, Aramannnam, Serupalur Post-629. He won the Congress Party
nomination as a candidate for the Panchayat election and then won election as a Member. He was also a
monthly salaried employee at the Coca Cola Company.
On 27 August 2007 at 7.00pm, when Ravi was at home, one Sasi told him that someone had beaten a man
Kumarasamy, who was now unconscious. Ravi and Sasi went to the spot to find that Kumarasamy was
indeed unconscious and surrounded by his neighbours. Ravi questioned the neighbours, and Kumarasamy
was taken to the hospital.
Tamil Nadu
Case Details:
A police vehicle arrived. PC KK200 emerged and grabbed Ravi’s collar. He struck Ravi’s back, asking
Ravi if he was the MLA in that area. The PC demanded that Ravi come to the police station, where he
threatened Ravi.
At around 8.30pm, Prema Jayan (President, Thirparapu Town Panchayat), George (Vice-President), and
Sekar (Member for the 10th Ward) came to the police station. PI Thambithurai told them not to enter, as Ravi
was a criminal. When the three tried to get food to Ravi, the PI became irritated. He told them that it was a
punishment for the Ravi to remain hungry and prevented them from providing Ravi with the food.
At around 10.00pm, the police gave Ravi was given two newspapers and told him to sleep on them.
At around 2.00am, PCs KK880 and KK200 woke Ravi with their batons. PC KK200 slapped Ravi’s face.
Ravi cried out, so PC KK880 held Ravi’s mouth shut with his hand. Then both PCs struck Ravi with their
batons on his hands, legs, back, and ribs. After beating him for forty-five minutes, the police stopped.
Later that day, Ravi’s relatives arrived at the station with Panchayat Members and Political Heads. They tried
to negotiate Ravi’s release, but the police did not let Ravi go until 12.00pm.
Ravi’s relatives took him to the hospital.
At around 2.00pm, Ravi appeared before the Magistrate, who filed a case against him and ordered him to the
Annual Report on Torture
At around 11.30pm, Ravi’s brother came to the station, but the PI sent him away.
FF Code
: TN/SVG 86/NOV/07
: Sadhanandam
: 1) Malairajan, PI
: Kallal PS, Karaikudi Taluk,
Sivagangai District.
: 01/12/2007
Tamil Nadu
Date of incident
Annual Report on Torture
Case Details:
Victim Sadhanadam, age 32, belongs to the Christian Nadar Community and earns his living by working as
contract labourer at the Kallal Electricity Board.
On 30 November 2007, a woman named Kannaki called Sadhanadam to fix a motor. As Sadhanandam
was busy, he tokd Kannaki to ask Saravan and Karappu to do the work.
On 1 December 2007, Kannaki informed Sadhanadam that the motor’s nameplate was missing and that she
was going to file a complaint with the police.
At around 7.30pm, the HC of Kallal PS called Sadhanadam by telephone and told him that PI Malairajan
wanted to meet him.
At around 8.00pm, Sadhanadam arrived at the station. The PI was absent, so an officer asked Sadhanandam
to return at 9.00pm.
After an hour, Sadhanandam returned to the station with other people who had been summoned, including
Azhagar, Shankar, Ravi, Singamuthu, and Nacchiappan (a foreman). They found the PI in a drunken state.
Nacchiappan asked the PI why he had summoned them all to the station. The PI replied “Are you a bigwig
just because you are an EB foreman?” and threatened to detain all of the men in the station. The PI then took
Sadhanandam to the other side of the room and made him sit half-naked. The PI sent the other men away,
saying that he would return Sadhanandam after an enquiry.
The PI did not ask Sadhanandam any other questions.
At around 12.30pm, the PI and an SI took Sadhanandam in a jeep to Satharasambatti in order to find Karuppu
and Saravanan.
The police took all three men to Kallal PS for further interrogation. Officers took all three men’s signatures,
fingerprints, and details. They permitted Karuppu and Saravan to leave.
The PI told Sadhanandam that he was being arrested on the basis of a complaint by Kallan AE Subramanian
that an HD line for which he was responsible had twice gone missing in Sembanur Meenakshipuram. The
PI told Sadhanadam that he must confess that he had taken the line and sold it. Sadhanadam refused to admit
to the charge. The PI responded by twisting Sadhanandam’s hands. Sadhanandam screamed in pain, and
the PI scolded him for shouting. The PI then stood on Sadhanandam’s thighs with booted feet for about twenty
minutes. Unable to bear the pain, Sadhanadam screamed. The PI told Sadhanandam to jump up.
Sadhanandam could not; he fell at the PI’s feet, crying and pleading to be let go, as his son was unwell.
At 4.30pm, the PI let Sadhanandam leave the station after signing a blank paper. The PI told Sadhanandam
to return at 8.00am the next day, and threatened him with imprisonment if he sought treatment at a hospital.
FF Code
: TN/TIR 26/JUNE/07
: Sargunam
: 1) Tuticorin PO,
2) Rameswaram PO,
: Tuticorine Central PS
Date of incident : 22/03/2007
Victim Sargunam, a member of Thevar Community, and his wife Jacqueline, a member of the Dalit fisherman
community, are LIC agents. Kesavan Chettiyar, who is from Rameswaram and previously forwarded loan
cases to Sargunam, filed a forgery case against Sargunam in Rameswaram court for an allegedly forged
cheque in the amount of one lakh rupees. On the morning of 22nd March 2007, Kesavan Chettiyar, his son
Murugan, a Tuticorin police officer, a Rameswaram police officer, and Kesavan’s lawyer Ramamurthy went
to Sargunam’s house.
Tamil Nadu
Case Details:
They asked Sargunam to step out from his house, but he refused. Ramamuthy gained entry in to the house
and kicked Sargunam in the chest. Murugan and Kesavan beat Sargunam on his face. However, Sargunam
managed to push them out and closed the door. Sargunam telephoned his lawyer Mr. Bosco and reported
the incident.
But shortly after, the police officers arrested and handcuffed Sargunam. The police officers forced Sargunam
to walk to the PS. On the way, they punched Sargunam several times. When Sargunam told the police that
he had a heart condition, they replied that they would beat other parts of his body. The police officers
demanded Rs.50, 000, or said they would kill Sargunam within 2 months.
Around 11.30pm, Sargunam was taken to the Rameshwaram PS. He was stripped naked and kept in lockup. The police ridiculed Sargunam, stating that he looked like a eunuch and that his penis was small. Then,
one of the PCs grabbed Sargunam by his hair and smashed his head against the wall. Another PC verbally
attacked the caste of Sargunam’s wife, stating “I know that your wife is a prostitute; if some one gives her
Rs.500/- she will sleep with him; because, she belongs to fisherman community (Dalit).” Ramamurthy, who
is a member of BJP Party, threatened to file a case against Sargunam and allege that Sargunam is a terrorist
who went to bomb Rameswaram.
Annual Report on Torture
At the station, Sargunam saw Kesavan Chettiyar seated in a chair. Three police PCs beat Sargunam. Then
the sub-PI and four PCs grabbed Sargunam and pushed him into a van. In the van, Sargunam was forced
to sit between two seats while one of the PCs sat on his head. Murugan grabbed Sargunam’s legs while
another police PC hit his stomach. When the vehicle stopped at Attapuram corner, Kesavan beat Sargunam’s
face. Others in the van threatened to shoot Sargunam. As the vehicle continued, Ramamurthy, Kesavan
Chettiyar and Murugan continued torturing Sargunam.
In the morning, the police took Sargunam to the magistrate. The police told Sargunam not to talk about his
treatment. But Sargunam told the judge what happened. The Judge ordered an enquiry and told the police take
Sargunam to the hospital in the Madurai jail. But the police first took him to Rameswaram Governmental
hospital. There, the doctor told the police to take Sargunam to Ramanathapuram hospital. Accordingly, police
took him to that hospital. The doctor tested him and told him to stay in the hospital and have treatment. But
instead, the police took Sargunam to Madurai Government hospital at around 1.30 a.m.
That night, Sargunam’s wife and his advocate came with the bail order. The next day morning Sargunam was
released. Sargunam went to Madurai high court and obtained a warrant relaxation certificate.
: TN/VEL 66/SEPT/07
: 1) Savithri; 2) S. Dhanam
: 1) Saraswathy, SI;
2) unnamed POs
: K.V. Kuppam PS
Date of incident : 02/09/07
Tamil Nadu
FF Code
Case Details:
Victim Savithri is sixteen years old.
On 28 August 2007, Savithri went to take part in her cousin’s marriage. During a power cut at the function, the
bride’s jewellery went missing. Everyone in the hall except the bridegroom’s family was searched, but nothing
was found.
The next day, Savithri’s uncle Prakash called Savithri, accused of her taking the jewellery, and demanded that
she return it. As a result of this accusation, Savithri’s mother, Dhanam, ended up in a fight with her relatives.
Savithri’s father, unable to bear the insults, hit Savithri and attempted to commit suicide by drinking poison; he
was later admitted to a hospital at Arambakum.
Annual Report on Torture
Savithri went and stayed with her sister at Kousampattu.
On 1 September 2007, the police asked Savithri to report to the K.V. Kuppam PS. There, a female SI asked
her where she had hidden the jewellery. When Savithri responded that she had no idea what had happened
to the jewellery, the SI slapped her on her jaw and pinched her cheeks. The SI hit Savithri with a huge log on
her hands. When Savithri cried in pain, the SI pinched her thighs. The SI made Savithri lie down. A policeman
stood on Savithri’s thighs and thrashed her feet. Savithri suffered similar treatment until 6.30pm.
At 6.30pm, the police let Savithri go home after asking her brother-in-law to get her some food and demanding
that she return the next day at 9.00am.
Savithri went to her sister’s house, and then to a local hospital to get medical for her pain.
The next day, Savithri, Dhanam, and Savithri’s brother-in-law returned to the station. The police called
Dhanam in first. Savithri could hear Dhanam being beaten and insulted as “a dog” and “a devil.”
At 5.30pm, the police released all three detainees and demanded that they return the next morning.
On 3 September 2007, Savithri, Dhanam, and Savithri’s brother-in-law sat outside the station while one of
their relatives negotiated with the police. The DSP arrived, and SI Saraswathy asked Savithri if she had been
Out of fear, Savithri and her relatives have not lodged a complaint.
FF Code
Date of incident
TN/CHE 96/NOV/07
1) Radhakrishnan, SI; 2) unnamed PCs
Villivakkam D1 PS, Chennai
Tamil Nadu
SI Saraswathy has written in her report that she acted on a complaint from one Subramanium that he saw
Savithri taking the missing jewels.
Case Details:
On 12 October 2007 at 5.00am, Sekhar went to the harbour to perform his usual work. He had returned
home and was having food when three policemen from Villivakkam PS arrived and asked his wife to see
him. Sekhar’s wife replied that Sekhar was eating, but the police responded that the matter was urgent.
Sekhar came outside, where a PC hit him hard in the neck. The police took Sekhar to Villivakkam D1 PS.
The PI was absent, but SI Radhakrishnan was on-site.
The SI asked Sekhar where he had been on 10 October 2007, to which Sekhar replied that he had been in
Villivakkam. The SI told Sekhar that he was lying, and hit Sekhar’s nose with his baton. The SI accused
Sekhar of performing a gang theft at a house in Madavaram, Kamarajar Nagar. Sekhar responded that he
had stopped stealing and was now working as a porter, and asked not to be accused falsely.
The SI kicked Sekhar in the abdomen. Sekhar lost his balance and sat down, unable to bear the pain. The
SI commanded him to stand, using abusive words such as “son of a bastard [thevadiya].” Sekhar struggled
to stand. The SI then told him to remove his clothes and stand in his underwear.
Annual Report on Torture
Victim Sekhar was engaged in stealing iron with his friends for ten years, during which he was arrested and
jailed three times. However, after his marriage, Sekhar stopped stealing and sought to lead a normal life.
However, the police would not leave him alone, arresting him whenever there was a case of theft and often
forcing him to admit to false charges. The PI never listened when Sekhar protested that he had stopped
The SI then told Sekhar to lie down. Two PCs held Sekhar’s arms, and another two held his legs. The SI then
began to beat Sekhar’s buttocks with his baton, asking him who was involved in the theft, and where the stolen
items were. Sekhar replied that even if the police beat him to death, he would not confess. The SI then said “I
know how to get the truth from you” and began to beat Sekhar’s feet. Sekhar struggled.
It was now 12.00pm. The SI ordered the PCs to bind Sekhar in chains. They tied his right leg with a chain and
attached the chain to the door of a prisoner’s cell.
Tamil Nadu
At 3.00pm, the police prepared a charge sheet that they asked Sekhar to sign. They took Sekhar to Pookadai
Court and brought him before a judge.
At around 6.00pm, the police locked Sekhar in Chennai Puzhal Jail. After thirteen days, his wife released him
on bail.
FF Code
Date of incident
TN/KK 55/OCT/2007
Sela Raj
Ashokan, PI
CCS PS, Kottaru
Case Details:
Victim Sela Raj is an auto driver who resides at 173, Sagotharar Street, Nagerkoil Village, Agastheswaram
Taluk, Kanya Kumari. On 7 October 2007 at around 11.00pm, Sela Raj and his friend Rethinakumar were
quarrelling in Sela Raj’s auto. PI Ashokan arrived with two uniformed PCs. They verbally abused Sela Raj
and Rethinakumar. The police also beat Sela Raj’s shoulder.
Even though Sela Raj and Rethinakumar told the police several times that they had been quarreling for fun,
the PI took both men to the CCS PS.
At the station, the police released Rethinakumar but detained Sela Raj.
Annual Report on Torture
The police told Sela Raj to remove all of his clothes before beating him until 1.30am. The PI hit Sela Raj with
a baton on his hands; Sela Raj’s wrist and left hand were injured and swollen. The PI and the PCs slapped
Sela Raj’s ears until he could not hear properly. The PI punched Sela Raj’s nose. Sela Raj fainted.
The next day at around 8.00am, Sela Raj awoke. He asked the PI to take him to the hospital. Instead, the
PI threatened him.
The PI filed a case against Sela Raj (Crime No. 956/2007) under section 384. The police produced Sela
Raj before the Nagerkoil Magistrate Court. The judge asked Sela Raj whether he had been beaten up by the
police. In fear, Sela Raj replied that he had not been beaten.
The judge imposed a fifteen-day detention order. The police took Sela Raj to Nagakovil Sub-Jail.
On 12 October 2007, Sela Raj was released on bail.
FF Code
Perpetrator(s) :
Date of incident:
TN/CHE 71/AUG/07
Selvan; Prakash
Unnamed POs
Puthuperukulathur PS, Chennai
Victim Selvan had been involved in some drunken altercations; some considered him a rowdy person, and
he had been the subject of at least one previously filed complaint.
Selvan’s father has stated that on 22 March 2007, one of Selvan’s friends quarrelled with another man;
Selvan stepped in, and the argument grew large. The Puthuperukulathur Police came looking for Selvan, but
Selvan had obtained an anticipatory bail. Later that evening, the Puthuperukulathur Police threatened Selvan’s
family members. The police also arrested Selvan’s father and elder brother, Prakash. They detained
Prakash for a week, during which time they kicked him with booted feet and thrashed him with a baton on his
hip, back, and elsewhere. After this incident, Selvan’s father was afraid to send his son outside.
Tamil Nadu
Case Details:
Selvan’s father lodged a complaint with the Citizens for Human Rights Movement; the Movement circulated
his complaint at the state and national levels. However, the police then threatened Selvan’s family with arrest
unless they withdrew the complaint. On 24 March 2007, a female police officer beat Selvan’s mother and
On 26 August 2007 at 7.00pm, Selvan went outside and did not return home.
The next day, his parents enquired after him at the nearby police station.
At the station, Selvan’s parents saw Selvan locked up and in handcuffs. His lips, cheeks, and forehead were
swollen, and his body was injured all over. When Selvan’s parents asked the reason for his arrest, the police
replied that Selvan had caused a nuisance and was found roaming around girls. The police added that
Selvan’s parents had brought him up wrongly.
Selvan appeared in court later that day, and was then jailed for four days. The last time that his parents saw
him, Selvan was hanging upside down, wearing the same shirt and pants as before.
Selvan’s family was so emotionally traumatised that they decided to commit suicide by consuming pesticide.
Another complaint has been filed with the Citizens for Human Rights Movement.
Annual Report on Torture
On 28 August 2007 at about 11.00am, Selvan’s parents received a phone call from Puthuperukulathur PS,
asking them to come to the station.
FF Code
: TN/CHE 100/NOV/07
: Senthil
: 1) Rangarajan, PI;
2) unnamed PCs
: Koratur T3 PS, Chennai
Date of incident : 14/09/2007
Tamil Nadu
Case Details:
Victim Senthil, of the Vanniyar caste, was working as a JCB machine driver for Nagarajan of Annanagar. The
dead body of a youth was found in which he had loaded sand from Thirumalai Nagar, Koratur Agraharam,
near Ambathur.
On the date of the incident, at 5.00am, about 6 policemen and Nagarajan came to his house. The police
dragged Mr. Senthil into their vehicle.
At the police station at 6.00am, PI Rangarajan interrogated Senthil and demanded that he tell the truth. Senthil
replied that he did not know anything. The PI became furious. He took a baton and started to beat Senthil
brutally: he thrashed Senthil repeatedly on his head, back, hands, elbows, and thighs. The PI told Senthil to
remove his shirt and dhoti, and made him lie down. PCs held Senthil’s hands and legs while the PI thrashed
his buttocks severely with a baton. The PI told Senthil, while thrashing his feet, to confess to the murder.
Senthil quivered and screamed with pain. The PI then asked Senthil to sit leaning against a wall; a PC stood
on his thighs while the PI thrashed his feet again. The PI repeatedly demanded that Senthil confess to the
At 9.00am, the PI told Senthil to kneel down on the veranda in his underwear. He then spread solid salt
particles on the ground and told Senthil to kneel on them. Senthil initially refused, but soon realised that he had
no other option. Blood oozed from his legs as he knelt on the salt. The PI told Senthil that he would die unless
he confessed to the crime.
Annual Report on Torture
At 10.00am, Senthil was taken to the prisoner’s room in handcuffs. He felt that he had no choice but to confess
to the crime, because his pain was unbearable.
At 12.00pm, Nagarajan came to the police station with Adv. Rajesh. The two men spoke to the PI; one of them
– or perhaps someone else – paid Rs. 10,000 to release Senthil. The police then let Senthil go on the condition
that he signed a written statement agreeing to return to the police station whenever he was asked.
FF Code
: TN/TIR 31/JUNE/07
: Senthil Kumar
Perpetrator(s) : 1) Rajesh, PO 2) Selvam, PO
3) Sivakumar, PO 4) Charles, PO
: CBCID office, Radhapuram Taluk,
Date of incident : 26/06/2007
Senthil Kumar, a daily construction wage labourer, lives with his mother and two brothers. On 22nd June
2007, CBCID Police Officer Rajesh went to Senthil Kumar’s house and threatened him saying, “Call
Sudalaimani, otherwise your family will not be alive!” Senthil Kumar told Rajesh that he did not know any thing
about Sudalaimani. Rajesh slapped Senthil Kumar. Senthil Kumar’s mother cried, “Do not beat my son, he
does not know anything!” Rajesh attacked and beat Senthil Kumar’s mother calling her “a bloody Dalit
whore.” Rajesh threatened Senthil Kumar that if he did not disclose information, he would file a false case
against Senthil Kumar’s mother labelling her as a prostitute.
Tamil Nadu
Case Details:
Police officers took Senthil Kumar to CBCID office in Tirunelveli. The police alleged that there was a
connection between Sudalaimani and Senthil Kumar’s family. There, police officers Rajesh, Selvam,
Sivakumar and Charles tortured and beat Senthil Kumar, including beating his legs. When Senthil Kumar
shouted in pain, the officers threatened to kill him.
The police filed an FIR against Senthil Kumar. They took his photo, registered his finger print and got his
signature in a blank sheet of paper. Senthil Kumar was taken to Valliyur Court. When Senthil Kumar told the
police that he wanted to go to the Hospital, they threatened to file false cases against him and his family. Out of
fear, Senthil Kumar did not disclose his abuse to the magistrate. He was taken to Nanguneri Jail.
Senthil Kumar was released on bail on 27th July 2007.
Annual Report on Torture
The police did not provide Senthil Kumar with any food. While in custody, the officer forced Senthil Kumar to
bend his back down and they beat him. Senthil Kumar fainted and fell down. The next morning, Police officer
Siva asked Senthil Kumar to kneel down, and he beat him continuously. Then Siva beat Senthil Kumar’s
chest. Siva told Senthil Kumar to jump, but Senthil Kumar could not. The police took Rs.150/- in cash and
18 g of gold from Senthil Kumar. When the police asked Senthil Kumar to give them his jewel, he refused.
FF Code
: TN/TIR 41/AUG/07
: Shahul Hameed
: Ulaganathan, PI
: Melapalayam PS,
Palayamkottai Taluk, Tirunelveli
Date of incident : 20/07/2007
Tamil Nadu
Case Details:
Shahul Hameed is an auto-driver who belongs to the Muslim community. Shahul Hameed initiated the
preliminary steps to sell the land owned by his father in-law. During the process Shahul Hameed discovered
that the subject land was sold in 1988 with forged ownership documents by a group of land brokers, including
Moosa Bhai and Jothi. Shahul Hameed searched and found out the original ownership documents. Shahul
Hameed also learned that Moosa Bhai and Jothi ran a Timber store in Melapalayam.
On 20th July 2007, Shahul Hameed was called by Moosa Bhai and Jothi to the Timber Store to discuss the
issue. The discussion became a scuffle, and the police were called. PI Ulaganathan went to the Timber store
and, without any warning, beat Shahul Hameed with a baton until the baton broke.
PI Ulaganathan took Shahul Hameed to the PS, and made him strip to his underwear. PI Ulaganathan beat
Shahul Hameed with a steel rod. The beatings fractured Shahul Hameed’s right hand and fingers. The same
day, Shahul Hameed was remanded to Palayamkottai Central Jail without receiving any medical treatment.
The next day, Jailor Nijamudeen remanded Shahul Hameed to the Melapalayam PS, and he requested they
admit Shahul Hameed to the hospital for treatment. Shahul Hameed was treated from 22nd July 2007 until 2nd
August 2007 at the High Ground Hospital. After, Shahul Hameed was released on bail.
Annual Report on Torture
Though Shahul Hameed filed a complaint, no action has been taken. Shahul Hameed still is deeply physically
and mentally affected.
FF Code
Date of incident
1) Siva Kumar, SI; 2) other police
Case Details:
Victim Siva is a labourer in Turaipakkam Kannagi Nagar. Five years ago, the Chennai Government constructed
houses for the street dwellers who are daily wage labourers in Siva’s community.
Although only a few of the labourers engage in anti-social practices, group clashes are a common feature in
the area. On 7 September 2007, there was one such clash between the settlers of Reserve Line Quarters
and those of three-story Government Quarters, because of an earlier grudge.
During the clash, Selvam received a laceration. He was admitted to the General Hospital. The police
proceeded to investigate his case and to arrest suspects.
The policemen questioned Siva about whether he was involved in Selvam’s injury; Siva replied that he did
not understand what he was being asked.
At 2.30am, the police brought Siva to the station. One policeman ordered Siva to remove his shirt and lungi.
Siva obeyed. The police then locked him in a room with other prisoners. Siva repeatedly maintained that he
had committed no fault.
Tamil Nadu
On 19 September 2007, Siva returned home from work at around 8.00pm. The next morning at around
2.00am, his mother woke him because three policemen were at the door and asking for him. They had told
Siva’s mother that they wanted to bring Siva to the police station for questioning, but would return him later that
At 7.30am, the SI ordered that Siva be brought before him. The SI took a log and beat the bottom of Siva’s
feet four times, demanding to know why Siva had injured Selvam. Siva replied that he was not the person that
the police were looking for. The SI responded that Siva would not tell the truth unless he was beaten with his
hands and legs tied [ladam kattuthal].
The police made Siva lie on his chest and ordered him to stretch out his hands. One policeman sat on Siva’s
back, while the SI beat Siva’s feet fifteen times with a log. The SI threatened to charge Siva with all pending
cases unless he admitted to the crime.
Siva’s feet were swollen from the beatings, and he was unable to walk.
At around 9.00pm, Siva’s mother tried to see him but was denied permission. The SI told Siva’s mother that
he could not let Siva leave, because Siva was likely to commit crimes in the future.
The police made Siva lie flat on his chest, and a PC beat Siva’s buttocks violently. Siva cried out in pain and
agreed to admit to the crime. The SI stamped on Siva’s fingers with his booted foot, and threatened to kill Siva.
On 29 September 2007 at 3.00pm, the police took Siva’s fingerprints and signature. At 3.30pm, they
presented Siva before a Judge at Alanthus Court. At 6.00pm, they locked Siva in Puzhal Jail.
As of the day that these facts were collected, Siva still could not hear properly because of the blow to his head.
Annual Report on Torture
At 12.30am, the SI called for Siva again and asked him whether he preferred to admit his crime or to be
thrashed to death. Siva replied that he could not admit to a crime that he had not committed. The SI became
angry and slapped Siva hard on his left cheek. He then took a log and beat Siva’s back. Siva shouted in pain.
FF Code
: TN/CHE 112/NOV/07
: Subash
: 1) Krishnamurthy, SI;
2) unnamed PCs
: Chennai
Date of incident : 02/11/2007
Tamil Nadu
Case Details:
Victim Subash was the driver of a car owned by Mr. Muhammed Hussain. On 29 October 2007, Subash
allowed his friends to transport a pig in the car. On learning of this, Mr. Hussain, a Muslim, became furious.
He abused Subash verbally with caste-related insults like “kura payya” and fired Subash. Mr. Hussain then
bribed the police to file a false charge against Subash.
On 2 November 2007 at around 3.00am, a PC woke Subash and demanded that he come outside to meet
SI Krishnamurthy. Outside, the SI interrogated him about the pig in the car, and accused him of attempting to
beat Mr. Hussain. Subash refused these allegations. The SI slapped Subash, hit his buttocks, and punched
his nose. The SI demanded that Subash identify the friends who were with him when the pig was transported.
The SI then took Subash and his friends to the police station.
At the station, a PC twisted the skin of Subash’s thighs and beat him with a baton on his back. Subash was
in pain. The SI then summoned Subash and made him stretch out his hands, which he beat four times. The
SI made Subash lie down. Two PCs grabbed Subash’s hands and legs, and then beat his buttocks and
The police brought Subash to Ambathur Court, from which he was remanded to Puzhal Jail.
: TN/TIR 29/JUNE/07
: Sudalaikani
: Athish, SI
: Alangulam PS,
Alangulam Taluk, Thirunelveli
Date of incident : 26/08/2007
Annual Report on Torture
FF Code
Case Details:
Sudalaikani, a member of the Nadar community, works as a daily wage labourer. He is married and has three
children. On 26th August 2007, Sudalaikani was standing near a shop in the Alangulam Bus Stand. SI Athish
suddenly hit Sudalaikani on his left cheek and scolded him using highly offensive terms. SI Athish put
Sudalaikani into an auto and tortured him on the way to the Alangulam PS.
At the PS, SI Athish beat Sudalaikani with a baton on the left side of his chest. SI Athish tied Sudalaikani’s hands
together and hung him from the roof, forcing him to stand. SI Athish inserted a wooden pole in between
Sudalaikani’s hands and hit him on his feet with a baton.
SI Athish threatened Sudalaikani, stating that he will “wipe out” Sudalaikani’s wife and children if Sudalaikani
did not tell him who else was with him. PI Athish made Sudalaikani sit down, and sat another prisoner on
Sudalaikani’s lap. He then beat Sudalaikani’s back with a baton. The police tortured Sudalaikani throughout
the night. They refused to let him sit, forcing him to stand until morning.
When Sudalaikani was released, he had wounds all over his body. Since this incident, Sudalaikani has been
unable to work and cannot support his family.
FF Code
TN/TIR 61/AUG/07
Sudalai Kannu
Mariappan, PC
Vijaya Narayanam PS
Naanguneri Taluk, Thirunelveli
Date of incident : 11/09/2007
Tamil Nadu
The next day the police resumed torturing Sudalaikani. In the afternoon, Sudalaikani was permitted to
telephone his neighbour to ask his wife to bring Rs. 350/- to the station. She brought the Rs. 350/- The police
forced Sudalaikani to sign some written papers. The police told him to pay a Rs. 100/- fine to the court, which
he did.
Case Details:
Mookkaandi, a member of the Hindu-Maravar Caste, works as a daily wage labourer. His youngest son,
Sudalai Kannu is a 7th standard student at R.C High School in Sathankulam. On the bus to school, Sudalai
Kannu sat in front of two other students, Arunpandian and Sendhurpandian. Arunpandian and Sendhurpandian
started pinching and hitting Sudalai Kannu. When Sudalai Kannu started crying, Kanni Perumal, a person
from their village, shouted at the two students for beating Sudalai Kannu. Sudalai Kannu told his father about
the incident.
On 11th September 2007, Mookandi and Sudalai Kannu went to the North Vijaya Narayanam PS. There,
they saw Arumuga Thevar, the grandfather of Arunpandian and Sendhurpandian.
The PC took Sudalai Kannu and Sendhurpandian into a room and forced them to kneel down. The police
asked them about the incident. PC Mariappan punched Sudalai Kannu on his cheek and thrashed him with
a baton on his thighs. Sudalai Kannu cried, unable to bear the pain. Later, the police officers told Mookandi to
raise his son in a disciplined manner.
The next day, as a result of being punched, Sudalai Kannu was unable to open his eyes, and he had severe
pain in his thighs. He was admitted to the Thirunelveli Government Hospital for treatment.
Annual Report on Torture
A few days later, Vijaya Narayanam PS PCs took Kanni Perumal to the PS for an enquiry. When he was
released, Kanni Perumal told Mookandi that the police wanted to speak with him and Sudalai Kannu.
FF Code
Date of incident
TN/CHE 104/NOV/07
1) Pandian, SI; 2) unnamed PCs
N4 PS, Chennai
Tamil Nadu
Case Details:
Victim Tamilvanan was drunk and engaged in a scuffle at a shop. SI Pandian and other PCs arrived, hit
Tamilvanan, and slapped his left cheek. They then took Tamilvanan by his collar and dragged him to the
police station.
At the station, the police beat Tamilvanan several times with a baton; they accused him of being a rowdy man
who created a drunken nuisance in the street.
Tamilvanan’s wife arrived at the station. She told the SI that Tamilvanan was drunk, and begged him to let her
husband go.
The SI then called Tamilvanan back, asked him to stretch out his hands, and thrashed his hands about ten
times. Tamilvanan’s fingernail was injured and he quivered with pain. The police then thrashed Tamilvanan’s
buttocks, and when releasing him told him to run without stopping.
Later, Tamilvanan’s fingernail developed a blood clot, and his fingers were swollen. Three days after the
incident, pus began to form on Tamilvanan’s fingernails, which then fell off.
FF Code
: TN/CHE 114/NOV/07
: Thangaraj
: 1) Maria Selvam, PI;
2) Pandian, SI; 3) unnamed PCs
: N4 PS, Chennai
Date of incident : 20/10/2007
Annual Report on Torture
Case Details:
Victim Thangaraj earns his livelihood by fishing. At one time, he used to accompany Nadhiya and Askar when
they were fishing. Nadhiya and Askar were involved in local arbitration and known to the police; because of his
association with them, Thangaraj was arrested and abused frequently by the police. Eventually, Thangaraj
gave up their company because of parental pressure. However, he was still bothered and abused by the
officers at N4 PS, and contemplated suicide.
On 20 October 2007 at around 2.00am, two PCs – one in civilian clothing – woke Thangaraj. They dragged
Thangaraj by his collar into their jeep. In the jeep, Thangaraj told SI Pandian that he had done nothing wrong.
The SI replied that he knew everything. The police drove Thangaraj to the police station.
At the station, the SI beat Thangaraj with a baton. The SI asked Thangaraj for the whereabouts of Nadhiya
and Askar; Thangaraj replied that he had no idea. The SI then kicked Thangaraj in the abdomen and struck
his head with a baton. Similar treatment continued.
The SI then told Thangaraj to lie on his chest. Two PCs held his hands and legs. Thangaraj told the police
that he would poison himself if they tortured him. The police responded that he should do so. They thrashed
Thangaraj’s back and feet about twenty times and locked him in a cell.
At 12.30pm, some villagers came to the station and demanded Thangaraj’s release. Thangaraj’s mother
threatened to immolate herself in front of the station if the police did not release her son.
The police released Thangaraj, but threatened to kill him if they ever saw him again.
FF Code
: TN/CHE 30/APRIL/07
: E. Vedhamani
: 1) Seetharaman, PI;
2) unnamed PCs
: Maduravaayal PS
Date of incident : 15/04/2007
Tamil Nadu
At 10.00am, PI Maria Selvam learned that Thangaraj had threatened to poison himself. The PI slapped
Thangaraj, hit him with a baton on his thighs, and made him sit in a corner.
Case Details:
Because Vedhamani had been sitting with his legs folded, one of his legs had stiffened, so he could only walk
slowly. The PI ran towards him and asked “How dare you walk slowly even after seeing me?” The PI hit
Vedhamani with a baton on his calves. Vedhamani, in pain, explained why he had been walking slowly and
asked why the PI had beaten him. The PI became angrier, hit Vedhamani’s legs again, and said “I know
about the Para [shorter version of “Parayar,” a Scheduled Caste to which Vedhamani belongs] guys and how
haughty they are!” The PI grabbed Vedhamani’s t-shirt and lungi and twisted them. He insulted Vedhamani
again with caste-related terms.
By this time, Vedhamani’s parents and nearly one hundred villagers had gathered around. They asked the
PI to leave Vedhamani alone, saying that Vedhamani was of good character and did not cause trouble. The
PI replied that, even if his hand were cut apart, he would not let go of Vedhamani. Vedhamani’s brother asked
the PI to release Vedhamani, but the PI refused. Vedhamani’s father bowed down to the PI’s feet and asked
him to leave his son alone; the PI responded by pushing Vedhamani’s father, who fell into a thorny shrub and
was injured. Vedhamani’s mother begged the PI to leave her son alone, but the PI responded by hitting her
on her left wrist, which she had previously fractured. Pastor Marin of the ECL Church arrived and asked the
Annual Report on Torture
Victim Vedhamani worked as a car driver. On 15 April 2007 at around 8.30pm, he was speaking with friends
near his house. PI Seetharaman arrived on a two-wheeler accompanied by two PCs. The PI, who was
drunk, demanded “How dare you sit there without paying respect towards me?” As the people in that area
were afraid of the police, they began to walk towards their respective homes.
PI to leave Vedhamani alone; the PI responded again that even if his hand were cut, he would not let go of
The PI contacted Maduravaayal PS and asked for a jeep. When the jeep arrived, four PCs took Vedhamani
by his hands and legs and threw him into the vehicle. Vedhamani fell between the seats and injured his back.
The PCs prevented the villagers from coming near the jeep.
Tamil Nadu
Inside the jeep, the PI continued to harass Vedhamani, punching his chest, shoulder, knee and hand. The PI
verbally abused Vedhamani, saying “Fuck of your mother, you son of a Para bitch! Are you asking me
questions?” The PI punched Vedhamani more than fifty times, shouting as he did so “You son of a bitch! You
eunuch! I never let anybody live who opposes me. You son of a Para bitch! I know how haughty Paras are!
I won’t let you go without killing you! Whatever may happen and whoever may come to help you, I won’t let
you go free!” Vedhamani was afraid of dying in the jeep. He begged the PI to stop, but the PI continued to
punch him, saying “You son of a bitch! You eunuch! Fuck of your mother! You son of a Para bitch! Did you
dare to question me with your gym-trained body? I will have your skin peeled off!” The PI then stepped on
202 Vedhamani’s face, below his left eye, breaking the skin. The PI spit in Vedhamani’s eye.
Vedhamani was in severe pain. He could not raise his arms to clean the spit from his eye, which was burning
and which he could not open.
Two PCs also started to join the PI in hitting Vedhamani.
At the police station, the four PCs carried Vedhamani inside by his arms and legs. They made him lay on his
stomach on a bench. Vedhamani was in severe pain. The PI ripped off Vedhamani’s t-shirt and lungi. Two
PCs held Vedhamani’s hands and legs. The PI beat Vedhamani with a baton more than thirty times.
Vedhamani slipped into unconsciousness. The PI woke Vedhamani by pouring water on his face. Four
PCs, holding Vedhamani’s hands and legs, made him face the wall. The PI beat Vedhamani’s buttocks for
approximately fifteen minutes and continued to abuse him verbally. Vedhamani was bruised and bleeding.
At around 10.30pm, Pastor Williams, Pastor Martin (from the ECL Church), Kathiravan (ex-Councilor of
Mugapaer), Prabakran (Vice-President), Thiyagarajan (Ward Member), Sarangabani (Vedhamani’s elder
brother), and about one hundred villagers came to the police station and spoke to the PI.
Annual Report on Torture
At around 11.00pm, the police released Vedhamani. Before releasing him, the PI threatened to file a false
charge against Vedhamani and to kill him if he told anyone about his experience at the police station.
Vedhamani did not tell anyone about the details of his treatment by the police, who filed a charge against him
under sections 41 and 102.
Vedhamani’s friends took him to the hospital. Seeing the extent of his injuries, they decided to file a complaint
against the PI.
On returning home, Vedhamani could not sleep because of pain and stress.
On 16 April 2007 at around 11.00am, Vedhamani, Sarangabani, and the Pastors went to the Assistant
Commissioner’s office to file a complaint. They were directed to the Deputy Commissioner’s Office. When
they went to the Kilpauk Hospital to obtain a medical report, the doctor refused to help them because this was
a case of police torture.
On 17 April 2007 at around 11.00am, Vedhamani, Sarangabani, and the Pastors went to the Chennai Police
Commissioner’s Office and lodged a copmlaint against the PI. The Office assured them that necessary
action would be taken.
At 6.00pm, Vedhamani gained admission to the Government Hospital by lying about his aggressor’s identity.
The doctors at the Hospital examined him.
The next morning at 4.00am, a policeman arrived and asked Vedhamani to sign a blank paper.
Vedhamani’s father filed complaints with the SHRC, CM Cell, and Chennai Police Commissioner. At the
SHRC inquiry, the PI was present and asked Vedhamani for forgiveness.
The PI has since maintained that he was preventing illegal activities in the area, that he was not in the habit of
drinking, that Vedhamani abused him, and that Vedhamani was not tortured. He alleges that Vedhamani has
filed a false complaint against him.
FF Code
Date of incident
Tamil Nadu
At 6.00am, Vedhamani was discharged.
TN/KK 49/SEPT/07
1) unnamed HC; 2) Sabapathy, PI
Kulithalai PS
Case Details:
Victim Velmurugan resides at Nadar East Street, Achan Kundram, VK Pudhur Via, Surundai Nellai. On 1
September 2007, an HC from Kulithalai PS approached Velmurugan, dragged him by his shirt and slapped
his left cheek.
At around 4.00am, PI Sabapathy arrived and asked the HC why he had detained Velmurugan. The HC
replied that he saw Velmurugan standing suspiciously near the theatre junction and so had arrested him.
The PI kicked Velmurugan, who cried out in pain. The PI hit Velmurugan with a baton.
At around 6.00am, Velmurugan’s boss, Christudas, arrived and spoke to the PI, who refused to release
At around 12.00pm, Christudas brought lunch for Velmurugan.
Two PCs took Velmurugan to the hospital. After a medical check-up, they brought Velmurugan to the
Kulithalai Sub-Jail. A judged ordered Velmurugan detained for fifteen days.
Annual Report on Torture
The HC took Velmurugan to the police station and made him sit on the floor. The HC kicked Velmurugan’s
abdomen three times.