9-1-1 Emergency - Toronto Police Service



9-1-1 Emergency - Toronto Police Service
Jaden’s mom is on a ladder changing a light bulb. She falls
off the ladder.
Jaden runs over to see if she is ok, but his mom does not
answer, and is not moving.
Jaden makes sure not to move his mother, and runs to get
help. He knows that this is an emergency.
Jaden runs to the phone and dials 911.
A person called an emergency call taker answers.
The call taker needs important information, and asks
questions like:
what is your address?
what is your phone number?
what happened?
what is your name?
what is your mom’s name?
Jaden needs to stay very calm, and speak clearly. He
needs to listen carefully to all the questions and answer
each one as best as he can. He should always stay on the
line until the call taker tells him that it’s ok to hang up.
Who comes when you call 911?
Police officers, paramedics, and firefighters are all
trained to help people when there is an emergency.
It’s always a good idea to lock up your pets before the
emergency workers arrive!
Jaden watches and listens. He is there to open the door
when the fire truck, police and ambulance arrive.
The emergency workers arrive and Jaden opens the door so
that they can help his mother.
The only time you should call 911 is if a person is badly hurt
or in danger right now!
Things like:
if there has been a car accident.
you see a house that is on fire.
if someone is hurt and not able to talk to you.
someone is having problems breathing or speaking.
you see a crime, like someone hurting someone else, or
breaking into someone’s house.
Talk to your parents or an adult you trust about when you
should call 911. If something happens and you are not sure if
it is an emergency, and there are no adults around, it’s a good
idea to call 911.
The call taker will decide if it is an emergency.
NEVER call 911 as a joke. It takes police, ambulance and
fire fighters away from the people who really need help.
If you have heard that if you are bad, the police will take
you away, remember that this is not true. Police officers
are there to help you and keep you safe.
If you have a problem, police officers are happy to help
you. If you have a problem you can ask a police officer for
help – just like if you are in school and you have a problem,
you ask the teacher.
What number should you call when there is an emergency?
Can you fill in all the blanks?
My name is: ______________________________________________
My telephone number is: ____________________________________
My home address is: _______________________________________
My mother’s name is: ______________________________________
My mother’s work number is: ________________________________
Her cell phone number is: ___________________________________
My father’s name is: _______________________________________
My fathers work phone number is: _____________________________
His cell phone number is: ____________________________________
1. You see someone breaking a window at
2. There is a car accident.
3. To practice calling 911.
4. Your pet is having trouble walking.
5. You see someone badly hurt.
6. Your friends dare you to call.
7. There is a fire
your neighbours house.
If something happens that makes you afraid and worried,
and you do not know if it is an emergency, what is the
safest thing to do?
Put a check mark in the correct box.
Lift up the telephone.
Listen for the dial tone.
Press 9
Press 1
Then press 1 again.
When the call taker answers say,
“Help I have an emergency!”
The call taker will ask you a few questions to try
and figure out the kind of emergency it is, and
where the emergency workers should go.
Help is on the way.
Try to stay on the phone until the call taker says
that it’s ok to hang up.
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