Rainbow Magic Friendship Bracelet Activity



Rainbow Magic Friendship Bracelet Activity
Activity Sheet
Florence the Friendship Fairy has a very important job, she makes sure that friendships in Fairyland and
the human world are looked after with three magical objects, including a special friendship bracelet.
Make your friend a special friendship bracelet to show how much they mean to you!
You will need:
• Long pieces of different coloured ribbon, embroidery thread or coloured wool
• Some colourful beads
What to do:
1. Take a few lengths of your chosen thread, make sure they are long enough to fit
around your wrist, (at least 1 1⁄2 times around).
2. Tie a knot in one end of the threads.
3. Plait the threads together. You can add beads along the way too!
4. Tie a knot at the end when finished and give your handmade bracelet to a friend.
Friendship Memory Book
To make sure she remembers all the great things she does with her friends Florence the Friendship
Fairy has a memory book full of her favourite pictures, tickets, cards and invitations.
You will need:
• A plain notebook
• Photographs of you and your friends
• Colouring pencils and pens
• Stickers
• Glue
ry Book
ip Memo
What to do:
1. Stick photos of you and your friends into a plain note book.
2. Decorate around the pictures with colouring pens and pencils, add stickers too!
3. Write notes around the pictures to remind you of all the fun things you get up to with your
4. You can also add tickets, invitations and pictures to your books to remind you of all the fun
places you have been.
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