TotalCard™ Key Management Data Sheet


TotalCard™ Key Management Data Sheet
A BadgePass Company
Simplified Physical
Key Management
With TotalCard Key Management, keeping
up with physical keys is a challenge of the
past. Users can present their ID card to
gain access to a key storage unit in any
building. Authorized cardholders can then
remove sets of master keys for that
building, one at a time and return them
when they are finished using them. The
system allows for electronic reporting of key
removal and automatic alerts if the keys are
not returned in the allotted time frame.
“Before we started using TotalCard for Key Management, our maintenance staff had to carry key rings with dozens of keys
to access all of the necessary doors on campus. With TotalCard, they simply scan their ID at the key box and select the
key they need within the building. It saves them time and gives us access to reports of who has which set of keys.”
Campus Facilities Manager
Key Features & Benefits:
• Simplified master key check-out
• Electronic reporting
• Automatic notification of missing keys
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