beaded basket design competition


beaded basket design competition
Thistle Threads is sponsoring a design competition
around beaded christening baskets of the 17th century. The competition coincides with fundraising by
the Holburne Museum to raise funds to purchase an
outstanding example of this art form. Thistle
Threads has donated $3,000 to the fund raising effort to complete the matching funds for the museum
so they can claim the remaining funds from a grant
organization. Your purchase of a Needlework Nibble Beaded Basket Kit helps to support the grant
from Thistle Threads to the Holburne Museum.
Competition Prizes
The competition is based around a Needlework
Nibble Beaded Basket form and instructional material taken from a small beaded basket (1 of 4 known)
that was found in an embroidered casket. The techniques on this basket imply that it was a teaching
project to prepare for a full sized project. The baskets to be made in this competition require at least
one of the heavy wire forms in the kit. The baskets
entered can use the finished basket as a base to be
embellished or go as far as using only the wire
form(s) in the kit for your original creation.
Honorable Mention (10 prizes):
A copy of Robe
Grand Prize:
A Flat Top Casket Form
Runner Up Prize:
Fancy Mirror Form
First Prize in Each Category:
A copy of In Fine Style
Photographs of Fabricated Basket
+ Application Paragraph Due by
January 31st, 2014
Needlework Nibble Project based on example found in
casket. 4” x 6”. Can be used as base for this competition
Design Categories
17th Century Traditional Beaded Basket
Baskets entered in this category must be entirely beaded
and be recognizably inspired by the beaded baskets of the
17th century. Any beading technique seen on the historic
baskets (as example peyote, net, wired, etc.), including
beads sewn to cards/fabric are allowed. The basket must include at least one of the oval metal rims provided in the
Needlework Nibble kit.
17th Century Traditional
Multi-Media Basket
Many baskets of the 17th century included embroidered
bottoms and/or sides, semi-precious stones/pearls, or lamp
worked accents. Baskets with any of these elements (or elements that can be documented with a picture from a historic piece) can be entered in this category. The basket
must include at least one of the oval metal rims provided in
the Needlework Nibble kit.
Modern Multi-Media Basket
Take the ideas of the past and run with them in a modern
theme. Beading, embroidery, stumpwork, weaving, etc.
The basket must be inspired by the past and include at least
one of the oval metal rims provided in the Needlework
Nibble kit.
17th century beaded basket found in casket.
Approx 3”x4”. One of four known.
1. Baskets entered must include at least one of the oval
metal rims included in the Beaded Basket Needlework
Nibble, but may contain more
2. Baskets can, but do not have to be, embellished versions of the Needlework Nibble.
They may be entirely original.
3. Baskets must conform to one of the three design
categories and description of technique to be eligible
for an award.
4. Photos of baskets and paragraph about inspiration
must be sent to [email protected] by midnight EST,
January 31st, 2014 for consideration for an award. A 1paragraph description of the inspiration (can include
weblinks to inspiration materials) is required.
5. A signed release to use the photos and paragraph of
the winners on the Thistle Threads website/blog is required (will be sent to winners separately upon their
6. The instructions to fabricate the design remains the
rights of the maker, minus the basket instructions from
the Needlework Nibble, if used.
7. The decision of the Judge is final. Prizes will be
awarded based on creativity, visual appeal of design,
and inspired interpretation of the design category.
Grand Prize
Runner Up to Grand Prize
A Flat Top Casket Form
(1 Winner)
Fancy Mirror Frame Form
(1 Winner)
1st Prize Each Category
In Fine Style (Catalog to Tudor and
Stuart Exhibit from
The Royal Collection, 2013)
(3 Winners)
Honorable Mention
A Copy of “Robe” (A ‘fashion magazine’ from the 17th century, 2013)
(10 Winners)