The Argus Flyer - Snow Offensive Security



The Argus Flyer - Snow Offensive Security
Project Argus:
“And set a watcher upon her, great and strong
Argus, who with four eyes looks every way.”
Based upon the results of over 95% of our
client’s initial corporate phishing assessment,
SnowLabs found evidence of two major
opportunities for organizations. First, evidence
shows that a majority of employees are not
familiar with the dynamics on identifying
phishing emails. However, after training and
subsequent assessments we found that
improvement in the abilities of employees to
identify our phishing campaigns. This provides
validation that education is improving the
abilities for employees to protect your
organization. Second, from the reporting and
incident response perspective, clients still had
two problems. Although employees were able
to identify and ignore the email; the
employees were often not sure of or would
forget whom the phishing campaign was to be
reported to. For the employees that were able
to remember many of them had difficulty
forwarding the email correctly to maintain the
headers critical for an organization to respond.
SnowLabs, the R&D side of Snow Offensive
Security, has developed a free plugin
specifically for solving the issue of correctly
supplying the email to your security team
named Argus. Argus, named after the
Greek mythological giant Argus Panoptes
who was watchman that could look
everywhere. An employee can click the
Argus Report button in their Outlook
client, right-click context menu, or even
within the email view. The email is then
automatically sent as an attachment to the
designated reporting email address
preserving the content of the email
including any attachments, as well as email
headers for further analysis. The Argus
plugin helps reduce the burden on your
employees and empowers your employees
to easily and correctly report suspicious
email. Most importantly, helping your IT
Security team reduce the time it takes to
discover and triage these threats.
[email protected] │ │888.272.7609
Snow Offensive Security, LLC is a cybersecurity consultancy based in Utah focusing specifically
on offensive services such as penetration testing, phishing, vishing, physical security
assessments, security awareness training and other custom assessments. Snow Labs is the
Research and Development team of Snow Offensive Security tasked with discovery and
innovation. Through both our services and R&D, Snow Offensive Security’s mission is to help
put security awareness into your company’s culture.
To get Argus visit
Problems with
phishing prevention:
Users do not KNOW what a phishing email
looks like
When identified, users do not know WHO
to report the email to
Users don’t know HOW to report the email

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