A Season of World-Class Exhibitions


A Season of World-Class Exhibitions
M U S E U M O F N E W M E X I C O F O U N DAT I O N · S P R I N G 2 0 1 3
A Season of World-Class Exhibitions
2013 Member Program Guide Inside
Tab l e of C o n te n t s
On the cover: Foundation members Patrick McKeough
and Vicki Hussion discuss work by Matthew Chase-Daniel
in Alcove 12.7 at the New Mexico Museum of Art.
© Daniel Quat Photography.
Below: McKeough and Hussion enjoy exploring other
contemporary artworks at the New Mexico Museum
of Art. © Daniel Quat Photography.
Letter to Members 1
Board of Trustees
World-Class Exhibitions
exhibition donors
The Scoop
Native Treasures
members and donors
Charitable Gift Annuities
Ways to Give 17
Our Mission
The mission of the Museum of New Mexico Foundation
is to support the Museum of New Mexico system through
fund development for exhibitions and education programs,
financial management and advocacy.
The Museum of New Mexico Foundation supports the
following state cultural institutions:
• Museum of Indian Arts & Culture / Laboratory of Anthropology
• Museum of International Folk Art
• New Mexico History Museum / Palace of the Governors
• New Mexico Museum of Art
• New Mexico State Monuments
• Office of Archaeological Studies
Mariann Minana-Lovato, Director of Membership and Communications
Carmella Padilla, Editor Lynn Cline, Writer
Staci Golar, Writer
Shannez Dudelczyk, Writer
Monica Meehan, Graphic Designer
The Foundation’s audited financial statements are available
at museumfoundation.org. Please notify us
of any corrections in this publication.
D ea r M embe r s ,
As we anticipate the busy spring and summer months, we at the Museum
of New Mexico Foundation extend our thanks to each of you for your
continued support and participation as museum members.
In this issue of Member News, we’ve included our new 2013 Member Program
Guide. Our museum directors and staff have been working with our trustee
committees to plan a line-up of special events and opportunities exclusively
for members. Please keep this guide handy for reference throughout the year,
and mark your calendars now for your favorite special events. Also, watch your
email for additional invitations and details throughout the year. We are working
to reduce our carbon footprint, so expect fewer paper communications, though
we will not bombard you with too many emails. The cost savings will help us
be even more efficient in supporting our museums and monuments.
In this issue you will also discover the many special exhibitions that our
curators and other museum professionals have planned for 2013. The breadth,
depth and quality of these offerings are remarkable and should make us all
proud of our Museum of New Mexico system.
New Mexico History Museum Director
Frances Levine and Museum of
New Mexico Foundation President
and CEO John Easley are working
together to plan fundraising for
a series of upcoming exhibitions
at the New Mexico History Museum
and Palace of the Governors.
Photo © Daniel Quat Photography.
These exhibitions and their related education programs and publications are
made possible only through your direct support of our Exhibitions Development Fund. Since we initiated the fund 18 months ago, nearly 100 donors
have pledged and contributed some $300,000, a vital investment in the vibrant
cultural community of New Mexico.
Again, we thank you for your support of and engagement with our museums
and monuments. You are truly making a difference for New Mexico and all
those who love our state.
John P. Easley
President and CEO
Museum of
New Mexico Foundation
Board of Trustees
Museum of New Mexico Foundation Trustee Michael
Pettit has made a gift to the Director’s Leadership
Fund to support Cowboys: Real and Imagined,
opening in April at the New Mexico History Museum.
Pettit is the author of an award-winning book,
Riding for the Brand: 150 Years of Cowden Ranching,
about his family’s famous Cowden Ranch. Pettit also
recently released a book and accompanying DVD,
Artists of New Mexico Traditions: The National Heritage Fellows, available through the Museum of New
Mexico Press. Photo © Daniel Quat Photography.
Bud Hamilton, Chairman
Lynn Brown, Vice Chair
Jim Goodwin, Treasurer
Stuart Kirk, Secretary
Charmay B. Allred
JoAnn Lynn Balzer
John Berl
Jane Buchsbaum
Rosa Ramirez Carlson
John P. Comstock, M.D.
Susan Corn Conway
Liz Crews
Joan Dayton
Clara L. Dougherty
Jim Duncan Jr.
Jim Foley
Leroy Garcia
Pat Hall
Mortimer H. Herzstein
Barbara Hoover
Ronald P. Klein
Bruce Larsen
Margot Linton
Janis Lyon
Jim Manning
Doris Meyer
Bill Neuhaus
Patty Newman
James T. Ortíz
Dennis A. O’Toole, Ph.D
Jane O’Toole
Alan Rolley
Carol H. Warren
Nancy Meem Wirth
Donald F. Wright
Catherine A. Allen
Keith K. Anderson
M. Carlota Baca, Ph.D.
Roy Bidwell
Cynthia Bolene
Dorothy H. Bracey
Bruce Chemel
Robert L. Clarke
Sherry Davis
Rosalind Doherty
Charles Gaillard
Gail Goodwin
J. Scott Hall
Catherine M. Harvey
Susie Herman
Nicole A. Hixon
Frank H. Hogan
Peggy Hubbard
Kent F. Jacobs, M.D.
Candace Jacobson
Connie Thrasher Jaquith
Cathy Kalenian
Ann Rather Livingston
Ronald S. Lushing
David Matthews
Dee Ann McIntyre
Helene Singer Merrin
Bob Nurock
George A. Pelletier
Michael E. Pettit
Jerry Richardson
Kathy Roberts
Keith Roth
Judy Sherman
Marian Silver
Charles M. Smith
J. Edd Stepp
Patty Terrell
Marilynn Thoma
Claire Woodcock
John Young
Dr. Robert Zone
Lloyd E. Cotsen
Anne and John Marion
Edwina and Charles Milner
Dolores Duke Ortiz
Binnie Postelnek
J. Paul Taylor
Eileen A. Wells
Thomas B. Catron III
Saul Cohen
Phyllis Gladden
James Snead
World-Class Exhibitions
Enjoy an International,
Cross-Cultural Journey in 2013
In 2013, thanks to the Museum of New Mexico Foundation’s
Exhibitions Development Fund, museum members and visitors
can take an international, cross-cultural journey without ever
leaving New Mexico.
A new year means new exhibitions and related programs at
each of our museums — and all are made possible through
your private support. The Exhibitions Development Fund
was created to make the most of your contributions today
and in the future. The fund not only fills a gap in state
support — which is limited to museum staff, facilities and collections care — it is helping to develop full seasons of exhibitions,
events and programs that provide more than 335,000 annual
visitors with unforgettable opportunities for learning at our
state museums and historic monuments.
This year, members can look forward to learning about the
popular kite-flying tradition of Japan, the mystique of the New
Mexico cowboy, important Pueblo Indian musical traditions,
contemporary art collecting and more. Behind-the-scenes work
on each exhibition has taken place over many months, and
even years, by museum directors, curators and staff. They have
carefully researched themes, art objects and other select details
to bring you the following outstanding exhibitions:
The Cowboy Way
Perhaps the most romanticized image from the American
West is that of the cowboy. In New Mexico, the cowboy
tradition dates to 1598, when the arrival of the first Spanish
settlers established a culture of horsemanship in the state. The
New Mexico History Museum highlights both the myth and
reality of this centuries-old icon with the upcoming exhibition,
Cowboys: Real and Imagined.
Curated by Byron Price, director of the Charles M. Russell
Center for the Study of Art of the American West at the
University of Oklahoma, the exhibition explores various
portrayals of the cowboy lifestyle in art, literature, film
and advertising, while featuring unique items of authentic
cowboy gear.
New Mexico History Museum Director Frances Levine says
that one of her favorite horse adornments is a Spanish Colonial
anquera, or horse rump cover, which was borrowed from the
Museum of International Folk Art. “It is so beautifully stitched
and ornamented with jingles that it must have made a lovely
sound when the horses walked along the trail,” Levine says.
The museum is also showing its Bell Ranch Chuck Wagon. In
this case, the wagon will be surrounded by Erwin Smith photographs of cowboys utilizing the wagon in its original context.
The photos of these cowboys at work and play, Levine says, are
“some of the stars of the show.”
The exhibition will provide members with a greater understanding of the West. It may also surprise viewers to learn that
so many of the West’s most popular cowboy images were taken
on New Mexico ranches.
Join us for our First Look and Members Preview of Cowboys:
Real and Imagined on Saturday, April 13, at the New Mexico
History Museum.
to a carp. Though particularly beautiful, Katz-Harris says the
kite is also quite fragile with a number of unfortunate tears.
“It will be one of the more challenging pieces for our team
to display, but it absolutely had to be in the show,” she says.
Join us for our Members Preview of Tako Kichi: Kite Crazy in Japan
on Saturday, June 8, 2 p.m., at the Museum of International Folk Art.
Crazy for Kites
The Heart of the People
On June 8, members will preview the Museum of International
Folk Art’s Tako Kichi: Kite Crazy in Japan, an exhibition featuring
the private Japanese kite collection of Adirondack Museum
Director David Kahn.
Music is at the heart of the lives and traditions of the Southwest’s Native peoples.
“It’s a remarkable collection that represents some of the most
respected kite-makers in the country, including the late Teizo
Hashimoto,” says Felicia Katz-Harris, curator of Asian and
Middle Eastern folk art.
Made from delicate split bamboo structures and sheets of
handmade Japanese washi paper, the kites highlight dramatic
images of superheroes, demons, legendary warriors and more,
and range in size from two inches to 12 feet.
“The care put into the kite-making process is fascinating, especially considering that paper kites are intended to be ephemeral
items that get ripped by the wind, or totally destroyed in kite
fighting competitions,” Katz-Harris says.
One kite escaped such a fate and is now a star of the exhibition. This nobori, or carp kite, features Kintaro, a popular Japanese manga (comic book) character, who is holding on
With the opening of Heartbeat: Music of the Native Southwest at
the Museum of Indian Arts & Culture in September, members
will explore more than two thousand years in the continued
evolution of indigenous music and musicians through Southwest history to today. The exhibition showcases the museum’s
extraordinary musical collection, while multimedia elements
illuminate the sights and sounds of various musical styles.
According to Tony Chavarria, the museum’s curator of
ethnology, one of the most interesting pieces in the show is a
five-tone drum by modern-day artist Glenn Chalan of Cochiti
Pueblo. The work was purchased by the museum at the Native
Treasures: Indian Arts Festival a few years ago.
“[The drum] is a great example of artists working in traditional media and materials who are showing innovation and
creativity,” Chavarria says.
Business Council members are invited to the Members Preview
of Heartbeat: Music of the Native Southwest on Thursday,
October 17, 5:30 p.m., at the Museum of Indian Arts & Culture.
The Gifts of Collecting
It may not be difficult to imagine the husband-and-wife team
of Dorothy and Herbert Vogel building a collection of some of
the most prestigious minimalist and conceptual artworks of our
day. But when one discovers that they amassed their more than
4,000-object collection on salaries as a reference librarian and
a United States Postal Service employee, it’s cause for disbelief.
Members can see the results of the couple’s years of collecting
this fall when the New Mexico Museum of Art opens The
Dorothy and Herbert Vogel Collection: Fifty Works for Fifty States,
an exhibition that is part of a museum-wide program dedicated
to the art of collecting.
With the assistance of the National Gallery of Art, the National
Endowment for the Arts and the Institute of Museum and
Library Services, the Vogels launched a national gifting
program in 2008. Through the program, they distributed a
total of 2,500 artworks from their collection — with 50 works
going to a select art institution in each of the 50 states. In New
Mexico, the New Mexico Museum of Art reaped the benefits
of their generosity.
While the gifted artworks are primarily works on paper, the
couple’s main collecting interest, paintings and sculptures are
also included. Among the most significant items, says Laura
Addison, the museum’s curator of contemporary art, are “two
watercolors by part-time New Mexico resident Lynda Benglis”
and “two suites of twenty-two drawings by Abiquiu resident
Richard Tuttle.”
Also included in this extraordinary gift are works by artists
Robert Barry, Charles Clough, R. M. Fischer, Richard Francisco,
Jene Highstein, Bill Jensen, Joan Jonas, Michael Lucero, Richard
Nonas, Lucio Pozzi, Edda Renouf and Judy Rifka.
Join us for our First Look and Members Preview, Celebrating
Collections, on Thursday, September 26, at the New Mexico
Museum of Art.
For further details on these and other exhibitions
and upcoming events in 2013, please visit
museumfoundation.org or refer to the enclosed
2013 Member Program Guide.
To support a season of exhibitions and museum programs
through a gift to the Exhibitions Development Fund,
contact Laura Waller at (505) 982-6366 ext. 116 or
[email protected]
Page 3, left to right: Chuck wagon demonstration. © Daniel Quat
Photography Tsugaru-style kite painting depicting Raiko Hirosaki, Aomori
Prefecture, Tōhoku Region, Japan. Courtesy David M. Kahn. Unidentified
rodeo, New Mexico, c. 1964, photographer unknown. Palace of the
Governors Photo Archives (NMHM/DCA), Neg. No. 29384.
Opposite, left to right: Saddle blanket demonstration at the Museum of
Indian Arts & Culture. © Daniel Quat Photography. Cattle ranching, Raton,
New Mexico, photographer and date unknown. Palace of the Governors
Photo Archives (NMHM/DCA), Neg. No. 72346. Drum, Cochiti Pueblo,
c. 1930, Gift of Drs. Norman C. & Gilda M. Greenberg. Assistant Curator
Ruth LaNore at the Museum of International Folk Art. Photo by Dana Waldon.
Above, left to right: Charles Clough, Habitus, 1993-94, Enamel on Masonite,
New Mexico Museum of Art, The Dorothy and Herbert Vogel Collection:
Fifty Works for Fifty States. Contemporary Art Curator Laura Addison in
the collections storage of the New Mexico Museum of Art. Photo by Dana
Waldon. Nanbu-style kite depicting Kintaro with monkey, Hachinohe, Iwate
Prefecture, Tōhoku Region, Japan, Washi paper, ink, 1960s, Courtesy David
M. Kahn. A family enjoys the hands-on art-making activities at the New
Mexico History Museum. Photo by Cheron Bayna.
Exhibitions Development Fund
July 1 through December 31, 2012
The Exhibitions Development Fund provides a base of support for exhibitions and programs
that are only made possible through private gifts. We proudly thank the following donors
who are supporting the unique vision of their favorite museum. While gifts at all levels are
gratefully accepted and appreciated, we are pleased to recognize donors of $1,000 or more
annually through this listing and on the exhibition donor wall at the museum of their choice.
$ 5,0 0 0 A N D A BOV E
Dorothy Bracey and
Tom Johnson l l l l
Jane and Charlie Gaillard l
Kay Harvey l
Ruth and Frank Hogan l
Mary Anne and
Bruce Larsen l l
Hank Lee and
Paul Bonin-Rodriguez l
Dee Ann McIntyre l
Trudy and Dennis O’Toole l l
Frauke and Keith Roth l
Judy and Bob Sherman l l
Carol Warren l
Eileen A. Wells l
Claire and Jim Woodcock l
$ 2 , 5 0 0 to $ 4 , 9 9 9
$ 1 , 0 0 0 to $ 2 , 4 9 9
Anonymous l
Charmay Allred l
Elizabeth Allred l
Catherine and John Alsip l
Keith Anderson and
Barbara Lenssen l
Kitty and Bill Atterbury l
Annie and Jeff Lowdermilk l
Ron Lushing l
Doris Mann l
Thomas Merlan and
Frances Levine l
Doris Meyer and
Richard Hertz l
Pamela and Don Michaelis l
Alicia and Bill Miller l
Manuel Monasterio,
Vazquez Portfolio Group at
UBS Financial Services Inc. l
Bob Nurock l
Sandy and Russ Osterman l
Passport DMC, Inc. l
Lauren Eaton Prescott l
Jerry Richardson l
Christopher Rocca and
David Rosen l
Marian and Abe Silver l
Anita and Mike Stevenson l
Lorlee and
Arnold Tenenbaum l
Patty Terrell l
Andrew Wallerstein and
Mary Sloane l
Nancy Ziegler Nodelman and
Dwight Strong l
Peggy and Bob Zone l
To make a gift to the Exhibitions Development
Fund, contact Laura Waller at (505) 982-6366
ext. 116 or [email protected]
New Mexico
Museum of Art
l New Mexico History
Museum / Palace
of the Governors
l Museum of
International Folk Art
l Museum of
Indian Arts & Culture
New Mexico
State Monuments
l Office of Archaeological
Studies Research Fund
l Museum of
New Mexico Press
l Museum of
New Mexico Foundation
photos from top: © Daniel Quat Photography © Daniel Quat Photography Dana Waldon Cheron Bayna Roberta Aidem l
Cathy Allen and Paul Rooker l
Cynthia and Bruce Bolene l
Lynn and Norman Brown l l
Harris Finch Foundation l
Connie Thrasher Jaquith l
Ann and Mark Livingston l
Moise Livestock Company l
New Mexico
Cattlegrowers Association l
George Pelletier and
Evelyn Biery l
Charles M. and Ann H. Smith l
Carole and Edd Stepp l
M. Carlota Baca, Ph. D. l
Donna and John Bailey l
Frederick and Karen Bailey l
JoAnn and Bob Balzer l l
John Catron and
Laurie Archer l
Bruce Chemel l
Liz Crews l
Sherry and Jim Davis l
Nancy Sue Dimit l
Rosalind and Lowell Doherty l
Barbara Doroba-Ogg and
Michael Ogg l
Lucy and John Draper l
David T. Frank and
Kazukuni Sugiyama l
Kathy and Jim Gentry l
Pat and Jim Hall l
Valerie and Bud Hamilton l
Susie and C.T. Herman l
Susan Herter l
Nicole Hixon l
Barbara and Bud Hoover l
Peggy and Tom Hubbard l
Julia Hunkins l
Sue and Art Hurley l
Jean and Donald Lamm l
Kay and Willard Lewis l
Leadership Fund
Bring Art and History
to Life for Everyone
July 1 through December 31, 2012
Creating Museum Exhibitions
Through Private Support
The Director’s Leadership Fund provides discretionary funds
and designated gifts for museum programs and projects.
We proudly thank the following donors who have made leadership contributions of $10,000 or more. These important funds
provide a base of support for exhibitions and programs that are
only made possible through private gifts.
$ 1 0,0 0 0 A N D A BOV E
$ 2 5,0 0 0 A N D A BOV E
Folk Art Committee l
Friends of Contemporary Art l
Friends of Indian Art l
Folk Art Foundation l
Tammy and Leroy Garcia l
The Glendale Foundation l
Pat and Jim Hall l
Kay Harvey l
Diane and John Lenssen l
Jeanne and Jim Manning l
Celia D. Rumsey Trust l
Seymour and Helene Singer
Merrin Education Fund l
Palace Guard l
The Carl & Marilynn Thoma
Foundation l
Gordon and Judith Wilson l
The Ames Family Foundation l
Brindle Foundation l
The Hearst Foundations
Designated gifts and grants
support a variety of programs
and projects.
l l l l l l
Jane and Stephen Hochberg l
Institute of Museum and
Library Services l l
National Endowment
for the Humanities l
Newman’s Own Foundation
The Museum of New Mexico Foundation’s Exhibitions
Development Fund was established so donors like you can
invest in the future of our exhibitions. Here’s a sneak peek at
other exhibitions that your contributions are creating at our
museums in 2013.
• Plain Geometry: Amish Quilts
March 3 to September 2, 2013
Museum of International Folk Art
Explores the aesthetics of Amish quilts by considering
what the quilting tradition grew out of and how quilts
evolved in a changing world. Approximately 35 quilts
from the museum and local collections illustrate religious
proscriptions, westward migration and interaction with
English neighbors.
l l l l
Santa Fe Arts Commission and
the 1% Lodgers Tax l l l l
$ 1 0 , 0 0 0 to $ 2 4 , 9 9 9
Anonymous l
Community Foundation l
Bureau of Land Management l
The Burnett Foundation l
Foundation for
Landscape Studies l
Albert and Ethel Herzstein
Charitable Foundation,
Houston l
Candace Good Jacobson l
New Mexico
Humanities Council l
Eugenia Cowden Pettit l
To make a gift to the Director’s Leadership Fund,
contact Bonnie McLeskey at (505) 982-6366 ext. 113
or [email protected]
Strip Quilt, Missouri, c. 1945. Gift of Stuart and Cindy Hodosh.
• Mont St. Michel and Shiprock:
Photographs by William Clift
April 19 to September 8, 2013
New Mexico Museum of Art
For almost four decades, Santa Fe photographer
William Clift has photographed two monolithic sites
that dominate their expansive landscapes: Shiprock,
New Mexico, and Mont St. Michel, a tidal island off the
north coast of France. In this selection of more than 70
beautiful photographs, Clift shares his ongoing, nuanced
exploration of the two places.
• Brazil
November 17, 2013 to August 16, 2015
Museum of International Folk Art
Features the museum’s rich collection of folk art from
different regions of Brazil. The exhibition includes nearly
200 pieces, including ceramic and wood sculptures, wood
block prints, Afro-Brazilian religious items, and festival
costumes and masquerades.
The Scoop
Notable News and Events
Folk Art Flea Market
to Benefit Folk Art Museum
Museum members are invited to shop
hundreds of folk art items at the Fifth
Annual Folk Art Flea Market at the Museum
of International Folk Art on Saturday, May
4, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Every flea market
purchase supports museum exhibitions and
related programming.
Great Grants
The Museum of New
Mexico Foundation
salutes the following
funders for these
noteworthy grants:
Members of the Governor’s, National
and Chairman’s Circles and the Friends
of Folk Art receive early-bird entry
at 9 a.m. To join either group,
visit museumfoundation.org.
To donate items to be sold at the
market, call (505) 476-1201.
Calling All Members!
Increase Your Membership Support
Today for a Dollar for Dollar Match
The Burnett Foundation
$15,000 for the New Mexico
History Museum’s Cowboys:
Real and Imagined exhibition.
The Hearst Foundations
$75,000 for the Fund for
Museum Education.
Albert and Ethel Herzstein
Charitable Foundation,
Houston, TX
$10,000 for the New Mexico
History Museum’s Cowboys:
Real and Imagined exhibition.
We invite you to increase your level of membership, either
in your current category or to a higher category. Thanks to
a special matching grant, every additional dollar you give
above your current membership level will be matched up
to a total of $25,000.
Your extra support now will ensure that our museums can continue to present worldclass exhibitions and award-winning programs. To thank you for your generosity, you will
receive additional limited-time benefits, including extra guest passes, note card sets, a
one-time 25% museum shop discount and more.
Watch your mailbox, email inbox or visit museumfoundation.org/stepup/
for your invitation and details.
Foundation for
Landscape Studies
$20,000 for the Museum of
New Mexico Press publication
of the forthcoming book,
Learning Las Vegas: Portrait of
a Northern New Mexican Place,
by Elizabeth Barlow Rogers.
p hotos: top / marc romanelli left / Cheron Bayna Right / courtesy mnm press
Your annual membership contribution enables the
Museum of New Mexico Foundation to further its mission
to provide critical funding for museum exhibitions, public
programs and other cultural offerings for more than
335,000 visitors each year.
Brindle Foundation
$35,000 for pre-K educational
outreach programs at the
New Mexico History Museum
and $5,000 for the Fund for
Museum Education.
Native Treasures Returns
Memorial Day Weekend
Native Treasures: Indian Arts Festival, Santa
Fe’s only invitational, museum-quality Indian
art show and sale, returns to the Santa Fe
Community Convention Center May 25
and 26 (Memorial Day Weekend) from
10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.
More than 200 of the country’s best Native
artists will participate. Proceeds benefit exhibitions and related programs at the Museum of
Indian Arts & Culture.
Join Living Treasure Artist award recipient
Tammy Garcia (pictured right) and other
artists at a special party and pre-sale on
Friday, May 24, at 5:30 p.m. Sponsorships
are available and begin at $350.
To become a sponsor or to
purchase pre-sale tickets,
contact Connie Tooker Nuñez
at (505) 982-6366 ext. 106 or
[email protected]
Nacona Burgess, Amos Two Bulls, acrylic on canvas.
Photo by Carol Franco.
Tammy Garcia
Coming Full Circle in Native Art
As a fourth-generation Santa Clara potter, Tammy Garcia was immersed in the
craft at a very young age. She recalls collectors and wholesalers visiting the home
of her grandmother, renowned potter Mary Cain. The message that her family’s
rich history, talent and skill was important to buyers was clear. Additionally, she
says, “Our proximity to Santa Fe and its museums, including the Museum of
Indian Arts & Culture, was a source of influence for my craft.”
By age 16, Garcia had sold her first piece and decided to pursue a career as an
artist. Today, she is a noted artist in her own right, working in various media,
including ceramic, bronze and glass. Garcia’s work is shown in galleries across
the country, including Blue Rain Gallery in Santa Fe, which is owned by her
husband Leroy, a Museum of New Mexico Foundation advisory trustee.
Leroy opened Blue Rain Gallery in 1993, after being inspired by his wife’s artistry.
Although the gallery did not start showing her work for another seven years, the
result has been beneficial for both.
“The separation between the marketing and financial side of the gallery and the
art is a very clear boundary between us,” Leroy says. “It has allowed Tammy to
work solely on her art, which allows for greater innovation.”
The Garcias contribute to the Foundation personally and through the gallery’s
Business Council membership. “Being a part of the Foundation is a way of giving
back for all the help we have received over the years. The Foundation’s membership has been very supportive of Blue Rain,” Leroy says.
Tammy is the 2013 Living Treasure Artist, an honor bestowed upon living Native
artists by Native Treasures: Indian Arts Festival, an annual art show and sale
benefitting the Museum of Indian Arts & Culture.
“There is no greater ambassador of contemporary Native art than Tammy,” Leroy
continues. “Her respect for tradition, and the understanding that her heritage is
the foundation of her work has allowed her to explore new mediums, yet still be
true to tradition.”
For her part, Tammy acknowledges that being this year’s award recipient is a fullcircle moment in her career. “I am honored and thrilled,” she says. “It is exciting
to be able to support the same museum I visited as a child.”
Tammy Garcia, the 2013 Living Treasure Artist, works on a pot in her home studio in
Albuquerque. Photo © Daniel Quat Photography.
Legacy Society Members
As of January 1, 2013
How Will 2013
Tax Changes Affect
Museum Donors?
The recent passage of the American Taxpayer Relief Act
established wide-ranging tax law that may affect museum
donors in a variety of ways due to important new features
on charitable giving. Here are some of the key items included
in the new law:
• IRA charitable rollover is back for 2013 Donors age
70½ or older are eligible to move up to $100,000 from their
IRAs directly to qualified charities on or before December 31,
2013, without having to pay income taxes on the money.
• Income taxes Individual taxpayers earning more than
$400,000 a year will see a tax rate increase. The top
income tax rate has been raised to 39.6 percent in 2013.
• Estate, gift and generation-skipping taxes The new
law permanently preserves the current individual gift,
estate and generation-skipping tax to a unified $5 million
exemption. The annual gift tax exclusion is now $14,000
for individuals.
• Portability In 2013, the portability provision was made
permanent. If one spouse dies without using their federal
estate tax exemption, the unused portion can
be transferred to the surviving spouse.
• Itemized deductions In 2013, itemized deductions,
including charitable deductions, are reduced for individuals
earning $250,000 or more.
• Personal exemptions In 2013, personal exemptions
are limited for individuals making $250,000 or more.
• Dividend income Qualified dividend income will be
taxed at a maximum rate of 20 percent.
• Long-term capital gains The capital gains tax rate
will depend on a taxpayer’s ordinary income tax rate.
Be sure to discuss these changes with your tax advisor,
and please keep charitable giving in mind as a way to match
your personal planning with your philanthropic goals.
For information on charitable
giving, contact Bonnie McLeskey
at (505) 982-6366 ext. 113 or
[email protected]
The Legacy Society honors donors who have made an
estate gift through the Museum of New Mexico Foundation.
Members enjoy exclusive gatherings, special recognition and
make a difference in the future of the museums they love.
The Legacy Society was created in honor of Santa Fe fiber
artist Maggy Ryan, who bequeathed a substantial charitable
remainder trust. A planned gift may take the form of a bequest
in a will or living trust, an IRA or retirement account designation, a gift annuity, a charitable trust or other arrangement.
Anonymous (3)
Ann Neuberger Aceves
Carl M. Allen n
Charmay B. Allred
Keith K. Anderson and
Barbara G. Lenssen
M. Carlota Baca, Ph.D.
Nancy Ballenger n
Rhoda H. Barkan n
Louisa Barkalow
Lewis Barker n
Ann Baumann n
Dr. Barry and Natalie Beller
Susan and Lee Berk
Edwin E. Bewley n
Robert H. Blommer
Bill Bohnhoff n
Dorothy Bracey
Lynn G. Brown
Gladys and Selig Burrows n
James Lee Byars n
Lawrence Calcagno n
Beverly M. Carl
Charles D. Carroll n
Mel Carter n
Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas B. Catron, III
Samuel Chell n l
Jordie M. Chilson n
Joan and Richard Chodosh
Ronald Costell and
Marsha Swiss
Anne Croy n
William Wallace Cunningham n
Helen M. Derbyshire n
Ruth H. Dillingham
Richard Dillingham n
Rosalind and Lowell Doherty
George Duncan and
Sheryl Kelsey
James Duncan, Jr.
Ardith Eicher
Robert C. Ellis n
R.D. Erwin n
Eva Feld n
Natalie Fitz-Gerald
Robert Frazer n
Sheilah Garcia
Robert H. Glaze
Rod Goebel n
J.B.L. Goodwin n
Gail and Jim Goodwin
Gilda M. and
Norman C. Greenberg
Jacquelyn Hall and
JD Bullington
Jim and Pat Hall
Valerie and Bud Hamilton
Henriette Harris n
Dorothy S. Harroun
Pat Haueter
Mildred N. Healy n
Bertram and Pauline Heil
Sandra Herzon l
William Hoffman n
Frank and Ruth Hogan
Barbara and Bud Hoover
Mickey Inbody n
Connie Thrasher Jaquith
James R. Johnson n
Eleanore B. Joseph
Clinton and
Narcissa Swift King n
Judith Kingsley Fitting
Ronald P. Klein and Doris
Walter and Allene Kleweno
Patricia Kuhlhoff
Greg LaChapelle n
Henry and Judith Lackner
Charitable Remainder Trust
Bruce and Mary Anne Larsen
Louise and Joseph Laval
Barbara H. Lidral n
Ronald S. Lushing
Terese Lyons and
Anthony Foltman
Janice n and David Matthews
Eileen A. Maynard n
Maureen McCarthy and
John Schoemer l
Susan McGreevy
Seymour Merrin n and
Helene Singer Merrin
Doris Meyer
Edwina Hawley Milner and
Charles P. Milner
Mary Sue Mize n
Edgar H. Mueller
Jerome Munday n
Scott Murray and
Mihail Lari
Mark Naylor and
Dale Gunn
Bob Nurock
Dr. Ernestine O’Connell n
Claudia O’Keeffe n
Frank V. Ortiz n and
Dolores Duke Ortiz
Jane and Tom O’Toole
Melinda Miles Phister n
Don Pierce
Aline Porter n
Binnie Postelnek
Margery Clark Primus n
Richard C. Pritzlaff n
Joan Higgins Reed n
Jerry Richardson
Sallie Ritter and
Kent F. Jacobs, M.D.
Mara and Charles Robinson
Paul Rosenberg
Keith Roth
Celia D. Rumsey n
Maggy Ryan n
John Sadd and
Maggie Alexander
Henry A. Sauerwein n
Jacqueline and
Richard Schmeal
Gertrude Schweitzer n
Rosemarie Shellaberger n
Eugenie Shonnard n
Abe and Marian Silver
Albert and Barbara Simms
Sue Ann Snyder
Helen McKaig Spuhler n
Helen L. Starbuck n
Virginia E. and
Douglas Starkweather n
Carole and J. Edd Stepp
Michael and
Anita Stevenson
Vicki A. and
Ronald L. Sullivan
Fredric and
Caroline Thompson
Robert W. Uphaus and
Lois M. Rosen
Warren von Preissig
Sue and Felix Warburg
Johnette Ward
Carol H. Warren and
Robert A. Warren n
Eileen A. Wells
Ray and Corinne Willison
As of January 1, 2013:
n We remember these
special friends who
created legacy gifts
during their lifetime.
l We proudly welcome
these new members.
To join the Legacy Society, contact
Bonnie McLeskey at (505) 982-6366 ext. 113
or [email protected]
Ron and Vicki Sullivan
Sharing a Passion for
Native Art and Education
It was a stop at the Grand Canyon’s Hopi House gift shop that ignited
Ron and Vicki Sullivan’s passion for Native Art. “I saw a San Ildefonso
black-on black [pot] and fell in love,” Ron says about the couple’s trip
in the early 1970s.
Shortly thereafter, the Sullivan’s watched a PBS special on Edward Curtis,
an early 20th-century photographer of American Indians, prompting
them to visit a gallery mere blocks from their Miami home to purchase his
work. Both experiences, as well as frequent ski vacations in northern New
Mexico, set the framework for building their collection of Native art.
Visiting Albuquerque in 1985, the couple asked an associate at Tanner
Chaney Gallery how to start building their collection. As Vicki recalls,
“He said, ‘You start by looking at one thing … Be very, very focused so
you can begin to discern within that genre. If you look at everything you
become completely overwhelmed.’ So that trip we looked at kachinas,
and bought two. That’s how it really got galloping.”
Today the Sullivan collection contains 675 pieces and includes works
by Angelita Cheama, Robert Spooner Marcus and Diego Valles.
Now members of the Museum of New Mexico Foundation Legacy Society,
the Green Valley, Arizona, residents have bequeathed their collection to
the Museum of Indian Arts & Culture, in addition to a generous gift to
support education.
“We knew that by leaving our collection to the Foundation, our wishes
would be fulfilled,” says Ron.
The Sullivans’ love of education influenced their planned gift, which will
ensure that their residuary trust will go toward Native American education
and outreach programs at the museum.
“In our hearts, we are all about education at all ages, all through life,”
Vicki says. “We don’t have children, so this is our way of passing along
what we love to someone who will appreciate it.”
Ron and Vicki Sullivan at the Museum of New Mexico Foundation’s
Founders Dinner in honor of the Foundation’s 50th Anniversary.
Photo © Daniel Quat Photography.
The Circles Members
As of January 1, 2013
Candace Jacobson
Preserving New Mexico’s
Ranching Legacy
Candace Jacobson’s family has a long ranching history in
New Mexico. Her great-grandparents started raising cattle
in the 1920s in Lea County, and she grew up on a ranch
north of Yeso, between Fort Sumner and Vaughn. Today, her
daughter and her niece’s families continue ranching operations in New Mexico and Texas.
“I have deep ranching roots on both sides of my family: my
great-grandparents on my mother’s side in New Mexico, and
on my dad’s side in Texas,” Jacobson says. “Later, both sets
of grandparents were ranching in New Mexico and Texas.”
Among the family’s colorful cast of characters was Jacobson’s
aunt, Fern Sawyer, a rodeo star in the 1930s and 1940s who
once whipped 150 men in a cutting-horse contest. Sawyer
was as famous for her flashy riding attire as her rodeo skills,
and many items from her color-coordinated closet are in the
National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame in Fort Worth.
Jacobson’s late mother, Myrl Good, was another family icon.
“While ranching was a big part of her life, Myrl’s influence
was widely felt in many circles throughout New Mexico,”
says Jacobson, a Museum of New Mexico Foundation trustee
and a member of The Circles.
Jacobson honors her family’s unique history through support
of the New Mexico History Museum, and most recently with
a gift to the Director’s Leadership Fund in memory of her
brother, Thomas Jefferson Good III, who recently passed
away. “He was the real thing, a true cowboy,” she says.
Jacobson’s gift is directed to the exhibition, Cowboys:
Real and Imagined, opening April 13, and she plans to give
a number of objects related to her family’s ranching heritage
to the museum.
Jacobson says she is thrilled to support state museums
and historic sites through the Foundation. “The Foundation
provides support services and grants as a way of protecting
and preserving the heritage of the state,” she says. “I’m a
lifelong resident of New Mexico and I have a keen interest
in preserving it.”
Candace Jacobson with the Bell Ranch Chuck Wagon that will be
featured in Cowboys: Real and Imagined, opening April 13 at the
New Mexico History Museum. Photo © Daniel Quat Photography.
The Circles members demonstrate leadership in our arts
community by providing the cornerstone of annual funding
for vital services and support on behalf of our museum system.
Membership in The Circles brings many benefits, including
special discounts and invitations to an exclusive calendar of
events that provide access to New Mexico artists, art collectors
and scholars, as well as cultural travel opportunities and private
tours with museum directors.
$ 1 0,0 0 0 A N D A BOV E
$ 2 ,500 TO $ 4,9 9 9
Lynn and Norman Brown s
Valerie and Bud Hamilton s
Miryam and Bob Knutson
Dee Ann McIntyre
Frauke and Keith Roth
Beth and Rick Schnieders
Marilynn and Carl Thoma
Cyndy and Len Alaimo
Emy Lou and Jerry Baldridge
JoAnn and Bob Balzer
Rene Barker
John Berl and
Bob Bauernschmitt
Sallie Bingham
Elizabeth Boeckman
Jane and Richard Borchers
Dorothy Bracey and
Tom Johnson
Priscilla and Jordan Braun
Joyce Buford
Mary Ann and
John Bumgarner
June and Tom Catron
Honey and Peter Chapin
Robert Clarke
Elaine and Ken Cole
Mary and David Cost
Benjamin Crane
Stanley Damberger and
Madeleine Grigg-Damberger
Sherry and Jim Davis
Joan Dayton and
Richard Curless
Nancy Dickenson
George Duncan and
Sheryl Kelsey l
John Duncan and Anita Sarafa
Debbie Fleischaker
Susan Foote and
Stephen Feinberg
Marlene and Darryl Fry
Jane and Charlie Gaillard
Connie and
David Girard-diCarlo
Chris and Scott Hall
Pat and Jim Hall
Pauline and Bert Heil
Susie and C.T. Herman
Barbara and Bud Hoover s
$ 5,0 0 0 T O $ 9,9 9 9
Anonymous l
Catherine Allen and
Paul Rooker
Keith Anderson and
Barbara Lenssen
Ann Ash
Tana and Roy Bidwell
Nancy and Richard Bloch l
Cynthia and Bruce Bolene
Ruth Dillingham
James Duncan, Jr.
Linda Gardner
Gail and James Goodwin
Ann and Wade Harrison s
Kay Harvey
Nicole Hixon s
Candace Jacobson
Judy and Henry Lackner
Mary Anne and Bruce Larsen
Jeanne and Jim Manning
Susan and Philip Marineau
Joan and Mitchell Markow
Maryann and Jim McCaffery
Collins and Jon Redman
Karen Rogers and Marc Still l
Judy and Bob Sherman
Jane and Bud Smith
Mary and John Sparks
Claire and Jim Woodcock
Christy and Ezra Hubbard s
Peggy and Tom Hubbard
Patsy and Bill Hutchison
James Hutson-Wiley and
Olga Echevarria
Maryanne and Sid Jones
Cathy and Paul Kalenian
Margot and Robert Linton
Ann and Mark Livingston s
Dianne Loomis
Ron Lushing
Janis and Dennis Lyon s
Anne and John Marion
Dave Matthews
Ellen McCabe and
Richard Middleton
Joyce and
Steve Melander-Dayton
Helene Singer Merrin
Doris Meyer and Richard Hertz
Edwina and Charles Milner
Ann and Russ Morton
Mark Naylor and Dale Gunn
Bob Nurock s
Kathryn O’Keeffe
Trudy and Dennis O’Toole
Jane and Tom O’Toole
George Pelletier and Jim Hailey
Michael Pettit
Don Pierce
Susan and Win Priem
Mary Lou Pringle
Mozelle Richardson and
Judy Richardson
Regina Richdale
Mara and Charles Robinson
Donna Rust
Suzannah and Marshall Sale
Harriet and Karl Schreiner
Nan Schwanfelder
Mr. James R. Seitz, Jr.
Marian and Abe Silver, Jr.
Ann and Charles Smith
Carole and J. Edd Stepp
Suzanne and Joel Sugg
Jane and Gary Swanson
Lorlee and Arnold Tenenbaum
Patty Terrell
Mari and Alex Thornburg
Barbara and
Richard Van Dongen
Iris and John Vazquez l
Diane Tipton Veirs l
J. Kevin Waidmann and
Donald Shina
Gil Waldman
Jean and Kent Watts s
Helen Way
Eileen A. Wells
Sharon Curran-Wescott and
Earle Wescott
Sharon and Don Wright
Beverly and John Young
Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Zone
R E G E N T S ’ C IR C L E
$1,500 TO $ 2,499
Cris and Kenneth Abbott
Ann Aceves
Roberta Aidem
Judith and Bill Alger
Charmay B. Allred
Marilyn Almendinger
Jonathan Altman
Ruth and David Arthur
Peggy and David Ater
M. Carlota Baca, Ph.D.
Betty and Russell Bellamy
Joan and Robert Benedetti
Myrna and Barry Bernard
Marcia and Ted Berridge
Karen and Stephen Bershad
Marylou and Bob Best
David Bigby and Barbara Tyson
Joyce Blalock
Karen Bohnhoff
Eva and Edward Borins
Julie Bowdich
Kathleen Brandt and
Kevin Hammar
Victoria and Roy Bridges
Jenne Britell
Joseph M. Bryan, Jr.
Merrilee Caldwell and
Marcus Randolph l
Jean and George Callaghan l
Georgia and Bill Carson
Elaine and William Chapman
Kathy and David Chase
Bruce Chemel
Mary and David Colton
Linda and John Comstock
Q and Phil Cook
Susan Corn Conway and
Patrick Oliphant
Carole and Philip Coviello
Liz Crews
Shane Cronenweth
Joan and R. Thomas Dalbey l
Susan and Jed Dean
Rosalind and Lowell Doherty
Ann and Richard Donnelly
Susie and Ron Dubin
Susan and Cameron Duncan
Genevieve Duncan
Karen and Stephen Durkovich
Robert Eagle
Mary and John Easley
Martha Egan s
Sheila and Kirk Ellis l
Sheilah Garcia
Marc Geller and Beth Beloff
Richard W. George and
Melissa McCurley
Carolyn Gibbs and Rick Nelson
George Goldstein and
Elizabeth Hahn
Judith Golley
John L. Gray
Catherine and Guy Gronquist
Sue and David Halpern
Roddie and Steve Harris
Dorothy Harroun
Holly and Michael Henry l
Jean and Richard Higgins
Jane and Stephen Hochberg
Rae Hoffacker and
Peter Pappas
Ruth and Frank Hogan
Gloria S. Holloway
Myra and Robert Hull
Roger Hyndman and
Elizabeth Romero
Kay and David Ingalls
Julie and David Itz
Kent Jacobs and Sallie Ritter
Connie Jaquith
Kathryn Jordan
Leslie Nathanson Juris and
Hervey Juris
Elizabeth and Albert Kidd
Fiddle and Stuart Kirk
Gayle Kuldell
Lawrence Lazarus and
Mariana Geer
Mary and Jim Leatherberry
Diane and John Lenssen l
Jamie and John Lewinger
Bert Lies and Rosina Yue l
Suzy and Bill MacGillivray
Erin Mathews
Leslea and Frank McCabe
Maureen McCarthy and
John Schoemer l
Jackie and Steve McFeely
Susan McGreevy and
Herb Beenhouwer
Claire and French McKnight
Terry and Walter Melendres
Cindy Miscikowski
Beth and Steve Moise
Sandy Nachman
Melinda and Jack Naumann, Jr.
Kay and Bill Neuhaus
Polly O’Brien and Barrett Toan
Kerry Olson and David Katz
Jay Oppenheimer and
Dolph Haas
Sallyann Paschall
Katie and Gerald Peters
Francine and Fred Pevow
Sandra and Richard Porter
Rose Provan
Deborah and James Quirk
Roberta and Barry Ramo
Elizabeth Raspolic l
Mary Lynn Reese
Lisa and Richard Reichman
Jerry Richardson
Julia and James Roberts
Kathleen Roberts
Nancy Anderson Roberts
Ann and Alan Rolley
Jane Rote
Janet and Carl Russo
Jacqueline and
Richard Schmeal l
Merry Schroeder
Eve and Fred Simon
Barbara and Louis Sklar
Linda and Gary Smith l
Georgia and Jim Snead
Silvia and
Alexander Speyer, III l
Helen and Frederick
Jane and Charles Stringfellow
David Frank and Kazukuni
Carol and James Thomson
Michael Violante and
Paul Rochford l
Marge Tillman and Bill Watson
William Keller and
Bebe Van Arsdale
Joan and Cliff Vernick
Robin Wallace and
Melinda Gonzales l
Carol Warren
Florette and Robert Weiss
Pattie White
Judy and Gordon Wilson
Wade Wilson
Nancy Meem Wirth
Karen Wohlgemuth
As of July 1, 2012:
l We proudly welcome these
new members.
s We salute these members for
increasing their support.
To join The Circles, contact Laura Waller
at (505) 982-6366 ext. 116
or [email protected]
Business Council Members
As of January 1, 2013
The Business Council comprises New Mexico business leaders who together contribute some
$250,000 annually in financial support and in-kind services to benefit the Museum of New
Mexico’s museums, monuments and Office of Archaeological Studies. Connecting art, culture
and commerce, the Business Council provides members with valuable networking opportunities
at our museums and other cultural venues. We thank the following businesses for their support.
D i r ecto r ’ s C o u n c i l
$ 2 0 , 0 0 0 a n d A bove
Garcia Automotive Group
C ha i r ma n ’ s C o u n c i l
$ 1 0 , 0 0 0 to $ 1 9 , 9 9 9
Buffalo Thunder
Resort & Casino
Century Bank
Hutton Broadcasting
La Fonda on the Plaza
Neutrogena Corporation
The Santa Fe New Mexican
Nat i o n a l C o u n c i l
$ 5 , 0 0 0 to $ 9 , 9 9 9
Albuquerque Business First
American General Media
Blue Rain Gallery
Comcast Spotlight
Four Seasons Resort
Rancho Encantado l
Goldman Sachs l
Heritage Hotels & Resorts
Los Alamos National Bank
Reynolds Insurance
Santa Fe Trust
Investment Management
Western Art and Architecture
G ove r n o r ’ s C o u n c i l
$ 2 , 5 0 0 to $ 4 , 9 9 9
Adobo Catering
Bishop’s Lodge
Ranch Resort and Spa
Catron, Catron,
Pottow & Glassman
Eight Modern
Eldorado Hotel and Spa
The Essential Guide
Hilton Santa Fe
Hotel Santa Fe,
The Hacienda & Spa
Local Flavor Magazine
Los Poblanos Inn and
Historic Cultural Center
Marja Custom Catering
Marshall Plan
Peas ‘n’ Pod Catering, Inc.
Rosewood Inn of the Anasazi
Santa Fe Reporter
Santa Fean
Sotheby’s International Realty,
Ashley Margetson
Southern Wine and Spirits
Storyteller Theatres
US Bank l
Whole Foods Market
The Zenchilada.com
Rege n t s ’ C o u n c i l
$ 1 , 5 0 0 to $ 2 , 4 9 9
Albuquerque Journal North
Allan Houser Inc.
Andrew Neighbour
Casa Cuma B&B
CB Richard Ellis / Crow Holdings
Cisneros Design
Classic Party Rentals
CPC Solutions
Dana Waldon Photography
Daniel Quat Photography
David Richard
Contemporary, LLC
Demand Printing Solutions
Dougherty Real Estate Co.
El Rey Inn
Fire Dragon Color
Galpert / Ortega Group
of Wells Fargo Advisors
Get Printing
GF Contemporary
Hatcher & Tebo, P.A.
INK Santa Fe
Inn and Spa at Loretto
Inn of the Governors
Inn on the Alameda
Invisible City Designs
Jaderlund Investments, LLC l
JLH Media
KGB Spirits l
Knitworks, LLC
Kyla Thompson
Public Relations
Lamplighter Inn
Lyn A. Fox
Fine Pueblo Pottery l
Michael S. Bottrill, LLC
Nedra Matteucci Galleries
Old Santa Fe Inn
The Pantry Restaurant
Paper Tiger
Plastic Bottle Corporation
Pronto! Signs and Graphics
Santa Fe Audio Visual
Santa Fe BMW
Santa Fe Print & Images
Sign Graphics
Someone’s In The Kitchen
Southwest CARE Center l
Starline Printing
Target Concierge
Violante & Rochford Interiors l
Vivo Studios
Waddell & Reed
Ward Russell Photography
Water Street Inn
Webb Design, Inc.
Wells Fargo
B e n efacto r
$ 5 0 0 to $ 1 , 4 9 9
20th Century West Art
Appraisal, Inc.
222 Shelby Street Gallery
Addison Rowe Fine Art
Adobe Gallery
Albuquerque Hispano
Chamber of Commerce
AllStays LLC
Andrea Fisher Fine Pottery
Armadillo Santa Fe,
Protective Packaging
Atelier Art and Advisory l
Avalon Trust Company
Beals & Abbate Fine Art
Bellas Artes Gallery
The Bull Ring
C. Michael Spain
and Associates
Café Café
The Collector’s Guide
Conron & Woods Architects
Coulter-Brooks Art & Antiques
Daniel Anthony Studio
El Castillo
LifeCare Community
Evoke Contemporary
First National Bank of Santa Fe
Bank & Trust Company
Five and Dime General Store
The Frank Howell Gallery
Gallagher & Associates
Giacobbe-Fritz Fine Art
Gold Leaf Catering l
Goldleaf Framemakers
of Santa Fe
H & H Private Investigations
Hunter Kirkland
HVL Interiors LLC
Iliff School of Theology
InArt Santa Fe Gallery
Ink & Images
James Kelly Contemporary Art
Jane Sauer Gallery
Jane Smith Home
Joe Wade Fine Art
Junction l
Karan Ruhlen Gallery
Judith Kingsley Art
La Boca
Patricia Arscott La Farge
Foundation for Folk Art
La Posada de Santa Fe
Laura Sheppherd
Salon de Couture
Legends Santa Fe
LewAllen Galleries
Lily of the West / Santa Fe
Photography and Art Gallery
Maggie Faralla / Maggie’s Cakes
Marcia Owen Associates, Inc
Marshall Rose & Associates
Munson Graphics
New Mexico Bank & Trust
New Mexico Magazine
New York Deli Upper East Side
New York Life,
Claudia M. Phillips
Ohori’s Coffee
Tea & Chocolate
The Olmstead Company
Packard’s on the Plaza
Patricia Roberts, DDS
Pippin Contemporary
Poeh Cultural
Center & Museum
Prull Custom Builders
Sandia Resort and Casino
Santa Fe
Chamber of Commerce
Santa Fe Convention and
Visitors Bureau
Santa Fe Indian
Trading Company
Santa Fe Place
Santa Fe Postscript
Santa Fe School of Cooking
Slover Linett Strategies, Inc.
Southwestern Association
for Indian Arts
Standard Art & Antiques Co.
studio x, inc.
Tanti Luce
Violante & Rochford Interiors l
Walter Burke Catering
White & Luff Financial
Winterowd Fine Art
Wolf Corporation
Zane Bennett
Contemporary Art
As of July 1, 2012:
l We proudly welcome these
new members.
To join the
Business Council,
contact Mariann
Minana-Lovato at
(505) 982-6366
ext. 117 or [email protected]
Garcia Automotive Group
Passing New Mexico’s Art, Culture
and History to Future Generations
The Garcia family of Albuquerque — Sheilah and her sons Toby, Ed and Carlos — have a long
history in New Mexico that dates to the 17th century, when their ancestors established roots
in the state.
In 1967, Sheilah’s late husband, Julian, launched the family auto sales business when he
acquired his first Toyota franchise in Santa Fe. Today, the family’s Garcia Automotive Group
includes 13 foreign lines in Albuquerque, Santa Fe and El Paso, Texas, run by Sheilah, Toby
and Ed. Carlos manages the family’s Smart Car dealership.
Despite their enormous success in the automobile industry, the Garcias still find time to
support the Museum of New Mexico Foundation as a way to preserve New Mexico’s
cultural heritage.
“We believe that it is very important to pass along New Mexico’s art, culture and history
to the upcoming generations, whether or not they are native New Mexicans,” says Sheilah.
“It is easy to take our exceptional culture for granted. We all need to recognize that our lives
are spent in a very special place.”
Sheilah supports the Foundation in a variety of ways, including as a member of The Circles and
the Legacy Society. The Garcia Automotive Group also frequently lends its name as a sponsor
of various museum activities, from museum exhibition previews to lecture series
to other cultural and educational events.
In 2011, the business partnered with the Foundation to present the Los Poblanos Lecture
Series in Albuquerque to encourage others to support the Museum of New Mexico. And on
the occasion of the Foundation’s 50th anniversary in 2012, the company’s newest dealership,
Mercedes-Benz of Santa Fe, sponsored the Foundation’s Big Thank-You Founders Dinner.
“The Garcia Automotive Group believes not only in giving back to the state in which we do
business, but in being an active participant in such activities,” Sheilah says. “Writing a check
is not enough for us. We attend all of our sponsored events as well as many other events. It is
important for us to be there as part of the community. What great learning experiences!”
Carlos Garcia, left, with his brother and business partner, Ed Garcia, inside their Garcia Subaru
showroom in Albuquerque. Photo © Daniel Quat Photography.
The Charitable
Gift Annuity
Make a Gift—Get Something Back
A charitable gift annuity supports the work of the
Museum of New Mexico Foundation and provides
you with fixed income for the rest of your life.
Meet the
Museum of New Mexico
Foundation Staff
E x ec u t i ve O ff i ce
F i n a n ce
How it Works
John P. Easley, President and CEO
[email protected]
Patrick Ranker, Vice President, Finance
[email protected]
• Donors, age 65 or older, may transfer cash or
securities of at least $10,000 to the Foundation.
Suzanne Grayson, Executive Assistant
[email protected]
Georgine Flores, Accountant
[email protected]
• Beginning on a specified date, the Foundation
pays you or up to two designated annuitants
fixed annuity payments for life.
D eve l opme n t
a n d M embe r s h i p
O pe r at i o n s
• When the contract ends, the principal passes to
the Foundation.
Ann Scheflen, Vice President,
[email protected]
An Example
70-year-old Dan contributes $20,000 in 2013 to
set up a gift annuity. The Foundation will pay Dan
$1,020 per year for as long as he lives. In 2013,
Dan will lower his taxes with a charitable deduction of $6,938.60. For the next 15 years, $821 of
each annual payment is tax free.*
• You receive an immediate income tax deduction
for a portion of your gift.
• You can postpone annuity payments until you
need them. In the meantime, the principal grows
tax-free and you will receive a higher rate.
• You have the satisfaction of making a gift now
that benefits both you and the Foundation later.
Current Gift Annuity Rates
Bonnie McLeskey, Director,
Leadership Giving
[email protected]
Mariann Minana-Lovato, Director,
Membership and Communications
[email protected]
Laura Waller, Director, Annual Giving
[email protected]
Shannez Dudelczyk,
Membership Associate
[email protected]
Kathryn Wroth, Managing Director
[email protected]
Marylee McInnes, Database Manager
[email protected]
Jeanne Peters, Gifts and
Grants Administrator
[email protected]
Shop s a n d L i ce n s i n g
John Stafford, Vice President,
Retail Operations
[email protected]
Pamela Kelly, Director of Licensing
[email protected]
Connie Tooker Nuñez,
Development Associate
[email protected]
For phone numbers and extensions, visit museumfoundation.org.
Our next issue will feature the Museum Shops staff.
Back row, left to right, Georgine Flores, Patrick Ranker, Kathryn Wroth, John Stafford,
Laura Waller, Connie Tooker Nuñez and Bonnie McLeskey. Front row, left to right, John
Easley, Jeanne Peters, Marylee McInnes, Shannez Dudelczyk, Mariann Minana-Lovato
and Ann Scheflen. Not pictured: Suzanne Grayson and Pamela Kelly.
Photo © Daniel Quat Photography.
To learn more about the
advantages of the gift annuity,
contact Bonnie McLeskey at
(505) 982-6366 ext. 113 or
[email protected]
* These calculations are for illustration purposes
only and should not be considered legal or other
professional advice.
Ways to Give
A contribution to the Museum of New Mexico system through
the Museum of New Mexico Foundation provides critical
support for our cultural institutions. However you choose to
give, your generosity will be properly recognized and appreciated by all who treasure art, history and culture.
M embe r s h i p
Provides revenues that support the Foundation’s ability to
deliver essential services to our cultural institutions, while
offering members a number of benefits to enjoy.
T he C i r c l e s
Leadership-level membership that gives you access to a series
of exclusive events.
Business Council
Aligns your business as a supporter of the museums, provides
community recognition, and awards benefits to you, your business, clients and employees.
F u n d fo r M u s e u m E d u cat i o n
Directly funds museum education and outreach programs,
including hands-on activities, field trips and exhibition-related
activities for 335,000 youth and adults annually.
E x h i b i t i o n s D eve l opme n t F u n d
Allows you to support a season of exhibitions and its related
programming at the museum of your choice.
A Goal For Education — Give Today!
The Fund for Museum Education provides support for
hundreds of creative arts and culture programs for the 335,000
children and adult visitors to our museums each year.
Your contribution, beyond your membership dues,
is 100 percent tax-deductible. We need $20,000 to
reach our goal of $250,000 by June 30.
Visit museumfoundation.org/annual-fund/
to make on online donation or call
Shannez Dudelczyk at (505) 982-6366
ext. 107.
Legacy G i ft
Provides a lasting impact on our cultural institutions through an
estate gift, bequest or gift of art to commemorate your commitment to your favorite museum, division or the Foundation.
E n dowme n t
Establishes a new fund or adds to the principal of an existing
fund to provide a reliable source of annual income that sustains
a variety of cultural programs and purposes.
C ha r i tab l e G i ft A n n u i ty
Provides $10,000 or more through a charitable annuity
that returns fixed annual payments to yourself or your loved
ones while making a significant contribution to the museums
or the Foundation.
An enthusiastic New Mexico History Museum visitor shares
his museum experience with others through a drawing.
Photo by Cheron Bayna.
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