Be part of Steak`n`Shake`s Worldwide expansion. Ambitious


Be part of Steak`n`Shake`s Worldwide expansion. Ambitious
Worldwide expansion
Steak ‘n Shake, the top US gourmet burger chain that offers premium burgers
and excellent value, seeks ambitious European franchise partners
teakburgers are headed to
Europe. The Steak ‘n Shake brand
– the pioneer of America’s most
popular gourmet burger – is bringing
100 per cent certified organic premium
steakburgers, along with fresh-cut
fries and award-winning hand-dipped
milkshakes, to Europe as part of its
international expansion. Steak ‘n Shake
senior executives will be in Europe
throughout the summer, seeking and
meeting with long-term partners that
will help develop the European market.
In 1934, Steak ‘n Shake pioneered the
concept of a ‘better burger’ by handcrafting burgers made with cuts of
steak, the steakburger. Steak ‘n Shake
continues to source, slice, grind and
create the choicest quality ingredients
available and continues to serve
customers a fresh, quality product – made
in front of them to ensure cleanliness,
freshness, quality and wholesomeness.
Freshest products
Steak ‘n Shake offers steakburgers that are
100 per cent certified organic, made from
the top grade of the finest meat with no
preservatives, hormones or antibiotics.
Its hand-cut fries are thin, crisp, never
frozen and made to order from only the
freshest potatoes available. Voted the
number one milkshake by Zagat, the
shakes have always been made the same
way since 1934 – all hand dipped with real
milk combined in a stainless container,
blended at a custom shake station and
poured into a tall frosted glass, all topped
with whipped cream and a cherry.
In over 510 US locations, Steak ‘n Shake
generates system-wide sales of nearly $1
billion by selling more than 110 million
steakburgers annually, as well as more
than 80,000,000 servings of fries and
60,000,000 hand-dipped milkshakes.
Today, Steak ‘n Shake is one of the most
recognised and loyal brands in the USA
restaurant industry. Consumers maintain
they continue to get freshness and quality
each time they visit a Steak ‘n Shake
restaurant anywhere, which has resulted
in a strong and loyal fan base. Over
350,000 patrons visit Steak ‘n Shakes daily.
Surge in growth
In 2008, the company was purchased
by Sardar Biglari, Chairman and CEO of
Biglari Holdings, a diversified holding
company engaged in a number of
business activities with significant
operations in the restaurant and
investment management business.
For more information about franchising
opportunities with Steak ‘n Shake, or to
set up a meeting, visit
or email [email protected].
Immediately, Steak ‘n Shake experienced
dynamic growth in sales, and earnings
ensued even in the midst of a
long-term global economic recession.
Steak ‘n Shake has seen over 30 per
cent cumulative growth in customer
traffic over the last four years. Biglari
Holdings’ commitment to Steak ‘n
Shake, its partners and franchisees is
unprecedented – Sardar Biglari promises
that Steak ‘n Shake will never be sold.
Europe is lacking a gourmet burger
chain offering premium burgers at an
excellent value, and the Steak ‘n Shake
brand is positioned to fill that void. To
support its European expansion, Biglari
Group, headquartered in Monte Carlo,
is building operational capabilities to
support its partners during the launch
process. Biglari Group will build out Steak
‘n Shake to ensure fast learning and
rapid success by providing support in all
areas, including training, menus, products,
brands, locations, design, supply chain,
training and other functional areas.
franchisees. This allows franchisees to
select from multiple options to best suit
their site specific real estate needs, with
flexible solutions in building sizes ranging
from 70 square metres to 300-plus
square metres. What will set Steak ‘n
Shake apart from the competition is
Biglari Design’s creative drive to provide
the finest design and aesthetics in an
unmatched setting, combined with Steak
‘n Shake’s commitment to premium,
high quality ingredients and distinctive
preparation at excellent prices.
Steak ‘n Shake also provides a
structured training programme
designed to teach management
the fundamentals of operating a
Steak ‘n Shake Restaurant, including
restaurant operations, leadership
development, restaurant management
skills, food safety and overall business
development. Every manager will
receive hands-on technical training to
become familiar with and be trained
on every position in the restaurant.
Design solutions
European partners
Biglari Design, a subsidiary of Biglari
Holdings, provides modular, customised
restaurant design solutions for its
With Steak ‘n Shake launching
a worldwide expansion into the
global market, the brand is actively
looking for ambitious partners to
help develop the European market.
As Steak ‘n Shake is transforming
into a global brand, the top 20 senior
executives are currently in Europe
looking for long-term partners with
the capital and operational expertise
to develop the European market. WF