Sangria Sangre Sangria Blanca Mula Margarita Fresa Margarita



Sangria Sangre Sangria Blanca Mula Margarita Fresa Margarita
Michael Sanchez – Propietario
Mula Margarita 8
camarena reposado, house limonada
Fresa Margarita 9
house infused strawberry tequila, fresh
lime, house-infused simple syrup
Mezcal Margarita 12
vida organic mescal, house limonada
Bloody Maria 7
roasted tomato sangrita, infused tequila
Paloma 7.5
hornitos blanco, house-made grapefruit soda
La Batanga 8
don javier’s famous recipe: olmeca altos reposado,
lime, Mexican Coke, stirred with a knife
Chelada 4.5
mexican draft beer, fresh-squeezed lime juice, tajin-salt rim
Michelada 5.5
mexican draft beer, house-made sangrita, spices, lime
The Juan 8
camarena reposado, limonada, ginger beer
Jalapeño Business 8
house-infused tequila, cucumber, peppers, ginger beer
Javier Wallbanger 9
maestro dobel, fresh squeezed orange juice, galliano
Year-Old Fashioned 13
tres generaciones anejo, demerara, angostura
Jalisco Sazerac 13
centinela anejo, apricot brandy, carpano antica, absinthe spritz
Last of the Oaxacans 8
house-infused cactus tequila, guava, serrano, lime
Smoke & Mirrors 10
roasted pineapple infused mezcal, homemade tepache
My Guey 11
espolon blanco, maraschino liqueur, lemon,
house-infused simple syrup, egg white
Dos Flores Mojito 8
MULA Choco-Mole Ale (Scriptown, NE) 6
Pacifico (Mazatlan, Mexico) 4.5
Modelo Especial (D.F., Mexico) 4.5
Negra Modelo (D.F., Mexico) 5
Dos XX Amber (Monterrey, Mexico) 4.5
Dos XX Lager (Monterrey, Mexico) 4.5
Agave Wheat (Denver, CO) 5.5
Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA (Bend, OR) 6
Hopluia (Cortland, NE) 5.5
Farnam House Biere de Garde (Omaha, NE) 5.5
Empyrean Darkside Vanilla Porter (Lincoln, NE) 5.5
Infusion Vanilla Bean Blonde (Omaha, NE) 5
12 OZ .
Corona (D.F., Mexico) 4
Corona Light (D.F., Mexico) 4
Tecate (Monterrey, Mexico) 4
Budweiser (St. Louis, MO) 3.5
Bud Light (St. Louis, MO) 3.5
Coors Light (Golden, CO) 3.5
Miller Light (Milwaukee, WI) 3.5
Bohemia (Monterrey, Mexico) 4
Carta Blanca (Monterrey, Mexico) 4
Day of the Dead Blonde Ale (Monterrey, Mexico) 4.5
La Victoria (D.F., Mexico) 4
Sol (Monterrey, Mexico) 4
St. Pauli N/A (Bremen, Germany) 3.5
Horchata 3
Topo Chico 2
red wine, orange, berries, cinnamon, tequila infusion
Sangria Blanca 8
24 OZ .
Corona (D.F., Mexico) 6.5
Dos XX Lager (Monterrey, Mexico) 6.5
Modelo Especial (D.F., Mexico) 6.5
Tecate (Monterrey, Mexico) 6.5
house-infused hibiscus tequila, lime, mint, raw sugar
Sangria Sangre 8
Versión No
mineral water
Café 4
french press, Archetype Coffee
white wine, apple, pear, pineapple, herbs, tequila infusion
Cabernet-Sangiovese (Baja California, Mexico) 10
Chardonnay (Baja California, Mexico) 10
Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, Squirt, Fanta 2
– Cazadores 3
– Tres Agaves 3
WEDNESDAY – Olmeca Altos 3
THURSDAY – Espolon
FRIDAY – 1800 3
SATURDAY – Cabrito 3
Pineapple, Tamarind, Strawberry 2
Elote Mexicano 4
Served three (3) per order.
All tortillas made in house with non-GMO Nebraska corn.
Yucca Fries 4.5
4pm-10pm – TACO TUESDAY – $2 select Tacos
Caesar’s Tijuana Salad 4.5
slow-roasted Yucatan pork, habanero-pickled onions,
mango salsa, cilantro
charred sweet corn, roasted garlic mayonnaise, piquin, cotija
house-cut yucca, tomatillo ketchup
The Caesar salad was created in Mexico
in the 1920’s, we have the recipe.
romaine hearts partially charred, house dressing, cotija
add shrimp for $5 – add carne asada for $6
Cochinita 8
Carne Asada 8
cerveza-marinated steak, bacon, charred onion,
avocado cream, cilantro
Chicharonnes 4.5
Al Pastor 8
Smoked Ceviche 9.5
Cachete 9
Coctel de Camarones 9
Carnitas 8
house-fried skins, valentina
shrimp, local tomato, avocado puree, cucumber
mexican shrimp cocktail, cucmber, avocado, onion, cilantro
chile guajillo pork, charred pineapple, chicharonnes, cilantro
ancho chile & red wine braised beef cheek, fresno, onion, cilantro
slow-cooked pork, salsa verde, toasted pumpkin seeds, onion, cilantro
Huevo con Chorizo 6.5
Chicken Tinga 8
Rolled Tacos 8
Baja Fish 8
Sopes 8
Camarón 9
chorizo, soft-boiled egg, salsa verde
free range chicken tinga, house crema, salsa verde
blue corn masa cakes, cochinita pork,
black beans, crema, slaw, cotija
Albondigas 8
traditional meatballs, tomato-tequila salsa, rice
chipotle-adobo chicken, avocado, house crema, cotija
crispy cerveza-battered fish, spicy house slaw
crunchy shrimp, house slaw, green onion, lime
Jackfruit al Pastor 8
chile guajillo jackfruit, charred pineapple, onion & cilantro mix
Huevo Ranchero 7
Freshly baked Telera bread served with local tomatoes,
charred jalapeños, avocado, black bean spread, shredded
lettuce, house crema, and roasted garlic mayonnaise.
two eggs, salsa ranchera, house tostadas, black beans, queso
Charred Pineapple 5
add a fried egg for $1.50
Roasted Tomato 5
slow-roasted Yucatán pork, habanero-pickled onions
Tomatillo 5
cerveza-marinated steak, tocino, charred green onion
mango, habanero, vanilla bean, mint
toasted pumpkin seed, spring onion
avocado, serrano, cilantro
Salsa Flight 12
Cochinita 8
Carne Asada 8
Al Pastor 8
chile guajillo pork, charred pineapple
Cachete 8
ancho chile & red wine braised beef cheek
House 5.5
Carnitas 8
Chicharonnes 6.5
Chicken Tinga 8
Parrilla 6.5
Jackfruit al Pastor 8
Dulce y Picante 6.5
white onion, garlic, cumin, cilantro
local tomatoes, valentina, cotija
grilled sweet corn, bacon, onion, charred jalapeno
mango, habanero, pickled onion, lime, piquin
Smoked Esquites 4
Poblano-Cilantro Rice 2.5
Borracho Beans 3.5
Black Beans 3
Rice & Beans 5
chipotle-adobo free range chicken
chile guajillo jackfruit, charred pineapple
Churros 6
house-made, cinnamon chile sugar, spiced dark chocolate atole
slow-cooked verde pork
– All day long
– 2:00pm–6:00pm
Flan 6
caramel pastry, candied fruit, strawberry-tequila cream
MULA proudly supports a broad range of local purveyors
in an effort to bring the highest quality ingredients
to the table. Availability subject to season.
In accordance with the Douglas County Health Department laws, patrons
should be warned that the consumption of raw or undercooked eggs, meat,
poultry, seafood or shellfish may increase your risk of food borne illness.

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