Sportun, Sam_UK_Manchester Museum


Sportun, Sam_UK_Manchester Museum
Developing a haptic interface
with the assistance of a visually impaired focus group at Manchester
Sam Sportun – Manchester Museum & Christopher Dean – TAD systems
3D Recording – Benefits
New technology
Non-contact recording
Accurate digital archive
3D Conservation record
Virtual restoration
Conservation Technologies NML
Freeform Studios Ltd
What is Haptics
2 way interaction with virtual objects, where action and
perception is linked to a physical act
Interaction with models in 3D space, allowing hand and eye to
work together on the model
Physical devices can be linked to virtual models to allow direct
manipulation and gesture interfaces enable more naturalistic
Haptic devices
Practical considerations
by Immersion 3D Interaction produce a
Geomagic is a haptic feedback device products based around CyberGlove®, a
which provides single point, 3D force- tethered, instrumented glove that can
feedback to the user via a stylus (Omni) or sense the position and movement of the
fingers and wrist.
Omni chosen because of cost, robustness
in a public setting, replaceable elements
and 6 axis of movement
V&A touch tour
St Dunstan’s – In Touch with Art 2010
Sam Sportun and colleagues: Manchester Museum
Christopher Dean: Touch and Discover Systems
Focus Group: Henshaws: Society for Blind People
Funders: Stavros Niarchos Foundation
Haptic interactive prototype for
the visually impaired
Create a digital experience that
allows the blind and visually
impaired visitor to access a
group of museum objects, that
would either be too fragile to
inaccessible by virtue of being
situated within a museum case
Developing a prototype
Objects selected by Henshaws:
themes, fragility and form
User interface issues
Introduction to the rooms
The experience of interacting with 3d object,
wall for containment, contrast and colour
Location of the artefact in space
Introduction to the models – understand the
experience of deciphering the form point of
Describe the objects before the experience
Navigation buttons- how to move from one
room to another
Sound to enhance the understanding of
construction and material
Testing the device
Henshaws Society for the blind
St Dunstan’s (Brighton)
Blind Veterans UK (Llandudno)
Royal National College for the Blind
Culture Shots (Eye hospital)
Manchester hospital schools and
home teaching service forum
Art and Science Agenda Nursing and
Midwifery conference
Healing Environment Activity meeting
(Haptic working party)
Next steps and International content
Improve durability of unit and handle
Make content more interactive and
improve audible instructions
Add subtitles
Improving fidelity. Magnetic outlines
to improve understanding of forms
Hotspots on 3d files for multimedia
Increase number of objects from MM
Managing expectations
Creating a portal for global collections
on an accessible platform
Touching the untouchable

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