SeaScope Volume 29, Issue 1, 2013


SeaScope Volume 29, Issue 1, 2013
Thursday, May 16, 2013 11:08 AM
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Volume 29 · Issue 1, 2013
Welcome to Instant Ocean SeaScope!
Rescuing the Reefs
through Education
We're excited to share our February issue featuring a piece by
Larry Flint, teacher and advocate for responsible reefkeeping.
We think you'll appreciate his enthusiasm for education in the
classroom, as well as programs championed by the Reef
Conservation Society. When you've finished, join us on
Facebook, and let us know what you think!
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Rescuing the Reefs through Education
Larry Flint -- Vice President of Education with the Reef
Conservation Society and science teacher at Williamsport (PA)
Area High School -- spreads the word about responsible
reefkeeping. The Society's Tanks in Schools program is at the
forefront of education in classrooms as it pertains to
sustainable reefs.
Williamsport Area High School in Williamsport, Pennsylvania is
part of a network of saltwater reef aquariums operated by the
Reef Conservation Society. Club members, teachers and
students volunteer their time maintaining beautiful aquariums to
educate the public about the fragile nature of coral reefs and
why they're important to preserve for future generations.
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CoralCon 2013
March 16-17, 2013
Central Florida Fair
Orlando, FL
Reef aquarium trade show.
Co-sponsored by Rare Reef
Imports, SeaChem, CaribSea
Marine Aquarium Expo (MAX)
April 6-7, 2013
OC Fair & Event Center,
Building 18, 88 Fair Dr.
Costa Mesa, CA
Main display aquariums at Williamsport Area High School
(Williamsport, PA). 125 and 300 gallon tanks.
The high school operates a 670 gallon predator aquarium, two
300 gallon Marineland Deep Dimension hard coral aquariums
and two 125 gallon mixed reef aquarium. In addition to the
main displays, the school also has 30 square feet of grow-out
space in a shallow coral fragment system, three
40 gallon quarantine spaces and six 40 gallon aquariums
devoted to a new clownfish and cardinalfish breeding project.
The aquarium room is located in the central hub of the school
where over 2,000 students and staff members visit the displays
each day.
All of the coral colonies at the school were donated as small
coral fragments by club members. Some have grown to
basketball-size in a few short years. Students cut fragments of
coral from the large colonies, allow the fragments to encrust on
ceramic reef plugs or rubble rock, and sell or trade the coral at
frag swaps. Coral sales support purchasing fish, equipment
and consumables for this large and growing program.
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70 exhibitors.
America's Family Pet Expo
April 19-21, 2013
OC Fair & Event Center
88 Fair Dr.
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
America's Family Pet Expo
features a variety of pets in
shows, seminars and
demonstrations. There
are also specific displays and
products for aquatic lovers.
Annual Spring Conference
60 gallon coral fragment tanks at Williamsport Area High School
(Williamsport, PA). 30 square feet of surface area.
The school's aquariums also serve as the hub for the club's
Tanks in Schools program. The program provides live rock and
coral to new aquariums located in over 30 public and private
schools serving kindergarten through college age students
throughout the state of Pennsylvania.
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and Frag Swap
April 27, 2013, 10am to 5pm
Williamsport Area High School
2990 W 4th St.
Williamsport, PA
Educational sessions, free lunch,
valuable raffle, excellent coral
trading and fine fellowship.
If you are aware of an
upcoming event, you may
also contact MASNA to
post on their calendar
The program uses quarried dry rock that is seeded for at least
one year in the main system before heading to a new school.
Starting with dry rock reduces the impact on coral reefs and
helps demonstrate sustainable reefkeeping techniques. The
program assembled two aquariums in new schools in the
summer of 2012 that were filled entirely with propagated coral,
seeded dry rock and captive bred fish.
A number of the program's displays are located directly in
teacher classrooms and serve as the focal point to excellent
inquiry education in biology and ecology classes. The Society
always looks to partner with teachers who are excited to bring
science education to life and inspire students to be lifelong
aquarists and stewards of our oceans.
Behind the scenes at Williamsport Area High School (Williamsport, PA).
Additionally, the state of Pennsylvania recently adopted biology
teaching standards that guide instruction at all public high
schools in the state. The content is assessed with a common
Biology Keystone Exam administered to students at the end of
each course. Every major learning objective is addressed with
a reef aquarium due to the fantastic diversity of life in a small
ecosystem. Students study the structure and function of all the
aquarium inhabitants, the energy needs of different types of
plants and animals, organism life cycles, cellular and organism
reproduction, and the interaction of species. In the end, the
Reef Conservation Society hopes students appreciate the
special conditions necessary to sustain life on Earth's tropical
coral reefs, as well as how humans impact reefs.
The program is supported
through generous donations,
important corporate
partnerships and through
grants received from various
foundations. Instant Ocean
Reef Crystals salt is used at all
of the aquarium locations,
providing for excellent fish
Coral at Williamsport Area High
health and fast coral growth.
School (Williamsport, PA).
The Reef Conservation Society
is always looking to build relationships with new school sites Page 3 of 4
is always looking to build relationships with new school sites
and interested partners.
For instance, the organization works with Allenwood Federal
Correctional Institution in White Deer, Pennsylvania. The prison
complex hosts a unique aquaculture vocational training
program where trout and catfish are raised in an indoor facility
for release in Pennsylvania streams and rivers. They also have
a 130 gallon acrylic reef aquarium in the Law Library which was
built from scratch by inmates in conjunction with the institution's
carpentry program. The main purpose of the Reef Conservation
Society's partnership is to receive coral they are propagating at
the prison and to provide new species of coral at Williamsport
Area High School.
You can find out more about the Reef Conservation
Society's Tanks in Schools program at or e-mail the program's
director, Larry Flint, at [email protected].
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