RxInsider Ad - Mobile MedSoft


RxInsider Ad - Mobile MedSoft
Is Your Long Term Care
Pharmacy Connected?
MedTablet: Pharmacy to Facility Back End Solution
Patient Control at Your Fingertips
MedTablet is a new approach that wirelessly communicates patient healthcare
information, including medication orders, between the pharmacy and the
LTC facility. This allows the pharmacy to fill prescriptions, then transmit the
patient information and pharmacy data to the nursing facility. Transmitting
the pharmacy’s information to the facility allows the facility to manage its
own medical records, including physician orders, MAR’s, treatment records,
sliding scale insulin orders, direct care records, and other care items.
Transmitting patient information to the pharmacy means everyone is on the
same page with patient care.
Now the pharmacy can specialize in what it does best: PHARMACY!
Facilities can do what they do best: ADDRESSING PATIENT CARE NEEDS!
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