Qmatic Pharmacy - Customer Flow Management



Qmatic Pharmacy - Customer Flow Management
 Qmatic Pharmacy
Differentiates you from competition by creating
a great customer experience
The one thing that can really
differentiate you from the
competition is how you treat
your customers and manage
their needs and requests from
the second they walk in to the
minute they leave.
Waiting time reduction
– from 2 hours to 15 minutes. This can be through making their
queuing and waiting situation
pleasant, to giving the right advice
through the right staff at the right
Creating a more efficient operation
is possible with the Qmatic
Pharmacy solution. You will soon
be able to serve more customers
and drives up sales.
• Touch screen kiosk
• Qmatic Solo SW
• Qmatic SMS SW
• Qmatic Spotlight, media
• LCD/LED screens
• SW or HW terminals
⇒ Clear and fair process.
⇒ Reduces staff and customer
stress and confusion.
⇒ Allows customers to browse
your pharmacy without losing
their place in the queue.
⇒ Match your customers’ needs
with the right services and staff
⇒ Staff are informed about
waiting times, walkaways and
conversion rates.
⇒ Increase efficiency of the
back-end process.
Customers choose the service they want using a self-service kiosk
touchscreen, this could be prescriptions, advice or similar. If they would like
to be notified by an SMS, they can enter their mobile number at check in. If
not, they will receive a printed ticket with the queue number and any
messaging you want to show on the touch screen and ticket – “15% off on
skin care today”. In store promotions can significantly drive your sales of
selected products.
The customers can then wait to be called to the desk without worrying about
the process or monitoring their place in the queue. The system is set up so
that it directs the customer with a specific need to the staff with the right
competence to resolve the matter in the best possible way. Large screens
with integrated media and/or smaller LED’s with a bright and clear
appearance can be used alongside the SMS notification to customers.
The system also automatically informs staff and management through
notifications and management reports. These can be used in short term to
monitor and react to service levels (waiting or service time etc.) for example,
by opening more counters, and in the long term to improve operations based
on statistical data.
Solo is easy to install and is used through the web based interface. It can
also be set up within a network or standalone. All to keep things simple and
limit technical obstacles and cost.
Qmatic leads the way in maximizing face-to-face customer touch point opportunities. Qmatic’s solutions integrate the
virtual/on-line and the real world, to help generate a seamless customer experience. With leading positions in Finance,
Retail, Healthcare and Public sectors, Qmatic offers a global footprint, operating in over 120 countries through
subsidiaries and partner network.