SMS Alarm Management
SMS Gate
Overview Of The Software
SMS Gate is software that allows any system compliant to the DDE communication protocol. It
allows you to configure the data to be polled from the DDE server and set any items as an alarm
and customize a message that will be sent out to operator via SMS messaging. The software is
designed to notify the operator for any alarms in the system like Building Management System,
Industrial Automation System, Home Automation System or any system that requires to have 24
hours online monitoring especially those critical events that needs immediate rectifications or attentions. The system uses a GSM modem and software continuously check the integrity of the modem
to notify the operator in the workstation that the system may not be able to send SMS due to the
modem failure. It requires no engineering background as the software provides a very user-friendly
environment for the operator to configure the points and to which operator the message will be sent.
Mobile Phone
SMS Gate
GSM Modem
SMS Alarm Management
SMS Gate
General Features
The software allows you to
define all the phone number and
save into a database, the name
of the users and its own
associated mobile number. You
can also make a group of
operators and associate this
group into specific alarm points,
if the group consists of more than
one operator, the system will
allow you to configure the
escalations into a per minute
interval. You can also configure
the system to wait for the acknowledgement
whenever the system sent SMS and if at certain
time the acknowledgement is not receive the
System will let you configure if you need to retry
sending the message or escalate to the next
operator in sequence. If the message has been
acknowledge by the operator via SMS as well by
sending specific code definable by the user, the
system can send acknowledgement back to
ensure and notify the operators that the system
received its acknowledgement message.Software
allows you to activate the security protection for any external accessibility in
such a way that it will only recognize specific number whenever it receives
SMS message from the SMS System provider.
System Requirements
Hardware Desktop or Laptop-Pentium, 256MB RAM, 50MB HDisk Minimum space for
software installation, 800 x 600 x 256c display resolution
Windows NT, Windows 2000/Pro, Windows XP Pro
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