High Quality SMS Gateways



High Quality SMS Gateways
High Quality SMS Gateways
SMS Delivery • SMS Billing • HLR Lookup • 2-Way Communication
2-Way Communication
SMS Delivery
MMS Delivery
Network Lookup
MMS Billing
WAP Billing
Online Statistics
Network Lookup
MMS Billing
WAP Billing
MMS Delivery
Online Statistics
2-Way Communication
SMS Delivery
• SMS Delivery •
SMS Delivery
With SMS Delivery you can send messages to your clients
or detailed information about
or subscribers free of charge for the receiver. You
every submitted message.
can send messages to large amounts of users simul-
You can therefore be confi-
taneously. SMS Delivery is one-way communication,
dent that you will be correctly
from you to your clients/subscribers. This form of
charged. This information
SMS is normally used for information purposes, but
also contains delivery reports
can also be used together with mobile content like
and can be very useful when
ringtones and WAP push. We have coverage in more
you want to check the status of a message. Inter-
than 160 countries and 530 network providers.
mediate delivery reports are also available, with
ViaNett offers more than 30 international SMS
information of why a message is not delivered yet,
routes. All routes have different quality, features,
e.g. because the phone is turned off or is out of
coverage and prices. Let ViaNett take control over
the routing process, or handle the routing yourself
with one connection to each route we have available.
MMS Delivery is also available.
From the online statistics tools you will find summaries,
• SMS Billing •
SMS Billing
SMS Billing is a way to charge mobile subscribers.
way to charge the subscribers for your content.
The subscriber pays via his or her phone bill for a
From the online statistics tools you will find summaries,
service you provide. This can be either a one-time
or detailed information about every submitted
billing, when a user has ordered content, or it can
message. You can therefore be confident that
be recurring billing with subscription based services.
revenue payouts will be correct.
The network operators will normally take the credit
risk for the end users, and it’s normally a very easy
MMS Billing and WAP Billing are also available.
• HLR Lookup •
HLR lookup
HLR Lookup is a way to determine the home network
of a mobile subscriber. HLR is also used to find what
country the subscriber is roaming in right now. HLR
Lookup is normally used together with SMS Delivery
and SMS Billing to check what network you should
send the messages to. It can also be used to check
if a subscriber is reachable or if the user is absent
(i.e. has turned off the phone).
• 2-Way Communication •
2-Way Communication
2-Way Communication is necessary
two-way services like session-based communication
if you want to have a dialogue
where you can combine the replies with messages
with your subscribers. Use a dedicated
you have sent. This is necessary if you want to receive
or shared shortcode like ViaNett’s
replies to more than one message in the same period
Norwegian shortcode 1963, or
of time.
+4560991000. We also have more advanced
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demonstration account
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www.vianett.com for more information
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Tlf. + 47 69 20 69 20 - Fax: +47 69 24 18 47 - E-mail: [email protected]

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