island life cruising cuba


island life cruising cuba
ere is a brief selection of favorite, new and hard-to-find books, prepared for your journey. For your
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Borch Maps
Cuba Map
2015, MAP, PAGES, $11.95
A detailed, double-sided laminated map at a
scale of 1:1,000,000. Includes insets of Havana
and Santiago de Cuba. (Item CBA20)
Julia Sweig
Cuba, What Everyone Needs to Know
2013, PAPER, 336 PAGES, $16.95
Director for Latin America Studies at the
Council on Foreign Relations, Julia Sweig
traces the geography, history and identity of
Cuba in this admirably succinct portrait of the
island nation and its role in world affairs. (Item
Graham Greene
Our Man in Havana
2007, PAPER, 240 PAGES, $16.00
The classic story of a British vacuum cleaner
salesman who gets accidentally drawn into
Cold War espionage with disastrous results.
(Item CBA19)
Ann Louise Bardach
Cuba, A Traveler’s Literary Companion
2002, PAPER, 234 PAGES, $14.95
Bardach (Without Fidel) samples terrific
contemporary writers for this anthology,
organized geographically. (Item CBA58)
Christopher P. Baker
Moon Cuba
2015, PAPER, 600 PAGES, $24.99
A practical guide in the Moon series,
packed not only with travel necessities
(hotels, restaurants, sights), but also with a
good overview of history and destinations
throughout Cuba. (Item CBA04)
Havana StreetSmart Map
2015, MAP, PAGES, $8.95
VanDam’s laminated, accordion-style map
brings Havana into focus with a full city map
(which includes an index of attractions) plus
insets of Habana Vieja and Playas del Este.
Full-color. Scales vary. (Item CBA265)
Mandy Macdonald
Culture Smart! Cuba
2006, PAPER, 168 PAGES, $9.95
A concise, well-illustrated and practical guide
to local customs, etiquette and culture. (Item
Izaskun Arretxe
Lonely Planet Spanish Phrasebook
2015, PAPER, 272 PAGES, $9.99
This handy pocket phrasebook includes
pronunciation, basic grammar and essential
vocabulary. (Item SPN182)
Alla Lapushchik, Jane Danger, Ravi Derossi
Cuban Cocktails: 100 Classic and
Modern Drinks
Paul Hendrickson
Hemingway’s Boat
2012, PAPER, 531 PAGES, $16.95
2015, HARD COVER, 240 PAGES, $24.95
In 240 full-color pages, three foodies highlight
100 Cuban cocktails, from the classics, like the
Daiquiri, to more modern creations, such as
the Cienfuegos Shake and the Isla de Tesoros.
(Item CBA262)
Focusing on the years 1934 to 1961, Paul
Hendrickson traces the writer’s life through
the story of his beloved boat, Pilar, which can
be found at Hemingway’s Finca La Vigia in
San Francisco de Paula, east of Havana. (Item
Marc Frank
Ernest Hemingway
2015, PAPER, 344 PAGES, $19.95
1995, PAPER, 127 PAGES, $12.99
Cuban Revelations
The Old Man and the Sea
Travelogue, ode to Cuban soul and report
on the economic reforms that are sweeping
the island nation, Marc Frank’s colorful
chronicle shows daily life in contemporary
Cuba from the inside. Frank weaves his own
story -- and the stories of his many friends and
acquaintances -- into this indispensable firsthand report from the field. (Item CBA204)
Hemingway’s brief story of a fisherman who,
after 84 days with no luck, finally makes a big
catch. It’s an affectionate portrait of life in
Cuba and winner of the 1953 Pulitzer Prize for
fiction. (Item CBA02)
James Kavanaugh
Caribbean Birds
2003, PLASTIC CARD, PAGES, $7.95
T. J. English
A fold-up, laminated card featuring color
drawings and short descriptions of commonly
encountered Caribbean birds. (Item CRB235)
2009, PAPER, 432 PAGES, $15.99
I Greenberg
Havana Nocturne: How the Mob
Owned Cuba
English draws on historical sources and
interviews in this riveting story of corrupt,
decadent Havana during the times of Batista
and the Mafia. A great read. (Item CBA139)
Clifford L. Staten
Fishwatcher’s Field Guide Caribbean
2000, PLASTIC CARD, PAGES, $7.50
A convenient double-sided plastic card
showing 75 reef fish of the Caribbean. (Item
The History of Cuba
2005, PAPER, 162 PAGES, $17.99
Staten covers the sweep of Cuba’s history
from its earliest days as a Spanish colony
through the 20th century -- all in under 200
pages. Highlights include the Cold War and the
Special Period, when Cuba fell into crisis after
the breakup of the Soviet Union. A Palgrave
Essential History. (Item CBA195)
Lorne Resnick
Cuba, This Moment, Exactly So
2015, HARD COVER, 320 PAGES, $75.00
This deluxe coffee table book organizes 250
black-and-white photographs around microstories that immerse readers in the heat and
culture of Cuba, the “Pearl of the Antilles.”
Includes a foreword by the great travel writer
Pico Iyer. (Item CBA261)
Cristina Garcia
Dreaming in Cuban
1993, PAPER, 244 PAGES, $16.00
A short, poetic novel of three generations of
Cuban women, their reactions to the revolution
and the complex relations between those who
remained in Cuba and those who settled in the
United States. (Item CBA18)
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