The beetle - ISB Student Blogs


The beetle - ISB Student Blogs
Pryn Kkamkanist
December 8, 2558 BE
Are the Kabutomushi beetle the same as the Japanese
The rhino beetle from is a big thing for Japan people it like there fun time. They put lot of kind of
beetle on fight like the Hopei and the Kabutomushi. Why rhino is easy to find because they are
lots at the outside the city. Hopai Stag beetle represent the king of Japan by the jaw that they
have. The Kabutomushi also represent soldier of japan too, I learn that from the shop that I buy
beetle for Japan.
Well,you saw lot’s of beetle on the tree right? Some beetles like to live in the woods or
underground. The Japanese Hopei Beetle and the Kabutomushi beetle both come from Japan.
Some of the beetle live in Tokyo,but most live in the countryside. In cities like Tokyo, they
improve more than other cities so they have less trees than other, so the rural areas still not have
lot of tree yet. Some beetle like some water in there house, maybe of the temperature, it mean
that they like moist. The Kabutomushi beetle and the Japanese Hopei beetle eat jelly too. Some
that live in people house eat bananas or other fruits . The beetle like some thing that sweet
because, it can eat jelly and jelly are sweet.
Pryn khamkanist
Pryn Kkamkanist
December 8, 2558 BE
Have you see a baby Japanese Rhino beetle or stag. Well,they
came from the female beetle. Do you what how do they breed?
I’ll tell you. first the female will stay still,then the male beetle will
go to the female and get on top of the female. The male will put
a thing out of the bottom and touch the bottom of the female.
Some will put it jaw in front of it to not let the female go,like the
Japanese Hopei beetle. Then the female walk away that mean
the it work, so the female go find a place to lay it egg at the
trees and it will make a hold to the inside for the lavas(Baby).
After that the lavas will go out to the mud and get under. Then it
will change to a beetle looking and it will poop out of it body and
be a beetle.
Fighting ways
What do you think when you saw beetle
fighting, and do you want to know how the
kind of them fight? I tell you about how the
Kabutomushi beetle and the Japanese Hopei
beetle fight. Let’s talk about the Kabutomushi
first. So the Kabutomushi beetle put it head
down to get ready. After that it get the jaw
under the other beetle and push it up to flip
itover. To make it die. The next is the Japanese Hopei beetle. It fight like this.
First it will walk to the other beetle. After that it will snap it
with there jaws. It will hold it up for a wild and flip it over.
Well do you want to know why the male only
fight,because it fighting for the female to dead!
Well I hope you know lots more about the Japanese Hopei and the Kabutomushi beetle, and
hope you will get one o
Pryn khamkanist