Hot Car Dec 71 article-page 1 Note Steve Bateman facing the wrong



Hot Car Dec 71 article-page 1 Note Steve Bateman facing the wrong
SMOKIES all the way down
the straight
as well
round the turns and out of
the bends-that
was the scene
at the big-mill
at the big Coventry Stadium.
Less smoke, but no lack of action
at John
Le Trobe's Brafield
Stadium, known far and wide as
Circuit", at present undergoing big
spectactor-facility improvements. It
was the scene of the Formula Two
1971 Championship-for the littlemill cars.
Out of the sliding, exciting chaos
of big-grid starts, and spinning and
overturning cars, emerged this year's
two top BRISCA stock car drivers. In
Formula One it was Doug Cronshaw
of Rochdale, "Star" driver in his
No. 396 Wynns Special Chevrolet.
And in Formula Two top honours
went to Dave Brown of Menheniot,
BRISCA anyway?
It's the British Stock CarAssociation,
made up of those promoters licenced
by the Stock Car Racing Board of
Control. They use tracks at Aycliffe,
Co. Durham; Belle Vue, Manchester;
Brafield of course; Brands Hatch in
Kent; Mendips Raceway at Bristol;
Cadwell Park in Lincs; Coventry as
we've mentioned; Crayford in Kent;
Harringay in North London; Hednesford Hills in Staffs; Kings Lynn in
Norfolk; Long Eaton, Notts; Nelson
in Lancs; Newton Abbott, Devon;
Rayleigh in Essex; Rochdale in
and VB
Lancs; St. Austell, Cornwall, and
St. Day, Cornwall; and Snetterton in
Norfolk. Aghadowey and Portadown
in Ireland; and Raceway in the Isle
of Man. Where's Scotland then-?
Dates of BRISCA meetings appear
each month in Short Circuit Scene
in this magazine and in their regular
adverts.So, if you've neverseenthese
cars in action, give it a try. You'll find
the magazine Stock Car on sale at
many meetings, and also Stockcar
the Supporters' Club
If you want to know more about
each track, and the furl details of
BRISCA and the people involved,
The Stock Car Annual gives all the
facts, and costs 30p (send a large
stamped addressed envelope too).
loved that
car, now it's
Address to Stan Hinckley, Chairman,
Stock Car Board of Control, 232
High Rd., Wood Green, London,
N22. Interested in doing some stockcar racing yourself under the BRISCA
banner? Then for 25p you can get the
Stock Car.Regulations sameaddress.
For 1972 there'll be lots more to
see on some of the BRISCA circuits
(notably Brafield), with Bangers and
Destruction Derbies and Figure-ofEights providing more of the exciting
crashes and spills, Hot Rods to give
you skillful stadium saloon racingand the Midget Auto Racing Club's
to bring
breath-taking Miniature Grand Prix
to the oval circuits.
Try a BRISCA track in '72!
Tony Bostock
of Hed/ey Hill's
VB stock

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