puppy aptitude test - Bear Lake Goldendoodles


puppy aptitude test - Bear Lake Goldendoodles
I use the same test as that used by the Monks of New Skete. Its purpose is “to give breeders and potential
puppy owners a consistent and successful way of sizing up puppies. The Puppy Aptitude Test (PAT) in its
current form “reliably measures individual temperament (that is, dominance versus submission, independence versus social attraction), as well as obedience and working potential. The first five sections of the
test, an evaluation of temperament, reveal a pup’s general orientation to people. They indicate the degree
of social compatibility and how readily a pup will accept human leadership. As you consider one of our puppies, I will go over the results of each puppy’s PAT to aid you in the selection process. On the following you
will find the PAT that we administer, so you can see how these wonderful dogs are put to the test -- like
humans, there are no right or wrong qualities -- just unique ones!

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